You Shouldn t Reuse getting pregnant Test Here s Why



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Why my pregnancy test result came negative?

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Reusing a negative Pregnancy test experiment

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Can you resuse a pregnancy test? Let’s find out!

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Can you reuse a pregnancy test?

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It can be tempting to reuse a pregnancy test, especially if you’re sure that negative is incorrect, if you only got it a little wet, or if it’s dried since you’ve taken it and you’re out of tests. If you are suspicious and need to repeat the test, you just need to buy a second test. There`s no need to reuse the first one. That`s why pregnancy tests are so cheap and can be found pretty much in any pharmacy, shopping mall or health department. Some women want to reuse their pregnancy test.

This might be due to financial reasons; sometimes pregnancy tests can be rather expensive, depending upon the type you purchase. However, it is important to remember just how sensitive these tests are. They detect Hcg, the pregnancy hormone. Once used, a pregnancy test kit shouldn’t be reused because of its high sensitivity. Pregnancy test kits that are used at home are designed to give accurate results so that pregnant women can prepare options and make the best decisions.

Some women believe the. No. The conclusion of the discussion is that a pregnancy test is disposable and you cannot reuse a pregnancy test. Instead, it would be better said as never to try to reuse a pregnancy test for whatsoever reason. That’s why we recommend you must look for early pregnancy signs and then time your pregnancy test.

So yep Im gonna pee on old pregnancy tests ↓↓↓ Click for more. Reusing a NEG Pregnancy Test (POAS addiction!!) Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak (GlitzyGloss) Can you resuse a pregnancy test? Let’s find out! Duration: 4:32.

IVF Mumma Vlogs 904,832 views. Mariah Carey recently reflected on an uncomfortable ‘Ellen’ interview, during which she was pressured to take a drink of alcohol to clear up pregnancy rumors. So many of. A lot of people think that digital pregnancy tests are worth the extra cost, but as it turns out They might not be. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy a digital pregnancy test. 10 September 2020. A lot of people think that digital pregnancy tests are worth the extra cost, but as it turns out They might not be. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to take the pregnancy test at night.

If you have passed two weeks from missed period, then you can surely take the pregnancy test at any time of the day. It is better to use a pregnancy test when you have not been to urinate for about 3-5 hours at least. Early pregnancy test needs to be early morning.

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I had anticipated that reaction, so I had bought 2 pregnancy tests, just in case.

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I needed a pregnancy test, so I’d have to come clean about it if I wanted to get one.

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Laboratory pregnancy tests grew cheaper, easier and more reliable.

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I ripped open the box, skimming over the instructions again for good measure, then did the whole five second urine test thing.

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The test poses no risk or harm to the client or the fetus.

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The old vet drove up in his truck and went to the back, I supposed to get what he needed to do the pregnancy test.

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I ripped open the thick foil and pulled out the pregnancy test.

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The strip is also impregnated with control material that must read positive to confirm the test was performed properly.

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  • I tested if an ovulation test comes back pos when pregnant and it does every single time. So if you know you aren’t ovulating and take one and get a dark positive it’s actually pretty accurate. ����‍♀️

  • I’m using the Femometer ones to track and my lines are soooo varied. It went from light, to medium, to light, to no line, to medium, to light. When she said they’re unreliable I hoped that was the problem with mine because I legit thought my egg dispensers were broke ��. Think I’m gunna try the [email protected] ones!

  • I just want you all to know that God is a miracle worker. My little princess will be 7months 16th of June. Thank you everyone that prayed for me.

  • Got a positive clear blue yesterday but took one today now it’s negative so confused can anyone help? Could I still be pregnant or false positive

  • Thank you for doing this video. I know that it must have been a crazy emotional time. I actually took three test and two of them said yes I am pregnant and there was another one that said I wasn’t pregnant. So, tomorrow I will taking a blood test from my doctors clinic. Thank you for your story.

  • The problem is you are seeing an evap line. When it becomes wet again it shows up darker, even if u could not see it to start with.. This would have the same results if you used water

  • Just started conception pills and waiting for my pink story fertility package. Please god I’m ready for another baby. In jesus name, Amen.

  • Dear women, don’t get excited thinking it’s twins when you get a dark positive days before your expected period. My positive line was WAY darker than the regular line 5 days before expected period. Thought I was having twins nope just one so don’t get your hopes up ��.

  • I got 2 positive pregnancy tests today and I’m really nervous cuz I’ve had 2 miscarriages and I just feel weird. Like I just feel like it’s not real and I’m gonna get my period or if I am pregnant I’m just gonna miscarry again.

  • Lmao I often wondered this hahahahaha but I know its gotta be no. So answer being its not worth reusing. And yes before I even watch ovulation test can detect pregnancy although they’re not recommended because they can’t be fully trusted

  • That’s weird to me. The first two tests I took (first response) came up negative but I kept them anyway. When I was cleaning out my drawers for the upcoming summer they were both positive. Or rather looked positive. Maybe the ink from the test bled afterwards. Since I knew for a fact that I wasn’t pregnant. Hmph. Weird.

  • I Feel Pregnant With Almost All Symptoms. I Feel Movement in My Belle, if I Don’t Take Breakfast So Early, I Don’t Feel Comfortable,I Sleep Every Single Minutes Etc.. But My Two Pregnancy Blood Tests Came Out Negative. I Had My Period But it Was Not As Heavy As Before, Brownish, My Tampon Will Not Full Till Day Break, feel Cramping But Still The Doctors Says I’m Not Pregnant..I’m Stressed, This is so Disheartening,I feel So Depress,I Barely Sleep At Night ������I Know I’m Pregnant, I feel Movement in My Belle, My Boobs Are Heavy And I Sleep In Any Given Minutes�� Please Everyone Pray For Meeeeee����

  • I always thought the dye got pushed through the first time so there wouldn’t be more dye to stick to the line. Interesting though!

  • My girlfriend took 3 pregnancy tests using clear blue the first one said Pregnant the 2nd one I hate lines but flat faint line and the 2nd window had a dark blue line and the 3rd one said negative so am I pregnant?

  • Jesica Collom I experienced an Ectopic Pregnancy which is Common for those who have had their Tubes tied! PLEASE do a little research before making assumptions. Ectopic Pregnancies do not always yield POSITIVE PREGNANCY RESULTS all the time since the embryo implants itself in other places aside from the uterus.

  • The Walmart cheap ones are actually more accurate. A lot of hospital actually use the same kind as the Walmart ones…at least in my experience

  • Omg I swear this what I’m going through my period was late and yesterday I started bleeding so my mom said it could be placement bleeding even though the test saying negative called the ER they tell me you probably not pregnant it’s probably your period �� but I’m feeling pregnant I’m waiting till 3 pass and see how it goes

  • Hi hun I’m going through the same thing right now almost I am pretty sure I’m pregnant but negative ultrasound and blood test I would be either 6 or 8 weeks right now… I was wondering how far along were you when you got the negative ultrasound? So happy you had your baby girl ❤����

  • Not a fan for of clear blue. I thought i had a postive, but read my test wrong. Kind of disappointed, because I know for a fact I’m pregnant, and these test keep coming up negative.

  • I kept getting negative pregnant with urine and blood up until I was about four and a half months pregnant with my son and I got really sick and do fainted and I was living with my mom at the time she rushed me to the hospital they took a pregnancy blood their sure s*** I was pregnant this was back in 2017 had my son in February on the 27 2018 he came very late he was overdue his original due date was February 19th of 2018 but he was healthy what happened was I got my period All the way up until I was 4 and half months along.

  • This video is old, but I’m still going to comment lol I really love those purple cheapy tests. I’ve always shown positive with those before even missing my first period. Yes, people, that is possible. I’ve waited well over a week for my period to be missed while already having blood tests done that I was pregnant.

  • New sub!, congratulations sweet and thankyou for doing that, really helps!, ive been using the mommeds and yh i hate them aha, and the ovulation tests are just as bad
    edit: how far were you when you did these tests? Curious for myself as i dont know if the mommed would show at a time that i would be, if i am

  • Totally agree!! first response has picked up two chemical pregnancies for me (confirmed at Dr’s, sadly lost shortly after), definitely able to detect the tiniest amounts of HCG, clearblue I find is abit harder so early telling apart dye run from faint lines, but definitely a go to on the digital from period due date onwards!

  • My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a month or so and I usually have heavy periods. I started bleeding this past month a few days early and it was very light and only lasted a few days which is not normal at all for me because Aunt Flo usually cry’s me a river! So I thought that was weird! Everything I have researched said it may be implantation bleeding. So I have bought like 10 tests taken them days apart even the First Response early tests and they are all negative but I have all the pregnancy symptoms it is so weird. Even my lower abdomen is growing I can tell because I had a Csection with my 1st baby and the area where the scar is feels as if it is being stretched out and pulling forward and it never feels lile that! I have been working on my fitness and have gotten really skinny over the years and able to work out daily, but since mid June my body has felt weird and cannot handle the exercise and I have been tired so I stopped working out until I know what is happening. I really feel as if I am pregnant but I took another test this morning 10 days post implantation and still negative. However with my daughter I did not have a positive urine test until I was 12 weeks which is crazy but this situation I am currently in seems like the same thing. I knew I was pregnant even though everything else told me no I just knew. I hope that is the case this time as well…TO GOD BE THE GLORY! PRAY FOR ME!

  • I want to cry I’m so stressed out. Cd 37 amd just had a negative blood test from the doctor. Wth is going on periods dont just NOT show up. I feel like I’m going crazy. I feel like noone around me cares at the fact that I am in great distress right now. This is horrible. 5 years of ttc and now this wth have I done to deserve all this. I’m beyond frustrated RN. ��������

  • Gm I’m currently on 36 days without a period and 6 neg preg test I’m hoping to be pregnant I got a Dr appt Monday fingers crossed

  • I’m currently having the same thing happen to me. I’m now two months late on my period with all the symptoms of pregnancy but can’t get a positive urine test and today my blood test results were negative. The nurse practitioner advised that I continue my prenatals and if I miss my period for a third month then to come back in to see what the problem is. This would be my first pregnancy and I get my period like clockwork usually so it’s just odd that it would stop all a sudden especially while every symptom of pregnancy is there especially these perturbing blue veins that have now popped up everywhere. I pray that I am though and my baby is safe. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Was a nice relief to hear it ❤️

  • No, I can honestly say I never looked at an old negative text and thought “can I use this again?”…I never had a bunch of negatives in a drawer, because they were dumped in the garbage as soon as we found out we were not pregnant.

  • Hi i was taking fertility and harmonal tablets from one month becz of that I didn’t get my period this month so I took the test from strip but it showing negative.. however I m getting the symptoms of pregnancy so what should I do.

  • Today morning I was take pregnancy test the result is negative after 1and half hours the result was positive I’m pregnant pls help me

  • I had a cyst, so then I read you can mistaken a cyst with pregnancy. I had light pink discharge on the 15th and bled on the 15th. I’m damn confused

  • I found out I was pregnant with my last pregnancy on an opk on accident and i took 2 just to make sure it wasnt faulty and went to the store and bought 2 walmart 88 cent tests. I had really long cycles so I thought I would be ovulating, but I was pregnant! Lol! The test line on the opk popped up super dark before the control line even showed up.

  • You can’t reused them again simply because the ink went through the control line when you wasn’t pregnant there is no ink left to reuse it again

  • Alright guys! i need help! Im a week late for my period and took a test and its negative,BUT ive been having EVERY SYMPTOM of pregnancy,i even have been getting sick! someone help!�� Should i take another test tommorow or wait a few days and then test myself??

  • Not that gross to be at your table. I mean yes just cause it looks like your drinking pee but no because it’s not getting on the table. You could wash your table with good cleaners after. I think it’s yuckier to drink out of that cup afterwards even when washing. Idk that just grossed me out �� but yay can’t wait to see this video thanks for making it!

  • Mam plz help me my mc dat 14 may.not come mc June why mam but I am not pregnant why my result ar negative plz help me mam to ������������������

  • I listened to her question why her hcg is so high days before her period and this no disrespect to you at all, but I’d give anything to be you right now �� my husband and I have been trying for 7 years + and it’s been negative after negative test.. Til I had a basket full of them in my bathroom bcuz pcos mimics almost all pregnancy symptoms.. So my body keeps making me think it has finally happened but it’s actually just a cruel joke.. I am treating the pcos and praying and trusting that it happens one day but it’s really heartbreaking in the meantime.. Just a few days so I tested and I got 1 line and piece of the second line from first response! Just piece.. Like not even a faint line.. Just the bottom part of the second line got a little color.. hmph

  • I love how the doctor was warning you about having a miscarriage just because she didn’t catch it when she should’ve. * eye roll *

  • I don’t trust these test because you can be 100% pregnant and it will come out negative AF! I was pregnant with my first child after going to the doctor and I took one of these cheap test and it said negative! Don’t spend your money on these

  • Pray for me i misses my period been a week already and I did a quiz online it says to wait until the 16th to test but I tested today and nothing showed up please pray that I’m pregnant I been ttc

  • thankes to Dr oniha, who cured me of fallopian tube blockage and fibroid. i married for over eight years wthout a child of my own. because of the problem with my fallopian tubbe and fibroid, until i came in conntact with Dr oniha’s testimony and recommendations online, on how he has cured and healed so many people of the same illment, and i decided to contact him, and he administered his medicatons on me, and i became pregnant in two monnths. incasse you wannt to reach him for a similar problem, yoou can call or whatsap him on +2347089275769 or email: [email protected]

  • So far, late on AF and stuck inside two days from a snowstorm now, I’m going crazy. I didn’t have any tests so I reused a few I boarded and kept in a baggie in case and all were negative, but can’t be relied on, hence why I am here. I got all of the signs and I’m never late. Will buy a test if we can get out today. SOO excited for a natural BFP! Wish me luck!

  • God pls let me get pregnant,you can do it for me and others too that are believing in you for it,with God all things are possible.

  • I am 9 days late on my period now and I’m never this late I been having mild cramps feeling sick sore breasts headache and really tired I took some tests and came back with faint positives I took a first response this morning and came back negative I don’t know what to do

  • The one with HCG purple…I used that one similar one for a long time and when I did them they were negative all the time and never turned positive after they stayed there for a long time and this time it turned out positive and stayed for days now not changing at all,even in at first min and I feel different so im defensively pregnant and have symptoms.

  • Hi thank you for making this video I now know you can do that retake it the old dallor tree test or others to use them again to see if I’m pregnant or not thank you so much ��

  • First… congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl!
    TTC baby # 3. iUD came out in February, using ovulation kits and app. Cycle pretty regular. 7 days lays as of today multiple BFN!!! I did do a blood test yesterday but we’ll see. I am having some mild cramp, fatigue, sore boobs and nausea. Crazy to think that they were wrong!

  • Mam my last period is Feb 20th up-to know my period is not came.. After my period date after 3dys I check at midnight it shown negative.. But from 2dys onwards from me vomiting sentiation.. Feeling tired.. watts the reason mam.. Please tell me mam… My name sirisha

  • No 1) should’ve used hcg urine to see for sure if results would change. No 2) even more importantly, two of those (the First signal) had faint positive lines. Those had way too much colour to be “Evaps”. No pink shows up on this brand AT ALL in true negatives. I had faint lines on first signals after a month after a miscarriage and I still had enough hcg to make a faint positive. After a few more weeks, no more “evap” faint positives. Stayed dead negative ����. So now I wait to see if I got pregnant this month!
    Girl… I think you subconsciously want a tubal reversal. Or at least want to be pregnant even. If you know you couldn’t/shouldn’t have another. No offense meant, just an observation.

  • I feel crazy right now too since I’ve been taking some test all native still period I normally get them on time too so hoping I’m not crazy myself.

  • Omg Something kinda similar happened! However, instead I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it came back as a faint positive but I took 2 more today and they both came back negative, also this whole week I felt weird and i felt a bunch of Preggo symptoms and that weird gut feeling told me I needed to take a home test ASAP. I’m going to my Gyno tomorrow to see what happened there but I’m hoping that whatever it is, I’ll finally have my answer ��

  • I did the same thing. I was curious. Im 36 and have 3 kids. After my last i had a tubal ligation because the drs recommended i should. I got a faint positive yesterday with a mid day test not first morning which is shocking but i was late on my period. So when i woke up this morning i said maybe ill try again before i go get more tests and it turned my positive into a

  • Happened to me too with my first. I don’t like digitals. With my second I had no issues with tests lol. Took me a year to get pregnant. Chemical pregnancy means early miscarriage. Thats the definition. I had one too

  • Hey everyone! Last week I had my healthy & beautiful baby girl, Lila Grace. My birth vlog is linked below and I hope I have inspired you all to not give up��

  • For a positive on an ovulation test the lines need to be just about perfectly the same color if one is lighter it means you’re not ovulating yet

  • This is so old but just came across this video but yesterday I tested and got a positive result on a cheap test from Dollar General cause I was feeling weird, but then tested this morning on a more expensive one but that was negative. Making me doubt it, but the line was there within 2 minutes, but so faint. My husband and I have been trying for 10 months, hoping the test was accurate and that this will be a healthy pregnancy! Pray for me guys!

  • I don´t find the pee weird, I´m 18 and definetlY don´t want any kinds in the near future and I´m eating m&ms while watching this lmao

  • I’m surprised. I really like the purple HCG tests. They are less than a dollar at Walmart and i was able to find out before my period was due (darker than other tests!) It’s good for people who test often to settle their nerves!

  • i was given my suprise baby, god said you can handle 2 and i am more then happy about it, i am currently 15weeks, stay strong moms out there prayers for you all to have healthy pregnancys

  • My first positive was on the 88 cent test from Walmart and it was a week before my period was due and also go a positive on a digital clear blue the same day…I was 3 weeks 1 day when I got my first positive. I got a positive on it before I did a first response ����‍♀️ I wonder if tests react differently to different people’s pee ��

  • Than happy birthday ������
    I get so emotional wile watching your video
    We tried twice IVF but it didn’t work
    That is so hard…. I mean hole process
    Any way happy for you guys god blessed you

  • I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst in May the symptoms for it where almost like I am pregnant (that’s what I THOUGHT) but it had a sharp painful pain accompanied by a stitch on my right side… I took treatment 2 weeks it went away… Now I have a weird thing going on I was supposed to go on my period on the 8th Wednesday but they came early on the 5th on Sunday I normally get a heavy flow but this time around it was a stain filling a 1/4 of a liner on Monday same thing happened Tuesday there was nothing I was clean no blood nothing on Wednesday when I was suppose to start my period I only wiped out blood but no period and Thursday so days went by I started noticing my breast would have a weird feeling they are not painful but something is happening, cramps like I will be on my period but they just mild,mood swings one minute I am happy and good the next I am angry, feeling of vomiting if I eat something like this morning had oats couldnt finish it just felt like throwing up, fatigue yhoo I always want to sleep and mild back pain I took a test yeasterday it was neg and this morning neg I dont know what’s going on but I also feel like I am pregnant booked a doctor for Monday cos I am really confused what’s happening to me