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Planning a funeral for an infant is a task that no parent wants to undertake. Unfortunately because of stillbirth, early infant demise, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or any number of other reasons, you may find yourself doing just that. Take the time that you need to grieve, and enlist as much help as possible as you plan a funeral that gives your baby the proper memorial and honor as a. Get Help Preparing the Service When you’re ready to move forward with saying goodbye to your little one, bring in the baby funeral experts. Contact them by either phone or email, whatever is most convenient.

After this event is over, you’ll appreciate being able to. Three Things To Achieve. Establish the significance of the loss. Talk about the pain, and how difficult it is going to be to survive the loss. Establish the significance of the infant who died. How although their number of days was very short, their life changed other lives.

Establish the social. Taking your baby home before the funeral. Some parents like to take their baby home before the funeral.

Unless a post mortem has been ordered by a coroner or procurator fiscal, this is normal and legal. Some hospitals and mortuaries provide cold cots you can borrow to keep your baby cool at home. ‘Our friend is an undertaker. As a continuation of my story of Infant Loss, I want to share my experience of planning and having the perfect funeral for my baby girl, Gianna.Just a reminder that this is my story which took place 4 years ago, this past May. If you want to read from the beginning, start with my first post: Finding out there is something wrong with my baby.Gianna was born on a Thursday, passed away the.

The funeral director will help you through the planning and organizing process, and the baby will likely be kept in the funeral home or in the hospital before the service. Details of the funeral. The National Funeral Directors Association calculated the average cost of a burial funeral to be $7,300 and the average cost of a cremation funeral to be $3,100 in 2018, so if you plan on saving money on funeral expenses, then I highly recommend choosing a cremation funeral. Sample Funeral Message for an Infant Rev. Tony Cooke.

Dear Heavenly Father, We have come here this day to commit to your loving care, the spirit of _. We have also come to show our love and support for these dear parents, _ and _, and to surround them with our love, our prayers, and our faith. A funeral planning meeting, sometimes called a funeral arrangement conference, is the time for us to plan a tribute fitting of the individual. We will talk about your family’s traditions, your loved one’s wishes and any religious requirements you might have.

asking for donations to the hospital that looked after their baby or a baby charity. avoiding black and asking guests to wear bright colours or white instead. having a white coffin and asking family, friends and siblings to write messages on it. encouraging family and friends to write letters to place in the coffin.

List of related literature:

To do this you may want to arrange rituals and create memorials that acknowledge your baby’s life.

“Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby” by Deborah L. Davis
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Discuss with the parents options such as seeing, holding, bathing, or dressing the deceased infant; visitation by other family members or friends; religious or cultural rituals; and funeral arrangements.

“Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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Meaningful mementos chosen by the parents or the baby’s siblings can be placed in the casket with the infant.

“Comprehensive Neonatal Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach” by Carole Kenner, Judy Wright Lott
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Hospital staff can also arrange for the baby’s transfer to a funeral home.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
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• Provide the family with baby mementos and pictures to validate the reality of death.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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Also, make arrangements ahead of time for a close family member or care-giver to take the child if he needs to leave, so you can remain at the funeral.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
from Caring for Your Baby and Young Child
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Ideally, for deaths likely to occur in the hospital, the infant and family should be placed in a private room with enough space for all family members to be present to support the parents in their grieving process.

“Avery's Diseases of the Newborn E-Book” by Christine A. Gleason, Sherin Devaskar
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When the death is expected, there is the opportunity to make plans in advance, such as where the child should spend the last days or what types of funeral arrangements are desired.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
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Care for the infant after death may include funeral arrangements, such as choosing the clothes or bathing and even dressing the infant.

“Merenstein & Gardner's Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care E-Book: An Interprofessional Approach” by Sandra Lee Gardner, Brian S. Carter, Mary I Enzman-Hines, Susan Niermeyer
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To help you begin thinking about your options, ask your caregiver or childbirth educator how families are typically cared for after a stillbirth or infant death.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
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  • Recently attended a graveside for a three day old little angel, and used to be the House manager for a hospitality house that provides rooms for the families of sick children. These funerals are very heavy, not only are they burying they’re infant, they’re also saying goodbye to hopes and dreams that they had for their future ������

  • When I was a medic in the Army and on call for the soldiers and their families, 2 toddlers passed away and I could not resuscitate either, and yes, I cried with the parents and I still do sometimes. It was so sad and it still saddens me to this date. Of course, I am not a Funeral Director, so I somewhat understand your feelings. It is truly difficult.

  • Mother of the year there… 3 kids and in jail.. her love wasn’t strong enough to not break the law and where was this friend when her daughter was drowning the baby…. inbreds

  • I had a stillborn at 40 weeks, the guy that came into my get my son was cold, I didnt feel comfortable letting him take my baby but my husband talked me down and I let him go,

  • My nephew passed away unexpectedly at 5 days old in 2016. It was the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I think of him everyday.

  • wow thanks for sharing this and I can see as you talk about it it’s hard to talk about it and that’s keeping it real. I’m praying with you and others who work in the FH business.

  • I went to a wake for a baby of my friend’s years ago. It was a shaken baby case and I knew him. It was heartbreaking. He was one of the happiest babies I ever saw, always laughing. Remember it like it was yesterday.

  • If you think about it, every time a child dies, there goes part of our future because children are our future. They’ll one day grow up and run this world when we’re gone. Children are basically our replacements because one day it’ll be our turn to go when our life journey is done and we’ve reached the end of the road. That’s when children will have to be trained up on how to run this world when we’re gone. Before we go, we often get to see young people doing what we once did. This is part of how we can go in peace when it’s our turn for those who can go in peace. Children again are our future and every time a child dies, it’s a threat to our future because children are the future. This is why child deaths are so hard on many people, not just people in your field but also the families, especially the parents and especially moreso the mother who carried each child. Rest assured though, it was discovered that many times more times than not, children do go to heaven, especially the babies who didn’t even have a chance at life

    I think we need people just like you to advocate for the unborn and talk mothers out of abortion who are considering it because I think someone like you can actually succeed especially in your position. I think if I were you I would try my hand at it and use what you’re telling us here to minister to these mothers considering abortion and try to talk them out of it, I think you may very well succeed at so many cases and save lives

  • Lauren, thank you for this most thoughtful, touching video, addressing the taking care of / burial (s) of children. My parents lost a son, he was a fullterm baby, whose esophagus wasn’t completely formed….Carlos was only six days on this earth, but, much loved.
    I can’t imagine how my parents dealt with this crushing loss, the fact that they had three other children that needed them, must have helped greatly!
    Thank you for the love and care that you give to all your families served especially, those with children of any age. Blessings, Xx.
    Genevieve from NM

  • When covering a news story of a mother who lost her child…. What does mentioning her warrants have to do with anything. She’s grieving!

  • eyyyy the first one is from phillipines!
    nobody talks about phillpines
    (thats where i live)
    o yea u pronounce filipino as fili pea no

  • Unfortunately stillbirth and infant loss is so common and the silence needs to be broken. Our babies names need to be heard. Loosing our son was the worst nightmare, but our funeral home made sure every single thing was perfect for him

  • Y a pas plus douloureux sur cette terre que perdre son enfant car en principe c les enfants qui enterrent les parents. quand leurs heures viennent. Bref… mystère Rip petit ange. Courage aux parents

  • We have so many questions as to who could have had the baby. Perhaps her mom couldnt have the baby due to something we know nothing about. The courts placed that baby in her friends care because she trusted her. Smh. Many prayers to this family.

  • R.I.p father and daughter whoever did this god is going to get them people always killing others knowing god is not happy with people killing each other.

  • I SI admire you and your work and what you give back to the family’s…this,why I didn’t move forward with my Mortuary science degree… I just knew that I was too… sensitive and wouldn’t be able to face these special circumstances. I admire you very much.

  • It’s nice to hear your side of this. My son was stillborn 20 years ago and I always wondered how it affects the people at the funeral home.

  • and life does not start at conseption it starts once that heart starts beating i hate religous people their dumber then a sack of dog shit

  • What type of mother leaves her baby who can’t speak yet to a person who she had just met!!!!?!?!???! Is she mentally challenged or what!?!? Stupid woman!

  • Thank you for this video. It’s one of my biggest worries going into the funeral business. I have 3 kid’s, and I think that could even make it harder for me to not put myself in the loved ones shoes.

  • I would love to have an answer for this question…. how old does a baby have to be for their to be a funeral? Or rather, a fetus? I’ve known many people who have miscarriages and I always wonder what happens with their miscarried baby… the babies are sometimes big enough to look like a child when they come out but not really at the same time. What happens to grieving mothers for miscarried babies that are simply too small, how do they get their closure? This may be a difficult question for you to answer but it’s something I’ve always wondered.. (edit) okay I need to be more specific on this, what happens to the babies that are miscarried but simply too small or just not at all developed fully? Where do they go? How do grieving mothers get over a child that they can’t have a service for simply because they are far too small and underdeveloped?

  • Did the reporter really call this woman “diminutive”? I bet this woman is just as tall or even taller than this reporter, lol. Using words whose meaning you don’t know only exposes your ignorance, it doesn’t make you look smarter, reporter!

  • They go to heaven and be ok. Never lost any kids so I know if I did I’d go crazy. My mother lost one at 9 months old don’t know how she survived feel for her. She’s gonna now with her son that’s good she’s with h now

  • Your emotions said it all, and for that I thank you. I am the bereaved mother of two children. My son was stillborn at full term in 1986. My 18 year old daughter was killed in a MVA and her boyfriend also died. I have no surviving children. To not feel some emotion when dealing with pregnancy or infant loss, is inhumane. Cry with those parents. A kind word or a hug says much. Bless you.��

  • I was a month when i lost my little one, i was never given a memory box or anything�� i wonder what they did with my baby but i think about him/her �� jus two days ago i cried wishing that my baby was here with and he/she would have been 2 this year ����

  • I’m a newborn photographer for my local hospital and i photograph stillborns and miscarriages for parents that want them i agree that they are perfect little angels and its so so so hard to be professional and not burst into tears when in the rooms with the families its the hardest thing I’ve experienced professionally as a mother myself and i can still see each of those little perfect faces in my mind i will also definitely hold them in my heart forever

  • moms and dads please stop letting strangers around your babies they dont deserve to die because these wolves in sheep clothing who you only know for 2 weeks sweep you off your feet. these monsters find weak people and their children to pay on

  • Thanking God? For the hope he gave these parents -than took away? Huh? We deserve a better God. A God we shouldn’t have to make lame excuses for.

  • you most understand some guys will date women with young kids just so they can get to the kids they dont care about the moms they just want to get to the kids and single moms are plentiful to find so there easy targets

  • The best explanation for this, came from a funeral director I watched on a local talk show. He was invited to speak at a elementary school, lightly touching on the topic of death. In the Q&A portion of the session, a child asked “why do babies have to die?” He stated on the talk show that, the question hit home, hard, for him, as he & his wife had lost their small child just recently. But before he could try to answer, another classmate quickly spoke up,saying that “God wouldn’t want to be surrounded by just old people!” He stated that, in the first time since his loss of his own child, this made sense & he & his wife had found comfort in that simple remark. Sorry for the long comment, but that story had stuck with me for decades.

  • Lovely idea. I had a miscarriage at 14 weeks. I kept the ultrasound pictures. you do go on to have a healthy baby as i did but your heart never forgets.14 years and that little one still has a place in my heart.

  • You have such a kind personality. It would be comforting to know the person helping me through a loss has empathy and really cares. You seem to be cut out for this job.

  • I am an atheist, and at times I feel envious of those who have their spiritual/religious beliefs to fall back on. I do not have the luxury of believing that everything happens for a reason, that the person is in a better place, that I will see them again someday etc. I would imagine it is a lot easier as a funeral director also to deal with people of faith, particularly if you are also a person of faith. What do you do when you are dealing with people who do not believe in a god or an afterlife? What do you say to comfort them? To ease the pain that is knawing at them, and threatening to consume them? In a sense, I think that the grieving process is a lot harder on us for that reason. For me, death is the end. Period. And everything is just random. There is no rhyme or reason to anything. It is all just the luck of the draw. Death is always difficult to deal with. But children are NOT supossed to die. It just doesn’t feel right. And it doesn’t just make me sad, it makes me angry! And it just further solidifies my beliefs. How can I possibly believe in a god when the world is so full of misery, suffering and injustice? I really wish that I could believe. But I just can’t. ☹

  • My deepest condolences to you and your family. I have two precious babies ( well they are 17 and 14 ) and I couldn’t ever think of losing them. RIP little angel, rest with Jesus.

  • I recently just became a removal technician. I was so excited, I’m 19 and have been interested in this business since I was 17. I love the job so far and havent had any issues with any pick ups, but I didnt expect to have to pick up a baby so soon, it was hard for me and my coworker considering we both have children. You are SO right about the part where you arrive at the funeral home and how quiet it is, how perfect the little babies look (this little one was 9 months old) I know it will never be “easy” to pick up a baby, but I only hope it gets easier. I’m glad I found your channel!!!

  • Bless you for finding the strength to care for the babies and families. I know that being a funeral director is a calling. But cases involving babies or children is where the world really sees what that means.
    My husband and I have 6 children, but only one was born alive. In fact, we just had our last stillborn baby back on December 4th of this past year. I was 20 weeks along and everything was going well until it wasn’t. My cervix just gave out. Our baby boy was perfectly healthy too. This all happened 4 days after my husband’s birthday and 3 days before mine. The hardest part wasn’t the painful labor, feeling my water break while talking to the visiting priest, calling the funeral home while still in the hospital, or even having to leave our son’s tiny body behind at discharge time. Hubby and I are tough as steel coated with teflon in hard times. The hardest part was having to explain to our then-4 year old daughter that the little baby brother she wanted more than anything wasn’t coming home with us. The funeral director who did arrangements with us is a mom with a daughter about the same age as ours. She had to excuse herself from the room because she was welling up. On the morning of December 7th, my 34th birthday, I get a call from the funeral home. My son’s ashes will be ready for pickup by 3pm. I don’t want to see another birthday cake, card, or present for the rest of my life. There is no joy in life anymore. Then the following February, my mom finally lost her battle with young-onset Alzheimer’s. I like to believe the Lord called her home to help watch over all of those babies. She was the world’s best mom and nana after all.

  • The death penalty is fitting to be applied to such a monster. If we respect life, the helpless and the most vulnerable we need to do the outmost effort to eliminate the individuals that choose to scape the realm of humanity and become monsters, do not deserve to draw breath and must be dealt with harshly, speedily and with all severity and resolve to make it a powerful deterrent to any other deviant in society in the future.

  • This is so sad, her kids live with a grandmother and a aunt…she has another child and couldn’t get the grandmother or aunt to help so the friend says yes but the 14 year old living there killed the baby probably because of the crying. This is beyond sad that poor baby.

  • Have you ever done a child funeral that the death was not natural like murder? You are so strong i could not do that I buried my baby he was 7 months along when his heart stopped in my belly

  • I lost a baby girl at 15 weeks gestation the hosptial took photos for us and we had her cremated. She sits on our mantel. It means so much that her life had meaning regardless of how short it was.

  • You drown a baby you should burn in hell you’re an evil Twisted soul for killing for taking the innocent baby girl’s life you should burn in hell for that

  • Thank you for doing this video Lauren. I can tell how hard it was for you to talk about yet I am in awe of how you handle yourself in your profession. How proud your family and employers must be of you! xoxox

  • Lauren, the fact that you can cry with the families you care for, is a testament to the kind of woman you are. God has you in the perfect place that you are needed. God Bless you, Sweetheart ��❤️.

  • I’m so sorry for your little baby she didn’t get to see the whole world yet Alicia key is in heaven she’ll grow up in heaven with God

  • Idk why so many ppl can’t understand why a woman would rather her child go to someone else rather her own mother… Think.. not all grandmother are safe havens o done have their own CPS cases.

    Also drown does not mean on purpose. The child could have been trying to bathe the baby and left her. She should not been allowed to be along with the infant.. the 14 is a child also

  • Thanx for sharing. My sister had a miscarriage and it changed her from an outgoing free spirit to a very mean person. Can’t imagine what y’all funeral directors go through when making arrangements for a baby.

  • I don’t care if that girl was 14, 15, or 21 I’d beat the eff out of her. She KNEW exactly what she was doing and the ramifications of her actions. Poor baby Justice ❤️

  • It takes a special person to do this God gave you a gift but all those babies are in heaven and god has a plan and purpose for everything my question is do u embalm babies use cosmetics etc

  • This had me in tears. Once you started talking about Ministers and Clergy members, all I could think of was the amazing Rabbi that did my grandpas service. His words were so comforting, and I’m so glad you have those kind of people at your fingertips. LOVE YOU.

  • So sorry for your loss thoughts and prayers for you, your family, your friends, and those who knew this baby precious little angel child. God bless you and yours. Amen to that Amen. Rest in peace little precious angel child forever and ever.

  • I love how compassionate you are with this! My daughter was stillborn at 27 weeks. She would have turned 6 years old last month. The funeral home we went through wasn’t as compassionate.

  • I love your channel so much. this is such a sensitive, sad topic to talk about. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for the families to lose their babies. You seem like such a caring, warm hearted, compassionate person. thank you for sharing your experiences with us. xoxo

  • I am In tears!!! I am so,so sorry for your loss. He was such a Beautiful baby boy. Now he has his wings…. fly high among the angels sweet boy.

  • I love how everyone is bashing the grandmother. Sick sobs. Please tell me how yall got yall psychic powers to know the grandmothers mental state, and living situations ������ Everyone quick to judge the wrong folks, and never blame the right ones. Fyi..The guardian of the 14 year old and the 14 year old themselves.

  • My deepest sympathy for those who have suffered the loss of a baby, but the baby is given a decent burial. We must never lose sight of the fact that these babies are precious human beings called home to God for a very special reason. God Bless all those who have suffered such a devastating loss, with my love to you All.❤️

  • See what ppl don’t understand stand.. she was on probation.. she violated her probation so therefore.. she probably had to do the remaining of her probation time..

  • I’m a realist and will tell you that no one likes baby funerals and you get them because you’re not the owner and you’re the newer director. That’s just how that is.

  • So sorry for your loss l was in your shoes 13 years ago! May you find sone measure of comfort from God as you face the future!! The pain is real and if people make hurtful remarks please remember those of us who’ve been through it ourselves care very much! Ill say a prayer for you!!

  • I know this pain �� �� But my goodness weres their parents. This breaks my heart. My little on was only 8 months along my heart is ripped out.

  • I’m so very sorry for your loss, he is truly one of God’s darling little angel. Fly free and high my darling child perhaps drop a feather every once and awhile when you come to visit your family that loves you more than yesterday but not quite as much as tomorrow. Blessings on this sweet family.

  • So sorry for the loss of your beautiful precious baby boy. He was a beautiful baby.������no one should ever have to bury a child especially a baby ������

  • Why would any parent kremate their baby… that is cruelty regardless if the baby’s already dead… it’s still cruel. Evil. Don’t be cheap and cruel just bury the baby.

  • Y’all keep saying “Why the grandmom didn’t take her “ if you know about the system you have to have a good living situation for the baby can’t do drugs no nothing Stop judging people all the damn time! At that moment that might have been her only option due to the circumstances. Period.

  • Does anyone really think about what he did to her? Imagine with that much blood found in multiple locations!!! Hell isn’t enough. ������

  • My grandfather told me a story of when they were burying my great grandfather he sat up in his coffin. He was dead, and it turns out it was just a muscle spasm.

  • A beautiful video and I love how you describe these early term infants as looking just like a baby, so perfect and angelic. How could anyone have an abortion? They are so much a tiny human being. ����

  • A few years ago, I went to a viewing of a baby who had passed away at six month old. She was laying there, in a bassinet at the funeral home with a beautiful see through cloth surrounding her. I thought the same exact thing, she looked like an angel…..

  • Let’s not act like every grandma is a good grandma. She obviously had her reasons for the Baby NOT going there. I’m just saying I know a few people who have drug addicts as parents.

  • I appreciate what you do so much. My daughter passed away at 11 months old and the funeral director was incredible. He was compassionate and understood that some decisions were impossible to make. He was patient and kind. He let me husband be a part of the process to get her ready for a viewing so she was ready for me. Thank you for doing this difficult job.

  • O my lord God sit high and low nothing will never get pass the spirit of or lord or God Jesus Christ this is normal to us because the reason why I say this we living in the world of sin we didn’t do what our God ask us to do and that we live by his laws and his words and right now today we is denied him we have to come together as one everybody of all color this has to stop I can’t take it this could be one of us in this situation lord I ask u to keep your arms his wife and her mother let her know that love is here and never will go away

  • CPS are idiots I know I personal know the director of CPS in NY and they make terrible mistakes. I can’t believe she lost her child over parking tickets. I pray she gets a large settlement

  • In the past they really had no technology to tell if someone is dead or in a coma. So there is a possibility that people with comas were buried and wasn’t dead, And some probably woke up too.

  • Such a kind, respectful, caring, empathetic response.. thank you for doing this and sharing your feelings ��you are a wonderful compassionate funeral director

  • Me:*Dies*
    Everyone: Thank the heavens
    Also m3: Sits up and grins
    Me:I have been rejected by satan and hades they has said i was too dumb and dank

  • I’m reading all the post that people are saying this lady was in jail for petty parking tickets and for that it violated the probation she was on and her children had to be sent to stay with other people we do not know the story and the news always give a very quick brief irrelevant explanation but the fact stands that this woman has lost her child because of another child

  • I know it has been awhile since that darling little baby boy, your nephew has passed. I can only hope & wish, that his parents, brother and family have been able to deal with their grief in a positive way. The pain of J.L. passing will never go away, but may he will always be the biggest shinning Star in your night sky. My thoughts are with you all.

  • I lost 2 unborn, one miscarriage and one a tubal pregnancy! I never was given the option of a burial or memory box, nothing but surgery and a broken heart! I think this a wonderful way to acknowledge that they were alive! Blessings to all!

  • I also want to become a undertaker. I‘m not scared when I think, I must care for a dead children. I dont have seen a dead Baby, I only seen little Child coffins in crematory and in funeral Home. Its very bad, but it is the life.

  • This is Siri sad crying really crying I’m actually sad because that baby passed away my uncle passed away last year last year in November

  • My mum gave birth to a still born son, over 65 yrs ago, the baby was quickly taken away, mum and dad never had a chance to hold him, to bath him, dress him, it was your baby doesn’t matter, he is dead, go get on with your lives. My brother Phillip has no grave, no certificates. I am so thankful that now, parents can hold their babies, can bath them, can dress them. I had a miscarriage over 30 years ago at ten weeks, it was horrible, had to have a d&c, so I do not know if it was a boy or birl, but I think of the baby every October, as that was when I was due. So to see the amount of love that goes into giving these babies that were miscarried, a burial, makes me wish that I had, had that choice years ago.

  • I think that the fact that it’s only considered a “miscarriage “ at less than 20 weeks, is such a difficult thing. That was still a child, and the parents still need that opportunity to say goodbye to their precious little one. Lauren, you really have so much compassion and heart, and you are such a wonderful woman to be doing the job you do, and caring how you do.

  • was just wondering if a woman has a miscarriage does the baby still need to be embalmed specially if its like the size of a persons hand i would imagine that body would be too small then

  • Poor justice she would have been 2 years and 10 months now �� I hope that 14 year old girl goes to jail Rest in heaven baby justice there will be justice served justice you are in gods hands now again rest in heaven baby justice���� I loved her to ��

  • I have a 16 year old daughter that is interested in being in your line of work. Your videos are giving her a good idea what it entails. Thank you for making these videos. Especially this one that shows yet another side of your business.

  • It was a the request of the mother that the baby stay with her friend. My daughter would have made the same choice because I would not have given the baby back to her.

  • This lady is having babies and tossing them in the air wherever they land is who takes care of them. Two other kids living with two different family members. Hoes need to stop shitting out babies they can’t take care of. Can’t even stay out of jail. I’m glad I have better morals than this shit.

  • Why do mothers insist to have relationships with men when they have children without knowing who they are? Many times these men only want to access to the children those women have. A mother must protect their children against abuse of any kind. They don’t need a man who destroy them or their children for ever. Of course, they don’t want to be alone. I understand that but children’s safety must be always the first priority in their lives. Love can wait.

  • We are our own worst enemy, Father God ���� help our race of people, we as a people need to turn back to God, some of us have lost our way. May they rest in eternal peace. Lord bless there family, hold them up please.

  • Like many mums i miscarried at home and just after the first trimester…i didnt know i was pregnant and was not sure what had happend…there was no hospital visit or funeral and i feel so gulity for this…i would have turned up if this service was offered…rip all angel babies…

  • Such a touching video. Sadly my wife and I have had to experience this our little boy, Kit, died in labour almost a year ago and although nothing can ever make it right or take our pain away, his funeral service was the very best we could have ever hoped for.
    After an awful experience with one company who were just so cold and uncaring (example they said his journey to the crematorium would be in a ‘normal car with our little boy in the boot’ (or the trunk, as it is known in the U.S).
    We were distraught and left feeling like our precious son just didn’t matter. So we sought advice elsewhere and were put in touch with an amazing company who took such good care of him.
    We travelled with him to the crematorium, my wife holding his little coffin all the way, and I carried him in. It was the hardest day we’ve ever faced but we wanted to honour him and do him proud.
    Angela our funeral director understood this and we’ll never be able to thank her enough for all she and everyone else at the company did to try and make a truly horrific event just a little bit easier to go through.
    That is the difference a good funeral director can make.
    If you can be that difference to someone, as I hope to be as I start on my journey into this profession, then you are doing the most profound and rewarding job.

  • This just makes me ball my eyes out. When I lost my uncle, I was only 3. But it truly affects me still today. And it hurts me seeing other people feeling the same pain I feel. ����

  • I’m sorry everyone talking about why her mother didn’t take the baby, open your eyes she looks like she could have some type of drug or alcohol addiction smh

  • why do people take pictures of the dead body �� that’s disrespectful to do that and plus why would u want that picture in your camera roll anways����‍♀️

  • I have sadly lost two grand babies in the last nine years. One was a stillborn, full term twin (brother is now 9), and the other was my 6 month old grand daughter who passed from the RSV virus (flu) in 2016. Both babies were from my oldest daughter. When it was time for the twin’s service, I conducted the funeral as we had no minister at the time and besides, what would they talk about for someone who never lived. I tell you, God himself breathed into my sermon and afterwards, the funeral director asked for my business card because they needed a minister on call for all the baby services. I didn’t think that was something I could do for other families because of the emotional impact you speak about but have reconsidered it often. I thank you Little Miss Funeral for being so compassionate and caring to the families. It is absolutely the worst death to experience so the services you provide are important but to know you share in our grief goes far beyond the paperwork and details.

  • That 14 year old who drowned the baby should be facing life in prison. She doesn’t deserve a chance at life for taking a babies Life

  • If the world was filled with people who are as compassionate as you things would be a lot better, amazing as usual, God will remember your compassion always

  • Little Ms. Funeral, on December 3,1983 my wife gave birth to my son Michael jr. I knew before she told me that she was pregnant I knew she was pregnant and I knew she was going to have a son. When I went with her to the hospital with her I was forced to go home to take care of my other children. I had to walk home and I lived 6 miles from the hospital and there was a blizzard going on. Before I left the hospital the doctor put some type of egg in her vagina to speed up her delivery. I got home tired and frozen from the long walk when my sister in law came into my house and told me that I was needed back at the hospital. When I arrived I went into the room that my wife was in when I left. When I looked the sheet that covered her was bloody when I lifted it I saw my son out of her vagina but super close to her. I opened her legs and saw my son Michael with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and he was blue. The doctor that was supposed to be with her and to deliver my son was passed out in another room. I myself cut the cord, cleaned my son up and put a diaper on him, I wrapped him in a receiving blanket and carried him to the nursing station. When the nurse saw me she got off of her butt and said she would take care of him but I was supposed to go to the billing department. When I got there and gave them my name they asked me what did I want to do with it. I know that my son never got to breath or be held but he was still conceived with my sperm and my wife egg, and my Polish grandmother taught me to protect my loved ones so I don’t know where I got the strength but I picked up a huge chair I was trying to break the glass because she was talking about my son and not a piece of meat. They knew that I am a Catholic and they had the priest try to talk to me. After an hour I went up stairs to my wife’s room and told her that I would take care of everything. I was waiting for my Veterans pension to get approved so as I was back outside in the blizzard I was trying to find a way to give my son a descent burial. when I got to our family funeral home I broke down when I was shown what my son would be buried in because we were on welfare. It looked like a beer cooler and I knew it would not protect my son so Nick the family funeral director and friend showed me one that was made out of fiberglass I knew my sons resting place would be protected. So I went and borrowed the 220.00 to pay for everything it cost 300.00 but welfare gave 80.00 toward the burial. So I stayed at the apartment upstairs from the funeral home while Nick went to the hospital to pick my Michael up. He stopped in my wife’s room first and told her everything was taken car of. When Nick came in the funeral home with Michael in his arms Nick knew that I was the one who put a diaper on my son and a receiving blanket. Because Michael was so small Nick asked me if it was alright for him to imbalm Michael by placing him in a very large bag and using embalming powder. After he was through he showed me how he placed a diaper on my son and the receiving blanket and then he placed him in his casket. I went with Nick to the cemetery and placed my son to rest I then walked the 6 blocks from the cemetery to my house and told my children that Michael was with God in heaven but I used the Polish name for Jesus. I have since lost my youngest son Dominic, I wonder why God would keep me alive when I had a quadruple coronary artery bypass graft, a stent placed in my heart, why I would survived an aortic aneurysm repair and a plate placed in my left wrist and in November I had a reverse shoulder replacement on my left shoulder. You said how difficult or different your sleeping habits changed after the birth of Daisy, you must imagine how the sleeping patterns of a father change after losing 2 sons and you are still alive. The children are supposed to bury the parents not the parents burying their children. Michael Debrowsky Saint Johns Michigan

  • Dumb mom, didnt even know this monster but a few weeks and he is Babysitting??????????   She was the idiot and him a sorry ass bastard!    Needs to be hung up and tortured!

  • I would like to let the mother know I’m so sorry for your loss this whole situation is so sad I can only imagine the pain that you’re going through layer beautiful angel rest in peace

  • Did you notice any emotions from the mother and grandmother of this baby? Please show me. I couldn’t see not even a sadness or being upset. Their attitude was like” Oh things happen.” That’s it.

  • Very sad Rip little one. It’s time people start thinking responsible, children are a gift from God people need to start thinking of the future of kids. It is a huge responsibility.

  • All the judgmental comments��smh. why can’t people just stay may God bless the family?or my thoughts and prayers for them? No one is free of sin and mistakes not saying it’s ok for the 14 year old girl who drowned babyJustice��,But we’re no one to judge.

  • All these comments about why gma couldn’t keep the kids. Maybe she have to work, a disability that prevents her from rendering the type of care the children needs. Or even a past conviction that bans her from taking custody of minors. Whatever the case I’m sure it wasn’t just so she can sit at home and watch TV without being interrupted.

  • Why didn’t she let the baby stay with her mom while she was in jail? All these kids she has and doesn’t have custody of any of them.

  • Very sorry about the baby. Also at the mom is taking care of her business she wouldn’t have been put in jail and her baby wouldn’t be dead

  • Dear Mison you made me the happiest mommy in the world I never thought I could have kids but you live inside of me for a couple of weeks I never dreamed that something could grow in this broken body. I count myself so blessed because i learned that 24hrs of your conception u had a heart beat wow before u came in to me i was broken hearted but u gave me a new heart your heart beat in me u see mison tho i lost u.U gave mommy hope like jesus gave mary so my love mommy thanks you for your heart transplant my Son you gave me what the world could not love comfort expectation and most of all a new heart you are a man child and im so proud of u i love you mison rip mylove.

  • I lost my three month old sister 14 years ago. My niece was four months old and died in January. My nephew died at four months as well. It was totally devastating. But when I think about how they’ve gotten the better end of the deal and are not suffering and are in the Throne room of God, it makes me happy that they’re not here and don’t have to go through what we are going through. ❤️

  • Always I don’t understand why people killed eachother?? Who will get profits on to this?? RIP. I am the mother and wife I feel the pain.��

  • She needs to stop having children her mom and aunt has custody of her other children every child she has had apparently her family or friends is taking care of them god can bring life into the world and take it away from you

  • And this topic is what stopped me from doing this ministry (FD). Especially when the baby is the victim of abuse in ANY form!!!

  • An awful lot of “I” this and “I” that. Hard to remember the babies with this person seems to dwell only on herself and how it effects her. Pretty pathetic

  • in 2015 I suffered a miscarriage at 9 weeks into my pregnancy I never got a chance to do an a memorial service for my little girl and I was never given that option to go through that program I think about my little girl every day even when I look into her little brother’s eyes

  • You don’t know the pain a woman feels. The hole that’s left inside. The emptiness, until you have lost one yourself. My baby was a full term stillborn.he was beautiful. Dark hair and eyes. But I had had to carry him for 2 weeks before I could find a Dr who would help me because I had begun to bloat. She and her team handled nothing but inter uterine late pregnancy deaths. It took them 3 days to get my body to go into labor. Because they couldn’t do a c section because of fear of infection. But they were so good to me. I we blessed to find them at University of Cincinnati hosp. I live north of cincy about 45 min. But I got there.
    Hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. But I did it. Now the anniversary of dakatos death is in a couple weeks. And I’ve closed my self off from friends and family. And I will until after the 18th of August. Which was the day I buried him. I go through the whole thing every year. It never stops.

  • Horrible to lose a child. There are so many ways to honor a lost loved one, but please stop releasing balloons. ALL LIFE should be cherished. Released balloons kill so much wildlife, can people stop doing that?

  • I am so sorry for your loss but rejoice for heaven’s gain. This sweet baby boy, though it breaks your hearts, will never have to see the ugliness of our world today. He will be there waiting when you go to your REAL eternal home. God bless your family.

  • She needs to spend the rest of her life in jail the mother needs to get her life together before she get her other 2 children and the grandmother why she couldn’t step up until now shame on her

  • Women & men need to stop just letting ANYONE into their child’s life, I understand people get lonely but you have to think about your child, protect that child! Rest in paradise sweet baby girl❤

  • I once had such a distraught mother where at the viewing of her 10day old baby, she sadly tried to escape with her departed infant. Broke my heart. Since then I have always made it common practice that to cater even more to these grieving parents. This is not an easy vocation, but at the same time our/your ability to balance empathy, strength & professionalism is how the family & loved ones will forever remember.
    Stay strong, stay true, stay you.

  • I really wouldv like to heard more on ths case. Why ths happened with the 14yr old girl drowning the baby. And where was the adult who the mother left the baby with. And did the mother hav 2 return to jail after funeral 2 continue the 90 days. Smh..So sad..RIP lil Angel

  • its not like the mother committed horrendous crimes…her crimes seem almost like misdemeanors…not bad enough to take a mother from her newborn baby…that was cruel….Jesus please. Comfort this poor mother..

  • The grandmother could have been unable to care for an infant due to many reasons. Besides we don’t have any idea what the grandmother has done to help up until this point. There’s always a back story.

  • Crime of all crimes!, to do such a Horrible thing to a child! Even God will think twice of forgiving him! This man doesn’t deserve to be born at all! I hope he suffers 10x more than what he did to that poor Child! Let him live and suffer everyday of his life!

  • This is so horrible and she looks young.So she’s learning from her mistakes.There’s a reason the gramma didn’t have her grandbabies.Therefore this girl is finding love and attention in all the wrong men,and probably doesn’t know how to be a good mother because she was never taught!Where are the no good for nothing daddies?

  • My God! I can’t imagine what this mother is feeling. Because she went to jail thinking she Was placing her baby In good hands. She will live with this for the rest of her life

  • You need to tell the people you work for that you will handle your share of those funerals but not all of them. If you don’t you will eventually dread going to work so much that you may decide to quit. No person could handle the death of children over and over again and not break down.

  • Ifeel like iam chocking wth sadness, it’s must the worst feeling ever,after spending all theses night wth your precious baby, and now you have to let him go alone,inthe dark,don’t if I’ll survive that iam very sad for you,will pray for you for peace,and strength.

  • We need to start killing these rapist/ pedo’s and arresting the parent who lets their bf of one month, care for their child, just to have them raped,tortured and killed.

  • Gosh, I’m sobbing while watching this.����
    Children are belong to God. God has a purposed why he died, so he won’t suffered more in the future. Condolence to this family.

  • I had a 3 month old nephew die of sids. It was a very sad day.. In an autopsy it was discover his lungs were not fully developed. Rest in peace Sean

  • Sorry doesn’t say anything when you have lost a child! Its been 16 yrs since my son passed and 12 yrs since my baby grandson passed, Mason is buried on top of my son! It still seems like it was last week! Just wanted to let you know your little angel has a playmate!!�� ��

  • The hardest thing for me is seeing the family during the arrangement rather than taking care of the infant. It’s hard to not cry with the family and it’s hard to respond to the question “why”? When I prepare the infant or gather their foot print and hand print, I feel a motherly response. Like I need to take care of them, clean them up, dress them, and make them look perfect for their family to see (if viewed).

  • I really hate all of these comments. She went to jail for parking tickets and her baby died. People commit worst crimes. She had just had a baby. Why not community service instead of jail first. My heart is in my stomach. Its not about baby daddy, baby mama or # of kids…its sad….she probably had to leave her kids at different house for the time being…while away….stop making assumptions that she didn’t take care of her kids or she was an unfit mother….RIP ANGEL ����

  • Maybe it was not a possibility for the grandmother to take the child but I do know people have sisters, aunt’s, baby daddy has family members someone between the two families should have been clean enough to care for that infant. Terrible situation!

  • I hope this poor baby is one of the judges when you bastards go to hell.A mother had to leave her baby in the care of a child to spend time in jail over parking tickets, shame on all involved.

  • It’s always the mother’s boyfriend. Before I got married and we had our daughter, if I even went on a date with a guy, I would do a full background check on him, check to see if he was on the sex offender registry, check his driving record. I would look at his social media, see if there were any lewd or vile posts, see what kind of person he is. Sound harsh? Maybe.
    But I’m very cautious about who I let into my life. And that was when it was just ME. Now, if my husband and I ever split up, I wouldn’t let any man even meet my daughter until I know him very well. She knew this guy for a couple of weeks and left him alone with her daughter? When are women going to start respecting themselves, protecting their babies, and stop inviting just any piece of trash into their lives???

  • Sleep in peace sweet baby hope your Mommy and Daddy (family) Find comfort in knowing that they now have a beautiful angel �� watching over them so spread your wings and fly high baby boy ❤️������

  • He’s a Deadman walking, and that’s if he’s still alive… U know he’s gonna get raped and killed in jail!! Which is perfect justice! Almost an eye for an eye! Hopefully it’s someone or somebody with a HUGE member in there nether region, so he goes through what that poor baby went through!!! Such a sick and horrendously twisted thing to do.. what kind of person can do something so beyond horrific?! Has humanity always been so sick and twisted?!? Help us……

  • So what if he is the most Prince of all Charming, he is a stranger! Too many times this happens with a barely known malemaybe knowing one another for a month. This is not trust but irresponsibleness. Should be a judicial law to prevent people whom lack some common sense awareness to allow them to think twice before some random they just met babysits their children.

  • I’m sorry but the 14 yr old girl that murdered that baby needs to die. Although young, at that age I knew exactly what I was doing and no way would I ever have done such a thing. If you’re old enough to commit the crime, then you’re old enough to pay the price. That girl was pure evil!!��

  • How did the baby drown i need more info to determine if it was accidental or intentional…the only way i could see it being accidental is if she was giving the baby a bath and stupidly took her eyes off her for a few seconds but other than that i dont see how it could be an accident

  • Such a tough subject that you explained with caring and compassion. Your employers are lucky to have you and so are these families.

  • The “right words” are always difficult to say to those who have lost a loved one. We try to give them comfort in every way that we possibly can. I feel that as long as we can provide love to and for them, be that shoulder for them, and pray for them, God is always there for them. God’s mercy and grace is always there. It’s never easy to loose a loved one, but I have learned that as time goes by, God is always there to help me make it through another day. And with His strength “in us”, we can help each other. Praying for all of you in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

  • 1 had 14 miscarriages and oh how I wish this would have been offered to me. I have no idea what that did with my precious children!

  • Please don’t be mean to your family when you go home. I worked in the health care industry for 3 years and also as explore fire fighter for one there’s a reason why God gave you your husband talk with him he knows a lot more than you think also if you have a pastor talk with them I don’t know fear Christian or not but it always helps to talk with your husband that’s why God gave him to you and remember to hold that little baby yours when you come home that hopes to just coming from a dad and someone that worked in the health care industry it is so important a talk with your husband or your wife and ahold your Baby when you get home.

  • The daughter has a problem following the laws and staying out of jail, so why does everyone assume the grandmother would have been fit to care for the infant? Clearly the grandmother didn’t do a fantastic job raising her child, or she wouldn’t be in and out of jail. I’ve heard of a lot of addicts’ and criminals’ kids being placed with grandparents by CPS, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense since clearly the grandparents didn’t do an awesome job with their own kids.
    This is so tragic for that mother and her baby no matter which way you dice it. No one deserves that. I feel really bad for this mother.

  • No families???????? My family came to my sons funeral. N i wish id had seen my miscarried on Lucas grave marker there’s 2 for Lucas n one for my miscarriages:(

  • If I ever had to bury my baby, I definitely would prefer a female funeral director over a male. I don’t know what it is, but I definitely would feel more comfortable with a woman.

  • You are a special person! Our industry has grown very callous about this. We donate our services to all stillborn, SIDS, and ICU deaths. Last year I had triplets that were stillborn, each was about the size of a newborn kitten. We used a tiny casket for all three together.

  • n a previous life, I was tasked with funeral detail as an active duty soldier. I am currently an Army vet but blessed without having gone to a combat zone. The hardest funeral we got tasked with did not directly involve a veteran but the cemetery where we were laying to rest a veteran was near a deceased child. Near where the former soldier was to be interred was an infant with only a year passed. (1911-1912) if I remember correctly (granted this was around 1996-1998 time frame when we did the funeral). This by far was the hardest and sloppiest funeral we presented, partially due to the proximity of the child;s grave but also directly related to the knowledge of such a youngster never having the ability to foster a greater purpose.

  • My mom gave birth to my baby brother when I was in the the 3rd grade. We knew she was having a baby when she went to the hospital when she came home from the hospital and neither she nor my father ever spoke of him at all. We were told nothing. Finally I asked was told he had died. That’s it. Every night when I was in bed, for the longest time I cried and cried for the baby my sister and brother or myself never got to see him. He had lived for five day’s in the hospital. I still don’t understand it’s like she wanted to act as though he never happened. There is nothing to show he ever existed and I am now 60 and this bother’s me still today.

  • A man exited his SUV and opened fire on a nissan that this father and his daughter were sitting in.It also said that this man who was killed with his daughter,had a brother be killed in the same exact area a year before.It said that the gunman shot five times at the nissan.

  • I have a suggestion for a video my parents are getting up there im age i was wondering how funeral homes comfort family and what special things do they do

  • Am I the only one who thought it was sorta funny when the grandma woke up in her funeral then made some lunch? Just me, yeah I thought so….

  • Thanks Lauren for taking care of Gods most precious gifts who are angels on earth and in heaven…..God bless you and he will reward you in heaven:)

  • My aunt and uncle lost their 4th child at 20 weeks (I say 4th, but I know there were earlier miscarriages before and after C.’s stillbirth). They buried here on top of my grandma’s vault, and the funeral home was so very kind to waive the fee for opening the grave. They have molds of her tiny feet…her death hit me hard, though I was in college at the time. She was given a very meaningful name and I think of her often. She would have been 7 next month.

  • They also said the baby was placed with the friend at the request of the mother so evidently she knew her mom wasn’t in any position to take care of her daughter…R.I.P. Justice

  • Aww he’s your guardian angel now. He’s worth the Lord. Smile and thank God for the brief time he was here and blessed you worth a heart you all nor I could ever have. Our and innocent.

  • So sorry about this. We lost our little one, Gabriel, 8 days before he turned 1 year old after losing a hard fought battle with Hydrocephalus.

    If you’d like to see more about Gabriel, please be sure to check out Gabriel’s playlist entitled Gabriel’s Hydrocephalus Journey which can be found on our YouTube channel of TopHatAndEars.

    Thanks and have a blessed day.

  • she had three kids none of which she had custody of she didn’t look like she cared at all when she got out of the jail not one tear the grandmother talk to the media but she didn’t.. if that was me I would be bawling my eyes out.. and it wasn’t parking tickets that she was in jail for alone it was probation violations and she had two other kids that she didn’t have in her custody..maybe it’s time to stop having babies if you’re not the one that’s going to be looking over them and watching them..

  • Beautiful baby girl sorry for her loss and very sad situation why would someone do something so stupid and cruel ����‍♀️ ���� hate seeing stuff like this breaks my heart �� rest easy beautiful princess ����

  • You know what. People ain’t afraid of prison no more. Or consequence’s. So they need to a part of chain gangs for life busting bricks in the hot ass sun all day long. I’m going to stop because I want to say more.

  • I lost my newborn five months ago, they were twins identical, one survived and one did not I love you Malachi and I’m taking care of your brothers for you every day. Thank you for holding on so your brother had a chance

  • Imagine everyone thinking your dead then you get buried then you wake up and your 100% fine but your screaming and no one can hear you so your left there to die

  • Rip father and daughter who ever did this god will punish them���������� i pray that your family finds peace and comfort and joy ���������� im soo sorry for the family �� my heart goes out to them��

  • Dammmm this is too much…I pray the lord hold this family together…this is heart breaking speech less…keep these soul in a safe place call haven….what is going on in this country….