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Pregnancy and the Flu

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Symptoms of stomach viruses. fever. chills. nausea. vomiting. stomach cramping or pain. diarrhea. watery bowel movements. fatigue. headache. muscle aches. Symptoms of Stomach Flu. You may experience a severe headache. You may have diarrhoea (loose and watery stools). You may have a fever (low-grade).

Your muscles may feel sore and tender. You may experience chills. You may feel exhausted and fatigued. You may experience dehydration.

The most common virus that causes stomach flu is norovirus, which is incredibly contagious. Other commonly known causes of gastroenteritis include rotavirus, salmonella, and E. coli. When the virus or bacteria sweeps through the body, it can upset the balance of stomach acid, irritate the lining of the digestive system, and even cause an. Whether your stomach is churning from pregnancy hormones, a virus or undercooked meat, the treatment is the same: Get the rest your body’s aching for. And focus on fluids, especially if you’re losing them through vomiting or diarrhea, as they’re much more important in.

Other symptoms include: chills, which may sometimes occur alongside repeated shaking. sore throat. headache. loss of smell or taste. muscle aches and pains. Urinary Tract Infection: While easily treated during pregnancy, if ignored, a urinary tract infection can cause complications. Most often recognized by pain, discomfort, and/or burning when you urinate, UTIs can also produce lower abdominal pain. Stomach spasms are a common occurrence in pregnancy.

Most causes of stomach spasms during pregnancy are harmless, but you should see a doctor if you have pain, or constant or recurring spasms. There are many possible causes for stomach spasms, including gas, muscle strain, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation. Cramps and spasms are common symptoms of constipation. Classic symptoms of the stomach flu include watery diarrhea (nonbloody), nausea, bloating, headache, low grade fever, abdominal cramping, sweating, clammy skin, and occasional muscle aches.

According to experts at Mayo Clinic and Baby Center, some of your symptoms can be related to pregnancy, however to a different extent than when you’re sic. Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid leaks out of the stomach and up into the esophagus. The primary symptom is heartburn, which is an.

List of related literature:

If you come down with a ‘stomach virus’, or gastroenteritis, you should again take precautions against infecting your baby – though the risk is small, since breastfed babies appear to be protected against most such infections.

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Symptoms caused by the infection in perinatal cases are generally only a mild fever in the mother with or without slight gastroenteritis or flu-type symptoms, but the consequences for the foetus or newborn are often major or fatal.

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Norovirus symptoms include acute­onset vomiting (more common in children), watery nonbloody diarrhea with abdominal cramps, and nausea.

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Infection with norovirus produces nausea, vomiting, and cramping.

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Repeated exposure to the virus during pregnancy

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Symptoms include transplacental infection during pregnancy that may cause stillbirth or perinatal death, or in surviving babies, toxoplasmosis involving damage to sight, hearing or the central nervous system.

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And whether your tummy is turning from hormones, a virus, or from egg salad that sat on the lunch trolley too long, the treatment is the same: Get the rest your body’s aching for, and focus on fluids, especially if you’re losing them through vomiting or diarrhoea.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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It causes gastroenteritis but can cause invasive infections in those with compromised cell-mediated immunity (the bacteria lives within macrophages): pregnant women (third trimester), neonates, older adults, and immunocompromised patients.

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Pregnant women exhibit a mild fever with slight gastroenteritis and flu-like symptoms with major or fatal results for the fetus.

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Other common infections in pregnancy are acute pyelonephritis, acute pneumonia, viral hepatitis and malaria.

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  • I got the flu shot and I still got the flu. The only difference is that I got it before I got pregnant, I don’t know if that makes any difference.

  • Can you please add a complete list of ingredients in the flu vaccine including aborted fetal products. Don’t omit any ingredients so we can make a well informed choice.

  • Within 28 days of vaccination of a pregnancy with h1n1 which is in every flu shot there was a noticeable increase in miscarriages. They need more studies to make the causal association but strong enough to make a link. Amazingly they still recommend it to pregnant women even though it is untested other than this horrifying first study:

  • With all this COVID-19 going on and having stomach flu is soo bad. I was crying my eyes out cos I thought I have Coronavirus and that fact that I was with my family. But thank G_d it’s just a stomach flu!!!!!!!!!

  • i went through it for a month and i rlly thought i was dying. i literally vomited everyday and i just couldn’t sleep properly, had to use bathroom every 5 minutes and i the pain was so bad i started to laugh and cry. trust me it hurts but you can do ut:)

  • I think im about to have a rough night. I havent dealt with this since 2017. I can feel it coming though. I seriously hope im wrong because this sucks so bad.

  • Throwing Up is one of those terrible things that are awesome. Smells bad, but the way you feel after it’s out. Plus the feeling of getting it over with

  • freaking got the symptoms on New Year’s Eve, went to the Doctors on the 2nd jan for medicine but it didn’t work, anything I ate, felt nauseous and I vomited so much, the next day 3 jan went to the hospital got admitted, got discharged on 5 jan and until today 7 jan, i still vomited and have the nauseous feelings….istg I want to get better really, I took a lot of medication but I feel the same…..I thought I will be better after I got discharged from the hospital but I feel the same…i was eating well on 5th that’s why I got discharged but after I went home, the feeling came back, I just really wanna get better, I hate this feeling

  • I have it and my stomach hurts really bad and also there Will be a attack’s and I think I have one because I keep taking medicine and it won’t work trust me it hurts a lot

  • How to cure:
    Eat nothing but hot cheetos or takis
    Drink nothing but soy milk
    Go out for morning runs
    Turn your AC Temp as low as possible
    And share your food with everyone you love:)
    Oh and stand up the majority of the day

  • Started with foul tasting burps, next day extreme vomiting 5 times that day. Then the stomach aches and cramps with bloating and pain and some more vomiting. After that severe diarrhea, I literally pooped water 15 times in 24 Hours. Now its only diarrhea and body aches like I’ve been hit by a train. Vomiting stopped. I eat 2 toasts a day only and try drinking water. day 3 now.

  • Pedialyte, Gastrolyte, Gatorade, light color, crackers, nothing else. Teeny sips. If you pinch your skin,and it stays together,get to ER, if you can’t drink. If you can, you need sodium and potassium ASAP in Gatorade or Powerade. Diet pop is best unfortunately,because sugar acts like a sponge in the intestines and sucks out all the water,whenever we consume sugar. When sick,huge no no. Vegetable broth low salt.

  • I have the flu, in stomach. Severe pain. I do have Gastritis,but I’ve had diarrhea all day, but this flu, the stomach pain is unbearable. I’ve had headaches all week,but can’t take Advil. I have CRPS so if I sneeze, shivers, anything that stimulates my nerves which is everything,I burn even more. I quit smoking 2 years ago, and I don’t have cough,anything wrong with lungs, it’s my stomach,and bowels, so cold,headache. It’s hell.

  • I have it rn and it’s like hell. This is my 2nd day and I can’t stand the pain. It does feels nice to see other people here supporting each other so I know I’m not alone

  • Is this causing anyone else to shake uncontrollably or am I dying �� can’t wait for this to go awayyy nauseous off and on and I’m tired of seeing the bathroom

  • Was not feeling good in the morning of the school day felt kinda sick and was gassy no Temp after lunch was feeling worse and went to the nurse 100.1 fever shows how fast this sickness can pop up

  • I woke up really early because I felt like I needed to throw up, I couldn’t sleep, I only got 6 hours of sleep and I can’t seem to rest because my entire body is so cold

  • I have gone 30 hours without food now. Yesterday I had the worst fever and chills. Slept all day, I had to miss work even though I was in talks with my boss for a raise!

  • I have this right now, it sucks. I have had it for 6 days now. Yesterday I exercised and ate pizza because I thought I was better now I’m feeling like crap again.

  • Damn this really sucks! I’ve been constantly on the toilet with diarrhea for days now. I now have a fever so I’ve just been laying down and drinking water. RIP to my asshole I can’t stop shitting. �� ��

  • I woke up in the middle of the night feeling so bad but the night before we had jalapeño poppers so I thought it was just the peppers doing the work. Woke up this morning MORE sick than I ever. Right now I can’t tell if hungry or in pain probably both.

  • I don’t know if I got the stomach flu or not because my symptoms are constant stomach pain and vomiting and I’m really tired I don’t feel like eating anything pretty much constant nausea and there is a little bit of red not alot but a little bit when I throw up and I’m shaking I just don’t feel good I don’t know what to do, do you have any suggestions on what I should do or what it is?

  • I’ve been throwing up like 3-4 times in the last hour and half and had diarrhea like 4 times. I feel like crap. My back hurts also. Sometimes I feel like I have colon cancer. God I hope not.

  • Currently watching as I lay here dying from this damn stomach flu. I want a doctor to come and open me up and scrape the bacteria �� away. Been �� so much my asshole hurts now

  • Dude this is the worst thing ever. I went for a road trip from California to Idaho and when I stoped at Utah I ate a pizza that wasn’t even cooked right and it was spicy and when I went to the hotel my stomach was in deep pain…. it n the middle of the night I just remember that I was saying god pls kill me and I tried to throw up but I couldn’t and every time I ate or drink water I felt like I was bloated……… stay strong

  • Stop saying stomach flu people! There is no such thing as a stomach flu. Flu means influenza. Influenza is respiratory. It’s a stomach virus.

  • I have the same think I didn’t know I had it till the next day. Stay away from Limon. It makes you’re vomiting so much worse it burns so much.

  • she is such a little miracle! I’m so happy for u. Me and my partner where ttc for 6 years, we finally raised enough funds for icsi and 9 days into the buserelin injections (which was when I found u and subscribed ��) I knew I wasn’t feeling rite, so I tested and there it was our BFP ☺️ she’s now 10 months old and an absolute angel. I am now at a stage where I’m super broody again but telling myself it’s best to wait a little while till my daughters abit older but I’m worried it may take a while to conceive again…….but I must be honest your updates make me worse and even more broody ��

  • I had the stomache flu 4 months ago and I ate one cracker while I had flu because my brain was like ” You have to eat something” and when I did, I threw up like 3 times in a row. NOT FUN.

  • Threw up twice in my class on the ground. Went home threw up like 15 more times then went to sleep. Missed the next day of school. Now my friends think I’m faking sick lol.

  • I threw up twice and had massive diarrhea it felt like I was pooping out my internal organs ugh I just hope everything can go back to normal soon cuz I don’t know how long I can do this for

  • How to cure:

    1. Rest
    2. Avoid eating or drinking for a few hours
    3. After a few hours stay hydrated
    4. Eat a bit of easy digestible food

  • Thank you. I followed most of the steps here till after the majority of the day not eating, I got myself some fast food and I’ve thrown it all up again. Then I came here. I learned my lesson.

  • i’ve been having loss of appetite for weeks due to new meds and lost about 5 lbs and now i have this���� and my fucking ap test is tomorrow fml.

  • I get cramps every 10 mins or so and I feel I gotta go a lot of the time and it hurts so badly I can’t eat as much as I used to… I’ve tried tylenol it doesn’t work for me

  • my 3 yr old has been vomiting for 3 days and counting! She had diarrhoea all day Sunday, committed at 8pm Sunday night…then woke up Monday morning with a couple more hours of loose stools. At 8pm Monday night (24hrs after first vomit episode) she precedes to vomit again. I found this odd but figured it was all over. Tuesday morning she woke up drank a pile of water, then threw up again. Her loose stools are done at this point but then her poops were soft solid and very pale yellow/tan. Around supper time she threw up again. Wednesday (today) she has thrown up a total of 4 times….she’s urinating, drinking Gatorade, water etc but this seems a little long lasting..? maybe not but I’m concerned.