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27 Weeks Pregnant Your Baby at Week 27. Don’t have headphones? View video transcript. This week marks the end of the second trimester — Your Body at Week 27. Two weeks ago, your belly was a soccer ball — and by 27 weeks pregnant, your uterus has swelled to Pregnancy Symptoms Week 27.

It’s a. In the third trimester, your baby will continue to grow and develop. By week 27, your baby looks like a thinner and smaller version of what they will look like when they are born. 27 weeks pregnant: Fast facts.

Your baby weighs almost 2 lbs – about as much as a head of cauliflower – and is around 14 1/2 inches long. At this stage, babies sleep and wake at regular intervals, opening and closing their eyes and maybe even sucking their fingers. With more brain tissue developing, your baby’s brain is very active now. By 27 weeks pregnant, you can feel your baby move much more. Some of your baby’s movements could be due to hiccups, while others feel like your baby is participating in an aerobic workout.

Many women find these movements comforting, and these often help strengthen the bonding process between mother and child. At 27 weeks pregnant, a baby is a little more than 9 1/2 inches (24.4 centimeters) from the top of their head to the bottom of their buttocks (known as the crown-rump length), and the baby’s height is over 13 1/2 inches (34.7 centimeters) from the top of the head to the heel (crown-heel length). 1  This week, your baby weighs over 36 ounces or 2 1/4 pounds (1,039 grams). 2 . At 27 weeks pregnant, your baby is about the size of a giant container of ketchup, weighing in at around 2 lbs and measuring about 14-and-a-half inches.

You Can Feel Your Baby Hiccuping As baby’s lungs continue developing, you might begin to notice tiny, repetitive spasms. That’s the baby hiccuping!By week 27, your baby is about 14.5 inches long and almost two pounds. He may have tripled in size since the 12th week of pregnancy. The Mayo Clinic reports that your baby’s lungs are continuing to mature this week.

His nervous system is also continuing to develop. At 27 weeks pregnant, baby is as big as a head of lettuce. The average 27-week fetus measures 14.4 inches and weighs 1.9 pounds.

But baby isn’t just getting bigger, they’re also getting smarter. 27 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?An average length at 27 weeks gestation is 38 centimetres. Your baby is growing quickly, with more all important fat forming under its skin and around its vital organs. Your baby is less skinny than it was and is filling out.

Big changes with your baby’s eyes. At 27 weeks pregnant, the average baby is about the size of a cauliflower. Mom’s Body at 27 Weeks Pregnant You’re probably still adjusting to your changing size and pregnancy weight gain, and you may notice a few new aches and pains as your belly grows.

List of related literature:

Month Four: Sixteen to twenty weeks.

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The heart starts to beat somewhere around the middle of the fifth week.

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Week 27 also marks the end of the “easy” trimester, so if you thought you heard lots of complaints in the second trimester, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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Week 1 The countdown to baby begins this week.

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  • Thank you so much for this����Just about to start week 27 in 2days on my 3rd baby after 10years with Twin girls! Don’t know why I didn’t expect to feel this tired so soon, but so grateful all the same & looking forward to meeting our boy���� Thank you so much for the great tips & advise����

  • I and my wife are expecting our first baby, a baby boy in fact. Please wish us luck. We are at the same time very excited and apprehensive as they say that 7th month is quite delicate!

  • Love you miss Monica. Love the way you explain each and every thing.thank you so much for making all these Vedios for us.today Iam at 27 week. got many things by you

  • this is my first baby its ah girl I’m 27 week’s and 1 day I’m so excited i can’t wait to meet my Angel i wish god be wit all of us n grant us safe delivery ❤❤❤

  • My 26 weeks runing and when baby moves i get very bad pain in my lower abdominal near to pelvis not understanding whats the reason behind this

  • I’m 27 weeks today finally getting fat �� this is my first baby can’t wait to hold you and kiss you baby girl ��

    congratulations to all of the other mommies #2020

  • I’m just about 28 weeks with my first baby. I’m 35 years old and never really expected to have a baby so it’s been quite an adjustment for me (with many more adjustments to go I should think!) Your videos have been informative, helpful, enlightening, and comforting for me during this time. And I just wanted to say thank you! I cannot believe I’ll be entering my third trimester soon. Child birth terrifies me beyond words and I’ll be happy to get it over with! �� Thank you again for the lovely videos!

  • Magnesium with calcium helps with the Charlie horses and leg cramps. If I miss it before bed then I get cramps. I drink a ton of water too, but Mg helps most

  • I’m 26 week 3days today. My pubic bones killing me. Doc gave me codine saying it’s safe. When I read online it says codine can give newborn withdrawal symptoms����‍♀️ I’m just sticking to paracetamol n hot showers. Omg the sharp girdling hurts so bad I have to cry. My belly measures 4” more than average women so midwife sending me to growth scan next week. My belly’s huge, I’m scared i don’t want a huge ugly 13lb baby�� I want a small cute 4lb kitten size baby�� ain’t gna happen.

  • Hi..I’m 27 weeks pregnant nd I conceive after 6 years my age is 28..difficult to sleep on the sides nd sleeping on the back is not good.kindly suggest me something

  • 27 weeks yesterday! First baby girl is due 16th July �� she’s very active! Had a pretty good pregnancy so far, just a some heartburn here and there. Craving chocolate & juicy fruits �� can’t wait to meet her �� love to all the mum’s xxx

  • First day of week 27 with my first! We’re having a baby girl; Brianna Ruth. She’s due June 29,2015!
    Thank you for your videos I find them very helpful and they’re my favorite videos that I’ve found to explain each week!
    I must say at 27 in having some serious issues breathing. I feel dizzy a lot and sometimes see spots! Not all the time, but I feel pretty crappy at the moment. Can’t wait to meet my baby girl though!!!

  • I’m 27 weeks today and this is my fav pregnancy channel I could listen to Monica all day her voice is so calming and she tells me all the stuff I want to know about

  • Hi, thank you for your video. I am 27 weeks pregnant and I had an ultrasound scan today as a result of having some weird feotal movements. The scan unfortunately shows cerebral atrophy and I will be having a repeat scan in 2 weeks. Have you ever come across any one who had an abnormal foetal scan which turn out to be nothing. Thank you

  • I’m getting excited and nervous I’m having twins and I’m 27 weeks today.they say twins come early and I’m just starting on the nursery this weekend…I hope I can get everything done in time.time is flying!

  • Hi I’m 26wks and I have lightning crotch�� I was taking my daughter to school and on my way home it felt like somebody stabbed me real fast down there�� OUCH����

  • I wanted to thank you for your videos. They have been very informative throughout my pregnancy. I am currently expecting child #3 and I am very excited. I feel like a first time mom being that my youngest is 7. Its been quite a while since I had a baby around. Once again thank you for your videos. You are great =)

  • I’m 27 weeks today (boy) this is my second child my oldest is 8 I love being pregnant and can’t wait to meet my little one but as the pregnancy progresses I’m also getting nervous because it’s been so long since I’ve given birth I had a cesarean with my first born and plan to have natural birth with this one and it’s making me a little nervous about what might happen

  • I’m 27 weeks today!! Its a real mile stone since we lost our last baby in may! Once my hubby wakes up I am going to show him this video and see if he can hear our daughter Ariel’s heart beat from the abdomen. Oh my gosh I am so excited

  • i am 27th week n 3 days today with a baby girl, my first baby after 4 years of my marriage n your videos are helping me aloooot  i become to know whts going on with me further n you wont believe it happens just you says. its so amazing n helpful too. thanks alot for your efforts. God bless you.

  • I love these videos.. But it seems like she’s just reading what she sees not telling what she knows, and the stuttering makes it hard to understand her. Great vid tho!

  • I’m 27 weeks now. Lol a boyyy… Right when you said that you can hear his heart by putting your ear on it, I told my hubby to take a listen.:) He heard it! i’m so excited.:p

  • I’m 27 weeks with second child It a boy I’m hilly favor even tho my 7 year old daughter wanted a little sister but she’s getting used to it. And I love you videos

  • I love watching your videos! I get excited every week to see what info you have for me! I’m 27weeks today and am getting more excited to meet my baby girl! I’m almost there! Thank you again! Very helpful

  • I’m 27 weeks today and for the past to days i been feeling alot of pressure down below. I don’t no if the baby has flipped face down or just make be drop a little bit, but it hurt through out the day anytime in trying to move around  feel it. I’m walking like I’m 9 months but I’m actually looking 6 months. I can hardly sleep at nights the baby moves and kicks a lot at night and even more during the day some times i feel like he is going crazy or dancing or something i want him to relax more. Hopefully he don’t come out overactive or ADHD cause he seem very hyperactive Lol. I wonder how long will the pressure last and what can i do to relief some of the cervix pressure??? and why do I use the rest room at least 10 times during the dau and at least 4 to 6 at night???

  • Hi.. I’ve been using OFF LOTION since November and this is the only time I got curious wether its safe to use or not? I’m from a country where Dengue is really common now a days. Thanks for your answer in advance. (27 weeks pregnant now)

  • I love this channel. You all help me so much, specially to hear I am not alone with the symptoms I have, even if this was posted almost two years ago.

  • Hello I find all your videos helpful, I’m having twin girls, is it true they develop faster? Because I was told girls do. Thank you for your advice

  • thank you so much for your videos, they have more detailed information and helps me alot… im 27 weeks and cant wait to see my little one…

  • Love these videos:)
    I’m 27 weeks tomorrow, due May 3rd 2020!
    My little boy has given me a blessing of a pregnancy for it being my first…the only thing that really debilitates me so far has been sciatic pain. If I lay still too long and try to get up, my left side lower back/leg is in so much pain I can’t put weight on it for a little bit lol

  • Oh my good I have this lightning pain for 2 weeks already. Twice i been to the doctor scared as hell. But everything seems fine. And it huuurtttssssss�� what did you do in this situations? Hurts more when I lay down��

  • Dude.. lol. One lady said she’s up constantly in the night. 2 times a night. What!? Lol im up EVERY 2 HOURS TO PEE. Now THAT is being up constantly! She should consider herself lucky! Lol

  • Must be hormones but its bugging me that they keep saying 27 weeks is the 2nd trimester… according to the American Pregnancy Association and my doctors, 27 weeks is the first week of the 3rd trimester. Dont hold me back lol.

  • 27 weeks… My heartburn is crazy terrible everyday. He moves constantly. I’ve been having Braxton hicks everyday. Insomnia kicked back in. Can’t fall asleep until 1 or 2am. My tailbone is killing me. But I’m super excited to see my baby boy and ready.

  • 27 weeks and I have this sharp like pain in my left lower quadrant abdomen �� but baby still kicking. Guess it is due to fetal enlargement.

  • 27 weeks today and I am due Feb.29th(Leap Year). I am constantly hungry no matter what or how many times I eat and it gets frustrating. She kicks alot(she may be dancer) lol and my back is constantly killing me…. butttt other then that I can’t wait to meet my baby girl

  • I am glad at 27 weeks my heartburn is not as bad ❤ plus for me. I am excited because they say the last trimester goes by in a whim. Looking forward to meet my little soccer ball player ��

  • I’m officially 27 weeks and I’ve really been feeling the moments and kicks that my little boy does inside my tummy☺️ it’s so amazing to see�� baby due April 16th 2020��

  • 27 weeks today. To be a single expectant mom I’m not sad, or upset it’s my 3rd blessing and I’m over excited to meet my baby boy Logan Charles������☺��������������������

  • I am gonna be a father… My wife and I are now 27weeks pregnant… Feeling the kicks on my wife’s belly is amazing.. I think he/she is doing too much movement as if he/she is already ready to come out.. I wish and pray baby comes out when the time is right.. staying in India so could not check the gender so fingers crossed!!

  • I can’t believe that third trimester will soon begin, I am excited for how far I have come and anxious to get through the last lap.

  • 26 weeks today! I like watching a week in advance to know what to expect ��My little girl is due 2nd June 2020 and I just cannot wait ������xx

  • She said in week 26 that we were starting our third trimester, and in this week she says, this week 27marks the endo of your second trimester so she is soo confusing.

  • Charlotte is very cute. You have taken me through this journey. Your voice has always been comforting. 27 weeks today, i was worried my tummy wasn’t that huge but seeing those bumps made me feel just fine. Baby kicks alot and it’s so entertaining. Sleep became quiet difficult due to discomfort, insomnia has taken the best of me. Getting really tired by day. ❤

  • 27 weeks today! Baby girl is due on Easter!!�� All day today I’ve had lightning crotch and it’s NO fun �� second time I’ve had it through my (first) pregnancy and I hope it goes away soon.

  • Currently at 27 weeks and my baby girl is having a good time kicking me all over my belly. Having a hard time sleeping now because my baby is awake like all the time. ����

  • 27 weeks today ❤️, something I’m wondering is when I yawn it hurts my sides?? Or my lungs? Not sure but taking in too much air feels so tight!

  • I’m 27 weeks FTM to a little girl, I’ve never been so scared yet excited, i keep doubting myself, it’s not pleasant, I love her so much, shes jumping and kicking so much! ������

  • I’m on my 27th week now.. Your videos helps a lot. My due date is on feb 9, 2016 and tomorrow I’m gonna find out what’s my baby’s gender. Pretty excited!

  • 27 weeks and my back and legs are killing me. I’m carrying a big basketball ������in the front of my body. Baby #3 is so active, and I can not wear pants because it hurts so bad

  • So late to the party! 27 weeks today, working so hard and I have flu! Urgh so excited it’s my first but on the other hand I’m already so tired!

  • Im 27 weeks pregnant, but I dont look it. Everyone is still surprised with how small i am, makes me nervous, my doctor hasn’t said anything is bad though. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Hi.. can someone let me know about tightness of upper tummy all the time in pregnancy.. its killing me since week 24 I’ve been suffering from dis tightening upper part of stomach and its hard for me to walk or breath no doctor or midwife is able to answer me about this.. if someone can help me with this I’ll be gr8ful thanks x

  • Ahhhh 97 days to go!! So excited ��
    If anybody here is feeling generous https://www.walmart.com/registry/baby/cdec1140-ea78-4ff0-88aa-71f34f2ab719 even a blessing our way is appreciated ♥

  • 27 weeks today feeling kick so low down feels like babys foot or hands gonna pop out such bad back ache and still having bad stitch when I walk had this about 4 weeks now can see baby move now which is lovely heart burn has turned up too

  • 27 weeks and 3 days today!!!
    Filled with so many emotions!!! Excitement, anxiousness, nervousness…
    I can’t wait to meet her ☺️

  • 27 weeks soon, haemorrhoids, bloated, extremely week, survived UTI last week after excrusiating pain. Anyway we are closer now! Cant wait to meet our baby girl! Thanks for these videos. I play my quota every week

  • i was 27 weeks yesterday and i just wake up random hours the baby definetely doesnt want me to sleep in past 6:30…. i definetly feel that thunder thing omg randomely when i walk sometimes. i will say im definetely nesting now trying to organise every thing and buy new things to do up my hse again… i will say thiugh this babys making me crave mainly healthy minus the nucho’s ahahha

  • 27 weeks today and heart burn started, always hungry and thirsty as well. She’s very active and my legs are cramping so bad! My stomach is still very small though for 27 weeks which is funny since my baby is very tall for her week (Her height is seen as 28 weeks). Both the father and I were born really tall.

  • Yay! So excited to be entering the third trimester. Not really sure if it’s 27 or 28 that makes 3rd trimester but I’m going to just go with it. My crazy dreams, shortness of breath, and heart burn are still in full force. Thank goodness for Zantac. I’m feeling lots of baby movements and I’m able to watch her from the outside. I’m leaving for the beach in the morning and I’ll be gone my entire 27th week. Looking forward to resting and relaxing, oh and eating from good food��

  • I see a lot of people talking about leg cramps but for me it’s been foot cramps specifically in my right foot ive also been feeling so much weight from my belly now and it’s definitely hurting my back I’ve noticed being much more restricted when it comes to bending over or doing a lot if I walk a lot one day I typically end up having Braxton Hicks contractions by the end of the day one night I actually got woke up from them but everything has been pretty well with my pregnancy just mostly typical symptoms I can also make out a lot of her body parts when she moves now and it makes me so happy �� I can’t wait to meet my baby girl

  • Compared to them I look like I’m carrying a baby elephant in my belly, then again I’m only 4”11 so she has nowhere to go but straight out ����