Strategies for Men Whose Partner Has Already Established a Miscarriage


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Coping Tips. Know what to say and what not to say. Many moms who have miscarried have suggested that their husbands not try to console them with a message Talk or write it down. Men typically don’t talk to other men about their feelings, even in the case of a miscarriage. It is just not their.

Leaflets: Our ‘Partners Too’ leaflet is written for you, the male or female partner of someone who has had a miscarriage, ectopic or molar pregnancy. Men & Miscarriage is a previous version. The leaflet Supporting someone you know provides tips for family and. Miscarriage Information For Men Men women don’t die of miscarriage but they do require practical help and emotional support. Your partner may also need to have a D&C or some form of medication to make sure her miscarriage is complete.

She can feel fearful about the possible pain of the medical procedures and the physical consequences. Before my miscarriage, I had only seen my husband cry a few times. Watching your partner show emotion both physically and with their words is something to remind you of how raw emotions can and.

Walking through loss and grief together can be one of the most bonding experiences of your life, or it can be something that creates a wedge. So even when it hurts, lean in, turn toward. You need each other and no one else will care as much as your partner does.

7. Men need space to talk about miscarriage too. She and her husband have a 3-year-old daughter and have been trying to conceive again for a year and a half. In that time, she has had three miscarriages, one that she described as particularly devastating because it came after she and her husband had an ultrasound and heard a healthy heartbeat. We had no idea until she started heavily bleeding at work, and her doctor said she was having a miscarriage.

Because I didn’t even know about the baby, it wasn’t that traumatic for me; Melissa had. Deep depression sets in. Taking care of yourself and your wife physically is important, especially for someone who had just lost a lot of blood and nutrients during the miscarriage. Some people may. Talking about your emotions, and voicing your own needs is crucial to maintaining both respect and a strong bond with your partner, which is central to restarting the journey towards pregnancy after miscarriage. wife or partner is extremely emotional if she doesn’t get pregnant after a miscarriage: because men do not experience the physical symptoms of miscarriage, it can sometimes be difficult.

How a Man Handles a Miscarriage. Expect a rollercoaster ride. That’s all I can say. Climb into the car near the front of the rows, buckle your seatbelt, then grip the chrome handle in front of you.

Clack. Clack. Clack.

The car is nearing the top of the first high hill now. Get.

List of related literature:

• Allow yourself (and your partner) to grieve the loss before becoming pregnant again.

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Allow yourself and your partner to mourn the loss of the baby, no matter how early in the pregnancy it occurs.

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Make sure you and your partner frequently discuss what each of you is feeling; your reactions during the grieving process may differ at times.

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As always, turn to your partner for support (remember, you’re in this together), as well as to friends and family who’ve also suffered pregnancy losses and then went on to have healthy babies.

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Do not try to minimize the loss with an upbeat focus on the future and the possibility of other pregnancies and other children.

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Give yourself time to grieve, search for medical explanations if there are any, and seek out other women who have miscarried.

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Practice tip: Foetal abnormality or miscarriage Prior pregnancy loss, miscarriage, foetal demise, neonatal death or genetic or chromosomal abnormality in the current or a prior pregnancy often requires professional counselling with grief counsellors, support groups, therapists, and genetic counsellors.

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Treatment to prevent miscarriage should always be mindful of the Heart and settling or calming the mind.

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Do not try to minimize the loss by an upbeat focus on the future and the possibility of other pregnancies and other children.

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A visit to discuss all the results of the stillbirth evaluation and counseling regarding potential subsequent pregnancies is also recommended.

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  • We’ve just gone through our first miscaridge least then 24hrs ago and it’s been horrible my eyes Haven’t stopped watering, she’s pushed me away doesn’t want to see me at all were all worried about her I’m worried about her right now it feels like she doesn’t want me anymore this feeling of not knowing an feeling powerless to do anything hurts I want do just be there to grieve with her but she’s shut the world out and it hurts

  • Hi, it’s been less than 24 hours I have found out she had a miscarriage I was looking forward to having my first child with my girlfriend, I feel lost she has two kids already but which are not mine I feel so empty I keep asking myself why I keep thinking it’s my fault it’s been 11 weeks

  • Thank you so much for this video. It made me realize a lot. I lost my identical twins at 8 weeks last week and my husband hasn’t even gave me one hug, one I’m sorry or even held my hand. We’ve actually been arguing a lot if anything. I feel so alone in this. I had to go to the doctor to get a d&c procedure and was in pain after and he didn’t even hold me to get into the car. I’m so heartbroken because I lost my babies and cry silently every night by myself.

  • I just miscarried a day ago. I was watching this to try to better understand my partner. This video has made me cry. I wish I had just a fraction of the support mentioned in this video. My partner is dealing with his grief my being mad at me, distant, focusing on every fright we ever had, etc. The way you describe what is going on with a woman, is exactly how I feel… I just wish I had a bit of support. Men, please listen to this guy, he has insight.

  • hey man. tnx much. im an ER Dr and my wife a family Dr. i’ve honestly seen it all daily. But just came back from OB and we are having a miscarriage. Pretty shitty feeling i have to say looking at the ultrasound and knowing what os happening before the OB says anything. Just trying to be good to my wife. thanks for the headsup

  • Dont know if you know much about MTHFR mutations, but have you ever heard of a male who is homozygous for MTHFR (C677T) and having factor V leiden mutation (clotting disorder) to be the sole cause of miscarriage in a woman who does not have any MTHFR mutation whatsoever?

    Another question is can a man who has type 2 diabetes with an average A1C of 7.2 cause sperm damage?

  • Wow! I just found out about a miscarriage less than 24 hours ago. The pain, powerlessness, emptyness I feel are beyond any measurement. I wish I could turn back time and figure out a way to help it but since it is impossible I am starting to seek help and I have to say this video is amazing. Thank you very much

  • This was very helpful, thank you.
    I very much relate to the portion about men coping with grief through distraction, and the tendency to indicate to your wife with your actions as though her grief is making this more difficult for you. While I was feeling overwhelmed in this way, I simply looked into her eyes and wept with her.

  • My husband just ignored the fact it happened. Said it was sad but you have to “move on”. He hates when I talk about it. I have nobody to vent to because everyone just gets annoyed with me so i’ll suffer in silence. A smile on my face but broken inside. Cracking a little more everytime I see a pregnant announcement, a gender reveal, a birth,a newborn, a pregnant woman. I’m envious and sad. Next month was supposed to be my due date. I feel empty inside.

  • Lost my first som due to medical error during labour at fullterm October 18, 2016. My partner is miscarrying our second child as I write this. We love kids so much, but I’m 35 and she’s 38 turning 39 soon. We have been together 15 years. I am just so devastated.

  • Hi, I just lost a baby due to miscarriage on November 19-20,2016. Three years ago, we lost our first son Enoch Miracle Cobberti at 23 weeks pregnant. He was 1lb and 8oz. I want to die! I don’t like life no more!

  • Thanks for the video man. I didnt think I’d be this devastated from this. Happened today. I dont know how to act around my wife. I dont want to be a bumbling crying mess either. Just at a loss. She doesnt seem that upset which is troubling me idk.

  • My girlfriend abandoned me entirely after having a miscarriage. One day, we’re fine and three days later, she quit telling me she loved me and had no desire to talk to me. Haven’t gotten past it mentally. Was sort of looking for help for guys going through the situation..

  • Is it normal for my wife to internalize her emotions after a miscarriage because I was crying I broke down I had to say Goodbye before I could even say Hi I cried to my wife and she just sat there and said all you care about is yourself and how you feel honestly I’ve felt abandoned for a week now trying to reach out to her but she just keeps shaming me for my past what can I do?