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Is it Normal to Cramp in Your First Trimester?

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Are Side Cramps Normal During Pregnancy?

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TTC Q&A Part 2! Early Pregnancy Symptoms? Ovulation Pain and Pregnancy?

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When Should You Worry About Early Pregnancy Cramps? Normal Cramps. During the first trimester, your body is preparing for the growing baby. These changes can cause cramping Cramps Later in Pregnancy.

As the uterus continues to grow larger, abdominal cramps can also occur later in pregnancy. Typical early-pregnancy side effects, such as constipation, can cause cramping. You may also experience cramps while keeping up with your normal exercise routine. This can place additional stress.

In fact, you may feel cramps in the first or the second week after your conception. The process of implantation when your egg is travelling into your uterus, and has to be implanted into your uterine wall, can cause these early pregnancy cramps. Cramping in early pregnancy is indeed normal. During the first trimester, the stomach cramps you feel are the result of the normal physical changes your body goes through as it prepares itself to carry your baby.

But, you may find that your cramps are worse at certain times. According to The Miscarriage Association if you miscarry in the early weeks of pregnancy: ‘You are likely to have period-like cramps that can be extremely painful. This is because the uterus is. Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms during early pregnancy: Normal cramping pain — Normal pregnancy cramps are very similar to period cramps, which are usually not very severe. In Light bleeding — Light spotting during early pregnancy might be linked to implantation bleeding.

As they say, this too shall pass—but know that cramping in early pregnancy may be replaced with other common pregnancy symptoms, like round ligament pain in the second trimester and Braxton Hicks contractions in the third trimester. So be sure to be kind to yourself and get lots of rest during your pregnancy. It’s not normal to have cramping during pregnancy with pain that’s severe, persistent, or accompanied by other symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, vaginal bleeding, headache, or fever.

Pain with cramps and vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Cramps can generally be described as pulling sensations on one or both sides of your abdomen. Although not considered a symptom for the detection of early pregnancy, it is a symptom that accompanies many pregnancies. In most cases, cramping is a normal part of pregnancy.

However, there are some instances when cramping can be a concern. Most miscarriages occur in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. If you know that you’re pregnant and experience brown or bright red bleeding with or without cramps, speak to your doctor.

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List of related literature:

Some women will experience cramping during their first trimester, though this is usually of little concern unless there is bleeding as well.

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This cramping is simply your body’s response to the hormonal changes of early pregnancy.

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Unless cramping is severe, constant, or accompanied by significant bleeding, there’s no need to worry.

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The first symptoms of miscarriage are usually spotting or bleeding, followed by cramps in your lower back or

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Period-like or even worse, lots worse, cramps are a normal and unexpected symptom of early pregnancy.

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Gripy abdominal pains (like mild period pains) are common in early pregnancy, and if they do not prevent daily activities are not worrying.

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This cramping is normal.

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Some women experience mild pelvic cramping (like period cramps) in the second trimester.

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Mild cramping

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Do not be concerned because the cramping is probably Braxton Hicks contractions and is normal at this gestational stage.

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  • This is me right now. 4th pregnancy with 1 living child. I’m a mess. I’m experiencing bleeding. Everyday almost. There will be a day out of the week that I don’t bleed. But it comes back light, then heavy. I can’t help but stress. I just want a healthy baby.

  • I’m just waiting til I can contact my doctor in the morning. To see what I should do or to see when I can get I scan just to make sure because my verve’s are recked I actually can’t think straight right now until I know for sure.

  • You did not ramble.. i think your channel is the most informative video about pregnancy out there; i have watched hundreds, if not, thousands of videos, and you by far explain so well with your soft voice.
    Perhaps because i am a health provider, i understand more of what you are saying. But you are well educated and you are knowledgeable. You do your research based on facts, people’s experiences, and your personal experience.
    I love your channel!

  • Hey I am having this same exact kind of bleeding right now as I type. I tested early positive (very faint), then the implantation bleeding was on time and it was spotting light brown, pink, but then now I am bleeding and I really am not sure if I am miscarrying. It’s so hard to tell. But everything is on time, the conception 10-14 days after the first day of my last period and then about roughly a week later, implantation bleeding. It’s weird. But I still feel like I am pregnant. I took another two tests and they were negative. Also, this is the 5th day of bleeding. There were a few little clots, mostly discharge mixed with blood. SO hard to tell. I’m still waiting to see. I feel nauseated right now a little. My breast feel fuller. I have been clumsy and forgetful and super emotional. So…. maybe.. I don;t know. I may make a doctors appt. thank you for your video.

  • Hi Rhian.

    I started to bleed last night. I didn’t have any pain.I already did have my period for August.Can it be possible that i can be pregnant? Or can it be something els?

    Kind Regards.

  • Around 6 dpo i had light spotting for two day{cd20&22}then it was completely gone….. On cd 24-25 it was light red bleeding which got a bit heavier{cd 26-30]sometimes it was heavy,spotting or nothing and this last for 7 days which is not normal for me cause my period always last five day and is a 28 cycle. right after the bleeding stop i had light spotting with ewcm for two days after that just light spotting accompanied by mild cramp, backache, nausea.this spotting last for five day straight then stop for one day and came back. what could be the cause of this?

  • So I’ve been bleeding for two weeks and my bleeding got a slight heavier, the pain is increasing week by week and it comes in waves like I’ll cramp for not even a minute and then it’ll stop and then 5 min or even 30 min pass and I’ll have another wave of cramping, last Tuesday I had my monthly doctor visit told me everything was fine and supposedly I was 12 weeks I haven’t had an ultrasound tho and, so Thursday that just passed I went to the hospital because I wanted to make sure everything was fine, turns out everything was fine and I’m 7 weeks pregnant and they were able to find a heart beat although they did not let me see my baby or listen to it’s heart which I was so sad about. Literally that night was when I woke up with my underwear soaking wet with blood and I had passed my first blood clot rarely any pain, From a scale from 1-10 a 1. So I texted my midwife to ask about the appointment for an ultrasound she said theirs no appointment yet that she’ll check, she told me to be on 5 day best rest to not do anything because it sounded like my body was rejecting the pregnancy, so I rested, I’m now on my 4th day on bed rest and last night I passed a bigger blood clot with the same amount of bleeding than the last time but increased pain I’ll say it feels like a 4. I’m just waiting on that appointment because I don’t want to go to the hospital if I can’t see anything for my own eyes I just hope every thing is ok

  • My wife is 8 weeks pregnant and has blood clots. This isn’t good. We are going to the doctor in an hour. I’m scared because this isn’t good.

  • Urgent prayer request I am 9 week pregnant today I saw red blood this is my 5th pregnancy I had 2 miscarriages please pray I will not miscarriage this baby my due date is 14 th July 2020:(

  • I’m spotting and I’m 9 weeks and 2 days… Went to the ER last night and they said everything on ultrasound looked good. But I’m still spotting and I’m scared I’m still going to lose the baby.

  • I’ve been bleeding about 4 weeks now.. but before bleeding i suffered pain on my back,tendered breast and cramps.. what does it mean.. please help me.����

  • I’m 5 week and I have pale light pink spotting but it’s kinda “frequent” like once a day. The doctor said to wait the result of the blod test so now I’m stuck with anxiety. Hopefully everithing is fine

  • Thank you for this video. I’m nearly 7 weeks and started spotting last night, this morning I had red blood with clots! I was devastated!! Went for a scan and there was a strong heartbeat �� Apparently it happens x good luck to everyone x ��

  • I’m bleeding and have some cramping �� I’m around 8 weeks in my first appointment they saw the heart beat said everything looked good. I’m so scared it doesn’t look like spotting it’s more of a light period.

  • i’m pregnant with my first, 28 weeks along, and still struggeling with nausea.. and the 3rd trimester symptoms started about a week ago. pain when walking, pain when laying in bed, heartburn, backpain, restless leggs, and bad sleep.. so basically the whole list.. had a tiny bleed at 9 weeks, but it turned out to be nothing:) glad you’re ok!

  • Wondering if you can give me some insight on something. So I’m ttc and I found out I had a ovarian cyst on my right side in September. Now In my doctors notes it says that my cyst is collapsed and now I have a complex left ovarian cyst that’s apparently collapsing. Can you still ovulate from a ovary that has a collapsed cyst on it? I had two LH surges and I’m wondering if I even ovulated

  • Hi Rhian, have you had your baby since this video? And is the baby normal? Only asking because I am 5 weeks and 6 days preg but bleeding started 2 days ago and I am very worried. First day was just spotting. I had a scan and the nurse said I was fine yesterday. But still I am not sure.

  • I know this is an old video…..but this is what I’m going through right now. Heavy bleeding Monday after a positive test at 13dpo….Bleeding was watery like you mentioned….last about a day now spotting. I’m hoping it ends in happy ending like yours.

  • thank you u make me feel better, i lost my first pregnancy at 6 weeks 3yrs ago coz i didnt know i was already pregnant and i work in a packaging warehouse that requires lifting pulling and dusty environment and now i am 9 weeks and im very very careful and bed resting coz im 40 every little thing freaks me out and blood spotting is my biggest fear.

  • This is true for me I’m bleeding a lot and I’m so scared I’ve never experienced it in my others, I hope my outcome is like yours. Yesterday I had a scan there was a heartbeat and the baby was growing but the bleeding has increased today. You’ve given me a bit of hope. Thank you

  • I am having a hard time now on my pregnancy. I am 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant and my bleeding starts on 12 weeks and 2 days. My exams are normal especially the baby. But it still bothers me and it kinda scares me a lot.

  • My wife had a miscarriage and now we are trying again but she just began spotting a little bit and she is so nervous, i’m just trying to change her mindset and keep a positive attitude.

  • I am in my first trimester and had some spotting with [mild] cramps and was starting to worry when I randomly saw your video, which reassured me. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it is more than helpful.

  • Hello again! I have been trying to research if there are any signs of fertilization? I was ovulating three days ago and we tried for baby ����. I am having VERY LIGHT pain by my left ovary. I’m just wondering if it could mean anything?

  • Omg I can’t believe I just clicked on your video and how much Relief it gave me, I’m experiencing the same systems and really really worried about what’s going on I went A&E they did do anything just booked me for the scan after 5 days time is going sooo hard don’t know what gonna happen tomorrow but I really appreciate your effort to made this video which is really helpful and kind of relief for a lot of women might having the same symptoms. Thank you sooo much for sharing your hard time with us in depth. May God bless u and your baby��.

  • I know this is old but it was so reassuring for me I’m just over 10 weeks and have had spotting through out two scans and Baby is growing as it should but it’s seriously given me bad anxiety.. Just can’t relax x

  • I’m so glad I found this! I found out yesterday, all my tests are faint and I started bleeding. Bright red but like you said, watery. There was more discharge than anything tbh, and I had a lot of pink and brown stains too. I freaked out and cried for half an hour because I thought that I lost the baby before I could even go to the doctors. Now the bleeding has significantly lessened to just brown staining. I’m going in tomorrow to request blood tests! Fingers crossed.

  • Oh rhian so happy I found your video, I started bleeding yesterday, bright red like you experienced. Went hospital…have to wait till tomorrow to have the early scan.
    You have made me feel better… thank u

  • I know I’m a guy, but my girlfriend have been seeing bleeding for a week now, the first time it happened was right after we had sex. It started out red at the beginning but now its pink. For the whole week of last week she been feeling nauseous with no appetite and even puke a little, headache, her breasts was and still is tender and feel heavy, and even a few mood swings, all the symptoms of pregnancy. She went to the doctor last week and they took her blood and stuff but no results yet, I even gave a pregnancy test but it came up negative. I’m not understanding at all, someone help please.

  • I’ve had some bright red blood a very very light flow I had unprotected sex on the 6th of October and my last period ended on the 25th of September, I don’t know if what I’m having is implantation bleeding or not heellppp it’s lasted 4 days now

  • Hi there,

    Missed period for 15 days with all the pregnancy symptoms, poking breast, abdomen pain, stomach upset, giddiness all the time, never feel like eating, was in dilemma about to take a test but suddenly red bright blood just came out like 2-3 drops and stopped,it’s just like a spotting, on second day half, I got the period heavier, and I am keep on changing pads 2 hours once, full wet, today is 6th day of period, I feel nausea, headache, abdomen pain at right and left like poking,backache just killing me, no idea why. Wanna take this as Period or Pregnancy, thinking if I need to check. Please advise. Thank you.

  • My girlfriend just started spotting with like a light colerd blood this is my first time in a situation like this what does it mean??

  • i have heard similar bleeding till black blood with several pregnancy symptoms but i havent had a pregnancy test am scared for any answer i want a baby i got one through c-section as well i hope i am pregnant

  • Thank you for your experience! Spotting almost every day from 5-7weeks. Completely different than my first but going in for a scan in 2 days. This whole experience has been crazy and mentally exhausting. Trying to keep my cool but the stress is hard.

  • Hey everyone what should i do i was post get my period on September 15, 2018 and today i got it on September 19, 2016 and is it my period or implantation bleeding and am like cramping so bad then ever had

  • A midwife once told me that sickness/nausea is usually a good sign to anyone worrying about bleeding etc.. ���� If you were to mis-carry your hormone levels would be too low to show pregnancy symptoms.. so if you feel rubbish baby is usually doing just fine ����

  • I am so happy I have seen this video. I been bleeding for the last 2 weeks each. And I am so so worried about but and payed for a scan and was told every think is ok. Then went in to A&e and had a scan and they said every think is ok. But I’m so worried about going for my scan in 1 week and 3 days.
    This is my 5 pregnancy and I still have not got any kids

  • I’m so happy to hear that I’m not the only one that is going through the bleeding. It scared me sooooo bad when it happened and hurried to the ER, but everything is okay and my baby has a heartbeat and now in my 6 weeks. ❤️❤️❤️

  • i was supposed to get my period later in the month but i started bleeding out of no where. not a normal amount though, i’m scared that i am pregnant. i’ve been feeling sick, light headed, headaches, & sometimes like slight sharp pains that come up every now & then. i feel them more when i am laying down. i’ve also been having a hard time sleeping. i’m just really confused & would love some help from anyone that might have some input or answers.

  • Hi!!! I’m in NC, USA, am almost 3 months pregnant w/ my 2nd child (the 1st child’s 7 born via C-Sec) and am so glad to have come across your video. I’m now experiencing the EXACT same things, but the bleeding and cramps were onset by intercourse. My husband took me to Baptist Medical Center at 4am-12pm last month (never again) and I was misdiagnosed w/ a Threatening Miscarriage and UTI. After a few hours, I passed a huge clot, but was shown to still be pregnant w/ a regular heartbeat. About 20 minutes later upon returning to my room, I was told we’d lose the baby and I was scheduled for a D&C in the next few weeks. 2 days after that Hospital visit, we went to Forsyth Medical Center (“the baby hospital”) and were told the baby’s normal, I had no UTI, but can’t have intercourse �� and have to take it EASY especially as I progress. So, I’m very thankful to hear your story and feel even more reassured.

  • I have a question I do digital opk’s and I tested I got peak on day cd17. Had ewcm on cd 16, but then I also got ewcm on cd 22, why would that happen??

  • I missed my period after my missed period I started spotting and then it would stop it would just keep doing that and then I just started bleeding and I’m still bleeding no dark brown blood what does this mean and I already have 2 children my youngest is 12

  • I know this video is old but i just wanted to say, thank you so much for sharing. Ive had spotting for a week starting at week 9. All colours. Its great that women open up about things like this. Nothing worse then looking for positivity from friends etc and just getting that worried look like it’s not normal. I see all was well for u in the end. Amazing x

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I’m early early on and I bled a ton with clots and I’m waiting on results and I don’t know how to feel.

  • Hi I had the same problem with what you had going on except for the sore breast and the blood clots I had bleed twice last month. But my second one was bright red but my tubes are tied but I don’t know if I’m pregnant or what

  • Im losing brown pink and dark orange it changes and has been since 24th oct early hours im terrified ive had ectopic 4years ago and havent concieved since untill now im just wondering if its normal. When sex has occured it bled and everytime since it hasnt stopped,iv bled them colours sorry for tmi but im scared im mc.ing boobs are huge and so sore nausea a bit but yeah �� its making me go crazy

  • I’ve been spotting and bleeding from 5w to 7w of my first trimester. No clots but it’s continuous. Heard a healthy heartbeat but I’ve still been so scared. So thankful to have your video.

  • Do you think this happened because it’s less than a year since you had a c section? Im having a c section I don’t want a big age between my second child did they recommend you to wait 6 months to a year?

  • OMG i am so glad you are expecting again,CONGRATULATIONS. Have not been on youtube for sometime. I can totally relate with the bleeding. I am now currently 10w5days with Naturally Conceived triplets. during the 6-8 weeks i was constantly bleeding, literally had up to 3 scan to make sure my babies were there and healthy. ( I found out about my triplets during the 1st scan due to bleeding at 6 weeks). they were never really able to tell me the reason of the Bleeding, but they nurse always reassure and took good care of me.

    The bleeding have now stopped Thanked God, and i cant wait to go for my 12 scans and see how much they have grown up.
    I have been extremely sick, extreme morning sickness which made ended up in hospital for few days due to dehydration.
    Still Sick, very nauseous, extremely tired, Fatigue, literally everything.
    I must confessed that, although the bleeding have stopped, I always feel worried that i might loose my babies. Because i read so many Sad story. I just can not wait for the first trimester to pass and to see the babies at my 12 weeks scan. I try to stay positive and confident. I have an extremely supportive Partner.

    But to be honest with you, this being my first pregnancy, I just thank God, i don’t mind the symptoms, cos all i want are my healthy babies in few months.

    Take care xx

  • Hi Rhian…. have you seen the app, sprout? Give it a look it’s really good it’s a 3 d image of baby at different growth stages xxx

  • I am guessing boy:) glad all bleeding has settled,hope sickness does too!!!I didn’t experience of those symptoms with both my pregnancies honestly don’t know how  you cope with sickness for 9 months!!!:-0x

  • This was reassuring to me. I am pregnant with #5 and have never had bleeding but have passed a few clots. I am probably going to have a scan tomorrow.

  • Congratulations on the new member due to join your family, we are really excited for you all. How scary to experience so much bleeding in pregnancy we are glad everything worked out for you in the end x

  • If you have the what to expect app there’s a subchorionic haemorrhage forum on there and there’s also a Fb group too. I had a massive bleed at 10 weeks and was told by midwife to ‘take it easy’ but in US they are often put on strict bed rest for the same thing. My hematoma was visible at the private early scan at 9 weeks but the guy never told me and then at 12 week NHS scan they measured it. I continued to bleed until 16 weeks and by 20 week scan hematoma was gone. Watching your video with my lovely 3 week old feeding happily away. It is so scary but the worrying did start to lessen when he started kicking around 17 weeks.

  • Thank you so much for sharing!!! I’m 5 weeks and I’ve been in the hospital twice for bleeding but no pain, the Dr’s says the pregnancy’s still there and that some women bleed during their first trimester. Thank you for your words and for empowering us through this journey!!

  • I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my first. very sick still:( really glad to have found your channel though. I’ve watched loads of your videos and have taken on board a lot of your advice. you have loads of great videos. keep at it. your a natural at it:) and I love the way you say book. makes me laugh:)

  • Thank you for doing this video I haven’t bled that much but I felt the same about the doctor’s response you definitely feel alone at such a scary time. Bleeding is.so scary ��

  • Is it normal for the time between birth and your first postpartum cycle to lengthen after each pregnancy? My cycle returned 12 months after my first was born, but I had to wait 18 months after my second was born (still nursing both times).

  • This video just answered all of my questions. Thanks so much! I’m having period like symptoms. But it’s weird becus I’m feeling them a week and a few days before my period is even due. So now I’m just in the waiting game. I’m having really bad constipation right now too.

  • Thank you SOOO much for making this video! I am 6 weeks tomorrow and have my first doctors appointment tomorrow. I have been bleeding for 5 days now just a watery blood no clots no cramps. I was so scared. This helped ease my mind so much! Im still fatigued and my boobs hurt like crazy so im taking those as good signs! Thank you again for sharing your experience! Eases the minds of many of us new mamas out here!

  • I am 4 weeks 1 day today ��! I had 2 miscarriages at 6-8 weeks. Please pray for me! Also… I had some super light spotting yesterday at 4 weeks, is that normal?

  • Love your videos! But I have a question hope you can answer me. I had sex 3 days before my period with a condom and then I had my period. This happen last month. Could I be pregnant?

  • I just left a message on your Facebook page about your experience with POP. I’m hoping if you are comfortable you could share your 2nd birth story with me and how PP went/is going.

  • Oh my goodness my symptoms are a lot like yours. I am 12 weeks pregnant today and I had started bleeding. Mine is pretty much like you described but there are no clots or tissue. I got really scared because this is my first pregnancy and I didn’t know what to do. All I can think about is if my baby is okay! I nice to know that I’m not the only one that has experience stuff like this and that it’s possible the baby will be okay! Thank you so much!

  • Hello! I’m new to your YouTube channel. And I had a couple questions.

    Ok so I believe I could be pregnant. I am not on on birth control and my husband and I possibly concieved day of ovulation which is usually CD 16-17. I had some very light pink spotting on CD 22. Which was the April 8th. I got the spotting right after my husband and I baby danced lol. I never spot after sex.

    Could sex trigger implantation blood?

    I also saw in one of your videos that you said implantation bleeding doesn’t mean you implanted like right then. Could it still have been a few days?

    I am 11DPO & 5 Days passed spotting and still have negative test. I was also having really tender breasts and the feeling of them just being heavy and that symptom went away today. Is that normal for it to go away?

  • I had a bleed like that and it’s called a subchorionic hemorrhage. It was a bleed behind my placenta. That was in October. I am 28 weeks now. It took a few weeks to clear up and I was on bed rest for a while and no sex. But baby girl is fine and she’s due in April. Just take it easy. Good luck

  • Hi! New to your channel, I love it!

    Question, when you are super early in pregnancy, like before you even find out for sure, does it feel like you’re going to get your period?

  • My period came down on schedule & it was heavy as usual but as of this day I stop bleeding, not even spotting or the dark blood you get when your period is ending. Every time I wipe myself nothing is on the tissue. My period usually last for 7 days but this is only the 4th day. This the 1st & only time it has done this. Last time my period was ever irregular was when I was on birth control and even then I always had longer cycles rather than short. I’m happy it stopped but also confused in why, since this the 1st time this ever happened to me. “Implantation bleeding” is light ( technically considered spotting ) but like I said, Mines was heavy & due to my boyfriend being infertile I doubt I am pregnant! But he had testicular cancer and he still able to produce sperm & I heard in some men it do come back but it is just harder do to low sperm count. So I’m wondering if I should be worried or not or could I possibly be pregnant? Please comment, ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED

  • I’m sorry for this question I’m sure you answered it a billion times I just have to. My question is…. if you have sex 3 days before and 1 day after ovulation can you get pregnant for sure or is it like a 50-50 chance that you might get pregnant? I need to know because I’m doing somersaults, backflips, handstands, the whole 9 and I’m as healthy as I can be and so is my fiance. I just can’t figure out why we’re not pregnant. I know my ovulation day. I’m really worried… can you help me?

  • Sometimes i feel my right feet is hot!! Is that normal.Had mild breast pain, headache thats it. today I’m at 16dpo n no symptoms from 14dpo.. 2 days missed periods.
    (3 dec expected period date)can I go to the gynaecologists now or I should wait one more week

  • Your videos are about women topics. It’s so nice for me to learn more about your cycle and the female body. Your videos are really beautiful. ♥

  • What is Clegenatur Methods? Does it work? I hear many people increase their breast size without surgery with this popular natural breast enhancement.

  • What can implantation pain feel like for someone who doesn’t normally cramp up during her period? Do the ovaries have prickling feelings during implantation pain?