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Introduction to your first trimester of pregnancy

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First Trimester Symptoms | How To Survive Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

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First Trimester Changes

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First trimester: What’s going to happen during my physician visits?

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First Trimester Pregnancy Tests | Kaiser Permanente

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Prenatal Yoga First Trimester Plus Morning Sickness Relief

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First Trimester OBGYN Visit│What To Expect

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First Trimester Every stage of pregnancy brings different issues and concerns. Here’s a roadmap to the first three months of your pregnancy journey. The 1st trimester lasts from the moment of conception and up to 13 weeks. This is an important and crucial stage of pregnancy when a new life is conceived, and the tissues and organs of the future child are formed.

At the end of the first trimester, your baby is already called a fetus and looks like a little human. Your next prenatal visits — often scheduled about every four weeks during the first trimester — might be shorter than the first. Near the end of the first trimester — by about 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy — you might be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat with a small device that bounces sound waves off your baby’s heart (Doppler). The first trimester includes the first 13 weeks. “Physically, the body is experiencing a surge in pregnancy hormones, specifically estrogen and progesterone, which can cause feelings of nausea and morning sickness,” said Crystal Karges, M.S., R.D.N., a San Diego-based private practice dietitian and lactation consultant. During the first trimester, your baby grows from the size of a poppy seed (.05”) to as big as a roll of film (2.1”) by week 12.

By 8 weeks, you should be able to hear their heartbeat at your prenatal appointment. The coronavirus pandemic is causing some changes in pregnancy care and that can be scary. But experts offer advice on how to handle your first trimester, as well as any potential complications.

The first trimester is the most crucial to your baby’s development. During this period, your baby’s body structure and organ systems develop. Most miscarriages and birth defects occur during this period.

Your body also undergoes major changes during the first trimester. These changes often cause a variety of symptoms, including nausea, fatigue. In your first trimester, you probably don’t look pregnant yet, so make sure your exercise coaches and workout buddies know that you’re expecting. It can help to do a warm up.

Five minutes of. The most dramatic changes and development occur during the first trimester. During the first eight weeks, a fetus is called an embryo.

The embryo develops rapidly and by the end of the first trimester it becomes a fetus that is fully formed, weighing approximately 1/2 to one ounce and measuring, on average, three to four inches in length. Your waistline will begin to expand as your baby and uterus grow larger. Depending on your size before pregnancy, you may not notice this change until the second trimester.

It is normal to gain no or little weight in your first trimester. Emotional symptoms. Your hormones are on overload during pregnancy.

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In addition, the pregnant woman may experience nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, leg cramps, vaginal discharge, fatigue, and constipation during the first trimester.

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In the first trimester it sends some of the increased Blood in the system downwards to the Uterus to nourish the development of the blastocyte, into embryo and fetus and to establish the placenta and amniotic sac.

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The first trimester is the period of the embryo, when the newly implanted zygote is getting itself organized and developing its lifesupporting placenta.

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In the first trimester, the pregnant woman experiences the typical symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia, and constipation, which can limit her daily activity and therefore limit her capacity to carry out activities that could aggravate this symptomatology.

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Women often average a weight gain of four to six pounds in the first trimester and one pound per week in the second and third trimesters.

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We’ve organized the basics of your pregnancy into three chapters (First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester).

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C: First trimester D:

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During the second trimester, most women start to feel better and the pregnancy begins to become apparent as the fetus grows larger.

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During the first trimester or 3 months of pregnancy, many terms are used.

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A. First trimester 1.

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  • First time dad, looking at everything and trying to learn all I can. Never been so excited and scared at the same time. Pretty sure she’s 8 weeks along ��

  • I have irregular periods. My last menstruation was on June 23.
    I took a pregnancy this morning, but the result turned out to be negative.. Is there a possibility that I’m pregnant?thanks doc for your concern.. Waiting for a response from you..thank you

  • I’m 32 first time mommy 6 weeks 3 days I go for my first ultrasound on Monday I’m so excited!!! Bless all of you and our amazing babies!!!

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  • Very helpful video, I’ve been anxious about my first ob visit this is my first pregnancy and I’m 6 weeks today, looking forward to my first ob visit! ��

  • 21 years old, 6 weeks preggers today. 3 positive preggo test, found out last monday. 1st time mommy, first prenatal visit next thurse����Still nervous

  • Love this video. I actually took 5 pregnancy test and they all came out positive. I can’t wait untill I hit 6/7 weeks to go to the doctor.

  • Love the video! I hoping for another baby in the next year and will be looking to this channel for more inspiration. With my other pregnancy, I didn’t have morning sickness, but rather all-day sickness! I found that, for me, plain toast with butter always seemed to do the trick.

  • I am 8.3 weeks pregnant feeling nausea,fatigue and bloating are there any safe medicines to take or vitamins to stop fatigue and nausea?

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video! I wish I’d found you a month ago. I just started doing this video yesterday after trying everything from ginger, sea sickness pills, morning sickness wristbands (the only thing that helped a bit) etc etc and today was the first day I felt like a decent human being in over four weeks. I will be doing this video for the remainder of my first trimester. Also a compliment to your soothing voice and way of speaking, it’s very comforting and encouraging. Feels like a big hug doing this session.

  • I found out I was pregnant last week. I’m currently 6.5weeks.

    Scheduled an appointment with my NP for a few days later. No tests, just talked. I’m scheduled for an appointment at my 11.5week point. Should I be going in sooner?

  • great info, thanks for sharing.
    made me chuckle a little when you said the trans vaginal ultrasound probe isn’t too uncomfortable
    hope not, I mean, you can’t get pregnant without experiencing something very familiar lol

  • Mamas, what first trimester symptoms are you experiencing? Reply to this and let me know what pregnancy or mama video I can do next that would help you on your journey? Let me know!

  • I just found out I’m pregnant yesterday. Idk how many week or how to even count them fr. I haven’t told anyone but my bf. I’m happy but don’t know what to do first. Should I tell my mom now or after our first doctors appointment

  • When it comes to the ultrasound will your OB do it or is it done by a tech? Also how much I advance should I start Folic Acid before actively trying to conceive??

  • Second time mommy here just found out a few days ago, totally different from my first, I just knew this time, I felt bubbles for a day then it went away few days later more bubbles, something told me i was �� I waited for my period but missed it by a few days, I just had to go buy a test, tested positive twice.
    With my first baby I was 8 weeks when I went for my first ultrasound and I had a gummy bear baby, he was moving and everything!

  • Thank you so much!!! This video really helped me!!!!!!! Alll the poses have helped me but most of all what I loved is the reminder to breathe out the tension!

  • 12 weeks in, tomorrow is my first ultrasound scan. This video was very informative, I am sure my dr. won’t mention half of the things you’ve mentioned so I am grateful to have stumbled upon your video!

  • Thank you SO much. This was such a gem to find, especially during Covid! It really helped me and I agree with the other comments about your voice and the soothing nature you speak with. Have been feeling grotty all day and didn’t realise how much tension I was holding onto. Had a good cry when you asked us to lay down on our the left and connect with the baby. Will keep coming back to this one! Also going to try eating before I get up to see if that helps set up my day! Thanks for the tips!! ��

  • Today I found out I’m 4 weeks pregnant this is the first time we’ve been pregnant, we’re very excited it still seems so surreal to me!!

  • Just found out I’m pregnant after 2 home test and missed period. I’ve always wanted to be a mom and have been praying for this baby for so long. I pray this baby is healthy��

  • i’m stationed in south korea and the only OBGYN is 2 hours away from where i’m stationed and that’s the only place to do everything, and my first visit we went through a powerpoint slide, did blood work and urine as well and that was it. i told them i was concerned on how far along i was because i did have spotting which was not a period!!! and they counted it as a period, and so i missed my period and tested positive for my first pregnancy. and i truly don’t know how far along i am… and they told me i couldn’t get an ultrasound done.. i’m being mistreated here and i haven’t seen my baby or heard the heartbeat so i truly don’t know how my baby is doing.. which really scares me..

  • The doctors In my town dont see anyone till 12 weeks.. which is killing me cause I’m constantly worried for everything since idk if I’m even as far along as we think till I go to my first appointment..

  • just found I was pregnant,I’m scared some happened to my baby,because i drink medicine i don’t know I’m pregnant pls pray for my baby for safety and be strong.

  • I am 8.5 weeks pregnant after 10 years of infertility, 2 chemical pregnancies, 2 IUI’s, 3 rounds of IVF, 5 surgeries, and 143 injections. We graduated from our fertility clinic a few days ago, and we switch to a MFM (high risk OB) in two days. If you see this, please say a prayer for us. ❤ It is both exciting and scary.

  • Just found out I’m pregnant between 4-6 weeks pregnant took 5 pregnancy tests all positive
    First time mom and I’m 22
    Really surprised me because the doctor told my boyfriend he wouldn’t be able to have kids

  • Hello tooo Everyone!!!!! I had baby girl Dec12. Her due date was Jan 29th. My water broke 3 days with out me knowing. I had contractions in my back without me know. When I was leaking amnoic fluid I thought I had an bladder infection. Also when I got to the hospital I was already 3 cm. I took everything like a pro lol �� thank you Jesus. I got stuck with the epidural twice lol �� I did t get it until 6cm so my pain tolerance was high lol if anyone has any questions I’m here.

  • I’m 4 weeks and 1 days today, I haven’t told anyone yet, I found out 2 days ago and my mind has been everywhere. Both terrified and excited but I feel like I shouldn’t be excited. I’m not in the best place in life to be having a baby, but I’m hoping I’ll get support from family. I don’t know if this will sink in until I hear a heart beat or see my baby on the monitor. I moved across the country so I’m in the process of renewing my health card and getting a new doctor, wasn’t in the biggest rush at first because I’m not really one to go to the doctor very often…but now I’m like holy crap I need to get this done and get a doctor and THERES SO MUCH I NEED TO GET DONE IN THE NEXT 36ish weeks. I’m just freaking out a little.

  • Hi there! I just found out I’m about 7 weeks pregnant and I wanted to know if I should make an appointment with my primary doctor first, or if I should go straight to making an appointment with an OBGYN?

  • My doctor is foolish and said she would refer me to a obgyn and never did at 4 weeks and now I’m 7 weeks and 2 days and the wait time is a month…

  • I pushed for an early appointment for before 8 weeks because I have endometriosis and I’ve had gastric bypass so I’m extremely worried about having a high risk pregnancy. Of course they’re making me wait until I’m 8.5 weeks��wondering if I should seek out a different obgyn.

  • Thank so much. This is the most relief I’ve felt in weeks, I actually cried at the end. I mean, pregnancy causes that too, but so very grateful for this video ❤️

  • My husband and I have been trying for baby number 2 for 4/5 years now… I have always had irregular periods and thought I was dealing with infertility. We were going through all the testing and had to take a pregnancy test to confirm I wasn’t pregnant so I could start medication to kickstart a period. I called to confirm the results and she called back to tell me we were in fact pregnant. ��❤️

  • I’m sorry I couldn’t finish your lesson because you were talking about so many different foods and I’m so nauseous I had to throw up.

  • Im 8 weeks and 1day, idk what to do… do i call any obgyn or do i just wait and get a reference from my doctor? Im so confused, new mom��

  • My doctor won’t see me until I am 8 weeks pregnant and it’s giving me major anxiety! Considering the fact that I was told I could never get pregnant ��

  • Im so scared I found out im pregnant today im 19 with my first baby I don’t know anything I have been watching a few videos just to know what I need

  • Thank you so much for this video! It has really helped with my nausea and all the helpful tips have been most informative. Thank you THANK YOU!

  • I went to my first appointment yesterday and test came postive suppose to be 5 weeks and 1 day yesterday according to the doctor I am pregnant but doesn’t see a baby and wasn’t able to tell me exactly how far along was I should I be worried? I have 3 healthy babies no miscarriages and dont drink or do drugs.He told me nothing else just he doesn’t see baby should a baby yet. I have another appointment in two weeks has me doing blood work to check my pregnancy levels.

  • Feel like there’s something stuck in the top of my stomach… probably gas… it’s also unsettled and I have heart burn 23 of 24 hours. I’m dragging myself through a cloud and I’m ready to bite everyone’s head off. I have hot flashes and chills. God please make this feeling go away. There’s no one on Youtube that has described truly how bad the first trimester can get. It’s awful.