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What Every Mom-to-Be Needs — Which Has Zero to Do with a Baby Registry Medically reviewed by Carissa Stephens, R.N., CCRN, CPN — Written by Margarita Tartakovsky, MS on March 3, 2020. You might think you know what to put on your baby registry. Cushy car seat.

Check! Odor-eating diaper pail. Check! But what about the less obvious new-mom essentials? The stuff you might end up sending your partner out for at 2 a.m., or ordering online and paying for overnight shipping because you need it fast!

If you want help with furniture, clothes, and decorations, but not necessarily diapers or baby needs items like thermometers and nail clippers, and these stores suit your style, consider these registries: Ikea Crate & Barrel Pottery Barn Kids (20% off to complete registry!) A baby registry can be a huge help as you prepare for your newborn. Although I could have sat down and written out a truly exhaustive list of every single thing you could ever need to care for a newborn, I don’t think that’s the most helpful thing I can do. So I dug deep and narrowed down the list of must have baby items to only the things that you will REGRET not getting if you don’t purchase them.

A baby registry is a list of baby products from a retail store that you’d like to stock up on in preparation for baby’s arrival. Anything you’d like can be included on your baby registry checklist, from smaller items like onesies and thermometers to. As a new mother or mom-to-be, you know how fast the cost of essentials like formula, diapers and wipes adds up. Scoring discounts on those supplies is a must.

The good news is that many companies offer baby freebies for new moms and those who are expecting. Make sure you have everything your baby needs, plus some nice extras, for a safe and sound sleep. One-piece outfits (5 to 7) For convenience, choose outfits that zip or snap down the front and all the way down the leg, and that.

You need something for yourself too, mama. And in those first few weeks, you’ll spend most of your time sitting on the couch feeding baby (no matter how you’re choosing to feed). And that requires comfy pajamas that make you feel really good — all day. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll also love how you can quickly and easily unbutton the front.

Of course you’ll need a stroller to move baby from point A to point B, but a travel system will get you a lot more mileage. Say you’re cruising around town with baby in the backseat, ready to embark on errand number three, and all of the sudden your little one dozes off. Less than 5 months? Borrow! Our registry tips page offers a bucket of suggestions of the kind of items you can get used.

A few of my favorite road-tested tips from the twitter party: Guiding principle: Do I need it at all? MeaganFrancis says a baby has three basic needs: to be warm, dry, and fed. The rest is extra!

List of related literature:

Or the to-do list may start to have baby todo lists, and extra things pop up each day for you to add!

“The School Psychologist's Survival Guide” by Rebecca Branstetter
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Wait until we say we’re ready and then stick to our registry—some preemies need special gear.

“Merenstein & Gardner's Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care E-Book: An Interprofessional Approach” by Sandra Lee Gardner, Brian S. Carter, Mary I Enzman-Hines, Susan Niermeyer
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and pregnancy registry.

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Since gift givers are as anxious to give you gifts you want as you are to receive them, help them and yourselves out by signing up with a baby registry.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Even simple things such as going shopping or to the movies will require planning to include the infant or find alternative care.

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Learn to distinguish between frills and necessities The juvenile­product manufacturers are always coming up with new things that babies and their parents supposedly need, but some of these items are nothing more than costly extras.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between” by Ann Douglas
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Some baby items, luxurious or otherwise, are just downright unnecessary — especially the ones that don’t actually make a new parent’s life any easier.

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Don’t forget the other basics, too: pet and baby needs, an alternate source of heat for warmth and cooking, a battery-operated radio, candles, and so on.

“Mormonism For Dummies” by Jana Riess, Christopher Kimball Bigelow
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Some couples enter panic mode and just start registering for one of everything because they feel like their baby might need it.

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during pregnancy:A registry studyof5405 cases.

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  • i’m currently 8 months preggo and cannot wait for my little baby! could you do a video on getting back into shape after baby? or like your journey with how you bounced back physically? you look amazing mama!!!

  • You guys are being willfully obtuse! Obviously she recommended things she thought was helpful FOR HER! If you can’t afford these specific things then you can tailor them to what your needs and what you can afford! Can’t afford a home chef? Try a food subscription service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, etc. for a couple of months (most have trial periods and only charge for shipping for first-time users), meal prep foods before baby comes, request family/friends to gift cards to restaurants, ask family to cook! Can’t afford an in-home masseuse? Ask your partner for a backrub with lotions you have at home, take a hot bath/shower, etc.

    Stop projecting and do what works for you!

  • I’m not a mother yet but I really appreciate this video. It offers a perspective I rarely see from new moms! I love that you took time to remind everyone of the importance of making sure your cup is full 1st before pouring into family and baby. I will definitely keep these suggestions in mind should I consider motherhood in the future ��. Honestly, some of these are important self-care routines for everyone!

  • I think some ppl are honestly so close minded it’s baffling. To think a person only creates content for “you” and your “socioeconomic status” is ridiculous! I think some things ppl spend their money on for their kids is ridiculous, so the mom should have a bit of ease in her life for popping out the baby!

  • Hi Mai. I am hoping you can help me. I am a first time mom 20 weeks pregnant. I love your idea of using a pack and play instead of a crib. I am stuck between the Graco Travel Dome and the Graco Nearby Napper. I am wondering your opinion on which one would be more practical? Thanks in advance. Love your videos

  • I truly believe that every woman should visit a,chiropractor after having a baby. Carrying a baby around inside of you causes things to shift and a chiropractor can shift it all back (bones not organs)

  • Sorry, who are these supermothers that swear getting pampered is a cardinal sin? That video is perfect. Decreasing stress for you decreases post partum depression and shaken baby syndrome.

  • Love this video�� people talking about cost there’s always a baby registry you can create, 2nd hand stores(goodwill/eBay), & cyber Monday/major sales throughout the year
    Or these are also not the only eco friendly options out there

  • so glad I stumbled upon your channel! I’m preparing myself as much as I can before I become pregnant:) I’m definitely GREEN myself, and my house is green, so I can’t wait to get green products for our baby:)
    I make all my own soaps and cleaners and it’s so much fun. I’ll definitely follow you on here!

  • I like your suggestions of meal prepping with your friends before the baby is born. I had my aunts take turns coming over to clean my home for me after I gave birth. But the chef, etc is where I was a little confused. The money could likely be better utilized for other things. Living in a country where you’re only given 6 weeks paid maternity leave would likely sway a lot of people to use that money for other things. Even if it is a gift to the mother. Especially for women that come from smaller families (who can’t afford to split the cost of a private chef 3 or 4 ways) or women who’s families are of a lower socioeconomic class. Lastly, the water bottles. I bought a gallon one with a straw on Groupon for less than $15 and I love it!

  • Essential items: nose frida, baby monitor, sound machine (hatch rest which is also a night light), baby clothes hangers, first aid kit with thermometer, hair brush, etc. Humidifier, nail filer (better then clips ��)…
    Thanks for the video!

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby is the truth! Loved both their nipple butter and diaper rash cream. I even ended up using the leftover nipple cream to moisturize my daughter’s hands instead of using her eczema lotion on her hands.

  • Hi, thanks for these truly helpful suggestions. One thing I’ve always wondered is, why is it that we do not take the gestation period into consideration, when we speak of a baby’s age?
    I’m thinking, right about now, your baby is 15 months give or take couple weeks.
    To me, innerstanding this, should result in earlier development of speech, at the least. Any thoughts on this folks?

  • As a single woman with no child obligation, this video gives me insight as to what a mother goes through and made me think outside of the normal gift giving box. I’m saddened reading some of these comments…from women. I have several friends and family who are due by the end of the year and beginning of next year and I know they would appreciate the suggestions listed.

  • 30 dollars is actually a lot to me… I’m lower middle class and my family is middle class and spending money like this is not an option for most people. Very unrealistic gift ideas. You are beautiful and I love your videos but can’t say I relate to your content so I’ll probably unsubscribe.

  • OMG YOU GUYS ARE ANNOYING AF. If there is a part of this video where you said to yourself, “hey I can’t afford this…or this isn’t in my price range.” Then that part wasn’t meant for you. You can’t relate. But the rest of the viewers can. Go find another vid with low budget options. Boom. Simple.

  • I love your content! Your suggestions are so on point. My sister had 2 babies in a row,& it took a toll. Supporting her was crucial. Pampering her so she could give to her children was so important. Moving money around can help others people afford some of these luxuries. To anyone reading this post use the Dave Ramsey steps to stop living paycheck to paycheck. It works! Look in local community centers for support,activities. There are sites like groupon to get discounts on massages, nursing bras. Join your local Costco or Sam’s club, buy furniture that will grow with your baby to minimize cost. Just some suggestions. Hope all goes well.

  • This will definitely help my husband and I when we begin our family…I will say I am a little nervous about the cloth diapers but interested.

  • I didn’t add any services, but I did use Babylist for our registry. For all the people are saying these things are too expensive: Babylist allows multiple people to split the cost of one item and you can also create a “fund” for whatever (like a spa day, yoga classes, postpartum doula, etc) that people can just throw whatever amount they want into. Babylist also gives you the option of putting favors on your registry like meals if you feel like a private chef or meal prep service is too “frivolous” to ask for. You don’t have to be wealthy to put self care items or services on your registry. If anything, ask for the stuff you can’t afford, leave a little note as to how the registry works, and prepare to be surprised at how your people show up for you ����

  • I hope motherhood is treating you well and you are soaking in every moment! It goes by so fast! I love your content and it makes me so sad to see the nasty comments people are leaving. Not everyone is rich, but not everyone is poor either. Why have to cater to one side or the other? You gave reasonable options for both. If you can’t afford nice things, you shouldn’t get upset about people who can. Mom’s deserve all the love, support, pampering and help they can get. And I couldn’t agree more with those who say it’s all about priorities. I’ve seen plenty of “poor” moms who had their kids in car seats that looked like they came out of a dump, and shoes that were two sizes too small, but that momma sure had her hair and nails looking perfect at all times. Why can’t we celebrate those who have their priorities straight and are doing well for themselves, rather than bashing them and being jealous? If you are unhappy in your situation, you have the power to change it.

  • New moms deserve a little luxury and pampering, especially in a country with such a high maternal and newborn mortality rate. Especially among black mothers these rates are tragic! And in a country with such high rates of postpartum depression…please. We need better care and community!

    Wish I would have realized that when I was making my registry, because some of the money my family spent on baby clothes that she hardly wore could have gone towards services for me!

    I see a lot of comments about these suggestions being too expensive for some families. This is why I recommend using a registry service that allows your loved ones to pitch in towards the cost of an item/service. Massage, for example, is incredibly helpful for healing postpartum. If you cannot ask your loved ones to pitch in to buy you one, perhaps ask that they donate their time and give you one! One of the best gifts I received was my friends coming over to help me meal prep for postpartum. THAT IS A NECESSARY LUXURY FOR A NEW MOM, AND IT DIDN’T COST THEM A DIME!!

    We need to take better care of new moms in our culture.

  • I just had twins back in March and this is spot on. The only thing i would add is baby wash and baby washcloths. I wouldnt say baby towels as regular ones do the trick. But the cloths are just so much better on their skin creating a less fussy baby.

  • I couldn’t breastfeed for long and we were using the kettle to make bottles, if there’s one thing I wish I had from the start was the perfect prep machine..
    They don’t reccomend putting anything over a babies car seat or over the pram when it’s warm outside because it warms up like crazy in there and it’s dangerous x

  • Thank you I am not a breeder but I appreciate you sharing your experience. As far as cost I know poor people who spent 300 dollars on Jordan sneakers for a baby so it comes down to priority. Shaking my head

  • This video was so helpful. My 1st grand baby is on the way and he will be a winter baby so I’ve been watching videos to make sure he has everything he needs.

  • And yes pro biotic drops actually help over time instead of treating the symptoms it treats the causes. My doctor reccommended it to me

  • You look so beautiful! It’s been so cool seeing your motherhod experience. I don’t plan to start a family for a few years, but I really hope I can make the experience as healthy and ethical as possible!

  • Hope you enjoy this minimalist list to help you save money! Hopefully all your savings allow you to splurge on some other things ��

  • Thank you so much for the video! This is exactly what I need given current situation. One question, I also bought a pack n play but without bassinet. Can I leave my newborn sleep in the top part of the pack n play from day 1?

  • Good, practical suggestions and interesting perspective. Some friends or family members might not be able to afford registry items but love to cook, clean, do manicures, drive, do makeup, etc. People like feeling useful. Nice video.

  • You mentioned so many great baby shower gift ideas Ashley! The NailFrida sounds like a great gift idea for a new mom. We’ve just added this awesome video to our playlist of baby shower gift guides!
    Check it out:

  • What stroller did you get? We love to go outdoors, camp, etc so I need a stroller that is all terrain but is also has one hand maneuverability like you mentioned. It’s so overwhelming with the amount of strollers out there! ��

  • I am due in November and as soon as the baby is cleared for travel we have to fly with all our stuff down to the Caribbean so baby can meet her daddy. I am freaking out about how am I going to fly with baby and all of our baggage, so this video is a great start. Please please please do another travel video.

  • I have a question, if I register do I have to pay something? Or do I have to spend money there? I’ve never heard of bbyregister until I watched you lol

  • Oh man I can so much relate I am French and had a baby too in january 19 and oh I can so hear myself in you that robe especially or the nursing pillow and bra ahhhh I would add a nursing little light that you charge and which last during the night some of them can be dimmed so good when you nursing at night….I love the way you are maybe because we are so alike you give me massage fever I so need to relax being a mom of two now is so much challenging and intense but hey they are so worth it!

  • Thanks for this video! Yes, some items seem a bit expensive and over the top but let’s consider that there are people watching your channel that can afford it. For the people who can’t, your gave some great alternatives!

  • Always informative!!! I would also add mothers teas and lactation snacks. Nursing bras, gowns, clothing etc are expensive but they will be used for years and the quality is amazing! I used nursing bras n gowns forever and after having my last baby I donated them!! Think long term. Enjoy that sweet girl!

  • I think 2 bottles are completely sufficient for a start as you don’t know which nipple the baby would like (my baby had colic, so I needed to replace the standard bottles with colic ones).
    Also, the nurses in the hospital told me, it’s not necessary to sterilize them for each feeding just once per day is enough, so I’m still using just 2 bottles as it’s not a big deal to wash 1 bottle at the sink a few times per day (and have the other as a spare).

  • Hey greenies, thanks for watching! Just so you know I’m not pregnant, just thought you might like to see the favorite products I used when my girls were little! Let me know if you would like to do a second video for my “Favorite Green Toddler Must-Haves”!

  • Thanks for the informational video! Just was wondering do you think it is ok or not good to have cats, when you have a baby? Like does it make the environment in your home more toxic? Or anything…

  • So many people are missing the point here. She lives well and should not have to stick with low budget everything. These are items she’s recommending adding to your registry, which means your circle of friends and family can contribute to the cost. People are complaining that they can’t afford these things. That’s the point of a registry, you don’t have to afford all of them. She also recommends asking family and friends to donate their time which is free. Women please stop criticizing new moms, I can’t afford a personal chef but there are some amazing meal prep companies that I could afford and I have a circle of friends who would come over and cook for me for free. Ridiculing someone for being in a different financial bracket than you or having different priorities for how they spend their money or what they put on their registry is not okay. I’m not a rich person financially but you best believe I will not cut any corners when it comes to postpartum self-care. It’s foolish and immature to criticize a new mom who is financially secure to live as if she’s pinching pennies for your own satisfaction.

  • Q for you: what about bedding for the pack n plays? I know some on amazon recommend a specific pack n play mattress for when baby is older and in the bottom section. Of course that requires sheetsso I was wondering what you do for baby boy #3!

  • With being confined and bored, I’ve been obsessed with buying stuff for the baby, which is only due in October. But I’m trying to be as minimalistic as possible so I haven’t bought much. Loved your list! Most of all the fact that you mentioned more eco-friendly options like cloth diapers:)

  • Hi Ashley! Where did you get a very very stretchy baby swaddle like the one you have in the video? I due in August and i live in Mississippi it’s gonna be super hot down here.

  • 21 weeks pregnant and this is one of the most minimalistic vids I’ve seen hehe. I would love sleep and play zipper pjs but I don’t know why it’s SO hard to get them where I am. It’s all buttons here!

  • I worked with my first baby and only had 1 bottle while breastfeeding. Just cleaned it immediately after. Daycares typically request only one bottle as well. It’s easier for them to keep up with.

  • Everyone has said to just get sleep and plays! If you get the fold over cuff ones you don’t need to put mittens on them either! I have like 48 items in my registry and I’ve seen some moms says they have 200! I can’t imagine all that stuff. I feel like I have a lot already and I only have gotten maybe 30 items lol.

  • I love this!
    First time mommy here����‍♀️and I’m one of those moms who over spent on baby things and now didn’t even use most of them.
    Also I agree on clothes. I realize now how babies grow so fast. I’ve got tons of cute outfits for my baby girl and most of the time, she only wear them once and then wouldn’t fit her anymore.

  • I did my best to get only essentials so I got a baby carrier my little dude HATES it. Not an essential for us �� I also really like the doona, it’s a car seat/stroller combo. Helps cut down on storage space. Anyway love your videos ��

  • I wish this video existed before I had my baby, I bought SO MUCH crap I will never use lol. He was almost 9 pounds when born and two weeks in he is wearing 3 month clothes ��

  • I’m a first time mom due in October and I’m so glad I found your channel! You are one of the few you tubers I can watch and really enjoy, even if you’re just sitting there and talking! You always give concise information and you’re so relatable!

  • Thank you for another great video!! I will be using the pack n play as my crib. Once the baby is big enough to move to the bottom, do you add a baby mattress? I found that the “Dream on Me” mattress brand makes mattresses for the pack n play

  • I’m one of those people who doesn’t think sleepers are easier for little babies. I would much rather just use onesies and pants. Or my ultimate favorite the onesie dress. I was so sad when my daughter outgrew hers.

  • Great video! Just one note… I would have loved to hear recommendations on the essentials for formula feeding. Not all women are physically able to breastfeed. (I know you didn’t formula feed but maybe you could have linked to an article or video).

  • Just a note on the pack ‘n plays. I got one last week, and the “bassinet” on top is actually a “lounger” and therefore is not certified for baby to sleep in due to the SLIGHT angle. The one in the photo Mai shows looks proper because it’s completely flat, and I wish I had have known. I had no idea about lounger vs. bassinet.

  • Omg storing breast milk in mason jars, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I couldn’t get my mind around using a bunch of plastic bags!

  • This was super helpful!
    Would a sound/white noise machine be essential? I’ve watched some say it is and others never mentioned it.

  • Loved this video!!! I would add the small things like baby tynelol, a thermometer, nose frida, baby hygiene (nail clipper…)…stuff like that…very on point like always

  • This is by far the most helpful video I’ve seen on this. You just mentioned the most important things that I wouldn’t have thought of, thank you! I was stressing about getting a crib, bassinet, dock a tot, changing table, etc. Now I’m just getting the pack n play! Thank you! And I already have another kid but I’ve forgotten what it’s like.

  • How would you defrost milk in a mason jar? Microwave? I don’t know why I imagine it just taking forever.

    Thanks for the informing green video ��

  • I LOVED the haakaa. I used it at night because my milk would let down and if I attached to a pump, I’d easily do 12oz per side, and flood. The haakaa helped to catch the milk without over stimulating the over supply.

  • I’m looking into sippy cups for my niece. ( stash at my house) what did you start Eliza with. She’ll be one Saturday ��
    Ps I’ve seen some of the items I suggested at my kids to kids.
    Pss Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Soothing Chest Rub with Eucalyptus, Lavender & Beeswax helps with stuffiness

  • Hi ashley I still love your channel its been 3 years now! i still turn to your vlogs when im in need of some help. Im in need again!! may i ask what is it that you do for your girls when they are fighting, not getting along, not listening… what is a mom to do when there lil ladies keep giving them some attitude all the time. have you felt just burned out? i mean you’re a teacher to, how do you have the patients?! please share let me in on your secrets haha

  • Hi Ashley! My daughters are 3 and 8 years old so I don’t need anymore those things �� but it’s a good video for new mom or mom to be. It can help a lot to choose items because they are so many things in the store: it can be stressful for a new momy…. Have a great day kisses from France!

  • My husband and I are planning to ttc next summer and I’ve been watching a ton of baby-related vids, this was one of the most informative and helpful ones I’ve seen! Thank you, definitely book-marking:)

  • A chef, a post partum Doula, a masseuse, spa day, facials……….

    Youtube obviously is way more lucrative than I thought. Get real, I love your channel, but seriously these are way beyond most normal new mums means. You must be seriously well off and middle class. No wonder you look so good.

    First video of yours I am not hitting the like button on.

  • I love getting my baby’s organic cotton clothes at H&m! They have deals like buy two get the third free and if you bring in three items to donate, you get an extra 15% off your total purchase! I literally get OC onsies for less than $3 each!! I love OC clothing all the time, but when it’s not always affordable, I make sure at least he is always wearing it to bed with all his OC bedding!

  • Great video I must say. I recently had my first child so the information you shared were on point. However, most of them I would classify as nice to have rather than a must have. I think you under estimated the socioeconomic status of your subscribers or just where people are personally at this time. It would have been greater received if you did a video on how new moms could access freebies, free or low cost post pregnancy must haves or even classes etc to help them on this trying but beautiful journey we call motherhood.

  • Just had baby boy number 2 3 weeks ago yesterday and we also LOVE our rock and play!! My other favorites are the Boba carrier, and receiving blankets. We bed share and breastfeed so haven’t exactly used much more then that. (:

  • Shared with a shoutout to other GreatGrandparents, to share, share, share! So we can reach the newest generations & leave a legacy of wealth through healthy wisdom.
    GOD’s abundant blessings for you, your precious newly born & your entire family.

    Much love & gratitude for your generous sharing of knowledge�� ���� ��

  • Hi Ashley! Great video, please do a toddler Must Have video. Also can you do video on supplements/Vitamins you give your children.

  • Hi! Love this video!! Could you be able to do a minimal list of stuffs pregnant ladies should get? Or even for pregnancy clothings as well! I think your list for this are certainly basic and sufficient. Great job!

  • Haven’t even watched the video yet, but we had those exact items in the thumbnail with our daughter and they are all great. Those muslins were a STAPLE for us

  • I’m editing my registry while watching this. So helpful! I’m interested in how many outfits, burp cloths, blankets, ect. per day baby might need or use? I feel like I’m over doing it for some of those fabric items.

  • Hi Ashley! Just found your channel & we’re in Raytown, MO! Our first baby is due in a few weeks, so this was super helpful. Thank you!

  • you are beautiful and i love your content! This one is a little over the top though. Most families cant afford these extra luxuries!

  • Fav nursing bras I get on amazon! I think the brand is HOFISH which sounds super weird and random, but I got a pack of 3 for like $20 I think and they are the best!!

  • Some of these have been my favorites too especially the Nose Frida and a baby carrier. I haven’t seen the Frida nail clippers before, definitely have to check those out!

  • Hey Ash! Not a baby-related question where did you get the straw top for your mason jar? Everything I see on Amazon has bad reviews, saying they don’t last and aren’t worth the money. Thanks for another great video!:)

  • You must try Kindred Bravelys nursing bras!! They are soft and comfy and so supportive. Many styles and busty sizes too! They also have the best maternity pajamas and nighties and robes.. They have made my pregnancy so much easier.

  • Hi,
    First of all thanks for all your helpful videos!!

    I recall you mentioning in one of your videos that you sourced some baby items on the facebook market. Can you please send me the link as i noticed there are more than one page with the name online

  • I love the angel care bath seat! Unfortunately we only have a shower in our new house so I won’t get to use it with this next baby. I had never heard of the haaka before and might need to try it out this time. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • I didn’t know you could have twins in a wrap, great video! Totally agree with everything. Luckily I never needed lanolin or butt cream (so far, little one is 4 months old), but would add paracetamol. Ended up needing it at night after my little one was immunized but all pharmacies were closed.

  • I don’t think it’s fair to assume that people spend money on other things and can actually afford in home massages, a chef, a doula, etc. I’m actually the breadwinner in my family. I take care of my aging mom and yes though I have a decent job if I ever lose my job I’m in bad shape because my friends and family depend on me. Please watch Yvette Carnell’s videos on socioeconomics of black Americans living in America. I love your channel but I think it’s good to consider what people are saying and not just think it’s an attack (though people can have a really condescending way of saying it). I love the other items you recommended like the nursing bras and pillows. The first few stuff is if you have extra money to spend or can rely on family and friends. A lot of people can’t. Not all of us have “balloons” some of us have “anchors” especially if you’re the first to graduate college in your family. It’s important to keep that in mind. Love your content otherwise!

  • Love the bangs & I cannot deal with princess tiny ponytail�� adorable. My favorite pajamas I used on my kids were the nightgowns they were so convenient especially at night when you’re woken up from a good sleep.