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When you first take that pregnancy test and you’re so excited to share the news of your pregnancy, you run to the one you want to tell first. Overwhelmingly that person is your husband or partner.Though once you get there and share the words: I’m pregnant! something can happen inside their brains and the nicest things don’t always come out. If your partner thinks they might be pregnant, you may feel excited by the prospect of parenthood. It’s also possible that either (or both) of you might be afraid to take a pregnancy test.

If you have been trying to conceive, you might feel anxious about getting a negative result. If your girlfriend tells you she’s pregnant, it can be quite a shock. Whether or not you expected the news, you can feel stressed, confused, happy, or all of these at once. You can cope with the news by letting your girlfriend express herself, and then sharing with her how you feel. Let the impression gel, let them ask your gal what happened to that wonderful man she introduced them to and if the relationship’s serious.

Once that impression is cemented, then let your girl tell them after a month or two that she’s pregnant and it’s yours. Keep in mind that even though your partner doesn’t look pregnant yet, she may be feeling it. If she’s tired or sick, or just not up for going out, cancel your plans and stay in. Also prep for the unexpected: Your favorite takeout place may be out of bounds when one whiff of pad Thai sends your pregnant partner rushing to the bathroom to puke. “Keeping up that physical connection during pregnancy and talking about it with your partner strengthens your bond as a couple,” says Craig Malkin, Ph.D., a psychologist in Cambridge, MA, who.

Rude comments from strangers are pretty much par for the course during pregnancy, but you probably weren’t expecting your partner to say something super offensive. From remarks about weight gain to undermining just how rough morning sickness can be, here some of the worst things expectant moms-to-be have heard from their partners. When she tells you she’s pregnant, she will be terrified beyond comprehension.

And so will you. Her younger years and the dreams for her future will flash before your eyes. You will be disbelieving, angry and most of all utterly shocked because this can’t be real, can it? Believe me when I say she. Tracey Cox reveals the 14 signs that could mean your partner is going to cheat She says if you recognise six or more you need to have a discussion but insiders insist she is NOT pregnant with.

A great pregnancy announcement to your husband idea is to get the kids you already have together, involved. Make or buy shirts that say ‘#1 big brother/sister,’ as a fun way to inform your husband another is coming.

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Insert text can suggest a follow-up test at eight to ten weeks to provide a more certain confirmation of pregnancy, if the test taker has not yet consulted her physician.

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She will tell the doctor when she first feels the baby move, and he will tell her that she is now halfway through the pregnancy.

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Her boyfriend reacted like a lot of men used to (some still do) when their girlfriend says, I’m pregnant.

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She tells you she missed her period 4 weeks ago and immediately took a home pregnancy test.

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She tells you that she knows she is pregnant because she has already missed three periods and a home pregnancy test that she did last week was positive.

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Before the home pregnancy test announces the good news.

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First Trimester Uncertainty During the early weeks, the woman is unsure if she is pregnant and tries to confirm it.

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If she is beyond 37 weeks of pregnancy, she should wait for the Positive Signs be

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Crucially, when she asks him ‘what would you do if I were pregnant?’, he answers ‘it’d be my duty to marry you and take care of you first’.

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That day she’d said it was too soon to know for sure if she was pregnant but admitted it was a possibility.

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  • I know how surreal it all is… I was in the ultrasound room and she says, “ok, let’s see if we can get Baby to move positions a little…” I was like “omg there really is a baby in there!”

  • 2:30 that was so sweet, thats a real-life reaction, I hate it when in Hollywood they always start with “oh sh!t” when a woman finds out she is a pregnant.

  • I literally could not stop smiling! I am so happy for you guys! You are the only public figure that follow and I do feel like we’re friends (even though we’ve never met) and so I am genuinely happy for you both! Giving you are air hug from northern CA. Hope to meet you one day! You both are so wonderful and positive. Thank you and good luck on this new journey!

  • 1:33, “Found out YESTERDAY.”
    Why don’t you want until the kid is 18 years old? “We found out 18 years ago.”
    Some family members may be dead by then unfortunately.

  • With all that is going on in the world, it’s moments like this that make you remember what’s truly important! Love your journey, can’t wait to follow along!!

  • Having sex every day even during ovulation will not necessarily increase your chances of getting pregnant. I have been married for 6years now and nothing happen, I tried every way but all to no avail. Nothing that can make you feel more alone or stressed out than trying to conceive, though TTC can feel exhausting, frustrating and lonely. I want to thank God and also doctor Eddymon for putting a smile in my face, I conceive last years after I took the medication dr. Eddymon sent to me. The dr gave my assurance I am going to get pregnant within a month and it happened just the way he said it and now I have a baby of my own. I pray for everyone here looking for fruit of the womb, the same God that did mine will also do yours. In case you have the same problem and want to reach him on WhatsApp +2348128107710 or e-mail [email protected] gmail.com. feel free to add me up for more information Whatsapp me on +16143339063

  • I love you guys, wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy ������. I am pregnant after 7years and I know how you feel. Bless you three����

  • Amazing ideas, the reactions makes us smile:)) If you are looking for pregnancy announcement onesies, you may want to check our small business as well <3 Thank you for your support! https://www.etsy.com/shop/LunaBabyOnesies

  • Again, I love how excited rigatoni is.

    Seriously though, the love and support you two show each other is such a blessing. I’m so happy that you two will have a new member in your family to love and support ��

  • thank God this video just appear to me. I follow this family since then and was the best decision, i love them so much, and fox is so precious I love him sm ��������

  • When your husband said “I thought I would never see this” THE TEARS ARE COMING. I thought the same way until I saw my double lines!!

  • i love how when you told him, there was no moment where he asked you if you’s were going to have the baby, like you both just knew it was the only option to have the baby because you love each other and you’re in love and you know each other and you want to be right where you are. he never seemed worried and he wasn’t angry, he didn’t panic and then come back being okay, he just was happy from the moment he opened the draw and he’s stayed that way the whole pregnancy. thats how you know its meant to be. cant wait for this.

  • I found out I was pregnant the same day, Nov 25, 2019. I didn’t believe it, had to take three more tests and only told my husband on the 27th. Congratulations to you, hubby and rigatoni!

  • Omg…I’ve been putting off watching this video because I’m pregnant and already SUPER emotional. I’m over the moon excited for you and Luca.
    p.s. as I’m watching this and crying my eyes out my dogs came to lay on me and make me feel better. Haha

  • CONGRATS! I also had success with my first transfer and test positive at 5dp5dt. I wasn’t able to wait to tell my husband at all though!

  • I’m so happy for you guys!! Crying pregnant mommy here �� We our pretty closely due, I’m so excited to have your pregnancy to watch alongside!

  • Right after telling my fiancé and after we got hugs and kisses done with he did his first dad joke “so we’re having three??”
    I had all three positive on the counter haha

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Anna! Gives me hope. How did you deal with all those feelings between your transfer and positive pregnancy test? I’m full of fear and doubt, and have to constantly remind myself to think positive!

  • How do you make things right if you didn’t react as excited as she’d hoped you would? I had watched that first guys video a long time ago then couldn’t find it again; that’s how I wanted to react the day I found out but in the moment I didn’t remember this. also, I’m an introvert

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  • Oh my god I’m literally crying rn. I am BEYOND excited and happy for you guys! You both deserve this so much! Congratulations❤️❤️❤️

  • 2:30 La mejor manera de poner de mal humor a cualquiera, es la sorpresa de la bolsa dentro de la bolsa ��
    5:10 Y lo peor es que no grabo su primera reacción, ay que tonta esta mujercita �� plop!

  • Today is the 7th of August (well its 2:17am, it still counts)… I just came here from being recommended the empty house tour. A late congratulations, but a congratulations none the less.

  • the second mother it’s so funny &i laughed so hard when the dad thought the pregnancy test was a toothbrush ������& her mother when she said are you pregnant

  • I just watched your birthing vlog and I felt like I had seen your face before and I thought his face and well behold. I remember watching this video, and crying and it made me sooo happy. Still trying to conceive for 11 months now. Hopefully I get pregnant soon. Congratulations �� ❣️

  • I cant wait till me and my fiance get to have a baby some day, we both never had good father figures, his was a dead beat,and mine was a drunk meth head….we gathered tons of knowledge on how a father should be and he has learned so much. He said he wants to be the father he never got

  • Less than 6 minute video and…I cried twice! ����HAPPY tears! So excited for you two and can’t wait to see what the future holds. ����

  • I’ve been watching your journey and I’m sooo excited for you guys!! I have PCOS & suspected endometriosis and I understand infertility. But this… this is so exciting ❤️ congratulations!

  • I’m so happy for you! I’ve watched all your videos in tears and to finally see this one is amazing. I did cry tears of joy for you. I feel like I been apart of your journey just rooting for you and it has finally happen. Yay! I wish you the best!

  • How incredible❣️ this came up in my suggested views why I’m not sure because at 60 I’m definitely not looking to be a momma again �� I so needed some cheering up. Blessings

  • I think this was the first video of yours I watched. Now I watch all your vids ASAP, your insta stories, drink your body bloom & using your pity party!

  • My mom announced yesterday to me that my sister is pregnant and I’m crying from happiness since yesterday really I’m so happy for her…we lost our grandpa this year so I think it’s gonna be a boy ����

  • I know I’m a bit behind (just a year ��) but I’ve just watched this video and balled my eyes out! Now I’m binge watching the rest of your videos and it makes me so excited for these chapters in my life ����one day and I only hope I can capture these special moments on camera over on my channel! Such beautiful videos to watch xx