Therapeutic Termination of the Pregnancy


Medical Termination of Pregnancy Part I

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Session 140: Healing After An Abortion

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Indications for a Therapeutic Abortion (USPHS, 1969)

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Topic 34: Pregnancy Termination

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What Actually Happens When You Have An Abortion?

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Abortion types, etiology,symptoms,treatment..(miscarriage)

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Therapeutic termination is also known as medically indicated termination or medically indicated abortion. It is only recommended in cases where: The fetus has a medical condition which is certain to result in death either before or shortly after. In its broadest definition, therapeutic abortion can be performed to (1) save the life of the mother, (2) preserve the health of the mother, (3) terminate a pregnancy that would result in the birth of a child with defects incompatible with life or associated with significant morbidity, (4) terminate a nonviable pregnancy, or (5) selectively reduce a multifetal pregnancy. Abortion is the removal of pregnancy tissue, products of conception or the fetus and placenta (afterbirth) from the uterus.

In general, the terms fetus and placenta are used after eight weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy tissue and products of conception refer to tissue produced by the union of an egg and sperm before eight weeks. Coping When A Doctor Advises You To Terminate A Pregnancy Reasons Why a Doctor Would Want You to Terminate a Pregnancy.

Termination of a pregnancy, also known as therapeutic Problems with the Pregnancy & Fetus. According to experts in a feature by Parents, there are several conditions that. Therapeutic termination of pregnancy as practised in the UK is reviewed. The current legal situation in the UK is discussed.

Guidelines are given regarding ‘best practice’ for the provision of. Therapeutic termination of pregnancy as practised in the UK is reviewed. The current legal situation in the UK is discussed.

Guidelines are given regarding ‘best practice’ for the provision of termination services. Details of current techniques for termination are outlined, including medical management for both the first and second trimesters. A therapeutic abortion is the termination of a pregnancy where fetal heart tones are present at the time of the abortive procedure. The termination of a pregnancy may be induced medically (prostaglandin suppositories, etc.) or surgically (dilation and curettage, etc.).

1. Any of various procedures resulting in the termination of a pregnancy by a physician. 2. Any of various procedures resulting in the termination of a pregnancy in order to save the life of the mother, preserve her health, or prevent the birth of a severely ill or deformed infant. CONCLUSION: 400 microgram vaginal misoprostol is effective for therapeutic termination of second trimester pregnancy with no serious side effects.

However, the response to this treatment was markedly varied from patient to patient. 1. Any of various procedures resulting in the termination of a pregnancy by a physician. 2. Any of various procedures resulting in the termination of a pregnancy in order to save the life of the mother, preserve her health, or prevent the birth of a severely ill or deformed infant.

List of related literature:

● Therapeutic termination of pregnancy (TOP)—pregnancy medically terminated for reasons as decreed by a country’s legal system, e.g. fetal abnormality incompatible with viability/reasonable quality of life; maternal mental health significantly threatened.

“Midwifery: Preparation for Practice” by Sally Pairman, Sally K. Tracy, Carol Thorogood, Jan Pincombe
from Midwifery: Preparation for Practice
by Sally Pairman, Sally K. Tracy, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Medical termination of a pregnancy is known as a therapeutic (maternal or fetal indications) or voluntary abortion, accomplished through medication administration or surgical intervention.

“Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice” by Sandra M. Nettina
from Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice
by Sandra M. Nettina
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2013

One consultant on the case advised proceeding with haloperidol therapy, despite the presumed pregnancy, on the grounds that severe hyperactivity and distress were a risk to both patient and fetus, whereas there was no direct evidence that haloperidol or any other antipsychotic leads to any specific birth defect.

“Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology” by Alan F. Schatzberg M.D., Charles DeBattista D.M.H. M.D.
from Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology
by Alan F. Schatzberg M.D., Charles DeBattista D.M.H. M.D.
American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2015

Early pregnancy (<8 weeks’ gestational age) can be terminated medically with oral mifepristone (RU486) in combination with misoprostol, methotrexate with misoprostol, or misoprostol alone.

“Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics” by Karen Marcdante, Robert M. Kliegman, Richard E. Behrman, Hal B. Jenson
from Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics
by Karen Marcdante, Robert M. Kliegman, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

There is no therapeutic benefit for the early termination of pregnancy.

“Sabiston Textbook of Surgery E-Book” by Courtney M. Townsend, R. Daniel Beauchamp, B. Mark Evers, Kenneth L. Mattox
from Sabiston Textbook of Surgery E-Book
by Courtney M. Townsend, R. Daniel Beauchamp, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

The conditions when a pregnant woman can seek the facility of abortion, as specified in the Act, are: ● Therapeutic: When the continuation of pregnancy endangers the life of women or may cause grave injury to her physical or mental health.

“IAPSM's Textbook of Community Medicine” by AM Kadri
from IAPSM’s Textbook of Community Medicine
by AM Kadri
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2019

In 2000, the manufacturers GD Searle distributed a ‘‘Dear Health Care Provider’’ letter in the USA, emphasizing the fact that misoprostol, by any route of administration, is not intended for the induction of labor or as a cervical ripening agent before termination of pregnancy (30).

“Meyler's Side Effects of Endocrine and Metabolic Drugs” by Jeffrey K. Aronson
from Meyler’s Side Effects of Endocrine and Metabolic Drugs
by Jeffrey K. Aronson
Elsevier Science, 2009

This can inform prenatal counseling and decision-making regarding termination of pregnancy, fetal closure, or elective cesarean section.

“Spine Secrets E-Book” by Vincent J. Devlin
from Spine Secrets E-Book
by Vincent J. Devlin
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

Induced abortion (1) Termination of pregnancy (therapeutic): legal aborting of the fetus for medical or psychological reasons by a licensed physician under controlled, aseptic conditions (2) Criminal: an abortion performed under illegal, unsafe conditions b.

“Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Practical Nursing for the NCLEX-PN® Exam E-Book” by Mary O. Eyles
from Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Practical Nursing for the NCLEX-PN® Exam E-Book
by Mary O. Eyles
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

This justifies directive counselling against behavior that can harm a fetus or future child in significant and irreversible ways, e.g. substance abuse, until the woman settles on whether to confer the status of being a patient on the fetus.

“Clinical Maternal-Fetal Medicine” by Hung N. Winn, John C. Hobbins
from Clinical Maternal-Fetal Medicine
by Hung N. Winn, John C. Hobbins
Taylor & Francis, 2000

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  • So if a fetus is not a person, what is it? Fetuses are alive, no one can deny that. They’re obviously not plants, insects, or bacteria, so the only possibility left is that fetuses are animals.

    So, let’s pretend a fetus is a non-human animal. Now that it’s settled, allow me use an example to demonstrate why killing a non-human animal in a similar fashion as one used in a human abortion is still deplorable.

    Let’s say I have a puppy but I can’t afford one at this stage in my life (lack of money is a common reason for wanting to abort). What do I do with this puppy?

    Since it’s still small, I’m going to cram it in a blender while conscious and liquefy it to a bloody soup, disposing of the concoction in the trash.

    That might work for a small puppy, but what about an older dog? It won’t fit in a blender.

    How about this then: Without using anesthesia, I’m going to chop each of the dogs legs off, one by one, with a pair of bolt cutters. But the dog is still alive at this point, so the job isn’t over yet. Now, I’m going to pick up a giant rock, slam it down on the dog’s head to crush it, and then throw the dog’s mangled body in a bio hazard bag.

    Do you think the methods of getting rid of the dog were disturbing? Who wouldn’t?

    If I got caught getting rid of just one dog with either of the two described methods, not only would I be jailed because it’s illegal, my mug shot would be all over the internet accompanied by hateful epithets demanding my torturous death. In my defense, I could argue that it was my right and choice to kill my dog. I could say what I did to the dog was none of the government’s business.  I could say the dog was better off dead than leading a less-than-ideal life. However,  not one of those excuses would sway a single person.

    But unfortunately, those two methods are basically the same used to kill thousands of fetuses every day.  Sound familiar? The first procedure I described was very similar to an aspiration abortion, commonly performed in the first trimester of pregnancy. Don’t believe me? Look it up, watch one. Its barbaric

  • Only 1.2% of abortions happen after 21 weeks, remember folks, thats 1.2% of over 50 million abortions. Thats 500k babies down the drain. Apparently they dont matter.

  • What Actually Happens When You Have An Abortion? Well you see a doctor kills a baby simple. There’s really no getting around that a innocent living human being is being killed. You can say it’s a woman’s right to kill an innocent child but at that point why not just killed born children too. Some people say taking care of there baby is expensive, time consuming, bad for there heath heath and ruining there lives, why shouldn’t they be allowed to cave it’s face in with a rock? Hell the Romans did it, didn’t like your kid? Just stab him, easy.

    You might say “The mother doesn’t have other options when they’re pregnant” And you’d be correct, I guess being stuck in a situation gives people justification to murder the innocent.

    Or maybe no matter how your frame it killing and innocent human being is always wrongs and it’s evil and monstrous to try to justify it. Maybe that just makes the sin of rape even worse, the rapist is forcing someone to carry a baby for 9 months. (Don’t blame not being able to kill an innocent child as the thing that forced this to happen it was the rapist)

    Also the whole save the mother thing isn’t abortion. Doctors have to make choices like this when born people all the time. No one is arguing against medical Consequentialism for goodness sake!

  • So I’m going to be real. I’m a 26 year old woman, I’ve been with the same man since I was 18, and I’ve had two abortions. I’m on birth control, but it failed twice in the last 8 years. The last time I got pregnant I was 25, and I feel like even though the father did not want the baby, I probably could have convinced him to have it with me. I don’t feel guilty about having an abortion or anything; I strongly believe that first trimester abortions are perfectly morally sound. The issue is that at this point in my life, I’m struggling to decide whether I ever even want kids. There’s just so much about having a child that I’m apprehensive about, from the physical issues of carrying a pregnancy to giving birth to the emotional and moral hardships of raising a decent human being to the ethical question of whether I should bring a life into this less than perfect world at all. I love my partner and I trust in his morals and parenting abilities, and I am a 1st grade teacher and have worked with children since I was 18 years old and genuinely love kids. Yet, the older I get, the less sure I am of having my own children. At this point I wonder if I should just adopt a child, and if the want that I feel to have a child that is part me and my partner is simply a biological one that I should ignore.

  • I wish there was a way to connect young women dealing with unintended pregnancies to the older women who waited too long or just can’t conceive, because I have to believe that there are many of us who would financially support a young lady through her pregnancy and arrange to legally adopt the baby. Private adoptions are one of the only ways to be able to adopt in a reasonable timeframe. Many women like me would do anything to have the gift of motherhood, but the adoption and foster systems are stacked against us. There really are not any babies or even young children available for adoption in my area in the U.S. If anyone reading this knows of a resource that connects adoptive parents to pregnant women and girls, please let me know. So far, my attempts to navigate this have been futile.

  • A Human Dies. That’s It. That’s Why I’m Pro-Life (Some Exceptions Are Present Tho) He Says ‘It’s The Most Safe Procedure’ Even Tho Many Woman Die From It. Coincidence?

  • Let’s start a voting system, put pro life in the replys if you don’t like abortions, and put pro choice if you like abortions. Like for more people to see

  • I feel like the best compromise is like before a child has a conscious like when its only a bean. It wont be considered human. But when is truely starts showing resemblence of a conscious then abortion isnt allowed. Cause if it never “been”. It would of never “done”. You cant die if you never truely lived. Or even felt anything for that matter or be even aware of it. So only leaving a long enough time span for abortions to occur. Anything after should be illegal. Equal rights would apply because its not like a woman can legally remove her “balls”. A woman doesnt even have that where as a man does. Vise versa.Exceptions aside. Therefore the child and the woman have equal rights. Both having humane rights to their own bodies. So when the baby has a full human concscious then the mother would have to wait till its born(sincd its not like the child cant really live without the mother’s womb yet)and have the choice of giving the child to new parents/foster home. Whatever the case may be. I feel like it sounds fair. Let me know if I missed anything or something doesnt sound fair. In sorta caught in the middle of both sides.

  • I’m Pro-Choice. Change my mind.
    Disclaimer: Appeal to emotions will NOT change my mind. Attempting to guilt trip me with that “It’s an innocent child” bullshit won’t work.

  • If you dont like rape, dont do it.  If you dont like drunk driving, dont do it. If you dont like stealing, dont do it.  If you arent a vegetarian, keep your mouth shut about animal rights.  If you dont support a womans supposed “constitutional” right to kill her offspring then keep your mouth shut about serial killers, maybe the serial killer was exercising his constitutional right to “pursue happiness,” or maybe we should respect the killers right to kill as something “between him and his doctor (psychologist.)”   Maybe you should quit “legislating morality” and quit “forcing your beliefs on others” about rape and murder and kidnapping and theft (or ANYTHING ELSE for that matter because ALL LAWS “legislate morality.”)��

    Lets review some more idiotic talking points from abortion lovers.  Maybe if I could legally kill my boss it would “decrease over-population.”��  Maybe my boss “wasnt wanted by anyone anyway.”��   Maybe I thought my boss was “abnormal or deformed and would live a hard life” so he was legit to kill.��  Maybe I felt my boss “threatened my 4th amendment protection from servitude.”��

    Bring it, you wanna do “my body, my choice?” You wanna try “my privacy,” the constitution, morality, biology and science?????  Bring it. Prepare for embarrassment.

  • Week 8: At eight weeks LMP, the preborn baby’s hands and feet are developing, and the neural pathways in the baby’s brain start to form. The child is constantly moving in the uterus, although the mother cannot feel it.

  • This video is so good. it really lets us know that we can just take our kids out back and shoot them in the head if they’re being inconvenient!

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  • If you support this then you are a sociopath with failures for parents who were incapable of teaching you how to feel empathy which stunted the growth of your brain severely and you need to be tested by a psychiatrist before your feeble 80IQ mind that lacks empathy murders a person because the only emotions you are capable of feeling are Jealousy and Frustration.


    A child is a blessing!
    Every human being, expecially innocent and fautless human beings like the unborn children have the right to live
    All you have to do is just sign a petition to end abortions and save the unborn children.

  • A hose is inserted to “empty the contents” nice way to call a baby. At 16 weeks the fetus has arms, legs, heart, lungs, nervous system, respiratory system, A BRAIN. But nah, just tear that baby apart and suck it up.

  • There will be no logical answer to this topic and there never will be. This is a question that really falls on an opinionated answer because it depends on if you pro choice or pro life.

  • Week 9: By nine weeks LMP, the child can suck its thumb, open and close its jaw, stretch, and sigh. The baby’s teeth begin to form and the heart completes dividing into four chambers.

  • Lol I bet the parents that want to do abortion would change there mind if they found out there next baby is an Milloniar �� Bet! Also the people that are going to be mad I hope your just happy your typing this because if your Mom did abortion on you then you won’t have opportunity to talk because you won’t even exist. “Facts”

  • On my way! To have my first abortion lmaoooo I just wanted to chill durin quaratine can’t wait to vacuum this lil sucker out ahaha hahahahaha then ima go traveling lolllll

  • Dear people who are pro life, do know what a fetus looks like in the early stages… no? Well it looks like a booger, it’s also the size of a booger basically. If you would like to say that the booger who can’t see or think has a life u can care for it ❤️. Also if ur pro life why not protect the life that had already lived, the woman’s life. The baby has no memories or anything, but the woman does. Women get abortions because they can’t support the baby, they were [email protected], or just aren’t ready for it, giving birth also can kill the woman…. ever think about that? Pro choice for life.

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  • To prepare for a D&E abortion, the abortionist uses laminaria, a form of sterilized seaweed, to open the woman’s cervix 24 to 48 hours before the procedure. The laminaria soaks up liquid from the woman’s body and expands, widening (i.e., dilating) the cervix.

    When the woman returns to the abortion clinic, the abortionist may administer anesthesia and further open the cervix using metal dilators and a speculum. The abortionist inserts a large suction catheter into the uterus and turns it on, emptying the amniotic fluid.

    After the amniotic fluid is removed, the abortionist uses a sopher clamp — a grasping instrument with rows of sharp “teeth” — to grasp and pull the baby’s arms and legs, tearing the limbs from the child’s body. The abortionist continues to grasp intestines, spine, heart, lungs, and any other limbs or body parts. The most difficult part of the procedure is usually finding, grasping and crushing the baby’s head. After removing pieces of the child’s skull, the abortionist uses a curette to scrape the uterus and remove the placenta and any remaining parts of the baby.
    The abortionist then collects all of the baby’s parts and reassembles them to make sure there are two arms, two legs, and that all of the pieces have been removed.

  • Wow! This video didn’t mention being on the floor in agony of physical pain while HUGE BLOOD CLOTS come out of your itty bitty body, then later on, surprising yourself by being on the floor PRIMAL SCREAMING OUT IN AGONY over the fact that your CHILD IS GONE AND NEVER COMING BACK (that’s for the people who get hit by it right away instead of 10 years later).

    So I’ve been told by people who have had them, remarkably consistent results.

    And it seems like the pill kind is much more painful than the surgical kind-why not mention that?

    Shouldn’t people make INFORMED decisions? Instead of finding out After it’s too late?

    Prepare, because your body hormonally will Power-let-you-know it wants a replacement baby…. actually, one of the people who told me about her experience WAS a replacement baby after her Mother’s abortion…. she found out after it was too late for her, the night before her own abortion was scheduled.

    The father never dealt with it (he had threatened her into having the abortion). He was Shocked by it when it came up a few years later. He had never dealt with it. Not many years after that, he hung himself. I went to his funeral.

    They say God can heal you, and that does happen, but I’m not healed and it didn’t even happen to me, just to a close friend. I’m into prevention of agony. Abortion never solves the problems it is meant to solve.

    The problem is our view of sexuality, our view of family, our view of sacrifice and what is noble, these kinds of things. God bless you, and I hope that, as you research this difficult topic, you will take a walk outside and see the natural world, no matter what the weather-and know that, despite the suffering, (and the religious leaders around the world say that that’s what life is all about, right?), that Life is good.

    Life is difficult and painful at times…sometimes for long periods of time…but… even if you don’t believe me right now during this particular phase of your life….

    …Life really is good.

  • Prolifers are basically the vegans of the right. They call you a murderer based off their feelings and disrespect your opinions because it hurts their feelings.

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  • The procedure is absolutely safe…most of the babies DIE during or soon after this procedure-SAFE!!!
    Any doctor that is cold and heartless enough to extinguish a precious baby’s life is not worthy of being called a doctor! How have Americans become so calloused and desensitized!!! Wake up!!! Murder by any other name is still as vile!!! If you think abortion isn’t murder and it’s not cruel then make sure to watch one. A REAL ONE; NOT THIS WATERED DOWN VERSION! I think anyone that thinks there’s nothing morally wrong with abortion should be willing to witness one!!! BTW there are plenty of people that want to adopt! You could actually make money off of your precious, innocent, unwanted baby instead of paying to have it killed, AKA “terminated”.

  • From the moment fertilization occurs, there is life and it becomes a living human being. Abortion is a very wicked and unacceptable crime. Abortion is and always will be murder no matter how wicked and mentally disturbed people try to justify it, it is and always will be murder, all those fools and mentally sick people who keep supporting abortion forget that if their mother had aborted them, they would not have been there alive today saying nonsense. The fools and wicked people accept the fact that no one has the right to take another’s life, but yet they support abortion. What wickedness! These people are surely with mental illness.sometimes I really wonder how a doctor that was trained to save lives and made the sermone to save lives, can be at the same time be killing, brutally murdering inocent human beings. I really wonder if they even have a brain in their skull, I really wonder if these white jacket people are not mentally sick people that claim to be doctors. And after all these i will still go to a doctor to be cured? Very stupid! doctors should be the first people to stand and protest against this evil and wicked practices.

  • How is an induction abortion performed?

    Day 1: To help ensure the baby will be delivered dead and not alive, the abortionist uses a large needle to inject digoxin or potassium chloride through the woman’s abdomen or vagina, targeting the baby’s heart, torso, or head.

    When the digoxin takes effect, the lethal dose causes a fatal cardiac arrest, and the baby’s life will end. (Even if the needle misses the baby, digoxin can still kill the baby when released into the amniotic sack, but will usually take longer to kill the child.)

    During the same visit, the abortionist inserts multiple laminaria sticks, or sterilized seaweed, to open up the woman’s cervix.

    Day 2: The abortionist replaces the laminaria and may perform a second ultrasound to ensure that the baby is dead. If the child is still alive, the abortionist administers a second lethal dose of digoxin or potassium chloride. During this visit, the abortionist may administer labor-inducing drugs

  • Comment section is just a big civil war. How bout we let people do whatever they want? Whenever they’re pro life or pro choice. Ya’ll a 14 year old has more brain cells then you

  • you have now reached a secret part of the comment section, but beware, do not scroll too far beyond this point otherwise you might not make it out alive

  • I really really REALLY find it amazing how you decided not to draw the process of the removal of a 23 week old fetus by the D&E process. Would that have made your “abortion is great” argument look bad? I suggest you all look up the image of a 23 week old fetus being torn apart limb by limb by the process mentioned in this video and you could literally see the poor unborn human being dragged out IN PIECES by forceps. It’s disgusting, it would make any sane person want to cry.

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  • I feel like if we were to ban abortions a lot of people will start to do back alley abortions because people are gonna do them like it or not it’s inevitable. Which are far more unsafe which could lead into complications which could cause the baby to be born with issues or fine and the mom most likely abandoning it in a dumpster or alleyway and the baby dying of starvation. I feel like we need abortion places for people who can’t take care of them super poor or crackheads or will die if they deliver them. But if your healthy and functional them you shouldn’t get an abortion cause the baby will come out fine you can just put it through adoption. But then again if you did that and the kid found out he was adopted it can cause him mental health issues or he’ll try to find you and it’ll be super weird.

    Edit: ( I’m pro choice because abortions are needed under circumstances but I’m not pro abortion.)

  • Abortion will ALWAYS remain LEGAL, SAFE, ACCESSIBLE and PAID FOR BY YOUR TAX DOLLARS so that ALL WOMEN have access whether they can afford or not. Thanks for the science! We need to be CERTAIN to always elect PRO-CHOICE candidates! ABORTION WILL ALWAYS BE LEGAL! The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FORCE WOMEN TO GIVE BIRTH

  • Weeks 4-5: During this stage of pregnancy, the preborn child is developing rapidly. At four to five weeks LMP — that is, four to five weeks since the first day of the mother’s last period, and just two to three weeks following fertilization (conception) — the baby’s organs start to develop, and the heart begins to beat. These developmental milestones often take place before the mother even knows she is pregnant.

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  • Ms. Wells tips for healing was so informative, educational, and needed. Her first book ‘From Three Heartbeats to One’ is just as helpful and full of hope. Thank you for sharing.

  • I have no respect for Doctors who perform Murder on an innocent unborn Child who has the right to live and to be born

    Doctors are basically murders pure and simple and should be jailed for murder