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Urine Pregnancy Test Card Method

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If your period comes like clockwork, a missed cycle could be your first sign that a positive pregnancy test is inevitable. You may also feel like you live in the bathroom. If, like most women, you’re not sure what these next steps are, here’s a handy list of things to do when your pregnancy test is positive. Stay Calm Mom: Episode 2 Watch all episodes of our Stay Calm Mom video series and follow along as our host Tiffany Small talks to a diverse group of women and top doctors to get real answers to the biggest pregnancy questions.

Your pregnancy test was positive because it has detected a sufficient concentration of the hormone (hCG) in urine. This hormone is produced only in pregnancy, with certain exceptions, as there are drugs containing the hormone which is used in conjunction with some infertility treatments. Your doctor will be able to confirm the pregnancy for you by carrying out specific blood tests. Aside from going to see your doctor, you can also be on the lookout for other early pregnancy symptoms that you may have. This is a really good pregnancy test that will digitally tell you if you are pregnant or not so there is no confusion.

A positive pregnancy test is just one step in the IVF process. You’ve cleared another hurdle, but there are still a few more to go. A pregnancy test measures the amount of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your blood. This is a hormone that is secreted when you are pregnant.

Even a faint line on the stick is a positive result and means you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests pick up on the pregnancy hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotrophin), which your body starts making when you get pregnant. Your body will produce more of this hormone during the early stages of pregnancy, and most home pregnancy tests will give you a 99% accurate result if you.

Women’s OB/GYN Medical Group offers pregnancy test visits by appointment. At your appointment, our providers will confirm the positive pregnancy with a urine pregnancy test in our office. Once we have confirmed the positive result, we will establish your care regimen and will help you plan your health maintenance throughout your pregnancy. After you see that positive pregnancy test, you’ll want to confirm it with a professional. Keep in mind that while false positives are very uncommon with pregnancy tests, there is a chance that an at-home test can pick up the pregnancy hormone, hCG, even if you’ve miscarried shortly after conception—something that doctors refer to as a chemical pregnancy.

A n early pregnancy test becomes positive only after the fertilized egg implants in the uterus and then sends enough amounts of hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, the pregnancy hormone, into your bloodstream, and from there into urine. A urine pregnancy test (home pregnancy test or HPT) checks for the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG. What a Positive Pregnancy Test Really Looks Like You bought the test, peed, waited three minutes and now it’s (finally!) the moment of truth but, uh, is that really a positive?

Results can be pretty tricky to read — especially when you’ve got a faded line or a kinda-there plus sign.

List of related literature:

A positive home pregnancy test should be followed up by an appointment with a maternity care provider (family physician, midwife, or obstetrician) to confirm the diagnosis of pregnancy and discuss ongoing care.

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There is no one “right” way to feel about tests or about continuing or ending a preg

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Subsequent Prenatal Tests

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Positive pregnancy test for determination of the

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My favorite urine pregnancy tests are the sticks.

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If you’ve received an injection of hCG (or any fertility medication that contains hCG; ask your doctor for the details of your hormone cocktail), testing too early can give you a false positive (because pregnancy tests screen for the presence of hCG normally produced by the baby).

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A repeat test may then be requested, to confirm pregnancy.

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HCG is found in your urine (you came face-to-stick with hCG the day that positive readout showed up on your home pregnancy test) and in your blood, which explains why your doctor ran a blood test to find out your expectant status for sure.

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Positive pregnancy test

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congratulate the patient and schedule her initial prenatal visit

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  • Hi. A friend thinks she’s pregnant haven’t had her period for like 3 months but some tests say positive and some say negative. What could it be?

  • hi…if implantation (with medium or heavy flow)occur after periods.(becuse the conception ocuur just a day before expected periods thn missed the periods for a week)when should take a pregnancy test?

  • There’s many reasons for positive pregnancy test without pregnancy, not just these reasons, protein and blood usually related to a UTI, different types of cancers, fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine polyps, I for one is having positive pregnancy tests without actually being pregnant and have done for 5 months, I have been to see my doctors in which I have had plenty of blood tests and a scan and urine samples taken, I had a miscarriage in August and it was expected I had retained tissue, I did not, they found I had one top on PCOS (I’ve known of this for many years) a fibroid on my right ovary, kissing ovaries which they are expecting is endometriosis. I have a further appointment 28th March. They are yet to find the reasons for my positive pregnancy test. I had a c section with my son and they believe that is the reason for possible endometriosis. I’ve found that there’s not alot of help for women with these issues and had to beg for help as I do want to have more children but this seems to be getting in the way. Women do not get support from doctors and just keep passing you back and forth.

  • hi. i take night and got postive pregnancy test but i take again early in d morning then d result is negative. now im almst 7weeks delayed but my blood test result too is negative..what does it mean?im so confused

  • Hello mam I have a doubt about a test I did. After 10 days of missing my period date I did home test and within 2 minutes result shown positive but one line was faint pink line so I tested after one more week but result is negative. But m very confuse because I have some symptoms line nausea, headach, more saliva in mouth, feeling hungry always but can’t eat food, frequent tour for urine, dry throats and fatigue always since last 1 and half month. So m confuse m I really pregnant

  • Hello doctor.i checked home pregnancy test it’s 12 dpo it’s showing negative.means I have pregnancy chance r not this month.pls tell me doctor

  • Ma’am 2 din pehle pregnancy test Kiya to positive tha aaj subah phir se test kiya to negative Aya he mujhe samaz nahi aaraha he plz mujhe suggest kijiye

  • I have regular periods but do feel kicks in my lower ab, stomach always bloated wit back pains for the past 3months wat could this be pls help

  • Hello mam maine periods miss hone ke 12 din bad pregnancy test Kya to test positive aya but ab 2 months bad Kya to test negative aya kya mai pregnant hu ya nai

  • Hi nurse can me and my wife take pregnancy test 5 days before her periods her periods are irregular and her date of period is 15 oct

  • I met my Husband when i was 25, We both knew we wanted kids and we knew we needed to get started soon. So i decided to go for fertility test and get some basic testing done, when the result came out my report was totally discouraging, my doctor told me that probably my only chance to get pregnant was to use a donor egg. I was absolutely shocked, we hadn’t even started trying yet, and all of a sudden I was told that I had absolutely no chance of getting pregnant on my own, my head was full of terrifying thoughts like I wouldn’t ever be a mother etc. But luckily my beloved, i found dr Ebhariagbe spell and herbs whose contact was shared on Fertility blog. He is in West Africa and the charges for the herbs was so sweet and more than acceptable for me, the herbs was sent to me in few days and i followed the simple steps and i was confirmed pregnant a month after using the medication. I want everyone desperately in need for a child to contact him on this info,WhatsApp contact number +2349064310416 or visit his Instagram via @dr_ebhariagbe. I spent less money than planned, you gonna get the best from him. Thanks.