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Prodromal labor is labor that starts and stops before fully active labor begins. It’s often called “false labor,” but this is a poor description. Medical professionals recognize that the.

Prodromal Labor vs. True Labor How to Tell if You’re Really in Labor When you’re pregnant and get contractions, it means the muscles of your uterus are tightening and releasing. The contractions. Prodromal labor is a part of labor, occurring before active labor but it does not progress toward delivery. “Prodromal” comes from a Greek word meaning “precursor.” This is a great explanation for this type of labor since it typically comes hours, days, or weeks before active labor begins. Prodromal labor IS real labor, so even though it’s not time for baby just yet, these contractions can exactly mimic early contractions.

Prodromal labor contractions can be sporadic, but they can also increasein frequency—but onlyup to a point; they won’t get you all the way to delivery. This. Prodromal labor, sometimes called false-labor, pre-labor, or latent labor, is essentially a precursor to true labor. Even though it may be called false-labor prodromal labor is a very real occurrence.

It often starts with an onset of contractions just like traditional labor. Prodromal labor is usually defined as a labor that starts and stops, sometimes for days on end. Prodromal labor feels like real labor, it acts like real labor and in many ways it is real labor. Sadly, it eventually stops and doesn’t result in a baby like active labor does. During prodromal labor, the uterus contracts— sometimes in a pattern for several hours—but the contractions don’t actually cause any change in the cervix.

To be considered labor, a woman’s cervix. Prodromal labor definition Prodromal labor is often called very early labor, pre-labor, and latent labor occurs in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Prodromal labor has been misnamed as “false labor”. In traditional labor, this type of contraction is defined as a way of contraction that does not. Prodromal labor is a variation of early labor.

The difference between that and early labor is that the contractions of early labor get longer, stronger and closer together but also dilate the cervix up to six centimeters. Some women may never experience prodromal labor, but most will have some form of. Prodromal labor is a type of labor that happens prior to the onset of full active labor.

It is often considered a type of “false-labor,” but this is a misnomer, because doctors and midwives will explain that the.

List of related literature:

Also called prodromal labor.

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Prodromal labor or “false labor” is common in the differential diagnosis of labor.

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Also called prodromal labour.

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Prodromal labor A prolonged latent phase of labor wherein contractions are regular and painful but not associated with cervical dilatation.

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It is likely that multiple pathways operate in a variety of clinical states, such as preterm labor with and without the presence of fetaVplacental infection compared with normal labor at full term (defined as 37 weeks or greater).

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Prelabour (prodromal) contractions, sometimes called false labour, help prepare the woman’s body and the fetus for true labour.

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prodromal labor [Gk, prodromos, running before; L, labor, work], the early period in parturition before uterine contractions become forceful and frequent enough to result in progressive dilation of the uterine cervix.

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Prodromal Labor.

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A. Prodromal labor signs include the following: 1.

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Meconium-stained amniotic fluid (MSAF) occurs in 10% to 15% of all pregnancies and is caused by a reaction to fetal hypoxemia, acidemia, stress, or any combination of these precipitants.

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  • 3rd time mom here. I tore a lot worse the 3rd time even though she was my smallest baby (7lbs 5oz). I did have an episiotomy with the first two but not with my third.

  • Wow I love this video!

    Thank you for all the content you post! I love how informative and fun your videos are. Face time doula? Thats amazing!!
    I can’t wait to see more videos from you <3

  • Breastfeeding question for May: my first baby is a month old today (woo!) and from the beginning he’s eaten a lot more than expected for his age. He was born over 9 lbs and the hospital supplemented with formula to manage his blood sugar and we’ve done a combination of breastfeeding and formula ever since. My milk supply is much lower at night and never seems to be enough for him. Will it ever catch up to his appetite or will we always have to supplement? For reference: sometimes he drinks 5-6 ounces of formula at night and I can never pump more than 2-3 ounces at that time.

  • I had the start and stop and was not prepared. I wanted rest but there’s so many interruptions in your room, the doctors wouldn’t let me eat or drink because they assumed surgery was likely, didn’t feel safe in the middle of covid, and baby was positioned right but not being supported or safe and rushed by doctors was not optimal. Mama’s be prepared to be your own advocate and listen to these videos they will make a lot of sense when you’re experiencing these things that can’t be understood until it happens to you.

  • I have two questions:

    1. I’m a ftm and my L&D happened really fast. It was about 3 hrs long from start to finish. Mucus plug came out at about 4 am (contractions started soon after), arrived at hospital at 6 am fully dilated, had baby at 7:26 am. How fast can I expect the second delivery to be? What’s the general time difference for 2nd time moms?

    2. I’m breastfeeding and I was wonder how I can get both breasts to produce the same amount of milk? Also, one breast is an entire cup size bigger than the other. How can I even them out if at all possible?

    Thank you ��

    Your channel helped me a bunch during my delivery. Especially when I had to flex and flow! Planned on an epidural, didn’t have time to get one, but I some how remembered to not hold on to the tension from the pain. Relaxing and letting the pain flow through and out of my body helped tremendously! ��❤️ so much love and appreciation for you.

  • I watched almost all your videos they really helped me! I was induced on May 1st having a “plan” to have my baby vaginally. But she was breached and I had to have a c section which broke my heart but I was overly joyed and cried so much when I heard my baby cry and saw her!! My??? is can you talk about VBAC? I think if I hadn’t seen your videos I would’ve taken this much harder. Thank you! ����

  • I have experienced this for a week (3rd baby) and when it first started, I lost my mucus plug and went to the hospital. It was embarassing to be told it was false. I feel like I will never have this baby:(
    I am 4 days overdue and I am just exhausted

  • This video come just on time!! I’ve been getting contractions since 3days ago after losing the mucus plug with bloody show. I’m 38w and 6d. I was excited to get the show on the road but they haven’t gotten 5min apart. Still 6-15 minutes apart although they feel way more intense. I had two sleepless nights and feel exhausted! ��

  • Omg, this has been happening to me for a full week now. Contractions start, then abruptly stop. I feel like I will never have this baby. I went to the hospital after losing my mucus plug last week and having contractions and it was false and now it has been a week of this. Mentally, it is making me anxious, depressed, and frustrated.

  • Can you please do a video on labor with vaginismus? Due Sept 1st with my first baby and I didn’t want a epidural at all but now seems like it might be my only choice…HELP!

  • Yes, I have experienced this for a week (3rd baby) and when it first started, I lost my mucus plug and went to the hospital. It was embarassing to be told it was false. I feel like I will never have this baby:(
    I am 4 days overdue and I am just exhausted

  • Like I had commented on a previous video my labor stopped at 9 1/2 cm dilated. At 4pm. And it got dark outside. Next thing u know it was midnight. I was sooo tired. So I guess that had to do. And since I was in the hospital on an empty stomach. And my midwife was told me we could go ahead and get an epidural. And since I was in labor for 2 days. I said yes. I was devastated. Its been almost 3 weeks since I had my baby. And I still cannot let go of my dream labor. I can’t help but feel like I failed. I was right there by the finish line and I didn’t finish without the epi. So i.m like angry at myself. ��

  • What is vanishing twin syndrome all about… I have 2 placenta’s but only one baby my Dr said it could be vanishing twin syndrome and that is actually pretty common “1 in 8” but I never heard of it before…

  • I see a lot of crunchy or super natural mom’s saying to deny cervical exams because they don’t tell your provider accurate info about the progression of labor and can introduce bacteria into the vagina? What do you think about this as an L&D nurse and doula?

  • Breastfeeding Q for next month and a TY for all you do

    I read that your breastmilk doesn’t come for a few days but yet I’ve seen others latching immediately. How does this work and if the milk isn’t in yet then what will my baby get for the first few days?

    FYI love your videos, I’m due in August 2019 and am trying to go natural. Will be taking your class or a local one for sure! I think I’ve watched almost every video of yours this week ����

  • I’m currently in pre labor just waiting for active labor or water to break to go to hospital. I hope I can have a successful vbac �� your videos are so helpful and I have a question. My doctor did a membrane sweep Friday then mucus plug came out and has been coming out for like 2 days now. Contractions have been on and off. Then they stopped so I was wondering if you think membrane sweep kinda messed my body up somewhat? At doctors appointment Friday I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced at 38 weeks and 2 days. She said my son is big and is probably around 8 pounds so that’s why she wanted to do it. Thoughts about that please?

  • Just want to say thank you so much for sharing all this information. I am due tomorrow. I know that due dates are often inaccurate, but I am still excited and feel ready and empowered to birth this baby when she is ready to make her debut.

  • I have trouble farting and pooping. anything that help? I was taking probiotics until found out pregnant (found out I was pregnant when I was 15 weeks). thank you!

  • Breastfeeding question: I struggled with low supply with my first (to the point where I ended up taking non-FDA approved drugs at the recommendation of an LC and an OB-GYN because nothing else worked). How can I prepare for this sort of situation preemptively, or should I even expect for this to happen again with my second?

  • I’m hoping to have my baby tonight. I was up all night last night with contractions. I’m guessing they’ll pick up again tonight. Wish me luck

  • Great video, thank you! I have a question? With both of my births I spend the last three weeks in what feels like and, from this description, sounds like prodromal labor. However, I am sloooowly progressing. I dilated about a cm a week for the last four weeks, spent my last two weeks with almost 100% effacement, and the baby was already engaged all four weeks.

    So basically, is that prodromal or just really slow early labor??

    *as miserable as this sounds it’s really nice to already be at 5 or 6 when you do finally start active labor ����

  • Another Q! Any tips for preparing to be pregnant? How to prepare your body, things to avoid when TTC, etc.?

    Thanks so much for all you do helping people be more comfortable and ready for birth/baby ❤️

  • I am 40 weeks and my midwive said there has been no progress with my cervix and since I’ve had a Csec with my first baby they might do csection due to risk of uterine rupture….. I deep down do not believe in this and want to continue trying for the most natural birth as possible….I want to wait until my body says it’s time….do you think it’s a good idea or a dangerous one for the baby? I’ve tried all the streching and walking and everything already but so far nothing…..

  • I’m curious how tandem nursing works with two children of different ages. I was reading about someone who was nursing her toddler as well as a newborn but doesn’t breast milk like conform to what the baby needs??? How does that work?

  • Hi Sarah. Your videos are very informative and fun. Curious to know: if having fibroids removed will leave me with only the option for a c-section birth?

  • Giggling to myself this morning while looking at your page cause I only watched 6 mins of this video then realized it’s cause this is the actual video I was watching 4 months ago when I went into labour!!! Too funny. �� BUT THANK YOU, I didn’t end up taking any prenatal classes because they are so limited in my town and religiously watched your vids… I had the BEST labour experience. Thank you thank you!

  • Q: Can you choose not to breastfeed? Is this something the hospital will force you to do if you can? Can you choose to mix breastfeeding and formula feeding? (Assuming baby is healthy, etc.)

  • Hi beodget, this is not about labor but my 7 month old baby boy is sick and I don’t know what to do I’m currently staying with my family and my father traveled to a nearby city with 2 other men he came back feeling ill and then I got it from him then my baby I’m freaking out because those 2 men were diagnosed with corona this morning and my father got tested the results come out tomorrow my fever is under control with panadol but he’s getting a little feverish and he’s extra fussy he’s being isolated from me and he’s exclusively breast fed now he won’t take a bottle of my pumped milk he only wants me and he’s crying his fever is at 36.9 at the moment what do I do if it’s rises and what do I do in general please get back to me ASAP thank you so much

  • How did you cope with the pain? My contractions hurt so much like my whole body get twisted and my hips get so sore. It has lasted for days, and did not help with the dilation, so frustrating.

  • I was in thus type of labor. It was as painful as it was when I finally when back and was 8 cm. That lasted 40 hours of that pain. I couldn’t sleep, they sent me back home after the first 28 hours b.c I had no change, still in a lot of pain. When I went back I was already 8, so I have no idea when real labor started

  • This so sounds like what I am going through! 38 weeks and 3 days now but started at 38 weeks. Can this be associated with brown discharge?

  • I’m 32 weeks and prodromal contractions have began yesterday that lasted hours, while being totally hydrated. Happened one week ago for the first time lasted 1.5-2 hours. I’ve scoured the internet and found many articles don’t discuss this how EARLY women can begin this in their pregnancy, but many comments I’ve found are very validating, saying this began for them around 32-33 weeks (or later.) You’re body is slowly transitioning in the last two months to prepare for labor. Stay hydrated. Coconut water. I’ve also noticed Braxton Hicks early on about 16 weeks or before.

  • This is EXACTLY what I need right now, 37 weeks with the random back aches and surges, only dialated 1cm, barely thinned or anything �� fingers crossed this baby gets going!!

  • 2 Days Prodromal Labour + water broke: Thank God modern medicine was there to help me! ❤❤ The fatigue & complications would’ve killed us by the end. No doubt ��

    edit: spelling

  • I’m currently 36+4 days I’ve been having prodromal labor for almost 2 weeks already�� contractions every 5 minutes not painful but very intense

  • I know this video is older but I just wanted to comment on the labor vlogs/filming your labor, I LOVE watching other people’s labors because it relieves my anxiety and gets me so pumped for my own! They remind me of how strong and amazing women are, and that of course our bodies are made for this! So if anyone sees this and is iffy about filming and or posting their labors, totally do it! Labor videos are so empowering.

  • I love your videos. What is the difference between tearing and episiotomy? What is recommended? I tore 3 degree with my baby and I always wonder if a episiotomy was a better option in my scenario. Sending love from Puerto Rico ����

  • Congratulations on your pregnany! I had my 6th baby 3 months ago. I watched your videos even though I was an experienced mom and I learned a few things. The most useful information I gained was about hypnobirthing. I listened to your videos every night and I truly believed they really helped. I was able to labor and birth a baby for the 4 this time pain med free. I also went into labor on my own without being induced which has only happened once before. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to help expecting moms. I love how you emphasize how important the mind set is. With your help I was able to be so calm and breath through my contractions so well that hospital staff did not believe I was in labor when I got there. They took their time setting up and when I was finally checked out I was at 9 centimeters. Lol. Again, thank you! I look forward to seeing updates on your pregnancy ���� ❤️❤️❤️

  • Really random question but what do you know about bi-lobed placentas? When I had my little boy in November I was told I had one and that it was quite rare! Would be great to learn more than that, any reason why they happen? I also had a short cord too, is that linked? Love your videos ��. X

  • I had prodromal labor with my first child. 24 hours of contractions that were 4 minutes apart, with no dilation. After 24 hours, I dilated to a 4, enough to be admitted into the hospital, and then I progressed to a 10 in less than 3 hours. I wish I knew this information then! I had no idea what it was and I definitely let it get to me physically and mentally. I remember the nurses telling me it could last a week or 2 and I felt there was no way I could possibly deal with that.

  • I have HSV1 vaginally, I was sosososo blessed not to have an outbreak! I took Acyclovir from 35 weeks to delivery and gave birth vaginally! I however prepared myself for a huge increase rate of CSection. I went into the hospital early for that aspect and for having Group B Strep, and my birth was beautiful. ��
    (I also hadn’t had an outbreak in 2 or 3 years.)

  • Currently experiencing it now everyday for the past few weeks and its mentally exhausting. I DESERVE a fast delivery. So glad i saw this video. #37 weeks

  • Breastfeeding question: from what I’ve read, your body will make what your baby needs and only 1% of moms don’t have enough supply. However my LO didn’t gain past her birth weight for 2weeks so my midwife said I needed to supplement and put me on Domperidone.
    How do I gain supply and remove supplementing safely for my baby.

  • Thank you so much for this video!! I am 33 weeks tomorrow and yesterday around 4am I felt a contraction that lasted over a minute….I’ve had Braxton hicks but this felt different. I was so scared since I’m only 32 weeks right now and clearly not prepared…I then felt another contraction 5 minutes later and I was worried I was going into labor. I took a warm bath to try to ease my body and fortunately afterwards I had a contraction about 20 minutes after the last one…so I knew I wasnt in actual labor. I tried to go to sleep to see if I could to ease my body and now after waking up I’m still in pain (I feel like I’m having contractions) but I know it’s not real labor because of the timing and also I was able to sleep for a few hours without feeling anything

  • Hi!
    My baby is two months old, what happens to breastfeeding her if i get pregnant again now? Will the milk supply stop? In that case when does it stop?
    Love your videos:)

  • Breastfeeding question! I successfully bf with my first child for 6 months until I got really bad mastitis and opted to stop. However while bf my second my period came after a month and my supply depleted to the point I was practically dry. I fought through it but had to supplement. I ended up finding out I was pregnant a few weeks later and my supply diminished. I couldn’t get nothing out and neither could babe. Why did this happen?

  • I had prodromal labor from 25 weeks on. Almost every day I had painful contractions. They would increase in intensity and get closer together. It was miserable.

  • There’s indeed a cure to Herpes virus, I got cured from hsv2 with the powerful and effective herbs from [email protected] gmail.com, The herbs are been prepared from herbal roots which are very effective. I’m super excited �� I’m finally free and cured. You can contact [email protected] gmail.com for getting rid of various kinds of disease/virus with natural herbs remedy for 12 days.

  • So glad you’re going to do a breastfeeding Q&A! Your videos helped me have a great labor and delivery, but my breastfeeding journey has been extremely hard and I was not prepared to cope with it. Not so much a question but wanted to share my experience in case anyone is going thru the same thing:

    From everything I read, I thought breastfeeding was going fine. My son could latch, it didn’t hurt, he would have plenty of wet diapers, he wouldn’t fuss again until 2-3 hours after every feed so it seemed like he was being filled up. He wasn’t. When his weight was checked at his normal appointments, he wasn’t gaining. I was devastated. I worked with plenty of lactation consultants. And although I could never feel my let down and never leaked, they confirmed that position looked good, latch looked good, but he would only transfer about 1oz of milk. Since he never emptied my breasts, my milk supply also took a hit.

    I’ve been determined to breastfeed, so I’ve been triple feeding for almost 2 months to get my supply back up and make sure he’s healthy and gaining. And I’ve been following the bread crumbs to anyone who will listen and help. We finally got him in to a speech therapist who diagnosed a posterior tongue tie. We’re getting him in to fix it and crossing our fingers that this will help us finally breastfeed efficiently.

    If you want to breastfeed and are experiencing issues, don’t give up! Follow the resources you have to get the answers you need! There are people who want to help and support you!

  • I’ve had it for 3 weeks, had contractions that last 5 mins (at level 8-10) and take 5 mins to go away on the monitor! It sucks! Lol ☹️ I’ve had time able contractions 5 or less mins apart for hours and then nothing for a few hours feels like I’ve done 5000 sit ups and I wanna punch people in the face who tell me “you’ll know when it’s labor” ������ and as of last night I’m 3cm 50 effaced

  • How do I prevent cracked, bleeding nipples during breastfeeding? I tried lanolin and applying my own milk. I tried those ventilating cups to wear while clothed throughout the day. This happened with my first 2 kids and I stopped breastfeeding after 3 months with each of them (I guess that’s my threshold) because I couldn’t handle it anymore. I am pregnant with #3 and would love to have a good breastfeeding experience. Please help!

  • I hate this for 4 weeks before my daughter came! I’m really hoping I don’t have it this time! I’m scared that I won’t know what’s real labor this time! Contractions every minute for 4 weeks ����

  • Currently having contractions that feel like Braxton hicks but are coming regularly… I’m just gonna wait it out and see if they get more painful.

  • Thanks to dr osaba he cured my herpes virus with his herbs, he can also cure diseases like HIV, HPV, STD, fibroids, CANCER, ect, contact him on his email [email protected] gmail.com

  • Question: is there anything we can do during pregnancy to prepare our boobs for breastfeeding. To prevent nipple soreness and cracking etc..

  • I’m a big fan of you since I was on bed rest throughout this pregnancy, spending time watching all your videos.

    Last labor, I was too scared not knowing what to expect and the experience was VERY traumatizing.

    Your encouragement and education got me through this time and the birth experience this time was so much happier (I gave birth to a 2nd boy yesterday!!!��)
    The message you gave like”flex and flow” and “embrace what your body is doing” was always on my mind during labor!!!

    As you said, educating yourself is extremely important, guys!!!
    Good luck expecting moms!!! and thank you so much, Sarah❤️❤️❤️

  • I had flat and inverted nipples when my son was born, so he was unable to latch and I used a nipple shield. Here I am, 7 weeks later, and he won’t latch to my nipple without the shield and I’ve been trying for about a month. Am I going to be able to get him to latch to my nipple without the shield at this point? Is there any way I can help him latch? Or am I out of luck?

  • Question: are my nipple piercings going to be a problem when it comes to breastfeeding? I was planning on take them out about a week before my due date. It takes about a day or two for them to close.

  • How long should a newborn be breastfeeding? Sometimes my little one eats for 15 min and other times it’s 45 min! I want him to get all the milk but idk how long to feed. Thanks!! Love your channel ����

  • I had all of the “true labor” symptoms that was actually false labor. It was rough! It was yesterday at 40+5. Now I just have what feels like a bruised pubic bone… both front and back!!

  • Due August 16! Woke up with uncomfortable cramping this morning �������� my first was 6 days late so trying not to get too excited lol. My dr wants to induce at 41 weeks though, i have had a high risk pregnancy:( so I’m really trying to get baby out before then

  • Can you drink alcohol while breastfeeding? I’ve heard some people say you have to wait 2 hours after drinking but others say one drink won’t affect breast milk.

  • I had a horrible 3rd degree tear with my first and with my 2nd I had a 2nd degree tear but the difference between the two was night and day. Recovery was so much easier with my 2nd. My dr said the only reason I tore with my 2nd was I had scar tissue from my first since it was such a bad tear. I’m having my 3rd this week, so crossing my fingers for no tear or a small one!

  • I am currently 29weeks. My children will be 22 months apart. My toddler is refusing to wean! He needs to nurse before nap and in the morning. It’s obviously for comfort, but is there a risk for preterm labor while nursing? I have an uncomplicated pregnancy so far.

  • I needed this video! I literally had really bad pre labor a few nights in a row and throughout the day in between I had tightening and aching but then it just stopped, absolutely nothing now, all my symptoms have diassapeared Subhan’Allah. I had no idea what’s going on but the midwifes kept telling me its ok, now I understand ����

  • Omg I am so glad to finally know what I’ve actually been going through. I have been having Prodromal Labor! Started at 40 weeks and 1 day and again 40 weeks and 3 days (non stop since 1 am til 6 pmish) and REALLY thought my baby was coming but COMPLETELY stopped �� nothing in the morning either nor afternoon. Still waiting. Soooo ready to have my baby girl! ��

  • Hi Sarah! This is Angela, I interned with you in Ecuador in 2007 and 2008! Ah! Anyway I saw “one-sided epidural” in the title and just wanted to say that happened to me while in labor with my son. It sucked! Haha I wish you were my nurse so you could’ve helped with thatmy nurse did nothing to help with it! Anyway you have such amazing info here that I never even learned during a childbirth class I took at the hospital where I delivered. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!��

  • C&Qconsidering #3. However, I’m concerned about labor.
    I had rapid labor with both of my previous pregnancies. Number 1 was born within 4 1/2 hours of first contraction, second was born in 2 hours got to the hospital with about 20 minutes to spare,(he was also born 4 weeks too soon, stopped breathing for awhile, and needed to spend time in the NICU).
    Obviously, I’m concerned about laboring with super hasty and effective uterus: concern for baby and myself, accidentally giving birth in the car or at home to a baby who doesn’t breathe independently… etc.
    Can you allay my fears or suggest things we can do?

  • QUESTION about nursing: what are the chances that my baby will have stomach pain or stay awake if I have one cup of coffee daily while breastfeeding. I’m hearing mixed answers and I really want my coffee after birth too ��sorry not sorry lol

  • Hi! Love your videos! I was just placed in the hospital for pancreatitis and gall stones. �� they’re deciding if they’re going to do surgery now or after I have my baby. I’m 30 weeks pregnant. What are the risks of having surgery while pregnant? Also if I don’t have to have surgery now and they decide to do it after I have him will I be able to breastfeed?

  • Oh my gosh girl my baby came at 30 weeks and guess what happened he came within 7 hours after my water broke. My water broke before the contractions so less then 7 hours later he was here!!! Like oh mu gosh I did your breathing techniques anf bam he was there!!!

  • Is it normal to keep measuring 2 and a half weeks ahead when they measure my belly? I’m 31 weeks and 1 day along this is me and my fiancé first we are having a baby boy

  • I’m only 22 but I KNOW I want a natural labour, everyone thinks I am crazy and will change my mind, is it possible that I just know that I want that (I have for YEARS ) but idk I guess I may change my mind but I’m really leaning into The nitrous oxides and going with no epidural… is it common to know what you want long before you have a baby?

  • Heyyyyyy, question! I’ve seen a few things about NORA tea during the 3rd trimester, is it actually safe and does it help with postpartum bleeding? Also thank you for the videos. I’m 28 weeks today and you have been so helpful throughout my journey

  • °°°°°°°°°QUESTION°°°°°°°
    Howdy! Salaam! �� first time mom to be, does fenugreek work to increase breast milk? how to use it? And how does one cope with the pain of breastfeeding? And how to prevent chapped nipples? How long till it’s no longer painful? Thanks! your videos help a lot! I’m in a country ���� who’s standard/practices is different (not necessarily bad, just different) from ���� ours, you really are a wealth of information. You are appreciated!

    Ps, I have twins and a cervical cerclage. This is my first pregnancy. Help! Please! They are trying to push a c section and I’m aiming for a natural delivery unless there’s a medical reason. When do they take out the stiches? Or do I wait till last second so I can increase likelihood of a natural? Thanks again!

    P.p.s I have bicournate uterus and twins, is there hope for a natural birth? Will they be okay?

  • I have this and I can’t sleep. It’s heavy contractions that are 8-10 minutes apart lasting about 1 minute each and has been happened for 5 days now. They hurt so bad I’d say the pain level is a 9/10. And I haven’t been getting any rest because of how often they happen.. what can I do to help me sleep without waking up every 10 minutes…

  • Thank you for this video, it was very helpful, I have been having contractions for 2-3 days now, and only 3cm and I never knew it was called prodromol labour. I will try your suggestions and fingers crossed my baby comes soon x

  • Question: Do those breastfeeding cookies and tea actually help with mil production or is it just based on your body? I hope this makes sense

  • I heard that taking too many epsom salt baths can cause your milk to delay coming in, is this true? I know in the 50s and 60s they recommended epsom to dry up supply to miscarrying moms.

  • I had prodromal labor twice before I went into labor for real. All three experiences add up to over two days of labor. It was brutal!

  • breastfeeding question: I have been exclusively pumping for 6 months and recently I came across articles that said that it is highly recommended to try to latch/breastfeed for several weeks before pumping in order to maintain supply…..I never did and never had an issue with supply. Is this piece of information accurate AND/OR is there anything in particular that someone who is exclusively pumping should do in the beginning stages?

  • My son will be a month old in a couple of days. I had to exclusively pump for 4 days because he had a tongue and lip tie that was lasered at 5 days old. He has a good latch now. I am wondering how long does our take for the initial latch to stop hurting? I dread when it’s time to nurse him from the right side. My right nipple has taken longer to ‘toughen up’ but when he first latches still really hurts, while he nurses it doesn’t hurt.

  • I have this every pregnancy �� for 2-3 weeks before I deliver. It is exhausting, but you’re right it makes for fast deliveries! My last baby was 30 minutes from first hard contractions till delivery (not the bearable contractions I had been feeling at home). I have to be induced at 4am tomorrow for medical reasons, with baby #4 (last baby, and finally a girl after 3 boys! ��yay lol), and really hoping that these last 3 weeks of prodromal labor pays off like last

  • I had to do the morphine rest after an entire day of prodromal labor (and 3 weeks of Braxton kicks), then my body was like ok let’s go! �� I went through good contractions finally for a couple of hours and then got the epidural soon after that. The morphine rest is something I would probably do again even if I had a home birth lol it was awesome to have a rest and it really helped

  • Thank you sooo much, me and my wife had been following your videos and exercise routines, she gave birth to a little princess yesterday, induced with pge2 gel at 39 weeks 4 days and had a natural birth, I can’t thank you enough. I truly believe the information you provided and the exercise routines helped her deliver a healthy baby.❤️❤️❤️ Dhanyawad.

  • I’m so frustrated right now. 39 weeks 3 days and due august 23rd. Been dilated since monday 10th with irregular mild contractions all week and its now 18th august. Last two days contractions have been regular and increasing in frequency and have been becoming more painful and this morning I lost my plug. Had a stretch and sweep yesterday afternoon. Contractions started out 15 minutes apart two days ago, then 10 minutes apart, then 7 minutes apart then they went away. They came back the next night (last night) and at 7-8 minutes apart then were consistently 6 minutes apart for over an hour and had gotten gradually more and more painful. I had been lying in bed during the contractions because I was tired and it was late and then when I got up to go pee and get food they eased off and stopped completely. Here I am three days after my contractions became regular and increasing and they fricken stopped again and I’m so sick and tired of all of it. I was so scared that the labour would stall for a second time and typically it did! This is ridiculous! I’ve been cramping for over a week and no progress and now I have regular contractions that increase in severity and it just starts and stops and I’m getting nowhere. My body is a useless crappy thing and I’m bloody done. I know that stressing about the contractions stalling is probably what stalled them, but how can I not stress about them stalling when I know they are going to stall????

  • I’m due 8/26/20 and it’s my first child. I didn’t think I could even have kids, am 36 so this will prob be my only one. Was super nervous and sure I was going to get epidural and whatever other drugs but your channel has given me more confidence and I am now decided on a natural birth.

  • Thank you for your fantastic content, Sarah! Please do a video (if you haven’t…I’m still making my way through all of your videos:) on what to do in the rare case that you actually do go into active labor, and have to deliver, in your car or even at home (unplanned…like if you waited around too long). Im ½ way through my first pregnancy and this is a topic that I haven’t noticed anyone addressing, and I would just like to understand the basics, in the (rare, I know) event that id have to birth my baby at home, that I could do so as safely as possible. Thanks so much!

  • Hi honey, I’m which country you live???? I’m from Canada ���� Toronto please reply me i want to contact to you I’m 31 weeks pregnant.

  • QUESTION: My weight has increased but my bump hasn’t increased even an inch this month and I can also feel my baby move. Is it necessary for the bump to grow each month? P.S Im a first time mom (26 weeks+ pregnant)

  • Heeey Sarah!:)
    Question for the coffee and questions video after the BF videoI have heard from multiple people that there is correlation between the painfulness of your menstrual cycle cramps and painfulness of contraction pains. Would you say that’s a fact? Why so? Thanks ����

  • I was due August 10th and have been getting discouraged because I’ve been getting start and stop contractions and being this is my first kid I understand I’m at a greater risk of being induced but I was really hoping to get labor started naturally thank you for your video I’m not so discouraged after watching this!

  • Can you do a video on how to prep your body for labor before it begins? I’m drinking the red raspberry tea and eating dates, but do movements on the yoga ball help during the 3rd trimester? At what point does sex really help things along? Can I do the stair climbing while skipping a step to get my pelvis moving or is that really just for trying to induce your own labor? I’m all about prepping so just looking for helpful tips (currently 34 weeks preggo).

  • Perfect timing on this one.. I’m due in 8 days and had two very long and stressful birhts behind me and was/am scared this one would go the same way.. Dilating with close and very intense contractions, getting to the hospital and the contractions just stopped and it was so hard getting them back on track.. And when they finally did I just wouldn’t dilate anymore. I was so devastated that labor stopped again and they said were gonna wait one more hour and if nothing happens we’ll do a c section (which I wanted to avoid). Luckily I finally got a pda wich helped tremendously, I could finally sleep for 5 hours (first sleep in three days) and woke up at 9cm dialeted.. But it was an exhausting journey to get to this point. And everyone said next child will be easier… Turns out the exact same thing happened again.. Now I’m here and know what went wrong! Thank you so much!!!! I’m so hopeful now that this time around it CAN go smoother and I’m not just a helpless case ❤️ thank you for your wisedome and information I found nowhere else..

  • If you follow all these tips and still you do not progress, please know you have NOT failed. ❤️

    I recently gave birth to my first baby, a beautiful baby girl after 54 hrs of labor. I dreamed of an unmedicated birth at my birth center. My labor was very intense & I never was able to sleep through my contractions. I ate frequently, I was very confident & excited, I practiced mindfulness & deep breathing, & I did every position in the book to get my baby in an optimal position. I ate and drank throughout, I took warm baths, the lighting was dim, I listened to music, etc, etc. I didn’t progress past 6 cms, after a day and a half. It was another 12 hrs before I decided to go ahead and have my water broken. But after a while, my uterus couldn’t contract long enough anymore it was exhausted. And before I knew it, my baby couldn’t handle labor any longer & had a heartbeat nearing 180bpm. I had a cervical lip & with her heart rate through the roof & my uterus exhausted, I was transferred to the hospital, where they told me I would get a C-section. Thanks be to Jesus, I said yes to an epidural & dilated within 15 mins. I was able to push my baby out myself. However, her heart rate remained high the 1.5 hr that I pushed. I’m sharing my story because I was devastated and disappointed. I thought I failed. I felt my body failed. Did I not meditate enough? Did I not drink enough water?

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  • This prodromal labor is driving me nuts. It has been 48 hrs. The pain is no joke. Can’t even have a good rest. I’ve tried warm shower and drinking lots of water. ��

  • Good video. This happens, possibly more in covid. My labor lasted 5 days and was confirmed 5cm by day 4 (we don’t know how long for before). It was back to back labor (ouch) and my contraction where cycling between 10 and 5 minutes apart even during the pushing phase. The background pain / surge in cervix, hips, back never receded between surges from day 3, and any rolling contractions were never more than 1hr duration. I didn’t trust hospital after week of harassment (regarding big baby ‘fears’) leading up…I was proved right in end. Baby was born pushing out (instead of breathing) and guided with ventose. I lost 1L blood but baby was ok, thankfully.

  • Currently 37 wks 3 days, dilated to a 3 and have been at a 3 for two weeks! I’ve been trying literally everything to help dilate or soften my cervix and I feel like I’m getting no where�� I’m getting so discouraged! Need advice/ positive words!

  • I’ve been in prodromal labor for 4 days. I get consistent contractions for hours every night but they go away in the morning. I’m not dilated yet. I’m so so frustrated and exhausted. I don’t even know what to do.

  • What about scar tissue on the cervix? Can that cause you to have prodromol labor? What will the nurses do? I had a leep procedure a few years ago and know I have a lot of scar tissue.

  • Watching this video I feel you dropped it for me.. loved and learned so much from your videos. Can’t wait to end this pregnancy with a vbac in a week or two.

  • Thank you for all these topics that are not easily found online nor spoken of anywhere else. You’ve been such a blessing for me to be educated about not only child birth but also, to be educated about the 4th trimester (PP) and taking care of a new born. Thank you for all the efforts and positivity you shine our way ❤️

  • This is hard to live through. I’m 32 weeks and a couple of days and been dealing with this for three days. I’ve been to triage and While dilated to 1CM, no further dilation after 2 hours.
    However, mine is not nice where it’s only for a min or something. No. It’s 20 min, 40 min straight and the I may get 1-3 min of a break and then it continues.
    12+ hours of this is exhausting. I feel terrified to deal with this for another 7 weeks.

  • Never heard of prodromal labour before. My first was an induction at 41+4. Got to 1.5cm within 4 hours and then stayed there for 4 freaking days! I was too far along to be sent home for a few days. They tried a morphine rest the third night. It did nothing. Finally got an epidural day 4 since I still had no progression and my dr was concerned that even if i did start dilating, that i physically wouldnt be able to push the baby out. I did start progressing and about 22hrs after getting the epidural i delivered vaginally after pushing for maybe 10mins.

  • I went into pre-labor at 34.5 weeks. I was having contractions every 1.5-3 minutes that would last 30-60 seconds each. Fortunately they gave me fluid IVs and I never dilated and they eventually faded after 10ish hours �� at least now I have a slight idea of what to expect when I go back since this is my first pregnancy ��

  • The epidural questionis what Happened to me too but it was on my left side they couldn’t do anything because I was already in the pushing process…it was horrible!!!!felt like all my bones where breaking!!!

  • Most of this information is false! I have been in Padromal Labor for almost a week now. And my contractions the whole time have been 2-3 mins apart with no change at all. Been to hospital for monitoring multiple times and they cover my whole entire uterus. Causing some change in cervix etc. Baths, position, staying hydrated etc does not change anything or help them ease at all. And my L&D floor also said Prodromal labor is not “False Labor”. It’s true labor that is having trouble progressing on it’s own. Please research more or talk with better experienced providers before putting out false information for mommas going thru this.

  • More of a personal question! What is your professional opinion on mommas who believe that the whole castor oil thing to induce labor is safe? What would you say to them?

  • QUESTION: I know this complication is not very common, but what if I decide to do a natural home birth, and well into labor, the baby’s head crowns, and we realize the baby is stuck due to shoulder dystocia? Does that mean we need to rush to the hospital? Is there really even time to do that? Or can it be resolved at home?

    Also, thanks SOOO MUCH for taking the time to put out videos for anyone to see and learn from:) I appreciate you and your knowledge of pregnancy, birth, ect. so much!!

  • Love this video! Food and drink is so important in childbirth but so often women feel like they don’t want to eat or drink anything but you must. In one of my antenatal books, I once read that we can burn up to 9000 calories in labour. So, if we don’t eat or stay hydrated, we can burn out and our bodies simply haven’t got the energy to contract effectively or dilate the cervix. This can really elongate prodromal labour and the start/stop scenario. My labour was 24 hours long which is not that long for a first labour (12-18 hour is the average) and i was exhausted by the end. As a hypnobirthing teacher, I knew the importance of rest, food and drink and optimal positioning for my baby so I had tools to help me keep going. I didn’t feel like I wanted to eat but I made sure that i accepted little bites of food regularly from my partner so I could keep my contractions coming. Good luck to all the mamas out there! Wishing you a great birth experience, Anja xxxx

  • Is it safer to have your first baby in a hospital to make sure nothing goes seriously wrong, so that it may affect your next birth? I really hope you understand what I’m trying to say…

  • Also one actually breastfeeding related question �� is it okay to be hand expressing a bit of colostrum during pregnancy? Leaking? I’m so curious about colostrum before birth

  • Haha, having my 3rd child in a few weeks and still watched it to make sure I am not missing anything haha! Was your labor super fast? That’s what I am scared of that I won’t make it to the hospital on time ��