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Colleen Ballinger Body Transformation One Year After Childbirth

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Your Body After Baby

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Surprising Things Your Body Does After Childbirth

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my body after having a baby|Postpartum

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my body after having a baby (6 weeks postpartum)

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After your baby is born, your body gets rid of the blood and tissue that was inside your uterus. This is called vaginal discharge or lochia. For the first few days, it’s heavy, bright red and may contain blood clots. Over time, the flow gets less and lighter in color. For the first couple of days after giving birth, you’ll be able to feel the top of your uterus in the area of your belly button.

In a week, your uterus weighs a little over a pound – half of what it weighed just after you gave birth. After two weeks, it’s down to a mere 11 ounces and located entirely within your pelvis. Two of the most common places that women notice this change is in their hips and feet.

Even if you weigh the same after having a baby, you may not wear the same clothing size or shoe size, as your hips and feet can widen permanently after pregnancy and birth. I wear a full shoe size larger now after four children!Some women find that after having a baby they become gluten or lactose intolerance. Others have noticed that they get hay fever and have other allergic reactions to things that never bothered them before. 8. Your nipples become unrecognisable.

One in 4 women will hang onto 11 lbs. or more (5 kg or more) a year after giving birth. And after having a baby, a woman will be, on average, 2.5 to 5 lbs. (1 to 2 kg) heavier than she was prior to. Right after giving birth, your estrogen and progesterone levels drop dramatically, which can contribute to the “baby blues” (mood swings, anxiety, sadness or irritability, which resolve within a week or so of birth) or postpartum depression (similar symptoms that are more intense, last longer and interfere with your daily life). The usual color of your areola and nipples may morph to a darker shade during pregnancy, then stay that way after you have a baby. This can also happen for your labia and even some moles on your.

After you give birth, postpartum bleeding — i.e. lochia — can last for up to six weeks. It will be just like a very heavy period made up of leftover blood, tissue from your uterus and mucus. Bleeding is heaviest for the first three to 10 days, then it will taper off — going from red to pink to brown to yellowish-white. Your body carried baby for 40 weeks (or thereabouts), shifting and stretching to accommodate your growing child, and then it underwent the exhausting task of childbirth—it stands to reason you’ll experience some physical changes once all is said and done. Curious what to expect?

It’s normal to have a decreased sex drive after giving birth. This feeling can last for months. In one study of postpartum women, 20 percent had little or no desire for sex three months after delivery, and another 21 percent had a complete loss of desire or aversion to sexual activity.

List of related literature:

Most women gain weight after childbirth, especially around the abdomen and waist, and their bodies go out of shape.

“AYURVEDIC GARBHA SANSKAR: The Art and Science of Pregnancy” by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe
from AYURVEDIC GARBHA SANSKAR: The Art and Science of Pregnancy
by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe
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Without calorie restriction of exercise, breastfeeding women tend to lose weight at a more rapid rate than their nonbreastfeeding counterparts up to 6 months postpartum (Baker et al., 2008; Kac et al., 2004).

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
from Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
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Part of the reason for that protruding postpartum abdomen is your still-enlarged uterus, which will be reduced to prepregnancy size by the end of six weeks, reducing your girth in the process.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
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During pregnancy you may have felt good about gaining weight, and at the beginning of the second week postpartum you probably don’t mind looking like you’ve just given birth, but by the end of the 6 weeks, perhaps you’ve had it.

“Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness” by Aviva Jill Romm
from Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness
by Aviva Jill Romm
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2002

I found myself looking objectively, thinking, ‘This is how my body looks now, four months after birthing my baby daughter’.

“Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism” by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
from Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism
by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
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We may find ourselves to be really very chubby, leaking milk and lochia (which is the normal vaginal discharge after birth), miserable, sleep-deprived, and feeling negative about the baby.

“The Discontented Little Baby Book” by Pamela Douglas
from The Discontented Little Baby Book
by Pamela Douglas
University of Queensland Press, 2014

After my son was born, it took a long time and a lot of exercise before I felt like I was in shape again.

“Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth” by Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
from Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth
by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
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In the days, weeks, and even months postpartum, your body will need significant resources to recover from a variety of physical insults, ranging from stretching and tearing to blood loss and sleep deprivation — while simultaneously caring for a newborn.

“What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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I didn’t truly value my body until I had my baby.

“The Great Indian Diet: Busting the big FAT MYTH” by Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Luke Coutinho
from The Great Indian Diet: Busting the big FAT MYTH
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In the first month after the birth, you lose a large amount of the weight you gained during pregnancy, but you may maintain some (or all) of this extra fat for the entire time you breastfeed.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
from Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide
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  • This is amazing! Thank you so much. I literally cried hearing you talking about the baby weight and to not stress about loosing it right away. It’s been a year yesterday since I had my baby by C-section and I still haven’t lost most of my baby weight and am very self conscious about it. So hearing all this helps so much. Thank u ��

  • She doesn’t feel the most sexy in this video? Giiiiirl your post pregnancy body is like my goal body, those thighs!! Such an hour glass you’re body is amazing.

  • I was back to work after my son, I finally felt confident to not wear a jacket or large shirt and my female coworker grabbed and jiggled my belly laughing….in front of everyone it was TRAUMATIZING….I could still cry over it.women should support each other.

  • Honestly, these women should try balancing their hormones that could really make the weight issues a lot easier. Cruciferous vegetables and DIM supplements can help with the excess estrogen. Exercise won’t help if the hormones and diets and insulin resistance is not solved. For insulin resistance you should do intermittent fasting (never fast during pregnancy btw) but they can also get a blood tester called “keto mojo” to test their blood sugar and ketone levels. For the ectomorphs do a vegan diet, for the endomorphs, do keto.. mesomorphs can do keto for short term. If you never liked meat do vegan, if you can’t live w out meat do keto

  • Omg I had stretch marks on my stomach and in between my thighs. My son was 8lbs 9oz I was only 105lbs lol I gained 45lbs. Wish I didn’t get stretch marks though lol.

  • Woman: when you need to go to the bathroom go because when you laugh or sneeze accidently then…
    Me with allergies: ahahajkssjkdn

  • THANK YOU ��������for openly saying you had negative thoughts about your body changing. I was the exact same as you but you almost feel bad for expressing those feelings but they are so valid! Women shouldn’t be vilified for having these thoughts or showing what they deem as a positive, wether that’s a stretch mark free minimal fat body, or a body full off stretch marks with a few extra lbs! Us women should be championing each other not tearing each other down.

  • Not everyone have stretchmarks… i have now but before when everyone was like ”everyone have stretchmarks” i felt i was not normal…

  • OMG Naz body looks amazing postpartum, I hate when people invalidate her experience just because she had a positive outlook. Max mentioned she exercises and still ate clean which really helped her snap back quick. She gets credits as she actually put in the EFFORT. She explained her experience so well in this video in how much admiration she grew for her body but also her insecurities about her thies which is completely normal. Love you Naz x

  • Omg so it’s hard to baby sit my aunts baby I wonder how hard it is to take care of a baby!!for your whole life until your 18 or more �� baby sitting is hard for me cuz I’m only 12 I was carrying the baby and if I moved her she would cry and I had to fill her bottle and so I was in trouble but they helped me and I’m grateful I got to baby sit but it’s hard ����

  • If other women feel bad because of your body positivity and “snap-back”, it’s their own insecurities that have nothing to do with you. Just like how you can’t get mad at models for the way they look, people have no right to get mad at you.

  • Mango is supposed to be bad for the baby and orange that also includes orange juice for the dark line use the Palmer’s tummy butter for stretch marks it helps but take care and congratulations on your baby ������

  • So since the skin was stretched out so much, when it goes back to normal is it more sensitive because your skin was really red after pulling on it a little.

  • Thank you for being honest about your body image. this helps me because I am considering having a breast reduction before I have kids

  • Omg yesss! I am currently pregnant with a boy and my hips and legs have gotten bigger. I have always been insecure about them because “skinny” used to be in so now that being “thick” is in, I haven’t been able to overcome the insecurity. Since I got pregnant it’s been even harder seeing how much bigger they have gotten. I’m glad to finally relate with someone else. You look amazing btw! ��

  • Now that I am pregnant too I am wondering how she did in high school I have the same age as her but idk what to do with school I will love she read this ��

  • CONGRATS�������� My son bday is also March 13th…but he is not a baby anymore he’s 17. �� Time goes so fast….cherish every moment.

  • I know you probably won’t see this but, you should try switching the baby to his side just so that the back of his head doesn’t flatten out.
    (Idk if you do that already I just want to let you know just in case:))

  • I had my baby in January and like you I had a very toned stomach etc. I’m a fitness freak. I know how hard it was for you to video record your body. My stomach has gone in but I still have some belly flab which compared to other women I’m very lucky. However for me I still feel insecure as I’ve always had a toned body and have always worked hard for it.

  • you can use bio oil for ur stretch marks and dark lines, my boyfriends mom told me this, im pregnant rn still haven’t given birth but it helps with your stretch marks and dark line and bruh when you said “im tryna get this booty big” i felt that ��

  • My mom is very negative towards me… she disowned me cuz I was pregnant, pregnant with twins and she has always talked about my weight and how I’m fat… it hurts and she doesn’t care. She thinks she’s better than me

  • After I had my son I never exercised and i regret it now. But I am trying to change that because I’m tired of seeing my baby weight. My sons already 2 and i look like a fat cow

  • Naz ive been watching you from the beginning I’m so proud of you. Also you look amazing mamas ��! And Von Von is adorable and I know you and Mel are the best parents ever like I’m almost crying I’m just so proud of you guys ��

  • Love love LOVE how real and authentic you are!! �� and you always have a way of cracking me up lol ☺️ so happy I came across your channel �� have been enjoying every video since! I pray to look and feel as beautiful and confident as you during and after pregnancy ����


    සත්යතාව සිනාසුණි මට මතකයි අපි හැමෝම දුම් පානය කරමින් කාඩ් සෙල්ලම් කරමින් තරු දෙස හැරී බැලුවෙමු ඇය කේන්තියෙන් කීවාය ඩයනා සහ හෙලන් හිටියාසහ මොකක්ද ඒ මිනිහගේ නම ඇය ලුවිස් දෙස වටපිට බැලුවාය වේන් කවුරුහරි

  • Dear moms, thx for sharing these ’embarrassing’ details, it is soooo nice to hear them and gives us a little insight and a lot to think about��

  • I only got a few stretch marks on my boobs from breast feeding, I have 3 kids�� I didn’t really use any oils or lotions while I was pregnant…

  • I hate women go through so many insecurities and sad times during and after pregnancy. Like woman, you just did some Godly work!!! You just created a body out of your own body ��

  • I just had a miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy. It hurts, but seeing other people happy with their pregnancy, births, babies, and toddlers makes me happy. One day I hope…. ����

  • It’s not being shallow. I want to have my body back as soon as possible too. I feel disgusting when I’m fat and don’t accept being fat at all. I’m not talking about other women, talking about myself so no need to get angry at me.

  • Congrats mama! My baby boy is almost a month so we’re so close with our dates! I just starting working out this week, tryna get to my goal weight by my wedding in October! Wish me luck! Lol. Oh & I couldn’t agree more that women’s bodies are amazing & we are capable of crazy things! Definitely gives you a different love & appreciation for your body. This was my second baby though & I’m not gonna lie, your body snaps back so much faster with your first one.

  • Colleen, I’m 16 weeks pregnant and in tears watching this video (pregnancy hormones amirite). I have had so many of these thoughts and fears regarding what my body will look like after I give birth. I’m 5’2 98lbs pre-pregnancy. I’ve been small my entire life, and I constantly receive comments from people regarding my weight. I NEEDED this video. I feel ready for my body to continue changing, and I’m no longer afraid. Thank you

  • Me and you gave birth to boys on March 13th! I have been following you for years and on your journey as well. I couldnt believe we gave birth on the same day. I was actually due on April 11, but he came early. Love this video I can totally relate. Can you please do a makeup tutorial of this look you had in this video?You look fire and beautiful. Also, curious where did you get your earrings from & whats the size?

  • Oh I really like the bras, I’m pregnant right now and my breast are so big and sore, I have to get more bras because my old ones just are not working out lol I’m trying to figure out what size I should get though because I want to wear them when I’m breastfeeding too ��‍♀️

  • Mmmm yeees no spicy foods…and pizza ���� also I have the dark line since I can remember but on u it looks so fcking flattering, like u have some abs action going on��the bby is such a teeny tiny cookie monster typa cutie❤️��just subscribed…ly guys

  • Your body is amazing. It does look beautiful but I mean the fact it went through pregnancy and childbirth. Not as amazing as you tho:)

    your amazing

  • Y’all when she said she got that dark line on her lower stomach from the bby bump I was just like “then y do I have this line there even doe I’m not pregnant n never have been”����

  • As a mom and a nurse I can really relate to these stories. Women are strong and beautiful. Give your babies all the love they need then let them fall asleep to some beautiful sounds on my channel.

  • i love love looovee colleen. being supportive of A V E R Y T H I N G is just incredible,and sending positive messages to make society BETTER?? just a big “celebrity” who does all these things is basically a hero.

  • Collen is such a wholesome person! She is such a great mother and human! Everything you saying is so true! I love what message your sending out the internet! <3

  • Puedes hacer videos en español?? No hablo mucho ingles pero aun asi te sigo,creo que te ves bien como sea,tu bebe esta hermoso me da ganas de apretarle esos cachetitos ����,Saludos desde Puerto Rico ❤

  • the purple-red stretch marks fade away over time i was scared of mine staying that color but they went down and just end up being a lighter color than your skin ����❤️

  • Whoever DMed you needs to shut the fuck up. Just like every pregnancy is different so is everyones post-pregnancy experience. They need to learn and understand that, what? do they want you to lie?

  • They forgot allergic to all kinds of stuff…..��
    Got my oldest, allergie number 1 popped up, got my second, oh sure some more allergies…..I am now a very proud of 2 boys, with a ton of allergic reactions and allergies��������

  • Thank you for speaking about body image in such a sincere way. I didn’t expect to be so affected, but your video made me cry. Women go through so much becoming mothers, and this is absolutely the most inappropriate time anyone could make a comment about something so shallow as their appearance.

  • I used to be a size 9.5-10 and then went up to 10.5 after delivering my baby six weeks ago. And guess what was my push present?! My poor husband gifted me a pair of Louboutins right after I gave birth and they didn’t fit:/ And they didn’t have that style or any style I liked in 10.5, so we ended up returning them and now he wants to get me new shoes but I refuse to get any because I’m still hoping my feet will go back to being 9.5 or 10 like they used to be ��

  • I felt so alone until I watched this. My son is 18 months old and yeah. Bladder control… nipple problems… hard painful boobs… yup. Not alone.

  • On the topic of you getting a breastlift… I really wish perky boobs weren’t the standard anymore and saggy boobs were normalized and embraced.

  • Before I got pregnant with my twins I was around 180, in the middle of my pregnancy I went down to 171. Those two took everything from me, I had no energy and I was always throwing up. I had them at 26 weeks and 3 days due to pre-eclampsia. They are both happy and healthy. They are almost 9 months old, almost 6 months old adjusted. But after I had them the highest I was was 192, I’m trying so hard to lose weight. I’m now 185lb and I feel like I’m going no where and it kills me, it drives me crazy. I don’t know what else to do��

  • I’m gonna have to have a surrogate mom. This is just terrifying and I’ve heard about a lot of permanent damage that can be done to the body and just nope. I want kids but I do not want to potentially ruin my body, I already have really low self esteem, it does not need to get lower.

  • Personally I think it’s all about your mindset and I feel like your positivity is with also radiating you through this and what’s helping you come out winning. Your positive stories are inspiring to me and you’re actually helping me through this time of being pregnant dealing w the uncertainty.

  • I’m pretty sure the dark line will fade away, it isn’t really dark on you, your body’s still perfect, I had a baby at 18, now I’m 25, the dark line dissapeared like after one year, but I did got a c-section and like 1807643 stretch lines on my belly, boobs, buttcheeks, legs, even down there �� so you’re lucky girl! Cheers and keep taking care of the baby, there’s so much to come ��

  • I had a friend who said csections were the equivalent of “hatching”, not giving birth. I’ve had 3 csections, and found that disrespectful, and hurtful. I was not able to dilate past 2. 22hours of labor (with my first) I was only at 2cm… nurse broke my water the first hour I was there, 23hours before I had him, while checking too see how dilated I was…

    Another thing, I gained 80+ pounds from my first, not too happy, (he’s 8 years old now) and I had a guy the other day, tell me he wasn’t a fan of “my fat gut, but was gonna give me chance” excuse me?! I’ve been thru hell, in an abusive relationship, left, got diagnosed with depression and anxiety, ate my feelings away, gained so much weight that I was in the 200’s, I was 217lbs at my heaviest, and started losing in January, to date I’ve lost around 30lbs, putting me t 186lbs… I’ve HAD THREE BABIES… I don’t care what anyone thinks about my “fat gut” and I’ll proudly show it off. (If asked)lmao!!! I’m not ashamed of it, it literally gave 3 humans life. They are 8, 7, and 6(on May 23rd)

  • Love you your baby he’s so cute also am Mexican too!!! Not that no cares�� but you are beautiful am the opposite of being very hungrey i usually dont eat thats why am skinny not that skinny. When i eat junk food like every day am still skinny. Me am like what happening to ME why am i not gaining.������ love you and your baby.

  • Girl! Saaaaaaaame! I have my son and all my weight was in my thighs, but, and breast. I did get stretch marks in all those places as well, and also on the side but not my actual stomach. Now that I’m pregnant again, I have more intense stretch marks on my thighs, butt, and chest. But last pregnancy I got everything during recovery. I have a really intense labor. No joke almost died. It was scary. This time they showed right away but I think because my start weight was heavier. It does effect you although I’m not ashamed. And I love what you said in this video. It really hit. And you’re beautiful. And I thank you for sharing your journey and being real♡

  • I hope my body goes back to normal after I have my baby I know it won’t go back right away but hopefully like a month or so it goes back or starts to go back.

  • So hats off to Adriana Lima for rocking up the runway just after few weeks of giving birth to her second child, and hats off to other models for looking flawless and for even having abs after child birth.

  • Do you plan on doing a review for your placenta encapsulation pills!? I am interested in seeing if it is worth it before I deliver☺️

  • Love you girl!!! You look amazing!!! What lip combo are you wearing??? Love ittttttt!!! Btw new to your channel and I love it. Congrats with the new baby

  • I got chronic hives while I was pregnant. I’d break out and itch for an hour every night right when I laid down for bed and randomly throughout the day. It lasted a year and a half after birth. I was on 4 different antihistamines and slowly eliminated one at a time till I figured out which one was helping. Finally I was able to wean off of it and it didn’t come back so it finally went away.
    I’m pregnant again now and every time I feel an itch I think “oh no it’s coming back”.

  • Coleen you are an amazing mom and you handled the pregnancy great I could never do that well and you are very helpful to other moms

  • If i get a Boy.
    Im going to learn him how to take responsibility, respect every women.
    Respect every man.
    Learning him that you shouldnt judge People by sexuality
    Learn him that his feelings Are okay.
    Teaching him not to call Girls swear words or sexuallising words.
    Not to harras Anybody,
    Treat People nicely like you want to be treated yourself.
    And that they need to work like clean, cooking, Laundry,
    And Teaching Them house chores Arent a “womens work.

    If i get a girl.
    Teaching her that women and men Are equal.
    That they can do what They set their heads to.
    That they can wear whatever They want.
    That they Are buatifull without makeup.
    That you shouldnt treat someone for a Thing somebody Else did.
    Not All men Are bad. But alot is.
    And alot is going to use Them.
    That they have to work twice as Hard as men.

    But overall. I Would teach Them how to be themselves. And teach Them that not All opinions matter.

  • I had my son April 3rd and i cant even count on one hand how many times I’ve lifted my shirt to look at my loose skin and stretch marks whenever I walk past a mirror. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my body won’t go back to the way it was before, but pregnancy isn’t only hard physically. It’s hard mentally, too.

  • Are you kidding your bady it’s so beautiful, you should be grateful, if you could look my body oh my God I have a 7 or 8 kg belly fat, my legs are huge my arms to, I was so elegant while pregnant but after birth I dont know why look like that, I was 65kg before, and now 1year and 6 months after birth I’m 80kg, i have very difficulty with doing my homeworks, I’m depressed ext. But ofcourse sometimes I say thank to God for everything. I’m drinking water every day as a program says form my bodyweight and I hope to see a little difference..

  • My left foot grew a half size up and stayed that way �� After birth I had hands fulls of hair falling out! Like I had plugs everywhere. Peeing afterwards was like someone stabbing me from the inside. And there’s no such thing as holding your pee…I’ve worn pads every day for almost 3 years lol And still after all the pp issues I decided to do it again lol November 2020������

  • I’d love to watch a video about your breastfeeding experience. Is it painful? Did you have a hard time in the beginning? Did it get easier?

  • am i the only one that just went through the hair loss one and the nipples? xD also mental health which now is Prenatal depression?

  • I too hated pregnancy with my son. I was so miserable, but I loved every minute of delivery. My son is 22 today. I still have a couple faded stretch marks. I don’t even notice them, and they have faded a lot. Having my daughter was easy pregnancy and delivery. I was 18 and it was a piece of cake. I don’t have to tell you now, you’ve realized I’m sure, but it takes time and everything will go back in place.

  • You mentioned things I didn’t even think it would happen before or after pregnancy.
    I’m not sure if you realise, your fast metabolisms is due to your hectic routine begin in the theatre business, which is a good think, doing what you love and getting the benefit of exercising. Good on youlove your videos

  • I have nothing to comment but much much love for these wonderful human beings. As a 30 year old woman who has never been in a serious relationship let alone being a mother I admire you all to go through all of this and most importantly to share them with us so openly.

  • Hi �� I also pick at my fingers. But since 2nd grade. Circa 1970’s and for me it is nervous anxiety. I became a clergy, spiritual healer 2000’s and meditation helped a lot. I became a reiki healer, bars ( spiritual brain massage) I have three almost grown kids and we actually love staying home as a family in quarantine. We work from home and I have horses at a farm so I get to go there and hang out with the farm people. My daughter hangs out with me a lot, girls stuck together. My boys do boy things and hang with me once in awhile. Your little boy is the sweetest and you are the coolest mom. I loved pregnancy, got really big with my ten lb girl and they said c seduction and I said no!!!! After 3 hrs of intense pushing and 15 stitches. Out cane my red headed loving sweet crazy girl just like her mama. She has a malformation in her face and has had 9 surgeries. Anyways lots of stories to tell and I’m bring them to you tube because I love directing videos and making them. Having to get over stage fright, low self confidence issues on camera, I think I’m weird looking—truthfully. But you and Joey and others have inspired me to bring my own spin to you tube, write my novels and do fun life stuff I’ve wanted to do!!! Thank you ☺️

  • You are extremely beautiful! I am someone who has struggled with my weight after having my children and it really hasn’t been easy for me but I have to say after watching this video, you really have inspire me to not give up on reaching my goal! Thank you for this video and may God continue to bless you and your family ❤

  • Girl you look bomb asf and if you want the dark line to go away and stretch marks use palmers bio oil abd coconut oil and a sugar scrub with olive oil you welcome

  • Your vid gave A lot of pointers I’m 12 weeks and 2 days into my preagnacy and this helped what to prob expect and im 15 younger than you lol so its been scary but my mom has been a big support and the baby’s dad and my friend’s ��

  • this bitch is absolutely beautiful. i love to see people who actually care about their family, she doesnt seem like the type to exploit her family for views which is a big trend in familyish channels. she keeps it real and organic, just has such a good positive energy without it seeming fake ya know

  • is nobody gonna talk about the fact that one lady really said she was a size 9 then grew to a 10 but then literally said she grew 2 sizes bigger

  • Oof i used to want 5 now i want to adopt a 0-2 year old girl at 20 then have one at 21 because I don’t want my kids to be 5-10 years apart i want them 1-3 years apart but then i want to try for twins

  • I wonder what’s the back ground of these women. Were they active before, during and after pregnancy and how were their eating habits before, during and after pregnancy?You can’t do much about the hair loss but when it comes to things like the stomach, extra skin and even breast how you take care of your body before, during and after pregnancy affects how your body will be after. So you don’t have to do intense cardio or lift weights but strength training for your core, arms and legs that works the transversal muscle in your abs help tighten the core so you don’t have to push so much. Pushups help with arm fat, and firing the breast of course at some point in your pregnancy your stomach will get to big but you can prepare you body for pregnancy and sculpt it back easily after wards. And it also builds muscle memory so when after the baby is born it’s not as hard to loose weight. So knowing this, this video isn’t giving the full picture

  • I feel like the cool thing for me after having a baby is that it’s forced me to stop focusing on outward beauty so much and just really love this new body that I have, knowing that it is an ever changing thing.

  • I’m not even married nor am I pregnant, but it scares me to death when I know that my body shape will change forever after giving birth. 
    I am the average small girl (125 pounds/21 years old), I was never fat or anything like that my whole life, so I can only imagine how depressed I’ll get after childbirth and seeing myself in the mirror. 
    I could not dare to stand naked in front of my husband, let alone having intercourse again because I would feel so uncomfortable and unconfident.
    How did you deal with that?? Doesn’t it make you feel sad that your body looks different now, or do you not feel less attractive?? It scares me so much. Am I the only one? 
    Please do not misunderstand, I don’t mean any harm, it is just one of my biggest fears.

  • Being pregnant is hard. It’s not about being selfish or worrying about how you look, but feeling insecure when pregnant is the worst feeling. My pregnancy & my baby are beautiful but I didn’t feel beautiful, & especially w/ social media nowadays. Theres these “standards”.. I felt ugly, I competed myself. I just wanted to feel beautiful. But now I know none of that matters. I am beautiful… I’m happy w/ my body & the way I look. ❤️

  • Pregnant with 4th baby and yup all those things definitely happen and I feel worsen with each child. They are totally worth it tho!

  • Nazanin Joon <3 You are so sooo beautiful and real! Your body is beautiful and still bangs:D You are a beautiful classy young lady with a beautiful beautiful lil family xoxoxoxo

  • idk but if you are offended by how good someone’s body looks, that’s YOUR problem. if you are saying it’s “insensitive” for someone to literally just look good, that just screams insecurity. just my opinion tho.

  • hello im wondering if body hair is different after birth like does it get thicker and also can you get rid of stretch marks with bio oil or other treatments other than laser thankyou

  • Yes she is right she wouldn’t have to think about what she looks like after having a baby all she should have to think about is her baby herself and her health and family ily Colleen srry if I spelt ur name wrong <3

  • Watching this 6 months later makes me think:
    So they demonize, flag and ban videos of people talking about their bodies in a scientific way, but they do nothing about the porn that is on YouTube?

  • I was born 3 months early and my mum had to have her stomach cut open. She was in pain for a long time and I had to be fed through a dang tube so.. props to all mums

  • I swear I have the highest pain tolerance ever but when she was talking about all the pain she felt in detail..idky I FELT almost everything..I’m low key veryyy scared of giving birth..she’s so braveee omgg

  • I find it ironic that the families I don’t watch always have magical, beautiful, births, then the person I do watch gets the absolute worse case scenario. Love you Colleen, you are a QUEEN! ❤️❤️������

  • This was one of the realest most inspiring videos. Wow Naz, so much respect for you filming this & enouraging all of us to love our bodies at every size ������

  • Anyone who asks another woman why they don’t want to have kids. I think all these reasons are valid and just because they don’t want to is a good enough reason. Not to count all the possible horrible things that can happen during

  • I am an Indian mother and it’s a pity that after childbirth we stop taking care of ourselves and dedicate life entirely for the newborn.. I think it’s time to take care of oneself..

  • The stretch marks on your boobs will fade most likely. A lot of woman get them on their hips and tummy and legs, and their boobs. Most of the time they fade away.

  • I always love how honest and open you are. And I, as a fan, am very happy for you, your family, your life journey and Flynn, and also feel very luck to watch a bit of it. However, when you say: “it’s what women bodys were ment to do, to have hables”, I truly believe you are sending a strange message and I don’t agree. Myself, as a woman, don’t have any desire of having babies, and I bet there are a lot of people like me. I would say that my body is able to do it, but it shouldn’t be my main objective in life just because of my gender, as you make it sounds. I know you didn’t do it with meanness but I think hearing you say that can make girls feel bad. My body should be whatever I want it to be, and be in tune with my dreams and goals, not only with my biological reality.

  • I love that you give the Raw side to your postpartum. I’m not pregnant or have kids buts nice to know what to expect. I’ve watched other videos pero they don’t say any of the stuff you have. ����✨ Props on having your baby, I’m too scared to get pregnant and I’m 21. I honestly don’t want kids because I know it’s painful..

  • So no one is allowed to tell someone who worked really hard to get their body back that they look good because someone overweight can’t stop eating McDonald’s? No.

  • I’m subscribed, I think I watched a try on video by you before BUT I would count this as my first video really getting to hear you talk and express yourself! I just want you to know you do not sound shallow at all and your feelings are valid, I appreciate this video, especially since I am expecting and have NO IDEA what to expect!

  • More men need to watch this so they know what happens if it was a partnered decision, if it wasn’t so they know what their baby mommas went through or will go through.

  • holy crap we women go thru all this?! just got to say its pretty amazing so many women are willing to go thru all this lol. more power to you mamas

  • I hate when ppl say ‘you make other ppl feel bad’ when YOU do a certain thing in YOUR life. You can’t be held responsible for how someone feels abt themselves, that is not ANYONE else’s problem but that individual. Our society has gotten so wrapped up in trying to be someone else, instead of trying to be the best version of themselves, and it’s disgusting. No one should ever have to feel bad bc someone feels threatened or insecure of themselves that’s on them. And that’s that on that.

  • I have trichotillomania, where you pull your hair and I’ve done it since I was 10 and I’m trying really hard to work on. With the weight, that and taking care of my twins its really hard

  • a piece of advice from my mom, she says not to sleep with a faja on! she didnt rlly tell me why but she just said she learned it the hard way after her pregnancies (she had 4 kids haha)

  • It’s crazy because after having my son I could only breast feed him for 7 months but I kept lactating up until my current pregnancy

  • I’ve already had problems with peeing my pants (varies from a little to completely) from laughing too hard, and I haven’t even had kids yet. It happens frequently too… I’m in TROUBLE. ������

  • Use coco butter girl it helps with scares but a lot of lotion and oil on you body it help I had a big scare on my leg and and I did hay and I lost it!!

  • Everygirl on the planet: loses weight because of stress
    Me and a few ungifted girls: gains TONS of weight even in the least stressful conditions
    You’re awesome Colleen❤

  • You are such an inspiration, always keeping it so real. In all honesty you look DAMN good for just ONE month ok OKURRRR. You created a beautiful baby boy and yet here you are preaching to the internet bc you’re a light in the dark web of social media so god bless.

  • It is SO awesome that a woman with a big enough platform is spreading positivity regarding such an important topic. You’re awesome, Colleen. A true queen <3

  • I have struggled with multiple mental health issues one of them being OCD. I have a form just like Colleen it is called trichotillamania it is where you pull at hair on your body. Every person with it is different for me it was my eyelashes. I just want to say you can do it. Just this year I have completely stopped pulling. It is possible it is hard it takes work. Not to say I am against therapy but was just not for me. I hope this helped someone. ����

  • How was it like when you experienced the pain throughout the entire pregnancy? How Did you cope with the pain? And what advice would you give to people who are going through pregnancy and don’t know how to cope with pain?

  • I’m only five months postpartum but I’ve been struggling a great deal, especially because I am exclusively breastfeeding and can’t limit my intake as I already struggle to get enough in and can’t go out to exercise and feel like I’m stuck right now. Thank you for being so open and honest, it’s much appreciated.

    Thank you for all of this ��

  • thank you for speaking out about “snapping back” because i’ve always had the exact same opinion on this but haven’t heard many people talking about it in the way that you are, this is going to be so encouraging for so many people colleen:)