Positive Pregnancy Test Following a Miscarriage


Pregnant After Miscarriage|Positive Pregnancy Test At Home Before Corona |SuperPrincessjo

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PLEASE HELP! Darker hpt after miscarriage…

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Pregnancy test three weeks after miscarriage?!!

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LIVE PREGNANCY TEST AFTER MISCARRIAGE | *SHOCKED* | Honest feelings on pregnancy after loss.

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Reasons for a Persistent Positive Pregnancy Test Pregnant Again. If you have been sexually active and have a positive pregnancy test soon after a miscarriage, it’s also Incomplete Miscarriage. With an incomplete miscarriage, there is still pregnancy tissue leftover in your uterus.

Molar. Even in women with a confirmed miscarriage, a pregnancy test may show a positive result for up to a month afterward. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, the doctor can check your cervix, monitor your hCG levels and/or perform an ultrasound to determine whether you are miscarrying.

Positive pregnancy test after miscarriage 8 weeks Positive HPT after 8 weeks from miscarriage bleeding indicates an incomplete miscarriage. Positive pregnancy test after miscarriage 8 weeks also could mean that you are pregnant with a second baby. It could also mean that you had multiple pregnancies. It is completely normal for the urine pregnancy test to be positive for up to 4-6 weeks following a miscarriage.

If you think you may be pregnant, you could do a blood pregnancy test. If it rises, then you could be pregnant or it could be from a. It could be a positive test for a new pregnancy as it is possible to get pregnant without having a period after a miscarriage. However, you could still be testing positive from your previous pregnancy.

Have you tested negative after the miscarriage? I didn’t test negative until 3 weeks after the surgical management I had after my MMC. If you take a home pregnancy test after a miscarriage, your test may reveal a faint positive line. This is because your body may have residual pregnancy hormone in its system, although you’re no.

Positive pregnancy test 5 weeks after miscarriage: so I was 6 weeks when I miscarried on the 25th March. I had follow up blood test and ultrasounds following natural miscarriage. Can’t remember the exactly hcg level but it was under 20.

I took a test on the 23rd April and it was negative. Tonight on the 1st of may I took a test and got a BFP. A general estimate of miscarriage risk by week is as follows: Weeks 3–4 Implantation usually occurs around 3 weeks after a woman’s last period, and about a week after ovulation. By week 4, a woman. Ovulation may happen as soon as 2 weeks after your miscarriage.

If you become pregnant during this first ovulation, you may see that positive sign on the pregnancy test sooner than you thought. I had an early miscarriage two weeks ago, I was a little over 5 weeks. My husband and I had unprotected sex a week after it happened once I stopped bleeding.

I’m feeling lower back pain. Just because I had extras I took a pregnancy test and this is what I got. Am I seeing things?

Is it possible I’m still.

List of related literature:

This is possible if your miscarriage was very recent (the hCG is usually out of your system about 10 days after a miscarriage or D & C is complete) or took place later in the first trimester or in the second (in which case the hCG levels might take a little longer than that to hit zero).

“What to Expect: Before You're Expecting” by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
from What to Expect: Before You’re Expecting
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A chemical pregnancy means your body made enough beta-hCG to produce a positive test but not a viable baby.

“Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Ari Brown, Michele Hakakha
from Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider’s Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Testing for hCG after birth can be used as proof that placental tissue is no longer present.

“Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family” by Adele Pillitteri
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With an incomplete miscarriage, a woman continues to cramp and bleed (sometimes heavily), her cervix remains dilated, pregnancy tests still come back positive (or blood hCG levels are still detectable and don’t fall as expected), and parts of the pregnancy are still visible on an ultrasound.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
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There is no miscarriage if a fertilised egg is lost prior to implantation.

“Medical Law and Ethics” by Jonathan Herring
from Medical Law and Ethics
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Pregnancy tests following a miscarriage will only give a negative result after a number of days have elapsed, because the elevated hCG levels return slowly to normal.

“Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care” by Roger Jones (Prof.)
from Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care
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A fourth pregnancy, confirmed with a home pregnancy test before she even missed her period, once again began to miscarry at six weeks.

“The Myth of the Perfect Pregnancy: A History of Miscarriage in America” by Lara Freidenfelds
from The Myth of the Perfect Pregnancy: A History of Miscarriage in America
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A positive test is usually repeated a few days later to monitor the rise in hCG and progesterone, followed by an early pregnancy transvaginal scan at 2–3 weeks after the positive pregnancy test.

“Oxford Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology” by Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, William Ledger, Stergios Doumouchtsis, Lynette Denny
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A miscarriage does not mean miscarriage after every conception.

“Sex For All” by Dr. Satish Goel
from Sex For All
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After the blastocyst (developing fertilized ovum) implants in the uterus, the serum hCG becomes positive when it is first detectable in maternal serum at approximately 8 to 11 days after conception.

“Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book” by Carolyn Jarvis
from Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book
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  • I could have saved you money on test….you sound like you are salivating excessively and you are real spitty when you talk….lots of clicking when you talk….its the first sign a woman is pregnant excessive salivating… Why so many tests? One is sufficient maybe two…. it seems like you will only believe you are pregnant if you see it flashing pregnant on the digital so why even take the other stupid test? it’s such a waste of money, you girls treat it like it’s a game and actually a fad… you have to do it exactly the same as other women that take these tests…. learn how the tests work before you take them it will save you money….your first test you took said pregnant, so why do you not believe it? Why does it take a digital that flashes PREGNANT make you believe it?

  • I miscarried in July 2018, fell pregnant this year February and I’m now 6w2d and I have had an ultrasound and seen my baby’s heartbeat. Wishing you the best of luck

  • I totally understand not wanting to get your hopes up again. I know this video is older though and I’m only just seeing it… CONGRATULATIONS Katie!!! You’re such a wonderful mom and you deserve this ������������

  • Awe I’ve been waiting for this for you guys! Congratulations! I fully understand in being optimistically cautious after getting pregnant after a miscarriage. I had two. One in November and one in January. I did find out my progesterone levels had been too low. Do you know what your progesterone levels were around six weeks? I’ll continue praying over you, baby, a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery!

  • I have been trying since Long..But scared to take the test that it will come negative..Plz bless me to get pregnant ASAP..��������

  • I’ve had recurrent miscarriages at 24weeks…. My girls never got a chance to see the world, they were born sleeping �� praying for my RAINBOW BABY… Congratulations ��

  • This video is about Finding out I am Pregnant After Miscarriage,Pregnancy Test result At Home,pregnancy line progression,early pregnancy symptoms,how I knew I was pregnant,SuperPrincessjo
    This video was filmed when I found out I was pregnant, I am uploading it now.

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  • Omg so awesome! I am so happy for you!!! My prayers are going to be with you girl!!! That this baby stays strong. That your body is able to carry this baby full term! You and your family have been through enough!! Can’t wait to follow along with this journey! ❤️

  • Subbed �� prayers for you and baby! Can’t wait to follow your pregnancy! Everything will be fine, don’t stress. I know its easier said than done. TMI but my app says I ovulate 2 times this month. The human body is a crazy thing!

  • if you want to carry full pregnancy dont expose yourself to you tube before your term….the radiation of celphone is bad for the baby….my little advice

  • I found out I was pregnant on September 20th. I had my first blood test done on the 23rd and my results came back at 221 HCG. On October 1st I started bleeding pretty heavy so the OBGYN had me do another blood test and those results came back at 13269 HCG. October 2nd I had an early ultrasound and there was a gestational sac but there wasn’t anything in it. The doctor asked me to do another blood test in a week so on October 7th I had another blood test done with the HCG at 2007. Doctor then prescribed me the medicine cytotec, which I started on the 9th. I bleed from the 9th through the 15th. I started doing ovulation on the 16th and they all show at a peak. I also took another pregnancy test and it still shows pregnant. I go in later today for my final blood test. Hoping things go as planned, I want to start trying again soon but don’t know when I should try. When should my HCG go down to normal?

  • Hi dear!
    Have you taken any folic acid or any kind tablets after miscarriage to conceive again for healthy pregnancy this time? Please share!

  • two things is one you didnt lose the baby and are still pregnant or you still have tissue in your utrus and you body thinks it’s still pregnant..call you on just toake sure

  • New subbie congrats and I’m praying everything is good and have a healthy rest of your pregnancy! Also I’ve been through it ND currently 5 weeks with my 5th and feeling like you ND I go to my first appt Monday can’t wait for updates also your numbers are really high to me multiples maybe? Either way hoping ND praying for you ❤️��

  • Well congratulations on your new pregnancy I completely understand how you feel I suffered a miscarriage and late August 2018 at 12 weeks pregnant and me and my husband just found out a couple weeks ago that we’re expecting again I’m about 6 weeks right now but I am very terrified that something may happen

  • That’s wonderful Katie try to relax and be calm I know it’s very hard I am a motional with you and for you and on that note congratulations and as a mother and a grandmother I feel like I’m on this emotional ride with you take care honey

  • Yay yay yay!!! So excited for you! Oh. I’m crying ������ I totally understand the nervousness. I don’t think it’s horrible at all. Praying that the first trimester goes quickly for you so you can have more peace and fully enjoy this pregnancy ❤️

  • Congratulations!!
    I had a miscarriage (sometimes multiple miscarriages) between each of my kids. It definitely makes a new pregnancy scary. Praying for you!

  • That’s so awesome! Congrats! And don’t feel bad for how you’re feeling. It’s how we all do after having a MC. I had my second one in December but I was very early. Still waiting on my ��

  • I went through 2 D&C with my both missed miscarriages, my body wasn’t getting rid of the pregnancy on its own. I was afraid of scaring as well, but with my 3rd pregnancy, I finally got to have my miracle little boy, Alex.
    Congratulations Katie, I am so happy for you ♥️! Your reaction is normal after a pregnancy loss, praying for you to have a normal and healthy pregnancy:)!

  • I’m so happy for you momma! Praying that you have a healthy pregnancy! You are an amazing momma�� Ok but off track for a second are you wearing false lashes(if so which ones?) or what mascara do you use?? cause your lashes are beautiful!

  • I had an ectopic pregnancy my very first time getting pregnant and had to have a D&C followed by methotrexate after they didn’t discover any “products of conception” (I agree, that’s the WORST terminology)… got pregnant after being cleared and then 4 months of trying to conceive my daughter Kylie! I guess I just wanted to share that having the D&C clearly did not affect my odds of getting pregnant. �� Aside from all that, I am SO EXCITED for you!!! I had to follow my HCG levels like a hawk now with all of my pregnancies since the ectopic happened (and this one is my 4th pregnancy since I had a miscarriage before this one), so I totally understand how worrisome it is when you just want to be excited already! But your HCG levels sound right on target to me!! Again, you SO deserve this happiness and I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed for you that things go smoothly this time!!!! hugs ��

  • Great news. Completely understand about being cautious. I’ve had a similar situation and bought the digital weeks estimator test and after a few days it went up in weeks! But so happy you got blood work and praying for healthy pregnancy ��❤️

  • This has given me so much hope I’m having a miscarriage at 5 weeks and nearly testing positive for opk hoping to get pregnant again xx

  • Thank you for posting this! Your expression when you read the positive made my day. I too suffered a loss a couple years ago, had to have a D & C and have not gotten pregnant since. I know the pain and heartache all too well. Your face was the perfect emotion, and I hope I can get my BFP soon! Congratulations, so happy for you!

  • It’s ok girl u got this…we skipped this month but we are getting back to it in April. Ant flow came today so we are just waiting for her to leave so we can get back to it. This April will be one year since we started but out of the 12 months we skipped two months. It can definitely become stressful so taking a step back helps when needed.

  • Ur girl baby is so cute I really miss ur vlog so much now I m so happy to see ur vlogs pls share ur pregnancy vlog n also newborn baby vlog stay safe and congratulations��

  • Omg girl yesss!!!! I’m only 20 weeks ahead of you and I CANT wait to see baby videos coming this way from your channel!!!���� congratulations!!! So happy for you!��

  • I was 12 weeks pregnant and going for my regular appointment. They could not get a heartbeat which we had heard previously. My husband was not with me for this appointment so we booked an ultrasound for the following day. Unfortunately there was no heartbeat. My baby had died at 10 weeks but I never had any bleeding or any signs. They offered me to continue to carry the baby until it passed on its own or go in for a D&C. I opted for the D&C. They had me stay in the labor and delivery department while I wait for an open OR. I spent 14 hours listening to moms give birth and babies cry while my baby was dead inside of me. How cruel is that?? A year and a half later I gave birth to my 3rd and last child. Now my boys are 26, 24 and 21. Miscarriages are an awful thing to go through, but I believe there is a reason for them.

  • Hi jo… can you please share how you have prepared your body before pregnancy and what precautions have you taken to conceive? Please

  • Congratulations hun… Make sure you have a midwife and that you eat healthy no heavy lifting…I’m sure all will be fine♥️ no stressing this bub will be fine…I promise

  • Were you scared about getting pregnant after having a pregnancy that you had to terminate due to issues? What have you been doing to prevent that again?

  • It’s been a month and 2 weeks for me, I just took a test to see if my hcg levels were down and the double line popped up immediately and I’m really confused if I’m pregnant or my levels are still high? It happened when I was about 4 weeks

  • I’ve been subscribed a while. I just had a miscarriage and my friend told me to watch your ttc video because we plan on trying again soon… I came to this video first because I saw it when you first posted it but haven’t in a while, I don’t keep updated because YouTube takes up so much of my life lol�� but so weird.. you found our you’re pregnant exactly 1 year ago from when I’m writing this… God is real!

  • Ahhhhhh Katie I’m so happy for you!!!! I literally have chills for you ahhhh can’t wait to follow your journey with you I’ll be praying for a healthy pregnancy ❤️��

  • I’m just now seeing this and I just had my first miscarriage and had to have a immediate d&c because my body didn’t know the baby died weeks ago, I’m so proud of you for being strong, lots of love from Alabama!!

  • I’m crying and so happy for you ����❤ I hope to see positive test before christmas,that would be such a bless. And nice christmas gift to my husband.

  • i had a miscarriage too on march 2019 and i took cytotec to help expel the tissues. Am now 8DPO and a having cramps. Its too early to test but am crossing my fingers i get a positive

  • Sooo happy for you I had a miscarriage back in 2009 after a car accident I was devastated. It was pretty bad but I’m sooo happy for you I’ll keep praying for you til a healthy delivery.

  • cytotec is one of the most dangerous meds on the market. please do some research on it! There is a documentary on it I think as well. MANY women die from using it. it shouldn’t be used ever. hugs

  • Thank you for sharing your story �� I had my first miscarriage in September this year (9 weeks pregnant) I’m hoping this is the cycle we find out we are pregnant. It would be the best Christmas present ever! I can’t wait to support you on this journey ����������

  • All my love and best wishes to you and your husband. I’m so so sorry for your losses. There is nothing anyone deserves less than what you’ve endured and the pain you’re carrying. Your strength in this is truly inspiring and uplifting. I sincerely hope your pregnancy is healthy, happy and runs smoothly.

  • Congratulations jo❤️very happy for you. I delivered my baby girl 6 th March in USA. I can totally understand feeling and tention. God bless our angels they are warriors����love your all video. Bless you and your family. Lots of love ❤️

  • Ma’am please make a video on how you conceived after the miscarriage. There are millions of women who are trying to get pregnant. Please make a video on how you took care of ur self and what did you do when trying to conceive. Please make a video ma’am.

  • it took me about 2 months after my miscarriage for my hcg to go back to normal.i was told to wait 2 cycles to start trying again. It was very disheartening to hear that but I have been tracking my ovulation and I never ovulated this month. I am missing an ovary and hope that is the reason and that i am not broken

  • I have watched this video a thousand times, praying for my moment like this! I love your videos! Your journey has helped me a lot. Im hoping and praying for my rainbow baby everyday..!

  • Honey May God bless you and your sweet heart ❤️ I cried with you every time you cried!!! I hope and pray for you and your family May God bless you with another beautiful baby ����������������

  • I’m so sorry. I had 3 as well and it’s so difficult �� aww feb 6!! Yay!! You are moving right along! Congratulations ������ I’m so happy for you and your family!! The line is so dark!! It’s weird reacting on camera sometimes! Your numbers are great! I’m so happy for you!! ����������

  • Omg I’m so sorry for your loss of your daughter ����������.. Congrats on your pregnancy. I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy

  • My mom got pregnant one time. She had a miscarriage just before she found out the gender. She prayed and asked for a baby the same gender as the baby she lost. The next year, my little brother was born. We trust in God, so we say that the baby my mom lost was a boy. He would be five this year. His name is Lincoln Joe. We love him soooo much and are very sad that he is not here. I am telling you this bc I know God has a plan for you and you will live his planned life to the fullest. Don’t let anything get you down. Just think of all your children in heaven, watching down on you and your family, proud of you. You will meet them someday. You can see your beautiful children.

  • My mom got pregnant one time. She had a miscarriage just before she found out the gender. She prayed and asked for a baby the same gender as the baby she lost. The next year, my little brother was born. We trust in God, so we say that the baby my mom lost was a boy. He would be five this year. His name is Lincoln Joe. We love him soooo much and are very sad that he is not here. I am telling you this bc I know God has a plan for you and you will live his planned life to the fullest. Don’t let anything get you down. Just think of all your children in heaven, watching down on you and your family, proud of you. You will meet them someday. You can see your beautiful children.

  • Congrats i hope u have a healthy pregnancy and baby….i’ve gone through ivf and i still have 8 days of waiting…i hope i will be pregnant too

  • Hey dear me too had abortion in sep 2018.. But i conceived again in may 2019 and now my baby is 3 months old.. I can understand all your feelings I was too conscious this time. But by the grace of God now I have 2 kids and my family is complete. ����❤️ Blessings to u

  • Hy first of all congratulations.. Sis ak questions pochna tha ap ny misscarege k kitny months k bad baby concieve kiya tha?? Mera b miscarriage hoa hai 7 month me baby ki pait me he death ho gei thi c-section krna pra tha.mery c-section ko 2 months ho chuky hai

  • I miscarried a month ago and I took a pregnancy test as well and it showed a fainted line.. but before that every test I took was always negative until yesterday morning

  • Waiting for more videos,and also enjoying your all videos and I also love the fact that you are uploading videos everyday �� love from Kolkata ♥️

  • I had a miscarriage last 9th of March my baby stops growing at 6 weeks.15 Days after my miscarriage my period is back my husband and I is TTC again God bless ladies.

  • I’m so behind on YouTube so I’m just watching all your new videos! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! Prayers for a very healthy pregnancy! ❤️

  • Di ab toh maza he aa gaya roz new vlog.. Di ik chiz notice ki apke hair kitne lambe ho gye hai please hair care routine share kro hair mask konsa use kiya sab batao kyoki rebounding ki vajah sy hair kharab ho gye thy cut krky fir sy lmbe krne ki koshish kr rhi hu…

  • Di, I had to undergo abortion twice, 1st time at 13 weeks, 2nd time when my baby was 22 weeks due to a condition called incompetent cervix, I am so very scared to try to conceive…. Please pray for me…

  • Touch wood…U r lucky…N I wish god bless you always…As I m trying for second baby n waiting for see two lines…N how is your nanhi munni…?

  • I am so excited for you and your family�� New Friend❤️(bell is on) I ���� that you have a healthy pregnancy�� My husband and I have been ttc and I will have a update this week on my channel if you want to come check it out❤️��

  • Congratulations! I’ve had 2 miscarriages and know exactly where you’re coming from! Sending you tons of peace throughout this pregnancy!

  • I have recently experienced miscarriage n its mentle n physical pain. After that i m very nervious n confusse for having another one. Aysa lagta hy may b main ab jub b pregnant hon gi to koi na koi masla ho jay ga.����. But Allah knows best.

  • I remember feeling the exact same way the entire time I was pregnant with Elijah. I just wanted to have him, felt like he would be safe the moment he was born. It’s a horrible fear to have. I hope you get peace of mind soon and are able to not worry.

  • I ovulate the last day of my period when Im spotting. My discharge changes from light brown to watery. Even your cervix changes where you fill a bit tighter and thats when the sperm is trap inside without leaking out. Most people read online instead of being in tuned to our body. Please let us know if there is success and if you are try my method im pretty good at getting pregnant my first try I really wish you the best.

  • I started crying right as you started smiling while reading the test, I’m a new sub to your channel, Ive never imagine the pain of losing an unborn baby until now.. I am currently miscarrying my third baby at would be 6 weeks today (Due December 25th 2020).. I do want another baby but I wanted this baby too. I still cant imagine your pain and I’m so sorry, you’ve went thru this multiple times. Even at 20 weeks. smh your reaction was very beautiful and it gave me hope. thank you for sharing! Much Love from my 2 boys (2 & 13 mos) and I❤

  • Best wishes to you hun I have a two year old daughter turning 3 in December and will be a big sister to her soon to be little brother. I am 23 weeks currently:)

  • Just find your YouTube channel, I’m crying ��has been thought some thing. Really understand your feelings. Lost my baby at 6 weeks after trying for long 7 years. But after a 5 month get pregnant again with a healthy baby boy, thanks GOD �� now he is 3 month old ������ Congratulations �� to your family, have a healthy pregnancy. Definitely will fallow your journey �� take care

  • Ny heart is literally jumping for joy for you right now. Im just so happy you get to have your rainbow baby that you were really hoping for. I hope you, your baby and just your pregnancy overall is healthy and everything you want it to be. Im 15 weeks and idk if its the hormones but i internalized everything you felt. Much love and happiness to you and your family.

  • nothing that can make you feel more alone—or stressed out—than trying to conceive. While you might have spent the better part of your youth doing all that you could to not get pregnant, when you’re ready to build your family and the going gets tough, it’s normal to have anxiety. Though TTC can feel exhausting, frustrating and lonely, the CDC estimates that more than ten percent of all couples will struggle with fertility—that’s 1 in 10 partnerships.I want to thank God for putting a smile in my face, I have been looking for the fruit of the womb for the pass six years of marriage. I took in last year after taking the pill a dr gave to my husband, he met with a doctor you gave us assurance that I will get pregnant within a month after taking a particular pill. But I still call it magical pill, because it happen the way he said it. All thanks to God I have my own baby now and is a boy. You too can contact him if you have the same issue on [email protected] gmail.com or call and WhatsApp him on +2348128107710

  • I’m so happy for you!! I’m actually just now finishing up my own miscarriage at 6 weeks, and have just stopped bleeding but I’m so so hopeful but scared to get pregnant again so soon FOR this reason. I’m sending so many prayers your way and good thoughts.

  • Thanks for sharing Jo! I never knew it’s best to take a test first thing in the morning. On another note, I could listen to you talk forever. I love your voice and accent… it’s very relaxing �� I look forward to your upcoming vlogs on life w your new baby ���� God Bless ����