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If everything progresses normally during your twin pregnancy, you may not require bed rest. However, if there are complications or other conditions, your doctor may recommend bed rest. There are various levels of bed rest, from suggested daily naps to full confinement in a hospital. Doctors often prescribe bed rest to buy a little more time for your pregnancy.

It’s not clear if it works in delaying labor. But it can help in a few ways. Bed rest may help lower your blood. Bed rest during pregnancy can pose health risks, including: A blood clot in a deep vein, such as a vein in your leg (venous thromboembolism) Decreased bone mass (bone demineralization) Musculoskeletal and cardiovascular deconditioning.

Stress due to self-blame, child care issues, and concerns about job loss or finances. Having a twin pregnancy is not a guarantee that you will have to go on bed rest. Some health care providers will insist on it, but many others will not.

However, because of the increased risks of complications that accompany a twin or multiple pregnancy, you should be prepared for the possibility that you might have to go on bed rest. “I recommend that you should be extra cautious with this pregnancy by compelling yourself to bed rest starting at 7 months”, my obstetrician said. She explained that I should have bed rest because twin pregnancies have a high risk for premature labor, and the ones who will suffer the consequences the most are my unborn babies. With the increased risk of complications associated with multiple births, many moms require some level of bed rest during their pregnancy.   Bed rest could be prescribed to alleviate a potential health risk to the mother (such as pre-eclampsia) or for the babies (such as preterm labor).

Some doctors routinely prescribe rest after 24 weeks, while. Work, activity, lifting, or exercise may worsen or provoke certain situations, so bed rest may be prescribed to reduce vaginal bleeding or decrease the chance of premature labor. Bed rest may also be necessary to help increase blood flow to the placenta.

Today, almost 1 out of 5 women is on restricted activity or bed rest at some point during her pregnancy. However, studies of bed rest have not found evidence that bed rest helps with any of these. Bedrest has been prescribed for various pregnancy complications for decades. For example, it’s often been prescribed if you’re carrying twins (or more), have a weak cervix, or otherwise have a higher risk of preterm labor. Multiple pregnancy issues can lead to bed rest.

Your doctor will put you on bed rest and also discuss the measures you need to take to stay healthy in the following scenarios (3). Placenta previa: This is when the placenta is situated lower than its actual position, blocking the cervix and there is risk of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.

List of related literature:

If you were pregnant with multiples, were on bed rest, or had a difficult pregnancy or birth, your recovery may be more challenging than other women’s.

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To keep a closer eye on your weight and your baby’s growth – as well as on all aspects of your pregnancy – you’ll have more frequent antenatal appointments than the average mum-to-be (on the plus side, that means more chances to hear your baby’s heartbeat – and more opportunities to ask questions).

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If your partner has to worry about how all the extra work is affecting you, she won’t be resting peacefully, and staying calm and relaxed is essential on bed rest.

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Be sure to ask your practitioner if she is comfortable caring for a twin pregnancy and delivery, as many do not.

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Bed rest is unnecessary.

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Bed rest does not affect the outcome.

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Bed rest in pregnancy.

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Rarely, very early in pregnancy, one twin will die and the other will be fine.

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Stay on complete bed rest throughout the pregnancy.

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  • My prayers are with you as for me I am sorry to say I currently going true the same an its not an easy life I pray every day an night exactly going true the same but I am having a baby boy now I am in 26weeks an undergoing bed rest in the hospital but I want to go home my doctor say I have to stay until I reach 34 weeks an its hard so I need to know if you home doing the bed rest an how u do it thank you stay safe.

  • hi I am 13 weeks and have incompetent cervix also.. I wanted to ask if you worked during the time you were pregnant and would it be safe.. I’m a teacher and we go back to school in 2 months…

  • After cervical stitch at19weeks I’m getting dark brown discharge is it dangerous To my baby I had work normal after cervical stitch up to 10days after that I got that brown discharge

  • I’m going thru this right now with my baby boy. I’m currently 20 weeks and my cervix is only 1.6 cm. My doctor put me on progesterone suppositories and no bedrest. I’m so terrified of losing him. I honestly would rather do the cerclage bc I’m so scared

  • thank you very much im 20 weeks and mine is at 2.4 cm. and researching about low cervix. thank you gives me more understanding and how to manage.

  • Im watching ur video and literally crying because im going through this but no cerclege. I lost my twins last year and got pregnant with twins again both ivf. Found out i was funneling and 0.9 cm cervix at 20 weeks and got a pessary placed yesterday. I had it done yesterday and im on hospital bed rest for a couple days. How was ur bed rest were u allowed to use the bathroom?

  • Heyy Elizabeth!!
    M from India..i totally relate to ur stry as i hav been gng thru d same..at week 7 i gt a gel lyk spotting and ths is my frst pregnancy..to b honest fr a whle i thot i lost my baby..ws into tears..nd immediately rushd to my doc..i ws put on preogesterone nd few other medcnes nd ws told complete rest fr about 15 dayz..fr a person lyk me who has always stayed outdoors it ws really diffi to b home whle day…aftr 15 dayz v gt an ultra sound done nd dat is whn thy found out that i had a clot next to d baby whch needs to dissolve cmpletely..so ws again put on bed rest fr about 1 n hlf mnth aftr whch d clot had dissolvd nd evrythn seemed ok…at week 19 early mrng i strtd to bleed..i ws into tears..d hardest tym of my lyf..ths tym i ws vry scard..gt immediately admitted to d hospital nd they said dat my cervix ws open by 0.5cm nd dat v need to undergo cervical cerclage surgery…ths ws d frst tym in my entre 24 yrs dat i ws admittd to hospital..i ws super scard ws shivering on d operation table..by Allahs grace evrythn ws alright..aftr cumn bck home i bled fr almst 15 dayz..nd thn it stopped..its ws d toughest tym fr me as thr ws nobdy to tek cre of me..me nd husbnd stay alone..rite nw m into week 30 nd evrythn seems gud till nw..hopefully evrythn vl b fyn!!!waitn fr d baby to cum out soon

  • Hi.. it’s so heartening to see this video. I guess I’m seeing this after a year. I lost my baby in the 16th week because my uterus opened.howi wish I had realised earlier and visited a doctor much earlier. But I didn’t feel any symptom. By the time the dreading night arrived.. my uterus was fully opened. And my doc had no option but to make me abort:( i hope I get lucky next time ��

  • Hi Elizabeth… You are such a strong woman.. Im currently in 16th week… I underwent a scan during 13th week.. And found my baby’s head position was down and my cervix was dilated to 5mm..my doc asked me take progestrone supplement for 20 days and asked me to come for another scan in which they will do measurements… What precaution and tips i need to follow… Pl help me….

  • Hi, you are so blessed to have had a successful outcome to your incompetent cervix complications. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky. At 22 weeks and 3 days I started having contractions. Went to the hospital and about 7 hours later was told that my cervix was 3 centimeters dialated and my bad was bulging out of my cervix. The doctor gave me 3 optionslet the baby pass naturally, induce labor with medications or have her surgically removed. He told me that cerlage was not an option. Not sure why it was out of the option for me but after watching some videos on YouTube I see that other women similarly situated DID have that option. I can’t stop feeling like my baby could have had a chance to make it at least past 24 weeks.

  • I happened to stumble upon your channel today! I am a twin and having a twin sister is the greatest gift God can give. They will be best friends forever and even if they don’t have anyone else they will have one another! God bless you on your journey and bless those babies too!

  • Hi Elizabeth, I have just had the emergency cervix cerlage at week 21 pregnancy 4 days ago, it was 1cm. I am so nervous since then and stay on bed most of the time. Hope my baby can stay in my womb until week 37 at least ��.

  • I am currently going through this im 19 weeks with twins and had to get a emergency cerclage last night…im so happy to c everything worked out..its giving me hope

  • Congratulations on your babies. I hope that everything went well with your pregnancy and labor. I have 2 sets of twins, identical girls 22 and a boy and girl 5. It doesn’t matter what you look like just as long as you and the babies are ok.

  • My heart goes out 2u Im nearly 22weeks and had a emergency Cerclage last week Hope it all goes well for u keep strong uve come along way up2 29 weeks ��

  • I am going through the same thing praying to God is what keeps me going through, I am 20 weeks I’ll be 21weeks in a couple days and I am having twins

  • Thanks Elizabeth for your inspiring video. Im currently 26w with twins and going through this wild journey myself. I had a little sneak peek and am so happy that you made it to 36w with twins. I hope that, that is our luck as well. Thank you for putting this video up, it takes a lot of courage and it has given me hope. You are an inspiration. All the best with the twineroos!

  • You really need social media that we can follow you on so you don’t have to post a lot of videos I hope you’re doing well and your little miracles as we’ll

  • I’m scared for my mom who is having twins, they bought so much stuff and we’re trying to have kids for 5 years I don’t know what I will do ��

  • Thank you for your video. I’m only 5 days post emergency cerclage with short cervix and 3 cm dilated and bulging bag. She was only able to get 0.5cm of cervix length and now I’m home on bedrest antibiotics and progesterone. Did you stay on complete bed rest after initial 2 weeks? How far along were you when they gave you steroid injection? Thank you

  • My wife just lost our twins two boys die at 14 weeks doc said it was too early for her to get stitch and there is nothing they could do to help us her cervix was open she was bleeding with back pain I was there and saw everything was the worst feeling ever I saw their hearts beat about 2 times then stopped felt like mine stop too couldn’t help the tears and also seeing her in such state. Everyday I live remembering this. We got to look at them and hold them it was heart breaking. Now I have doubts if the same thing will reoccur

  • I will be 29 weeks this Saturday. I went through a very similar situation at 21 weeks and 6 days. I think the only difference is I’m not pregnant with twins! Your video is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on making it this far!

  • I had my delivery last year at 24 weeks after i was leaking amniotic fluid, where my baby passed away after 3 days. Am 12 weeks in my second pregnancy.. U have some advice?
    Private treatment is too costly nd I don’t know what do. Trying to be positive though its much much difficult..

  • Thank you so much, i just had the surgery few days ago at 13 weeks.
    And its such a relief to hear that someone has been through this before and they managed to get through safely.. thanks a lot!

  • This was the hardest,scariest time of my life. �� Thank you God for my miracle baby got my cerclage at 20 weeks, had my son at 39 weeks 6 days. Stay prayerful and hopefull ladies you will get through this. ❤

  • I’m currently pregnant with identical twin girls and I really love your vlogs. I love the realness. I’m sure you and those babes are doing amazing and I have to say despite all your obstacles you looked amazing carrying, absolutely gorgeous.

    Be well

  • I’m so sorry for the hard pregnancy but reading through the comments and your responses so happy to hear you and the babies are doing great! Even though this is an old vlog i prayer as i watched lol. Hope to see a vlog of you guys soon!

  • I would also suggest getting scratch mitts for the going home outfits!! It saved our lil ones face from all her jerky newborn movements lol

  • Hi, thank you a million times for the vlog. You fully helped me out so much. Pregnant with twins and your vlog even tho you don’t have many posts has been my favorite. Thank you for the raw update. Pregnant with twins right now and just ordered the book you recommended and am preparing myself mentally for all that’s to come.

    Thank you again, you truly helped me

  • It’s funny they mention the thing about the girls being stronger because they are African American I was told the same thing about my girls and a woman who’s grandson was in the NICU with us was telling us its called “whimpy white boy syndrome” I thought she was messing with me but the nurses confirmed it. I totally agree about speaking up I was happy I didn’t have any major issues during my stay in the days before my girls came but I learned once my girls came that it was game on I didnt care who I annoyed if I didnt understand something I needed it be explained in detail because like you said we have to advocate especially for a children because at the end of the day as a mother we have to speak and protect our children.