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The Importance of Checkups in the Second Trimester During a checkup. During your checkup your doctor will do a brief physical exam. A nurse or assistant will check your Further testing during the second trimester. In addition to your regular checkups, you might have additional tests Talking to. Detects chances of genetic abnormalities.

If you miss the first blood test (between 10 and 14 weeks), you may still have the second blood test (at 15 to 21 weeks). It’s best to have both blood tests when possible. This improves result accuracy.

Ultrasounds (18-20 weeks) Checks the baby’s development and position. Second Trimester During Pregnancy: Checkups and Tests The second trimester falls between the 4th month and 6th month of the pregnancy calendar, or between week-13 and week-28. The second trimester is, for many women, the easiest three months of pregnancy as your morning sickness starts to lessen. During the second trimester (14 weeks to 27 weeks), you’ll typically see your healthcare practitioner once every four weeks unless you have a condition or complications that call for more frequent checkups.

18 to 20 weeks pregnancy check up visits are not different for regular check up. As that of other visits, it includes checking your blood pressure and weight to understand the growth of the baby. 18 to 20 weeks is halfway through your pregnancy.

During the second trimester, your doctor can use an ultrasound test to determine whether or not your baby is a boy or a girl. The research about the importance of folic acid supplementation beyond the first trimester is less clear, and in fact, there is a little research to show that perhaps we don’t want extremely high levels later in pregnancy. It may increase the risk of allergy, and also may be correlated with increased risk of autism. There is definitely not. In addition to an overall physical examination, a standard or regular health checkup package comprises of test that helps in the assessment of the functionality of your heart, lungs, digestive system, kidneys, liver and the immune system.

Second trimester checkups During your regular prenatal visits throughout the second trimester, your health care provider will check your blood pressure and weight to watch for pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH). PIH is more common in first pregnancies and usually happens after week 28. Symptoms include swelling and sudden weight gain.

Prenatal visits are a time for your midwife or doctor to check vitals and measurements (including your baby’s size, position, and heartbeat), but they’re also an opportunity for you to ask questions and get the support you need. Photo credit: Thinkstock.

List of related literature:

This in turn involves good prenatal care, including increasingly frequent checkups during the third trimester of pregnancy, as well as frequent checks of weight gain, blood pressure, and urine.

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• Emphasize the importance of frequent prenatal visits to detect early preeclampsia, preterm labor, and SLE exacerbations.

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Professional prenatal care can help a mother-to-be avoid the consequences of a number of pregnancy-specific illnesses, such as high blood pressure (preeclampsia), pregnancy-induced diabetes, and infection.

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Women at risk for preterm labor should have more frequent prenatal visits, at which time they are checked for evidence of preterm labor and their ability to follow preventive therapy, in addition to their regular prenatal checkup.

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Practice good prenatal care and educate yourself about the signs and symptoms of problems that could pose a threat to your baby, for example, preterm labor, placental bleeding, infection, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, sexually transmitted diseases, fetal distress.

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• Prenatal visits should include blood pressure monitoring, urine protein check, and Doppler ultrasound monitoring of the uterine artery for waveform and volumetric flow.

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Third-trimester visits are primarily to monitor fetal growth, maternal wellbeing, signs of preeclampsia, and to assess and prepare women for admission, labour and going home.

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Prenatal care includes a thorough physical assessment of the pregnant woman during regularly scheduled intervals; provision of information regarding STIs, other vaginal infections, and urinary infections that adversely affect the fetus; and counseling about exercise patterns, diet, and child care.

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Prenatal care otherwise focuses on close monitoring to detect common pregnancy complications such as hypertension, proteinuria, and IUGR.

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To prevent unnecessary fears or stress, it is important that the nurse explain that most tests are used to establish a baseline normal for comparison throughout pregnancy.

“Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing E-Book” by Gloria Leifer
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  • Greetings Dr. Bolin, I hope this message finds you well. I have watched a lot of videos in midwifery and Obstetrics and your videos are by far one of the best because they are always very thorough, detailed and evidenced-based and you really break the information down in a way that everyone can understand. Again, your presentations are amazing and they have been so helpful to me because I’ve been using them to help study and prepare for my certified nurse-midwifery board exam. Thank you so much, Dr. Bolin for sharing your expertise in the field of obstetrics and maternal fetal medicine. Please keep up the incredible work, You are the best!

    Best regards,

    Essence W. MSN, BSN, RN, CBC, CCE

  • I’m confounded by how a second trimester ultrasound could or would ever over rule a first trimester ultrasound for dating. And…if the other possible causes of high AFP are less than 2% why would you begin with an utrasound? Is it because insurance will pay and we can bill? It seems logical to go back to other dating methodologies (which are often free) and double check all dating clues before running off to the ultrasound which could harm the situation by giving a less accurate date and tempt the practitioner into using a less accurate marker to “fix” the date. And furthermore we still have not proven ultrasound to be safe so keeping it as a first line of investigation in the case of high AFP in second trimester is confounding to me.

  • The reality is that most moms don’t get most testing. Most clinics do not offer them to moms today. That’s the shame of medical practice today.

  • I’m 19 weeks and my partner asks what it feels like when the baby kicks or moves. I’m like, “Uhhhhhhh, like a little human moving in my belly?” I can’t describe it any other way! Haha ��

  • Links as promised!!!
    Ina May’s Guide to Child Birth:
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    Squatty Potty (a cute one):
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    My Pregnancy Pillow:
    Body Butter:

  • I thought the 2 nd trimester was easier when it comes to hormons, but OMG it’s so much worse than my first one… I was basically crying all day because I feel I’m not only pregnant, but also getting fat and in comes my husband! Asking if I’m exaggerating with sweets and carbs, coz I’m getting larger. Aaaand the water works started yer again! He really felt sorry afterwards, but the damage was done!… can’t believe I’m still fricking crying. DAMN YOU HORMONES!!!

  • I’m not sure if I’m afraid of labour or if I’m deeply adverse to the pain and the aftermath of labour. I like the idea of hypnobirth, it appeals to my hippie sensibilities, but when it comes down to it, I will actively ignore it, and power through full of terror.

  • Wow yes thank you for your full frontal authenticity. You’ve got me giggling. Definitely feeling the hormonal wild mood swings and emotional waves. But again, thank you for all of this!

  • I think you would love the channel femmehead! She has so many pregnancy and post partum videos from the past year that are really informative (I’m not even pregnant and I’m obsessed lol)

  • I’m 12 weeks and so glad I found your channel! I can relate to this video and your style so much more than other pregnancy videos. Sure, they have informative stuff but I mostly find the ladies kind of annoying!! haha. Thanks for being real /a ranting crazy lady like moi. Looking forward to checking out your other videos throughout my pregnancy!:)

  • Found your channel after having my baby 2 months ago and I love it it’s so honest and everything I wish I knew now I’m watching this laughing cause it’s all true

  • Yeah I would just always put moisturizer all over…butt, arms, legs, back, belly, boobs, face….but I got pregnancy acne so instead of lotion I put vitamin E oil on my face but I also put that all over my body as well

  • For the longest time people would ask me if I feel the baby kick and I was like “uhm I’m not sure” like i would feel like if I had gas but I could not really tell the difference until my 20 week ultrasound

  • I’m 21 weeks pregnant and a couple weeks ago I had a nightmare that I gave birth early and didn’t have ANYTHING for the baby and then the next morning created my baby registry and started sending it out. I now have a crib (it’s not set up but i have it) and a couple new born stuff so I feel slightly calm about it

  • This was so much fun to watch! I’m just 7 weeks along and it was so refreshing to hear someone’s perspective that wasn’t all abt morning sickness and how yucky I’m gonna feel LOL! Not that those vids aren’t helpful, but it just tended to make me more anxious =)

  • I’m in my second trimester, I’ll be 24 weeks in 2 days. I’m starting to get acid reflux and a weird burning but bearable feeling in my throat. It’s more uncomfortable than painful. Pretty sure it’s heartburn but the feeling is high up in my throat rather than near my heart/stomach.

  • The way you describe baby moving is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell people! It freaks me out every time cause it feels like a worm is in me! Definitely not like butterflies or flutters

  • Oh man I’m 22 weeks right now & hearing you ramble actually made me feel more sane, normal so thank you for this ���� definitely gonna be checking out those books!!

  • Lol Omgsh you’re gold! I just hit 18 weeks and I’m at the “everything is overwhelming” stage and I’ve never felt more peace knowing I’m not the only crazy, thanks!

  • you just listed all the things I am dealing with in my first trimester currently. Especially everything being overwhelming and hunger all of a sudden. I shared this moment with my husband and was talking to him how i feel grateful wor his help and he started to say about his fears of me getting used to these ways of talking with him and moodiness and just keep being this negative after pregnancy too and so we fought again instead of just saying I appreciate you realize that this moodiness is tough, he just made me madder. (( Aaaaaa. I cant deal with that…

  • I am 10 weeks pregnant and OMG I have Googled everything for the entire pregnancy ��. Am always on Google and baby apps. Your week 24 looks like my 10th week

  • 4th pregnancy and never felt sooooo hormonal overwhelmed etc I’m just a 5’4” ticking �� and I’m only 13 weeks ���� and showing a lot already ��pregnancy in the 30’s suck ijs lol

  • Honestly I don’t know how or why New York State still allows abortions at 20 weeks. Anything past 8-10 weeks is seriously ethically questionable, but 20 weeks is unconscionable.

  • I am 20 weeks and I have a huge belly �� with a babygirl ������ and you make me life so harder and thanks This is my first baby so I used to think that Am I the only one who feels overwhelmed very day and now I think that mostly pregnant women feel the same ��

  • Thank you! thank you! oh yeah, THANK YOU!
    I was having a shity pregnancy day… then you came along������
    You made me laugh and smile the whole time!
    In a creepy way, can we be mom friends?��
    Gotta go pee.
    Have a great day! ��‍♀️

  • Im currently 19 weeks and the littlest thing gets me upset my boyfriend is just so calm when im really feeling like blowing my head off my neck ���� and hes just like okay babe lets work this out���� and im like no i want food����

  • Love your videos! I’m in my second trimester too! I’ll be 18 weeks Tuesday. My placenta is also in the front as well. When the ultrasound nurse told me that I was like “is that normal?!” Because I know nothing about it lol and she said yes, but might take awhile to feel. Thanks so much for your videos! You also crack me up.

  • Finally someone who also has an anterior placenta and someone who explains kicks the same way I do�� this is the first video of yours I’ve watched and I’m for sure subscribing

  • I needed to pause the video cause I just bursted laughing at the hormonal part “I need screws… and I’m really hungry!”
    That has been me for 3 weeks now!

  • I love you. I’m 14 weeks and I’ve just found your channel. I’m literally losing my mind in this pregnancy and you made me laugh so thank you.

  • Hi. Thanks for this video. You said the name of the other pregnancy YouTube channel quickly and I couldn’t make out what you said. Can you tell me what the channel’s name is? Thank you.

  • It’s a crime that you breezed by tip #2 so quickly ���� I totally understand what the panty liners are for but would have been nice to relate with someone on it

  • Agree. Don’t tell anyone when you’ve decided on a baby name, because people will give you their option (either they’ll tell you or you can read it in their faces) and try to convince you to name the child something else or whatever.
    Just you and Seth, decide on a name and then keep quiet about it until baby is there, because as soon as baby is born and given the name, people will accept it because they can’t exactly go ahead and tell you they didn’t like that name or at least most people will try to avoid that ��

  • You are so funny and entertaining!.. Ive been watching watching your videos for a while now and I think you are great!. Admittedly my viewership has been less frequent since you’ve turned into the pregnancy channel (no offense, I think it’s great) and much congratulations to you and Seth!.. only because Im a single guy, I’ve never had any kids of my own and probably never will… just not in the cards for me… but I catch your vids once in a while just to see how the pregnancy’s coming along. You definitely still have the same sense of humor!.. Thanks for posting updates and bringing us along!. Congrats again!.. psYour sister is totally hot and funny as hell just like you!. ;0)

  • This is pregnancy… and parenthood! Overwhelming yet beautiful! One funny thing about names is you’re so emotional, yet you’re allowed to name a baby! So happy my husband talked me into our girls’ names! Pregnant me had some wild names!

  • Where to put the moisturizer (where you’re gunna stretch): stomach, love handles and down a little onto your butt, outside upper thighs, boobs. (So I hear…)

  • really thankful for videos like this because everyone i know had only ever told me “pregnancy is bliss and butterfly flutters and you’ll literally glow and be the most beautiful you’ve ever been” then that first trimester hit and i was like WAIT WHAT

  • I’m your age and probably will never have babies, don’t actually give a crap about pregnancy info, but I watch these videos right when they come out and I get pure enjoyment till the last second. I wished they would last more. Why is that? I don’t know. I guess it’s your personality

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