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29 Weeks Pregnant Your Baby at Week 29. Don’t have headphones? View video transcript.

Your sweet sapling is getting taller by the week, Your Body at Week 29. By week 29 of pregnancy, your tummy is probably large enough that you can’t see your legs when Pregnancy Symptoms Week 29. Pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms during week 29. Gas and bloating. The pregnancy hormone progesterone relaxes smooth muscle tissue throughout your body, including your gastrointestinal tract. This relaxation, coupled with the crowding in your abdomen, slows digestion.

Apart from fatigue during week 29, some other symptoms that could occur include: shortness of breath; constipation and gas; passing hard stools; abdominal pain; frequent urination. At 29 weeks pregnant, your baby is nearly 10 1/2 inches (CRL), 14 3/4 inches in height, and weighs about 3 pounds. Learn more about your symptoms and how your baby is growing this week.

At 29 weeks pregnant, your total pregnancy weight gain at this point should be between 19 and 25 pounds (8.6 to 11.3 kg). The top of your uterus can be felt somewhere between 3 ½ to 4 inches (8.9 to 10 cm) above your belly button. At 29 weeks pregnant, you may feel your baby’s hiccups. See a 29-week ultrasound and learn about your baby at 29 weeks.

What Week 29 of Your Pregnancy is Really Like Mom’s changing body During pregnancy you’ll experience a lot of surprising symptoms, and one that can happen during the. Your baby at 29 weeks is stronger, more alert, and bigger than ever. Here’s everything you can expect from an ultrasound at this stage in your pregnancy.

As the weeks go by, your baby’s skeleton starts to harden from rubbery cartilage to bone, and he or she develops the ability to hear. You’re likely to feel kicks and flutters soon if. Read on to learn more about what you can expect to happen with you and your baby-to-be every week of your pregnancy; each one brings new developments and milestones when you’re expecting. Your baby’s changing day by day, and your body is keeping pace.

Find out what’s going on and why, inside and out, with this week-by-week pregnancy calendar guide.

List of related literature:

Begin between 16 weeks of pregnancy up to 20 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.

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Month Four: Sixteen to twenty weeks.

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By week 28, the patient can expect to feel foetal activity every day, this continues throughout the third trimester.

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The heart starts to beat somewhere around the middle of the fifth week.

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Most early pregnancy symptoms begin making their appearance around week 6, but every woman – and every pregnancy – is different, so many may begin earlier or later for you (or not at all, if you’re lucky).

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Week 34: Uterine fundus just below xiphoid.

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movement for the first time between Weeks 17 and 20.

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Week 27 also marks the end of the “easy” trimester, so if you thought you heard lots of complaints in the second trimester, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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The changes that occur following week 10 of pregnancy are shown.

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Eleven weeks and six days to be exact.

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  • First child… Really overwhelmed and excited… Im almost 30 weeks. My husband and I are both tall. Im worried my baby will be big.

  • Oh soo sweet.. Happy to see our baby growth every week….we are blessed that we knows everything what is happening inside…thanks a lot for dis…Me too 29 th week started my due is on 23 rd January 2017.. My first baby very much excited to c my baby…

  • Exactly 29 weeks preggo today. Can’t wait to see my baby��. Baby keeping me on track and waking me up after 6 hours of sleep in the morning. And keep kicking may b near my ribs which hurt a lot but can’t wait to see her/him.

  • Im 29 weeks and 5 days, doctor said that baby’s feet are down “breech position ” anyone had the same and then baby turned into a head down position? I’m concerned

  • Hi today I am 29 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby girl. I’ve been watching the chat weekly Now. It shows good insight and info for me.

  • Idk what’s up but I’ve been tired & depressed in bed for a week. I feel sick to my stomach. Not hungry… ����‍♀️
    Emotional �� crying every day!
    I have most of his stuff ready for him I’m just feeling overwhelmed & like I just want him hear already! ��

  • 29 weeks today and driving my partner (and myself tbh) crazy with my nesting urges. So restless, it’s mad. Tiredness has returned but other than that feeling great! I feel so lucky when I hear some of you talk about your pregnancy issues. Keep strong ��

  • 6 months and 1 week is correct. Note that the definition of a “month” doesn’t equal 4 weeks. There is a little more than 4 weeks per month.

  • in 3 days i will be 30 weeks.. feel like my belly grew over night, harder to get up feel heavier feels tighter and looks a bit bigger..i’ve noticed a few times it seems to have grown quite a bit over night, and it does take some getting use to that day!

  • I am 29 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Loved watching this video learnt so much and your voice is so soothing and beautiful to listen to. Thank you for sharing this so well. I am due on 4th of June, 2020. Please do keep me in your thoughts and prayers. At the age of 39 this is my first baby and I just can’t wait to hold the baby in my arms!!

  • 29 weeks is 6 months and 1 week. So you are done with 6 months and one week from the 7 months. You will have 11 weeks left, or 2 months and about 3 weeks. If you say 7 months, you would have 2 months left only, which is wrong.

  • 29 weeks today! These videos really help me to feel I’m not alone with my symptoms and worries. All going well with my rainbow baby, but I have gestational diabetes.

  • Hi I just found your channel and absolutely loved this video. I was wondering whether you ever address raspberry leaf pills, maybe in future videos, since I have been told they are benefitial and help your uterus and cervix for an easier delivery… im planning on taking them, not sure when to start tho. but anyway, congratulations about your channel.

  • Ummm.. My baby was 2.5 pounds at 27 weeks. The doctor said he is doing good. I am anemic so I take iron pills, baby aspirin to increase blood flow and try to prevent Preeclampsia from coming back, and prenatal vitamins. I also am eating a sugar free diet because this time I’m now glucose intolerant. Yay me…

  • Hiya. M 29weeks n 4 days n babys movements r very gud (touch wood) hav a question when ever I lay down on my left or right side.feel lil tickles its like lil bird flapping his wings..what’s that means… baby did like that position or what…(its my 1st baby) thnx

  • Hi, I had my growth scan yesterday and baby’s growing well, they just mentioned that they noticed a ‘fluid loop around bowel’ of the baby, they said it’s nothing to worry about I just wanted to know what this is? Thank u!

  • It may look stupid but I appreciate at 3:46 you used “he or she” when talking about partner, thanks for your open-mindedness. Love your video!

  • I lost my last baby in 38 weeks… I feel baby was not moving… N when i got ultrasound… It was too late… My baby was dead… N i was just thinking that my baby is sleeping so it is not moving… But my baby was dead… So want to know now that how mhch time a baby can sleep in womb in 29 week

  • Am 29 weeks today and am even more tired and hungry for sweet stuff even more and over thirsty my nails a real long and them braxton hixs are really bad right now he’s also moving a lot I love that part me and him just sit up and play when were both woke �� my ankles are still kinda swollen but its been going down.

  • Not sure what’s people problem in encouraging such informative videos. Cheap makeup tutorials gets so much likes and comments. Strange.

  • I’ll be 29 weeks tomorrow, it’s been such a wonderful journey cant wait to meet my babyboy �� god bless all you mommies with your pregnancy and the birth ��

  • I love how us mommies take it serious about the numbers on this whole “weeks to months” convo �� & how it all caught our attention DURING the video is just too funny lmfaoooo WE KNOW WHAT WE TALKIN BOUT. we have kids to now educate. No confusion around here ������

  • You’re so full of joy and positivity!! Thank you for making the journey so lively!! I look forward to watching your videos every week. Sending love all the way from India ❤️

  • I’m due May 17 2015 and your video’s helps time pass fast for me and my baby. Thank you for putting up the video’s every week. God Bless

  • My wife keeps bugging me about me staying up all night and partying. She is 29 weeks pregnant. Will she stop breaking my balls around the 30th week or do I have to wait till the babies born?

  • Hello thanks 4 providing valuable information. I am 7th month pregnant n having sharp pain in right ribs from 1 month so plz give me a suggestion to get relief from pain.

  • Am 29 weeks and i was sleep i felt like water come out but idk.i have heart burn and also i been feeling dizzy.and throwing up.i have 2 more months to go.

  • 29 weeks today omg I cannot wait but question I haven’t gain a ounce or pound from my previous visit two months ago but my bump is growing is that normal?

  • as u told… 29 weeks =6 month,34 weeks =7 months,37 weeks= 8 months….apdina 8 months la tan ellarukum baby porakutha……koduma

  • I am 29 weeks today. I feel my babies kicks in the morning and night time like crazy but during the day I don’t know if it’s 10 times an hour �� is this ok?

  • I’m 29 weeks and beginning to feel very tired and slightly dizzy. I called my OB and they said its normal in pregnancy, should I be concerned about anemia?? Thank you in advance!

  • i have another question because sometimes I
    get worried when I feel a hard lump in certain part of my belly.It happened when I’m standing up, sittie & during bed time, is this normal?

  • Hi today I am 29 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby girl. I’ve been watching the chat weekly Now. It shows good insight and info for me.

  • Hi, thanks for your this kind information. i have a question if u pls help me. I AM 29 weeks pregnant and sometimes i have very bad pain in my pelvic area and also at my right side of bottom hip bone, my one of the nerve gets pressed and hurts a lot. doctor says that, it is so because my baby weight sometimes falls on tail bone and make it worse. But they can’t help until my baby’s born. SO I WANTED TO KNOW FROM YOU WHICH TYPE OF EXERCISE CAN I DO AND HOW TO WALK IN A DAY, AS I AM ALWAYS VERY BUSY WITH HOUSE WORK AND HARDLY GET TIME? PLEASE I AM WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY. thank you.

  • 29 Weeks is 7 months 1 week. We’re actually pregnant for 10 months, not 9 from what’s considered start to finish. Once you hit 40 weeks you’ve completed 10 full months of pregnancy. It’s simple math… 4w (1 full month) 8w (2mo) 12w (3mo) 16w (4mo) 20w (5mo) 24w (6mo) 28w (7mo) 32w (8mo) 36w (9mo) 40w (10mo). If we’re being really technical it’s 9.5 months total since the first 2 weeks we aren’t actually pregnant but a doctor will count from the first day of your LMP and not the day you actually conceived.

  • I just turned 29 weeks today! I can’t help but think God blessed me with a child to save my life. Last year I had 3 miscarriages & had my heart broken. I was drinking, smoking, taking ecstasy, doing coke to help me escape reality. If it was never for me being pregnant with my babygirl my life would’ve been spiraling out of control by now. So thankful!! I pray everyday that God helps me be the best mom to my daughter! ��

  • Hi Monica mam, I’m 29 week pregnant and feeling pelvic bone pain often…. I’m so much excited to welcome my baby…. Boy r girl

  • The nesting instinct is definitely here but I can’t start organizing things and putting things in place until we get rest of the things we need!

  • You’all Don’t Know Anything… 29 Weeks In Pregnancy Is 7months…. If Ya’ll Know Mathematics You Wouldn’t Be Baffling About 29 Weeks Nd Talking Rubbish Bout It’s 6Months How Must 29weeks Be 6Months? I’m 29 Weeks Nd My Ultrasound Tells Me That Am 7months…..

  • So im having my 5th baby and a planned csection. I do have incontinence when i cough(i have a cold) or have to pee and wait a lil too long. Should i still do kegels? I feel like i might have a hernia cause it hurts when i cough.

  • Hi Monica! I really love your voice, its lovely:p
    I jjust wanna ask if you have videos for fraternal twins, coz i am expecting for twins.:)

  • 29 weeks Braxton Hicks, lower back pain, hip pain when sleeping on side, extra bathroom visits, can’t wait to meet my baby girl, last baby ������������

  • 29 weeks & 3 days.:) For some reason I couldn’t watch the 28 week video. It said something about it being blocked in my country. Bummer…

  • One month has 30 or 31 days except February which has 28 days unless leap year. So it is obvious that 4 weeks has 28 days which doesn’t make one 1 month due to shortage of 2-3 days. So do your calculations yourself…

  • I love these videos, with no NCT classes it is good to see other mums. They make me cry with excitement and joy now as we get closer to meeting our little one, bloody hormones!

  • For three years, my pal and her husband made much efforts to conceive but all useless. Their counsellors informed them on most cases where their challenge was unknown. She bought this guide with sticking to the instructions in the plan for two months, they to be expectant. You could learn about this method further by getting to Google. The name is Sofia Goρazna
    take care

  • iam 29 week 1 day pregnant. iam wake up in 7 clock. but I feel the movement in 11 clock. is that any problem this is my first pregnancy so I don’t know the movement. pls reply

  • Im 28 weeks and 1 day. I usually want to see what Im in for a few days ahead. I also have alpha thalassemia and seeing the hematologist during this pregnancy. Im excited to meet my baby boy. Thanks for the important information even with this second pregnancy Im still learning.

  • Am in full nesting mode I can’t stop shopping, walking also has become very difficult but I do it anyways can’t wait to meet my lil angel after this week it’s my 10 weeks countdown ��������

  • I’m due May 6th 2020. Can’t wait until I go on maternity leave April 8th. Im sooo tired and exhausted! I’m not able to take it easy at my job so it’s been pretty stressful ( I work in a nursing home). I work 2 over night shift and 3 pm shift, it feels like I have no time to sleep or relax… ������

  • I am over the moon. today marks my 29th week as well. so thankful to this channel it surely saved me a lot of trips to the hospital since its my first child some things scared me… thank you so very much my due date is January 24th 2017. and every week i watch your videos. thank you

  • When she said we will soon be in the single digit countdown, I starting crying because WOW! My little pumpkin is almost here!!! I’m feeling very grateful and blessed at this point. Thank you for this channel ������������

  • I’ve followed from I found out I was pregnant I’m 29 weeks 1 day and backache is a killer love your videos they have really helped me

  • I Love you to watch your channel a lot important information that I need, I been back and for to the hospital because acid reflux I don’t it spices food at all. I do eat healthy foods as much as I can My little Angel due date is May 19, 2015 I’m rest trying to get much sleep before she comes some time it can get very difficult to sleep I lay on my side I sleep okay I feel her kicking a lot sometimes they be very hard. Thank you again I will be tune in every week

  • I’am 29 weeks and 3 days today by medical record base from LMP which means 2weeks advance counting though im not pregnant, but Im still 6 months and 8days actually base from when we make love..it’s really confusing so try to search at google for the pregnancy computation for more information and you might got the answer.thank you�� congratulations to all mommas!

  • Am 29 weeks already �������� due date 16 June 2020,, she moves as if she is in a football field,,,, I can’t believe am 29 weeks already

  • I’ve been watching these since 13 weeks. I am now 29 weeks and due May 2020! These videos are something I look forward to every week!

  • 1-4 weeks is 1 month pregnant
    5-8 weeks is 2 months pregnant
    9-12 weeks is 3 months pregnant
    13-16 weeks is 4 months pregnant
    17-20 weeks is 5 months pregnant
    21-24 weeks is 6 months pregnant
    25-28 weeks is 7 months pregnant
    29-32 weeks is 8 months pregnant
    32-36 weeks is 9 months pregnant
    37-40 weeks is 10 months pregnant

  • I am 29 weeks & 3 days today… my baby’s girls due date is the 20th of June ���� I cant wait till she’s finally here, her big sister can’t wait either( my eldest daughters birthday is the 18th of June )

  • 29 weeks today! Been having pelvic pain since last week and it’s horrible!! Especially laying in bed or getting up from the couch��

  • 29+2 days and the heartburn, pelvic pain and achy movements have really kicked in! He’s a little fidget, but it’s so reassuring when he moves and kicks �� I’m so excited

  • I will be 29 weeks pregnant in the next 4 days. Cannot wait to see my little one. This seems like such a long time to wait till the little bundle of joy comes into my arms.

  • 2day I’m in 29 weeks 2 days pregnant…. Pls pray 4r me frndzzzz 2 get healthy baby boy nd safe delivery and after 5 yrs of mrg life Im conceive again and I loss my baby in 3 mnth of pregnancy…. I love boy baby sooo I want a boy baby…… Pls pray 4r me frndzzzz 2 get healthy baby boy….. ��

  • Thank you so much pregnancychat.com
    I am a first time mom and all your videos helps me a lot. I am 29 weeks pregnant and few more weeks to go baby boy is coming. Keep it up. More subscribers to come. �� Love lots all the way to Philippines.

  • Have spd and carpol tunnel now breathing difficult get out of breath so easily and hes keeping me up at night already with his movements Haha hello week 29

  • Yayy I’m 29 weeks and 4 days. I came along way lol. The nausea, spitting, fluid in my lungs, breaking out, dehydration, uti, constipation, the cravings, backaches, swollen of both feet’s, headache, the dizziness and the smells I hate. Yeah my first pregnancy was a lot. But me and husband did plan on having just 1 baby. So I’m pushing through it. My favorite part is the kicking of baby

  • I get so excited for these videos… I’ll be 28 weeks in exactly 2 days insha Allah.. But so excited that I’m watching video for 29 weeks. Pray for me that my baby stays all well amin

  • 29 weeks pregnant with twins and constantly tired. Nesting hasn’t truly started but I have a 20 month old that likes to be a helper. Mentally I’m exhausted and I’m not sleeping. The babies are almost 3 lbs and my bump is a different shape from my Singleton pregnancy. All and all the kicks and punches are welcomed communication that all is well.

  • I realize that I am so emotional sometimes I talk crazy and mean things….next time am calm I am 29 weeks and I can’t wait to see my baby to bring me joy because pregnancy is not going as I was expecting in so many ways…..I will be a single mom so maybe that’s why

  • im its my 27 week now. i really enjoyed and love your videos cant wait to see my baby bella! my tummy is not big as the other pregnant mommies is it true that my baby is small? pls help me

  • Tomorrow I’ll be 29 weeks! Thank you lord for keeping me and my rainbow baby strong and healthy! Congratulations to all the mommas out there! We got this ����