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Comparing My Two Pregnancies // First Trimester Differences

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I’M PREGNANT! My Second Pregnancy is so Different from the First | Susan Yara

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What to expect during your second pregnancy.

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Second Pregnancy: How It Is Different from The First One!

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How Your 2nd Pregnancy + Birth Experience Could Be Different From the 1st

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However, during a second pregnancy you might notice a few differences from your first pregnancy, including: Different breast changes. Your breasts might not be as tender or. You will have the same basic screenings that you had in your first pregnancy.

If you had any complications in your first pregnancy, there may be a need for increased monitoring in a second pregnancy. An example would be if you developed gestational diabetes in a first pregnancy. Difference between first and second pregnancy 1) Fatigue. Fatigue is common during pregnancy.

During first pregnancy, you may or may not feel tired. Fatigue is common 2) Bump size. With your first pregnancy. It creates a significant difference between first and second pregnancy. Thus above all are major differences which are noticed by every woman in first and second pregnancy.

Women are more excited in the first pregnancy, but in the second pregnancy, she is not excited as they got to experience before in first pregnancy. Once you make it to the last few weeks of your first trimester, you’ll probably find yourself experiencing some common symptoms including morning sickness and mood swings, which tend to happen with first and second pregnancies alike. Besides pregnancy symptoms, your second pregnancy will happen at the same pace as your first. Different physical transformation. The way in which your body changes during your second pregnancy will be different from your first.

For example, your belly will probably begin to show earlier on. This is because your skin and muscles have already gone through this process, so they’ll stretch and spread more easily. Being pregnant with a second child is an entirely different experience than being pregnant with a first. When you’re pregnant the first time, you’re a princess; an amazin. 8 ways your second pregnancy might be different from your first.

1. Your second pregnancy bump may show earlier. Your baby isn’t growing any faster, but you may very well find that your pregnant belly pooches 2. You might feel more tired. 3. Back pain. 10 Ways Your Second Pregnancy May Be Different From Your First 1. You’ll probably “feel” pregnant sooner. Most second timers are more attuned to the early symptoms of pregnancy and.

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to expect a guide to cover first, second, third, or fourth pregnancies and all the various different details of each one. It was when a few of my friends and I found ourselves in the midst of our second pregnancies that we learned first-hand of some interesting differences between the first and second pregnancy.

List of related literature:

During the second trimester, the woman will usually experience decreased nausea and better sleep patterns, and have more stamina and energy than during the first trimester.

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My second pregnancy was quite a contrast to the first.

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If it is the second or third pregnancy, the tendency will be to compare it with the previous ones (which may not have any comparison!).

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During the second trimester, most of your partner’s early pregnancy symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, disappear, but she finally begins to look like the pregnant person she is.

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Morning sickness is more common and tends to be more severe in first pregnancies, which supports the idea that both physical and emotional factors may be involved.

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During the second trimester, most of your partner’s early pregnancy symptoms disappear, but her body undergoes visible changes.

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You will experience all the changes you noticed during your prior months of pregnancy, plus a few new ones!

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Each woman is different and sometimes each pregnancy is different.

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Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, and even the same woman may experience different pregnancies quite differently.

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Likewise, no differences in pregnancy

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  • Fantastic content as usual Bailey. I wish you all the best for your second pregnancy. May you have a wonderful motherhood journey ahead.

  • I just saw a video about a maternity car belt adjuster. The “ZUWIT Bump Belt”, look it up. Her hair, just like her…perfect. My son was born with a black spot on the back of his head. Still has it. How much longer till we ALL know if it is a boy or girl?

  • i have baby at 29 12 2018 but he passes away it was doctors mistake that felt it will get normal delivery but my wife has alrady told me it’s quit difficult for me that i will give a normal birth it was very difficult for me that i have loss my baby please give me suggestion how much time it will get for me to get next pregnancy and how much time to stay away from my wife

  • At least your craving good tasting food. Im almost through my first trimester and all ive want was pickles and applesauce. And yes together.

  • Congrats Susan! You’re glowing! I am 21 weeks now and expecting to due in early Aug. Wishing you all the best in your second pregnancy! Oh I hope you can do a video on skincare routine for pregnant woman. You have such a nice skin!!

  • Congratulations! I’m due in May with a little boy. I definitely want 2 but this pregnancy has been super hard. Good for you on the elective c section. I am considering one for several reasons, but a lot of people are like shaming me into doing it vaginally and I’m getting really down on myself about it.

  • my first labor and delivery was very fast, 4 hours of labor and 25 minutes of pushing so i’m wondering will it be even shorter this time around??

  • Congratulations Susan n family! Sooooo excited for you guys. Hoping you keep feeling good and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Looking forward to sharing your pregnancy adventures….Cheers! (with water+lemon ��)

  • I’ve a feeling that I may seriously be pregnant again and I’m watching this video for clarity to see what the differences could possibly be

  • Congratulations!! I’m still in my first trimester with #2 so I am so happy to hear that your morning sickness has gotten better as time has gone on. I am so much sicker this time than last time also. Chicken grosses me out too. I’m eating a lot of soup these days lol. I’m a month behind you.

  • I haven’t confirmed if I am pregnant or not.if I am pregnant this will make baby #2 My son is now 8yrs old.

    The symptoms I’ve got are #1 missed period no implantational bleeding yet.#2 sore breasts /fuller breast #3 headaches #4 loss of interest in food I used to eat but I will gladly eat a pizza or fast food. I haven’t noticed increased urination yet but sometimes it feels like I have a uti after using the bathroom.

  • Get the epidural ladies, I tried my best not to but my doctors came in & basically told me to just get it, that’s what it’s there for because I was in so much pain. But my daughter will be 5 tomorrow & im currently 10 weeks pregnant feeling fine just hungry & tired all the time & I cry a lot lol but it’s way better than my first pregnancy because I was sick all the time until my second trimester so much that my throat & mouth was raw from puking so much ������‍♀️�� but now I get nauseous every morning around 6 for about 20 minutes ☺️��

  • Omg, I feel the same �� freshly pregnant with baby no2 and my first delivery was natural very fast and veryyy painful��but recovery was fast, too. other than it was worth it❤️

  • When I peed on the stick with the second pregnancy, bam my belly popped ��. I’ve got two kids. A son and daughter. I did the same with c-sections. So happy for you!! You are the cutest pregnant person ever!! Xoxo

  • I wish I had known what a luxury a first pregnancy where you don’t have to run after kids while pregnant is! First time moms, enjoy! You’ll never have that again��

  • I just found out today that I’m expecting my 2nd! So excited and I have been feeling slightly nauseated and profusely sweating when working out lol I don’t usually sweat crazy but lately I am so i kinda had a feeling

  • This video was so lovely Elise. I am so glad your super relaxed with your current pregnancy. I hope to be like this when i have my next baby. �� not long to go for baby boy xx

  • I have one baby, he’s a year and a half now BUT.. we’re talking about a second one soon. I’m so glad I’ve watched your video, because a lot of the things you’ve discussed, have actually been going around in my head & it’s just so nice to be able to relate ������. Love your channel! You look beautiful, hope you’re keeping well ��.

  • Don’t want to be negative but I really have heard any alcohol is bad when pregnant I’m 36 weeks with my first so maybe I’m in the everything is bad phase but I have gotten less full on the further along I have gotten having feta or something here and there but I think any alcohol is really not recommended now days since they know so much more of the effects alcohol has on unborn babies not just the slight risk with bacteria foods like undercooked eggs etc, your choice tho not trying to interfere just pointing out if u didn’t really look much into it

  • Knowing y’all watch Impractical Jokers makes me love you guys more omg
    If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

  • My pregnancies for #1 and #2 were pretty similar but you are spot on with how you are less worried about everything. My first labour was slow, 17 hours and for my 2nd it was only about 4hours when I was in active labourit felt very hard to cope with 2nd time around as there wasn’t much rest between contractions like in my first labour.. that’s so true about what you say about your first child being up early and not having time to rest, it’s exactly the same when the baby comes too and sometimes it feels like you’ve been up most the night with baby and then all of a sudden your other child’s up and ready to start the day when all you want to do is snooze haha

  • Wow I’m due on October 2nd with my first:) just about a week after you! Will definitely be following along with your pregnancy since we are so close in our due dates!

  • Croissants (any fresh bakery ��) YAS ������, I’m craving the same foods! Oh and lots of ice cream ��! In my 1 trimester. And feel so sick the whole day, cannot stand any meat����. Hard to eat as a guest while keeping the baby a secret!

  • I was very sick with my first daughter and had lots of pain & depression, but my second pregnancy was an absolute breeze! Both labour’s were natural the first was 11 hours & the second was 5 hours. My girl’s are 21 months apart. When they first were introduced, I just cried and cried because of how beautiful that moment was. They are now 3 and 20 mths and still love each other so much ����

  • I agree with everything you say in this! Especially being anxious about birth etc and the bond your first born is having with this baby! Hope the next few weeks go smoothly! X

  • Awww awesome! I’m so excited for you! I’m pregnant too, but pretty far ahead of you, 29 weeks (and 3 days.) And maybe you are having a girl since your pregnancy has been so different than the last one. Glad you’re starting to feel better too. That little bit of residual nausea should get better soon too.

  • 18:50 My hair was the same way as a baby but over time its turned lighter and lighter and eventually turned white, and I love my white white so does my husband. Everyone thinks it’s cool to have

  • Love this! Im on my second as well, And it is all so true. My first labor was two days long, so i am hoping this time it will be faster.

  • Congrats on your new baby adventure!! You are such an inspiration!! I didn’t know that you have son so now, not only, are you a lovely woman with a successful, interesting, and creative career. But now you’re a working wife and mother juggling all these variables!! I hope that you allow yourself to rest, meditate, be patient, and enjoy the process. Thank you for consistently pumping out such interesting content!!

  • You might be craving more sweets cuz you’re more tired and you’re wanting that sweetness to give you the energy you need since you cant nap as often as you want…I found that with my second pregnancy as well…

  • I believe the patch of dark hair on miss Micah Moo is is called a “Mallen Streak” I dont know i searched and that’s what I came up with? ������

  • could you share how you found the nanny that you like?! we have an 8 month old and I need a great nanny but dont know how to go about finding someone we can trust!

  • My babies are 20 months apart and its SO overwhelming! I had an emotional breakdown when hubby went back to work after 2 weeks. If you have help take it because you’ll need it!

  • I’m glad you and Mica like it i thought it was a cell phone toy I haven’t seen it with her when you all went on vacation that i know of =) I also have some very cute that she can play with and to snuggle up to can’t give out more than that or you;ll guess it. but i rememeber Austin went by and pick up the stuffed animal while you both was in target i think that’s where and i thought it would be great to mail it i remember he saying something about he wanted it for Mica.

  • I enjoyed watching your video! I’m a new blogger doing weekly pregnancy updates I am currently on week 24! check it out here: rr

  • I just stumbled onto your channel a couple days ago and immediately subscribed. You have such a great energy about you & are so intelligent with skincare. I love your videos, congratulations!!!! ��

  • I saw this last year, I am watching it again because I found out we are also waiting for baby #2 thank you for being so honest and up front. I do not feel alone.

  • 1:30 yes i am pregnant too with my 2nd. And i feel the EXACT SAME WAY OMG. super happy and excited but also dreading things i know are to come. So it’s scary but i can’t wait. I guess once you have One you know all pain suffering and sleep deprivation is WORTH IT!! lol but you still can’t help those anxious and unknowing fears like what if something is wrong etc. but hopefully we all have healthy happy babies. God bless you and our babies! Xo

  • We are pregnant with our first, and plan to have a few more and my family keeps telling us how the first and second are sooo different. Your body is now more prepared for the baby, and thus you show earlier and it’s more apparent lmao

  • I had a baby girl and named her Ocean, and now I have a baby boy and name him River… I’m 37 weeks pregnant, and what do you think about the names??
    Btw, congratulations ❤️ YAYYYYYY������

  • It’s so cute. So I found you when I was 6 months pregnant this January.. I like binged watched your videos just because you have the sweetest voice and it wasn’t cringy to watch you lol well now.. I have a 6 month old almost 7 and I’m 6 weeks pregnant �� scared as hell. But whenever I turn your videos on I think my daughter recognizes your voice/music and she immediately turns and watches you lol it’s the cutest thing ever!

    Good luck momma look forward to watching you!

  • Take the epidural! I had one and the birth was easy! I could rest before the pushing stage, no exhaustion from
    the pain. It didn’t slow my birth down, I only pushed for 20 mins. I was up showering within the hour. No side effects. I could feel contractions but couldn’t feel pain. Would def have another if I had another baby.

  • Omg I’m the same���� like everything you said I did also experienced with this second pregnancy. I’m not that further as you are. Still really sick and tired. But also with a bump allready��

  • Yaayy! Congrats!!!. I can completely relate to everything your experiencing this time around! I started feeling back to normal probably by the 15 week or so ��.

  • Gosh now I have to try the pineapple poblano tacos… I have my first box coming to my door tomorrow, I don’t remember exactly what I ordered, but I think they are two pork dishes and one chicken, can’t wait to give them a try. Great job Austin… those disposals can be tricky. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  • I was watching your sleep training video… I am not into that BTW….CUZ you can’t do things when you have multiple children…. Good luck

  • I’m 16 weeks pregnant with baby #3 ����. Been so so sick with this one! Each pregnancy has gotten worse for that! My first labour was long! Very long! Back to back so hard… ended up with an epidural. My second birth was amazing! 5hrs start to finish! No pain relief… easy recovery! I’m glad to have had two very diff experiences.. it’s taught me to keep a very open mind with everything… no two births are the same and you’ll know what to do! I’m hoping for a home birth all being well with this little one! Xxx

  • Congrats Susan so excited to hear more about your pregnancy journey! Do you think you would be doing a maternity fashion post? I’d love to see that from you.

  • I was SOOOO sick with my first pregnancy. Lost 12lbs in a matter of weeks. I probably should have been hospitalized. Vitamin B6 is what finally started giving me a little relief. Ginger which is what people kept telling me to eat or suck on did very little. This time I’m prepared with both, and they helped prior to officially finding out I was pregnant again. This time I feel more exhausted, but last time I was so sick I couldn’t even notice anything else except the metallic taste in my mouth.

    I’m no where near fit last time or this time, but this time I already feel much bigger/bloated? than last time. Still holding my breath that the sickness stays away and misscarriage doesn’t occur like it did earlier this year.

  • You look so pretty! I love your nails,the polish color is so nice. Love your videos! �� curious to see if baby boy will look like his big sis?! She is a beautiful child!

  • Congrats Susan! You’re glowing! I am 21 weeks now and expecting to due in early Aug. Wishing you all the best in your second pregnancy! Oh I hope you can do a video on skincare routine for pregnant woman. You have such a nice skin!!

  • First pregnancy had body aches lower back pain and morning sickness barely could sleep. Dizzy spells constantly. This pregnancy no sickness no body aches whatsoever and sleep like a baby in any direction, before I had to be on my left side. I enjoy this pregnancy so much more! Baby latched right after he was born like 5 minutes the first time. I’m nervous this baby won’t latch as easily. Every baby is different. Con first baby severe labor pain toward the end natural pro no complications. 2nd time around I pray labor is way better! Getting epidural! Pro my first was about 9-10 hours in labor so hopefully this one is shorter! Pro more energy this time around. Pro I haven’t gained as much weight this time around. My son is 27 months old and sleeps when I sleep which is 1 nap a day and we go to bed like 9 wake up at 8 am. Con I fear I can’t handle the end of labor I literally felt like I was dying the first time and could barely walk for a month after. Extra strength Tylenol saved me!!

  • I am almost 22 weeks now. This time a girl after boy. I always have a bit of belly so last pregnancy i did not really showed any different till 6 months and even then no one could tell if I wasn’t standing. this time it start to show a little bit right now. But it also depends on our body, I am 1.70 with wide set bones so maybe this I am showing later. However physically it is different. Feel more pain this time around when walking and when I just got pregnant the whole first month i was feeling something growin in me. Like A ball or some such. also heart palpitations this time but not at first. Never had braxton hix now I do. No cravings really. But some food smells feel horrible for me what never had first time around.

  • It’s a girl!! I had horrible morning sickness until week 15 and lost 10 pounds. Then found out it was a girl at 12 weeks. Congrats!!

  • Congratulations! I was extremely sick with hyperemesis and everyone told me it was a girl and she would be hairy…sure enough, it was a girl and she was born with a full head of hair…!! Glad youre feeling better!

  • I remember with Taric in my first trimester there was an entire week where I ONLY wanted deviled eggs, for every meal. After that week I had a complete and total aversion from any style of egg lol I didn’t even want to smell them. I didn’t start eating eggs again until about 4-5 months ago, well after Taric was born ��

  • It was a different experience. ot is a different child and my babies are 13years apart so pregnancy was harder of body…. It also takes longer to lose weight…. Finally im so in love….

  • Oh my goodness! I’m due with our 2nd on Sept. 23rd! It’ll be fun to follow along with your pregnancy. Couldn’t be happier for you! ☺️

  • Definitely had anxiety during my pregnancy, and like you, I have a tendency to like being in control of things that are happening to me. I had “BIG” nerves during labour, and especially finding out that I had to have a cesarean. But, looking back, if I could, I would do it all over again, BUT, I would try to relax more. Looking back…those moments seemed to go so quickly, but when you’re in the moment, things couldn’t go by fast enough. I’m so glad you’re having you second, and a boy! Bet he’ll be so cute xx

  • I’m pregs with my third I have a 6 year old, and a 17 month old and I was induced with my second labour and it was hard going very physically draining. My first labour was easier by half. I also think I’m barely paying attention to the movements this time around I’m just two busy with the other kids. Don’t worry I know the baby is well had my twenty week scan all limbs there and heart beat but yes I’m very distracted. I have had some worries about the labour but I’ll just have to push through no turning back now!!! I have to say it was weird going from mother 1 a five year old back to newborn stage and I felt like I had to relearn things but now I feel more then confident as you will too Elise. I am too no way strict with my diet etc this third time around. If I grave lollies or some chips I’ve had it I’m so tired my second baby has eczema so he is struggling to sleep and between him and taking my eldest to school I need it. My husband works 70 hours so I don’t have too so you just do what you have too! Still all a blessing and amazing just can be hard. Xxx

  • Just a suggestion… if you want to get your son excited about being an older sibling here is something you can try… go shopping with your son tell him to pick out a small gift ( small book or toy) for him to give his new baby brother/ sister when they meet for the 1st time in the hospital. You will then secretly buy & wrap a small gift (so 2 gifts total). You can then hand your son a gift at the hospital saying “ the baby got you a gift too because he/she is so excited to meet her/his older brother!”. This way he doesn’t feel left out of the excitement on the day of the delivery & feels special because both kids got a gift for one another.
    Also, try to go on a small getaway for you & your husband to get alone time before the new baby arrives. Then go on a special Mom & son day (zoo, amusement park, day at the beach, etc) so just the 2 of you can bond before baby gets here. Then Dad & son have a special day together as well so they can bond. This way your son will feel special that he got 2 dedicated days of bonding with just his parents before the newest edition arrives. Hope it helps!��

  • Yay!! Congratulations!! Glad to hear that you’re feeling better now that the first few months are over. Hopefully that stays through the rest of your pregnancy.

    One thing you mentioned, that might not stand out to a lot of people but really struck me. Why is it so important to many people to mention that they’re really hoping they have a “healthy” baby? I was born with a disability, and the idea that some parents (not mine, thankfully) might have been happier about me if I was born ablebodied is quite disturbing. Is this baby’s worth in how “healthy” they are?

  • Second pregnancies are different in the way you are experiencing. You pretty much know what to expect. A few differences and you have Micah to chase so you do push through things. Your less likely to panic over what is happening. Rest, enjoy and try not to lose your butt!! �� Have a Blessed Day!!

  • Micah is so precious. She was unsure of who you were. That look she gave you was so funny. You are looking gorgeous. So sorry about his yoga class. Think I would have left. Can’t wait until your next video

  • My 2 & a half year old has only just gone into 18 month clothes. She’s short too. Sometimes it does depend on where the clothes are from though. My daughter has a dress age 1 year, that still doesn’t fit

  • Congrats Susan! You’re glowing! I am 21 weeks now and expecting to due in early Aug. Wishing you all the best in your second pregnancy! Oh I hope you can do a video on skincare routine for pregnant woman. You have such a nice skin!!

  • Little Micah knew her moms voice, she was so confused. We had two boys n two girls my boys were ALL out front, I hardly showed with our girls… Just sayin’ we are all different.

  • I have had 4 liveborn children. The pregnancies were all similar as I had “day sickness” from week 8 to14 weeks. I showed earlier with each. Labours were totally different. 1st labour was the longest, 2nd labour I found the toughest
    pain wise, 3rd pregnancy “day sickness” was the worst but labour was the easiest, 4th I ended up with Pre eclampsia and the cord around her (my only girl) neck. Ist was 10 days overdue, 2nd came due date, 3rd within days of due date and 4th my daughter was induced 2 days early. Their birth weights 8lb4, 7lbs11, 9lb, 9lb2…..sorry to ramble..LOL
    P.S You are looking great btw.

  • Thanks for being brave enough to admit on YouTube you would be a little disappointed if it’s not a girl. I want a girl so bad and people make me feel bad about it! Of course I would ADORE a boy, but if I were able to choose I would choose girl, and I don’t think it’s wrong. Will love baby SO much no matter what!

    I hope c-section #2 goes great for you. You know your body best!

    Very happy for you and Arun and Nikash!

  • I also had a fast delivery in under 20 minutes I labored at home and had a spontaneous vaginal birth the minute I got into the hospital. I don’t ever want to have an epidural though so I just have to endure it again. 8 months later I’m pregnant again ������ I’m still full time breastfeeding and my son still wakes up 2hourly and once a week he’ll give us a break and wake up 4 hourly. I am exhausteddddddd ffs �� as long as I keep convincing myself I am in a dream or a parallel world I just keep going and I don’t feel as bad ahaha

  • I discovered you during my last trimester and your vlogs has helped me a lot! And now you’re pregnant! My baby is turning 3 months on April 4 ☺️ I’m so excited for your second baby.

  • aww during the babies heartbeat scene, the captioning said there was (Music) playing ❤ so beautiful ✨ congratulations hot momma! prayers for it being a baby girl even though it’s okay if its not ��

  • Just watched this!! Extremely happy for you!!! We are trying too after our miscarriage so hopefully we can be pregnant soon too. But I am truly happy for u. I almost got teary eyes watching.

  • Honestly with my daughter I had every drug they could give me but because my tolerance to painkillers is so high even the epidural barely did anything. They took it out and retried because they thought it just wasn’t done right the first time because I could almost completely feel my lower body still. It was barely dulled but then after the pain was gone and she was out I was described as catatonic, I can only assume I looked that way because I had so much in my system I just wasn’t okay. I still had feeling, but my brain was no longer alert due to pain. If you know you have a tolerance juat don’t bother is the point in the story, it won’t change much and you’ll just be whoozy after.

  • My 2 pregnancies were pretty similar. Puked the entire way thru with both. My delivery was much more enjoyable the second time around. Both were fast and drug free but my first one was traumatic emotionally because of the speed and intensity and he arrived in the car! Second was far less painful and still super quick!! All the best girl ��

  • As my doctor explained, everything is stretched out so you seem to show faster with the second and third. I know I sure did too. Embrace it, you look great! Also this pregnancy will probably fly by for you because you’re busy with a child.

  • 14:40 I feel the same jess I think its cause we are already filled with what we need to know and we just dont worry about it because we already know… that’s how I see it.

  • I dont think the feeling of not thinking there is a baby in there ever really goes away, or maybe I’m not far along enough in my second pregnancy for it to have fully hit, I’m 25 weeks with my second and I still forget that I’m pregnant and that I’m having another baby soon, I have most stuff set out or pulled out of storage waiting to sort through and I’ve started setting some things up got new clothes a new carrier a hitch hiker for the back of my stroller for #1, I’m feeling strong movement you know all these things you do and go through in preparation for a new baby I’m doing all of that but it still hasn’t hit me yet that I’m going to be a mother of 2, I pull out all these things and the first thing I think is “aww, I remember when he used these things with Harley” instead of “aww, I can’t wait to use this again for the bew baby” it almost feels feels like I’m just taking a trip down memory lane? It definitely helps when I buy new things to invision a brand new baby but since I’m using a lot of my first baby’s stuff it just feels like memories rather than future plans I hope this is making sense but I understand how you guys are feeling, I’m not feeling any of that guilt most parents describe about thinking I won’t love her as much as my first I know I will, I haven’t felt that feeling! Because it hasn’t hit me, I’m probably going to be laying down after birth of #2 and that’s probably when its going to hit me, and that’s only 13/14 weeks away for me I have moments where I’m like crap! That’s 3 months! And I get frantic to get things organised but it’s a strange feeling because I’m like I need to do this but it feels like it’s for someone else’s baby but the other days I just forget that I have these things to do

  • I am not a instructor, but tapping has happened in classes before. A lot of athletes, take Michael Phelps, slap their bodies to awaken and get the blood flow going

  • I just love you and Austin and mika i could listen to you talk for hour and would not get board but i am happy for you guys in Austins son witch will weigh 9lbs and 3 ozs by the time he is born so put a flagor a hart or somthing because when it is time gor you to have t hy e baby you are going to say one of my subcribers was right and all i want in return is a shout out to Jersey of course my real name shiws in the comments si give Mika a big hug and kiss for me and tell her auntie Jersey loves her two

  • Lmao! That is too funny about Austin’s yoga lesson! You guys are such an awesome little family, really enjoy watching you guys! ����

  • One of my friends daughter is 6years and has a bright grey streak of hair at the front of her hair hiw unique is that….. you will have a blast with two kiddies ❤❤

  • I love this!! I’m having my second baby right now. I’m 32 weeks prego tomorrow and due date is for April 30 but I believe she will come earlier she’s soooo big

  • Well… The belly thing can be easily explained. Your body adjusted from the first time you got pregnant. And you look bigger because of that. It has something to do with the abdominal muscles and the skin. But regardless. It is very normal

  • Awww, I got teary when Micah cried and you got choked up when she saw your old lady face!
    800 tacos around delicious right now and I’m not even pregnant ��.

  • 0:58 this is scary for a baby sorry but you shouldn’t do that!!what’s the reason??��for nausea try some lemonade juice or have lemonade in your meals for me in myb3 pregnancies it was working a lot��

  • Lol I didn’t even need this video bc I totally knew you were pregnant. I actually thought I had just missed your announcement lol. 2nd babies are easy!! Congrats:)

  • I think the different colored spot of hair makes that person, Micah in your case very unique. My uncle had medium/dark brown hair with a light blonde spot on the crown of his head. And his wife had jet black hair with a pure white streak right at her widows peak. My uncle was definitely 1 of a kind so in my opinion it’s great!

  • Definitely stay with a double sink! I hate my single sink. In a double, you have a dirty side and then a clean side to rinse. In a single it’s just all dirty so if you drop a dish while rinsing it you have to wash it all over again. Ugh. I wish I had a double sink in my apartment.

  • Omg I’m so happy for you that I actually subscribed to your channel just now! I have 2 boys 13 yo and 7 mo that’s right 13 years gap and I’m going strong. You are amazing mama and I’m looking forward to go with you through this journey )) meaning watching your videos and getting inspired and motivated by it. Good luck!

  • I m pregnant with baby no 2 and you are so right in being very particular about things and food at the time of your first pregnancy and in 2nd you are just like i dnt care as long as baby is fine and i have tea twice a day with no worries 2ndly yeah bump start showing up quite early and i have alot of exhaustion n sleep this time around so excited to see Zara’s reaction for a baby brother

  • I hear you 100% darl �� I have 3 it’s so crazy how different everything is. Also after birth takes a while to get your period back I’m on my 3rd baby as said and she’s 7months old and yep still nothing sorry for tmi

  • It is awesome to know the man you married is also a handyman.��. Hope you feel better soon Jess,the first trimester is the worst. Micah is such a little sweetheart.������������

  • Hi Susan do you have any tips (diet or fitness) to help with getting pregnant? Did you do anything in particular to get pregnant?

  • I wonder if you guys will find out the sex of the baby and do a gender reveal?! Or will you leave it to be a surprise?
    For some reason I see you guys having another girl! But I kind of hope you have a little boy! It would be so sweet if you had one of each.
    However, of course the only thing that matters is that the baby is healthy.
    Loved the bizarre yoga story btw! It gave me a giggle trying to picture it! ����

  • With my second, I showed and felt baby sooner. With my daughter, I started to feel her around 16-18 weeks, showed around 20-22 weeks(I’m also heavy set). My sons pregnancy, I felt him(not even joking) at 8-10 weeks. It felt like tiny little taps. At 10 weeks, Braxton hicks started and I started to show a little bit after that. Besides that, my pregnancies were very similar. I had no morning sickness, mood swings, or heartburn(I did the week I found out with my son, but I had food poisoning that week, so that couldnt been it). Then, I hit 15 weeks �� I constantly had Braxton hicks, major movements, CRAVINGS, pelvic pain, which we think my pelvis just separated too quickly. My daughters pregnancy was smooth, but my sons wasn’t. I still have some pelvic problems and he will be a year old on November 1.

  • Happy Day!! Jess, when I was pregnant with my daughters, I craved fruits, veggies and chicken and fish, because I could not eat red meat or pork. When I was pregnant with my son, I craved red meat, fast food, everything was completely opposite of when I was pregnant with my daughters. Anyway, I was just thinking that you might be doing the same thing. Hope all 3 of you are having a great day!!

  • Oh Elise,I totally agree with everything that you said.My little girl is almost 4 and I’m due with our baby boy any day.The fact that you just can’t rest especially on the beginning and now at the very end was so different and challenging but all so worth it.And like you said there is so much more love coming our way and seeing the bond already is just the best!I’m also more scared about labour now knowing what’s coming but I’m just trying to concentrate on my memories of holding my baby for very first time and how incredible that felt!I’m sending you lots of love!I’m a big fan of your channel ��

  • We have been SPOILED with a 22 min video! I always look forward to comparing how we are feeling since we are both due 5-13-2020! You guys make me laugh and distract me from how horrible I feel and seeing Micah reminds me that this will pass and in the end we will have a perfect bundle of joy. So excited!

  • I cleaned houses for a living, and I know your sink is clean, but maybe if you get some Bar Keepers Friend, in the powder form, it might brighten up the rust in your sink?

  • I can not recommend a TENS machine highly enough. Have you looked into that option? Please message me if you want to know more because I just thought it was an amazing drugfree pain relief/distraction. I listened to the birth hour podcast, theres also one called australian birth stories and the rockstar birth radio to help prepare and to stay positive.
    Also I used super deep breathing, moving postion (I found my sweet spot) and listened to hypnobirth tracks in early labour then a sleep playlist on spotify to block out family and hospital movements and sound.
    Just wanted to share what I round to be really helpful in case it helps you. Absolutely no judgement for whatever you do and choose of course. Glad you ate and drank as you wanted to 2nd time round. I ate runny eggs and softserve ice cream with #2 haha

  • I am 5 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first child is almost 18 months. So unexpected! LOL We had one mishap on the 13th of March, and it happened. Haha. Well, here I am pregnant again. So, The similarity I can find with you is that my baby bump has progressed aggressively. I am 112lbs. I am not big at all, so I was confused to find that my stomach would not go away. I thought it was a long food baby for a while. Little did I know it was from a real baby.

  • The exhaustion is crazy with your second! I am almost 16 weeks and have a 11 Months old. I am still so sick and so many aversions and I feel like I need someone to take care of me and her. Not sure how women do it. Have no family to help us out close by and its kicking my bu**.
    Wish I would finally feel the second trimester glow that I had with my first ��

  • I just found out I’m pregnant with baby #2! I think I’m around 4 weeks. And I live really close to y’all. I’m in Clearfield, UT. I’m so excited to watch your vlogs as you’re about a month ahead of me. Who knows, we might have the same dr too. ����‍♀️��

  • You’re so cute pregnant Jess! And don’t worry, everything happens way faster with the second baby than it did with The first. lol I showed around 22 weeks with my first and around 12 with my youngest!

  • Second pregnancy my son is 2 and I can’t seem to handle it well I keep getting so nauseated and only 7 weeks I’m also scared ima not snap back like my first child I’m n my 20s to so I’m not sure ��

  • I was so sick up until I was 4 months pregnant! And I was craving for everything sour (because it helped me with the, not morning, but all day sickness lol) My friends all guessed I was having a girl and they were right! My daughter is 2 and my husband and I are done having babies, we feel so complete! Congrats on the baby!

  • You have to bear in mind you’re abs haven’t recovered fully from your first pregnancy, so you wWILL show earlier.I know coz i had three babes in three years.

  • Read Brain maker before u decide on birth method and breast feeding choices. Very informative about long term health and gut health. Good luck.

  • On behalf of the yoga instructor, If she was anything like myself. When i worked in the cc parks i hired in as a daycare teacher, and my manger one day came in and said because your so good with the kids your going to be our full time teacher and going to teach Shake Rattle and Roll. I was totally clueless as to what to do. He said its where adopted kids and parents bond and to entertain the class for a hour twice a week. Then he also threw me into toddler tumbling which i never done before either. And i had ages 28 36 kids on my own with balance beams,tunnels and teaching them how to flip and do the splits, backbends, handstands on a hard basketball floor no mats. 3 times a week for 2 hours plus the daycare class 40 kids on weekends sometimes more, and 7 to 15 during the week. Maybe she was thrown into yoga like that.

  • Girl go with whatever you feel most comfortable with. People will always have opinions on whether you should have a C-section or go all natural etc but it comes down to what’s best for you and baby.

  • You know what? Just enjoy yourself while pregnant. The baby gets all the nutrients they need, even if they steal it from you. Take a prenatal and just relax. You’re only allowed extra calories a few times in your life. Eat that cookie dough! Release the guilt and just enjoy this wonderful time. You can take the weight off afterwards. Worry about it then. ❤️��

  • I’m so glad I found this! I’m pregnant with my 2nd. And my first was SO fast from active labor starting to having a baby was 7 hours. From water breaking to having her was 2 hours. My contractions were 8 minutes apart and then my water broke and they went to 3. I had no time to process “I’m about to push out a human!”

  • Its so funny because Micah is only a tiny bit older than my little man but he is so much taller than her… probably because his dad and me are both titans. Still funny.

  • Hey guys!! Jess Zofran is your friend for that nausea! Works fast, it’s safe, doesn’t make you sleepy! I got big fast with my second pregnancy also then I just kinda quit growing, I only gained 13lbs with the 2nd one probably from chasing the first one �� Mine are only 15 months apart & I weighed exactly the same at both deliveries.
    I have never even noticed Micahs spot in her hair…lol very unique!
    Can’t wait for the next video ��������