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Pregnancy by Weeks Week 26

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26 Weeks Pregnant | What To Expect

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What To Expect When You’re 26 Weeks Pregnant

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Your pregnancy: 26 weeks

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26 Weeks Pregnant Your 26th Week Of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy symptoms during week 26. Lower-back pain. If your lower back seems a little achy lately, you can thank both your growing uterus – which shifts your center of gravity, stretches out and weakens your abdominal muscles, and may be pressing on a nerve – as well as hormonal changes that loosen your joints and ligaments.

Week 26 Baby: Your baby’s hearing is fully developed. As the baby reacts to sounds, its pulse increases.Your baby will even move in rhythm to music. Lungs are still growing but are not yet mature.

The 26th week of pregnancy is the last week of the second trimester. Time may seem to drag, but just remember that you are one week closer to meeting your new baby. Get the Fetal Life App for Apple and Android endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association. What changes are occurring with your body?

The top of your uterus can now be felt about 2 ½ inches (6.3 cm). At 26 weeks pregnant, your baby’s eyes have fully developed, and they’re even sporting newly visible eyebrows and eyelashes to accompany them. Meanwhile, your body may be showing more evidence of all that growth and development in the form of. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 26.

Bloating and gas. Your expanding uterus continues to put more and more pressure on your stomach and intestines, resulting in the bloating you probably feel. Minimize the problem by eating several small meals a day instead of three large ones so that you don’t overload your digestive system.

Your body at week 26 of pregnancy At this stage of the pregnancy, you should have gained between 20 and 23 pounds (9-10.5 kg). The extra pounds may not feel comfortable and your body may have changed so much that you are no longer happy with how you look. Most patients should gain between 20 and 30 lb (9-13.6 kg) during pregnancy. 26 weeks pregnant symptoms As you end your second trimester, your previous symptoms during past weeks may still continue, such as frequent urination.

However, another symptom that could begin. By 26 weeks pregnant, you’ve probably gained about 16 to 22 pounds—or about 27 to 42 pounds if you’re 26 weeks pregnant with twins. When you touch your 26 weeks pregnant belly, you’ll notice the top of your uterus is about 2.5 inches above your belly button. Your belly will keep growing about a half inch each week for the rest of your pregnancy. You at 26 weeks Pregnancy and birth can weaken the muscles of the pelvic floor and you may notice you leak pee when you cough, sneeze or strain your stomach muscles.

Your pelvic floor is made up of layers of muscles inside your body that stretch like a hammock from the pubic bone (in front) to the end of the backbone. As the weeks go by, your baby’s skeleton starts to harden from rubbery cartilage to bone, and he or she develops the ability to hear. You’re likely to feel.

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  • I’m 26 weeks today and I have started noticing body parts pushing up in my belly since a few days ago, lol. I’m not so sure if I’m witnessing an elbow or foot tho.

  • hi Monica! wanna tell you that i like your videos. i really appreciate your efforts in explaining everything slowly and clearly that we expectant mothers dont know and should know about our pregnancy. All your videos are of great help to us. may God bless you more! Btw, im on my 26th week now and i want to know how frequent should my baby move? like every hour? if so how many movements? thank you

  • my baby is not active in this week i m 25 weeks and 3. days pregnant today,he actually kicks but not as much as he was doing in past weeks.is this normal? should i be worried about it?

  • Thanku for these informative videos

    I suffer from Kidney since 2008…however it has become more prominent in 2nd trimester…. its worst…since 2 months now

    I need taking pain killer but m scared if it would affect the baby….I try n bare the pain but helpless went it worsens….

    Doc has prescribed meftal….is it safe…. would it have any side effect on baby…

  • 26 weeks pregnant today with my second child. =) Im feeling the kicks more intense this time and just wondering if it’s normal to feel pain with the movements? You did say the muscles do weaken. Thanks:)

  • Hi, I am 26th week pregnant. I feel baby movements in lower abdomen only when I am sleeping only.
    I feel my tummy is small will it affect baby’s growth???

  • Am watching today am 26wk due May 2020 can’t wait for the big day. Enjoying my pregnancy, no stretch marks, no aching back, no depression am so active and so blessed. Baby see you soon love you so much!

  • I’m 26weeks and 4 days the doctors pushed my due date up before they found out the baby is bigger than they thought new due date Nov 30….

  • The emotions! I can go from bawling to happy to grumpy so fast. It feels like my emotions are all over the place, and even when I try to control them, they get the better of me.

  • Gooosh, I am starting my 26th week right now and I already feel like killing everybody around me when hungry �� last night I woke up at 3am, hungry as hell, grumpy as old man and cleaned up the fridge..what was worst, I had to go out for morning shopping because I was hungry again �� poor my man (please, do not leave me:D ) anyway, I feel movements but can’t recognize if it was ✋ or leg:)

  • Still research on bathing in tub, this will increase more fluid to the Amniotic fluid.There are important ingredients to use;epsom salt, favorite bubble bath, or lavender oil to relax. Also, to prevent virginal infection, don’t soak in tub for hours, limit is 10 minuets At 37°C (98°F). Higher temperatures can cause you fetus( baby) to get spina bifida.

    Raising your body temperature too high can lead to a drop in blood pressure, which carries a risk of reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that your baby is able to get and could lead to birth defects including miscarriage.

    Don’t be alone, Have someone help you out the tub, you may feel dizzy or have a slippery tub from the oils. A bottle of water is great too to prevent dehydration.

    Relax and have fun!!! ������ Congratulations Mothers to be! ����������������������������

    By the way, I’m 26 weeks too �� Yeeee!!!

  • My fave pregnancy channel.. yes daddy’s watch this to �� expecting our second little one beginning of September.. we have a little girl & now expecting a little boy! Blessed ����

  • I hear that women with high blood pressue are induced at 39 weeks. Is this so? If the woman’s blood pressure is controlled by medication and numbers are good..do they still have to be induced? Thanks.

  • I’m due in Oct 2020… Sleep is getting difficult for me as I’m starting to itch everywhere.. My palms.. My feet.. Is anyone having similar experience? I can’t sleep as the itch is really killing me.. I’m awake, scratching all over. Plus my baby’s kicks can be felt at my abdomen.. N it’s getting so hard..

  • I’m Due December 2020. Ligament pain is my worst enemy. I deal with horrible nasal congestion. This is my 4th pregnancy 3rd baby. Expecting my 1st baby girl ��

  • 26 weeks today grt video and u said about itching one of my friend started itching nad gets so worst doctor did blood tests after dat dat said thy need to dilver d baby straight away so her baby is born 2 weeks early

  • Anyone else still super emotional? Literally started bawling when she was talking about baby locking eyes with us for the first time ��

  • When do the baby teeth show up after they are born
    How do the teeth get thru the Gums?
    Are there little channels in the Gums ahead of time in place for the teeth to push through?

  • I want to ask u smthing’ my baby is side ways’ will he be in a right position by the delivery tym or will they giv me big cut to take him out:(:'(…??? Plz help its my frst pregnancy nd he’s always side ways’ I’m 25 weeks today. Thanx

  • My 26th week will start from 2mrw’ its a BOY:) can’t wait to c him nw. Ur videos r realy helpful nd i must say u r such a polite lady’ nyc way of describing…x

  • Your videos are so helpful. I watch each week, sometimes 2-3 times. I’m 25 weeks and I want to know how I can tell when and if my baby has hippcups? This is my second baby and I still can’t tell. There’s so constant rhythmic movement. It’s either shes kick or moving or she’s not.

  • A surprise box of items for parents and baby valued up to $35 with Amazon. It’s free and you can claim your https://amzn.to/3a3Zn0g you can cancel the baby Registry if you don’t wish to continue but it’s well worth it. Thought to share with you guys as my wife opted for it and we are a full-time member but you can cancel within the free trial and not pay anything and still get your $35 pack for free

  • I keep hearing my own pulse in my left ear is this a normal sympton of pregnancy as never had it before getting Pregnant. Thanks x

  • Thanks for your video:) I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and have just started my own channel with weekly pregnancy vlog updates. Be sure to visit my channel and watch some of my videos!

  • I’m 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant, my baby moves a lot..I experience back pain a lot when cooking or doing other household chores and also my abdomen is this normal?.

  • That’s a pretty chiseled jawline for an unborn baby lol. I’m over here like “SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIRE THE TECHNICAL TEAM THAT MAKES THE CGI EXAMPLE BABY”

  • Due on August 2020 with my first baby..3 months to go.! So excited to buy her things..hopefully, COVID will end soon! Keep safe always. God will protects us.

  • glucose screening isnt a must and about 30% women who actually do have pre eclampsia FAIL the test so it isnt that accurate. It actually have a few hazardous ingredients to watch out for! If you and your doctor are satisfied that you dont have pre eclampsia then there is no need to do this test. Every woman need to make informed decision about their body and know whats best for them and their baby!

  • I see your videos regularly and i see how my baby would be looking with each scan. My wife is at 25th week right now. Please wish is a healthy baby and healthy my wife after she gives birth to our baby! Lots of thanks from India

  • I have 6 daughters and pregnant with our son. Getting at home nausea meds through a pump in my stomach because I have hyperemesis.

  • Am I the only one wakes up during the night from coughing spell bc of the your stomach acid comes back up to choke u. My kids get so nervous when that happens

  • First trimester: month one is 1-4 weeks month two is 5-8 weeks
    month three 9-13 weeks

    Second trimester
    month four 14-17 weeks
    month five 18-21 weeks
    month six is 22 26 weeks

    Third trimester
    month seven is 27-30 weeks
    month eight 31 35 weeks
    month nine 3640 weeks

  • I was diagnosed high risk preeclampsia at my first trimester ultrasound, am on Aspirin medication to regulate, and I have to take it till 34weeks.

  • Officially 26weeks tomorrow. I’m so excited to know that she now has such a strong chance of survival regardless of what may happen. Praying she’ll stay in until her actual birthday!

  • 26 weeks!!!!
    I feel so blessed. His brothers are so exited…!!! Cant think about names tho. Any ideas of boy names that begin with M?

  • Me and my baby are on bed rest. Because something moved down to my pelvis bone that should have moved down. and I have a picture I caught today of her pushing both of her legs out and basketball to an arrow in my belly. And the heartburn is the worst my son is loving the fact that his sister’s coming soon I’m a repeat C-section I had to be a t-cup with the first one. Check the doctor said they’re going to be taking me early when she sees to be taken. December 2020 her bday

  • you got some of your information wrong! 26 is still in the second trimester. your not in your third trimester until 28 weeks. i know this because I as asked my doctor

  • I am on my 26 weeks, and my baby is moving a lot! He is just quiet when I am dancing or doing Zumba:D. I love your. Idea because they are very specific and informative!:) thanks:D

  • This videos re so helpful n much need ed thank u very much…..i can not wait 2 be a mother i v ALWAYS wanted 2 be a mother for six long years after my 3 miscarriage.i had lost hope.but now thT im 26 weeks pregnant im looking forward 2 the great fruit of being a new mother……….

  • Hi how are you beautiful lady, I really like your videos, I’m also 26 week now and I Have question
    my tummy is very tight now, is that normal, and I have Pulpitation

  • 27 weeks is the last week of the 2nd trimester, 28 weeks is officially the start of your 3rd trimester. However, some doctors say differently so it all depends.

  • How much weight we should have in 6 month pregnancy…i was 59 before getting pregnant n till now have gain only 3kg..i m nw 62kg n my height is 5″6″.

  • I’m confused with these week shits at this moment it’s this amount of months and then something else….next week I’m to be in my 3rd trimester and I’m going to be 27weeks so I guess I’m 7months then

  • 9 inches? The baby is 14 inches at 26 weeks…Even your own website says that. Here is a quote from your website. “She now weighs a full 2 pounds and measures 14-plus inches long.”

  • I’m now 26 weeks pregnant due in September, I had to talk to my doctor about my baby’s movement slowing down. He told me not to worry about it

  • I like these videos except they are waaay off with how long the baby should be at 26 weeks & as so as their other videos… your baby is more like 13 inches at 26 weeks

  • Love your video I’m 26week 4 day pregnant I weight 157 now this will be my third child will questions is that when I set and stand I show a little and then I lay down i look like I have no belly at all is like Im not even showing is normally? Or when do I start showing

  • Thanks for your video:) I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and have just started my own channel with weekly pregnancy vlog updates. Be sure to visit my channel and watch some of my videos!