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This means that you will be laboring, without pain relief from an epidural. Using a doula can be a way to increase your comfort and confidence while you are still at home until the point when it is time to go to the hospital. 2.Comfort Measures Prior to, During, and After the Epidural An epidural is only one form of pain relief. Because of the upsetting pain management (or lack thereof) situation in my last birth, I was quite nervous, so I decided to hire a doula. I wanted someone there with me to support me and help me deal with any pain or anxiety that came up.

I wanted someone who was experienced with the whole birth process. Instead, if you hire an appropriately trained doula for your epidural-assisted birth, you can expect to engage in active, strategic rest designed to preserve the chance of a normal delivery. Finally, it is important to note that epidurals don’t always work. People who should consider a doula: If you have your heart set on a “natural birth”.

Hoping to not get an epidural or can’t for a medical reason. You aren’t a strong advocate for yourself, and neither is your partner. You are uncomfortable with your provider, and for some reason are unable to switch. A doula is someone to support you and your birth partner.

This means she sticks around for the entire labor process to make sure your needs are being met. She coaches and supports your birth partner as much as she will coach and support you. A doula will help with other relaxation techniques before you get the epidural and can show you epidural friendly positions as you labor. You won’t be able to move around as freely, but you can still change positions while in the bed, which will help you as you labor.

Your doula has a peanut ball and knows how to use it!Labor hurts less when you have a doula. It’s true. And you have better birth outcomes.

10. Labor is often faster when you have a doula. See above. Again, it’s true.

11. When you are a pproaching your due date, your doula will never ask you, “Have you had that baby yet???” In fact, when the entire world is worrying about how long you’re going to keep that. Access to continuous labor support from a doula is especially vital for birthing people of color. Black women experience higher rates of poor birth outcomes, including higher rates of Cesarean, preterm birth, low birth weight, and infant death (Thomas et al., 2017). As a relatively new doula with a clear preference for natural birth, just took a client who told me outright she wants an epidural.

We talked about the ins and outs but she is certain, this being her first, that epidural it will be. I now need to be clear on what I can and should still do to keep her moving along and your piece here has been a. If you opt for an epidural you have no use for a doula. As I mentioned above, I had an epidural and a doula, and found great use for both Although the role of a doula alters when you’re getting an epidural, they can still greatly support you through the birth process.

Even if you choose a medicated birth.

List of related literature:

While a birth center will have standard medical equipment, such as IVs or oxygen, they do not perform surgical procedures such as epidural or cesarean deliveries, and do not induce labor or administer drugs.

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The doctor did this and the family agreed to an epidural after listening to the doctor who said exactly the same things as the midwife.

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Because women find it comforting to have someone who can assure them that what they are experiencing is normal and to be expected, one possible explanation of these results is that the doula’s presence reduces the amount of stress hormones the woman produces during her labor.

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Doula/Support Don’t underestimate the pain-relieving effects of feeling that someone is 100 per cent ‘with’ you in labour.

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This applies to the choice of a hospital birth with availability of epidural anaesthesia or water birth, a freestanding birth centre or birth at home.

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With an all-fours birth there is no reason why an appropriately experienced midwife should not be the birth attendant and even be the one responsible for manoeuvres if they are required.

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The woman may feel safer there or wants the reassurance of knowing that an anaesthetist is on hand if she chooses to have an epidural.

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Not all anaesthesiologists or hospitals offer this type of epidural (ask your practitioner if it’ll be available to you).

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In the uncertainty of not knowing who will be there during labour and not knowing whether they are trustworthy, the security of a pain-relief menu with the ultimate offer of an epidural is very appealing.

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Want epidural to partially wear off to facilitate pushing; re-dose for delivery and repair.

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  • I have spina bifida occulta also. I was diagnosed when I was a kid in South Dakota at a spinal center. I never had fusionbsurgery. When I got pregnant with my first in 2016, I mentioned it to my OB, but she didn’t see it as an issue. I got an epidural, but it didn’t work. I only know that now after having one that did. I had back labor for 36 hours, got to 9 cm, and ended up with a c-section. It was devastating afterwards to say the least, but relieving in the moment. I got pregnant again in 2019 and was due at the beginning of the lockdown. My doula couldn’t come, it was a pandemic, AND I desperately wanted a VBAC. Super long story short, I got my VBAC, in the middle of the worst of a pandemic. I had my 2nd 3/30 of this year and it was the most healing experience EVER. 5 months later, I’m still riding that high! In 2016, after my 1st, my OB sent me to a neurologist (wrong doc) and said that I did not have it. But 4 other family members have been diagnosed and my 2nd daughter may have it as well, although she won’t stay asleep for an MRI, so we don’t know for sure, but she has spinal markers for a shortened phylum. 2020 has been both the best and worst year of my life. I love your energy and videos! They definitely contributed to my successful VBAC!!!

  • Funny ( kind of..) they never mention the epidural will probably be ( Chinese ) fentanyl and your baby will be born lethargic and while he/she is recovering from high bilirubin levels, an injection will be administered for sexually transmitted hepatitis. (Pain has purpose.. )

  • I love your videos! I found your channel early on in pregnancy and I had a beautiful girl on Aug 23. Used your videos to help me breathe through labor and cope with the contractions. Things picked up quickly and I ended up at the hospital at 9 CM, no pain meds as it was
    Too late but my plan was to have the epidural. All the nurses said I was the talk of the floor as normally they don’t see women so calm at 9 CM. I owe it to your videos!!!

  • Ive had my daughter in 2008 while in labor my pain became so unbearable that they gave me morphine which didn’t work so then they called the anesthesiologists to give me an epidural which still didnt work so after some time they gave me another injection & then i was fine healthy delivery & birth im a little scared now being pregnant with my second child in my 1st trimester & thinking on if i should get one during this delivery b.c i have been experiencing back pain for years & im not sure if it is due to the two epidurals or 7 years of the birth control depo provera injected in my buttocks����

  • Wow! I am in a similar situation and my name is also Melissa lol!! I had a spinal fusion surgery of 95% of my spine when I was 14, and I too had an anesthesia consult that asked for X-rays but my fusion is way low, which will not allow an epidural. Thank you for sharing this story, I am due in November and I am definitely binge watching all the same things!

  • I wouldn’t have made it through my labor without a doula! But I think next time around, my husband will be able to take her role. I love doulas though. ❤️

  • Where have you been in my life!! I had a traumatic birth with an epidural and have felt everything you’ve said in quite a few videos. I’m pregnant with #2 and am terrified.

  • If I didn’t learn anything from this video,…at least I will never forget that if a mother is stuck in one position,so is the baby.

    Thanks so much

  • I am thinking that perhaps a 6th Rule might be added: “keep respect for the limits of her joints” do no not hike her knee up to her ear if she lays on her back pushing, possible separating her pubic symphysis. Have thoughts changed on this? Connie Sultana

  • The childbirth class that I mentioned in the video for partners is the SupportingHer course that can be found at http://supportingher.teachable.com

  • Hi Alice, I love your videos! You are fabulous! You have a really calming energy and have amazing content on your channel. You are inspiring me to keep going with my channel to support pregnant women through my hypnobirthing work! Thank you xxxxxxx