Safety Strategies for Having a shower While You are Pregnant


Guidance Of Safe Bathing For Pregnant Women

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Taking a Bath While Pregnant

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Baths are perfectly safe in pregnancy if you follow a few simple rules: Keep your bathwater warm, not hot. 98.6 degrees F is just perfect and feels great. Avoid baths after your water has not broken. If you meet these criteria, you can take a bath every day until you give birth. Tip: While prepping for that warm bath, skip the bubbles and scented oils and salts, as they can alter the vagina’s acidic balance, which can cause thrush, a common yeast infection.

While thrush is treatable, not all treatments may be safe during pregnancy, so talk to your health care provider. Pregnancy makes changes in your skin texture, and harsh bath products may take a toll on your skin. Use a softer loofah while bathing to protect your skin and to enjoy your bathing experience during pregnancy.

Do not use unfiltered bathing water especially if you live in areas that have contaminated water supply. While a hot bath might seem like just what the doctor ordered after a hard day of being pregnant, make sure the water isn’t too hot first. There are so many dos and don’ts you need to be aware of while pregnant, and the temperature of your bathwater is one that you might not know about. But it’s okay for most pregnant women to take a bath. (Your practitioner may recommend that you not take baths if you have vaginal bleeding or ruptured membranes, meaning your water has broken or is leaking.) To make sure that your bath isn’t too hot, test the water on your forearm or wrist.

It should feel comfortable – not too hot. Additional safety tips. A few more things to bear in mind when bathing during pregnancy: Monitor your body temperature while bathing to prevent overheating. Never take a hot bath when you have a fever.

If you begin sweating profusely, get out of the tub immediately and cool yourself down by drinking lots of water. A long hot bath is more dangerous during pregnancy than taking a dip in a hot tub while pregnant. When your upper body remains out of the water, your circulation can prevent hyperthermia. You can take a quick hot bath to relieve cramps and pain during pregnancy.

Don’t bath for long duration. Limit your use of bubble bath when taking a bath while pregnant, and avoid using bubble bath more than twice a month. 3 Soak for no more than one hour. Avoid staying in the bath for more than one hour to cut down on your risk of infection. During pregnancy, for safety reasons, it is in your best interest to stick specifically with the unscented Epsom salt that has no oils or herbs added.

Using Epsom salt in your bath is generally safe, but it never hurts to seek your doctor’s permission before incorporating it into your bath time routine. An easy guideline to follow is to keep your bath at body temperature, so 37°C. If you’d like your bath to be warmer than this, you’re advised not to stay in the water for longer than ten minutes, as this is how long it takes for your body temperature to change.

List of related literature:

• Bath rings, baby flotation devices, and bath seats are avoided.

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Tub bathing is permitted even in late pregnancy because little water enters the vagina unless under pressure.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
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Bathe the baby on a safe surface at a comfortable height for you.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
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While the baby is still wrapped in the towel, hold the head over the bath and gently wash water over the hair, avoiding the eyes.

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In pregnancy, issues such as bathing when there is someone in the house are advised as is the danger of stimulating a seizure if the bath water is too warm.

“The Midwives' Guide to Key Medical Conditions E-Book: Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Linda Wylie, Helen G H Bryce
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Prevent physical injury to the baby, through falling or by having the bath water too hot, which will burn the baby.

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The tub should be filled with enough water to keep the baby’s shoulders covered; this helps reduce heat loss.

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden
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The following safety measures are very important: • Never leave the baby alone on a table or in the • bathtub.

“Mosby's Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker E-Book” by Sheila A Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert, MS RN, Mary J Wilk
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Spread a waterproof sheet or pad, or a plastic tablecloth, on the bed or on your lap; place a thick towel over it and place baby, face­up, on top of the towel.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Taking a tub bath in early pregnancy is permitted, but closer to term, when the woman’s center of gravity shifts, it is safer to shower to prevent the risk of slipping.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
from Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
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  • This story reminded me of when me and my twin sister were like 7 or 8 I don’t remember we were at Mexico in a resort taking a bath together, (because were sisters and didn’t care) but um so the tub was getting electrified somehow I didn’t notice but my sister did and my mom came over felt the tun then told us to get out right away so they ‘fixed the tub’ and then when we were checking out my mom said “Wait, so your not gonna give me a discount for almost killing two of my kids?!” Yeah this just reminded me of that story.

  • I haven’t read up on this but my educated guess would be that mixing the essential oils with soap first and then put in the water should keep them from interacting with your skin as well. (Chemist)

  • I’ve dropped my phone in the tub before and nothing happened but I panicked and ran out of the tub and I Slipped and got a broken finger��

  • Love this series! I have watched so many friends go in deep with YL essential oils, who heavily encourage ingestion (or at least the did-haven’t kept up). I would love to see a video about essential oil use in oil-based skincare products (balms, face oils, etc.).

  • If yall do the peppermint thing and stumbled acrosd this video i gotchu drain the bath get out of it and refil it thrn scrub ur skin with any type of body wash and it went away i hope it helps

  • Off topic but I forgot to ask in the Nutrogena video, did you try the Hydro Boost City Shield/sunscreen from that range? I have combination skin and am trying to find a sunscreen that I can use daily that won’t cause my T-Zone and hair line to erupt in spots. I use the Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free moisturiser during the day but it doesn’t have any SPF or any kind of skin protection from pollution or the sun etc. The other one I am looking at is the Cetaphil Daily Defense moisturiser with SPF 50. Obviously the Cetaphil has SPF50 instead of SPF25 that the Nutrogena one has but are they both the same kind of thing or is one better than the other in your opinion?

    I am really new to taking care of my skin so don’t really know what I am doing yet so any help or advice would be massively appreciated. Also as low budget as possible is necessary as I am living on disability benefits due to poor health causing me to not be able to work and here in the UK the money isn’t very much at all.

    Thanks again for any help you can give me. I really enjoy your videos that give an opinion based on science rather than just experience, are you a dermatologist? ��

  • At first I was confused because in my life I’ve dropped three phones in the bath and nothing happened and I’m pretty positive you couldn’t get electrocuted from that….then I read the comments mentioning a charger before watching and I was like oh no

    Edit: Now I’m watching and realizing I’m right about the phone thing, but just wondering who would iron or curl their hair in the bath

  • I use a tea tree oil body wash that I bought… is tea tree oil harmful to skin? I have very bad eczema and wonder if this is exasperating it

  • Thank you for another amazing video! Could you please do a video about how to use essential oils in a diffuser? Would be really interesting to hear a more scientific outlook on that too:)

  • Hey Kenna… I didn’t get a notification for this video �� anyhow hopefully you’ll see my comment ���� so can you go a little more in-depth with essential oils, like what would lime/orange/lemon oils good for, what benefit are they to the skin, that kind of thing please. Thank you Kenna
    #sciencebabe right here. ������

  • This just popped up but a few years ago, I also gave myself a chemical burn on my butt using peppermint essential oil straight in my bath water! Never did it again! Looked like someone ashed a cigarette on my ass for a few months ����

  • Can anyone tell my what certain products are safe to use in the bath and I don’t have to mix? Like brands of bath products? I have really sensitive skin and I am little afraid to damage it!

  • And that is why in the UK we do t haven’t plug sockets in out bathrooms or switches we have lights out side the room or pull cords

  • About 5 years ago I used a lemon essential oil, either my skin is sensitive or I added too much because my skin felt itchy and like it was burning…but there was no redness. I immediately got out and scrubbed everything down in the shower. So much for a relaxing bath ��

  • Hi Kenna! A while ago you talked about a research you were doing about breadfruit compounds and their effects for the skin. Is that paper being published? I’m very curious about it!:)

  • About a year ago I used orange essential oil in my bath thinking it’d smell lovely and I’d have a nice time. Well in about twenty minutes I jumped out of the bathtub crying because it burned me all over. Never making that mistake again. I’m weary of most oils now.

  • Is plant milk will work as a emulsifier? ( really not sure since the fat stays on top…) If not do you have other option for vegan option? Thank you

  • Brother I know it’s a sad tragedy for this family but why would you take your phone into the bathtub while it’s charging dude like come on you could’ve at least left it on the sink to let it charge for a little bit at least

  • Who tf does that. Yeah im sorry that she died but let’s be honest who bring there phone to the bathroom to play games while taking.Shower

  • So if I wanted to add cilantro essential oil to my bathtub can it be mix with adding body wash to the bathtub too. Like essential oil followed by body wash? Just want to get a clarification before making a move.

  • Lmao, it’s common sense not to have anything that contains electricity beside, near, or in your bathtub or shower. Some IPhones would be fine to have near your your shower/bathtub, but definitely not right on the ledge.

  • I used essential oils in a hot bath once and ended up with hashes all over my back. I think my skin can’t take it…. i love the smell though

  • i was having a bath and i thought ok,let me drop few drops of peppermint oil..14 drops later i was like uhh the bath now feels kinda chilling…seconds away i was freezing i was going crazy but i thought right after to wash my skin with soap THANK GOD lol(not just wash it,i have a very strong japanise sponge,basically i too didnt know what to do and luckly i felt relieved and after i appleid jojoba oil)! we had the same expirience and we both love chemistry and beauty! wishes from Italy:)

  • Hey Kenna, curious about what you said regarding bathbombs. Most commercial bathbombs have essential oils, a carrier oil, citric acid and epsom salts. In these formulas, chemically, the essential oils render the effects of the salts useless? Can you explain that more?

  • Hey Kenna, I have a skincare question. How do you feel about using bio oil on the face as a moisturizer/serum?! I find it the best for my dry irritated skin however I worry it’s too heavy for the face and pores…?


  • I clicked on this video while sitting in a bath… that I had put peppermint essential oil in. I feel very dumb (and cold!) right now

  • Hay everyone out there I just recently found out essential oils in the diffusers are very unhealthy for your pets. There are three or four that are acceptable but I sure haven’t enjoyed this sent. My cat was developing a terrible cough and I just knew it wasn’t a hairball cough so I put two and two together researched and found out that essential oils are not good for your pets. Please spread the word.

  • Hi Kenna ILY and you have influenced me greatly. Could you talk about the ultimate anti aging preventions for your skin like antioxidants and spf, stuff like that? ������

  • Hi Kenna, I bought your products and they are lovely. What happened to your intro slide? Can you please tell me if you are still involved with Altilis as I’m worried the formulas or the quality might change? I’m very confused.
    EDIT: I saw your BeautyandtheVlog interview. Great job! No further explanation needed:) ������

  • Can you please talk about essential oil vapes? People keep pushing them and they are dangerous af.

    (EditI also work in a lab (microbiology) and I left comments on Kendall Rae’s videos because she is sponsored by Monqand her fans came at me saying I needed to shut up and let people do what they want lol. And one girl said “well you dont INHALE THEM” and i was like…???? Okay but that doesnt mean the particles wont get in your respiratory system?? Lol. I guess people need a more trusted voice. People think its cute and trendy to smoke essential oils but its dangerous. Theres still little research on it too.

  • Please talk about Brightening agents, for example Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, which form of Vitamin C is the most efficient, Niacinamide, Kojic Acid and how to use them, side effects etc. Also please talk about controversial ingredients like Hydroquinone etc.

  • as soon as you said ‘peppermint’ I panicked on your behalf it’s such a powerful substance and a little goes a LONG way. Although when I have bad sinus infections I will dilute a single drop of peppermint oil into a quart of freshly boiled, sterilized water and use that as a sinus rinse. It really helps clear everything out.

  • Peppermint is just a cooling oil period. Whenever I had used any peppermint lotions from bath and body works, it would light my skin on fire lol.

  • This is why you should be thankful if you’re an Asian, Your parents will always teach you good things when you’re still in a very young age, I mean like WHO TF USES CELLPHONES WHILE BATHING IN A TUB?

  • I feel like essential oils is a subject we need to know more about. There is so much misinformation about it, especially with MLMs and health claims. Thank you for shedding light, Ive been using them all wrong in my baths, thankfully I never had a reaction

  • I just got my Altilis beauty set in the mail today and I’m very excited to try it!! I’ve been loving this essential oil series, are there any harms with diffusing oils? I am relatively new to oils but just use them in a diffuser

  • So there’s a lot of contradicting information on the internet on essential oils and now I wonder if it’s a safe thing to use vaginally. I’ve heard a few youtubers talk about using lavender and evening primrose essential oil in the vagina with perineal massages to prep for labor and I wonder if this can cause harm or actually do good? Could you maybe do a video on this?

  • What kind of person would do such a dumb thing you know it’s a charger can that’s so cute you when you’re taking a bath or something

  • Prayers to my close friend. This girl was my closest friend, and we went to school together in Lovington, and it was super sad when I found out she passed��

  • My daughter was gifted a bath bomb kit for Christmas and we haven’t cracked into it yet. She has severe tree nut allergies so the “build your own” approach is the best way to avoid almond oil (it’s in many commercial products).

    Could you do a video recommending appropriate additives for bath bombs? I like the idea of milk but not sure how to make that work for her.

  • Excellent video. I recently read an article written by someone CLAIMING to understand essential oils. She allowed her daughter to choose an oil for her bath. The daughter chose cinnamon. They ended up at the Emergency Room. We each have to assume responsibility for our well being-and DO THE RESEARCH! Thank you for providing us with all this information!

  • Great video, Kenna! I have anxiety disorder, and nothing calms me like Frankincense! I don’t like the smell of Lavender, so I’m glad Frank works so well. I need to try your other suggestions though.

  • I find this extremely crazy…. the day you made the video of drinking oils i was asked by a friend if i had a lemon one… although i never ask what a friend needs something for something told me to ask her about this to which she said for her husband’s throat…. i had a feeling it was not good so i told her to” google it but im on my way to bring it to her”….. well i got there…asked her if she had googled it…knowing she hadnt…. took my phone out to search and I SWEAR ON MY LIFE the notification popped up and she didnt believe so i showed her it had just popped as i went to google it for her!!!!! We were shocked like you saved his life!( he has some health issues such as BP and diabetes) i swear there is a reason!!! NOW TONIGHT my 9 year old asked me if she could take a bath using a new “love spell” oil we got and sure enough you popped up!! For real look at the time…dinner at 5:30,bath right after and eastern time your video is up at 6pm!!! We will watch it now.

    I just cant help but find it so strange!! I added you because of the lipstick and to show my daughter a beautiful young lady that is so smart and is building her channel based on her intelligence and her talent doesn’t have

  • A Solubilizer is ideal for essential oils baths. Polysorbate or even just a little body wash, bubble bath or liquid soap would be an excellent way to properly dilute eos in bath. Many bathbombs use poly80 for that reason.

  • For essential oil applications, how do you recommend I apply them on my skin? I have dry skin that of course is oily to compensate and all the hand washing lately is making it worse. I was thinking a shea butter and coconut oil mix with maybe another essential oil (and I haven’t given much time admittedly) and would love to hear your perspective/advice.

  • Kenna! Would you consider making a video about proper facial hair removal? Threading/waxing aftercare is what interests me, I hear all kinds of opinions about people breaking out after threading and things like that. Thank you so much!!

  • Hi Emma,

    I am 20 weeks and I am definitely going to try some of these tips, especially the magnesium flakes and I have just bought a pregnancy yoga dvd:)

    L xxx