Urinary System Infection While Pregnant


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Urinary Tract Infection during pregnancy in malayalam. Pregnancy Lactation Series # 6

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Dr. Nancy Nagpal on Urinary Tract Infection

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UTIs in pregnancy | Reproductive system physiology | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

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Urinary Tract Infection UTI Infections during pregnancy by Women & Baby Care

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UTI Dangers During Pregnancy

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You can: Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Wipe yourself from front to back when you go to the bathroom. Empty your bladder shortly before and after sex.

If you need a lubricant when you have sex, choose a water-based one. Don’t douche. Avoid strong feminine deodorants or soaps that cause. What are the symptoms of a bladder infection? Pain, discomfort, or burning when urinating and possibly during sex Pelvic discomfort or lower abdominal pain (often just above the pubic bone) A frequent or uncontrollable urge to pee, even when there’s very.

Urinary tract infections are common during pregnancy, and the most common causative organism is Escherichia coli. Asymptomatic bacteriuria can lead to the development of cystitis or pyelonephritis. The urinary tract includes your kidneys and bladder. UTIs are common during pregnancy. This is because of changes in your immune system, hormones, and uterus.

As your uterus grows, your bladder may not completely empty. Bacteria can grow in the urine left in your bladder and cause a UTI. UTIs during pregnancy can increase your risk for a kidney. Urinary tract infections are common during pregnancy, and the most common causative organism is Escherichia coli. Asymptomatic bacteriuria can lead to the development of cystitis or pyelonephritis.

All pregnant women should be screened for bacteriuria and subsequently treated with antibiotics such as nitrofurantoin, sulfisoxazole or cephalexin. A UTI is an infection in any part of the urinary system, including the bladder and kidneys. Research suggests it is common for pregnant women to get UTIs. According to one study from the Centers.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most common type of infection during pregnancy, affecting up to 10% of pregnant women. They are also recognized as the second most common ailment of pregnancy, after anemia. Three clinical types of pregnancy-related UTI are distinguished: asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB), cystitis, and pyelonephritis. UTIs are common during pregnancy.

That’s because the growing fetus can put pressure on the bladder and urinary tract. This traps bacteria or causes urine to leak. There are also physical changes to.

Urinary tract infections are common during pregnancy, and the most common causative organism is Escherichia coli. Every woman’s body is different, so be sure to tell your doctor about any pain or discomfort you feel promptly — especially if you experience any of these typical UTI symptoms: Burning sensation during urination More frequent trips to the bathroom to urinate (though frequent urination during.

List of related literature:

Urinary tract infections are also no more frequent in pregnant patients; however, early trimester infections that are left untreated can lead to pyelonephritis in the third trimester of pregnancy about 40% of the time.

“Critical Care Transport” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS),, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP),
from Critical Care Transport
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Urinary tract infections are more common in pregnancy because of the relaxing effect of progesterone on the muscle tone of the ureters and bladder.

“The Complementary Therapist's Guide to Conventional Medicine E-Book: A Textbook and Study Course” by Clare Stephenson
from The Complementary Therapist’s Guide to Conventional Medicine E-Book: A Textbook and Study Course
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This agent is categorized as FDA Pregnancy Category B, although pregnant women with a UTI should seek medical help because of the increased risk of pyelonephritis.

“Pharmacology for Women's Health” by King, Tekoa L. King, Mary C. Brucker
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Lower urinary infections are no more common in pregnancy compared with sexually active nonpregnant women, but lower UTIs are more likely to ascend to cause pyelonephritis.

“Creasy and Resnik's Maternal-Fetal Medicine: Principles and Practice E-Book” by Robert Resnik, Robert K. Creasy, Jay D. Iams, Charles J. Lockwood, Thomas Moore, Michael F Greene, Lesley Frazier
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Urinary tract infections are more frequent in pregnant patients; untreated early trimester infections will lead to pyelonephritis in the third trimester of pregnancy approximately 50% of the time.

“Critical Care Transport” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), UMBC
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Because of physiologic changes that occur in the renal system during pregnancy (see Chapter 7), infections of the lower urinary tract (acute urethritis, acute cystitis) are common.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Mary Catherine Cashion, David Wilson
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Asymptomatic bacteria in urine (1–10%) may lead to acute urinary tract infection in 10–20% during pregnancy.

“Prevention and Control of Infections in Hospitals: Practice and Theory” by Bjørg Marit Andersen
from Prevention and Control of Infections in Hospitals: Practice and Theory
by Bjørg Marit Andersen
Springer International Publishing, 2019

If not treated, up to 40% of women will develop symptoms of a lower urinary tract infection (UTI), and approximately 25% of infected women will develop symptomatic infection during pregnancy (Cunningham et al. 2018).

“Myles' Textbook for Midwives E-Book” by Jayne E. Marshall, Maureen D. Raynor
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Urinary tract infections Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are relatively common in pregnancy and if left untreated can progress to more serious issues affecting the bladder or kidneys and may be implicated in onset of pre-term labour.

“Pregnancy and Childbirth E-Book: A holistic approach to massage and bodywork” by Suzanne Yates
from Pregnancy and Childbirth E-Book: A holistic approach to massage and bodywork
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As a result, many pregnant women have a tendency to develop urinary tract infections, which can become serious and cause not only pain and discomfort but also preterm labor.

“Mosby's Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage E-Book: Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Pathology” by Sandy Fritz, Luke Fritz
from Mosby’s Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage E-Book: Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Pathology
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  • Me i have problem when go toliet i can my part heart a lot i go doctor yesterday he say take dose pils for nothing my part i have babis like moskito well it not normal

  • I last my first baby because of blader infection I was 2 months and a haft weeks because it was so worst I cloudn’t sleep I only wanted to go to the toilet and each time I pee a little and I put a peace of toilet paper to my pravit part were I pee from I see a little blood and yellow infection and it hurt so bad that I suffer for 3 days before going to the doc were he give me antibiotics to use I didn’t know that the antibiotics will cause me to loose my baby I use the antibiotics for 2 weeks then on the last antibiotics I started to feel pain I go to the toilet and saw that I was pasting blood from 9 AM till 5PM I was in so much pain I feel my whole body was sweating from my head to feet I cloudnt walk I stay in the toilet biting my pain I didn’t want any1 to ask me any questions how I feel or even see me I get soo piss off I end up loose my baby 5 clock just has I walk in the doctor room I feel the baby out.trust me loosing a baby is way harder then giving birth to a baby for my experience. After that it’s been years pass I get to baby a boy and a girl and now I am pregnant again and same thing is happening I don’t know what to do I will try to stay away from antibiotics and drink a lot of water and keep praying to god it’s 3:36 AM and I can’t sleep cause of what is happening right now.oh god plz help me.

  • Hi njn 9 months pregnant aanu nik vaginal infection undanu dr paranju oru oilment &capsule um thanu ath use cheyithilel any problem?

  • i am now suffering in uti during my 6mons of my pregnancy
    is it something happened to my baby?
    how danger is dat..
    im worried right now

  • Thanks for the info… can you pls also inform how long should the antibiotics be taken… also if use of week or more does not results good should we go for any lab tests? Pls recommend and answer

  • My doctor prescribe me pessaries. How can pessary cure uti if the pessary stuffed in the vagina area not in urethra area. Sorry my english is bad. Hope you get what i mean.

  • اسلام علیکم
    میری بیٹی آٹھ ماہ کی ھے اس کی پیدائش کے بعد مجھے اب تک مینسیز نہیں آئے میری طبیعت کچھ اپسیٹ تھی تو میں نے پریگنینسی ٹیسٹ کیا گھر پر تو بہت ہلکی سی لائن تھی مگر مجھے متلی وغیرہ نہیں ھوتی نہ ہی دل خراب ھوتا ھے تو کیا میں پھر ٹیسٹ کروایا ھے تو پوزیٹو آیا ھے تو کیا میں پریگننٹ ھوں پلیز جواب ضرور دے

  • i always have constant utis and i taken every oral antibiotic in the book and its not healing my uti also last year was hospitalized with iv and that helped for couple months and uti came back im also seeing a specialist and i have to be on a drug for the rest of my life now and also i lost two babies early miscarriage by a uti:(

  • If you are pregnant with a uti the best way to cure it is go to the doctor �� im saying this to prevent watching unnecessary 7 to 10 min videos on how to treat a uti when pregnant i just left the doctor for a uti that was so bad it almost caused me kidney failure get treated this other stuff is unnecessary �� I done tried it all from acv water to baking soda water its pointless �� Go to the emergency room ��

  • Innu enne admit aakum…moothrapazhupp indenn doctr paranju…innale urin test cheythullu…innale thott medicine um waterum nallonam kudikind….unnik ith prblm aavo..ini time illalo���� water kuravaann doctr paranju…

  • Nte date August 7 aayirunnu…….ith vare period aayitilla……but oru 15 days munpu urine infection vannu..,… antibiotic kazhichu…….. pregnancy kk. Nthelum chance undo????

  • Madam meri cervical lenght 2.6 hai. Preterm k hisab se video banain spinal cord k akhir mai or pelvic area mai pain hona kafi.kiya ehtiyat hain kis trhan bacha jasakta hai

  • Enik urine test cheyth it no pus cell and bacteria but still pain Ann.. Vayar inte right sidelum backum ayt an.. Ntha cheynde ini 12 weeks pregnantan

  • Enik 36 Week ayi.vayaruvedanayum naduvedanayum vomiting unde.infection undenne paraju.ippo theere vellam kudikan akunnum illa.delivery ne affect cheyyumo.normal delivery nadakathe irikkuo

  • Hi dear,
    Njan ipo quarantinil anu UAE ninnum natil ethi..innale night urine infection pain undairunu enik nallapole right side back painum. May b kidney vare ethit undavum infection. Bcoz already UTI ulla aal anu njan bt travelling timil corona de pedi karanam njan vellamo kudikukayo bathroom use chyukayo chytilla..athayirikanam main reason itrayum koodan.. hospitalil pokan patilla udane.. vedana oke onn petenn nikkan endengilum tips tarumo.. instant relief kittan

  • Mam..ente mensus date 9 nu aanu…innale muthal nalla naduvedhana, vayarinte bagath vedhana enningane nd…white discharge onnum illa…idak cheriya reethiyil chorichil varunnund..ith pregnancy symptoms aano UTI aano?? Pls reply mam

  • Wife nu 8 month aayi ippol urine check cheythappol infection valare kooduthalaanu bloodil kalarnnu ennanu dr paranjath athu kondundaakunna prashnangal enthokkeyaanu onnu paranju tharaamo

  • Chechi, njan 9 th month prgnt aanu, nkk moothrathil pazhupp undaayitt 5 daykk medicine kazichu..appo kurav undaayirunnu..ippo 4 day kazinj veendum vannu, othiri vellam kudichittum kuravilla, ini endh cheyyanam…Chechii…plz reply

  • Mam. Eanikk 5month start aayi.. Urine test cheithappol pus cell 16-18 epicell 25-30/hpf, bacteria present eannu kanikkunne. Doctorine kanan pattiyilla… Ith normal aano. Kuttikk eanthenghilum problems varumo.pls reply…. Orupad tension aan.. Doctor leave aayittanu..

  • Chechi 32 week pregnant anu. Pus cells numerous ennanu resultil paranjath. Doctor urine culture cheyyan paranjittund. Eth babye effect cheyyumo?

  • Eniyku 6 years ayi kuttikal ella.pcod anennanu paranjathu.ennale hospitalil poyappol positeevanennu paranju. Cardil nokkiyappo negateevanu kandath.scan cheyyan parnnitundu.vayaru vedanayundu,eppazhu urin pass cheyyan thonnunnu.naduvedanayundu.ethu pregnancy symptoms ano medom. Pls replay

  • Njan 9 month pregnent aanu.. innale hospitalil poyapo docter urine albumine kooduthal aanenn paranju.. ingane paranjal enthanenn parayumo? 1 week kazhinj onnude test cheyyan paranju.. ith koodiya vechondirikan patillenn paranju..��Ith normal aavan entha cheyya?

  • Chechi enik nalla backpainum omittingum ayirunnu dr kanichappol urin infection annen paraju, ithoru pregnancy symptom ayi kanakakamo?

  • Chechi IPO enik 33weaks aan…urin test cheythathil bacteria present ennund but Dr adhine kurichonnum paranjilla….

    IPO veginail nalla vedhanayaan kidannit enikumbozhum,nadakumbazhum irikanoke Nalla budhi mut..docterne kanikano? Home remedies follow cheythal mathyo…

    Ini jun10n varan paranjitund adhan

  • Meri pregncy ko abi 1 month pora Hwa h dctr NY chck kr k Bola k 10 din bad aana baby ki heart beat ni h.. MA both prshn hn.. 2 saal bad pregnancy hwe or ab ye issue

  • Hai chechii Njan 4 month pregnent aane. Enikk kidannitt eneekkumpol adivayarinte thaazheyum 2 thudayude naduvilumaayum okke nalla vedhanayund. Urine test cheithappo 20-25 aane pus cells. RBC 6-8. Epithelial Cells 8-10 aane kanikkunnath. Resultum scanning reportum dr. ne kanikkaan pattiyittilla. Corona time aayath kond. Pls reply chechii. Enth kondaane ath enn. Dr. Ne pettenn kanikkano njan

  • awesome vid-voice is mellifluous: ).

    so i do have a question tho, if GFR increase, i’d expect urinary output to increase as well, which I would think would DECREASE the chance of a UTI, since you’re pushing fluid thru the ureters and urethra, helping mechanically eliminate the bacteria, no?

    you mentioned that when GFR increases, there’s more glucose for bacteria to consume, so I feel like it could go either way.

    what are your thoughts?

  • Enik mrsa colonization aanenn aanu doc paryunne…ith maaran time edkkumo…njn pregnt aanu…ithkond kunjin enthnkilum bhudimutt undakuvo… ariyumenkil pls reply

  • Enik vomiting tendency, abdominal pain, headache, ellamundarunnu. Pregnancy symptoms arikumenna orthe but test cheythapol hcg negative aanu and urinary infection anann paranju (pus cell 10-12) 3days antibiotics thannu.. Periods missed aanu… Ini pregnant agan chance indo?? Eppol anu Ini pregnancy test cheythu nokkendath?

  • Hello ente wifinu eppo 16 weeks ayi urine pass cheyyan budhimutt und pain vannapo hospital poyi tube itt kalanju eth enthayirikym pls reply

  • This highlights the importance of suggesting that the patient goes to her ob for symptoms of uti and gets urine tested as needed with ob. #birthinglittlehumans.

  • mole enik age 36 und. 2 kids und, happy life anu. kurachu kaalam aayi hus nu oru bad habit kanikunu. Oral sex cheiyunu.. enikum cheiyum ennekondum cheiyipikunu. athu problem undakumo

  • Hi dear, enikk urineloode protein pokunnundenn labil test cheithappol arinju.njn ippol 2 month pregnantanu..nthukondanu ingane sambhavikkunnath..plzzz replay

  • Chechi enikkipo 35 th weekanu abdominal pain edakk undakunnu like periods pain athenthayrikkum.. kunj cephalic pos aanu so delivery undakuo? Ith athinte lakshanangal aano

  • Njan 2 months pregnant aan kazhinja week urine test cheytha po uti und 1 week marunu kazhichu. Enik Vere symptoms onnum illarunu utide Dr nirach vellam kudikan paranju. Pinne enik cherinj kidakumbo vaginal areail sharp pain varunund athu enthukondayirikum chechi 1st pregnancyyil angane illarunu

  • Enik uti und…numerous aanu..culture test nu kodthekka…innle doctor vaginal discharge test nu koduthu…ath enthukondanu…njn 24 weeks pregnant aanu…pls reply

  • apne mere is msg ka reply nai Kiya
    ap ki video bht informative hoti hain Mera baby 27 week me hi apni position me aa gia tha ab 34 week hy to movement km to nai hui usi trhan bht ziyada hy or Mera Dil b 3 week se jese band ho raha ho jese jese din guzar rahy hain himat jese khatam hoti ja rahi hy age 35 hy 4th baby hy please reply lazmi krna

  • Innu njn hspitalil poyi vanne ullu…urine infection undennu dr paranju..medicine thaannittunduuu…pinne vellam kudikkumbolekkum sarddikkukayaaa enthaaa cheyyaa???? Ini 1 week kazhinju onnude urine test cheyyan paranju

  • Chechi eniki vomiting tendency und. Morning food kazhikumbo brush cheyyumbo vomiting tendency kuduthala. Pinne urin yellow colour anu. Stomach edakki pain ind. Date june 5 anu. Ethokka pregnancy lakshanam ano

  • Chechi njan 4 month pregnant �� aanu.. enk ravile urine pass cheyyan thonni.. njan toilet poyapo urine drop drop aayi kurach poyi.. ath poya paad enk right side il back pain start aayi. Pinem urine pass cheythapo pain koodi.. sahikan pattunila chechi.. entha ingane onnu paranj tharavo? Urine infection aano?

  • Hi ചേച്ചി, എനിക്കിപ്പോ third month start ചെയ്തു, urine infection ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നു കഴിഞ്ഞ മാസം ടെസ്റ്റ്‌ ചെയ്തപ്പോൾ puc cells 25-30ആയിരുന്നു, ഡോക്ടർ മരുന്ന് തന്നിരുന്നു, കൂടെ ഞാൻ ധാരാളം വെള്ളവും കുടിച്ചിരുന്നു but ഇന്ന് ടെസ്റ്റ്‌ ചെയ്തപ്പോൾ puc cells 40-45ആണ്, ഞാൻ ആകെ ടെൻഷനിൽ ആണ്, ഇനിയും വേദന വന്നാൽ culture ടെസ്റ്റ്‌ ചെയ്യാൻ പറഞ്ഞു…എന്താണ് ഇനി ചെയ്യേണ്ടത്…..Plss reply

  • Hi, എന്റെ യൂട്രസ് രണ്ടു അറകൾ ആയിട്ടാണ്. ആദ്യത്തേത് preterm ഡെലിവറി ആയിരുന്നു. രണ്ടാമത്തേതും ഇങ്ങനെ ആകുമോ ആവാതിരിക്കാൻ എന്ത് ചെയ്യണം?

  • Njan 6month pregnant anu 2days ayi uchayk shesham mathram urine pass cheyuna melethe skin veerthu varunu athu pole nadakumbozhum vedhana und

  • Hi chechiiii njan married anu ee month periods agunathinu Before Anik omitting udayi periods ayitilla ethu urine infection kondanooo

  • എനിക്കു രാവിലെ യൂറിൻ പോകുമ്പോൾ yellow colour പിന്നെ നന്നായി വെള്ളം കുടിച്ചാൽ ഒരു പ്രശ്നം ഇല്ല 16week പ്രെഗ്നന്റ് plspls pls reply ഭയങ്കര ടെൻഷൻ ആണ്

  • Hii chechi, njan 7 month pregnant annu. Urine test cheyyitappol epithelical cells 30-35 annu plus cells 1-2 um itu normal range anno.please reply

  • 33 weeks ayi…4th monthil short cervix annu paranjitunndayinnu…8th monthil deliveryk chance unndennum paranju..bt stich ittitilayirunnu…ippol discharge kooduthal ullapole thonnunnu…oru divasam normal ayit inndavunnathinekal kooduthal dischrg…bayangara nannavu thonnunnu…
    Dischrg iru mucus pole annu…light yellowish green colouril… normal anno ith?

  • Chechi njan 8 month pregnant aanu eniku yepolum vayyaru vedhanayum back pain aanu back pain nallapolea undu urine nalla kadum manja colour aaanu entha cheyendea

  • Mra 37 plus week hai or same problms ti sari Dr. Ny medicine’s d hn.
    Or us k 1 din bad blood clots b urine m ay hn.
    Ye test b hoy hn dunu mry kal

  • Sis mjy bhi ek baat bta dyn mjy urine me white material ata h 2 inches size hota h uska jesy sundi hoti h wesy material ata h ye kya h mjy bta dyn plzzzz

  • Asslam o alakium
    Sister ap ki sb videos bhot achi hoti hn hmy kafi kuch sekhny ka moka milta hy. Sister mara ab 6 month start hwa hy. Mujy choty peshb vali jugha py bhot zada juln hoti hy plz mujy btya my kia kro doctor ny mrdcn dy de hn lakin koi frq nh prta

  • Mera 5 month start Howa h same problume h bht pain h hmary Dr sahe guide nh krti h so plz help me mery pehly bhe 3 bachy aisy he pain m ja Chuke h

  • Or Mery sth same yehe prblm ti pregncy Cy phly kidney prblm b o gea ta.. R phr pregncy o gae.. Fr infection 10 din MA thk o gea ta…

  • Hy chechy..ente priod date march 24naairnu..may 4aaitm periodaitlla..prgnncy symtmsokeund..chechy parjnapole enkund ipo..urin infctionte symtms.prgnncyude thudakathl urin infction undakmo?athava undenkl prgnncy test cheydal positvanenklm negtv kaanikmo

  • Mam ap utrs me Jo swelling hojati hy Usk bary me b mukml video bnaiy plzzz ap buhht achy s smjhati hen kuch grlz asi hoti hun jin k sath utrs problems hoti hen but uny pta ni chal pata plzz ap is p video bnaiy k iski kya alamat hy or kya ilaaj

  • Aoa api kesi hain?
    Mera aik question hai meri last friday delivery hui hai lekin usk baad se mery mou ka taste aur mera naak band hai mujey kisi qism ki koi smell feel ni ho rai im upset please guide kren…reply kren

  • Asalam o alikum ma’am muja bta 8 month start Hai…. Muja buhat ziyda illergy itching Ho ge Hai legs pay… Arms pay.. Plzz us ka Lia kuch btya…

  • Chechi enik urine keytone positive ayirunnu 2 month pregnant anu.doctor paranju dehydration vannit anu keytone positive akunne ennu.vellam kudikkunundu Vere enthelum cheyyano chechi

  • apne to reply Kiya hi nai me Dr ko check krwa I Mera b.p 80/40 tha drip lga k ab thori tbiyat thek hui pr abi b jism jese bejan ho

  • hello mam apsy mjy pochna tha mera 8th month ka mid h or ma south africa huti hu ma jb sy bahr ai hu mjy infection raha h aksr infection hu jata hain aisy lgta h wshroom bht aya hi lekin jb karny jati hu to bht kam ata h or ab 8th month ma infection ki mjy drd bht hi baby ko side effect to nahe

  • hi chechi njan 5 month pregnant aann
    enik urine infection und pus cells 1.3 aann
    epithelial cell 20.25 aann
    enik oora vedhanayum und chandite side vedhana und infection kooduthal aano pls replay
    epithelial cell enn vechal endhaa

  • Mam plz mjy b ans dy plz me bht preshan hn meri beti 3 month ki hai feed krti hai plz btay mera breast chota ho gya hai or aik breast bara plz kch btay

  • Mujh b during pregnancy 3dafa howa h uti bhot pain rehti thi intibiotic di thi doc n use ki ab bhtar ho but kabi kabi urine pas karney k bad nechey haddi m dard hoti h os ki kya wajohat h mera 7month h…. Or plz 1vedio cervical cerclage stich p b zaror bnay..

  • Aoa. Mam me bht disturbed hu q k mjhe isi infection ka problem hai meri pregnancy k 8 month hai or isky sath sath neend ki b bht problem hai q k mjhe neend bilkul b ni ati puri puri rat disturb guzarti hai jis ki waja se mera mind or mera jisam thaka hua or bojhal rehta hai. Puri rat jagty rehny ki waja se thori thori der k bad mjhe washroom jana parta hai. Esa feel hota hai k urine bht zor se aya hai lekn bht thora urine ata hai na hony k barbar lekn presure bht hota hai. Plz plz mjhe ans kardyn k me kiya karun urine ka or apni neend ka. Me shyd pagal ho jaun q k meri neend ni hai

  • Chechi.. Anik pregnancy starting edath vashathaayi pain naduvedana dr kandapol muthrathil pazhup aanenn paranne edh kunjinne badhikumoo edh danger aano plz rply..

  • Mam please make video on intra utrine baby death why baby died in womb in 8th or 9th month is ki wajohat or is sy bachny ka tariqa bata dain or ye athra kya ha

  • Asslam o alikum mam mere beti 8 months Ke ha us MN khoon Ke buth kami ha jis Ke waja se baal b buth Kam hn plez btae MN Kia Karo plezzz plez