Using Movement to find out Baby’s Health Before Birth


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Using Movement to Determine Baby’s Health Before Birth Quality of Movements. Typically speaking, the fetus will begin to flutter at around week 18 to 24 of gestation. At Movements in Late Pregnancy. Generally speaking, it is natural to go from feeling big movements during early pregnancy When. That first baby kick is a wonderful feeling.

But if it seems like the frequency of kicks is increasing or decreasing, you may wonder when to worry about fetal movement. Relaxation could promote movement in the baby and help get the baby into the best possible position for birth. Can my baby change position on its own? It’s always possible that your baby will reposition all on its own. In the weeks leading up to birth, the baby still has time to make adjustments and change position.

Your health care provider can recommend care for diaper rash, which may include: Rinsing the skin with warm water, using soap only after bowel movements. Because baby wipes may leave a film of bacteria on the skin, their use is often not recommended. Usually, a baby has her or his first bowel movement (meconium) after birth. Sometimes, however, a baby has a bowel movement before or during birth. If this happens, the amniotic fluid released when the mother’s bag of water breaks will have a greenish tint.

Up to one in every five babies born after 34 weeks’ gestation has meconium in the amniotic fluid. Most of the. In a study published in the journal Birth in September 1999, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health researchers asked 104 pregnant women to guess their baby’s sex, using whatever method they liked. In the first days after birth, some infants may also develop jaundice if there is trouble with the initiation of breastfeeding or the supply of breastmilk is low. All jaundiced infants should be assessed by an experienced health professional to determine if the level of jaundice requires therapy and to determine the cause.

Health Birth Defects further tests are usually required to determine whether your baby’s is due to a heart defect. Both can be diagnosed before birth. While neither defect is curable. Meconium is a dark green fecal material produced in the intestines of a fetus before birth.

After delivery, your newborn will pass meconium stools for the first few days of life. Excessive sucking movement without any thing in the mouth to suck on. a.) Often mistaken for baby’s way of saying that she is hungry. b.) It is also called extra-nutritional sucking; thumb / pacifier sucking. c.) Extra-nutritional sucking in infants and children is a sign of frustration and stress, or may even be a convulsion. Generalized convulsions a.).

List of related literature:

The goal of fetal movement counting is that when a mother identifies a decrease in her baby’s normal movement pattern she can report this to her healthcare giver and additional testing can be accomplished with the hopes of preventing fetal death.

“Manual of High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery E-Book” by Elizabeth S. Gilbert
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The parents should be guided about the sensation of the end feeling of the movement but they can be reassured that their baby will also be able to tell them!

“Physical Management in Neurological Rehabilitation” by Maria Stokes
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Ideally, babies should have the opportunity to experience both passive and active movement.

“Well Balanced Child” by Sally
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All patients should perform fetal movement counts from 28 weeks’ gestation onward, and cases with suspected fetal growth impairment should be followed with twice-weekly non-stress tests with amniotic fluid index or weekly ultrasound biophysical profile.

“Avery's Diseases of the Newborn E-Book” by Christine A. Gleason, Sherin Devaskar
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It is useful to begin with the pregnancy to document fetal movement and vigor, complications, illnesses, maternal use of any medications, or possible exposure to teratogens, as well as the timing of all complications and exposures (see Chapter 12).

“Fanaroff and Martin's Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: Diseases of the Fetus and Infant” by Richard J. Martin, Avroy A. Fanaroff, Michele C. Walsh
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The woman’s own perception of her baby’s movement patterns and any significant changes in that pattern is vital information for care providers.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing” by Sharon Smith Murray, MSN, RN, C, Emily Slone McKinney, MSN, RN, C
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Assess for fetal movement by asking the patient whether she can feel the fetus moving.

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• Use ‘dipping’ movements with flexion of the MCP joints to feel the fetus within the amniotic fluid.

“Oxford Handbook of Clinical Examination and Practical Skills” by James Thomas, Tanya Monaghan
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Determinations of amniotic fluid Advice on the incidence of fetal movement (perceived by the mother) Determination of the time and birth type based on gestational age, glucose control, and estimated fetal weight

“The Diabetes Textbook: Clinical Principles, Patient Management and Public Health Issues” by Joel Rodriguez-Saldana
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Tell a patient who has not felt movement to note and report that event at the following prenatal visit.

“Physical Examination and Health Assessment Canadian E-Book” by Carolyn Jarvis, Annette J. Browne, June MacDonald-Jenkins, Marian Luctkar-Flude
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  • Very beautifully and clearly explained presentation! Thank you for making me understand better! Thank you so much from Malaysia ���� 10/8/2019

  • I have 4 weeks left and I’m trying to work out where my babies head is in this moment in time, her head is down but not engaged maybe she is at the 1st stage number 3?:-S

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  • This has made me depressed! I am at +3 and 2.5 cm dilated and according to my doctor and I had my membranes stripped yesterday and NO LABOR!!! This is not my first child in fact its my 5th! ugh I am so ready to go in!!!!! lol

  • Why? Provided you don’t live in a third world country you can decide not to have children. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you MUST have to have children.

  • Great visual on how the medical term Station works. This really explains a lot. I’m due in a couple weeks and I’m looking forward to what nature intended my body to do. I’m nervous about the pain, but its something I want to experience:)

  • Stop being so scared about the “pain”… It’s a good pain that announce a beautiful news! Always remember that it’s a physiologic pain and your body is conceive to pass thru it.

  • this side view really makes me think cuz u where the babys head is before you can “see the head coming” its squeezing/ pressing a womans bladder and anus to extremes

  • My oldest baby flipped breech during labor. My midwife was sure she was head down and I’m positive she was because I actually felt her flip during transition. I didn’t realize what happened until she was born because she was my first baby and I figured the weird flipping feeling was just part of labor. She had been head down when I got to the birth center and all my kicks were high on the right side. I’m glad it worked out that way because I was able to deliver my baby vaginally with my midwife instead of being at the hospital and probably having a csection. I was using the bathroom and felt the baby crowning and was like I think I feel her head and my midwife looked and said that’s not a head and had me move to a better position for breech delivery. It honestly wasn’t too bad it felt a little like I delivered two heads. Baby was perfectly healthy and I didn’t even tear. My midwife had to call the ems by law in our state but by the time they got there everything was delivered except for her head and I was pushing that out as they walked in. The Medic, or rather the medic and 7 other strange men, walked in and was like “what do I do what do I do? This is my first rodeo” and my midwife was like stay out of my way so I can finish doing my job. ��

  • @Pinkyrose506 if I don’t adopted a child who will? There are plenty of children out there who need homes. But honestly I wasn’t thinking about doing that anyway. I dont want nor like kids. So…

  • i’ve always thought of this “please respond!” During Pregnancy where do the baby’s senses,organs, and bones actually come from? The best answer i got so far was that its inside the sperm cell but i wanna know the real answer:D

  • @stanleyanick So, what you’re suggesting is an increase in divorce? Wow, what a wonderful answer to marital problems.
    Women have more power over men than they knowthey just gotta learn to use it and stay firm and not get trampled by stupid uncaring men. And guys should listen to their women; it’ll usually reciprocate in the positive.

  • I’ve never had a child (i’m only 18), but mothers say that the most beautiful thing that can happen to you is to bring a baby into this world =)

  • I had my ultrasound at 30weeks and my baby is already in head down position. Is there any possibility that my baby will flip? Im 32weeks pregnant now.

  • see now when i was about 31 weeks i went into preterm labor…and again at 32 weeks which dropped the baby down to -1 where she stayed parked there for the next 6 1/2 weeks…IT SUCKED

  • I think EVERY man should thank the woman that birth their children or who have given birth.I know my boyfriend feels the pain our baby has given me during my pregnancy & he is there no matter what.And I know he’ll give me even help when our baby is born:]

  • I feel kicks all around. In my ribs on either side. Occasionally even down low, or I feel something move. I tried to find my baby’s position like your demonstration but honestly don’t think I know what I’m looking for… Or I just can’t feel it. I’m 38 w pregnant.

  • @stanleyanick
    Do not complain sweet lady, The Mother Nature gave you this job for some high rations, perhaps one of these is that you women are upper human being than men.
    I’m a man, however I think so!

  • @stanleyanick….. I commend you for the love and support you have for your wife. Too bad you are one of a few men who feel that way.:)

  • mhm id love to be a guy for a day just sit back on meh lazeh boy with a bowl of chips and dip watch some tv and have my “husband” do all the work then oppisite day would be my fav holiday xD

  • After countless centuries of human evolution, one wonders why this still has to be all this dangerous, complicated and painful an event.

  • What would you advice if the baby was breech at 36/37 weeks? What can be down to move baby so vaginal birth takes place rather than C section given…?

  • I don’t buy into the overpopulation idea because of technological advances, but the argument of fitting 6.7 million in an area the size of MA is weak because it’s purely impractical. Think of the requirements for food, water, health care, waste disposal, prisons, work space, transportation, recreation, government, etc. If you visit China you will see the damage “only” a billion people can do to a land mass 176x the size of MA.

    What happens when the J Curve meets the Singularity?

  • To be honest I was terrified of labors and, I still am a little bit. But I have my wonderful boy and I had my labor naturally without epidural anesthesia, and it takes 17h, but all pains are forgotten, and that was the most amazing day of my life! The first of amazing days filled with love to my child! That is just something natural and if you would be able to fill all the joy and love during labors it wouldn’t be painful at all.

  • I live in FL. My dr / ob stays relying on ultrasounds. Never touched me once to check fundal or positions, and I’m 34 weeks tomorrow.. oh & I just found out he LOST hospital privileges. I wish you were my midwife!

  • Hey a question I’m going to ask you my baby is laying down his back is up his head is down what is Das good thing or bad thing can you please answer me back

  • m 39weeks preg now n according to my gynaec also my baby should have come down by now but it is still floating above n not fixed its head into birth canal.. m worried wht should I do so that I may have normal delivery…plz help…toady is 12 July nd my final date is 17 plz help me mam what shuld I do now…doctor said she may go for c-section ������but I want normal delivery only

  • I’m 38weeks 4days pregnant m waiting for my delivery & labour pain…this video really helped me a lot for to know which position my baby is in right now����….hopefully I’m going to deliver my baby soon.

  • only a seahorse is the only living animal that can do that,, and if man could give birth there’ll be no sense of marrying and dealing with all drama woman have,besides now days woman dont cook, laundry,is cheaper now days just to hire a woman Just for the pleasure needs AND we can pick any1,, of course pretty, sexy1s with no strings attach LOL

  • 33 weeks, this really helped. It’s funny lol my baby is in the exact same position as her. I was a little confused as to why the baby wasn’t absolutely straight up and down, and almost thought they might be transverse. But yeah, this makes a lot more sense. It eased my worries.:)

  • Why do people want to try messing with the baby and change the position. Babies can be born breached. Why can’t people let the body and baby be born the way they are. Why mess with things.

  • How is an ultrasound expensive in the third trimester versus the other ones? Also, the midwives aren’t paying the bills. So give the customer the expensive procedure before she has an expensive and painful cesarean section. What is their recourse if they are wrong? Whoops we thought baby was head down, sorry?

  • I am female and I respect all mothers on earth. But when I saw all those vids about giving birth, I just feel so scary….that is way too painful and inhuman… I bet that I won’t be a mom, at least for this life…

  • There is something called “ULTRASOUND”. At what century you are living, seriously! 0:38 for a split second she thinks and finds an adjective to make the sentence more appealing “amazing technique”. Sure, I would say “medieval technique”.

  • I usually feel the kicks in my left and right lower belly,and my tummy always harden in upper right side,im 35 weeks pregnant,i believe it really breech,what should I do to let it flip.?

  • Because of gestational diabetes. I have an ultrasound every week to check my fluid levels. I also have to do a stress test twice a week on top of seeing my OB once a week. I’m currently 37 weeks now and will be induced Aug 16th if baby doesn’t come sooner. I was told last week baby was butt down. I felt lots of movement a few nights ago and now I feel kicks at that top of my belly and tint movements down near my pelvis. I hope tomorrow radiology tells me baby is head down because I don’t want to have a C-section. I just don’t want to deal with healing process. ��

  • @Pinkyrose506 I’m sorry you think that way. Adoption is an awesome process. Imagine a child who is homeless and without any parent, then having a family who loves and accepts him/her. If you were in that place as a child I’m sure you’d’ve liked to be adopted also.

    @Pinkyrose506 More Power to you on the adoption bit and go see a live birth, you’ll probably faint but you’ll come away thinking it’s the greatest miracle ever!

  • Hi.. How can i tell if my baby’s head down? I’ve done 2 ultrasound and all was still breech my due is on feb 12. My baby’s kick is on the right side of my tummy and i feel something hard in it i don’t know if it is back, butt, or still head? I �� how can i tell? Do i need to undergo another Ultrasound?