What Postpartum Care Appears Like All over the world, and Why the U.S. Is Missing the objective


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What Postpartum Care Looks Like Around the World, and Why the U.S. Is Missing the Mark Medically reviewed by Meredith Wallis, M.S., CN. During these six weeks, other family members will pitch in to help take care of other children, cook meals, and keep up with household chores.

Finland has one postpartum tradition that is probably the most talked about in recent years. Every new baby in Finland goes home with a baby box. What Postpartum Care Looks Like Around the World, and Why the U.S. Is Missing the Mark.

In America we celebrate pregnancy, but what happens after you give birth? We’re looking at post-childbirth. To many U.S. mothers, the notion of quarantine might seem barbaric, but new moms like Kim think it sounds kind of cool: “I wish we had something like it when I was recovering from my C-section. Not only was I expected to take care of a colicky newborn after having major surgery but I was also expected to entertain guests who came to visit.

Postpartum Strong® is a unique musculoskeletal program developed for women to regain muscle strength of their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Clinical research now supports rehabilitation after a normal or challenging birth or pregnancy to prevent incontinence, prolapse and sexual dysfunction.Routine care around the world is quite different than postpartum care in the United. Rooted in Chinese practices and giving a nod to rich postpartum rituals around the world, this thoughtful tome is filled with healing recipes and guidance on how women can take care of themselves after birth (or recruit others to take care of them). One of our favorite sections of the book is a rundown of other global postpartum care traditions.

From newcomers like Alexander to ever-popular picks like Olivia, here are the boy and girl names predicted to top the charts this year, plus more naming trends to consider. “Each day feels like a battle to learn how to love my body postpartum,” Holliday wrote in her post. “It’s been six months, and my stomach is lower, my breasts are a different shape, new stretch. The U.S. is the only developed country in the world without mandated paid family leave, and policies created by individual states cover just 15 percent of workers.

What are the postpartum essentials? Where’s the postpartum care kit registry? All throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, you’re preparing for the baby’s arrival.

You have a baby shower. Get all these cute baby products from clothes to toys. It’s all about the BABY.

Not to.

List of related literature:

In the USA and Canada postpartum care is less extensive (Cheng et al 2006).

“Pregnancy and Childbirth E-Book: A holistic approach to massage and bodywork” by Suzanne Yates
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Different countries have individual legislation and expectations regarding the timeframe for formal postnatal care, as well as differences in frequency of home visits, so it is difficult to make comparisons about what constitutes the optimal amount of postnatal care.

“Midwifery: Preparation for Practice” by Sally Pairman, Sally K. Tracy, Carol Thorogood, Jan Pincombe
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In contrast, postpartum health care is limited, and few national statistics exist on healthcare use and health problems encountered by mothers during the first postpartum year (Cheng et al., 2006).

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
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This is highlighted by Shaw et al. (2016) who identify that, in high-income countries, a focus on normalising birth for most women and improving quality of care through woman-centred, low-cost models may address some of the health care challenges that are evolving in maternity care.

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Despite all the money spent on health care in the USA. rates of maternal and perinatal morbidity are the worst in the developed world and rates of surgical intervention such as caesarian section are second to none.

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Some countries have highly developed systems of home-based postnatal care, such as New Zealand where all women have care for up to 4–6 weeks after birth (Dixon, 2010), whereas others have none.

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The primary objective of the post-partum programme is to improve the health of the mother and children through MCH and Family Welfare Programme which included ante-natal, neo-natal and post-natal services; immunisation services to children and mothers; and prophylaxis against anaemia and blindness.

“Demography and Population Problems” by Rajendra K. Sharma
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Postnatal care for mothers and newborns: Highlights from the World Health Organization 2013 guidelines.

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The members of CIMS understand that many American women have little or no interest in natural childbirth; they are also keenly aware of the vast overuse of obstetrical interventions and the unnecessary damage to mothers and babies caused by this overuse.

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Furthermore, the foreign aid fragments the health system, for example, by providing reproductive health services to women in the post­natal period, with no synergy with infant welfare, the mother is physically removed from the site of postnatal care.

“Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life: Volume 1:Learn to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Ufo Writings” by Philip Chidi Njemanze
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  • I was diagnosed with PPD, see a reproductive psychiatrist. I have trouble recognizing my baby. Logically, I know she’s mine. But she looks so foreign to me. I’m worried about psychosis. But my doctor and therapist says no. I don’t know what causes this.

  • Wow!! Cara’s stomach looks so good!! Your babies are so cute! That photoshoot! Wow! The outfits and accessories. Cara is prepared! Love you guys!

  • I don’t even know that she is way more beautiful in pregnancy or after pregnancy, actually she is a beautiful mom her husband must be the happiest father and husband in the world!

  • Any one tried the Femalix Secrets (google it)? I’ve heard numerous awesome things about this popular stretch mark remover secrets.

  • i had colic…was born cesarean and then diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 28. chiro work has always helped me find some relief.

  • Hello Dr. Marks! Thank you so much for your high quality videos. You were a very important and instrumental component of my preparation for the ASWB be national exam. I wondered if you could do a video on the effects of menopause? I am a clinical therapist, currently working on my for licensure and often have women in my office dealing with these issues. Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Am I the only one thinking that the reason gestures are an indicator of later language development is because gestures are language? I struggle to imagine not talking and communicating to my children at any point of their lives. I talked to them from conception, the talked to me from the moment I held them. Newborn babies talk with their cries and body tension. Babies have a different cry for each different need. I need a nappy change sounds very different from I’m hungry or I have wind pain for example. By one month all three of my children spoke with cries, smiles, body tension and expressions but the one that blew me away was the way they spoke with their eyes. Look into their eyes and I knew exactly what they were saying. Admittedly mine were early communicators, late movers and it doesn’t get much better than that, almost no need for a tantrum at all but there was a couple. If you’re not communication with your baby you are missing something wonderful. Just stop doing, sit with your baby, tune in and pay attention. Unless your baby has a condition like autism for example, your baby will be communicating with you. FYI dogs have a different bark not only for each need but how far away and position of a stranger near their home and more. Pay attention people or you’re missing out.

  • Will there be a video on how women should be mentally prepared for pregnant and motherhood? I’ve had that issue and couldn’t continue my pregnancy because I was so mentally broken down about myself, my future and my baby.

  • Pediatricians will chalk it up to “oh he’s just colicky. Lots of babies have colic, try bicycle kicks, hold baby upright for 30 min after feeding, feeding more upright angle,etc” so much outdated advice!! Sometimes baby has oral ties and/or needs bodywork. He’s also only looking one direction which means he’s at higher risk for Torticolis:(. She seems like a great grandmother

  • This video brought me to tears. I too had postpartum depression it was so bad that I resented my child until he was about 4. Everything you said I felt and I believe it greatly impacted my son because he has ASD and still hasn’t learned to speak. I just want to say if you are suffering get help. I didn’t start treatment until my son was about four and these days I appreciate all the special things about him. I wish I could go back in time but I can’t. Please please get help sooner than later for you and your babies sake ❤️

  • This happened to me after I gave birth; I still struggle with it and my son will be 15 in june. I think I was bipolar before I even got pregnant

  • I’m 2 months pregnant and stopped anxiety med…After a month of stopping med I started feel fatigue it it remains every day..can it be coz of skipping med… I m helpless

  • I have questions!! 1. HOW did you not get diastasis recti (if you do have it, I cannot tell!), and 2. HOW can I get my stomach as flat as yours?? I have diastasis, and I’ve only had 2 kids. I still look pregnant after being 8 years postpartum because of my diastatis.

  • I’m taking escitalopram 20 mg and lamictal for 2 years why then I get anxiety and depression and mood swings…now today Doctor prescribed me valporoic acid 250…can’t mood swings and anxiety be fully controlled in bipolar or borderline disorders..

  • This is a great topic Dr. Marks. So many Women deal with this condition, and need to have an understanding not only what’s happening, but that there’s help for them. It’s sad that the joy that can be felt from having a Child can be robbed by this condition when not treated.

  • Dr. Marks, I wish every depressed new mom could hear and believe what you said between 5:39 and 6:07. It would have been so helpful for me when I was depressed.

  • This solidifies my disappointment of possibly not having kids. I have Bipolar II and I’d love to have a child, but I haven’t found any research that says how to successfully go through a pregnancy and life as a new mother. I know there has to be women who manage their symptoms and meds and do well. Do you have any info on that? I’m losing hope.

  • I would like to asked you one more question. I recently saw my psychiatrist am on 5mg lexapro i dont suffer from panic attack i use to around three years ago. I have generalized anxiety and depression. Shes leaving me at 5mg for 3 months. I notice a difference in little things. I know the therapeutic dose it 10mg. I have days where i feel anxious and kinda depress like two days. Would i increase? Should i asked for an increase or wait? I also work out everyday and kinda eat healthy. Would you consider depression resistant even tho, i had suicidal ideation in the past and i was able to get better natural by working out and eating healthy. Now i just nervous about a lot of things an go overthings a lot i know its anxiety. But just want lexapro to work.

  • A person would never understand unless you have had to experience this first hand. I’m in tears watching this video because I went thru some of this 4 and a half years ago. I am so thankful I did not have to get a blood transfusion or emergency surgery. I am so, so, so thankful and blessed that the Doctor I had jumped in to control the hemorrhaging. Very painful but she did what needed to be done to prevent a loss of life! Thank you God for being with me and the entire staff that had my life in their hands after my delivery!

  • Omg thank you so much! No one ever talks about this and is so important to talk about it! You’re the best ❤️!!!Questions though, can blood loss effect this? I wonder if some amount of hemorrhage that’s not enough for replacement would leave the mother’s brain sort of unbalanced till her blood levels are normally again.

  • when I had my daughter a year-and-a-half ago, I thought I was having baby blues but after watching this video I realized that baby blues don’t last longer than 10 days so I most definitely had postpartum depression. I felt like I didn’t or couldn’t feel love for her until she was six months. Before that it just felt like work that I wasn’t sure I should have signed up for. Thanks for the informative video. ��

  • I developed postpartum depression after both pregnancies. Both of my children went on to later be diagnosed with autism. I, myself, was also diagnosed with autism and bipolar 1. I’m not sure if the bipolar came before or after my pregnancies but I did not experience my first apparent mania until years after giving birth. What you described about the more subtle effects of PPD is spot on. Another thing I learned is that OCD-like intrusive thoughts are a common symptom of PPD. Eight years after the birth of my first son, I still feel guilty and ashamed for some of my thoughts during that time. I also did not know to seek help the first time and my son and I suffered greatly because of it. He was a difficult newborn and he cried all of the time. He was diagnosed with severe reflux which exacerbated his crying which in turn, made my intrusive thoughts worse. I am now in treatment but suffice it to say, his and my relationship has taken years to rebuild due to the damage of untreated postpartum depression.

  • I had a debilitating anxiety postpartum. I wouldn’t sleep for more than 1-2 hours a day for about 3 weeks and I was going insane. Couldn’t eat either.Lost 10 kgs in a month. I was terrified of my baby and her neediness.The fear was indescribable, just horrible. Then i stared fantasising about giving her away or just running away to my dad in another country. Then I started convincing my husband to give her away because I couldn’t cope anymore. Then I thought about just killing myself. Eventually doctor put me on strong sedatives and I was able to sleep again. Switched to bottle feeding so my husband could help me. Slowly I improved and was able to love and take care of my beautiful daughter. But the anxiety never really completely disappeared.
    There’s lot of talk about depression but is postpartum anxiety a thing too? Or was it possibly something completely different?

  • Dr Marks
    My wife I believe had this looking forward to part two. By the way I’m familiar with Lamictal. Also not interested in antipsychotics list but thank you for your help i’m already a zombie ��‍♂️. General repair

  • You definitely shouldn’t be doing this kinda shit on a small child let alone a baby, especially for something like constipation. This is terrible

  • Please do a video pertaining to anxiety and depression during menopause. So many doctors either don’t know about it or they refuse to acknowledge it.

  • My little brother is like “the dad in green” with my trips. I wish I could post pics. My husband is the same way but I never pictured my brother being such an amazing uncle after being such a bratty brother lol

  • Beautiful ❤️
    My belly still had stretch marks and loose skin. I even taught exercise classes and aerobics!
    2 doctors said I needed a full tummy tuck due to my skin didn’t have stretch to it, hence a grammas belly.
    You look awesome pregnant and not.
    No fair!!!!!����������

  • when i was a infant i couldnt turn my head to the right and i couldnt get milk well and a special chiro really helped me out glad this experienced chiro can help this little buddy

  • I would get my nephews and hold them frum the upper chest like a basketball and i would close my fist while jolting them dowm, quickly upwards towards me. Prob like 4 bones always. They jusy close there eyes and breath like if thats what they need. I think its a must kn a kids young.age

  • This happened to me with my last baby was so crazy. I thought she was stitching me as I had 2nd degree tearing again I said are you stitching she said not yet I’m removing blood clots (I have factor IV Leiden) next minute someone was pressing an alarm and needles were getting jabbed into me my partner was white and I was told I was bleeding luckily they stopped it as I was just about to wheeled to theatre. It really is amazing what these nurses and doctors can do I didn’t end up having to be separated from my baby which I was so thankful for

  • I was amazing with my baby just my body had tons of anxiety after having him and having my hormones changing I had tons of lack of sleep to sorry for so many comments love your chennal

  • Hi! I experienced post partpum OCD and was never told anything about it and it left me paralyzed with fear. I also had thyroid cancer and had two thyriodectomies within 3 months of having my newborn. I think a lot of it had to do with my thyroid issues. Thanks for the video:)

  • Does Femalix Secrets really work? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Femalix Secrets. But Im uncertain if it is good enough to completely reduce your stretch mark naturally.

  • Ist Cara oder Darik nicht nur englisch sondern auch deutsch oder was??? ��Falls ja, dann finde ich euch soooooooooo toll, ihr seid eine super tolle Familie ��❤️����

  • I had severe postpartum depression to the point I had thoughts of wanting to harm myself and my baby. Of course, I feel a heavy guilt with such thoughts. I reached out immediately to receive the help I needed.


  • Dr. Ian had a wildly successful YouTube channel and was a world renowned chiropractor and he preformed this SAME adjustment just to end up not only being publicly ridiculed but also losing his license, job and everything he worked so hard for. It’s bullshit tbh

  • Ten years ago, a simple way to avoid eliminate all PPH over 500 cc at non-surgical birth was documented. If AWHONN is interested in eliminating PPH as they propose, they will promote it: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/319060440_Minimalizing_bleeding_and_tearing_at_vaginal_birth_One_practitioner's_experience
    Natural selection got rid of PPH. No animals experience bleeding at birth. There was no PPH at birth before 1400 AD when women got out of the habit of squatting. All women have to do is squat out the placenta at 4 minutes after birth of the baby.

  • I thought so before seeing Gemma as a babe-Reese and Gemma look alike!!!!!!Gemma is a most interesting child-so balanced in her right and left brain--shows how children can thrive beyond all heights with love and happiness!!!!!!!Debra teacher for 28 years mom of two grandma of three!!!!David and Emily-David has stepson Skyler – Em has Adam Joey and Isabel!!!!!

  • I was diagnosed with MDD and mood swings in 2015 after having a major mental breakdown. I was almost 18 years old. My depression would fluctuate throughout the years. I struggled with years of treatment. I tried 3 different antidepressants when i could afford the visits to the doctor. I knew i was getting depressed again when i pregnant. Maybe all the hormones. Idk. But i had my baby last july by c section and it was the hardest thing ive ever went through. I would cry all the time. I didnt know what i was doing. Finally i went back to get on something. And the medicine helps. I actually feel closer to my baby boy and i dont really cry and shut out the world as bad as i use to. Im less irritable. Im less mean.

  • I’m super fan of Gemma na. ❤❤❤ i love this family ❤❤❤
    ���� Love from the Philippines
    Mahal ko na ang batang to Gemma is napakacute ❤❤❤
    Shout out Gem Mizah From the Ph.

  • I had twins twice and my body came back to normal..my weight went down below my normal..what with breast feeding and looking after 4 babies all in nappies..but but after my third pregnancy i changed badly��..even with diet i managed to regained my weight but my tummy is so ugly..dear God it’s horrible ��

  • It’s been very difficult having the depressive symptoms and trying desperately to make sense of it myself 10 months ago because nowhere I search seems to talk about it. It makes me feel insane and I continue to feel that way now and then. Apart from mental effects there are also physical effects and they both have been lingering for more than 8 months. Because I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me, my mental health and physical health has gone down and removes me from being myself and feeling capable of living, I seriously damaged my relationship and this becomes an ongoing loop and i realize gives me a lot of symptoms of borderline personality disorder. My mental health has never been so bad in my life ever since pregnancy. I deeply appreciate this video and feel like i’m on my way to actually managing my health and ability to live life to its fullest

  • You really look great Carra and I am happy for you that you are progressing so well. You are beautiful inside and out!
    I am 5 feet 1 inch. Have five children (now 30 to 42) whom at birth weighted between 8po 9on to 11po 10on and measured from 19in to 22in1/2. Gain from 35 to 55 ponds depending on the pregnancy, but within 3 months, I would go back to my regular weight (110). My beautiful and so precious children have given me 17 grandchildren and counting. I love each strechmark on my belly… I am blessed. This is why I love your channel and appreciate following your journey. Indeed, it is what it is.
    In French we say: “C’est ça qui est ça”… Take care xo

  • Dr. Marks, thank you SO MUCH for this video. There really has to be more discussion about post partum depression as it is so debilitating and can have such dire consequences for the mother, the baby and the family as a whole. I was hospitalized with post partum depression with my second child. I consider myself lucky to be alive. Support for the mother and baby is so important, and is something I missed out on. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.

  • I never hated my baby but I had really bad feelings like my life was over but I loved my son and was happy having him.just going back to my hormones before being pregnant my body and mind could not handle it

  • The children’s hospital where my son was in the NICU for his seizures offered this service for the patients. Little girl in the crib across from my son cried and screamed all the time. One time when I visited their chiropractor came in and adjusted her. She slept a solid few hours before her next feeding. I had no idea it was a thing for infants but I was impressed. Nothing calmed that little girl down until her adjustment.

  • You are so beautiful so grateful I’m so proud of you I am also mum I have a twin baby big belly two years ago now I am just like you. My twins happy they are 2 years old now. ♥️♥️ God Bless you all

  • I can’t believe you published this just in time for the Royal baby’s delivery! Perfect timing. Hopefully, Megan will get a chance to watch!:)

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  • Your intro is way too long. Yes, it was cute and professional. But I clicked it to learn how to get my body looking good. I’ve watched 1/3 of the the video and have gotten no info about how to get my body to look good. I’m sorry for the mean comment, but I genuinely want to help you make your channel better. If your intros are more than 3 minutes, it feels like clickbait.

    You are gorgeous. You have beautiful children and a kind supportive husband. Maybe put the random family cuteness in a separate video because people obviously love seeing it.

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  • I got very emotional watching this because my labor was very traumatizing. I had a bad hemorrhage after my emergency c section. 50 hours in labor, infection from my water being broken for too long. I needed a blood transfusion and additional surgery. I woke up in the icu. My labor was a nightmare I was 24 with my first pregnancy. Now my baby is 3 and I want to have another baby. This gives me hope ��❤️

  • Did you just ask her to cover her chest? And then thank her? You mentioned what she was eating? and said the kids were picking up on that? Shut the cameras down. Your lucky she chose you.In my mind? you dont deserve her.

  • Came across your channel and I love it! I love how your husband is so into everything and how cute Gemma is! & You look amazing wow! Subscribed ��

  • Would you consider talking about the lesser-known post-partum OCD and/or psychosis? I’d be interested to hear about those; I know someone who had intrusive thoughts of hurting her new baby and, despite the fact that she would not have done so, felt like a risk to her own child and started obsessively hiding knives and other sharp things.

  • Omg FINALLY I found a family on here who doesnt restorct their childrens eating to almost air!!! I can finally relate to a paor of Youtuber parents ��������

  • I swear I met you at the Dfw airport and you told me you were pregnant with triplets and I was pregnant with twins. Or you look exactly like a lady I spoke with. You look great. My stomach looks very similar to yours.

  • I’m male and for some reason I’m real thin everywhere else but my belly is really big it’s hard not soft like fat would be it’s concerning and t I have stretch marks that are red

  • You’re obviously doing something right!! Your 2 year old is so well adjusted and sweet. You guys seem to be relaxed and very respectful of each other and others. I’m in my 50s and wish I had you as my parents!! My kids probably do too lol.

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  • My son received his first adjustment at 2 weeks old, because he was constipated while being breast fed only. The adjustment looked very similar to this, only he pooped minutes after bring adjusted. Releived!!

  • 5:58 to 6:06 I’m wondering if this can be applied to other forms of depression. “It’s not who you are, you have a thinking problem.” You seemed to sum it up right there, and I like how emphatic your words are.

  • It’s so nice of you to show even this part of pregnancy. people don’t really show any kinda imperfection on social media, even if its natural to have. Kuddos to you Cara

  • I’m just wondering: why are there apparently so many pph-cases? Of course being prepared with a proper and life-saving protocol is great and you’ve done a wonderful job there, but what about prevention? Isn’t it as important to identify potential risk factors and trying to eliminate them? I have a strong feeling that more intervention during labor leads to more risk factors

  • Its not a fork, its a dinglehopper!! And omg cara you had 4 babies and your stomach still looks better than mine and i only had 1 �� man i wish i had a fast metabolism and money to get that matrix procedure done, ive got huge purple stripes everywhere and a mom pooch from hell �� i gained about 30lbs with my pregnancy and it wont go away ☹

  • So… A 30 billion pound research budget for oneorganisation…yet money invested in actual implication across a whole nation is 900 million? Interesting…

    Would there be a way to find out who was funding these research projects?

  • I learn much regarding the development of new born baby and toddlers. different aspect of development are connected with each other, this will help in the improvement of neurons in the brain according to the lecture. Thanks  for the information.