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Is Vaping Safe When Trying to Become Pregnant?

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What the science says about the safety of e-cigarettes

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Pregnancy and Vaping / E-cigarettes

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Vaping During Pregnancy Study Shows Risks | Connecting Point | Oct. 9, 2019

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Although the aerosol of e-cigarettes generally has fewer harmful substances than cigarette smoke, e-cigarettes and other products containing nicotine are not safe to use during pregnancy. Nicotine is a health danger for pregnant women and developing babies and can damage a developing baby’s brain and lungs. Also, some of the flavorings used in e-cigarettes may be harmful to.

Vaping While Pregnant That’s where electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, and vaping come in. The manufacturers have been purporting that this is a safer way to smoke and pregnant women seem to be believing the hype. Using electronic cigarettes (vaping) during pregnancy isn’t safe. In recent months the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported more than 1,000 cases of lung injury tied to vaping, mostly involving products that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The Food and Drug Administration recommends that pregnant people shouldn’t use any vaping product, regardless of the.

Vaping (using electronic cigarettes) isn’t safe during pregnancy. And recent reports of lung injuries from vaping have doctors even more worried. Also, the nicotine in e-cigs passes into breast milk, so it’s a good idea not to vape while breastfeeding, either.

Photo credit: / martin-dm. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a 2016 Surgeon General report say that e-cigarettes are not safe for pregnant women, but because it has a potential benefit to smokers who are not pregnant, researchers are still conducting studies. That’s the suggestion from a new study that finds close to 4% of pregnant American women are vaping, and the rate of e-cigarette use is actually higher among pregnant women. Vaping E-Cigarettes Not Safe During Pregnancy. By: Amos Grünebaum. Updated on April 29, 2020. Electronic e-cigarettes (also known as electronic vapor products or EVPs) contain nicotine which is a health danger for pregnant women and developing babies and can damage a developing baby’s brain and lungs.

In addition, some of the flavorings. Electronic Cigarettes and Pregnancy Are electronic cigarettes (also known as e-hookah, e-pens, vape pens, or tanks) are battery-operated cigarettes that turn chemicals, including nicotine, into a vapor, which is then inhaled. Many women who smoke during pregnancy are using e-cigarettes as an aid to quit or cut down and members of the midwifery team may be asked for advice. Resources These resources have been designed by the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group to inform health professionals and support conversations with pregnant women who smoke and are inquiring about e-cigarettes.

Vaping during Pregnancy. Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes purport that vaping during pregnancy is safe. But this is not entirely true. An electronic cigarette is generally a nicotine delivery system.

The only thing that differentiates it from a traditional cigarette is that it works differently from the regular cigarette.

List of related literature:

Potential effects of e-cigarette use during pregnancy are of great interest for a number of reasons.

“Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Committee on the Review of the Health Effects of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, David L. Eaton, Leslie Y. Kwan, Kathleen Stratton
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Electronic cigarettes and other forms of smoking, such as a hookah, may be perceived as safe alternatives to cigarettes during pregnancy.

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Pregnant smokers should be encouraged to quit by using educational and behavioural techniques rather than nicotine replacement products; however, research regarding the safety of these products during pregnancy is ongoing.

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Because preclinical data have shown that nicotine is harmful to the developing fetus, all but one of the NRT products have been placed in FDA Pregnancy Category D, indicating that there is evidence of human fetal risk.

“The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment” by Marc Galanter, Herbert D. Kleber, Kathleen T. Brady
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Clinical guidelines assume that when pregnant women are heavily dependent on nicotine, use of NRT will be less harmful to them and their babies than continued smoking; however, these findings have not produced evidence for this assumption.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
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In pregnant women, the USPSTF found convincing evidence that smoking cessation counseling sessions, augmented with messages and self-help materials tailored for pregnant smokers, increases abstinence rates during pregnancy compared with brief, generic counseling interventions alone.

“AWHONN's Perinatal Nursing” by Kathleen R. Simpson
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Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive and also toxic to developing fetuses.

“Sheehy's Emergency Nursing E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Emergency Nurses Association
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Nevertheless, a pregnant woman should be informed that exposure to any nicotine, whatever the source, carries a risk of embryo and/or fetal harm.

“Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal Risk” by Gerald G. Briggs, Roger K. Freeman, Sumner J. Yaffe
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Cigarette smoke contains several toxic agents such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and mutagens, which may be harmful to the developing embryo.

“Comprehensive Gynecology E-Book” by Rogerio A. Lobo, David M Gershenson, Gretchen M Lentz, Fidel A Valea
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You should avoid smoking or taking nicotine in any other form while pregnant.

“PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs, 9th Edition” by Pocket Books
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  • When I made this video Harley girl was 7 weeks old. I do still vape. Thank u to the Trolls that decided I was a crack head without knowing how to spell it. I have never done drugs a day in my life.

  • can I ask you what type of vape juice you used? I use a vape mod with regular VP/GP with 3 mg nicotine, but since I got pregnant I have been vaping straight organic vegetable glycerin. no nicotine or propylene glycol or flavorings…I smoked cigs with my first baby, but very rarely, but I still did. she was healthy but only 6lbs. but still healthy. hey, I was happy she was small, it was easier to push her out! anyway, what juice did u vape?

  • i hope my kid doesnt vape,i smoke 30yrs camels……but i use nic salts now…..tried all the patches the zyban etc etc juul is stronger than bloody camel filters……i hope my kid never fkn uses a juul.

  • TWD RULES!!! Haha (referring to your poster) �� Came here to find out what effects e cigs may have on baby currently 30 weeks this week and been vaping my whole pregnancy:( so hard to stop especially with the stress of life but praying baby girl will be okay:) ♥️��

  • I was already about to quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant. Crazy huh? Momma knows I guess. I am 21, I was vaping at 15 nic and I started lowering and tapering off the nicotine which made quitting 100x easier. And since I did it so early my doctor tells me my baby has no more of a chance of complication as any other baby. So happy I chose to quit.

  • The second so called scientist mark does not know what he’s talking about, technically referring VG and PG as oil is the dumbest thing he said

  • I’m surprised I’m the first to say this but uuuuuuh…allegedly people are ending up in the hospital and some dying from vaping ��

  • . Addiction is the main issue. Addiction of sugar,drugs,alcohol, and many others. I started smoking when I was 9 to be cool. I quite smoking when I was pregnant but one stressful day after my child was born I smoked a cigarette and was hooked until I got pregnant with my second child and his life was so much more valuable than nicotine just like my daughter life was but I started back and then was weezing couldn’t breath. I switched to capping and I breath and feel so much better. If I could just not do it fine but it’s an addiction. and it always is there. even when you quite

  • 50 is not a lot are you joking lol and the FDA is a joke they dont regulate cosmetics and yet everyone things estee lauder is to be trusted

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  • the test on the lab mice is completely unrealistic. first, those mice where breathing nothing but vapor, no fresh air at all, in a realistic setting, when you’re vaping, you’re outside or in a room that has a/c, and you’re taking in fresh air in between every puff. second, most lab mice are not healthy, most of the mice that where tested already had some form of cancer.

    vaping really is not a public health issue, it’s a political issue, because many states are going to be faulting on bonds they pulled out due to the Master Settlement Plan, and instead of states just taking what ever tax revenue big tobacco companies make each year, states instead pulled out bonds with the expectation that these cigarette companies would pay it back at the end of each year, that’s the only reason why vaping is a “threat,” but your gready lying politicians would never admit that.

  • if I was a doctor I wouldn’t tell anyone to do anything good for you, if you’re sick I get paid. if you’re an addict here are some more drugs, why use your brain

  • This is all lies and BS. This makes entirely no sense. Burning tabacco with thousand of chemical components, including rat poison and carbon monoxide is nowhere near more dangerous than inhaling water vapor. All of that tar and disgusting stuff. U can smoke e cigs and it will NOT harm u at all.

  • Pure air? The O’s we breath in is not pure and contains toxic chemicals. You can’t breath in pure O’s constantly can die from oxygen toxicity.

  • E cigarette (SAFE) percent % will decrease if:
    1.using same coil more than 4 weeks
    2. Inhaling same cotton more than 3 weeks
    3. Tank dirty including i/o let..
    4. Sharing some puff
    5. Barery wash
    6. Has expired or using cheap flavour
    7. Add more in comment

  • In the mice experiment, firstly that’s a whole body exposure and not something that practical in real life
    Secondly mice are already proven to not give accurate results for human health experiments
    Thirdly mice are smaller which means that the processes and system of them compared to Humans is enormously different
    Fourthly if you still believe in the mice experiment then I’d like to point out that in that very experiment, the graph showed how less harmful e cigarettes are, the line for cigarettes went sharply up whilst the e cigarette line was constant and low
    And Fifth propylene glycol which in the name suggests is an alcohol and not and oil, it is water soluble and oils are not which further process that propylene glycol is not an oil, go back and learn your chemistry you ignorant “scientist”
    Lastly, people who vape don’t vape regularly, they’ll vape and have a break and in between that break the body has already done some cleaning and recovery if any, smokers on the other hand find it hard to stop and keep increasing their intake which doesn’t give ty body any time to clean up and recover quickly nor properly

  • As a 15 year smoker who recently switched to vaping I can confidently say I can breathe much easier now. I do agree that it’s a healthier alternative to smoking but that’s what people need to understand: it’s an alternative. Yes it’s unhealthy compared to not vaping but it wasn’t made for the everyday person, it’s for people who want an easier and safer way to leave Tabacco. The only reason why it’s no getting praise is cause it’s not profitable to the government since it’s not taxed like Tabacco products.

  • Ecigs can’t reach boiling point of an oil for sure so it’s safe. What they are weighing right now is the risk on health vs risk of overpopulation

    If people use cigs it will increase the volume of deaths while if people use vape/e-cigs it will make people live longer risking us overpopulation. It seems that both parties on the video has different insights regarding these things.

  • if it doesnt cause cancer, or it causes like 90 percent less cancer how is it nearly as harmful as ciggerates. even if it does cause problems with your heart, it doesnt cause the same type of lung problems which is what kills smokers. it is hard for me to trust vaping safety studies because there is so much money involved. either they say its 95 percent safer than smoking or its worse than smoking and it will instantly put you in the hospital.

  • All marketing
    It’s all marketing
    I vape and quit smoking
    I don’t even vape anymore
    Once every blue moon to remind me why I quit smoking

  • She was very healthy. She was 5 weeks early but vaping didn’t contribute to it. She was very active and tied her cord in a knot so they had to do emergency surgery. Even being so early she only required oxygen for 30 minutes and came home like any other healthy baby at 3 days. She has no breathing issues of any kind no weight issue had no jaundice nothing. Absolutely beautiful and healthy.

  • Vaping Nicotine is not bad it saves people, Vaping counterfeit THC Dab cartridges in an illegal marijuana state is what’s causing the lung illnesses and deaths, the research shows it

  • I went to the ER once for bronchitis. I was quitting smoking at the time. I asked the ER doctor who was a lung specialist and he told me “Through all the studies I’ve looked at and everyone I’ve experienced. The only issue I see is on the brains of pre-pubescent teens/children. In adults? I don’t see any issues other than of course nicotine addiction. As far as any lung damage? I don’t see it.”

  • Vaping is used as an alternative to quit smoking. It was not made to be consumed for long periods of time. I am currently using vaping as a method to quit, my health has improved, and I have cut down to 1.5mg of nicotine, which is barely any. And that is 4 puffs a day at most on 30 watts… I think by next week I should be done with it all together. The whole process took me about 6 months and saved me a total of $700 compared to smoking.. So from my personal experience you should only vape if you wre serious about quitting, or else you are most likely going to turn back to smoking and waste you money on a device

  • For everyone the study where they did on the mice was completely misleading. They expose the rodents with 18 mg of nicotine which is equivalent to smoking 3 packs. Vaping is so much safer than smoking don’t be misinformed.

  • I never got addicted to smoke or vape i only tried for once, i watch this to inform myself to never ever got addicted to things that’s going to be bad to me. Thank god this vid convinced me to never ever tries to do them ever.

  • The arteries became 2.5% stiffer in both studies. I wonder if there is a third variable possibly due to an aging rat or diet that could contribute. If it’s not nicotine, then what else is similar in both?

  • This “reporter” actually said around the 4:07 mark, “you got pure air over here, healthiest thing on the planet”. Over 7 million people die annually from AIR pollution. We don’t have “pure air” in industrialized “society”. Then, you got the lady card reader at the end, around 5:25, talking about “corn syrup or sugar, which is better for you, but here (on vaping v cigarettes) both are bad”. News flash: corn syrup AND sugar are BAD for you! Attention TV media, please have actual smart people report on general topics instead of those who are deemed good looking but dumb and unread.

  • Here’s the actual mice study:

    The mice were exposed to 18 mg of nicotine!! That’s like smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day!!

  • Guys, if someone’s struggling to stop smoking cigarettes, it’s so much safer! Has barely any of the toxins a cigarette has. Would you rather her smoke a cigarette or smoke an ecig. Yes it’s not 100% safe, but IS a lot safer than cigarettes and some woman just find it too hard to stop, but e cigarettes can really help! Thanks bye.

  • i didn’t know i was pregnant for 3 months:( so i smoked vaped and i was drinking sometimes, but yeah stopped immediately and i hope it didn’t do any real harm, hoping for healthy sweet baby❤️��

  • You definitely have some clarifications to do…
    1st) is the Vape used on this poor lab-rat nicotine free? or it is “pure nicotine”? Cause I suppose that if the rat is exposed daily at 20% or more nicotine, perhaps that percentage was low (correct me if i am wrong) nicotine is the cause of stiff arteries.
    (Vaping, at least offers a potential user, the choice of vaping with or without nicotine)
    2nd) do we compare vaping to breathing on the top of Mount Everest? or with smoking? Because, if the case is the former.. Please.. try the same experiment (the one with the cotton) and change the tobacco cigarette to a typical day in a major city where everyone of us, inhale all those fumes, coming from the billions of cars/ tucks/ ships/ JETS etc….

    So… if you want to address the elephant in the room; lets see how many will die from lung cancer if the WHO pushes HARD towards banning fossil fuel…… ti is 2020 we already are in possession of the needed technology… STOP ACTING LIKE YOU CARE ABOUT PEOPLE MORE THAN YOU CARE ABOUT (ALREADY-FULL) POCKETS.

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  • 4:03 yeah that guy has been paid by tabaco companies.
    I been vaping for 8 months when i quit smoking i feel better and healthier and my nicotine addiction in going down.
    There are not oils in e-liquid those lung diseses were caused by e-vitamine that is an oil.

  • This is ridiculous they’re “professionals” but the truth is no type of vape or smoke is good for your lungs except for air PERIOD why try to see what’s safer when neither of them are safe

  • If vaping is just as bad as cigarettes then why is vaping catching all the heat when there are more deadly addictions out there and are legal I personally used to smoke cigarettes, but then I found vaping and I feel better health wise and people that vape have better breath, taste, we smell better, have more energy, and I agree to some degree that they shouldn’t be allowed to be sold to under age but to try and put vaping in the trash while cigarettes and alcohol and other harmful/worst thing get a slap on the wrist. That’s not fair and I believe cigarettes are what they need to ban but they won’t do that because then they will be losing billions of dollars and you know wealth before health.

  • Don’t go back to cigarettes unless you live in a state that has banned sales of flavored vape. Then you might as well because what’s the difference? Kids are obviously the only one’s who enjoy flavors.

  • The reason the third guy saw had effect is most likely cuz he used a mod and never changed the coil or let it rest they don’t show all the research

  • This doc who said ecigs are 95% harmful…. who does nothing but vape all day every day for 25 years seriously man and u call yourself a doctor

  • They are both dangerous why don’t you attack cigarettes to you’re telling people to stay in sigarettes and quit vaping great sponsoring

  • So…. wait a second, cigarettes by all scientists and all studies are bad and 100% cause (most of the time) all kinds of cancer, however electric cigarettes according to most studies are 95% safer, only that maybe (with emphasis on maybe) can cause somewhere In 25 years, “maybe” heart problems, Do you see my point?

  • why not quit before you get pregnant… if not then use birth control so this doesn’t happen. good luck with “popcorn lung”. Google it.

  • funny is that my great grand pa he smoke since he was 5 and he smoke 4 pack a day 2 pack a night but he stil liveing he is now 105 and still smoke

  • Thank you for making this I have been consumed with fear and guilt from vaping in my pregnancy. I am 35 wks Everything has been normal on all scans and tests so far. But of course I’m still nervous until she’s born. Everything out there you read will scare the hell out of you & make you believe child will be full of defects. It’s good to hear experience from a real person and not just these scare articles

  • UK: We want to show people the benefits of vaping over smoking so people start using e-cigs to let them stop smoking so less people get sick/ill that will lower the costs of medical care.

    US: Taxes go not stonks:C

  • It’s illegal THC carts, and occasionally an allergic reaction to certain flavourings. How what percentage of vapers die each year from vaping compared to smokers from smoking. Just look at the numbers. Money talks. Capitalism and tax revenue. The government does not care about us, and neither does big business!!

  • Oil products???how can you say that VEGETABLE GLYCERIN is made from petroleum? this is just fake news produced by big tobacco producers and big pharma.propelyne glycol is in alot of the food we eat and they don’t say anything about this.propelyne glycol is classed by the FDA as GRAS… generally recognised as safe.

  • Still better then cigarettes, if they ban e cigarettes then they better ban cigarettes bottom line. Cigarettes are at least 90% worse for people.

  • To me there is a risk in everything even food for example is harmful but we need it we can get high blood pressure or high cholesterol even diabetes from food you know why?? because the person or persons consume too much of it!!!! my point is…..too much off one thing is not healthy!!! same goes for cigs weed and e cigs!!u only need to take in a little of the drugs not a lot plenty can lead to major damage a little can get u far so just take in a little bit of e cigarettes every now and then after take a month or a few months break to repair lungs and heart even throat.Bye hope this idea helped…..