When you should Take Pregnancy Test After IUI Getting Accurate Results


When can pregnancy be diagnosed with a blood test and a urine test?

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After How Many Days Pregnancy Can Be Confirmed By Urine Test?

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Pregnancy Test Progression 8 DPO-15 DPO!

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Live pregnancy test & IUI#3 Test Results

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If it takes 6 to 12 days after a successful IUI for a fertilized egg to implant, and 2 to 3 days for hCG to build up, you can see why it’s best to wait at least 14 days to take a pregnancy test. If you have gotten a negative pregnancy test after IUI but still have not gotten your menstrual period, wait a few days and test again. For the most accurate results, pregnancy tests should be taken using the first urine elimination of the day, but if you forget you should hold your urine for at least four hours before testing again.

If you have waited at least 14 days after IUI to test and you get a. Women who have use IUI on its own without other medical interventions or fertility drugs are able to take a pregnancy test at the same time as everyone else. Implantation of a fertilized egg occurs around 10 days after ovulation, and that is the very first opportunity to take a test.

The hCG levels, which provide the confirmation of pregnancy on a pregnancy test, will take another few days to rise. Hence, it is best to take a pregnancy test at least two weeks or 14 days after the procedure. Waiting for confirmation about your pregnancy. Testing for pregnancy.

A pregnancy test is done about two weeks after insemination. How long does IUI take? Insemination takes only a few minutes, but you may be. Depending on your test results, your doctor will determine when you’re ovulating, and you and your partner will return to the clinic. This is typically 10 to 16 days after starting the medications.

It is not easy to get a reliable result before 14 days. The trigger shot used to stimulate ovulation can cause false positives for days after the IUI, and tests in the days after can give false negatives, because there has not been enough time for pregnancy hormones to build up to detectable levels in the urine. My doctors office said to wait 14-15 days from IUI to get an accurate reading. I waited exactly 14 days and got our BFP.

I’m sure 14 days is fine. Just remember though that the HPT doesn’t tell you your Beta 1 level. If you do get a BFP remember they test your Beta 3 times to rule out a chemical pregnancy. T&P and a little baby dust to you. A typical IUI cycle begins at the start of your period and ends when you take a blood pregnancy test, about two weeks after your IUI.

First, you’ll get a blood test on the second or third day of.

List of related literature:

These tests are sensitive enough to detect the presence of hCG in urine as early as 1 week after implantation, or 4 to 5 days before a missed menstrual period.

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A positive test is usually repeated a few days later to monitor the rise in hCG and progesterone, followed by an early pregnancy transvaginal scan at 2–3 weeks after the positive pregnancy test.

“Oxford Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology” by Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, William Ledger, Stergios Doumouchtsis, Lynette Denny
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A sensitive blood or urine test may detect hCG as early as 8-9 days after ovulation.

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With current pregnancy test kits [sensitivity 25 units/L] urine may reveal positive results 3-4 days after implantation; by 7 days after implantation (the time of the expected period) 98% will be positive.

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The serum test can be performed in about 2 hours, and hCG can be detected as early as 6 days after conception.

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After that, check quantitative beta hCG every 3 mo for a total of 6 mo.

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IUI may be performed approximately fourteen days before the next anticipated menstrual period, within eighteen to thirty-six hours of a positive ovulation detection test, or approximately thirtysix hours after the administration of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) given to trigger ovulation.

“Infertility Counseling: A Comprehensive Handbook for Clinicians” by Sharon N. Covington, Linda Hammer Burns
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hCG is found in the blastocyst prior to implantation and is detected in maternal serum and urine around the time of implantation (7 to 8 days after ovulation) (Liu, 2009).

“AWHONN's Perinatal Nursing” by Kathleen R. Simpson
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Immediately after conception and implantation of the fertilized egg, the plasma level of HCG increases rapidly and can be used to detect pregnancy with a serum pregnancy test as early as 6 days before the first missed menstrual period.

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These conceptions can nevertheless yield a temporarily positive pregnancy test, since the blastocyst (a very early form of the embryo) produces hCG which can be detected in the blood as early as 6 days after conception.

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  • Awww…I just stumbled across your channel some how. I love this! It took my husband and I just over 4 years of ttc to get our miracle. CONGRATS!!!

  • Hi i did clear blue one and i was 9 dpo and came up not pregnant i took it apart like u and had two lines ine abit faint!? Do u think i showed re test again x

  • Im gonna be 19 next year and me and my fiance are planning to do iui bc we always talked about having a family and you really made me happy bc now i know i want kids with my fiance now and i know im making the right decision after watching you. I am so happy for you and hope you have a good life with your family.

  • I’ve waited two weeks after my missed period, and about a month from when I had what I believe to be implantation bleeding and I STILL got a negative. Can I just have a really low pregnancy hormone or is it more likely that stress has caused me to miss my period? Btw I’ve had a fairly regular period for as long as I’ve been tracking for years, never missed, but sometimes a few days late.

  • my period is 8 days delayed.. i have a regular period monthly.. my last period was may 12,2018 but up to now i do t have period yet. i try 3x pregnancy test but it was negative.. and today, i decided to take a blood serum pregancy test but the result is still negative.. what will i do?

  • Hi Krista, this is such a beautiful video. My name is Shay. I came across your video while looking for positive #ttc videos! As I was watching this video I thought to myself omg she totally looks like a Krista I hung out with at CAU. But I wasnt sure maybe you just have a familiar face! But again so happy for you and your family!! I wish you continued blessings��

  • Goodness! Your daughter has been here for months. I just saw this today for the first time and it got me good! All chocked up…

  • Thank you for sharing although I smiled alot when you said I want this to work becoz you don’t wanna go through this again I can really feel you how frustrating as I’m 2 years plus and earlier had couples of negatives and then came a time where I seemed so excited for the positive opk but I stopped testing for hcg when I see period I just thank Allah, the lord and move to new cycle, happy for you and big congrats ♥️

  • Mam I miss my periods for 6days I test but it be negative. I made some home test for pregnant it gives positive
    Plz reply me mam
    Wat I do next

  • We have been trying since September of last year and watching this gives me so much hope! By the way you are gorgeous and I’m so so happy for you

  • OMG yay! So excited for you! I just subscribed and look forward to following your journey! I’m a fellow infertility warrior and make vlogs as well… I’m currently pregnant with my second IVF baby! I hope your next 9 months are healthy and smooth!

  • Aww Congratulations dear Krista!!!!! I’m so thrilled for you guys!! Yes, thank God is right… Wonderful news!! Now we can go on the journey with you. Yaaaaay!! Bash will be a big bro! Love it. ��������������������������

  • Can’t help but be excited and happy for you while watching this! You’re clearly beyond happy. Your energy is amazing! Can’t wait to share your journey ��

  • Hi…muj date nh aee 1 month 20 date sa zayda hon ga Hain ma na beta hcg bb test karwaya but kuch nh aya..or ghr ma bb kya but kuch nh aya…aur date bb nh aee kya ma pregent hon???kis ka sath kbi ase hua koi share kara mara sath

  • This is so wonderful! I’m so excited for you! I have PCOS and my husband and I have been trying for a year and 4 months with no luck. Hoping this year brings better news! You give me hope ��

  • I cried watching this!! Congratulations! I know it can be hard. My husband and I have been ttc for 7 years now with no luck. �� I know when I get that positive it will be so special and I’ll be crying so much. I’m praying for you to have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby! ❤❤

  • Congratulations gorgeous, may you have a healthy pregnancy, and be rewarded with a healthy beautiful baby by the end of it. Sending love

  • I have a question. According to my the ovulation test I had a smiley face on March 10 and 11 and was suppose to vulgate on March 12. My first day of mast period was February 27 so my app is putting me at 3weeks and 6 days but I’ve been testing since 7 dpo and I already had a faint positive. But at 8dpo it was already pretty dark. Could I be further along then only 3 weeks??? The doctor won’t due a blood test because of the coronavirus and won’t see me until I’m 13 weeks:/

  • I really need some advice! So I had unprotected sex on the 13 last month and the week after that I started bleeding and I thought it was my period. But it started really heavy and then got light which is not like my usual. It was also dark brown and pink. It didn’t last as long as my period usually does either. It lasted 5 days when my usual is 7. I’ve been having really watery discharge too. Been feeling sick with back pain. I took a pregnancy test but I think it was too soon cuz it came back negative. Have any of the moms experienced things like this really early? I haven’t missed my period yet though.

  • I’m sorry! But hey, it will happen when it’s time! I started testing WAY to early. At like 6 lol. I am insane I know but I am impatient. Good luck I hope you get ur positive! Us smaller channels need to support eachother! New subbed! I appreciate the support back if you can:)

  • Ive subscribed to you. Ive just had my third miscarriage. I don’t have children so Ive never had a successful pregnancy. I see a specialist next month. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone x

  • I took a first response today at 7dpo and a white line showed up right away and then my pink control line.. after 5 mins I couldn’t see the white line until I put a light behind it then there was a shadow… is this an Evap line or something???

  • I Am TTC At The Moment & I Would Really Like Some Help On Doing This & I’d Like To Understand How To Do It And How Should I Start It. Please Please Help, Thank You!

  • I took a test yesterday because my period is late about a week now and it has a faint line. I wasn’t sure about it if it was positive or negative because I always thought it would appear a stronger one.(It was my first time having a test) But I’m really happy that I found this video. It helped me.

  • How stressful was this?? I found out I am pregnant but I’ve taken 4 different brands and the lines are all different but all read positive

  • I had a miscarriage in July. My other half has been saying I’ve been acting the way I was when I first got pregnant. Took a test and it was negative but my period isnt until the 8th. I was just curious

  • This month my period come two days and am using four or five days to do my period but this month the period is bleeding to much for that two days and am feeling back pain and water is coming out from my face and am urine regular time to time and am seeing something inside my private look like sperm drawing like nose car tar pls watch is DAT meaning am a woman just use my husband phone

  • After knowing I was pregnant, Dr. Office and all I continued to do it because it had been so long before I ever got a positive��❤️

  • My period date is Jan 7.Today 29 Jan I took my urine pregnancy test.One line is dark and the other line is lighter.what does it mean?My cycle is 25to 28 days. Please reply me.My total family waiting for your kind reply


  • This honestly makes me so happy to see other woman thinking the same way as I do I’m conceiving on the 23 of this month and I’m so excited to be a first time mom and I love kids I want a son ��❤️

  • Thank you. I understand and think this is really interesting and nice to share. I’m 99,99% sure I’m pregnant but for once in my life I decided to wait for my period (or not) before testing, nd your video comforts me in the sense that I’m expecting a nice line on 14DPO. (although every body is different). So ��

  • Wow! The last vid of yours I watched was the girls trip with Aaryn and the crew lol. And now you’re pregnant! Soooooooooo happy!!!

  • I been trying to get pregnant for over a year already i did just take a test today and one came out light the other came out darker what do u think i should do??

  • Today I tested 7 th week,one line is thick and T line is very light,it also spreaded some space, weather it is a positive pregnancy..
    Pls answer

  • Hi, I am 7 days late but I keep getting a negative test. I’ve tried clear blue 4 days after my missed period and it read not pregnant �� so today I’m 7 days late and I tried the one from dollar tree and it still says negative! What is a DPO?

  • Can I take a pregnancy test a month after? I’m sexually active. Im non protection user. We are trying. I’m 4 weeks late. I didn’t buy a test due to negative test in the past. My period is really late.

  • So I love first Response, and i do trust it more. I know this video is 19 month old now but First response gave me my first indication when i was pregnant with twins each time. (unfortunately neither set of twins of mine made it) the firsts set i lost at different points during the pregnancy and the second set i lost in the NICU at days shy of 24 weeks.

    anyways how i knew i was pregnant with twins, the TEST line appeared Fast and Dark before the control line even appeared in the window. this happened with both of my twin pregnancies.

    I had normal test results with all other singleton pregnancies (control line appeared first then the test line) this did not happen with First Signal or Clear blue.

  • Quick question about the walmart test.. I have taken 2, the lines didn’t show up until 3 minutes… but they do have color. I took a clearblue digital and it said no, I opened it and there were two fairly dark lines. Do the evap lines on walmart tests ever have color?

  • I was so good about not testing until my husband left on a fire call…I’ve since taken 6 tests!! It’s been 24 hours SMH but I’m PREGNANT!!

  • My period taking long time arround 33 or59 days.sometime I thought that I’m pregnant but not.5 years of marriage I am very tired to wait for a baby.I really wish to be a man,in this month as always i miss a period but I am trying to make a test with salt the result show me positive but in other hand when i used test HCG strip it shows negative,so what can i do now?please any help!!

  • Congrats! I remember this feeling. I went they IVF and had 3 failed FET’s. I’m currently 37weeks pregnant from transfer #4. Baby’s due in just 3wks. ❤️����������

  • I am so happy for u! I cried the same way when I found out this time around. when u have a long journey to get there it makes it even more special. It’s still so surreal and I’m 38 weeks tomorrow lol. Hope all goes well with your pregnancy!!

  • My period date is may 9 but i checked June 11 it’s was paintilly positive.. But i also check blood test it was negative.. Now June 15 my period is not com.. It means what tell me mam plz ����

  • Im not ttc but im 9dpo and i had a really strong feeling i was Preg and my test looks the same as yours. Still trying to decide if its real or not ��

  • Omg I just cried so hard out of happiness for you!! I followed your journey and I’m just in awe about this! My first IUI just failed and watching your video gives me hope!! ❤️❤️ congratulations omg!!

  • Older Video I know but I’m kind of sure now that I’m not pregnant ( sadly). Did a test on 9, 11 and 12 dpo and no lines. My period is due tomorrow so I will know soon….

  • You are so beautiful! I am in my two week wait after 2 miscarriages and multiple rounds of medications/IUI I am crying right along with you! God is good! Bless you and family!

  • Question for you. Which method of testing do you think works best: peeing directly onto the stick or dipping it into the pee. I think it’s strange how the wait times for pulling the stick out are very different between the two methods, so I’m not really sure which way I should test (first time TTC).

  • My last periods on 7 th.. today is 10 th i didn’t get positive yet… but this 1 st time my periods has been postponed for 5 or 6 days… should I need to wait still more day..

  • Today i was supposed to get my period I believe!! I am never late in fact im usually early. Me and my boyfriend had sex about 6 times unprotected. Im not usually one to track my period and this was kind a spur of the moment decision. But I have taken 4 tests already including a 2 first response and a clear blue digital. All negative.The only thing i can think is i miscounted by a few days. But im almost certain i was supposed to start today and ive had no signs of my period yet. About 4 days ago i got cramps that felt like i was on my period and i was like oh ill probably get it tomorrow (because this is what usually happens when i start) well it lasted for about 3 days on and off and now it suddenly stopped. Just confused. If i am pregnant, why am i getting no positive tests yet? Sorry this is so long.

  • I feel pretty pregnant, this will be baby num 3 if so. I tested at 7dpo using a blue dye the line was faint it came up immediately, I used a blue dye with my first son and it was positive but I had missed my cycle by then. So I also used a first response and I got a really faint line I even took it apart to look at the line and it was definitely there so to make sure I wasn’t seeing things I took an unused fist response and opened to see if that line was like permanently there and it wasn’t which means so far I’ve gotten 2 faint lines…. now this morning at 8dpo I took a dollar tree test and it was negative. I’m super confused.

  • I took the first response at first and it was a faint line but I wasn’t pregnant and even on the hcg one it was faint u could see it it was a bit darker and I wasn’t pregnant so that’s weird

  • I just ran across your video because i too suffer from PCOS. 22 mths TTC and nothing. My first IUI coming in 2 weeks and i was unsure of it but your story has given me hope. So thank you soooo much for posting! I’ve felt every emotion with you and cried with you!! God bless you and your family!! New subscriber here!��

  • I m already 2 days late on my period and I was having all symptoms which u mentioned, i did test in the mrng, there were 2 lines one was totally dark and the other one was totally faded, still I m in doubt that I m pregnant or not, and more thing my left abdominal and my back is totally hurting? Why is that plz do reply

  • Im 8+3 pregnant, first time ever! I found out 2 weeks ago. Got the strongest lines ever but I’d convinced myself I couldn’t get pregnant so I took 5 tests �� had my first scan 3 days ago and saw my little peanuts heartbeat ������ suffering big time with morning sickness though errgh

  • “Testing like a madwoman”

    Totally understandable!!
    This early on, this is the only way for you to know how your baby is doing. The hCG doubles each day so it’s comforting to see the lines getting darker. OB/GYNs usually don’t do an ultra sound until your at least 8 weeks along.

    Also seeing those BFPs is so heartwarming to see After seeing so many negatives and “could be a faint line”

  • I thought my period came but it stopped after 2-3 hours and it’s super light it’s been 7 days and still haven’t come again
    Is that implantation bleeding? Am I pregnant? Can I already take pregnancy test?

  • Omg I’m in tears ���������������������������������������������������������� congrats to you and your hubby on your rainbow baby. I hope I get the same results on my first IUI next week.

  • I cried! This gives me so much hope! I’ve had 2 miscarriages and have been TTC since October 2018 and we are now going to try IUI. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  • Today is second day of my period but no bleeding only spotting is happening should I take pregnancy test or I need to wait until a week

  • Glory be to God! nd God Alone, remember to give the CREATOR the Glory nd Testimony to His Blessings for others to see! Congratulations Nd May God bless you

  • Very informative! Because I don’t know what’s wrong with me right now. I’ve had some positive test but more negative than positive. The ones at the doctors are negative as well but I can’t help but still feel? Like something’s NOT NORMAL! Smh I just don’t want to be a case of “I didn’t know I was pregnant “

  • So happy for you!!! You are going to be a mommie!!! I was totally crying with you. Hopefully it will be me soon. It has been a rough journey so far.

  • What if i take pregnancy test 4 times a day i missed my period, and 3 times in different days after a week i missed my period but, all of them are negative. And i did not feel any of that symptoms. What should i do? Should i get worried?

  • Happy for you!!! I cried watching this. I remember seeing two blue lines when seeing my pregnancy test after so many negative ones. Mommyhood is the best!

  • What a nice video I came across! Congratulations! This brings back memories for me as after 10 yrs of trying and using IVF, GIFT etc. procedures that all failed we did it naturally. I didn’t tell anyone even my hubby since I didn’t want him to get his hopes up and girl when that stick turned blue I began screaming! It was 5:00 on a Sunday morning and I ran in the bedroom with the blue stick screaming/crying waking him up. Our son is now 27.

  • Wow, I was sobbing right along with you!! I just found out I’m pregnant a few days ago with baby #2 as well!! We must be pretty close to each other in due dates!! SO incredibly happy for you!! ❤️❤️

  • I thought first response had evap lines too? Both my two first, first response tests I took had very faint test lines within the time frame. Two different days one on a Monday second on a Friday same week.

  • When she called you she sounded so excited and happy. When you started crying I just wanted to hug you I’m so happy and excited for you!!!

  • I feel so sorry for everyone that has to go through this much to get pregnant. It’s so unfair. But congratulations on your pregnancy.

  • Oh man, that 2 week wait is BRUTAL! I had my first iui done last month (did not work), and am trying again in May. That two week wait made me feel crazy, I swear I had “all the symptoms”…of my period haha but in my head it was preggo symptoms. Things I never even knew happened until I started paying attention. I really hope my next one works! I am also filming it, so this time I may try to test earlier like you did and see when the trigger shot really does come out of my system. All the best for this pregnancy!!

  • My friend is soon starting her second try with iui….she’s also started to vlog. I can’t wait until she gets a BFP!! I am going to send her your channel link. Congrats to you and your family ❤������

  • These Dang Ole’ Onions����
    Crying right along with you…
    SO excited & happy for you and
    Hubby and look forward to watching this special journey as a brand-new Subbie today!!
    Blessings for your Little One��:)

  • Gud evening mam…. Previous month 8th jan 2020is period date…. Now the date is 12th feb mam… When can i take the test….. First test itself i have to get the positive result mam…

  • Awwww congratulations!!!! Meanwhile…..I’m over here praying to have my bladder back soon lol. 3 more weeks to go!!!!! Sending hugs your way!

  • Omg! Im over here crying… The best video I’ve seen of revealing your results! Felt like I was in the room with you.. Congratulations to you both! I just had a IUI done week half ago.. I pray I’m pregnant too! I’ve had all the symptoms you had also.. Again I’m so happy for y’all!!����������������

  • Mine tested out at 10 dpo and I knew I was pregnant at 12 dpo because the nurse said it wouldn’t show up on the digital at that point! Sure enough I was!!!!

  • Just wanted to say congrats and enjoy every second of it. Don’t know you personally, but so sincerely happy for you!! Totally crying

  • This video showed up in my feed….I just had to watch….then, I was so happy for you, I just had to subscribe! Can’t wait to follow along on your journey ������ Congratulations!!

  • I had bleeding 2 week ago for few min… not my period..my period is last week of this month not come yet.. feeling all pregnancy symptoms like headaches beast soreness frequently urine all but I test its coming negative…pls help mayb its early to check or not

  • Lol…”I dont know what to do…I think I’m gonna puke”… I was expecting you to be like ok well guess well test tomorrow to see if its darker.. nope… your gonna puke:)

  • I’m so so happy for you guys ❤ your video was recommended to me by YouTube. It took 2 and half years to conceive my son and a year after breastfeeding him we stopped so we could start trying for my daughter and it only took 3 months to conceive her. I’m so excited for you ❤

  • That’s great news. Do listen to your body. If you feel something is not right bug your dr. Lol your dr should be very supportive:) congrats!!!

  • I missd my period 3 day bus clearblue test stick still negitive i bouth clearblue digital but still not pregnet…….what cn i do…..when

  • I am a new subscriber I too have a channel an I am just so happy for you! I wish nothing but the best of luck with this pregnancy I can’t wait to go on this journey with you and that everything goes as planned.

  • I had my first IUI on the 5th! I go on the 18th for the blood test. I’m scared to test early because I’ve had zero pregnancy symptoms. Did you have any symptoms that early?

  • CONGRATULATIONS JOLENE! I recently found your channel and was waiting for this result. You give me hope! My husband and I have been together for 16 years, married for 10 and TTC for 5 years. We are hoping to do IUI soon, so a similar story to you. I am thrilled you got a positive result and look forward to watching you getting used to the idea of being a Mum! Much love xxx

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  • The cheapies (First Signal and Dollar Tree brands) are the ones used in doctor’s offices and clinics and are just as, if not more reliable than First Response (and EPT, Clearblue, etc.)

  • Fedup with those tests������

    My date is may 31..Now am delayed for two days.but test says..its a NEGATIVE.��
    I have many issues such as
    BP variation
    Stomach lower, upper n sideways in pain.
    Back pain.
    Anemic appearence..

    I m still waiting for some more days..n i think tht am pregnant..is it??

  • Congrats! When are you due? I found out I was pregnant March 29th, due December 8th!! I had a chemical in January so I was kind of like you, in disbelief at first.

  • Hi Ma’am, I was supposed to get my periods on 7th of April but i missed it and when I tested it showed negative should I check after few days or shd i consult doctor, kindly reply to me I am very tensed

  • I try 2 time iui didn’t work for us so we try ivf 2 time last one successful IAM 30 week prengnacy, congratulations for your and good luck…

  • We’re a couple days apart with our pregnancy!! I was watching your video during my 2 week wait and found out I was pregnant a couple days after you!! So excited for you!

  • I used to have periods regularly on time but this month I didn’t have my periods on time so I did urine test at home. I tested two times but the result was negative. Today I am having light bleeding. I can also feel some symptoms of pregnancy like nausea,change in taste of food, tiredness etc. I don’t know what’s happening ����

  • This is hands down the most grateful and soulful video on gods blessing of a child that I have seen on YouTube. We were crying with you full of utter joy. Thank you Jesus.

  • I’m always so confused because it says you can take a pregnancy test after your missed. But then it goes on and talks about after implantation take a test 7 to 12 days. I’m so confused.

  • Last month I got my 1st time menstruation after I stop using injectable family planning.that was September.6
    But this month I waiting my menstruation because last month I feel headache and lower back pain.and I suspense that I am pregnant again because this September 6 I missed my period and the next day Sept 7 I have a spot,or spoting to my underwear.
    And until now I waiting my menstruation.

    Until I try Pregnancy Test after 1wk.but it is still negative.I’m so worry what happened if I only delayed why I have some spotting and missed period if i am pregnant why is it negative

  • I will only advice every other woman TRYING TO GET PREGNANT or having Fallopian tube issues, pcos and other infertility problem to do their research and don’t base your option only on anyone’s advise or medical report, I did and it resulted in waste of money and time. contact Priest Babaka via Email: [email protected] gmail.com Or Facebook at priest.babaka he will help you because he has help me with his fertility/pregnancy spell prayers.. am so happy today to have my own child. He can also fix relationship/marriage issue, in case of getting your Lover/Ex back

  • i am 17 dpo (i guess,my cycles are irregular) or at 30th day of my cycle.tested today and it was BFN.no PMS symptoms and no pregnancy symptoms.my hopes were high bcz there is no sign of coming period and my pms symptoms are completely absent,which will start to show exactly before a week of my period.my stress levels are high these days. pls help me understand what’s going on.also i saw some (just 2 drops may be ) fresh blood 2 days ago.. i don’t think it’s implantation bleeding.

  • 9 ko main mili Hun ab Mera Dil bhutt khrab hy 5days se ND unrine bhi zada arha Hy..or bhouk or nendd m izafa hugya h Kia ye pregnancy ki starting h

  • I have had 2 positives at 8dpo and 9dpo on first response. I have a digital shall I wait untill morning and did you take yours in the morning?

  • Thank you so much for this video, short and too the point. I took a Clear Blue at 6 DPO which came back negative I know it is really early but its our first month of trying for a second baby and we didn’t really know what were doing. I may just try with the 2nd test to be sure now that I’m about 10 days DPO.

  • I’m so happy for you, omg CONGRATS! I’m also trying to get pregnant, hopefully in a year. Sending prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby! ❤️

  • Enaku regular 28 days cycle dha ipa 32 days airuku ipa test panlama but lite ah pregnancy symptoms iruku back pain abdominal pain nausea tiredness pls tell me check panlama

  • My last period starts on April 26, now it is May 30 and no period yet.but my period is not normal 28 days cycle. i remember having my first day in feb and march on the 23. i am scared to take the PT. when is the best time to check? But I am sure i. Never missed any period very month. CN you tell me when is the best time to check preganancy?

  • I’m on my 7th iui been Prego 2 times lost both I’ll know Saturday if my 7th one worked I’m glad u finally got yours God is good no matter what best of luck ��

  • Congratulations �� I just found your channel has I’m trying for our 3rd baby and I love watching these reactions videos �� congrats, I hope nothing but the best ❤️

  • I took my pregnancy test 5th day after missing my periods I got negative results but symptoms are like pregnant… Can you please tell when to take a test again

  • The Morning Sickness Handbook.
    Who’s had THE MORNING SICKNESS? Here i’m sharing The Most Effective Strategies To Relieve Nausea In Pregnancy. Over 100 Remedies! Plus: Anecdotes, Encouragement, Quotes, Resources & Wisdom From Experienced Mom Of 9. Hope you like it and give a benefit to you. Happy pregnant ����

  • My period is late by 9 days and i have backache stomach pain and other symptoms of pregnancy. But i checked it and shows a negative result. What is the reason?

  • This made me cry I’m so happy for you even though it’s a year later lol. My husband and I are trying to conceive our 1st child..god bless you and the family love❤️

  • Definitely agree FP is most reliable for early testing simply because it requires just 6 mlu, whereas Clear Blue requires 25 mlu, so it is better to use the latter from around 10 or 11 dpo or later. Otherwise you may get a false negative.

  • So happy for you! Just found your channel and can’t wait to follow your healthy happy pregnancy journey. I’m on my two weeks wait at the moment ivf eek will be testing 7 days past my embryo transfer as its same as 12 dpo ��enjoy and stay healthy!!

  • Hello Doctor Good Day, Behalf of my wife, according to last monthly period she is pregnant 15 weeks, everything was going on perfect, unfortunately early morning she found the blood drop after passing the urine each and every time until two days, so we take appointments of doctor and checkup they taken sample of urine and blood also done the ultrasound, found pregnancy only 6 weeks 2 days, and no heart beat for baby, and found in urine test red blood, thereafter doctor given antibiotics tablets and said com back after one week, so next morning she has more bleeding until 6 hour, i don’t know this is normal or need necessarily treatment if anyone face the related issue please share, we should wait and continue tablets, cause we are living remote area hospital distance is too much.