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However, during a second pregnancy you might notice a few differences from your first pregnancy, including: Different breast changes. Your breasts might not be as tender or. You will have the same basic screenings that you had in your first pregnancy.

If you had any complications in your first pregnancy, there may be a need for increased monitoring in a second pregnancy. An example would be if you developed gestational diabetes in a first pregnancy. Difference between first and second pregnancy 1) Fatigue. Fatigue is common during pregnancy.

During first pregnancy, you may or may not feel tired. Fatigue is common 2) Bump size. With your first pregnancy. It creates a significant difference between first and second pregnancy. Thus above all are major differences which are noticed by every woman in first and second pregnancy.

Women are more excited in the first pregnancy, but in the second pregnancy, she is not excited as they got to experience before in first pregnancy. Once you make it to the last few weeks of your first trimester, you’ll probably find yourself experiencing some common symptoms including morning sickness and mood swings, which tend to happen with first and second pregnancies alike. Besides pregnancy symptoms, your second pregnancy will happen at the same pace as your first. Different physical transformation. The way in which your body changes during your second pregnancy will be different from your first.

For example, your belly will probably begin to show earlier on. This is because your skin and muscles have already gone through this process, so they’ll stretch and spread more easily. Being pregnant with a second child is an entirely different experience than being pregnant with a first. When you’re pregnant the first time, you’re a princess; an amazin. 8 ways your second pregnancy might be different from your first.

1. Your second pregnancy bump may show earlier. Your baby isn’t growing any faster, but you may very well find that your pregnant belly pooches 2. You might feel more tired. 3. Back pain. 10 Ways Your Second Pregnancy May Be Different From Your First 1. You’ll probably “feel” pregnant sooner. Most second timers are more attuned to the early symptoms of pregnancy and.

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to expect a guide to cover first, second, third, or fourth pregnancies and all the various different details of each one. It was when a few of my friends and I found ourselves in the midst of our second pregnancies that we learned first-hand of some interesting differences between the first and second pregnancy.

List of related literature:

During the second trimester, the woman will usually experience decreased nausea and better sleep patterns, and have more stamina and energy than during the first trimester.

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My second pregnancy was quite a contrast to the first.

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If it is the second or third pregnancy, the tendency will be to compare it with the previous ones (which may not have any comparison!).

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During the second trimester, most of your partner’s early pregnancy symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, disappear, but she finally begins to look like the pregnant person she is.

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Morning sickness is more common and tends to be more severe in first pregnancies, which supports the idea that both physical and emotional factors may be involved.

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During the second trimester, most of your partner’s early pregnancy symptoms disappear, but her body undergoes visible changes.

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You will experience all the changes you noticed during your prior months of pregnancy, plus a few new ones!

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Each woman is different and sometimes each pregnancy is different.

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Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, and even the same woman may experience different pregnancies quite differently.

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Likewise, no differences in pregnancy

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  • Fantastic content as usual Bailey. I wish you all the best for your second pregnancy. May you have a wonderful motherhood journey ahead.

  • I just saw a video about a maternity car belt adjuster. The “ZUWIT Bump Belt”, look it up. Her hair, just like her…perfect. My son was born with a black spot on the back of his head. Still has it. How much longer till we ALL know if it is a boy or girl?

  • i have baby at 29 12 2018 but he passes away it was doctors mistake that felt it will get normal delivery but my wife has alrady told me it’s quit difficult for me that i will give a normal birth it was very difficult for me that i have loss my baby please give me suggestion how much time it will get for me to get next pregnancy and how much time to stay away from my wife

  • At least your craving good tasting food. Im almost through my first trimester and all ive want was pickles and applesauce. And yes together.

  • Congrats Susan! You’re glowing! I am 21 weeks now and expecting to due in early Aug. Wishing you all the best in your second pregnancy! Oh I hope you can do a video on skincare routine for pregnant woman. You have such a nice skin!!

  • Congratulations! I’m due in May with a little boy. I definitely want 2 but this pregnancy has been super hard. Good for you on the elective c section. I am considering one for several reasons, but a lot of people are like shaming me into doing it vaginally and I’m getting really down on myself about it.

  • my first labor and delivery was very fast, 4 hours of labor and 25 minutes of pushing so i’m wondering will it be even shorter this time around??

  • Congratulations Susan n family! Sooooo excited for you guys. Hoping you keep feeling good and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Looking forward to sharing your pregnancy adventures….Cheers! (with water+lemon ��)

  • I’ve a feeling that I may seriously be pregnant again and I’m watching this video for clarity to see what the differences could possibly be

  • Congratulations!! I’m still in my first trimester with #2 so I am so happy to hear that your morning sickness has gotten better as time has gone on. I am so much sicker this time than last time also. Chicken grosses me out too. I’m eating a lot of soup these days lol. I’m a month behind you.

  • I haven’t confirmed if I am pregnant or not.if I am pregnant this will make baby #2 My son is now 8yrs old.

    The symptoms I’ve got are #1 missed period no implantational bleeding yet.#2 sore breasts /fuller breast #3 headaches #4 loss of interest in food I used to eat but I will gladly eat a pizza or fast food. I haven’t noticed increased urination yet but sometimes it feels like I have a uti after using the bathroom.

  • Get the epidural ladies, I tried my best not to but my doctors came in & basically told me to just get it, that’s what it’s there for because I was in so much pain. But my daughter will be 5 tomorrow & im currently 10 weeks pregnant feeling fine just hungry & tired all the time & I cry a lot lol but it’s way better than my first pregnancy because I was sick all the time until my second trimester so much that my throat & mouth was raw from puking so much ������‍♀️�� but now I get nauseous every morning around 6 for about 20 minutes ☺️��

  • Omg, I feel the same �� freshly pregnant with baby no2 and my first delivery was natural very fast and veryyy painful��but recovery was fast, too. other than it was worth it❤️

  • When I peed on the stick with the second pregnancy, bam my belly popped ��. I’ve got two kids. A son and daughter. I did the same with c-sections. So happy for you!! You are the cutest pregnant person ever!! Xoxo

  • I wish I had known what a luxury a first pregnancy where you don’t have to run after kids while pregnant is! First time moms, enjoy! You’ll never have that again��

  • I just found out today that I’m expecting my 2nd! So excited and I have been feeling slightly nauseated and profusely sweating when working out lol I don’t usually sweat crazy but lately I am so i kinda had a feeling

  • This video was so lovely Elise. I am so glad your super relaxed with your current pregnancy. I hope to be like this when i have my next baby. �� not long to go for baby boy xx

  • I have one baby, he’s a year and a half now BUT.. we’re talking about a second one soon. I’m so glad I’ve watched your video, because a lot of the things you’ve discussed, have actually been going around in my head & it’s just so nice to be able to relate ������. Love your channel! You look beautiful, hope you’re keeping well ��.

  • Don’t want to be negative but I really have heard any alcohol is bad when pregnant I’m 36 weeks with my first so maybe I’m in the everything is bad phase but I have gotten less full on the further along I have gotten having feta or something here and there but I think any alcohol is really not recommended now days since they know so much more of the effects alcohol has on unborn babies not just the slight risk with bacteria foods like undercooked eggs etc, your choice tho not trying to interfere just pointing out if u didn’t really look much into it

  • Knowing y’all watch Impractical Jokers makes me love you guys more omg
    If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

  • My pregnancies for #1 and #2 were pretty similar but you are spot on with how you are less worried about everything. My first labour was slow, 17 hours and for my 2nd it was only about 4hours when I was in active labourit felt very hard to cope with 2nd time around as there wasn’t much rest between contractions like in my first labour.. that’s so true about what you say about your first child being up early and not having time to rest, it’s exactly the same when the baby comes too and sometimes it feels like you’ve been up most the night with baby and then all of a sudden your other child’s up and ready to start the day when all you want to do is snooze haha

  • Wow I’m due on October 2nd with my first:) just about a week after you! Will definitely be following along with your pregnancy since we are so close in our due dates!

  • Croissants (any fresh bakery ��) YAS ������, I’m craving the same foods! Oh and lots of ice cream ��! In my 1 trimester. And feel so sick the whole day, cannot stand any meat����. Hard to eat as a guest while keeping the baby a secret!