What Else Could You Anticipate seeing on the 5-Week Ultrasound


5 weeks 3 days vaginal ultrasound

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Ultrasound at 5 Weeks 2 Days Pregnant!

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First Ultrasound! (5 weeks 4 days)

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Early ultrasound 5 weeks

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5 Weeks Pregnant Your 5th Week Of Pregnancy

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Ultrasound 5 Weeks Gestation |Early pregnancy scan |

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On your 5 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you should be able to see your gestational sac and the yolk sac which is always present when you are 5 weeks pregnant. If you are carrying fraternal twins, you will be able to see the yolk sac as well as the fetal poles in two separate sacs. During a 5 week ultrasound, a yolk sac will likely be seen.

This sac provides all of the nutrients that your little one needs at this point. Your baby’s cells are not fully organized, so don’t expect to see your baby’s cute little fingers or toes just yet. You have your first ultrasound scan around the fifth week of pregnancy.

This is when the signs of your baby’s heartbeat appear for the first time. The ultrasound will give you a confirmation of the little one inside your womb. One may talk about the reasons to have an ultrasound during the fifth week of pregnancy. When you get your ultrasound at 5 weeks, you’ll see the yolk sac and gestational sac. Your baby now will be the size of a sesame seed.

For mothers expecting identical twins, there will be one gestational sac and two yolk sacs; for non-identical twins, there are two gestational sacs and two yolk sacs, with an embryo forming in each. at 5 weeks exactly I had an ultra sound. they could only see a gest. sac and a yolk sac. no fetal pole yet. my dr said late in the 5th week they can see a fetal pole but he wanted me to wait till the middle of my 6th week so we could see a heartbeat! so at 6 weeks 4 days I went back and not only saw a fetal pole but I got to see my babys heartbeat! good luck at ur dr appt and let us. Usually at 5 weeks you can’t see anything more than that so don’t expect much. They will just be checking to make sure that your pregnancy is in the uterus and not your fallopian tubes. There is not a lot that a “normal” person will be able to see on an ultrasound at 5 weeks.

I think you will be able to see the amniotic sac and the baby, but he would be small and look like a jelly. Yep. That’s what you should be seeing around this point. Around 6 weeks you’ll start to see the fetal pole. I had one last week at 5 weeks and 2 days, and they were able to see the yolk sac and.

Generally, you aren’t able to see a heartbeat on an ultrasound until 6 weeks. However, in some cases you can. I was 5w6d, and went to the ER. they set me up with a tv ultrasound, and after about 45 minutes, they found her heartbeat.

dont worry, you might not even be quite 5 weeks yet. just had an early u/s and im right at 5 weeks and only saw a gest. sac. dr says thats normal even though i freaked, and its also normal to not see anything yet, some babies implant more quickly than others which can change the rate at which you could see something by a couple of days. i know its almost impossible.

List of related literature:

In short, this second-trimester ultrasound – besides being fun to watch – will give you and your practitioner a clear picture (literally) of the overall health of your baby and your pregnancy.

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Ultrasound image at 18 weeks

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Somewhere between now and 22 weeks, you’ll likely have a detailed ultrasound to thoroughly assess all of the baby’s body parts.

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Ultrasound in 6 weeks

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How they expected to see more than an even bigger pea I wasn’t sure, but she was promising me we could actually see the baby.

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Abdominal examination reveals a palpable and visible protrusion at about 12 weeks.

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Ultrasound in Pregnancy.

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■ Embryo: Fetal pole visible within the gestational sac, seen at about 5 to 6 weeks’ GA by transvaginal ultrasound.

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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 (877) 492-3666

Biography: https://medicine.yale.edu/profile/kutluk_oktay/
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  • Congrats I am 5 weeks and 2 days only seen the site today as well I was concerned but I seen plenty of people have the same thing LOL my hubby is the same way he burps our passes gas I give him the evil eye haha congratulations! Everybody shows their excitement in different ways my husband doesn’t show his excitement as much as I do

  • Mamita you don’t need to apologize for feeling scared that is completely normal feelings. I am so happy baby is ok and cannot wait for all your update videos. This is so exciting ❤️❤️❤️������

  • Same thing happened to me, when i first found out when I was pregnant with my second I was 5w 3d, and started bleeding I went to the hospital, they just found a sac the doctor told me there is no baby, it’s an empty sac, the wanted to schedule me a DC or something like that where they go in and remove the sac, I was so devastated, I was crying in the waiting room, and told them I wanted to wait for a week, I went back a week later, and my baby boy was there, strong heart beat.

  • I am 5 week pregnent when i went to the first scan the doctor said its 6th week and 1 day according to my last period and they said they just see the gestational sac and they said there is no yolk sac i was worried but after 2 days i had my second scan and they saw yolk sac and tiny bump and said you are now 5 weeks and 3 days pregnent bcz it was too early before and my periods was irregular so they couldn’t count sooo m happy today now:) plz pray for me

  • I know this video was 6 years ago but thank you for having this video up. I’m 5 weeks 4 days and a few days ago I started spotting so I went in to have an emergency ultrasound and this was what I saw too. I was a little disappointed when I didn’t see anything in the dark circle but then the tech explained it to me exactly what your dr said. I can tell you that I was so scared and nervous I forgot about what the tech said. Watching your video now reminds me of everything that I saw on the monitor. I feel so much relief right now just watching your video. Thank you.

  • Could you hear the heartbeat? I go for my first ultrasound Tuesday April 4th and i’ll be 5 weeks 4days (going by my period tracking app).

  • Hey guys! Thank you so much for the sweet comments! I really appreciate it! Please keep in mind that I was actually way off on my dates and in my mind I was 6 weeks pregnant when in reality I was 5 weeks. I think that’s why it was hard on me.

  • I saw a heartbeat at 5 weeks 6 days (internal scan). I was measuring a week behind (I thought I was 7 weeks)I wouldn’t worry too much! Baby is very small at 5 weeks! I had a scan 2 weeks later at 8 weeks and baby had grown and had a strong healthy heart beat! I’d like to add my scans were at an early pregnancy unit because I had some bleeding. I have my 12 weeks scan next month. All the best! Xx

  • im seeing thismy ultrasound looks nothing like this.. i’m a lot further than i thought.. my HCG levels were at 9 thousand 2 days ago.. but they told me i was 5 weeks a lil less.. idk who or what to believei am so lost but so blessed

  • Natasha Rodriguez I’m a first time father and my fiance is pregnant.one hospital tells her 5.5 weeks the other one says 3 weeks she had a transvaginal ultrasound and nothing showed is that normal?.I’m so nervous all the time

  • I need to stay off the internet!! I went for a scan yesterday I think I’m 5+4 and nothing at all was seen!! Took my blood and think either it’s ectopic or too early to see but I don’t see how that’s possible!!

  • you guys need to loosen up. congrats Girly. btw my Husband is the exact same way and im the happiest and he Loves me just not on camera haha.

  • I’m in the same boat,& now I’m freaking out! They couldn’t even see nothing for me. No yolk sac,no fetal pole.I don’t even wanna take my prenatal pills anymore.����

  • kay aap muja bta sakta ha ki 5 week 2day days ma bacha ki hartbeet ban jata ha mana chak karwa itna hi tim ha muj or dr kaha ha ki aap ka baby ki hartbeet nahe aae abi kay muja wat karna chahe abi plezzz reply me

  • Ok women hear goes when your 3 weeks the first thing virginal scan can pick up is ges sac,then 5 weeks it’s ges sac and yolk then 6 weeks onwards they see ges sac yolk and baby if they don’t see any u either not pregnant or dates wrong when u calculated, hope that helps x

  • It’s to early to even have a ultrasound I’m 6 weeks 4 days and they won’t even schedule a appointment until I’m 8 weeks for my ultrasound so I don’t go in till the 7th of May.

  • You guys have such a cute relationship! He’s going to be such a great dad and you are going to be the best mum. You are so cute! Good luck you guys, keep us updated X
    My boyfriend hates being on camera too, doesn’t stop me ������

  • I am so glad I seen your video! I just went for my ultrasound last week when I should’ve been 6 weeks 4 days and they said I was only 4 maybe 5 weeks. All that showed on the ultrasound was the yolk sac and I was upset when I left thinking something was wrong. Your video brings me hope that my baby will be just fine! Thank you! Hope your pregnancy is progressing well!

  • Same thing for me. I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant and i had 2 ultrasound already. The doctor cant find the baby. I am so so so heartbroken and hoping that on my 6th week the baby will show up ������������

  • Natasha, I hope all went well with your pregnancy! I’m currently 5 weeks 4 days and I really enjoyed watching this. It’s basically as if I were laying there. ��

  • Same thing happened to me! Scan picture looks the same as well! they call it the Golden ring well that is what my sonographer said to me lol my son is now 8! Try not to worry easier said than done I know I’m sure all is ok! x

  • Congrats! I am 5 weeks and 1 day with my first. I don’t get my first ultrasound til 8 weeks. I am so paranoid of a miscarriage even though I’ve never had one before. I am 29 yrs old first time being pregnant. Do you remember if you had any period type cramps? I have been experiencing mild cramping on and off since I first found out at around 3 and half weeks. It’s pretty infrequent now but when I get one I freak out. I hope it is just the uterus stretching but it feels almost identical to mild period cramps. I wish I could not be so worried and paranoid. I feel like the first ultrasound is soo far away and I just wanna know the baby is there and on track where it should be. Other than the cramping here and there I’m not really having any other symptoms. But for 5 weeks idk if that’s normal.

  • I’m currently 5 weeks almost 6 weeks. I found out yesterday that I’m pregnant! such a blessing right now. can I ask what was your symptoms when you found out and at 6 weeks??

  • I just had my appointment for my third baby, the tech didn’t give me much info if she say the baby or not so now I’m really worried… I’m hoping everything is okay��
    They went off my last period which would put me at 7w and 5days
    Just worried cause now the office called cause the dr wants to go over my results. So now I’m stressing.

  • You’re very welcome @yayadz864! Pregnancy is such a blessing and can be so overwhelming all at the same time!  I pray that all is well for you as well!  I’m currently 33 weeks!

  • I just came back from hospital i had a scan and blood test today coz i was bleeding 3 days back, im 19 days late to my periods and nothing was seen in my TV/TA ultrasound except thick endometrium of 12mm.. everyone thinks i had silent miscarriage like last year�� or maybe ectopic pregnancy.. but im trying to keep hopes few days.
    Now im here looking for some videos which will give me hopes

  • Hey girl! You look stunning in this video! Definitely pregnancy glow! Ease your mind, there is a tiny little cute peanut in your belly:) your emotions are completely understandable. Send love from Canada!

  • today i went to private Clinic to do ultrasound as i am 5weeks and 3day preg but the doctor say its too small and asked me to go again after 2weeks.i actually thought if we do ultrasound at 5week we can already detect it.i was so excited to see it but dissapointed as he didnt even hand me the picture.

  • why is everyone complaining about her husband O_o? he seems perfectly normal to me, you girls must have weak, girly husbands that have a pinky size penis

  • Yes they did the ultrasound so early they shouldn’t have done it my doctor told me that to early is bad to do an ultrasound I think it’s because of the ultrasonic waves I really don’t remember because she told me that when I had my son and that was 6 years ago she only did an pregnancy test and scheduled me the ultrasound until 8 weeks…they needed to have done it at 8 weeks but hopefully everything is going well with you God bless you so much ����������

  • mam i Am pregnecy in l have pcod and 5 week 3 day pregnancy and doctor told scan in 8 weeks and my bhcg 13095 its normal doctor plz tell me

  • I went to the Er yesterday(due to sharp cramps)and I was told I was 5 weeks 4 days and the only thing visible in the ultrasound was the gestational sac and the yolk sac. no baby or heart beat. So I feel just as nervous as you did. my next ultrasound is in a week and it will be the longest wait..ever. This is my 3rd pregnancy with 2 previous healthy pregnancies. both of my previous pregnancies I found out when i was 2++months so i have always seen a baby. Knowing so early is very hard on me.. because of the “what if” But anyway! congrats on ur baby and hope u have an easy pregnancy!��

  • To everyone who keeps saying they are surprised she got an ultrasound that early….its called a dating ultrasound, Ive had 3 babies and I had one even earlier than 6 weeks with each one.

  • I’m almost 14 weeks now, but I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks to confirm that I was pregnant and they saw our little blob and a heartbeat so I don’t know maybe it was because it was an internal ultrasound ����‍♀️. Either way I’m sure your baby is great ��

  • Hello…. I just had an ultrasound today and based on the last day of my period and the app I use to track my pregnancy I should be 9 weeks and when I had the ultrasound they told me I was only 5 weeks I only had the sac with no yolk…..I couldn’t help but cry and worry, it’s my first pregnancy, couldn’t get pregnant had been trying for 15 years ( have PCOS) just want to say thank you for the video it’s giving me some peace of mind ������

  • Hey I am 5 weeks 5 days and had a ultra sound and they couldn’t see anything just a gestational sac. Is it just to early? Did ur pregnancy still progress after that? Like where u able to see your delta pole or baby after that and how many weeks where u when they seen baby?

  • It could be your your first your second it’s still your baby and successful is what you want but don’t worry everything is meant for a reason x

  • I just tested positive today, two times using Clear Blue digital and line stick. I did the line one first so the pregnancy line looked soo faint. After much debate, I did the digital and for sure but truly, it had that one magical word. Wish me luck? I’m only 21, to be 22 in a month, but this was a surprise.

  • i have a question. My wife as 5weeks 4 days, they have taken ultrasound and given these comments.

    we are in CHINA. So, i converted the lines

    The findings were as follows:

    The length of uterus was 49mm, the anteroposterior diameter was 41mm, and the transverse diameter was 58mm.

    One gestational sac was found in the uterine cavity, with the maximum diameter of 11mm, the gestational sac was inclined to the right cornual horn, the echo of yolk sac can be seen in the horn and no germ is found.

    The mixed echo area is found between the left edge of the gestational sac in the picture, with the size of 34mm x 12mm

    Please see the findings and tell me. Doctor told till 6th week, if the baby not came to the middle then we need to do abortion.

    Please suggest…. i hope everything ok

  • I went in for bleeding, thought I was 6 weeks. They couldn’t see anything not even a sac which really surprised me. They made me feel like I wasn’t pregnant. I think I was possibly 4 weeks and something which is why they couldn’t detect anything. I was just off on ovulation timing. It was scary and discouraging and totally feel you!!!

  • my fiance is the same he could be having the time of his life and still look nit happy. but still cares and gives me everything i want and need. in feel like im watching us on video lol

  • why am i watching this? because ive been trying for 6 years and i just got to know i am positive. i went in for emergency scan due to cramps but they couldnt even find a sac. no sac:( i have another scan in a few days though. really want to see atleast a sac.

  • I m so worrie bcz today I went to the doctor for TVS and 5weaks 6 days he said nothing seen but I checked My pregnancy report was possitve now what should I do

  • I have a altradound tomarrow at posibly 6 weeks n I’m jus wonder how they know if they r alive r not I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks so I’m so scared

  • Hi sweet.
    At 5 to 6 weeks u wont see much at all. It’s so good that u saw the yolk and gestational sack.
    I’m 15 weeks and 2 days now but I had my very first scan at just over 7 weeks and see HB. I wanted to hold out until I was 7+ weeks because so many womon go and have scans at 5 and 6 weeks and see nothing and then worry. Only to go back 2 weeks later and see baby and HB.
    I think ure be fine hon. Ure just supper supper early.

  • With my first baby, I was 5 weeks as well and they couldnt find the baby with either. I remember feeling so upset but I was young and I didnt know you couldn’t hear the heartbeat or see the baby yet. I went back a month later and there was my little boy. He’s 10 years old now!

  • Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks �� & I am definitely way more tired than usual I did not want to get out of the bed this morning but when you have a 1 year old son you have no choice �� but can’t wait til I’m in the 2nd trimester so I can stop worrying so much ☺️ congratulations to all the mommy’s in the comments �� #2021babies

  • I just found out I was pregnant today five weeks and three days my symptoms are sore boobs on upper side, cramping I don’t usually get cramps on my period and missed period I took a test two days before period was suppose to start and both were negative I took two more test five days after period not arriving and they came out positive. I have also been feeling sleepy and something weird that happened was a sensitive mouth my gums were sore and swollen. I also had lower back pain. And had trapped air in my upper stomach not sure if that’s an unusual symptom.:)

  • I was 4 weeks when I found out I was about 6 weeks and 3 days when I got my first ultrasound and they said the heart just started going and I thought I was 8 weeks when I went in originally

  • Hey so I’m also pregnant i went for a ultrasound at 5 weeks and all they could see is the sack and the York sack I got to go back next week for another scan

  • This is the first video I decided to start watching of yours, since you posted about the pregnancy.. I didn’t want to watch because ive been struggling with infertility for the past 3 years now, to conceive our second child.. And when I watch other moms get pregnant, it makes me feel so defeated. But I love watching you, so I decided to just click on this one. Watching this made me have so many feelings because I remember walking into the ultrasound room to hear the heart beat with my daughter who is 3. and they told me the heart stopped beating.. I Regret every minute of brining my daughter, because I got her hopes up to see this new baby that wasn’t even alive anymore.. I still regret it and this happened right before last Christmas. I know these are pre recorded videos but I just hope that your past this now and the baby is growing still.. and your all healthy. Your right, its scary being a mom and being so connected with your baby even though you’ve only held them for a few short weeks.. Thats exaclty how I felt with all of my pregnancies, miscarriage and all.. Im wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!!

  • I think y’all balance each other out I love this video it shows how real you guys are and your not trying to pretend and your just giving people your real hearts and that’s what I love about your vlogs.

  • Damn, why does your husband act like that? I’m just curious, he smirks and you asked if he was excited and he seemed annoyed. is he also like that off camera?

  • Oh beautiful mama, I know how you feel in this video. I’m so glad things are going well with baby! I think every woman feels scared when this kind of thing happens so early in pregnancy and I feel like it just shows how much you love your little bean already! ❤

  • 5 weeks pregnant and same thing happened to me last night:( doctor said she deft thinks baby is there just tooo little to see, I go back in 10 days

  • You should have waited a bit, with my three kids I waited till I was 10-12 weeks for ultrasound, it’s to early don’t worry your baby is fine and healthy ♥️

  • Well YOU seem very nice… I see this is a older video but it was exciting to see YOU so excited!! hope YOU and ur not so much of a baby anymore are doing well!!

  • My fiancé is the same way when we were at my first appointment he honestly didn’t look like he cared or even emotional but I guess that’s just how males are

  • I’m sorry but your hubby seems like such an ass. He couldn’t even hold the camera still to take the video for you. And he just looked annoyed the whole time! You deserve to have someone that celebrates this special time with you!

  • I was 5 weeks and 4 days when I went to the doctor they told me that they only saw a gestational sac and they did not see a yolk Sac or embryo should I be worried

  • Hey I’m a new subscriber here. I’m supposedly 5 weeks and 7 days along today and I’m due Christmas day. I haven’t had an ultrasound yet. But dont worry.
    I’m sure the baby is too small to see. Dont get discouraged. All these feelings are normal and uts ok to feel that way.

  • They never set me up for an appointment with my OB until I am 8 weeks pregnant for that exact reason! It is way to early to see anything at 5/6 weeks… everything will be ok mama I know the feeling I went to the ER in my 3rd pregnancy for cramping and I was only 5 weeks and there was nothing just a dot it was way to early they assured me and by the time I saw my OB It’s crazy how much the baby had grown at 8 weeks… but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage a week after I saw my my OB.. I am now currently 30 weeks pregnant 4th pregnancy with twins lost one at 23 weeks though so it has been hard but I continue to remain very grateful ��

  • They let you have the ultrasound pictures! You’re so lucky. I went the other day and they said I wasn’t allowed to have them because they needed to make sure it was a liable pregnancy. �� we were thinking I was close to 8 weeks but my baby ended up measuring around 5 weeks and 6 days. I am now 6 weeks and 1 day. They scared me because they said they didn’t see a heartbeat and that’s when they said I most likely ovulated late. So hopefully my baby has a heartbeat when I go on the 21st �� so worried! Congrats on your baby!

  • Same thing happened to me!I thought I knew when I ovulated,my periods were super regular so when I went in for my ultrasound thinking I’d be 7w1d,I was only measuring 5w,6d.I too,felt so discouraged and thought baby was growing slowly and was going to miscarry. BUT I DIDNT!��She was born 10 lbs,she was definitely a healthy baby after all!��

  • Same situation with me.. cant see the embryo on my ultrasound. Quite disapointing haha hopefully he or she appear next week. Im so excited!!

  • As per LMP m 6 weeks due. but they cant see any gestation sac at all. what does that mean? My urine test came positive and HCG was 1343. plz guide me why sac is not visible?

  • Omg that happened to me they were able to find the fetus and the sac but No heart beat omg this video moved me������ literally my Doctor thinks I’m behind I pray it’s true because I feel so discouraged and afraid after my last pregnancy I had an ectopic pregnancy and that scared me… I am going for another ultrasound June 11, 2020 God! Pray for me

  • You know what would save a lot of you the worry. Don’t get ultrasounds 4, 5, 6 weeks in unless you’re bleeding or having horrible cramping. They can’t see much at this stage in pregnancy. If you’re lucky, you might see the sac and yolk, but give time, time. If you go in for something this early and don’t see anything you’re going to stress and panic and it isn’t good for you or the baby. Just try and relax. I see people begging for answers in the comment section. This is an ultrasound video, this woman is probably not a doctor.

  • I am sorry but I think you’re embarrassing yourself and leaving videos that will embarrass your future child. I would be so sad seeing my father acting like such a spoiled brat, grown man playing video games instead of being excited to be a father. UGH, so rude. Grow up, dude. Please. Whether he care In real life or not, this is the negative message he’s leaving behind.

  • Should a pregnancy test still be light at this time? I’ve tested and my line is still pretty light pink and even lighter on clear blue tests. I haven’t had any bleeding, but I have had some cramping.

  • Well mine is saying I’m 8 and in only 5 but i know i ovulated at the end of may soo. According to ovulation i can be 8 weeks its impossible.

  • I am so worried. I went in last week and only saw a yolk sac! Praying that everything is okay! Super stressful! I go in again in a few days to double check ��

  • I’m laying awake at 2;30 in the morning with light cramping, a missed period by 5 days and sore and achy breasts. Just waiting to take a test in a few hours this morning hopefully ❤️

  • That’s really early for a 3D ultrasound. I can tell you guys will be (if you’re not already) awesome parents!!!! Congrats, guys!!! I’m 4 weeks, 5 days today. ��

  • YAY! So interesting to watch isn’t it. I’m sure the next ultrasound will look so much different. I had mine at 7 weeks and 3 days and my uterus was way bigger and you could see a head, body and little buds that will turn into arms and legs. So amazing!

  • I have 5 baby in feb of this year I had an ectopic then in June I had a missed missedcarage after 2 loses I’m now 5 weeks 3 days went in for an ultrasound I saw a sac but no yolk sac still I’m very sacred I’m gonna have another misscarage I go back on Monday a week later and so praying �� for a yolk sac and a little baby pls keep me in ur prayers ☹️☹️☹️��

  • Hey!! Congrats!
    Do you approximately when you conceived? We have the same EDD and we’re trying to figure it out between two dates for our baby’s scrapbook and maybe your comparison could help!

  • Im 5 weeks today. Ive had 2 pregnancy losses before this one. My dr doesn’t want to see me until 8 weeks. Is that normal considering my history?

  • Omg I was sooo happy and excited for you..,, and your husband was just the biggest DOWNER ever!!!!! He was pissing me off! He’s such a typical dude.

  • Hi, going through something similar. Did you ever get your HCG tested? I am so scared, had an ultrasound and the didnt find anything besides a gestational sac. Im going crazy.

  • This just made my night!! I had a appointment today 10/23/19 and all I saw was the sac and I was scared and the lady doing the ultrasound was telling me I was earlier than what i thought I was!!! Thank you

  • I feel jealous.. I took a PT and a got a positive but when I went for a TVS my doctor was not able to see a baby… I had high hopes but maybe its not for me yet ☹️

  • Everything about your video was amazing seriously
    the intro was just WOOOW… i was singing along ��

    �� I feel like you’re such a fun person to be around, its sad to see your partner not sharing your same energy.
    BUT sometimes we just have grumpy days and such important things like responsability can mess w our head.
    anyways ��

  • This makes me feel so much better I’m a little under 6 weeks and went to the er for spotting and this is all they seen. Preying my baby grows healthy. How long did it take to detect the heart beat?

  • I go to my first doctor visit Thursday. I get a confirmation and after that I don’t know what they do ^_^ I’m too excited and didn’t ask. what else do they do on the first visit? thanks

  • This made me feel so much better, I went today for an ultrasound and I’m 5 1/2 weeks I didn’t see anything so I sort of freaked out, the nurse said it was normal but I was second guessing since miscarriages are a common thing in the family thought maybe the sac was just empty or it didn’t properly implant it’s self but I feel great knowing it’s normal at 5 weeks not to see anything yet ��

  • hello Sir/Madam,

    i have a question. My wife as 5weeks 4 days, they have taken ultrasound and given these comments.

    we are in CHINA. So, i converted the lines

    The findings were as follows:

    The length of uterus was 49mm, the anteroposterior diameter was 41mm, and the transverse diameter was 58mm.

    One gestational sac was found in the uterine cavity, with the maximum diameter of 11mm, the gestational sac was inclined to the right cornual horn, the echo of yolk sac can be seen in the horn and no germ is found.

    The mixed echo area is found between the left edge of the gestational sac in the picture, with the size of 34mm x 12mm

    Please see the findings and tell me. Doctor told till 6th week, if the baby not came to the middle then we need to do abortion.

    Please suggest…. i hope everything ok

    No obvious mass is found in bilateral adnexa.

  • So there was no heartbeat..? Cus I had my first ultrasound yesterday & this is what it looked like but no heart beat I’m kinda worried..

  • The same thing is happening to me, I’m 5 weeks and 3 days when I got my first ultrasound and they only could find the gestational sac… they said I’ll most likley miscarry and I’m really scared..

  • I have to agree with others even though he probably isnt a bumhole but if he is going to be/act like that and other people say thats how he is coming off, maybe dont show him on camera but just hear his voice and he might feel better? I found this as i am 5 weeks and 4 days but not having a scan until 8/9 weeks! scary and exciting times. Hope the pregnancy went ok xxxxxx

  • I just went through the same thing with my obgyn but she wasn’t as positive as your dr. She had me leaving crying not knowing if my pregnancy will be okay. I changed obgyn and I go for another ultrasound this week really hoping my baby has grown and to see a heart beat. Wishing everyone the best in their pregnancy journey

  • I’m happy I saw this and u asked mine was same way but she said I may have a topical pregnancy but we won’t know tell Tuesday 10/27/15 I pray it’s not but that answer she gave u made me cry in having more hope for my baby so thank u.

  • You just made me so happy I have the same issue I even cried. Buy watching your video made me have scene of security. Thank you. You literally put me at ease and congratulations