Responsibility disclaimer and privacy policy

Privacy policy

This agreement about privacy is made according to the requirements of international legislation that regulates the legal relations, which are connected with collecting, processing and storing of data and citizens’ right of privacy and right of self-determination.

There are the privacy policy hereinafter referred to as PP and the use conditions of web portal, hereinafter referred to as «Web portal» for your attention.

Through the offices of Web portal, the user agrees with PP. Web portal reserves the right to introduce the changes in PP in its sole discretion. The user assumes liability of familiarization with the upgraded version of PP, according to which the directions for use of Web portal are being regulated.

Using our Web portal, you confirm that you have read and understood this PP and you agree with the processing of your personal information as it was stated in this PP. We will process your personal information according to this PP.

What personal information we collect and how we use it

You have the right to visit Web portal without reporting your name and providing any personal information. However, there are cases, when our partners or we might need the information from you.

In particular, we can collect and process the following information (including the personal data) about you:

  1. Information, which you provide us with. You can tell us the information by filling out the form on the Web portal or by contacting us by phone, email or any other way. This item includes the information, which you supply during the signing in to use our Web portal.
  2. Information, which you provide us with, can include your name, address, email address, phone number. The information, which we collect automatically.
  3. Technical information, including IP addresses, registration information, type and version of browser, time zone settings, types and versions of plugin for browser, operating system and platform, information about your visit including the clickstream of URL, actions, which are took on our sites, through and from them (for example, scrolling, clicking and motion of mouse), data about the products that you looked for, loading errors, duration of hits of certain pages and the interaction of pages. We collect the information automatically due to the various technologies, including by dint of «cookies».

Policy concerning cookies, use of Google Analytics

We use cookie files when the Web portal is working. They help to identify the browser of users, who visit our Web portal repeatedly, we can save the settings of users and other data in these files.

You can set your browser to decline all cookie files or to report about their sending. Due to Google Analytics, we collect the statistics about the visit of Web portal, such as the visited pages, number of page views, domains, Internet-providers and the countries of our users, addresses of sites, which are visited before or after the Web portal etc. Nevertheless, none of these actions is related to you personally and they are estimated only in aggregate.

Use of this information helps us to make the Web portal maximally comfortable and useful for you and to support, protect and develop the services of our Web portal.

Use of received information 

We use the information, which is provided by you:

  • To provide you with information, products and services that you request;
  • To provide you with information about the products and services, which in our opinion can be interesting to you;
  • To let you know about the changes of our services;
  • To administer our Web portal for internal operations, including the incident management, data analysis, research for statistic and investigation goals;
  • To provide more effective supplement of materials for you on the Web portal;
  • To offer the proposals and recommendations for you and other users of our portal about the information, products and services that you can be interested in;
  • To determine the effectiveness of advertising, which we and other bodies demonstrate to you and to advertise the products and/or services, which particularly you are interested in.

Additional information and warnings

Web portal takes the measures for the information on this site to be authentic. However, we don’t take responsibility and don’t guarantee that the information and data are accurate, objective and current at the time of view.

Web portal at large and its separate elements such as (including but not limited to) design elements, author’s photographic materials, articles, program code, data bases are being protected by copyright laws. Any other use except the viewing, loading and printing of Web portal’s pages for personal, noncommercial use, is outlawed.  Copying of information from the Web portal can be done only for noncommercial purposes to post it on the user’s pages, blogs, social networks.

It is outlawed to spread, change, convey, use or repeatedly use any information from this Web portal for any public or commercial purpose without the written permission of Web portal. You have to keep up with the copyright and other requirements about the ownership of loaded and/or copied materials. Copied information has to contain the link to this Web portal as a source.

We don’t take responsibility for any direct or indirect losses as a result of the conclusion of law contract, which object’s information was posted on this Web portal.

Essentially, your use of Web portal is your own risk.

Within the bounds, which the law maximally allows, neither Web portal, nor any other party that is involved in the production or maintenance of Web portal doesn’t take responsibility for direct, indirect or accidental damage, which whenever was caused by the fact that you had an access to this Web portal, used it or hoped for it even if we have warned you about such damage and losses.

Web portal doesn’t take responsibility for the quality of advertised on this site products and services.

Working with Web portal, you don’t have the intellectual property right neither on the Web portal itself, nor its content and the use of any branding elements or logos of our Web portal.

Using the information services, you agree with PP and terms of using the Web portal and the supplement and processing of the personal data.