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Around 18 weeks of pregnancy, your little one hears their very first sounds. By 24 weeks, those little ears are rapidly developing. Your baby’s sensitivity to sound will improve even more as the. By around 16 weeks of pregnancy, it’s very likely that structures in the ears are formed enough that your baby may be able to start detecting some sounds. 2  In fact, some of the first sounds a baby hears include the beat of your heart, the gurgle in your stomac.

The new research suggests that babies began to absorb language when they are inside the womb during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy which is. Babies in the womb may start hearing by week 18 to 20 of pregnancy and may wake up from movements or noises. By the 25th week of pregnancy, they may start responding to their mother’s voice by moving inside the uterus or having an increased heart rate. Your baby’s ears and earlobes start to form when you are about eight weeks pregnant, but it takes another three months at least) until your baby can start picking up sounds. By the time the third trimester begins, your baby’s ears are fully functional, and.

Evidence suggests that the auditory system starts forming at the 18th week of pregnancy and continues to develop until the baby is between 5 and 6 months of age. The babies observed crying in the womb were 24 weeks and older. The same study reported that the only audible cries heard by the outside world occur during an extremely rare phenomenon called.

Around week 16 of pregnancy, it’s likely that these structures are well-established enough for your baby to start detecting some limited noises. Some of these are sounds that you might not even notice yourself — the gurgle of your stomach and whoosh of air in and out of your lungs. It may seem implausible that fetuses can listen to speech within the womb, but the sound-processing parts of their brain become active in the last trimester of pregnancy, and sound carries fairly.

– A fetus develops their auditory system by week 25. By week 28, the third trimester, studies have shown babies responding to music in-utero. Of course, the impact of hearing goes much further.

Hearing Starts Forming Early In the Pregnancy.

List of related literature:

The auditory system responds to sound somewhere between 25 and 28 weeks of gestation; and environmental sounds, including speech, are very likely to filter into and through the mother’s womb.

“Neuroscience Fundamentals for Communication Sciences and Disorders” by Richard D. Andreatta
from Neuroscience Fundamentals for Communication Sciences and Disorders
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We now know that babies can hear sounds from as early as 16 weeks after conception.

“Well Balanced Child” by Sally
from Well Balanced Child
by Sally
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By 26 weeks’ gestation, structures of the ear and the auditory nerve have formed, making it possible for the fetus to detect and react to speech sounds.

“Communication Sciences and Disorders: From Science to Clinical Practice” by Ronald B. Gillam, Thomas P. Marquardt
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After 11 to 12 weeks babies prefer human voices to other noise.

“A Comprehensive Guide to Music Therapy: Theory, Clinical Practice, Research and Training” by Lars Ole Bonde, Tony Wigram
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These early studies provided evidence that by approximately 30 weeks’ gestational age, a fetus hears and responds to simple sounds such as bursts of white noise.

“Cognition, Brain, and Consciousness: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience” by Bernard J. Baars, Nicole M. Gage
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Fetal responses to sounds, such as motor movements, have been shown as early as 24 weeks gestational age; first heart-rate changes in response to sound occur about 2 weeks later (see Lecanuet, 1996, for details).

“Psychology for Musicians: Understanding and Acquiring the Skills” by Andreas C. Lehmann, John A. Sloboda, Robert H. Woody
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At about 30 weeks gestation, as brain regions that control hearing mature (Trevarthen, 2011), fetuses show sensitivity to sound.

“Infant and Toddler Development from Conception to Age 3: What Babies Ask of Us” by Mary Jane Maguire-Fong, Marsha Peralta
from Infant and Toddler Development from Conception to Age 3: What Babies Ask of Us
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Werner (2003) reports that during the last few weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is capable of not only hearing maternal speech while in the womb, but also recognizing some of what was heard after birth.

“Language Development: Foundations, Processes, and Clinical Applications” by Brian Shulman, Nina Capone
from Language Development: Foundations, Processes, and Clinical Applications
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Recent advances in research techniques have shown that the fetus can hear and differentiate its mother’s voice from other sounds, such as music or white noise as they are filtered through the amniotic fluid, as early as the last trimes— ter before birth.

“The Tapestry of Culture: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology” by Abraham Rosman, Paula G. Rubel, Maxine Weisgrau
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Between 28 and 34 weeks, the preterm infant develops the ability to begin to orient to sound, turning the head in the direction of an auditory stimulus and showing evidence of arousal and attention (Glass, 2005; Gray & Philbin, 2004; McMahon et al., 2012).

“Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care: Fifth Edition” by Carole Kenner, PhD, NNP, FAAN, Judy Wright Lott, DSN, RN, BC-NNP, FAAN
from Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care: Fifth Edition
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  • It’s a pleasure to know what baby does in the womb. Yes, mother s voice is the best music for an unborn baby. I’m 15 weeks pregnant and I already started to feel flutters in my belly. Wish me good luck for my delivery ��

  • 3:6. He is the One Who is shaping you in the wombs as He wishes; there is no Deity except Him, the Exalted, the Wise.

    It is told in verse 59: 24 that He is Lord Allah, the Creator of the soul, the Maker of the body and the Synchronizer of the soul with body; to Him belongs names submitted by the Best Book Adhikr; whatever in Heavens and in Earth glorifies Him, He is the Exalted, the Wise. See explanation 2: 28 and 129.

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  • May God bless all the women who are pregnant, who are about to give birth, and who are trying to conceive. Dont give up stay positive ����

  • It’s simply a miracle, m mother of 2.5 months baby girl, n she just love this. I really wanna know if there’s some link I can download it n keep in my files. I don’t want to just play everytime here at YouTube coz then my mobile can’t be used for any other purpose. Pls suggest people.

  • This weirdly makes me want to cry… must have been so cozy for my baby inside of belly, now he’s out already. I miss those times, they fly so fast!

  • I’m expecting my first baby on December 25th, 2020 �� I’m 19 weeks so far & ive been watching so many videos. Me & my bf are going to be documenting it on my channel if anyone is interested ❤️

  • Very difficult thing to being pregnant. I’m having my last one, no more babies after this, locking my uterus…GOODBYE back pains, active bladder, weight gain, big feet, hormones, aggressive movements inside and of course the dreaded Labour itself….goodluck to the rest of u who are still gonna go thru this.

  • When I was the baby my mother said that I sleep a lot now I am ten years old my dad used to give me milk every 2 hours isn’t that crazy

  • This video is a total lie. The cerebral cortex is the last thing formed. When it is done, all it needs is oxygen to be put in action. This part of the brain is where awareness, learning, memory and emotions are. Without the oxygen activated brain, all these emotions this guy attributes to the unborn isn’t possible. No they don’t dream or think. Dreaming nope. Hearingnope. All Bill. All he/she does is grow..

  • This video is very educational specialy from pregnant women like my mother hope so many can watch. Thank you who made this video.. my channel have a video but in health tips https://youtu.be/NSsWOAQIo2E


  • The BIBlE say for woman who are PREGNANT and for those who are nursing infants in those days!PRAY that it may not happen in winter /Mark13-17and18

  • I found out that I was pregnant yesterday and I have never felt like this before. I feel so grateful and happy ����. I have wanted this for soooo long ��

  • My wife is pregnant �� and she is in her first trimester. This video make us smile even more❤️ Thanks for making our journey more interesting and lovely.��

    I pray to God, for those who want to conceive, will get there lovely gift as soon as possible!❤️

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  • I am so excited to see you my first baby at end of September 2020. it is first time to be a dad. but it is her 8th month that baby is not moving that much. I hope everything is ok i am so sad about it, i really want to see my baby healthy and alive. The pictures you see in my profile, He is my nephew.

  • Expecting my first baby in November 2020, legit moving and kicking me as I’m watching this ���� can’t wait to meet my little dude ����

  • Expecting my first baby girl this coming August please pray for my baby and me for our safety delivery. Also for those pregnant women. Keep us safe and may God bless and guide us all����❤

  • ..I have to say this..My brother cried while Mom was pregnant with him and every one heard him at the table playing cards she didn’t know what to do, grandma just looked at her and said don’t say anything then mom started to cry. So you do hear them cry.

  • https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCxpec2uV69XhvLIgcRJ4Arg

  • My husband and I are trying to conceive at the moment, but hearing this makes me excited and we can’t wait for what the future holds.

  • I’m expecting my daughter October 2020 this helped so much dealing with the music I listen to but I do have some intelligent convos

  • At 16:40 if you go back 10 seconds and keep tapping it, it is exactly 1000 seconds.����������������������������������lolololololol

  • I’m due Dec2020. 2:28 makes me feel bad as a new mom, I’ve been having lots of stress from work lately �� I’ve been making a lot of mistakes at work, partly from struggling to work during first trimester being sickly, along with dealing with changes around during covid19 (like working from home, having to use laptop instead of the big pc screen in office..), and worrying abt business not doing well-the constant fear of ensuring I perform well at work to sustain my rice bowl… also the worries of becoming a mother, it’s a new phase in life. All these mistakes at work causing anxiety and stress�� I’d forgotten the baby too will feel the effects..

  • I’m expecting my first baby, beautiful little girl �� I’m so nervous, but excited please pray for me that I have a safe delivery ❤️

  • I’m currently 17weeks 6 days ❤️ Me and my baby have been through a rough pregnancy from being the first family member to test positive with COVID to Having my mom passing away 2 weeks ago because of COVID to having four family members get infected with COVID it has been one bumpy road….. My baby has been keeping me going day by day we have a strong bond ❤️ If I ever feel lonely I rub my tummy and my heart just melts �� if your pregnant and feel like life is tearing you apart just know you have a little gift inside you that you have to nurture and care for ❤️

  • My daughter is less then 3 weeks old and was not having it tonight.. found this and she made this sound with a smile and fell right to sleep ��

  • My wife is pregnant right now 11 weeks old just asking for prayers because we went through two miscarriages ����just hoping for the best

  • Have used this for a while but it really worked tonight! Baby girl was distraught and had to pick her up from the cot. After 5 minutes of holding with not much luck, I put this video on and 3 minutes later she was sound asleep!

  • Soon to Experience pregnancy and motherhood with a beautiful healthy baby girl speaking into existence Amen God is Good all the time perfect in all his ways

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  • My babies have listened to this since birth and now I’m in the hospital with my 15 month old after a scary diagnosis. Thank you for creating this it’s helped us both sleep in this crazy time. God bless you

  • Somehow accidentally played this when 4 week newborn with me who was awake and extremely anxious to sleep. Magically in a matter of 3 minutes, the baby settled first then in another 3 minutes into deep sleep. Honestly this is the best of best pacifying technique for a new born parent like me. As a dad, I highly recommend to when baby’s mom goes to sleep due to tiredness. This definitely works. I will continue to use to see how it goes. Well done to the uploader of this video. God bless you

  • My 6 week old growth spurt, witching hour baby is finally asleep 2 minutes into this! So Thankful I’m so extremely tired my eyes are burning!!!!

  • Life saver! 2months old reflux bub fall asleep every time hear this sound.While many of the other white noise not working I am glad this one on YouTube no advertisements.thank you for sharing it gives calm and safe for all babies I think.

  • My two month old loves this. The other day YouTube took it down saying that it violated YouTube terms or something, I thought that I’ll never find this again but then the next morning it was back up��

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  • I have been using this every night putting our dog to bed since we got her. I turn it on and she sighs and beds down. Soo cute to watch! It’s perfect for telling her to FALL ASLEEP. Thanks for this! <3

  • Children’s Health Defense – RF Kennedy

  • Was just browsing to remember a song I could sing to my month old and stumbled across this, thought I’d have a nosey at the comment section anywho he was hiccuping away but hes actually fell asleep now on my chest hiccup free ���� Hope everyones doing good I know the pain of trying to get babies to sleep I also have an 11 month old upstairs I had to play lullabies for nonstop wish I’d known about something like this sooner �� So anywho lets see if we can entertain some parents who are trapped with a sleeping baby and their phone on youtube, star trek or star wars which ones best ��

  • 13 weeks & 2 days today. Got a longgggg road ahead of me before I have my little one. Please everyone pray that I have a safe and healthy pregnancy / delivery. Thank you in advance����

  • #lifeInWomb #whatsInsideTheInsidersMind #theInsideLook
    Do babies get bored in the womb?
    Can they hear you from inside?
    Find jawdropping answers for many more interesting questions

  • Okay, so when I tell you THANK YOU!!! He didn’t budge! I actually was up most of the night in disbelief ���� I cant wait for his normal bedtime tonight, we’re ALL gonna sleep WELL!

  • OMG!! My restless 18month old grandson is a “heat seeker”, so I thought lol. This is why he loves to cuddle to the chest to sleep but he’s getting too big and then me or his mom can’t sleep��I grabbed my Bose portable speaker and hit the EXTRA BASS button, laid him down and he hasn’t moved!! It reminds me of the L&D room! I will update you in the morning how this worked….

  • Hiii.. Very informative.. I might sound silly yet I still have a doubt.. only if the mother hears songs the baby also hears it? If you just keep playing something with mother doing some work, is it of no use?
    Pls reply.. Thanks in advance.

  • My wife is 23 weeks pregnant.. my question is that, at the stage of 23 weeks is the baby able to hear something in the mother womb?? If the answer is yes, then please suggest me that, is any loud noises hurmful for the baby??

  • Apke scientific garbhsanskar group me kaise join ho sakte hai free ya fees deni padegi or Facebook page par kaise ja shakate hai plz batayiye mam

  • Women need to stay home when/while pregnant! The hottest woman in the world who is pregnant! Does NOT LOOK BEAUTIFUL! At all! A pregnant woman is beautiful while staying home and being with dad! Mom is beautiful when she is humble, and stays home and not showing it off! Take it very seriously, humble and ego SHUT!

  • My poor baby, I love rock music and play it a lot with headphones on, I can only imagine what his face must be like �� I bet he can’t wait to come out in December and be free from it �� I do play it quietly though

  • Bro you should play Playboi Carti Fetus voice song leaks to a fetus. Bruh the Fetus goin be like “wAlK aROund em’ bILls” after he comes out.

  • I delivered a dead baby boy in the 7th month………..water broke..worst part was I couldn’t identify that n Suffered alot for normal delivery.. I pray to God that no-one should suffer like me

  • Did anyone notice that when they were talking about the black woman, they kept saying “baby”, and when they were talking about the white woman, they kept saying “fetus”?

    I mean seriously did anyone notice that?

  • This study is only showing their reaction to the music they have heard prior to this study…so I guess the first mom listens to that music and the second baby has never heard it before. This really proves to me that children beings to adapt to their upbring and environment before they are ever born. And people wonder why I try my best to choose my kid friends. Yep we know bad behavior and bad company. Most children if not all adapt to what they have been taught!! Period. Wow great clip!!!

  • Oh God, so many inappropriate jokes are flooding my mind lol One thing I will say is wow, I didn’t know you could see babies so clearly in the womb! They’re precious ♡♡

  • For those asking where the hell the rest of the documentary is….it’s on the Curiosity channel. It’s a paid subscription for their hundreds and hundreds of documentaries.
    But then nobody ever Googles anything anymore.

  • I played a lullaby for one of my babies because she was always moving late at night. The lullaby calmed her n put her asleep.
    15 YEARS LATER…. she uses the same lullaby at night to put her asleep!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Where is the daddy to the Black Woman? All this is very True. I read to my baby and only played Classical Music. Even after he was born I kept classical music piped in thru the Speakers.
    Well my Son showed and early interst in Classical/Opera music. He won every award in High School, State. and national Competition. He was also given The Largest Voice Scholarship in the History of his University.
    Amoung other things, he start swimming really early like 3 wks old
    He is a Bass II and has a beautiful Operetta Voice. He’s represented our State in Europe. Every State Choose The Top two Voices in order to make a USA CHOIR. He is our only Child and we sent him to one of the Elite Private School for a great Education. He also just passed The Bar. BTW, We are African Americans.

  • I’m typing this, before watching the video..
    The loud music does affect the foetus! I remember when I was pregnant & in my 3rd trimester, I’d keep track of the foetal movements & if I didn’t detect a movement, sometimes I’d turn on music with fast beats, and that would definitely give me a response from the belly ��
    Also, sitting in bright sunlight would make the foetus squirm in the belly!

  • I also heard that babies can see when they first are born could they hear we really don’t know I’m getting back to this video but what if we shall fear the fear I’m talking about is the fear of telling your parents your pregnant and that affect the baby in some way because right now in your thoughts you were thinking about abortion which is a very sad feeling sad thoughts and I’m sure the baby could sense those thoughts

  • In Indian families, babies always sleep with the parents, sometimes till the time they are in their pre teens. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • What about other music genres and styles?
    It was probably the Same outcome from all. The only sound the baby probably likes is the sound of its mothers heart and voice