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We Had The Twins! Labor and Delivery Vlog | Jasmine Marie

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Can You Have a Vaginal Birth with Twins?

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Induction Day! Labor and Delivery of Twins

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Delivering Twins

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Position of Twins During Labor. The position of the babies in the uterus will largely determine how the twins are born—vaginally or by cesarean. About 40% of twins are both heads down (vertex) at term, another 30% see the first baby (Twin A) vertex, and Twin B in a breech position.   Both of these positions are acceptable to consider a vaginal birth. And in fact, many women carrying twins do go into labor naturally during this time. However, when a twin pregnancy goes too long there is a possibility of depletion of the placenta which may lead to devastating consequences. Because of the significant load that is put on the placenta during a twin pregnancy your physician may want to induce labor or plan a Cesarean twin.

The educational health content on What To Expect is reviewed by our medical review board and team of experts to be up-to-date and in line with the latest evidence-based medical information and accepted health guidelines, including the medically reviewed What to Expect books by Heidi Murkoff. This educational content is not medical or diagnostic advice. Here’s what you can expect from your labor and delivery: Labor. Your labor may begin very similarly to a singleton labor — either with contractions or with your water breaking.

With a twin vaginal birth, you run the risk of having an emergency C-section for the second twin. Once the first baby comes out, there is no telling what the second baby will do. With all of the newfound space, it is possible for them to flip around and have the umbilical cord wrap around their neck, or go into distress. During this phase, contractions become more frequent, helping your cervix to dilate so your baby can pass through the birth canal.

Discomfort at this stage is still minimal. What to Expect During the Labor and Birth of Twins. By Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH Types of Labor and Delivery Complications. By Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH Discussing With Your Provider About a VBAC. By Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH When Should You Cut Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord?

Usually the doctor will rotate the baby’s head a quarter of a turn to be in alignment with the baby’s body, which is still inside you. You’ll. This phase typically lasts up to 12 hours although it’s usually considerably shorter for second and subsequent babies.

As labor progresses, the contractions get longer and stronger. Active phase. Often this phase lasts up to six hours, although it can be a lot shorter. You should be in the hospital or birth center by now or en route. Women who are expecting twins or higher order multiples often wonder if they will be able to have a vaginal birth, or if they will be required to have a cesarean section.

Well, as long as your labor is uncomplicated, it is entirely possible (and usually recommended) to deliver both babies vaginally.

List of related literature:

You’ll get a chance to view the triage/registration area, family waiting rooms, the labor and delivery wing, and the postpartum floor—if the hospital offers both LDRs and LDRPs, ask to see both.

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In practice, after the birth of the first twin, it is customary to wait for half an hour, thereafter inducing pains with amniotomy for the second of twins, followed by oxytocin stimulation of uterine activity.

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First, we’ll discuss giving birth at a hospital—what to expect, who will be helping with the birth and so on.

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Normal labor and delivery.

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• Making sure you have an adequate social support plan for labor and delivery.

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With twins or multiples, always be prepared for more than one resuscitation, and call for assistance.

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With twins, always be prepared for more than one resuscitation, and call for assistance.

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Normal labor, delivery and puerperium.

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Talk to friends who’ve attended the births of their children – you’ll probably find that they were stressed out about the birth beforehand, too, but that they came through it like pros.

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Epidural analgesia and the delivery of twins.

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  • Crystal, I just watched your video of you giving birth to your twins. I am just in awe of how lovely you looked. You were stunning. All of That genuine inner beauty of goodness, lit your skin and face with such sheer radiance. The one word that keeps coming to my mind, is Heavenly��

  • I am expecting my mo/di identical twins girls sometime in June probably. I truly hope I’m able to deliver them as naturally as possible. I’ve had two little girls already, so I feel like I can do it. As long as babies cooperate and get their heads down!

  • Are you for real Crystal!? I have never seen a child birth ever that so quiet & calm. You are a Dr’s & nurse’s dream patient! You are the strongest woman! I hope your husband was blown away by how amazing you handled that whole experience! I love that you guys didn’t know the gender until they were born! How fun! I didn’t know what my 1st child was until she was born & there’s just something about that.

  • Awww Crystal……that was so special. Watching the boys run around now and going back and seeing their births. You are an amazing mom.❤

  • I love baby twins i i was make cry and smile and i going having baby twins boy and girl name derek bart and odette lisa middle names from the simpsons and first names from the swan princess from nest family animated stories from testament and i love babies with all my heart ❤����

  • First time watching your BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!! You did so good mommy!!! May God Bless you both, and you Gorgeous daughters!!! ����������

  • I hope I will strong like u Thai videos really mom makes so great and comfortable to think about deliver a baby loved all the part of Ur part u r very strong women’s are stronggg

  • Congratulations guys may god bless you and your beautiful baby girls I’m due in March 2020 I’m also having twins I’m scared of c C-section and by the look of things I’ll be doing it can’t wait though I’m excited about seeing my boys

  • I was pregnant in 2016 I also was nine months pregnant with twins walking across my graduation stage for high school. My water broke a week after graduation. I had twin sons baby a was 11 pounds baby b was 10.5 pounds both 21 inches long

  • My favorite parts are:
    1. 3:31min❤️
    2. 3:35min❤️
    3. 3:49min❤️
    4. 3:52min❤️
    5. 5:37min❤️
    6. 5:44min❤️
    7. 5:54min❤️
    8. 6:04min❤️
    9. 6:22min❤️
    10. 6:25min❤️

  • I see they are 2 yrs old now. How fast they are growing. Enjoy every minute as you are noticing by now they are growing so fast and will continue to. Daddy wow two beautiful daughters that before you know it will be teens!!!! We had 4 teen girls and a teen boy all at once. Enjoy them so much!!!!

  • Awwww i could tell she wanted one to be a girl, but estatic that they’re both thriving… im hoping for a boy and a girl with my twin preganacy. But ill take healthy of any sex ����

  • oh my goodness caitlyn, congratulations!!!! i cannot begin to imagine how it must have been for you to go through all of this during this time! but both babies look adorable and hope all is well beauty xxxxxxxxxx

  • I love baby twins i going having baby twins a boy and a girl names derek bart and odette lisa middle names from the simpsons and the swan princess from nest family animated stories from new testament����❤�� i make me cry and smile for my children

  • I just found out April the 4th Im having twins they are due October the 16th, but my doctor says if we still have a baby at 37 weeks September the 25th they will go ahead and take them

  • I thought you got clothes for a little girl? In the closet tour ther was little girl stuff, not two boys! Was the 2nd on a surprise and hey just got the ended wrong?

  • Why induce? Twins arent as dangerous to wait for a natural birth. My midwife delivers twin all the time at home. But at least they are happy and strong.

  • Congratulations, Crystal! I am so excited for your sweet little family! Welcome to the world sweet baby Andrew and Ethan! Love the smile on Dad’s face when they were born and he turned the camera around! Awesome!!

  • How miraculous! Congratulations!! We have 3 boys and a girl too. And our last little guy who is 17mo is Mark Andrew hahaha! ��❤️��❤️

  • I did tear up! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and sacred part of your family’s life! What every mom. dreams of. Seriously, it was much better than your Pinch Me vid, but I hope they send me a box. I know why you said it was painful to bend over now! God Bless You and Yours. ♡ Cindi

  • My mom was an ivf mom in the 90’s and my twin brother and I were born four hours apart (almost on different dayswe have different moon signs!) and my mom delivered us both vaginally! a hero! and then she had no more kids lol

  • My son who is now 37 was born Dec. 16 I always gave him a few small gifts & his big gift on his birthday then about 5 small gifts for Christmas he never complained.

  • I feel like the hospital was unfair to you. They made you come in early to induce you because it was more convenient for them (they had room). Unless the girls were tangled in another way…I’ll see, I think it’s so wrong that they force moms into labor, then push c-sections on them.

    My midwives warned me of hospital births because of this. I’m pregnant with my third and after seeing this video and another birth video, I think I’m finally gonna do an epidural. It looks way easier than non-medicated 42 hour births (my last one)!

  • I’m so glad I found this video. I’m having twins in January. I have been wondering/anxious about how it will be during this pandemic versus my previous deliveries. Thank you for sharing.

  • If and when i being a mother i also would want natural birth c-section is the most scariest thing there are so many things that can go wrong

  • Thanks so much for sharing these moments. Pregnant, and really wanting that vaginal birth experience too. I teared up when you were crying! What a trooper! Congratulations on 2 healthy babies!! Wonderful husband too!:,)

  • I was leaving local hospital after seeing me mum poor l on the stairs midwife told lady go for walk poor woman crying she gave birth on stairs not one midwife came to het.she given pictin told her after that drug need to walk.18hours long time I was in labour 24hours screaming for pain killers not given any,,,I took raspberry tea..3days no woman should labour 3days,go though 3days still end up having c section good husband there

  • Your babies are so cute! I just found out I’m having identical twins due October 2020 and found your video. Thanks for posting and I loved every moment. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Amazing….thank you for sharing. You have no idea how your experience has helped me. I’m suffering from depression and anxiety due to a divorce. My doc suggested surrounding myself with the things that make me happy. For me…. it’s BABIES! And your video truly made me happy, it was a joy to be a part of your situation. Thank you. You have been blessed with such a beautiful family! xo You did great by the way, I’m very proud of you. (Both)

  • Thanks so much for the support even when you’re so busy with those precious babies! I always wanted twins, but no luck!
    What a lucky momma you are!❤️

  • Girl, I just saw your twin birth! I’m confused…..you must have not known the genders!!!!! LOL! They are so precious & you’re A “GREAT MOM!” How much did they each weigh? You delivered like a pro!

  • I feel for you! I really want to try to have a vaginal birth too but don’t know if it is even option since I had an ovary removed in November 2018. They were suppose to make 3 small incisions to remove it but wound up cutting me open like a c-section. Guess that is something I need to ask about on my appointment on Feb 5th. I should be around 8 weeks and will be having my first ultrasound for this pregnancy. I did have an ultrasound during week 6 on my last pregnancy but it ended in a miscarriage so I’m really nervous. I never seen a baby or a heartbeat during that time

  • Die Geburt ist ein so extrem emotionaler Weg, egal wie das passiert. Aber ich kann verstehen das sie sich sehr wünscht das es naturell geschieht. Ich habe mein erstes 28 Stunden erkämpft und ich würde es wieder ertragen. Wie dein Mann schon meinte, das erste Gefühl Eltern zu werden……..wenn Pläne über Bord gehen, und das wird noch sehr oft geschehen. Besonders mit zwei Kindern wird es oft alles andere als nach Plan gehen. Liebt und genießt es, dieses wundervolle Geschenk.

  • Pregnant with boy girl twins and this made me cry and i cried with you when you decided to get a c-section �� im really scared of getting one

  • They are so precious Crystal! I’m enjoying these updates! Be sure to let me know if you’d like baby shoes for your two little men! LittlePeachShoes.etsy.com
    Promise I won’t bug again ��

  • Awwww you made me cry @ 10:09. As a Mom of 3 I can’t imagine having that experience robbed. But you did all you could do. I just think they should have done it earlier instead of making you go through labor for 3 Days. I feel terrible for you. But you did great Mama. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girls!!! They are really big for twins. Gorgeous. It was adorable when she recognized her Daddy’s voice immediately.

  • You Guys are like parent goals! Showing the true nature of the situation with crying is nothing short of heroic! Seriously! I’m a total mega fan as a twin mum of boy/girl 3 year olds myself, and new to the youtube situation, your video totally resonated with me. My birth was also traumatic and the love you guys have, is simply beautiful to see. I cannot wait to watch the rest of your video’s since to watch your journey unfold ������ xxx

  • Those babies are beautiful! COngrats I hope all is well a few years later! <3 I do want to say, this is why I am so against induction! God gave us natural labor for a reason, why these docs want to rush us if nothing is going wrong I will never understand. I have 3 kids, my oldest is 12, i went natural and is was beautiful. My 2nd is 4, i was induced and had I knew how stressful it would be on myself and the baby I would have refused. That was absolutely miserable bc i wouldnt dilate either, obviously bc my body wasn't naturally ready! I am high-risk bc of 8 miscarries 1 being an ectopic, but not bc of anything labor or delivery related. So there was no reason to induce me, and if there was nothing wrong during your pregnancy why rush the babies? Bc docs want to control on their time, not babies natural time. My 3rd just turned 1 in july, they tried to get me to do induction and i refused! You have that right to deny it so I did. My pregnancy was perfect so why rish baby? He came when he was ready nd I did everything natural and primitive and it could not have been more perfect. I'm so sorry you didn't get to experience that but on the bright side you have 2 healthy babies and that is most important <3

  • Great video YouTube beautiful girls congratulations just wanted to let you know there was hardly any sound on it. God bless in much love

  • Sorry other than the 1 baby having the water pop’ed I don’t agree with the surgery,if the babies were in good health with no issues they should’ve WAITED chances are the way the “Parents” acted beforehand like oh can’t wait to see them I bet you 10 to 1 asked or begged Dr to have the surgery done…An just before some dumbass says I don’t know child birth I’ve deal with worse every single day before you run your mouth so go right ahead if you CHILDREN have to Bitch an Moan,but even after the surgery an she’s holding a baby even said they decided to go with C-Section witch double makes me think they asked/begged dr for it an I’m sorry Dr. was WRONG an should be FIRED!!!

  • Hello saya baru melihat video nya. Perjuangan anda melahirkan anak. Saya dari indonesia sangat kagum dg perjuangan anda melahirkan anak.

  • Please tell whoever takes the camera to learn how to use it first Some get the floor some get other people then theirs.Or family stands in front of Mom and child.

  • Wow Kendra I totally understand how you were feeling. I just recently also had twins (also 2 girls, which we thought was going to be a boy lol) and so badly wanted a vaginal birth, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Mine were breech and transverse and they automatically did a c-section.

  • Congratulations! What a beautiful birth! You truly made it look so easy! Adorable little boysenjoy your first time with them and thank you so much for sharing your experience it helps an expecting mom of twins like me a lot:-) Best wishes from New Zealand xx

  • My twins were 6 weeks early and my son was 8.5 and my daughter was 6.3. They are now 10 years old and my daughter is a foot and a half taller than my son. At their 6 week check up my daughter was finally bigger than her brother and it never stopped.

  • congratulations you did great you should be very proud of your self �� i bet the pain was worth it in the end!! what was the most painful Contractions, Pushing or the ring of fire? what would you do different home birth, water birth, epidural or c-section? how long were you Pushing for? did you tear or have a episiotomy? what would you rate the pain on a scale of 1-20 1 being not painful 20 being very painful?

  • they had you way to high on the pitocin way too soon!!! no wonder the pain was getting to be to much, i feel terrible for you, i went through the same thing the last delivery, im now having twins and they are trying to already get me comfortable with the idea of c section, its not going to happen!!

  • Love this!this will be my second pregnancy.Firdt was a singleton next will be twins.People keep telling me I will need a c section that are not doctors!Very frustrating but this gives me hope I can do it again!��thank you so much for this

  • I had no idea they could brake the water of one baby and not the other very interesting. I had a cesarean as well. I was the opposite I wanted a csection and did not want vaginal birth. Lol

  • I just watched the video of her saying she’s pregnant and then I saw I’m pregnant with twins and then now look at that belly yay. ❤️��

  • I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant with twin girls. Why were you induced so early? I’m based in the UK so maybe things are different here, but they plan to induce me at 37 weeks if the babies don’t come by themselves.
    Seeing you so upset when you had to have a c section made me really emotional. I have a feeling it will be the same for me.

  • Omg congratulations my dear��������❤️always my dream to have twins in future ����❤️much love for y’all. New subscribe let’s support each other��❤️

  • God bless your babies!!! I have just followed you,  I would be so grateful if you could check out my channel and follow me back on my skincare channel xxxxx lets grow together:)

  • congratulations!!!!hello beautiful, sorry for the late reply! your comment went to spam! sure we can support each other. I will subs now hope u too

  • Oh I relate to this I almost died and got an oxygen tank while laboring. But thankful enough to God he saved me. Cute twins you have hello babies ����

  • i send my support to you…hoping you can do the same…i am a avid fan of your channel….Watched it again full to make our bonding strong. Hugs and warm greetings dear. Stay safe and blessed

  • Why so early?! I mean clearly they don’t want to come out yet at 36 weeks!! Why get a c-section so early if they clearly don’t want out?

  • @caitlyn you really give birth to beautiful twins..
    I just saw your comment on my video, I think you delete..
    but no problem… thanks, and yes just started my youtube journey with a makeup channel, and i really need youtuber support like you,
    you are amazing makeup artist i just saw your video, and lot more see, i learn lot from your video, thankyou… again…
    Please support my youtube channel… thankyou

  • Thank you so much for your previous comment! I didn’t get the notification until just recently but i really appreciate it! Congrats omg your birth!!

  • Omg I cant believe this I really really appreciate to thanks fr commenting on my channel I really saw ur channel now n I am completely inspired by to ��tq fr supporting me tq n congratulations fr new baby soo cute god bless u tqsm fr ur love ❤

  • Congratulations on those two beautiful boys! You did so well! I hate to see when the nurses handle newborn babys so rough and take them away from the mother without asking. I know babys can handle it, but it just seems so loveless. No mother would handle a baby like “professionals” do. ��

  • She said fire-sail:P hhahhahahah (rolls on floor laughing) I can picture my eggs being sling shotted around in my whoHa LOL Your comment was awesome

  • I have 8 month old twins, and my doctor was very supportive of me having a vaginal delivery. They basically said that as long as baby A (the baby that would likely come out first) was head down, I could have them vaginally. Unfortunately, baby A was footling breech, so I had to have a C-section. But the hospital was great, because they even did an ultrasound right before delivery to make sure that the C-section was still necessary, just in case baby A had flipped. So having a great doctor was definitely a plus!!

    I also have to second what was said about being in shape while pregnant. I work retail, so I’m on my feet 8+ hours a day, and constantly walking. That helped me tremendously with my twin pregnancy!!! I worked all the way up to the week of delivery (38 weeks), and I really believe it helped me recover from my C-section faster. And let’s face it, when you have twins, you HAVE to be in shape to keep up with them!!

  • I had a third degree tear from having 1 baby vaginally and i was squatting i had no idea about those massages and nobody was helping me

  • I’m a first time mom 22 weeks pregnant with twins. My doctor told me she was comfortable delivering twins vaginally during my very first visit with her. She said as long as baby A was head down we could go for it. She actually also told me the best scenario would be baby A head down and baby B in a breech position. She has had extensive training on delivering breech babies and tons of experience delivering multiples. This was probably catered specifically to me and the type of twins I have. I have two placentas and two amniotic sacs. I’m not sure if she would have said the same to someone carrying a different type of twins. The one thing she is not willing to negotiate on is the epidural. I do HAVE to get it or find another doctor. I’m going to take a tour of the hospital next month and I’m sure that if I ask they will tell me I have to deliver in the OR as well.

    I was pretty fit before getting pregnant. I took dance, cycling and pole classes. Currently all I can do now is try to walk and do prenatal yoga, but I feel as though it isn’t enough and my muscles are getting weaker and weaker. It could all be in my mind though. I went from working out everyday to what feels like just leisurely strolling around occasionally. Does anyone have any suggestions on workouts I can do at home? I’m measuring at a 36cm fundus already and get short of breath easily. I’m only 5’2” and had a starting weight of 117 pounds. Now I’m roughly 141 and look kinda like an egg on stilts. I’m not sure how it’s possible to get any bigger, but I’m sure I will find out.

    I want to carry these babies as long as possible. Even if it means I’m miserably uncomfortable, as long as we are all technically healthy. My siblings and I were all early due to complications, and if I can avoid those complications my mom had I will be truly grateful. I would love to make it to 38 weeks, deliver both vaginally and leave the hospital healthy altogether.:)

  • Congratulations to u i have my son on sep 2 crystal. i just what send u some prayers and support throughout this new journey be new mom

  • I have almost 2 year old twin boys and my doctor was also very supportive of me trying to have them vaginally. She said as long as, specifically baby A, was head down, I could definitely go for it. Unfortunately, baby A (both actually) were breech and wouldn’t turn so I had them by c-section at 38 weeks. Sad I didn’t get to try, but so happy my babies and I were all healthy and safe. So happy her doctor was supportive of her giving birth to twins vaginally, and that she succeeded in doing it �� I hear a lot of stories about doctors of women pregnant with twins pushing for the c-section right from the start when it didn’t seem like there was a specific medical reason to do so. Let the woman try if it’s safe and she wants to!

  • I love Angel so much! Check out her instait’s full of laughs, honesty and her beautiful fam! https://www.instagram.com/thatchickangel/

  • Hi, from Croatia! I am a twin and my twin sister is 30 minutes older. My mom had natural birth. She says our birth was easier for her than the birth of my older sister because we were born at 38 weeks and were smaller than our older sister.
    I,’m not a mom, but I still enjoy your videos!