Prenatal Perineal Massage to lower Tearing


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Prenatal perineal massage has been shown effective in preventing the need for an episiotomy and a decrease in the amount of tearing a woman has during her birth. This is particularly effective in women over the age of 20 and in women having their first baby. This technique is used to help stretch and prepare the skin of the perineum for birth. Perineal Massage During Pregnancy Helps Prevent Tearing During Delivery When it comes to perineal massage, this old saying definitely applies: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Perineal massage during pregnancy involves the gentle, manual stretching of the tissues that shape the birth canal. Massage increases blood flow and may help the tissues and skin stretch with more ease but with less pain during childbirth. Lowers risk of tearing.

Around 1 in 15 women who regularly do perineal. “Beckmann and Garrett found that women who were randomly assigned to do perineal massage had a 10% decrease in the risk of tears that required stitches (aka ‘perineal trauma’), and a 16% decrease in the risk of episiotomy. For expecting mothers For pregnant mamas, there are no negative effects and perineal massage during childbirth has been shown to decrease severity of vaginal tearing. Start around 34-35 weeks and learn how to properly bear down during childbirth to ensure pelvic floor muscle relaxation.

During pregnancy, massage of the perineum can reduce the risk of tearing requiring stitches, but this benefit is only seen in moms giving birth vaginally for the first time. It is thought that most of the decreased risk of perineal trauma was due to a decrease in the episiotomy rate. Starting at around 34 weeks of pregnancy, take the following steps to try perineal massage at home: Wash your hands thoroughly and be sure your nails are clipped. Sit in relaxed position with your head supported on a bed and your knees spread wide.

Apply a. The most common use of perineal massage is during pregnancy. During the last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy many care providers encourage women to massage their perineums at home: 2-3 times per week; 3-5 minutes per session; alone or with a spouse/partner; Women are told that by doing perineal massage at home they will experience less tearing during childbirth. Perineal massage tips. Warm bath.

Sit in a warm bath before you start. This may help you to relax before the massage and loosen the muscles around your perineum. Short nails.

The tissues in your vagina and perineum are very delicate. Make sure your nails are short to prevent scratching the skin, or. Perineal massage.

During the second stage of labor, your health care provider might place two fingers of a lubricated gloved hand just inside your vagina and move them from side to side, exerting mild, downward pressure.

List of related literature:

This may include the application of pressure to the area, or perineal massage to help facilitate the stretch of the tissues and minimise tearing.

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Vaginal and perineal tears may be avoided by perineal massage and stretching exercises before delivery.

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review E-Book” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
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Perineal massage in the third trimester reduces the incidence of perineal trauma in primiparous but not multiparous patients.

“Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care” by Roger Jones (Prof.)
from Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care
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This reflected differing philosophies among midwives, and did not seem to affect the overall rate of tearing.

“Birth Models That Work” by Robbie E. Davis-Floyd, Lesley Barclay, Jan Tritten, Betty-Anne Daviss
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(Among more experienced mamas, regular massage doesn’t seem to have much effect on tearing, but it is associated with less perineal pain in the months following delivery.)

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
from The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Prenatal perineal massage can reduce the need for an episiotomy (a surgical incision to enlarge the vagina, done just before the birth), and reduces the likelihood that the mother’s tissues will spontaneously tear during birth.

“The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help a Woman Through Childbirth” by Penny Simkin
from The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help a Woman Through Childbirth
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During the pushing phase, your practitioner will probably use perineal support – applying gentle counterpressure to the perineum so your baby’s head doesn’t push out too quickly and cause an unnecessary tear.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Prenatal perineal massage on a near‐daily basis beginning at 35 weeks is associ­ated with a decrease in perineal damage requiring repair with suture.21,22 Women or their intimate partners can perform antenatal perineal massage (as long as there is no vaginal irritation or tissue breakdown).

“The Labor Progress Handbook: Early Interventions to Prevent and Treat Dystocia” by Penny Simkin, Lisa Hanson, Ruth Ancheta
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In addition, perineal massage during the final 6 weeks of pregnancy may decrease perineal trauma.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Mary Catherine Cashion, David Wilson
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Massaging with oil helps the perineal tissues to soften and thereby gently unfold with no resistance as they open during birthing to allow the passage of the baby.

“HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition: The Natural Approach to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing The Mongan Method, 4th Edition” by Marie Mongan
from HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition: The Natural Approach to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing The Mongan Method, 4th Edition
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  • I had a friend sit in panty liners with aloe vera gel starting her 3rd trimester. Keeping the skin hydrated helps it stretch better without tearing. She tore on the inside not the outside.

  • Do it have to be a certain type of cocnut oil or can it be any kind??

    Because I didnt see that in wal mart. Not big fan of ordering stuff online.

  • lol im not trying to be funny but when you said use your two fingers and rub your perineal massage…did u really mean masturbation? lol������

  • This is great, but just to clarify, NHS in the UK actively discourage daily massage. They advise massage 2-3 times per week will provide the same results, without risking damaging the sensitive tissue down there…

  • I tore good. Had an epidural. But I think it was the doctors fault. Because she pulled my son out at the shoulders. And that’s when I tore.

  • Thanks for sharing this, 25 weeks and scared about labour (baby number 2) but I did tear and have a long labour last time. Thanks for the advice

  • Thank you for making this video! Currently 35 weeks and have been doing massage for a couple weeks now. There is definitely a progression and if anything makes me more comfortable, relaxed and confident that I can do this!

  • Vitamin C in high amounts isn’t bad for pregnancy as most people would read on the internet. In fact, as vitamin C is a precursor to collagen, it helps to prevent stretch marks AND in a study where women took high amounts of vitamin C had great help for stretching the perineum, and easier labor.

  • Can someone show the positions she is talking about that are best? The upright, upright squatting. I am giving birth in a hospital so know the common back lying positive.

  • I did the massages probably 6 weeks before my first child was due, had an epidural and I had no tears at all. I felt so lucky. This child will probably be on the bigger side and my only fear once again is worrying about tearing. But I swear by the messages so we will find out soon. ����

  • Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for educating us. I’m in week 22 of my first pregnancy. I was wondering if you have any experience/knowledge or opinions (and not medical advice) with women birthing naturally that have a history of cerebral aneurisms. I have had two craniotomies, one to clip a burst sub-arachnoid haemorrhage and a second to clip one that hadn’t burst. My last MRI scan was in 2012, it showed no sign of any further blebs/aneurisms, and I have completely changed my lifestyle since then. I remember being told explicitly that I would need a c-section if I were ever to have a baby, but I really want a natural home birth. I am yet to find anyone who would take on the responsibility of assisting me with home birth. There is also only one study that I’ve found online regarding this, but it is a study that was conducted in a hospital. There were no infant/child mortalities in women with a history of haemorrhage prior to pregnancy with assisted birth (forceps/suction) in stage 2 of labour. This is not what I want though anyway. With Covid and the second wave estimated to be around the time I’m due, more than likely my partner would not allowed to be present for a hospital birth.
    Once again, thank you for your time, sharing your knowledge and expertise with passion and humour. ❤️

  • 1:19
    Jeeez look at the size of that vagina. My wife’s was hurting at the size of a 50p piece. Are you mental? Noones vagina is stretching that much with a couple of thumbs surely. Why can’t I find an actual real video of a perineal massage…so many contradicting tutorials it’s impossible to know I’m doing anything of benefit

  • I’m hungarian. That’s very interesting I wanted to know everything. In my country 90% has episotomy. Thanks for the explanition

  • I’m on baby 4, I had a bad 3rd degree tear with my third baby and it was because I was rushing The doctor came in the room to late the baby was mostly out I literally went from 3cm to 10 under a hour I felt labor went better standing only reason why I laid down on back was because I was scared baby would fall out I felt a lot of pressure standing.. my first two pregnancies went ok lil to no tearing fast healing but my third was a horror story after 14 months I still have discomfort and pain in certain sex positions (tmi) my fear is tearing all over again or a worse tear so I was thinking c section but I’m a natural girl I hate pain meds and I really don’t want a epidural

  • Stop saying vagina hole. Fuck. The vagina is a hole. Smh the rest is vulva, clitoris and labia. Sooo the hole is the vagina. No need to say hole afterward

  • At 5:06, when you talk about warm compresses, do you mean using them during natural, at-home birth? Do they even let you do that at the hospital?

  • 4th degree tear here, of course I heard the joke about tearing from hole to hole but never really considered it a possibility. I was on my back, no meds. Misdiagnosed a 2nd degree, how…IDK! Developed an RVF which I had no idea was even possible. But google told me what my problem was. Went in to get checked out and my midwife was clearly shook. An OB took me into surgery the next morning to fix crappy stitching job and the RVF that developed because of it. Blehhhhhh.

  • With my first I had a first degree tear that went up instead of down�� is that uncommon? I’m 36 weeks with baby number 2 & worried about tearing the same way!

  • Hey Bridget, thanks for all the tips, me and hubby loves ur videos. Wanna ask I’m currently using almond oil and coconut oil sometimes for perineum massage, does it has the same effect?

  • thank you so much for your videos. i have had four normal deliveries and am expecting my fifth and never have any of my doctors ever explained this properly. I really appreciate the time you take and the details you provide.

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  • With my first son almost 5 years ago, I had a episiotomy, and got 4 stitches. And I sneezed with my legs alittle open and that shit looked like a jigsaw puzzle, until it healed

  • I don’t think any massage is gonna make me want to push anything out natural with the powerful contractions coming. Sorry just my thoughts.. but I did watch out of curiosity I didn’t know they had massages like this. Also I’ve had 3 births already never tore once. Our bodies are just unique and diff ladies

  • massages will not do any good when you actually go to have the baby, the body tenses up and the best thing that helps is the following, make sure your doc isn’t in a hurry, if the nurse says you’re not there yet, and the doc comes in and says, let’s have this baby, speak out, because many times people get in a hurry. There is no massaging that helps, what helps is a sensitive midwife or doctor that can keep the baby from tearing by the way they can tell the how to breathe and when to push and not push. Quite honestly, this idea of massaging helps is just a way to try to get some views here, I’m 67, and I’m well informed about births. You can’t do enough massage to do anything, you might think this will help, but I’m telling you it is of worth, sorry to say. I can tell you how to not have stretch marks and that is to mooove, I walked the whole time I was pregnant I took massive walks some were on the upgrade. My diet was really good, I had no one stretch marks at age 27 when I have my first, and only very few w/ the 2nd, 10 years later.

  • I tried doing this myself, but between trying to reach properly and not actually being sure if I was even doing it right, I ended up having a straight up anxiety attack. I tried talking to my midwife and she just said to Google it (not helpful!). Thankfully, my bf did some research, found out how to do it, and now does the massage for me. Honestly, so grateful for him.

  • I can’t seem to get into a good position for this practice. I keep crunching my belly and making it hard to breath… I’ve tried all kinds of different positions. What am I missing? (I have heard of asking your partner to help you, but mine is overseas and is not an option)

  • I don’t know if I’m just crazy but this never concerned me! Lol and I’ve been so lucky I’ve had 4 and never tore! Each baby got bigger too! But hearing the horror stories now I’m just scared lol baby 5 is coming and I think I watch too much YouTube! ��

  • After my first daughter, I am opting for a natural birth with no epidural so I can push more efficiently and be able to listen to my body so I don’t tear or as bad as I did with my first. Trigger warning…..I tore inside of me. It was second degree tears, but then went up and at a diagonal inside of me �� My “small baby” was actually 9 pounds with a big ole head and huge shoulders. Had to be vacuumed out (which I’m sure didn’t help). This time I’m actually a lot smaller and they did a better ultrasound so I hope she’s smaller! I don’t want that horrific healing again. It was worse than labor pains

  • Clean hands, 2 fingers inside vagina, push fingers towards butt, nice stretch ( not super comfy) not painful or bleeding, stretch towards your butt, like a rainbow push towards your butt aids in getting evening primrose oil, helps with contractions and dilation and efacement, put inside as suppository, use pant liner, at bedtime, linolin omega 6, vitamin E oil inside and around your vagina, helps with skin and muscles, birth ball helps with pelvis and opens up your hips, knees slightly above hips, side to side, cat and cow poses, makes way

  • I love your videos you should add some videos about what are you talking about or some pictures of it for more understanding and learning

  • I’m due in 4 months and I’m so afraid of a vaginal birth and tearing…my vagina has always been tight and would always give me and my fiancé a ton of pleasure especially during the initial penetration…since being pregnant because of hormones I have loosened slightly and he even mentioned it ��…this is my first baby and I feel so conflicted about having a C-section or vaginal birth…we plan to have more children and I just don’t want to suffer from a looser and dryer vagina…but I don’t want to unnecessarily have a C-section too…I am considered high risk because of my age and weight…what to do?!

  • I talked to my doctor about this and red raspberry leaf tea and she said “it won’t help anything so might as well not do it”
    ���� Soooo….??

  • I’m so scared, I had a lot of trouble during my first experience with my husband ��, how is a baby going to go through that little hole? ���� I’m due on March…

  • Help.. maybe its my nails (although i cut it), i started to bleed after this prenatal massage. Should I be worried? I think i accidentally cut myself down there

  • I have a kid already & I’m about to have another one. I had a 2nd degree tear with my first….. Even with that, this whole video makes me wants to throw up.. I wish we could just lay eggs ��

  • I had vaginal wall tearing internally with my vbac. Everything else went fine and my recovery was HORRIBLE. It felt like my vagina and my butt!!!! So now I’m wondering if there are ways to prepare my vagina “internally” this labor to prevent the same tearing. The recovery thoughts make me consider a scheduled c-section; just as a “preventative measure”. Please see this and help. Right after she came out they had to do two separate surgeries while still in the hospital after delivery to stop the bleeding. Please see this and help

  • In this vid the thumbs are not inside the vagina, but in other tutorials it shows the thumbs inside up to the joint. I don’t know what to follow.

  • I don’t find any study to confirm the perineum massages are working. All I see is higher risk of infections weeks before delivery.

  • I love how you explain this. Made me feel so much better. I’m having a baby when I’m much older and I’ve always been fearful of this but not anymore. Thanks for making me feel so much better.

  • Hi Bridget! I love love your channel! You share so much useful advice and tips!
    I just have 1 question regarding these tips when should be each of those practiced? Like, when is the best to start the perineum massage or to use E vitamin oil? Also, is it safe to use the birthing ball at 25 weeks? Thanks so much ��

  • Can you talk about labor with a vbac? They never checked me when my water broke in the hospital with my first, they just wheeled me in for a c sectionso technically this next pregnancy will be my 1st labor and I want to know if my body will deliver faster with a 2nd baby

  • I wish I wish I saw this video before, the doctors told me to push during my ring of fire, I held back and they said push anyways, wish I just did more research and let my baby do what he had to ����‍♀️����

  • Your videos have been my favorite to watch throughout my pregnancy! Thanks for being awesome and educating me more on the whole birth process ��

  • Do you have any videos on birthing large babies? Im 37 weeks and my midwife and I want a natural birth but my obstetrician wants me to have a csec cause bubs is tipping the scales and expected to be over 10lb at term.

  • I didn’t tear because my doctor literally grabbed my vagina and stretched it manually as I pushed! It may sound weird but I was so grateful!

  • and that is why I support abortion rights.
    I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to be forced to go through that. Grateful for my mother’s choice and mad respect for her but it shouldn’t be forced, even if my life depended on it. That’s because I’m not selfish/condescending, unlike those Anti-Abortion….. people

  • Would love to know your thought on tearing during a successful VBAC. My thought is that since my body has been through 2 pregnancies but no labor, would the labor, stretching, tearing possibility be equal to a first time birth OR would my body want to labor and deliver quicker, increasing risk of a bad tear?

  • I had an epesiotimy with a forcep delivery, i have nothing to compare this to but my stiches got infected and i had to go on antibiotics.
    I struggled to sit down it was really uncomfortable. 2 yrs on my vag is as it was before i fell pregnant. Trying for baby no 2.

  • Do you have any twin labor videos or recommend vaginal stories? I have mono di twins and every birth story I can find ends in a c-section.

  • I’ve been doing some research on what to use for perineal massages and oils are supposed to be bad bc they oxidize and out you at higher risk for inflammation and infections…would lube work???

  • Or you can just have sex if possible. The penis helps work the inner and outer muscles as well, also have your partner perform oral for the outer areas. Do some Kegels/vagina squeezes. Make sure your partner brushes their teeth and drinks a half glass of water prior.

  • I started off pushing on my side and it felt so much better. My nurse had told me she gave birth like that and it helped. But when the dr walked in he was so mad saying she wasnt the dr ��

  • Bridgeeet T.T I told my mom about having an exercise using a birth ball.. she’s a nurse and had normal deliveries in her lifetime, Alhamdulillah.. When I mentioned that I wanna buy one, she was very skeptical and saying that in her lifetime she didnt need it.. So why do I have to buy one.. i dont understand.. I just wanna try it as well.. u.u I dunno what to do.. ��

  • For the evening primrose oil, do you still take 2 a day orally once you start inserting 1 vaginally?
    And how many times a week should you use the vitamin e oil?

  • I’m so scared I’m due in a week and just found out about this and I’m scared it may be to late. Is there anything I can do to loosen my muscles before labor besides walking?

  • While this is a good visual, the information is not evidence based. If a birthing person chooses to do this, studies state it starts at weeks 34-35, and it is only beneficial for first time mothers who do this technique NO MORE than 1.5 times a week. More than 3 times, and it actually has the opposite effect aka, increasing perineal damage risks.

  • Help.. maybe its my nails (although i cut it), i started to bleed after this prenatal massage. Should I be worried? I think i accidentally cut myself down there

  • Can you offer any advice on how to heal permanent damage after a fourth degree tear? I gave birth to my first child ten years ago. This damage caused numbness to my vagina. I can no longer get pleasured through intercourse. There’s not much information for women that are battling with this. The reason isn’t because I’m insecure, not happy with my sex partner, emotionally uncomfortable and all the other reasons that they give you. It’s because I had a fourth degree tear and an episiotomy during child birth.
    My husband can pleasure me through oral sex and finger stimulation but no longer through sole intercourse. Any Advice on yoga, natural treatments/supplements, acupuncture to heal the nerve damage that occurred during child birth?

  • But it contradicts advice to NOT insert anything in there or have sex in those final few weeks due to increased risk of infection.

  • Yea I’m seeing so many comments on tearing. I think the main issue is that nobody taught these ladies on how to relax, and how to allow our bodies to go through the “rhythm”. Not their fault. Medical system sucks. They teach about epidural, synthetic induction, laying on back, c section… etc. They don’t give women the confidence and knowledge that they need. We were MADE to birth babies. When you’re scared, you tense up and body can’t relax, causing tear. I do believe perineal massages helped with my 2nd. Breathing and relaxing did wonders. No tear.

  • My OB has recomended that taking my time is my best bet. Not to rush through the contractions. My baby is due next month and sometimes I feel nervous and then sometimes I feel like I have the situation.

  • I love how knowledgable YOU ARE! I love how well you explain all of this! 32 yr mama of 1, 4yr boy. Expecting a girl in april. Gota a small cervix so on close watch! Melbourne Australia!

  • O my god it’s really uncomfortable,i tried once then gave up coz of finger nails it’s really hurts
    The inside is really sensitive so I didn’t like it at all

  • Do you have tips and tricks to help soften a cervix? I have lots of scarring and I heard some techniques can help soften to allow cervix to dilate on its own. I am hoping to prevent a c-section. (I am realistic with the odds but trying to give me the best chance)

  • Speaking from a woman who had second degree tearing your sex life takes a nose dive afterward. I especially if you develop scar tissue which prevents lubrication and elasticity. ��

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  • Just what I was looking for �� what will be the best time to massage before bedtime or anytime in the day?
    And after massaging should I wash it or keep the oil around in the area?
    (30 weeks ��)

  • Your sweater is amazing… Where is it from?… and can you come be my nurse for when I deliver my baby? Because you are badass!!!! Just over 36 weeks, the count down is on!!!

  • I have been watching your videos a lot for this second pregnancy of mine and I can relate so much. Sometimes it cracks me up too the way you talk about it. 4:10 was definitely me!

  • With all my 4 kids I asked the doctor and nurses to massage the opening to help me not tear.
    It worked!! No tearing and giving birth went smooth.

  • If you dont know where that is im confused on how you even got pregnant in the first place���� but wish i saw this video earlier, i supposed i could start now even though im due next week. But lets just say Im a big baby about stretching down there, and have a feeling im gonna tear://

  • If you’re reading this and you’re pregnant or may become pregnant, please PLEASE actually do this…
    First time mom with a 3rd degree tear ��

  • I’m so glad I’ve found this women! I wish she was my doula as she seems to have a video for all my questions that you can’t find elsewhere

  • Wow this is sooo helpful. Due to all this covid stuff, I cannot have a doula as I have chosen my husband as my one support person. I am using your videos and the Doula Foundation free classes to prepare!

  • Wouldn’t inserting an essential oil into your vaginal canal increase your risk of a yeast infection because you would be throwing off the pH of your vagina? Idk if I am just weird but I am super prone to yeast infections even if I accidentally get body soap in my vagina or near my vulva.

  • Which primrose oil did you use? Is it safe to use other brands and did you put the oral ones up the vagina too? SORRY! Not trying to sound funny, but I feel funny asking this

  • Hi! Just asked my doctor if I could use the evening primrose oil vaginally and she didn’t even let me explain and she said that I shouldn’t put anything inside. I am going to ask again if I can ingest it orally. Would it still work the same? Or is not really worth it to take it orally if you are not putting it vaginally?

  • When the head of our son crowned, the Dr had me stop pushing and allowed time for the area to stretch naturally. I had communicated with my Dr. as well before delivery that I did not want an episiotomy (Sp?). I think this technique of not bearing down (but rather breathing) at that crucial moment had a lot to do with me not tearing. For my first son, I did not know about this technique (a different Dr delivered him) and I tore a lot. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • I’m 34weeeks I’ve heard primrose oil can induce labour?? I dont want to go into early labour how many times aday? Can I use coconut oil?? Or vaseline?? Or any other oils??

  • I never did the massages before birth but it was on my birth plan for OB’s to do it while baby came out.

    Out of 4 children only my first one tore me a little, the other three I never tore down there.

  • I swear by evening primrose oil! I inserted 1 vaginally starting at 36 weeks every other night, and worked up to inserting 2 every night around 39 weeks, and did the perineal massage with vitamin E and my recovery was amazing. I know it’s not the same for everyone but I was induced at 41 weeks and had a fast labor and delivery (6.5 hours total, and 3 pushes) and I had 0 tears and honestly the soreness was gone after only a few days!

  • Too bad that in Portugal no one theach us this kind of techniques. I even ask my doctor about raspberry tea and he had no idea what I was talking about. Very disappointed. In the meantime I enjoy all your videos thank you ��

  • I tore with my first. Had an epidural. I did not with my second. All natural. I had a warm wet washcloth placed on my perenium.

    Just because you tore with your first does not mean you will with your second so I will always say “no” to an episiotomy.

    When my OB stretched while I was crowning it actually provided a lot of relief because of the pressure.

  • With my first i tore from my butt hole to my hood i didnt hear them say to lightly push when she was crowning and i just slipped her out it was horrible lol

  • U said how to do massage but u didn’t mention when and how many times will do this
    And then the same for primrose oil when to use it?
    For me I’m using virgin olive oil from the start of my pregnancy down every night they’re saying that will help to not tear

  • I did all this for my first baby and in the end I ended up getting a forceps for baby. The recovery was a painful two weeks! I’m hoping this time round it’s easier ☺️

  • you have to learn how to say the term correctly, you sound like you don’t know what you are talking about when you say a medical term incorrectly. this term is not regional. its medical say it like this.


  • With my 2nd daughter I did EPO & at 8lbs & 21in she was my easiest fastest birth. With my last baby I didn’t do the EPO & it was a long Labor & delivery. I will definitely start my EPO in 2-3 weeks in preparation for this baby. Wonderful video! Although I really hope anyway who doesn’t know where the opining of their vagina is, isn’t pregnant. ����