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Gita Zarnegar, PsyD, MFT, co-founder of The Center for Authenticity, says, “It is reasonable to feel some feelings of guilt upon finding out that you are pregnant on your first attempt while your. It’s the only time in your pregnancy that it isn’t about you, so rise to the occasion. You shouldn’t expect your baby-seeking friends to throw a party or a parade for you. The best way to tell your friend that you’re pregnant is either over the phone or one on one.

The phone allows your friend to get out of the situation quickly if they want to. Here are some things to say to get. It’s important to maintain a friendship, even when one of you is pregnant while the other is not. I want your relationship to change and grow for the better, even as your belly becomes a catch-all for food and other debris!! You shouldn’t need to grow apart simply because you’re growing another human!

When you’re trying to conceive, when you’re $30,000 in the hole with no end in sight, let me tell you: It’s going to seem like every single person in the universe is with child but you. Yes, you’re the one who’s pregnant, but you’re not the only one with a life worth talking about. Your friends will be more responsive to what’s important in your life (baby, baby, baby) if you’re more responsive to what’s important in theirs (a promotion, a roommate problem, a breakup). Have patience — and ask for it, too. Being a concerned and unconditionally supportive friend — and yes, even a slightly worried friend — is not going to hurt you or your baby.

Pregnancy doesn’t give us a free pass to check out of every emotionally fraught or difficult situation, as nice as that might be. Let’s be honest, you don’t feel happy for your pregnant friend as you pretend to be. It’s normal, though no one likes it when their peer goes a step ahead and leaves them behind.

You are guilty of giving that ugly baby name to your friend, aren’t you?Being overwhelmed with joy is the only acceptable response when a friend tells you that she’s pregnant (barring any mitigating factors like being sixteen). Bursting into tears is bad, and yet that’s been my response— twice —when close friends told me they were pregnant. Now, just so I don’t leave any shred of doubt in your mind, I can tell you unequivocally, I am not even a tad pregnant. Not even a smidge.

So I just stood there, staring at her, completely frozen, and at a loss for what to say in response to this unsolicited verbal attack on my self-esteem. Eventually, I shot back, “No, I’m not. Do not say that you know you have a lot of work to do, or that you’re still trying to lose the baby weight, or that your baby is a bad sleeper so you haven’t been able to get back to your pre-pregnancy size. Just say ‘no’ and move along.

There is nothing wrong with looking like you’re pregnant or looking like you’ve had a baby.

List of related literature:

She will tell the doctor when she first feels the baby move, and he will tell her that she is now halfway through the pregnancy.

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Although she may feel rich in the number of support people she perceives around her, she may discover she has few “pregnancy support” people because she does not have many friends her age who are also having babies—some may be close to becoming grandparents.

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Teen mothers often lose their closest friends when the baby arrives.

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I have a friend who did not realize she was pregnant until she was in her sixth month.

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With a first pregnancy she may not be aware of the baby’s movements until around 19 weeks.

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Your friend says she is not sure she wants a doctor to deliver her second baby because she believes doctors are too busy to talk with her when she has check-ups.

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Your friend may be jealous and conflicted, or she may be trying to get pregnant and is having a hard time.

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Coping through avoidance may include not telling friends and family about the pregnancy; delaying or refusing to use maternity clothing; resisting transfer to obstetrical care from the infertility clinic; not following medical advice; and consciously resisting bonding with the baby.

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Because of my girth and her prematurity, there were acquaintances who did not even realize I was pregnant until after I was hospitalized.

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When she finds herself pregnant, a friend tells her that if she is “determined to evade motherhood,” she knows a doctor who can help.

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  • Hello man my period date was last month 6 April but this month I didn’t get my period test is negative what should I do please help me

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  • hello, my period has always been normal and I get it the 28th and stops 4-5 days later, and for 3 months now my period has been 1 week late but lasting 2 days or spotting 4 days. ive been nauseous and dizzy and sometimes hip and knee pain. sore breast and tingly nipples. and could I be pregnant? or am I over thinking

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  • Congratulations! Ive never been so excited for strangers to be pregnant! Cant wait to watch your pregnancy unfold and the next steps of your life. Thank you for including us in your journey.

  • Here is an interesting fact for you:
    In Russia and in general in the Slavic tradition, not everyone is informed about pregnancy until it becomes noticeable. Of course, with the exception of immediate family. Also, before the birth of a child, you can not give gifts for mom and child. And yes, this is another Russian superstition:)

  • I think it’s not fair first telling such an important thing friends and only then to parents. Maybe it’s the way we are raised in post-soviet countries, but family is always on the first place. We have really close relashions. I have a call from my mom every day and from my grandma almost every day. There’s the makeup artist from Netherlands I’m subscribed on Instagram. And lately she said that she forgot to call her mom for 3 weeks. When I told my own mom about that she said if I did so our relations would stop and she wouldn’t talk to me at all. That’s how close our family relations are.

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  • I only hve one day period on july,and in august i didnt hve any period,i hve symptoms for about a week so i take a test but its invalid.after 3 days i test again but its negative.am i pregnant or just having a phantom pregnancy?im 41 years old thou

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  • I’m going on two months with no period and I have pretty much all the symptoms. My nipples hurt and my boobs seem more vainy, I’ve been extremely tired, emotional, nausea, dizziness, always feeling hot,etc. The thing is after a month of missing my period I went to the doctor and had a negative pregnancy test. I have an appointment on December 12th and this will be my second missed period. I truly think I am pregnant,I’m going through things I’ve never felt before Idk what to do

  • Mam I need a clarification,right now m in my 2nd trimester, and I tested through pregnancy test strip which came negative… Y it came negative?..

  • I’m 3 days late. I have burning sensations and cramps. I had few drops of period a week ago.. I’m afraid to take a negative pregnancy test ��

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  • I was 10 days late I had all the pregnancy symptoms. i took a test which was negative then started bleeding light pink blood but then got a little darker. Wot could it mean

  • It’s absolutely no true that pregnancy symptoms don’t start til 5/6 weeks. In all three of my pregnancies I suffered morning sickness before my period was due. I tested early and got strong BPFs in the first two and a faint one in the third and miscarried. Studies don’t always give a true representation.

  • I have been having symptoms of pregnancy I miss my period last month but I took like 5 or 6 test all negative my period hasn’t been about 18 day late what do I do