Smashing the Water to Induce or Augment Labor


Labor Induction

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Will Your Doctor Break Your Water in Labor? How to Ask Your Doctor This and Anything!

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When my water breaks, why is pitocin used to start labor? How long can I wait to go to the hospital?

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AROM is Artificial Rupture of Membranes | why water is broken in labor

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What are your experiences with induction by breaking water, and no pitocin unless necessary?

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Induction and Augmentation

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WHAT TO DO IF YOUR WATER BREAKS | Am I leaking Amniotic Fluid or is it My Water Breaking or Pee?

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Amniotomy, or breaking your water, is a method of inducing or augmenting labor (speeding it up). It has been frequently used routinely in early labor for many pregnant women or during induction of labor. The belief was that it would speed up labor.

Your water breaks but labor doesn’t start. Once your water breaks, you and your baby have a higher risk of infection. You might not need induction right away, though. Check with your doctor or.

The water will typically break during labor. On rare occasions, it may break before labor. If this occurs and labor does not start soon after, a medical professional may induce labor to start. If your water is being broken under the management of your doctor, it is generally a safe procedure.

But you should never try to break your water at. Manual breaking of the water, or artificial rupture of the fetal membranes (AROM), is a common, routine procedure in obstetrics. Its main intentions are to induce the onset of labor or increase contractions and speed up spontaneous labor. AROM has a few benefits but also some risks. Get the facts about breaking water to induce labor.

But, sometimes, after the bag of water has been broken for quite a while or once your labor has started that does not progress, something needs to be done to get your labor either kick started in the case of breaking your bag of water or augmented in the case of your labor stalling out. It’s a boy! (inducing labor by breaking water) by Anna G December 27, 2015 125 Comments. This post contains affiliate links.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please forgive me for taking a little break from my teaching resources to share the news of our newest addition! If you like birth stories, this is for you. The medications used to induce labor — oxytocin or a prostaglandin — might cause abnormal or excessive contractions, which can diminish your baby’s oxygen supply and lower your baby’s heart rate.

Infection. Some methods of labor induction, such as rupturing your membranes, might increase the risk of infection for both mother and baby. At the start of labor, later on during labor, or, in some cases, before labor starts, the membranes of the sac rupture. This is called the “bag of water breaking” or simply “water breaking.” It is often one of the early signs of labor, and medical experts.

An amniotomy is a method of induction that’s typically used once you’re in active labor to move things along. “In an amniotomy, the patient’s membranes (bag of water) are usually ruptured using a.

List of related literature:

Hydrotherapy appears to be most effective once the woman is in active labor, as entering the warm water at less than a 5-cm dilatation seemed to diminish the strength and frequency of contractions (Mackey, 2001; Simkin & O’Hara, 2002).

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For a delay in active labor, ask the woman to enter a bath with water deep enough to cover her abdomen.

“The Labor Progress Handbook: Early Interventions to Prevent and Treat Dystocia” by Penny Simkin, Lisa Hanson, Ruth Ancheta
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Water immersion in labor does not appear to increase the risk of chorioamnionitis or endometritis, even in women with ruptured membranes.24

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
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If the water breaks but labor does not begin, or if the amniotic fluid is dark (because the fetus has had its first bowel movement in the uterus), your physician may recommend inducing labor.

“The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide” by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
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If these strategies don’t work and you are having contractions but your cervix is not dilating, breaking the membranes of the amniotic sac, or “bag of waters (amniotomy), and/or having Pitocin through an IV may be the appropriate next steps to help you progress through labor.

“Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth” by Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
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In order to get labor going, I tried everything: from speed-walking up and down the stairs in our triplex to watching Bowling for Columbine while drinking castor oil that Simon had thoughtfully prepared in a milkshake.

“Little Kids, Big City: Tales from a Real House in New York City (with Lessons on Life and Love for Your Own Concrete Jungle)” by Alex McCord, Simon Van Kempen
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PGE1, although much less expensive and more effective than PGE2 for inducing labor and birth, is associated with a higher risk for uterine tachysystole with abnormal fetal heart rate and pattern changes and passage of meconium into the amniotic fluid.

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden
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Whether your waters were broken by an over-enthusiastic midwife, or spontaneously, the problem you now face is the same – if your labour doesn’t get going soon, you might find you are under pressure to be medically induced.

“The Positive Birth Book: A new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks” by Milli Hill
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The “water” (amniotic sac) breaks (if it has not already), and the woman may actively push.

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If there is talk of induction, turn to the suggested natural means of bringing on labor in the next chapter.

“HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition: The Natural Approach to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing The Mongan Method, 4th Edition” by Marie Mongan
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  • Hi Bridget, once again thank you for these informative videos, I found all of them very useful and give me tools to work through my pregnancy and for sure I will be more informed giving birth! I will like to ask you if you can make a video about Gestational Diabetes, I was diagnosed two weeks ago and at the begging it felt so overwhelming and frustrating. I think lots of pregnant women go through this and having a good informative and encouraging video will be very powerful! Thanks a lot!

  • I’m getting induced Saturday and I’m so ready for my baby to be out my womb. she’s is a huge baby and I hope she won’t ripe me. I’m only 39 weeks and my first baby. but my cervix will not give and barely showed any change but I keep having strong contractions. so my body not ready but my baby is. head down and she at the door waiting for a way out lol

  • My waters broke at 25 weeks. Was in hospital for 11 days and had a course of antibiotics. There were no signs of labour. Went home and have regular checks at hospital twice a week. Im now 34 weeks fluid still leaking but my fluid levels replenish as i lose them. No signs of labour yet and i wont be induced untill im 37 weeks.

  • My due date is today, no signs of labor. Not yet at least, the day isn’t over yet lol. I have an appointment Thursday, idk if they will decide to induce or not.

  • My water broke at 30 weeks and 4 days and I have been in the hospital since the 1st and it’s now the 4th and the doctor said that my baby had their first bowle movement and they don’t want to deliver the baby until the 34th week

  • Hi there do you have any videos on what happens when you have to have your waters broken in theatre for a potential cord prolapse. I want to know what happens do they give you an epidural before they break your waters, are you in theatre clothes? Etc thanks

  • My amniotic fluid is yellow sometimes with a little blood and it’s been leaking for three days and my contractions start and stop �� I’m 10 days past due

  • First time mama: I live an hour and a half from my OB. If my water breaks would it be better to go to my OB or my nearest hospital?

  • I am part of the 6%— my water broke about 20 minutes before the first contraction with my oldest and as I got up at night to go to the bathroom with my second. It took about 12 minutes before consistent contractions started.

  • I’m 40weeks +5 today, and my water just broke. My hospital asked me to wait at home and go there tomorrow if I don’t start active labour today. Can I still go to toilet and poop as usual though?? The water is gush, and clear coloured so far. First baby.

  • I’m diabetic. I’m going to be induced at 39 weeks if labor doesn’t start early. I really really really don’t want to be induced… I don’t want to spend days in the hospital waiting for labor to begin or be forced into a c section.

  • I didn’t know it was that rare! My water breaking is what kicked off my last 2 deliveries! With the 1st I was induced for medical reasons and they ruptured my membranes. But with 2 and 3 my water broke and then surges started about an hour or less later. I’m close to due with number 4, I’m interested to see how this one goes.

  • Im currently 40 weeks pregnant and nothing is happening, I really don’t want to get induced and my doctors told me I would get induced around 41 weeks. How can I know If I’m close to giving birth or what is the most common way of knowing you are in labor? I’ve had contractions but 3-4 a day and not regular at all

  • Hey Bridget! I know you’re not a “Doctor” but if you uploaded a Week by Week of how the baby is developing and what size that would be so cool! I think just being a subscriber to you, and loving your personality that would be so awesome! Have a beautiful day��

  • 37 weeks today, and I felt (and think heard) a POP in my vagina while bouncing on my ball about 3 hours ago. There’s been a few drops of liquid, but I can’t tell what it is. It’s definitely not pee though. I don’t know what is going on ��

  • i was the 2nd one. I made a big puddle in the hallway. I thought I had to go to the bathroom and started walking and a big rush of fluid came out. I wish I saw this video when I had my first because I rushed to the hospital, they gave me drugs to start my labor and wish they didn’t.

  • Jesus. I find this so confusing. So either way, if you don’t know if your waters have broken you should still have to go in and be checked?

  • I really appreciate and enjoy watching your videos, would you please make more videos about VBAC? recommendations to prepare for it? if I am planning to have a VBAC should I go to the hospital earlier if my water breaks?

  • What is the problem of Having your older children with u during Labour, its not like they have to stand and stare at your vagina idiot.. Its more likely they appreciatetje experience so they know how it works..

  • My first two pregnancies ended with my water breaking and then no labour. The first time I had an ob and highly pressured me into being induced (I was 38 6) and it was a long and painful 26 hours or so. My second (38 7) I had a midwife and she and I made a plan to go home get a good nights rest and hope I went into labour during the night. When that didn’t work, we made another plan to go to the hospital to be induced at 2 but I went into labour at 1230 and baby was born before 3. I’m 38 5 now and wondering if I’ll be some weird anomaly that has her water break three time in a row. We shall see pretty soon!

  • I had my second baby almost 3 weeks ago❤ and your videos helped me so much to stay calm through the whole process, specially through the pushing stage. lol Anyways, I’m still watching your videos, there is so much good information in them. Thank you for sharing!

  • i’m 39 weeks & i have only 3 days to go, but my belly is still kinda high, i dnt feel the baby down my belly, and my doctor told me that the baby’s head didn’t move to the pelvic bones yet.. it should’ve moved abut a week ago as a preparation to come out.. also the head is down, but the baby looks towards my belly, it should look towards my back.. can anyone helps me wz this?as i’m worried to be forced to a c-section

  • I am being induced tommorow as well and this really eased my mind…Heard so many bad things about pitocin…I am not even worried about the pain so much as the safety of my baby!

  • Wait so unless it’s your third or fourth baby you shouldn’t worry if your water breaks? �� this will be my fourth baby so if my water breaks should I go immediately to the hospital? I was induced with my first two boys and had the epidural with both of them. My third pregnancy was supposed to be induced but he came on his own that was the first time I ever experienced my body making its own contractions and I decided not to have the epidural and I loved it but was so no prepared. I’m planning a non medicated birth for my baby girl now but should I worry if my water breaks? I won’t be getting induced and I’m 36 weeks ��

  • My water broke with my first child, and it was like leaking continuously till I reached the hospital and I lost it all. I was rushed to the hospital because i panicked since non of my relatives that I know had their water broken like that including my mom who is a mother of 8!!! But I really regret going to the hospital too early because I was stuck there for more than 10 hours till I gave birth. Contractions started 3 or 4 hours after my arrival!!!

  • I got induced at 39 weeks as I had pre-clampsia.. The midwives induced me twice as I was not going into labour. The labour I only had was the lower back pain and some discharge. I did not dilate at all. This took 20 hours then I had a c-section as my OB and midwives said I could be like this for 4 days.

  • i dropped my jaw seeing how delivery is literally being carried out! O.o i’m going to be a mom few weeks from now. i pray i could really cope up with this.

  • I agree with Jade why their two little ones while she get this done like really I thought their are rules of child under age group should be with someone in the waiting room

  • I’m 38 weeks and I absolutely love watching your videos. They really have helped me prepare for labor a whole lot more. Thank you so much for making these videos ☺️ you’re also so peaceful to listen to and you’re so genuine and sweet. And also so naturally beautiful!

  • The ONLINE course is LIVE!! The link is in the show notes above. Loving all the positive feedback I’m hearing from the Super-Mom-to-Be students already!!!

  • @lindsaykeen13
    thx for reply.. unfortunately the induction didn’t work out & i had a c-section finally after about 10 hours induction.. i suffered them both, but i had a cute little angle..

  • good video im currently now 40wks and effacing is slow my due date is tomorrow but im not ripe enough. they will be inducing me next week. But i am SO gettin the epadural!!!

  • Okay… Thank you! Never heard about giving antibiotics to newborns “just in case”… I got tested before giving birth. I wonder why they don’t do that in the US…

  • Can you please also start including information regarding c section mamas? Always feel so left out, I had an emergency one with my first and my second has to be a c section for medical reasons but you never mention anything about them in your videos.

  • Bridget: Most of the time your water breaking doesn’t mean your baby is about to be born.

    Baby 1: Immediately started transitioning into active labor after water broke. Midwife said I didn’t sound “uncomfortable” enough, so I almost had a roadside baby because I’m a unicorn apparently.

    Baby 2: Spends entire day walking around at 8cm feeling like normal. Shows up to birth center, has maybe 30 minutes of active labor, water breaks and baby shoots out seconds later.

    It happens. It’s rare, but it happens. I’ve been chilling out at 8 cm again for the last 24 hours with consistent, but not truly painful contractions last night, and not much today. Just some pressure. When I do go into active labor I fully expect it to be as quick and as crazy as the first two.

  • I just had my son February 19th 2020. I woke up to some pink colored discharge. I took a shower and put a pad on when suddenly I felt a gush of fluid come out. It felt like warm water. My water had broke at 640 am and my baby boy was born at 315 pm. 8 hr and 35 min total labor.

  • My doctor broke my water at 1cm and within 40 minutes I went to an 8cm. I told my nurses and doctor I was having contractions and they didnt seem to believe me. After they seen that, they said you must have been having lower contractions and the monitors weren’t picking them up. They didnt listen to me�� so hours before my water was broken I was in so much pain. They kept adding a thinning medication down their when all along i didnt even need that much… first child btw

  • I am the 6% ��‍♀️ First time mom here, I woke up at 2:45am to pee (again) and got out of bed and a huge gush hit the floor and I thought I peed myself, so I went to the bathroom, peed, stood up, boom another huge gush (like, grab the mop and bucket levels of gush). At this point I knew something was up, called the hospital and they told me to come in to get checked (it was early, I clearly woke up the nurse I was taking to, she definitely thought I was overreacting and just peed myself). Being the control freaks we are, my boyfriend mopped the floor, I made our bed, did a whole bunch of silly things before we left for the hospital (I was a little in denial the baby was coming, because it was 4 weeks early). Of course, this is December 23rd and where we live the roads are covered in ice and snow and on a good day we still live about 30 minutes from the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital it was around 4am (was already 3cm dilated and 100% effaced to my surprise), I didn’t actually feel any contractions until probably around 6am (with the help of pitocin), at 9am I was 6cm and the baby was in my arms at 10:45am. It was a whirlwind process and by the time my little guy decided to come, he was in a hurry so there was no time for any pain management but, overall, what a beautiful experience ��

  • My water has broke all 3 times now. PROM with my first PPROM with my second. And currently admitted into the hospital with PPROM with my 3rd.

  • My water normally breaks when baby comes out but with one baby, my water broke and I didn’t go into labor on my own until 36hrs later. However, I regret telling the midwife because they wouldn’t leave me alone, trying to get me to go into labor after 24hrs. By the time I was in labor, I was exhausted!!! �� it was not a good situation. That made me decide to never do a birth center birth anymore. Way too many rules bc of the OB office they were connected with. We’re in NC and they are not midwife or birth center friendly at.all. ��

  • I LOVEEEE your videos. I’m SO glad I came across your channel awhile ago. (I just now subscribed, thought I was but I wasn’t sorry!��) I really hope all moms watch these and get all the knowledge and/or info they can get from your vids!! Thank you for always posting & educating us!���� I’m a mom-to-be. Due in just 3 days��

  • when i went to the hospital i was 6cm dilated and hadnt feel no contractions i thought i was blessed until they check me back later and i was only 7cm then de darn people decide to induce me to get to the full 10cm, it was sooo painful but fast the easiest part was pushing out my daughter now im pregnant again i won’t let them induce me again unless they have to not like we does epidurals we have to bear every last drop of pain

  • Hey sisters I need ur help its my 39 week daily I feel pain at my lower abdomen pain comes and goes I m really scared for delivery because I don’t have much energy how I can build up my mind and body and my energy for the delivery

  • I love when my patients tell me that they tried the BRAIN technique at a prenatal appointment and got so many questions answered! Have you tried this method of getting more information?

  • @lesheavensent Sorry to hear you are so worried. If you have any questions, you can email me. I help expecting moms reduce their stress and fear and feel more confident at

  • Synthetic oxytocin is definitely not the same thing as natural, and, as well as synthetic vitamin k, comes with precautions and dangers

  • Hi I recently saw your vlog I am 33 weeks. In scan they found my amino fluid is more than normal can you tell me is it safe or it’s issue for my baby

  • Im currently dealing with being induced. I was admitted Oct 5th and it failed so I was sent home Oct 7th. Its so painful. I had the membranes stripped which only dilated me to 1cm. Im not even over my due date which is the 18th. They wanted to insert the balloon but my cervix was so tender and i couldnt deal with it anymore. I go back this Sunday to try again. Im so frustrated

  • i just gave birth to my son 2 weeks ago and I went through 13 hours of labor by induction. Natural all the way without any drugs. the pitocin works but twice the pain.

  • Best video I’ve seen on induction. I’m 41 weeks pregnant & am getting induced in a couple days. Can’t wait to finally meet our baby!

  • I think my water just broke but am not sure,I was dreaming that my water broke and then I woke up and my legs felt wet lol, but it wasn’t alot to wet the bed, my appointment is today so I’m gonna go and hear what my nurse has to say because I’m not sure,but it’s definitely amniotic fluid just not alot

  • I’m 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant and Iv been leaking fluid for the past week but I have come to the conclusion that I am just peeing myself! Lol Thank you for this as it is hard to tell if it is in fact urine and not amniotic fluid because I am a well hydrated person as I have to be because I have gestational diabetes.

  • @angeloftearsx its the same place that the women has intercourse in. The vagina is the only safest place for the baby to come out of because thats how a womens body is made

  • I was the 6% and it was fairly “movie style” that I was told not to expect. I was exactly 36 weeks pregnant with my first and I felt a pop and had a huge gush of fluid with contractions starting about 15 mins later. Was at the hospital an hour from the time my water broke and my contractions were 2 mins apart and I was 6cm dilated upon arrival. I had my daughter naturally (didn’t have a choice in the matter because it was going so quickly) 5 hours later from the time my water broke to the moment she was placed on my stomach, with 1 hour of pushing. I had been having prodromal labor for about 2 weeks and had braxton hicks since 22 weeks. It was a crazy delivery!

  • I really hope I won’t have to be induced and if I do I definitely do NOT want pitocin.. I’ve read the risks and they are scary. I definitely don’t want an epidural, and if I do get meds (which hopefully I won’t) I’ll only accept a bit in my IV as well. I hope it can go as smoothly as possible, but In the end I don’t think it will matter anyone once I finally get to hold my baby

  • @reallirhonda Sometimes you need it, though. Like for my baby, he may be swimming around in his meconium and could be drinking it. We need to get him out.

  • She is lucky she did not get a C-section. The increased number of inductions today is the reason why we have such an increase on cesareans in this country. They tell you here to research risks/side effects of being induced, but how many moms really do that when they see this video. What they don’t tell you is that when you are induced the natural endorphins that are secreted as pain reliever during a non induced / unmedicated labor are absent. That makes the pain unbearable.

  • @reach0dhananjay you cant phisically have a baby obviously, where do you come from because i think they may do it differently in different countrys!!

  • Thank you for the quality info, Bridget! You make me consider becoming a doula. If you haven’t already, would you ever make a video about your decision to become a doula?

  • I’m getting induced in 23 days, the day after Thanksgiving. Giving birth has always scared me and I’m still trying to get my strength up to get through it. How this the process overall?

  • 38 weeks and had a lot of bood tinged watery discharge today.. but it stopped and I’ve been dry since. Could that have been a high leak that baby covered back up? I’ve been having intense pressure in my pelvis and really bad back ache too. I lost mucus plug and bloody show at 37 weeks for more info.

  • In my last labour an ARM was performed on me and turned out there was meconium present and then shortly after I was taken for an emergency C-Section.

  • I have a Question can your water break little by little!?,After the water break can you be in labor for weeks and the nothing happens!?.
    Also what is the chance of having a normal vaginal birth after two c section?..With Corona Virus In Hospitals Is Ok For Someone To Give Birth At Home?..

  • Wow 6%?! I had no clue! My water broke while sitting on my yoga ball at home with my first child. With my second it broke during labor. We’ll see what happens with #3 due May 2nd! ☺️

  • I had pitocin cause I wouldn’t go into labour after my water broke, for half a day I was in no pain but once pitocin was given, 4 hrs later I had my son