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500+ Most Poular Girl Names in U.S. History 1880-2014

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Video taken from the channel: Amelia Rogers


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Whatever your approach, this list of the 1,000 most popular baby girl names, as recorded by the Social Security Administration (SSA), will help you consider all your options, enjoy the experience, and narrow down your list to a favorite choice. The following list reflects the U.S. birth certificate data from 2018. Four Unique Ways To Choose A Name For Your Baby Girl: 1. Sound: Think about how the name will sound on your daughter.

Is the name pleasant to hear or does it sound harsh? Most importantly, think if it 2. Uniqueness: 3. Significance: 4. Pick A Name That Ages Wel. What are the top baby names for a girl? We’ve gathered the 1000 baby girl names in 2020 for you! Find out the most unique, popular, best, classic or classic, traditional name based on the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Still, sometimes a name will come back in style. Emma, for example, was the thirteenth most popular baby girl name in 1900 and remained popular in the 1920s. It bottomed out at number 463 in 1976, but is now the top baby girl name of the past decade, having held the number-one spot since 2014.

Most popular baby girl names by letter. MomJunction brings to you a list of more than 1,000 top baby girl names. These are from the list of popular girl names shared by the SSA.

The Social Security Administration (SSA), which keeps track of the popularity of baby names, says the most popular baby names for girls are Emma, Olivia, and Ava. The SSA also keeps a. Feb 14, 2016 MomJunction brings to you a list of more than 1,000 top baby girl names.

These are from the list of popular girl names shared by the SSA. The Top 100 Most Popular Baby Girl Names for 2020. These baby girl names were the most trendy choices for babies born 2018 and 2019, according to. For inspiration beyond the top 100, check out unusual and surprising baby names, unique baby names, and alternatives to popular names. To get on the pulse of current baby name trends, read our 2020 baby names predictions, 2019 baby name trends, and baby name trends of the decade.

Previous (2019) | All years Top baby names so far in 2020. The Top 1000 Baby Names of 2011, United States of America Official Social Security Administration list of the most popular baby names in America in 2011. The.

List of related literature:

She has named dozens—perhaps scores of them—wherever and whenever other mothers would allow her to name their babies.

“The Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong” by Herbert W. Armstrong, Philadelphia Church of God
from The Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong
by Herbert W. Armstrong, Philadelphia Church of God
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There are 4,000 approved girl names that parents can choose from.

“The Big Book of Girl Stuff” by Bart King
from The Big Book of Girl Stuff
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Not one of the top ten girls‘ names in 1979 remain in the top ten today.

“The Pope's Children: The Irish Economic Triumph and the Rise of Ireland's New Elite” by David McWilliams
from The Pope’s Children: The Irish Economic Triumph and the Rise of Ireland’s New Elite
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In 2007, Emma made it to number three (after number one, Emily, and number two, Isabella), followed by Ava, Madison, Sophia, Olivia, Abigail, and Hannah; Ella also made the list.

“The Complete Book of Baby Names” by Lesley Bolton
from The Complete Book of Baby Names
by Lesley Bolton
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The first list shows the current most popular girls’ and boys’ names.

“The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists” by Jacqueline E. Kress, Edward B. Fry
from The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists
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Another set of parents were debating between Isabella and Sophia, two names in the top 10.

“The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement” by Jean M. Twenge, W. Keith Campbell
from The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement
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Most wanted their names used, but a few didn’t (they’re listed here as “Anonymous Mom”).

“The Pregnancy Countdown Book: Nine Months of Practical Tips, Useful Advice, and Uncensored Truths” by Susan Magee, Kara Nakisbendi
from The Pregnancy Countdown Book: Nine Months of Practical Tips, Useful Advice, and Uncensored Truths
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The reasons for its adoption and popularity are not clear, but it has remained among the most frequent girls’ names in the United States since the late 1980s.

“A Dictionary of First Names” by Patrick Hanks
from A Dictionary of First Names
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Virginia Ann Armstrong (Smith WarnerArmstrong 7, Mittie Cloe Baldwin 6, Smith Warner Baldwin 5, Margaret

“Descendants of William Cromartie and Ruhamah Doane: Alexander Cromartie, Jean Cromartie and Angus Johnson” by Amanda Cook Gilbert
from Descendants of William Cromartie and Ruhamah Doane: Alexander Cromartie, Jean Cromartie and Angus Johnson
by Amanda Cook Gilbert
WestBow Press, 2013

Mary was the most popular name for girls from 1900 to 1946, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration; in 1998, it was in fortysixth place, behind Madison, Savannah, Destiny, and Taylor.

“Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia” by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
from Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia
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  • This was by far one of the best videos explaining the top 1000 that I ever did watch. Well done! Some names that I like are paisley, Sophia, Everly, blakeley, Ava, Oakley,emery, Isabella, indie, and kinsley. A name that I’m currently liking the moment that I I’ve always sort of liked but now I’m really liking it is Peyton. I think it’s an adorable name.

  • Other Unique/Common names
    Tessa, Rhianna, Yana, Kat, Briana, Ariana, Angelyca, Lunar, Donna, Karina, Kalia, Charlie, Charlotte, Alice, addison, allyson, allison, Ally, Kara, thara, Alexandra, gabby, Kim, Katherine, Vanessa, Rose, Rachelle, Rachel,Jane, Jade, Kristen, Kristy, snow, Yukie, Sukie, Quinn, Autumn, Summer, Leah,Ashlyn,Kassie,Maddie
    Maddison, Trinity, Selena, Jennie, Jennifer, Kimberly, Alison, Sanna, Susannah, Susanna, Amanda, Anna, Lauren, Liza, Lizzy, Star, Maggie, Maggi, Sierra, Sia, Diane, Debbie, Romina, Kristine, Daniela, Wendy, Taylor,Sakura, Oceania, Ocean, Moon, Twilight, Sparkle, Sunshine, Sakurai, Liana, Lana,Rosie, Rosalie, Rosalyn.

  • very very nice presentation ہمارے پیج پر بچوں کے اسلامی ناموں کی ویڈیو بھی دیکھیں اور رائے دیں۔
    and bell also clicked

  • Im just searchin for my story characters name hshshshs
    To those Pilipino wattpaders/armies out there! Please try to read my stories HAHAHAHA

  • I’m actually really glad to see some of those dated names leave the top 1000 and also super happy to see some of the ones that I like in the top 1000 now! (like Arden <3)
    I am a little sad that Everly is now in the top 100 because I’ve loved it for so long (before it started trending), but I am also really glad to see Opal and Florence in the top 1000 now! <3
    I do really like Loxley, Oakley, Kinsley and Hartley for girls but my favorite is obviously Everly:) (for a boy it’d be Huxley, Radley or Finlay)
    Love seeing those word names starting to raise! And such a fun video as always! <3 Can't wait to hear the boys:)

  • These are not popular I live in England only women who are in there late 3os are called some of theses some of them are kids names for girls but most are not

  • I am still surprised that Valentina is so popular! It’s beautiful! I’m not surprised about Luna. It’s a lovely name. With John Legen and Chrissy Teigen using it as well, I figured it would become more mainstream. Interesting that Willow is still going up. For some reason I thought that was on the downtrend.
    Love Octavia! I’m so glad it’s moving up there.
    I love Amelie and Ottilie! Not the biggest fan of the other “ey,ie” ending names that have gone up in popularity.
    Love Florence and Ophelia!
    I’ve been seeing Sunny random places. Do you know what the inspiration behind that is?

  • I get so sad when I see my favorite names spike up in popularity because I don’t want my future kids to have a basic name lol. Could you please do a video on your favorite S names and unique S names?

  • My Mothers name, my Grandmother, my Aunt, my Godmother, my three daughters, my 2 Grandaughters, and my friends all were on here. And my daughters both first and middle names and my first and middle name. ��������������������������

  • Abigail: I always find this name masculine because it means father of Gail and is a title for a father not a real name, I think Gael is better
    Amelia: I love this, love more than Emilia/Emilie
    Sophia: I love all variants of Sophia, what a great sound and meaning
    Harper: as a lover of Harper I am a bit happy it’s decreasing, I am a bit selfish eh?
    Nova: Nova also entered the Top 1000 for boys and I am kinda sad, I felt the same when I noticed Mavera is getting popular in Turkey in last two years
    Katherine: among the names that fall this one is my favorite
    Luna: is that a Lovegood impact only or because it’s a great name? xD
    Aurora: another favorite, I love the princess and the meaning
    Willow: first capital of Ottoman empire was called Willow (Söğüt) as a history lover I always wanted to use Söğüt but I don’t think it sounds namey
    Octavia: finally so happy to see Octavia rise
    Aminah: I prefer Amine or Emine myself but this spelling is good too, Aminah was mother of prophet Muhammad and died when he was six years old

    Are you planning to do videos about top 100 of UK or Australia too?

  • I always love Alexander I love that name so much my first baby I will name he or her Alexander I jus love that name xoxo ♥️♥️♥️♥️��

  • I think all of the names in the top 10 are lovely, but Ava has to be my favorite. I love its look, its sound, and its meaning. I have somewhat of a connection to it because a few years ago I asked my mom what middle name she would have given me if she had opted to do so. She said that she probably would have gone with Ava.

    I love your name, Amelia. It is gorgeous. After Ava, it is the name of the top 10 I’d be most likely to use. I totally understand about the keychain thing. I have only ever found ONE thing with my name on it. I also understand people getting your name mixed up with another. I am almost positive I’ve been called Whitney more than my own name.

    Everly is my favorite name that entered the top 100, which is funny since I used to not like this name at all. Katherine is my favorite that fell out of the top 100. Aurora is my favorite name that made a jump within the top 100. Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney movies, plus I love its meaning and names that end in –ora.

    Florence is my favorite of the names that entered into the top 1000. It is fairly high on my personal list. I also love the names Octavia and India. A friend from high school and his wife named their baby Oaklyn this year, so that was interesting to see that Oaklynn/Oaklyn were two of the biggest jumps into the Top 1000 for 2017.

    Of the rest of the names mentioned in this video, I love/really like Oakley, Sutton, Dallas, Magnolia, Belle, Briar, Wren, Poppy, and Winter. I enjoyed the video. If you got through this essay of a comment, thank you for reading it. I’m excited to watch boys’ version.

  • I like watching these videos,just in case I ever have anymore kids. My daughter’s name is Harmony. By the way,I love your name Amelia!

  • My oldest daughter ariana was on there but they prounced it wrong. My baby daughters middle name was on here eloise.
    My name was popular in the 70s and 80s. Wow Jennifer is my name. Was towards the end my middle name lynn was before Jennifer weird

  • I was so surprised, and a little jealous, that Luna went up so high! I wanted to use it someday but I won’t if it’s too popular.:/

  • I was shocked at some of the names entering the top 1000! I know some had been on there before and we’re re-entering, but I was surprised that Alora, Anais, Ann, and Arden we’re not already solidly in the top 1000!

  • I made the cut…you All! I was next to last but I made it. My name is very common, but beautiful none the less. �� �� In fact two of my name’s made the cut. I feel special….����

  • My name is Ava! I’m from / live in America so it’s quite popular. I like simple names that aren’t too exotic. I know, I’m kinda boring!

  • I am glad you have the Emily confusion too. Lol. My baby born 2017. I named Emilia. She just looked like an Emilia. Wasn’t on my list until she was born. BUT a few ppl call her Emily,��… Glad an Amelia has this issue too and not just us lol. (We call her Emmy sometimes) seems like a well rounded name for her.

  • I think u didn’t know my name because my name is from America but I’m Filipino I’m name is Ashanti but I didn’t like my name though

  • Fun!! This is always one of my favorite videos!!

    AbigailI have started to like this name more and more. I love the biblical ties, and their are some super cute nicknames. However, I know SO many people named Abigail/Abby, that I probably wouldn’t use it. Now that I think about it, Abigail would make a stunning and really unexpected middle name!

    EvelynI really do adore this name. I love how it has a very modern sound, but vintage charm and history.

    Amelia I really love this name, really!It is so sweet and spunky! However, there really isn’t very many good nicknames for it. I think this name also, would make a WONDERFUL middle name.

    CharlotteThis one is a favorite! I love how it is a bit tailored, but also has some vintage frills and a bit of southern charm! My favorite nickname for this one is Charlie/Charlee, so cute!

    MiaFor some reason, I have never liked this name. I don’t exactly know why, I guess I sort of think of a mean popular cheerleader type girl you would meet in high school or junior high. No offence to anyone named Mia, it is just a weird association I have…

    SophiaI really love Sophia! The meaning alone is just wonderful (wisdom) and I love how girly and pretty this name is. I actually have a cousin with this name, so I probably will never use it.

    IsabellaI honestly prefer Isabelle/Isobel/Isabel. Isabella, just seems a bit sing-songy to me for some reason. I do like the nicknames Izzy and Bella though!

    Ava I have never been a fan of Ava. I knew some really nasty people names Ava so I would never use it. I do see the appeal though.

    OliviaI ADORE this name! It is just wonderful. The problem is that I also adore Oliver, and a little more than Olivia…

    EmmaI was almost named Emma. Honestly, I wish that my name was Emma. It is just so strong and free spirited! I love it!

    You make great videos!!!! <3

  • Hi! please a name for a little girl sister to Eva Luna try to only include spanish and french name. Im spanish living in France. I would like it to be two separated name and not a hyphened name please!

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  • Amelia names its really really too pretty and.
    you are seriously cute innocent… I am a big fan of you and I am bangladeshi

  • Very interesting list. From my own personal research, I’ve found that Magdalena was pronounced (Mag-duh-leen-uh) and was a form of Madeline. It’s a really pretty name and I think that more people need to use it for sure


  • MY NAME IS ALEXANDRA MY NAME IS POPULAR ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • 2:36 #445 I have a unique name but I made the cut! So did a lot of my friends lol we all have pretty unique names ���� like if u made the cut toooooooo ❤️❤️❤️

  • Aphmau/ Jessica ( YouTube channel )
    Vicki ( my brother’s Ex)
    Elizabeth Afton
    Just Monica
    Emily ( from Glitter Force and is an Anime series)
    Sara ( from the song “ Ew ” and they talk about Sara with no H )
    Isabel ( from Animal Crossing )
    Angela ( the game )
    Lucy ( on of my OCs that i drew IRL )
    Lauren / LaurenZside ( YouTube channel )
    Christina ( one of my friends IRL )
    Nicole ( my real name cuz I’m on my mom’s channel )
    Luna ( from “Super Cat Tales” the game )
    Amy ( ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ )

    Also 10 bonus names from me,

    1. Fiona ( my grandma’s cat )
    2. Devayler ( a boy’s name that i made for my wolf in Minecraft that died… ������ )
    3. Aishi ( yAndErE sAmIlAtOr! )
    4. Violet
    5. Taylor
    6. Yuki ( a cute name )
    7. Lily ( from the song )
    8. Poppy ( from the song )
    9. Alex ( from Super Cat Tales OR InquisitorMaster ‘s real name )
    10. Rachel ( from “ Angels of death” that is an Anime Series )

    Please don’t hate this comment because this took me like 2 hours….

  • what do you think of the boy name Brett for a girl? maybe spelled like Brette? i feel like it wouldn’t look so masculine with the extra e and a very feminine middle name? i feel like if she went by Brette Ann she wouldn’t be mistaken for a boy. maybe she could go by Brette Marie? idk but for middle names where she could just go by Brett or Brette,
    Brette Cecelia
    Brette Elaine
    Brette Callista
    Brette Aurora
    Brette Makensie
    Brette Giselle
    just some thoughts. what do you think about it? honest opinions

  • Can’t believe I missed it, thank you for making these I would love to see a top 10/20 alternatives list.
    Also, when you make a new favorites video, could you say what your personal ”rules” are? I’m sure it would be interesting to hear! (eg. I don’t like two syllable names where the vowel repeats and I prefer original names and spellings to their modernized versions)

  • I’m positive Abigail is the #1 baby girl name for girls in COC haha. I don’t think Evelyn ever has been top 10 before right? Love it! I actually really like the girl top 10 right now, all are so feminine! But seriously how have people not realized every little girl is named Ava haha. Good riddance Harper!

    I do love Emilia <3 I think Everly will honestly be a top 10 name. Valentina is so gorgeous I'm impressed! I'm very glad to see Taylor go out and Katherine too because maybe I'd be able to use Catherine some day if Katherin keeps falling?

    I definitely think lots of people don’t realize how popular Luna is still! Kinsley causes me pain. <3 <3 <3 Elena.

    Faves: Dream (I know I know), Melania, Octavia, Yara, Amora, Luella, Sunny, Xiomara, Emerald, Opal, India, Alora, Samira, Kimora, Meilani, Florence, Magdalena, Alisa, & Sonia. Very cool list!

    Faves of ones that left (I’m not sure I’ve seen this list yet!: Julianne, Wendy, Milania, Heather, Tabitha, Sharon, Elin, Moriah, Lilia, Yasmin, Marisol, & Antonia.

    Does Lazuli count haha? Love Westley for a boy. Oohhh love that grand name list!! I’m sooo glad to see Belle rising finally!

  • If not for Harper, we’d have a seriously impressive top 10. I think somehow a lot of people don’t realize Mila is popular, same for Luna. What’s caused Nova’s super popularity? I think it’s pretty though. Loooove that Valentina’s popular. Josephine is fun, but Emery and Delilah make ;me sad. Brielle is a nothing name to me lol. Y’all are probably gonna hate me, but seeing Clara drop makes me love it more haha. I predict a rise in Ariel in AA communities lol. Miles’ sister just named her new baby girl Aspen Sage. Maxine and Greta <3 <3 Ooooh glad to see Dorothy rising! WHOOOA Octavia is so high up! Wonder what's causing the Antonella and Julieta rises? Love them!!