Questions you should ask About Before You’ve got a C-Section


Do I really need to wait 2 years after my C-section before having another baby?

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Is there a limit to the amount of C-sections a woman can have?

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10 Things Your Labor Nurse Wants You to Know About C Sections

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10 Tips to Avoid a C-Section Plus Some

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What to Expect After a C-Section with Sharzad Kiadeh

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Questions about any medical test or procedure are important for you to get the best care possible for you and your baby. It shows your doctor or midwife that you are interested in being a partner in your health and helps you gain the knowledge you need to make a decision. 10 questions to ask your doctor before a planned C-section Here are few important things you need to discuss with your gynaecologist before your C-section. At that point, I was glad there were questions I made sure to ask my OB-GYN before my C-section. A piece of advice I give all new moms is to prepare for.

Sometimes, the C-section is planned in advance; others are done with little or no warning due to last minute complications. Regardless of the reason, if you have given birth by C-section you will need more recovery time than a woman who has given birth vaginally. Your questions will also differ.

Over the past few months, I’ve kept a list of questions to ask the doctor about my upcoming c-section (there are a few reasons for having it). Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my doctor and plan to ask my questions. 10 Questions Pregnant Women Should Ask Before Giving Birth you let me push before breaking out the forceps or vacuum or proceeding to C-section? 10. Other questions you might want to ask.

Whether you’ve been laboring for a day or only a few hours, if your OB brings up a C-section, you should feel comfortable asking questions. “Find out. i had an emergency C with my son. you have lots of feedback so i wont repeat what i have read. one thing i was told to do before i went into labor was to warn my husband what a c-section was like. i warned him that in case i had to have a c-section that he would be looking at the doctor pulling all my organs out, putting them on my stomach and then pulling the baby out. after my c-section my. The night or morning before you come in for your C-section, we might ask you to shower or bathe with special soap that we’ll give you ahead of time (or tell you how to obtain at a drug store).

The goal is to kill bacteria on the skin and reduce the risk of infection following your C-section. 3. Don’t shave your stomach or pubic area. If you’re considering an elective C-section, here’s what you can expect from a C-section versus a natural birth.

Read up on the procedures, benefits, risks, and recovery of each.

List of related literature:

During your hospital stay (three to four days on average, for a C-section) your nurses will monitor the incision site and change the dressing.

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Here’s the basic rundown, whether you have an elective or an emergency C-section.

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Assess the post cesarean patient and those with other risk factors more frequently to monitor and report early signs of infection.

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In addition to the routine C-section take-home instructions, daily monitoring of lethargy, appetite, manure production, and the incision is recommended.

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Women who have cesarean sections have more infections after the birth (usually in the uterus, bladder, or incision, and including infections resistant to antibiotics), more pain, longer recovery periods, and a greater chance of being rehospitalized.

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Remember that no matter how hardyou try to avoid a C-section, it’s not all in your control.

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I am sure they can do it faster if they have to, but a leisurely C-section consists of methodical incisions through each individual layer between the outside world and your baby, not one deep cut right to the baby.

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They told me that every baby born by C-section goes into intensive care and that it was normal.

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I said okay, micro being small, no problem, they’re going to do a little incision… but no, maybe what they do inside is small, but on the outside it was another C-section.

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My previous C-section scar had ruptured six of the seven sewn layers, exposing a small window.

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  • I’m due this week. My MFM tried to break my water last week and was unsuccessful. I go back Wednesday for her to try again or we move forward with my induction on Friday. My baby is smallwhich puts her at higher risk for a csection since smaller babies don’t fair as well during labor. My baby stopped growing at 36 weeks. She’s actually lost weight since. I’m 39 weeks, I’ll be 40 weeks Saturday. There are lots of concerns about my health. I just want her to be okay.

  • My granddaughter just found out she will have a c section, as a nosy grandmother I am recommending she see your video. Especially the last part!

  • I am ready for c section # 2 but I have a few questions that you might know the answers. First time I got an epidural because I was trying for a natural birth but when they put the epidural apparently it didn’t work because I was having back to back labor and the pain
    was horrible… is that normal? Also when they were doing the epidural they said don’t move but every time I get anesthesia I kind of jump because I feel a shock like someone is electrocuting me �� is there anything I can do to prevent that. This time is going to be a programmed c section so I believe is a spinal what I will be having but I am still afraid I am going to feel that shock.
    And lastly can I request for them to leave my arms free last time they tide them and it’s scary not to be able to move your arms plus the place is super cold so you kind of shake once in a while.
    Thank you for all your helpful videos.
    Stay safe!

  • C-sections aren’t forced on people. They’re mostly given as a choice if you have low-risks but high risk mothers who are not ideal for vaginal delivery would have C-section to avoid all the complications leading to maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity. It’s a doctor’s job to make sure you understand your situation and the risks involved in what delivery route you opt for or for what they recommend for you. In the end,it’s your choice. But if you decide to fight your doctor for what they believe is best for you, then when complications arise,don’t blame them.

  • I love you. Love that number 4. Hve been doing wrong since first child. My Dr like sono, everything she want to see aaall the time, I feel like changing her.

  • Thank you for the video!! I have a emergency c-section with my now 12 year old son. I was induced and could not progress any farther after 3 days I had only reached 6cm and in those 3 days I was given medication for pain. It highly doped me up to the point during back labor I never ask for a epidural in those 3 days. So the nurse came in and said we had to get to the OR and she sit me up wrapped her body around me and honestly I can’t even remember what happen after that. I would wake up on and off and see my husband and I remember waking up to see my boy and I was out till I woke up in my room. Apparently I wasn’t out as much as I thought my DR said I got him for talking to a OR nurse about going on vacation �� he said I said can you hush and finish this job. I do remember when he pulled my son out he held him high up and said we have a waterfall! Lol! He was peeing all over the wall since DR thought that was best option since that is the first thing he did when he arrived. That day is a blur afterwards I slept a lot. My nurse keep pushing the morphine button for me she later told me she didn’t want to wake me but she was worried as I had not push it in a while. The next day I finally was at myself and got to see my boy! He had been in there I just was so high on the drugs. We did the whole bathroom deal and walked two doors away from mind she kept pushing me and we finally got to end of hall by the end of that day. It honestly wasn’t bad and I hate to say this but if I wouldn’t have been so out of it my anxiety would had made it horrible. I have white coat syndrome something bad!!!! Going home was ok I honestly cried and ask could I stay longer I did not want to leave. Healing was crazy so as a hypochondriac when my dr said check temp and if it’s over 100ish page me. Well that stuck in my head and 3 days being out of the hospital I started getting chills so I checked my temp and it was up! I trusted my gut went to hospital to be seen by the worst doctor ever! And I was so fed up with him I called my dr told him what was happening and we scheduled a appointment for the next day we’ll I got home and I felt a warm sensation and I wouldn’t look so my moma did she put me in the car called my obgyn and he was waiting on me. Took me straight to a room and look me in the eyes and said if you feel this you will hate me. I didn’t! My incision had busted open but not to scare anyone it was the best thing that could have happen and my body knew that! I was allergic to the staples on top and ended up packing my incision and healed completely in 2 weeks! I say all that to tell you to trust your dr and your gut! I was 22 years old at the time l am now 35 and pregnant! This feels like a new ball game! I am going through prenatal anxiety and depression and I am 22 weeks pregnant with a planned csection on the horizon. Yes I am terrified! Because my first I just don’t remember and this one it’s plan topped off with my panic attacks I will be asking for some good medication during the csection. I am hopeful but so very terrified!

  • But my anesthesiologists was a total grouch but that’s ok, other then that it was a great experience compared to my 1st which was an emergency.

  • So, if I’ve gained more weight than recommended, am I at a severe disadvantage of having a successful VBAC? I don’t want to attempt and go through labour if my chances of success are low:(

  • my first child I was in active labor for 20 hours and they kept pushing c-section when my water still hadn’t broken. so I told them to break my damn water. I went from 7-10 within 2 hours. With an epidural I couldn’t feel anything when I had to push so my doctor told me to use muscle memory by remembering what muscles I use while pooping. I ended up pushing my son out in 15 min with minor lacerations.

  • Just came across your videos and I couldn’t thank you more for these informative videos I’m pregnant with my second child and my due date is Oct. 8.

  • What are your thoughts on attempting to turn the baby with pushing on the belly? I forget the medical term. I’m 31 weeks, I know I still have time, but my daughter is sitting breach right now. I’d rather endure the pain of a c-section then have anything happen to her through her getting turned or flipped. She’s my third child, I have two sons right now and they were both vaginal births. Again, I know there is a while before it’s a major concern, I delivered my boys at 35 and 37 weeks. I’m expecting she’ll be early too. I just want to be informed before it’s actually happening to me.

  • I did everything I could to avoid it I had a smooth pregnancy no high blood was eating so healthy exercising nd all,I went to 12hour labour pains only to be told my baby is distressed I was shuttered nd I had c section although am thankful my baby nd I we healthy nd well even today I still dont understand why I had to go through it,nd it took forever to heal

  • I have a ovarian cyst that’s blocking the exit for baby and I’m low blood they want to cut my baby out but I’m afraid cause I don’t trust the doctors please help. They want me to evict her at 37 wks I’m 35 wks right now my cyst is 4cm. Doc says I have 60% chance of dying 40% of dying they keep stressing me I’m going to die If I don’t have a c section.

  • Thank you so much for all the information. Your videos help me a lot. I am having a repeat elective Cesarean operation. I am 28 weeks pregnant.

  • I want a c section at the hospital closer to me not an ecv at the county hospital next to a jail that’s farther away… I’m so scared.

  • I had 1 c-section was horrible for me then 4 years later I had a vaginal omg i loved it was so fast and no pain at all now im pregnant again with my rainbow babygirl and I’m praying to be vaginal ��