Why Would Anybody Desire a Natural Giving birth


Are there benefits to a natural birth? Do hospitals support it?

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Is a Natural Birth Better For Your Baby?

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why I wanted a natural childbirth.

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What is natural birth like? | Is natural birth painful? What you need to know from a midwife!

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Natural birth: How to have a baby without an epidural!

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7 TRUTHS About Water BirthA Midwife’s Perspective | Benefits of Waterbirth YOU NEED TO KNOW

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More Control. Having an epidural or other medication may make you feel odd or out of control. This may even be something as simple as being numb frightening you.

If you don’t like this feeling or it would cause you anxiety natural childbirth might be a better option for you. As with all types of childbirth, “natural” birth takes a different amount of time for everyone. Without medical intervention, your cervix will dilate naturally, and you won’t be given medication to. A big reason to try for a natural childbirth is so that your baby can avoid the side effects of pain medications. By avoiding systemic analgesic pain medications, an epidural, general anesthesia, your baby will be born more alert and more active than babies that have been exposed to medications.

Why Natural Childbirth? Choosing natural childbirth is choosing to trust your body. Even more than that, it’s knowing that you already possess all the tools you need to give birth. Having a natural birth doesn’t mean choosing pain.

There are a wide variety of natural comfort measures that can be employed. And so, “Why have natural childbirth?” Because it is our birthright; because the capacity to experience giving birth and mothering is one of the greatest gifts God has bestowed on women. Because we can, and when we do, we are changed in some way forever. There are a few degrees of natural. One is medication free, one is intervention free, and one is in a natural, relaxed setting, outside of a hospital.

People try to go medication free because most pain relief affects the baby, his Apgar score, and ability to start nursing properly after delivery. 8 ways natural birth is usually safest and healthiest for baby. 1. Improved microbiome.

Baby gets huge benefits when delivered by natural birth. Vaginally born babies have more diversified microbiomes, less allergies, less risk of obesity, asthma, and diabetes in childhood and later. 2. Increased protective bacteria. “I was leaning toward natural childbirth mostly because I didn’t want to deal with side effects [of medication] and needles and just wanted things to be as simple as possible.

I wanted to be normal. The IABP’s 2020 Birth Photography Competition winners honestly leave us in awe — of the beauty of these pictures, the actual reality of childbirth. Because it is our birthright; because the capacity to experience giving birth and mothering is one of the greatest gifts God has bestowed on women.

Because we can, and when we do, we are changed in some way forever.

List of related literature:

Why not Natural childbirth?

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Many cultures view childbirth as a natural experience; therefore it does not require any special care.

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Many women with special circumstances and even those who required surgical births have enjoyed happier and easier births as a result of their HypnoBirthing preparation.

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Natural childbirth is horrible.”

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I want a natural childbirth and I’ll end up with a C-section.

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I really wanted to have a “natural” childbirth, with no drugs, no fancy stuff.

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Many want to birth naturally, to feel that power in their body as they bring new life forward.

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Some women prefer to labor and give birth in the comfortable, known environment of home.

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The women in my study who started out wanting natural childbirth were psychologically traumatized when their births were heavily technocratized instead.

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Childbirth is a beautiful and natural process.

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  • Thank you so much for this! You have calmed my nerves.:) I’m due in a couple weeks and hope to have an unmedicated birth. #wishmeluck

  • I just had my water birth last Friday! It was a beautiful experience my first time going unmedicated it was very painful but worth it and I didn’t tear ����

  • Im having my first baby in october, i have back problems that limit me on various things and i couldnt get it fixed fast enough so i was wondering if a water birth would be better on my back?

  • can you make a video explaining the links and things you left in the description box i’m a but confused. Lol you didn’t mention them in the video or maybe if you already have the explanation can you send me the link?

  • Im looking into having water birth and the hospital im in has a birthing pool available. But I had c section with my first born 9yrs ago. Is it possible i can still do water birth?
    So far im 26weeks and this pregnancy been smooth and okay. Thanks

  • A few weeks ago I end up in ER for some stupid reason. I was 24 weeks pregnant at that point. When checking out I pass by a nurse station and heard some terrible screaming, I ask to the two nurses in there what was going on, they replied, natural birth, not epidural. I was in shock. I remember the woman screaming “I can’t anymore, oh God, please help, noooooooh, omg, omg, omg, nooooo, I can’t I can’t pleeeeease God!”. It sounded like a torture scene from a very graphic horror movie. That was scary enough for me, I’m so having the damn epidural lol.

  • Your natural childbirth videos are encouraging!! I’m currently pregnant was baby #6 and have only ever had a baby in the hospital and they are so incredibly pushy and controlling! My babies are healthy and there weren’t complications but I did have to get Pitocin with all of them and an epidural. I’m so scared now to try and have a baby without that stuff since that’s all I’ve known but I want to do it so bad! So thank you for your content on natural child birth! It’s helping me so much even though it sounds so scary because it’s not the norm for me I’m more informed and equipped with bravery because of you!! Unfortunately there’s not a birthing center near me or a doula so I will still have to have this baby in a hospital but I’m going to do everything I can to naturally progress and just birth the baby on Gods time not the hospitals.

  • I got to 4cm and wanted to die. I had an epidural at 5cm. It was nothing like I imagined it to be. I thought I’d be completely numb from the waist down and that’s not how it is at all. It does take the pain away but the pressure is intense as well. All was well with the epidural until after I gave birth. I went through a week of an INTENSE headache from a spinal fluid leak. My doctor explained it as my brain was literally sinking down from the leak and causing the headache. The only relief I could get was being completely still and leaning my head back. It was nothing at all like a migraine. SO much worse. I could barely care for my newborn for a week. There actually was a point where I couldn’t get out of bed or even make it to the bathroom. I made it to the foot of my bed and couldn’t go any further. I had to had 3 blood patches done to help it. There’s a 10% chance it won’t work. Of course I was that 10%. So now my husband is terrified for me to have another epidural. We’ll see how it goes next time. �� Needless to say, im not sure the epidural was actually worth it. I

  • I really didnt want an epidurale. But after being stuck on 7cm for the whole night i needed one. After 38h of being into labour my son was born. I wished i stayed home longer.

  • “The Shera Effect”, lol that was funny. I’ve had 5 deliveries 2 with medication and 3 without. What’s the difference? Feeling alive & powerful after the birth. Having a ton of energy and excitement to look after a new baby, that did not exist with my medicated births. Remember nurses and doctors much prefer working with women who choose to medicate as they are easier to manage, This lovely lady does a great job in this video dancing around the topic to attempt to be pleasing to everyone, but her Shera Effect comment displays clearly her personal bias.

  • I’m due in September this is my first baby so i have no idea what I’m getting into�������� I’ve chosen to do natural no epidural I was so scared but your video really just helped alot new subie

  • Thank you! My 1st was 10yrs ago an I wasn’t able to birth but could do my labor (hospital wasn’t setup) now In pregnant again and despite a med an a medical history I’ve been told so long as everything keeps going good (im only 13weeks) I can have my water birth. I’m soo thankful for my whole team of Drs who supported me and gave me the 100% all clear to safely have one. Your videos are great and super helpful

  • I’m planning my 1st home water birth and I’m excited to be able to record the process on my YouTube channel. My original lb was very discouraging and said that it wouldn’t be a good idea telling me most babies don’t live after home birth and I felt discouraged because she wouldn’t send over a PA in order for me to get a midwife out-of-network so I had to open up a GoFundMe which has been a little challenging and could have been avoided but I know God got baby and I. I’m so excited ������

  • This is great! I think you are absolutely right about trusting your instincts bc with my first instincts told me to rock my hips and it definitely helped and rocking my feet back and forth. Going in Friday for induction and I want to be as in control as possible without meds.

  • I’m here to listen, but I’m getting the good drugs. I had a panic attack my first trimester thinking about giving birth, but remembered in the last century we have acquired local anesthesia.

  • I also had a natural birth with no pain relief. If you are reading this, you can do it too.
    Just set your mind up that pain does not mean danger. Pain means your muscles are working for baby to come out. I will share my experience too on my channel. Avoid negative people. I did not lay down, I use the ballon…

  • I live in the uk and from what I know/have heard (I could be wrong) but only occasionally an obyn helps with the birth here. I think it’s only in special cases where one might need to be present so the rest is usually midwives. If I’m wrong pls correct me ��

  • Since I’ve found out I’m pregnant I’ve been watching birthing videos. Last night I saw one that for the first time made me go to bed with a heart full of fear. I’m so happy I found your video, I love hoping for a natural birth and I don’t want to be a nervous wreck leading up to it.

  • a home birth, natural, is statistically safer for low risk mother’s than hospital births. watch the documentary “The Business of being born”

  • I think you are so right about hospitals wanting to control the birth. I had an epidural with my daughter, but it wore off before I started pushing. I feel like they didn’t want to give me more medicine to speed up the process. So therefore the delivery I felt everything.

  • I had 2 epidurals that wasn’t that painful with my first 2 kids. But on my 3rd baby the guy giving me the epidural was so mean. He poked me 6 times and never told me when he was going to stick me. Told me to stop crying. Told me do you want me to send someone nicer in. I told him to stop and dont touch me. I would rather do it natural. I did. Then on my 4th baby I was so afraid of the epidural I just pushed myself to not need it. And now I’m on baby 5 and planning a natural birth. These tips are great. Gives me a refresher on things to do thank you.

  • Every body is different. I didn’t have breaks between contractions at all they were one on top of the other. Couldn’t be upright because. Had terrible tremors couldn’t support myself. Come pushing I couldn’t tell what was going on down there. It was extremely painful and I tore really bad. I didn’t have any pain meds and was in the water.

  • It was my doctor and nurses who wanted me to just lay down on bed because I was drip with pitocin and epidural and because they wanted to put baby’s heartbeat monitors continously on me. So you see, the environment of labour is also very influential.

  • Yes on the relaxing!!! If u just relax and breath it out. Roll with it so to speak the process is a lot easier and faster when u don’t fight your body.

  • That are great tips, but… Let me tell you my long story short. I had two natural births. And both were pure nightmare. I watched such videos and went to special preparation courses. But while being in the worst pain of my life I had literally black outs and I couldn’t do much and when I was “coming back” I was crying for not being able to control myself. So all the good tips were out of my mind… It was horrible cause I had no help on my side. Midwifes in Germany aren’t carrying much about mental situation of a woman. So if I ever get myself into such situation again I’ll get a doula who will keep my “stuff together” and will help me do my best without losing my mind. Cheers girls

  • This channel has been absolutely amazing for me. Due in 17 days with our third baby. With coronavirus, we switched from an ob and scheduled induction to midwives with a birth center. I’m actually excited for my birth this time and people look at me like I’m crazy. Thanks for being my ‘virtual midwife’ through all of this. ❤️

  • I had both my kids natural & now I’m on my 3rd child I wanna birth natural again but scared of the pain so let’s hope this worrrrkkks ❤️

  • I’m 40 weeks tomorrow, not dilated AT ALL! But I have been watching tons of videos of natural birth because I’m going to do it without an epidural and a lot of women make it seem so hard but this video really helped me feel better about going natural. Thank you for your great tips and I will be using them!

  • LOVE your positivity & excitement over the birthing process! Your video has been so encouraging. Women need to hear more stories like this! The possibility to experience birth in THIS way! Thank you for sharing this with us ��

  • To say she is a nurse she is meant to know what benefits come with a natural birth but she doesn’t have a clue she knows more about the pros and cons to epidural haha, I believe there are more cons than pros to getting an epidural, its funny how she knows more about an epidural than doing it the way it was meant to be done (NATURALY). For thousands of years people have went natural, before epidural was ever invented and there are so many risks to getting an epidural yeah it might help with pain relief but the amount of side effects to getting it is very scary, but I think natural is the best choice for me because your body it made to push a baby out.

  • I agree! Transition was a total out of body experience, It took me a minute to realize the baby was out of my body and “come back to reality” once she was out. its on my birth vlog if anyone wants to know what I’m talking about. “OH HI” I said once I saw her.. but before transition, it was really tolerable and could stay on top of contractions and ride those waves.. my hypnobirthing tracks were very helpful!

  • Third baby on the way and I really want to try hypnobirthing this time. My first two were natural, but I had gas and air, but I feel like I want to go without it this time… I’m scared though! Lol

  • It angers me how bias this nurse is against natural birth, water births, not tearing, breast feeding, etc. I don’t have any children and Im not pregnant but i do wanna do everything possible to have a natural birth when the time comes, and seeing nurses that don’t strive for natural or even know the benefits upsets me and is just disappointing. I also understand nothing goes as planned but as a nurse you should strive for natural and turn to other options when situations occur. She talks more about epidurals in this video than natural and this video is supposed to be all about natural births.

  • Hi! I’m years away from being pregnant, but I love reading about different kinds birthing stories, I thought about becoming a doula. Have you thought about becoming a doula yourself since your passionate about childbirth?:)

  • Ahh love this! I’ve been reading/listening to hypnobirthjng books and other natural birthing books. I need to stop being lazy and actually tell my YT Family where I’ve been lol. I’m due the first week of nov. I already have horrible back pain so I’m hoping to get rid of this before birthing

  • Great tips! I am preparing for my third med-free birth in June! I totally agree with you about how amazing growing a baby and giving birth are. I would have a hundred babies if I could. haha.:)

  • Love your positive birth videos! For me I think the biggest thing I did was researching and educating myself on birth and birth options. Taking a 12 wk Bradley Natural Childbirth class was incredibly helpful too. Surrounding myself with a supportive birth team kept me focused.

  • Growing a baby is not fun at all when you suffer from sickness all day and sometimes all night long for many weeks or months (and this happens to a lot of women). Then it’s quite a nightmare frankly.

  • To any woman watching, don’t feel bad if you need an epidural during YOUR labor. Don’t let the narrative that natural is always better freak you out from making sure you and your baby have the best experience and outcome possible. There will be pros and cons to any decision but you have to make the one that fits your particular situation, your body, your baby’s position and movement. All births are not alike and all labors don’t follow a predictable pattern. Listen to your medical advice and make your decisions based on information.
    Natural births can enhance your autonomy but if you aren’t prepared for one or if circumstances make your labor more difficult or long, medication is better that putting yourself or your baby in distress. Best thing you can do is have an open mind and be flexible. Know your options and what those options mean for your baby and yourself. Don’t get all your information from the internet either. Research is fine but ask professionals and your obgyn. They can better speak to your care and answer questions.

  • This video is absolutely biased. There absolutely are a lot of benefits to a natural labor. If you are one-sided on a topic, then don’t give any information or “advice” on that topic. ����������

  • I’m pregnant with my first child and childbirth scares the crap out of me! I really want to have a natural birth but the pain is agaain.. SO SO SCARY! This video helped!

  • All of IntermountainMoms videos are one sided. She makes a video that supposed to be about one thing and then spends the entire time bashing it.. It seems as though anything progressive or natural this nurse is against. I would be very uncomfortable if she was my nurse in labor and delivery. And what may I ask did this video have to do with c-section. She’s just bringing down your hopes and dreams. I would think that a trained medical professional would know more about the benefits of a natural labor… I watched her video about water birth and was pissed.. -_-

  • I got thrown into that with my first as I was too late. Got some gas and air mind you. But getting into the right mindset is defo key. Great tips!! xx

  • When I had my daughter I used a midwife instead of an OB. I delivered in the hospital with my midwife team in attendance and a nurse who was assigned to assist in whatever they needed. This nurse I’m guessing was in her 40s. After my daughter was born, she told me that she very rarely sees completely natural births. She said she can go days and sometimes weeks without having a patient even attempt a natural birth. That blew my mind! So I can understand why the nurse in this video had more to say about medicated births than natural. She probably doesn’t assist in natural births near as often. (And she does seem rather ignorant to the fact that there ARE other benefits of natural deliveries… it isn’t just about bragging rights��)
    Also, since I delivered in the hospital I knew the epidural would be available to me if I needed it, but I had in my birth plan that nobody would offer or even mention an epidural. If I needed it, I would ask for it. I wanted everyone around me to be encouraging and to keep reminding me that I could do it. Well, my midwives had to remind this nurse of my request multiple times. She kept telling me that if I needed an epidural there was no shame in getting it. I wasn’t even in that much pain!!! I stayed calm, knew how to handle the pain, and my baby remained stable the whole time. In fact, the only noise I made my entire labor was at the very end when the baby was actually coming out! And this dang nurse STILL kept insisting that I consider an epidural. Whhhhhyyyy?!?! Omg I wanted to punch her!
    So to people who say medical professionals can’t possibly be biased one way or another they absolutely can be. Some doctors and nurses are trained to treat pregnancy and birth as a medical disability, and do so even when there is actually no real reason for interventions. Women’s bodies were MADE for birth. In general, our bodies know what to do. Of course sometimes things go wrong and modern medicine comes to rescue. I would never want to live in a world where c-sections and other life-saving practices didn’t exist. But I really dislike the idea that so many doctors and nurses have nowadays that the only way mom and baby can be kept safe is by intervening preemptively in the natural process.

  • Only 5 weeks pregnant but I’m terrified of getting an epidural!!! Thank god I got this on my recommended!! It totally makes sense. My mom gave all natural and I’m healthy. Gonna ask my doctor if it’s safe for me to stay at home for contractions as well! Congrats to all mommas that have had and are expecting!! Learning lots ✨��✨��✨

  • I had epidural with my first two, my 3rd was at a birth center born in the water, my 4th pregnancy I wanted at the birth center but it was twins and I delivered at the hospital with epidural also. Glad I was at the hospital for them because they both had NICU time. My water birth was definitely my favorite. ����

  • 8:01….that’s not necessarily true. I had an epidural and I knew when to push. I had an overwhelming urge to push that brought me to tears because the pressure was so intense, I just felt no pain.

  • This nurse is very well spoken. However, after watching a lot of these videos you can tell she is biased toward medical interventionsaying no benefit for natural delivery, no way to prevent tears, there’s nothing that you can do speed things up, but Drs & nurses will do whatever we think is best to you. ��

  • Zero reason to do this unless your a religious fundamentalist who has objections to modern medicine. Just a side note for anyone, hope it helps! Ps I tell everyone to get the Epi!

  • Your tips are so spot on. When I was having contractions I stayed home as long as possible (about 6 hours or so). I was also sleeping between contractions. Once it got super close I went to the hospital and I was 10cm (time for me to push). Had my son within an hour. My first push I screamed and the nurses weren’t happy about that lol. But I found pushing was less painful because you push on a contraction so I couldn’t really feel the contraction.

  • I believe in each word in this video, however my first giving birth, my girl was in cephalic normal position and then suddenly changed to oblique position and umbilical cord presentation happened.. how can i know that in home without doctors and ultrasound?

  • I’m due in 12 days and my goal is natural with no epidural. Your video definitely has been beneficial and puts me at ease some…my plan is to follow the recommendation to trust my body and don’t tense so we shall see…im doing squats and exercise ball and then some to help!!! ������������

  • After 13 hours of back labor i finally got one. I was so weak i could barely get it and im glad i did because after a total of 31 hours of labor i had to get a csection. I really didn’t want one and i really didn’t want a csection, but shit happens. I was also bed bound in magnesium. Things just don’t always go your way.

  • Good job girl! I’ve given birth to 3 babies non-medicated, two of them at home. It’s intense but I really do believe any woman can do it. If you’re determined, have a few coping tools and confidence in yourself, you’ll do just fine. It’s all about mindset and relaxing your body to intentionally open up for that baby. Not saying it won’t hurt lol, but the pain won’t overwhelm you when you remain in control.

  • It’s so funny that women nowadays think that giving birth is so special. Since thousand of years
    women born babies without any drugs.
    Really what is wrong with the humans nowadays?
    I mean sie gave good advices but when a birth starts the baby will come anyway.
    The body of a woman can handle births anyway. I have born within nine years five babies.
    Bearing is not “nice” it’s a brutal act to your body full of pain but mother nature created women
    in a way that after a birth when you got your baby in your arms, you forget all what you went through.

  • I feel like considering you have a normal labors (6-10 hours) this can apply. Although if you have complications or a 25 h labor like I did. It’s really hard to have enough energy to push through,. My first baby was in occiput posterior position which means she wasn’t descending and progressive as I was having contraction, I was 30 in labor and about 25 in active labor( from 4cm) I hadn’t slept in 30 hours I was dialating super slow and was in terrible back labor because of her position, I asked for the epidural at 7 1/2cm after 16 hours of labor, I then slept until I had to push, pushed for 2hours because of her position. for second baby I went to the hospital and baby was in good position labor was 5-6hours pushed for 15minutes I felt rested and didn’t need
    epidural. So I don’t thinks it’s a matter of some women can and some women cannot do without epidural I strongly think it’s some pregnancies can and some pregnancies cannot without epidural. For womens that have abnormal long labors (14 h and up) it’s very unlikely to give birth vaginally without epidural. at one point the exhaustion from being in active work for too long becomes greater than the pain itself and a break is needed for you to rest and Gather the energy again to be able to push later. ( not saying it’s the case for everyone maybe some super women can but for majority) I’m saying the type of labor affects greatly the ability to be able to do naturally or not. More likely to be able to do without epidural during a normal 8h labor vs during an abnormal 20 h labor ����‍♀️

  • Mommy Labor Nurse is a great resource! She gives multiple different positions to try when having a natural birth. Found this online since there are no labor classes at the hospital due to COVID-19.


  • Jessica (or anyone on here), what hurts more? The contractions in your abdomen or the babies head going through the vagina and spreading it?

  • That’s what I’m currently feeling and I’m just 6 weeks. Even the smallest chances of an epidural going wrong scares me more than probably the labor pain. The other options to reduce pain is making me feel better.

  • I had wanted to get an epidural, but then I realized that your legs are numb so you’re essentially a paraplegic until it’s done. I am SO MUCH MORE terrified of being trapped in the bed and not being able to move around than I am scared of the pain!

  • I’m currently 18 weeks with my SON, my first was my daughter. I soldiered through my contractions even hid them from my mom and kept washing dishes, cleaning, taking a shower, shaving.. all that fun stuff lol. I got to the hospital and the contractions were so painful but to me nothing is worse than the epidural! Not that the person who did it was bad. He did it in one try but that needle going into my back. I never screamed so loud in my life. I’m doing a water birth this time around. Never will i get an epidural again!

  • I had an unmedicated vaginal childbirth with my son, who’s almost 2. My mom had such a bad reaction to the epidural when she gave birth to me and I knew bad reactions to anesthesia were somewhat genetic (and I hate needles) so I just wanted to avoid the epidural if I could. With my second, who was born 4 weeks ago, I was induced at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia. I was so nervous I’d have to get the epidural because I’d heard how much worse pitocin contractions were, but by the grace of God, I was able to deliver my second son vaginally with no pain medication. I loved that I was able to get up and move around right away and my recovery was relatively easy! Don’t let people discourage you and don’t let the fear get to you! If you want an unmedicated birth, you can do it!

  • Your channel is so informative. My husband and I plans for a baby next year and I’m excited to know more about natural birth. Your channel is such a blessing ��

  • Thanks for sharing and being so positive about birth/birthing! It gives me confidence that I don´t have to be scared about the whole process and I´m so looking forward to our birth experience. Lots of love from Austria!

  • oh my goodness only a few minutes in and so moved by your message!! even husband says i’m not strong enough for natural birth �� AND YES!! Just say doctor yesterday it was 5 min and so disappointing.

  • No benefits medically to a natural birth? What the hell? She is an effing labor and delivery nurse and she can’t think of one single benefit to a natural birth? How about no epidural side effects? How about better recovery time? How about the mother has more control over her positions and what she feels is best for her and the baby right at that moment? That’s a pretty damn big benefit if you ask me.

  • Hi Midwife Kira!
    My wife’s due date is 28th September 2020. I’m from SriLanka. And we are planning a homebirth with a help of a midwife. Thank you for sharing this. One important thing that we are going to leave the umbilical cord with the baby until it removes automatically. It’s called “Lotus birth”. How much effective this method do you believe? Or Do you ever practise this method? I’m eagerly want to know.

  • My first was a home birth my best friend is a midwife the birth took about a day and a half. Now we live in a different country and I don’t know other home birthers and we live in a crowded building. I went to the hospital down the street and talked with the midwives found one I like and am planning a natural birth in their birthing room. I can only imagine birth as a natural thing and epidural sounds scary to me. Biologically as a woman I was basically created and designed to do one thing and that is give birth. it’s not an easy thing to do but it’s something I know I can do.

  • I want as natural birth as possible but a water birth just doesn’t sound good to me. I don’t want blood, fluid and tissue floating around me. I get queasy when a hair floats by me in the tub.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I’m about to birth my first and I’ve watched this video a few times every time I get nervous. Makes me feel so much stronger. ��

  • I absolutely love your channel it’s so helpful and informative, it makes me feel that I took the right decision on having my first baby with a midwife; I hope more people gets to know about your channel best wishes for you. From San Antonio Texas!

  • Love your videos you really encouraged me to stick to my birth plan with no epidural and I did it! Glory to God I got to 9 cm at home! Now I have a perfect baby who is one week old and this experience was beautiful, thank you for your videos!

  • I remember talking to a friend about her plans for a natural childbirth, telling her how much I loved mine, and then another friend chiming in, “WHY? Why would you want to go through the pain when you don’t HAVE to?” 😉 Thank you for sharing your perspective on the subject, Kaylyn!:) Your necklace is lovely, by the way!

  • I’m due March 2019 with my first child and I want to have a natural birth. I don’t like medicine or shots, so I hope that everything goes well for me when he comes.������

  • I used to get really random mid back spasms when I was in my teens and after x rays and cat scans no doctor had any answers for me. I have unaligned hips so maybe that has something to do with it? I’m planning on trying for a baby next year but I’m scared on the affect of not just an epidural but also pregnancy with my physical issues:/

  • I am also more scared of the epidural than the birth pain. I always seem to have rare side effects to medicine and recently had an experience where a local anasthesia didn’t kick in during an I&D and felt every cut in addition to feeling extreme pain from the injection.

  • How did i know this video would be bias. I guess they cant help it due to their profession. My husband friend is a nurse and when i mentioned a tiny bit of my natural birth experience and that i intend to do the same second time around i could feel the judgement. At the end of the day mothers can choose whatever they want whether medicated or not. But dont be bias man. They are so many benefits to birthing naturally!! Now am in US and the professions seem to be fixed on taking drugs and all about the money i have to be very strong in my opinion in UK they are not like this. I guess for obvious reasons we dont need all this insurance crap and staff are not dictated by the $$$$$

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I think all the info you shared has been so helpful.
    That is my plan, trying without an epidural, but we’ll see how it goes. Love your videos ��

  • 14 weeks tomorrow! Love your outlook and positivity! As a first time mom to be I’m so grateful for all the mamas putting little tidbits out to help us along the way!

  • This reminds me of how easy men have it. They don’t have periods, don’t give birth, like seriously, why do they complain about things?

  • for people like myselfim unable to have a natural birth without an epidural. i have chronic heart failure, (and other chronic illnesses that stem from having cancer)and my heart is too weak to endure contractions, i could go into cardiac arrest. so my high risk OB said i will need to get the epidural immediately after labor begins. i still dont believe im being robbed of anything. i still get to have the same amazing vaginal birth experience, just pain free so i can enjoy it even more. with my firstborn i had an epidural too, and it didnt slow my labor at all. fast, easy, pain free, no side effects afterward. also, for the MILLIONS of moms who have the epidural, or other pain medicine during labor (including cesarean) does not mean you are weaker than moms that go natural. we all gave life to humans, whether you decide to endure the pain of labor or not. it makes no difference. and in a lot of cases, (like mine) its best to get the epidural. in my case it literally comes down to life or death.

  • Your channel gave me the information and language I needed to be able to talk my husband and family into natural birth. I’ve found a lovely midwife and am so excited to start my natural broth journey. Baby girl is due 12/29/2020. Thank you for everything you do and teach ❤

  • I had my son in May. I had been with a birth center but they decided to close 10 days before my due date. They gave everyone a three month heads up so we all had to scramble to find some place new. Of course all the birthing centers filled up immediately and I had to go with a hospital obgyn which I didn’t want to do. They ended up inducing me because I had two instances of high BP. Cytotech and pictocin were fine and I was in no pain but they decided to break my water 12 hours in. Let me tell you after they did that I went from a 2 level of pain to a 9. I was vomiting, shaking and fainting. I hated every second of it and finally asked for an epidural because I couldn’t handle it. I laid in bed shaking for 2 hours and when it came time to push I started puking again. I pushed for 3 hours. Thankfully they had a midwife on call and she was able to deliver me. I only had two little tears, she had her hands up in me for like three hours while I pushed lol. Baby is happy and healthy but I really really wish the birth center I was supposed to deliver at hadn’t closed. I don’t think I had a particularly traumatic experience but I feel like it could have gone a lot better.

  • She is so biased!! Don’t listen to her, every video is the same. Epidural, epidural, epidural…what do you get commission every time someone gets an epidural?!

  • I am so glad I saw this video.
    My doctor told me if I don’t go into labor naturally by 40 weeks, they’ll do a c section. I’ve had a c section with my firstborn, and VBAC with my 2nd.
    Her reason for another c section would be to move me quicker through the system, to essentially not expose me to too many more doc appts due to covid.
    Not sure how having a c section is the answer if I have to stay in the hospital for 5 days (that was my stay with my firstborn) which would expose me to covid just as much.

    I am wondering if this is a hospital policy, and if it is, I am going to look elsewhere to deliver. I am due Oct 18th, so not much time left.

    I am extremely annoyed that they think they can make this decision for me, and its something I’m going to discuss with her when I see her in a week.

    I truly just want to wait until I’m ready, until my baby is ready.
    My VBAC was me going into labor naturally at 39w and 2 days, and gave birth with no issues whatsoever.
    My first birth was very traumatic, 12 yrs ago, and i still think about it with sadness and anxiety.
    I do not want this to repeat with my 3rd.

  • I watched this just weeks before giving birth with the exact fear of epidural/but open to the idea if I neeeded one! 11 months later and this video came back up on my feed and I can happily say I gave birth completely natural and it was the most amazing experience. Listen to your body, it kind of takes over and stay at home for as long as you think it made my hospital labour experience so much shorter

  • I really want a water birth but my mother in-law insists it’s a bad idea because I’ll need an epidermal since my husband’s family all have big heads and it’s my first. I’m a champion at pain management and really want to experience it all/ be in tune with my body. Do you think a big head and a first birth is enough to rule out water birth? Her first didn’t want to come out even with an episiotomy because the head was big, but I’m also much more in tune and spiritual then her.

  • Incredible!
    My second was almost (accidentally) born at home because he came SO fast!
    I was feeling everything suuuuper intensely, but didn’t feel like I was in “pain” until we got in the car and got to the hospital. It was very painful and stressful. He was out in less than fifteen minutes once we got there and I thought “well no wonder that was so rough!” My entire labor with him was only 2 hours!

  • I love this!! I have always related my unmedicated births to lifting a weight I hadn’t maxed yet.
    What a wonderful service you provide!!!

  • With my daughter I was in labor and didn’t know it. By the time I got to the hospital I was 7cm dilated!!! They told me I wouldn’t be able to get an epidural in time. Luckily, they gave me one at 9cm. An hour later, I pushed for 4 minutes and she was born! It was a crazy experience and labor is another type of intensity without meds.

  • Kira, I’m anxious about something… my partner is not comfortable with a home birth & I respect that, there is a lovely birth center attached to our local hospital, within 300 feet of NICU, labor & emergency wards, with pools, aromatherapy, light controls, bean bags, a kitchen, everything, so as both being first time parents too, it does make a lot of sense to use the birth center. What I’m worried about is getting too much adrenaline on my way there and when I arrive there, I plan to labor as long as I can at home first, but I don’t have one midwife I am familiar with (big hospital and midwife team) & I actually haven’t visited the center because of covid restrictions. I’m pretty anxious that my travel and transition into another environment is going to mess me all up… do you have any advice about this or any videos you think I should look at? I don’t feel it’s fair to pressure my partner into a home birth as he knows himself very well, he won’t cope very well with it & in turn probably make me more anxious too. ����‍♀️
    I’m 34 weeks and I am sooooo excited, this is the only thing that is playing on my mind

  • I had a midwife but I had 2 all natural births in a hospita. I wanted a water birth both times the second time I couldn’t cause of the virus. (The hospital offered it but not during the pandemic.) I drank the red raspberry leaf tea that you talk about and my second baby basically shot out of me I gave birth 4 hours after getting to the hospital and labored in the shower and on a birth ball. It hurt pretty bad but they talked me through it in the end and told me I was super close to having her. It was right when she was about to come out that it hurt the most.

  • Idk if it was the epidural or not, but I had one with my first baby, and I had so much pain in my back that it interfered with me pushing. I couldn’t move a muscle without crying so bad it hurt. I’m due in 2 months with my second and I don’t want an epidural

  • Natural birth has a lot more benefits than mentioned here. Quicker recovery, better apgar scores for baby, better breastfeeding rates, no epidural side effects, ect. Definitely do your own research and look beyond medical staff advice, they can be very one sided.

  • I had got the epidural because the pain was so bad early on. By the time I had to push I couldn’t feel if I was pushing or not and I didn’t like that and then after another hour the epidural wore off and I could feel everything and was finally able to give birth. So I didn’t like my epidural experience and I’m going natural and I have midwives so I can’t run to the epidural when it gets tough.

  • What surprises me the most about this video is the understanding understanding that babies do inhale amniotic fluid so they will inhale pool water when they come out and spend any time in the pool

  • Always love your videos. After 2 natural birth goals that ended in epidurals at the hospital Im due with my 3rd sep. 13th. With a midwife and the birthing center area of the hospital as long as this little comes by 41 weeks.

  • I’ve had two babies naturally. Aside from a shot of morphine haha. I’m currently 6 months along with baby number #3. I plan to avoid all pain meds this time. The morphine really messed me up. That is one heck of a drug lol. ��

  • I sort of get the bodybuilder analogy, however, the thing is body builders train for years, are very strong, and are used to doing this all the time. As a pregnant woman what if I am not a “body builder” type? Following the analogy, if you force me to lift 400 pounds maybe i will be able to do it, but it will be incredibly hard, i will be in pain, suffering, and will get badly injured. Same with birth. I feel like I will probably survive it, but it will be a horrifying experience that will leave me a broken shell of myself. When you describe the experience of the woman in labor in this video you say that she gets to a point where she can’t do it any more, and just then it’s nearly over. When somebody reaches a point of desperation like that that doesn’t sound to me like they are not suffering. It sounds to me that they are nearly broken and escape the breaking point by a hair. Another thing that confuses me is when you talk about the first time mom that is suffering because her labor is super fast. So does this mean that I shouldn’t wish/hope/strive for a fast labor? Fast labor is painful and causes more suffering than slow labor? I was reading about drinking raspberry tea and eating dates to help make the labor fast. But if that means i will suffer more why am i doing it?

  • I’m not sure why, but this video make me cry! I think it’s because you are so comforting and reassuring that it’s not torture like a lot of women say. I’m due with my 3rd baby in February and we’re doing midwifery care at a birth center for the first time. Super excited!!! My other two were vaginal births with an epidural so I can’t wait to experience labor and delivery differently!

  • The contractions hurt the most out of everything. I did get an epidural but it really didn’t do much, not as much as it could have. I still felt every contraction, minus maybe the first one or two after I had gotten the epidural. But the pushing was really the best part, made the pain feel better, although it did take an hour to completely get him out. I thought the pushing would be another whole kind of otherworldly pain, but it really wasn’t. I could just feel my baby down there, but honestly I thought the pushing was the easier part, although it is really physically draining. All of it is. I wanted to give up at one point, lol, but that’s not an option at that point. I didn’t want an epidural at first, but soon after getting to the hospital the pain became too much to handle and I said yes I do want the epidural. One thing I’d recommend if you’re getting an epidural is to stay hydrated, because I wasn’t and they needed to hook me up to fluids before I could get the epidural, however since I was so dehydrated for whatever reason they couldn’t find a vein. You do not want to be having painful ass contractions while people are poking you with needles. It also just adds more time until you can finally get the epidural. So drink plenty of water during the day, when you’re in early labor.

  • hi Loved happy, I’m from Tokyo and I remembered all the struggles I had during giving birth. We agreed with my obgyne to have natural childbirth, however, it failed so my
    belly was cut. It was really terrible experience. Would it be possible to have natural childbirth for second child?

  • I love that more and more women are getting the word out that birth does not and should not be the horrible thing society has told us it is. ������

  • Great video! I am all for unmedicated natural birth & so glad I was able to have one with my second after a c-section with my first! ��

  • Love your reasons for this! I was induced and ended up getting an epidural when the pitocin made the contractions so terrible, but I wish I had just let things go naturally. There are definitely amazing things about modern medicine that we are lucky to have available for when things go wrong but there is way too much intervention in most births.

  • Wow, 2 unmediated childbirths, you definitely deserve a badge of honor! I was 11 days past my due date, my daughter still wasn’t here and I started getting worried about the risk of meconium (her pooping in the womb) or my placenta becoming calcified if we went too long, so I was induced. I knew being induced would probably lead to an epidural since I had to have cervadil and pitocin to help dilate me and start contractions. The contractions came on fast and strong after that and I just decided to go with the epidural. I could feel the pressure of contractions and could feel her coming out but it wasn’t extremely painful and I had a really great experience and only good memories from her birth. I’m glad it went how it did even though I wish it could have happened naturally without any interventions. I didn’t take any pain medicine to recover though and that was pretty painful.

  • I’m so upset cause I was wanting to do a natural birth when I have my first kid soon cause I want to work in time with my own body and relax but the main health providers around here bought up the birth centers then shut them down so woman are being forced to do hospital births to pay more to them. They increased the billing prices too and everything to what was only like 1200 with insurance is now triple. It all sucks and it really hurts people like me who are interested in a natural birth. We go in for a check up, try to see what to do or get information only to get told our only option is to go to the hospital and deal the debt and stress. I really wish we had a place like Cajun Stork around where I live.

  • I had 3 babies, my first was epidural my son had his first pop inside so I was forced to take the drugs to speed up delivery. My second I decided I wanted to be with my son for as long as I could and did it all but myself when I got to the hodptial within 3 mins I had my daughter my newest baby, is 7 months old. I did basically it all at home until I had my bloody show and then I went to the hospital they said they would have a wheelchair there for me when I arrived they didn’t, I walked in pain and I told them has coming I feel it and they said the rest no way, but I was right 10cm as soon as I went through the door.. I was having back labor bad, I was so deyhrsted and sick with a stomach flu that I was solo weak they told me not to yell when j had contractions and wouldn’t let me have pain relief. I bleed a lot, I didn’t know I did the last nurse before I went home told me I lost a lot of blood and I was supposed to be watched I wasn’t, I was so sick headache for a month after. Found out there labor and delivery is closed now but I still feel I will just do it at home if I have another baby

  • Love your positive birth vibes! �� I also found The Business of Being Born very informative! Time for me to get my head in the right place to prepare for this birth coming up soon! ����

  • I have a question I have extremely bad pubic pain/pelvic pain is it safe for me to do a water birth or you recommend a land birth?

  • Thank you:) Very honest and real talk about your experience, thanks alot. Im hoping for a natural birth too, 5 weeks away. I`ll bring my own sourdough bread, and snacks. Hillsong music may be on my phone, it´s lovely music in many situations, always calms me. Before I thought I should get to the hospital early, but I`ll try listen to your advice 😉

  • after 2 epidural deliveries I just had my first natural birth with a midwife and doula and OMG it was amazing! My labor was so easy. I progressed from 4-10 in less than 2 hours. I was up and moving throughout the whole thing. Pushing wasn’t actually scary. It felt good to use the contractions to push my son out. And the ring of fire wasn’t as bad as I thought. I pushed him out in less than 2 minutes! my doula made me pee every 25 minutes and it made my contractions super strong! my midwife only checked dilation once my whole pregnancy and that was when I was in labor at 4cm my body let me know I was 10 centimeters and I was pushing. I almost want another kid lol

  • Im curious as to what this “natural experience” is people keep mentioning. I get that there may be side effects but i dont want to remember my first moments with my FIRST baby as painful. The pgp is killing me. I know i wont last through tearing and contractions.

  • First, you look like Leighton Meester.
    Second, loved the video. Due in February in the states and am hoping that all goes well with a home birth. Im not nervous, especially because you’re advice makes sense. Even if it was an emergency, what does panic really do? Lol

    Thanks again ����

  • Since you said stay active DURING labor, I wanted to ask.
    Were you physically active during your pregnancy? Like walking, working, etc

  • I am also more afraid of an epidural. Childbirth is intense but if you are allowed to labor in water or other positions it’s not impossible.

    I’ve met people with long term nerve pain etc from them. Your body can do this!

  • I’ve been debating on whether or not I’d get an epidural once I get pregnant! The simple fact is the needle scares me MORE than the birth itself ����‍♀️��

  • What a biased video!!! Countless studies show medical benefits including: faster childbirth, faster recovery, increased mobility, less chance of low milk supply and latching problems, less chance of interventions like forceps and vacuum, more stable blood pressure, no side effects like spinal headache or back pain, no catheter, and much much more. I can’t believe a registered nurse would post something so false.

  • Thank you for being so positive and helpful! Doctors try to scare you into anything and make you believe you can’t have the birth you want!

  • I have been having constant nightmares about labor lately. I am losing so much rest and it’s not working well with my 3AM work schedule. THANK YOU so much for being the first video I’ve come across that has confirmed my belief that I CAN DO THIS!:) I just needed one video about labor that was positive. Of course, I expect it to be difficult, but not impossible. It’s the fear of being in the hospital for me. There are always pressures to take medications as you mentioned. Especially having my first baby, I can expect to come off as naive which can be a bit of a let-down. I do not mind medications if need be, but I would like it to feel like it is MY choice to do so you know?:) Cheers!

  • Thank you so much this is so encouraging I’m 26 weeks and at 36 weeks I will be having my cerclage removed and could go into labor right away but it is rare or a week later but considering my condition where I lost my first baby due to early labor I just feel I might go straight into labor plus tmi but I been leaking a lot! This is my third and longest pregnancy so I’m new to everything and also while I was about to get my cerclage put in I found out a epidural is not for me the anesthesia doctor couldn’t reach my spine he tried every needle and it was just a horrific frustrating mess and I ended up being put to sleep anyways I’m gonna definitely come back to this video when I do go into labor so thank you again

  • Calling a woman giving birth out of control I know why u want to push epidurals so the woman will shut the fuck up while you’re trying to work

  • My kid just came too fast, they thought bc it was my first I would be there all night, so they took their time. By the time they came in for the epidural it was too late, she was coming. �� Hell no I wouldn’t want to go through that again. I got to the hospital at 6pm and she was out at 9:22 pm.

  • I would turn off the comments because these women like to talk out there was acting like they know when they don’t apparently your a “youtube expert” instead of a labor and delivery nurse because you give face these women don’t wanna here

  • This is great! Great tips, and I also used hypnobirthing! Plus your kids are adorbs! And you’re right, it’s not the worst experience ever 😉 relaxing helps your muscles do their job. Yes!!

  • I had preeclampsia 4 years ago with my dd.I got it immediately After my c-section but i have been okay all through.am 34weeks and been taking low dose of aspirin to reduce risk of it occuring.my doctor told me everything is okay and i can try a vbac so can i have a water birth

  • This is soo great! I am 39 weeks pregnant now and my doctor talked to me about induction and i wasn’t sure what I was going to do. My first 2 were natural but I am feeling soo impatient this time around. Prayers please ❤

  • Love your videos but rather disappointed with how this issue was addressed. I do not agree that there are “no medical benefits”/only emotional benefits. There is plenty of scientific evidence for exactly the medical and physical benefits of unmedicated, vaginal birth. While I understand you’re probably trying to stay neutral and say there is no right or wrong way to birth (and I agree) it simply feels like you did not actually research the topic as there is plenty of scientific information out there for both sides (pros and cons) that I feel like should have been addressed here.
    I was also very disappointed to hear you say “bragging rights”. This is a very patronizing stereotype that a lot of medical professionals use against woman choosing a non-standard birth. Trust me. Women do not actually bring this kind of thing up at cocktail parties. Sure it can feel like a huge personal achievement, but everyone natural mama I know researched and chose her way because of the benefit to the baby. Not for bragging rights. No body does that as it’s simply rude and cruel to woman who either chose a different way or maybe didn’t even have the option of a vaginal birth.
    I respect your attempt to be neutral and PC, but people come to your videos as an educational resource and I feel like you simply skimmed over the reality of so many factors which woman should consider when choosing “natural” vs “unnatural.”

  • In the hospital where I live if you become to loud moaning from pain during contractions they will basically force you to have an epidural because ” you are scaring other patients ” Birth plans you fill out are seldom fallowed by the staff they prefer you to lay down so you are easier to keep track of.. Meanwhile walking and being able to move around is the best thing to move labour along..

  • Im due for an induction Saturday with baby #3..first two i use meds and my plan is to go all natural with this one, I didn’t believe I could do it up until I saw your vid..thanks for putting confidence in me…I can do this..thanks again

  • I’m pregnant with my first baby and I’m due October! I always have told myself I wanted to do it naturally, I’ve been looking at alot of videos but your helped alot! I can’t wait and you are so right on telling yourself you can! We all can! Xxoo

  • Had epidural with my first baby girl. It was a 5 hour smooth labor with minimal pain. My baby had Apgar score of 9 when she was born, and I started walking 3 hours after my delivery.

  • It is such an informative video about the truth. I can’t believe so many viewers are saying that she is one-sided. Lots of people have misconception that “natural is best”. However the correct statement is natural is best only when everything is going completely normal with the birthing process. I myself had a natural birth, but I know people personally whose baby ended up in NICU because of their obsession of having a natural birth against their doctor’s advice. Things wouldn’t have gotten that bad if only they had listened to their doctors. There is too much emphasis on the birthing experience, however what is really important is having a healthy newborn, no matter how he/she enters the world. Besides, it is totally possible to have a natural delivery in the hospital under the vigilance of nurses and doctors. That should be much more preferable to laboring at home without any monitors and then running to emergency c-section in case things go wrong!!

  • Lol when she mentioned bringing music, I thought “ what if I blasted Cardi B in the background” lol than she LITERALLY 2 seconds later says “if you need rap music….” ���� like yesssss i actually might need that lol

  • If I ever have another baby I will definitely be going to this center �� I wish I would have went with my own feeling and done it at a birthing center

  • I have had two births with pain meds (one was twins, vaginally) and I can tell youyou can absolutely feel when to push when you’ve had an epidural! That’s a huge misconceptionThe doctors never told me when to push. The overwhelming pressure and sense to push is extreme and painful its just the intensity of the contractions that is dulled (hard to explain but I didn’t tear with the twins or my singleton). But this time around I want to try an unmedicated birth because I know I can do it. Thanks for the tips!

  • We don’t get any encouragment from anyone at the hospital in Jamaica the nurses hate all of us and that’s how they treat us and our family is not allowed in the labor room n nobody gets a room for their self we all are in the same area after delivery and two of us are in the room having babies that’s distracting

  • I think it’s funny that videos done by medical professionals always lean towards epidurals, but videos made by real mothers lean towards natural birth ��
    Maybe it’s because they get financial gain from women who opt for an epidural. ��

  • “You have bragging rights after that.” That’s not what it’s about at all. There are SO MANY documented benefits of natural birth and to say you can’t think of any medical benefits is just ridiculous. I won’t rehash all because people in the comments have already mentioned many of them. Also, ceceareans aren’t just done when medically necessary, this is proven through the drastically lower c-section rates with home births and birth center births. There aren’t as many interventions, the physicians aren’t so scared and know more about the body than what they were taught in a university.

  • Thanks for sharing your story. Love how your daughter was hanging off you! I think it’s so important to share positive birth stories because media & society portrays it in such a negative light. Both my girls were late so I had to be induced (both I had my water broken) My son came on his own. All 3 were unmedicated & natural. Birth plans are great but it’s good to keep an open mind & trust the process. I wanted to be able to move around & then turns out during labour I wanted nothing to do with it ��

  • I tried to do natural birth 2 yrs ago. But my ��’s heartbeat went down. So, I ended up C-section. I was in between of 6-7 cm dilated when I had epidural. I didn’t even want it in the first place. But I have no choice.

  • This isn’t such a one-sided video. There are so many scientifically proven reasons to have a natural birth. You cannot guarantee an epidural will work. Shame on you Intermountain Moms for fear mongering.

  • I had all five of mine without an epidural or any pain relief. Not for lack of begging / pleading/ threatening to sue everyone mind you.
    But not fighting the contractions and keeping active as possible helped.

  • I suggest first time parents (or if you’re like myself-who was robbed of my first experience) I highly recommend Doug your own research. There are great articles out there & documentaries (the business of being born on Netflix is GREAT for understanding the actual dynamics of birthing).