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A nuchal cord occurs when the umbilical cord wraps around the fetal neck completely or for 360 degrees. Nuchal cords are common during pregnancy with incidences recorded at around 12 percent at. A nuchal chord—when the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck—is a very common event, occurring in about one-third of all births. The cord becomes wrapped around the neck during pregnancy as the baby moves around. The umbilical cord is covered with a thick protective coating known as Wharton’s Jelly.

Nuchal cord occurs when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around baby’s neck 360 degrees during pregnancy and/or labor. According to a recent study, nuchal cord transpires in roughly 10 percent to 29 percent of fetuses; odds of occurrence increase as baby continues to gestate. Double or triple nuchal cords—when the cord is wrapped around the neck more than.

It’s usually not until the delivery of a healthy baby that the diagnosis of an umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck is made and most of the time nobody suspected or knew about it before the delivery. Though it seems a very dramatic event, a cord wrapped around the baby’s neck is seen in about 2-3 out of 10 normal deliveries. Nuchal cord is the term used by medical professionals when your baby has their umbilical cord wrapped around their neck. This can occur during pregnancy, labor, or birth.

The umbilical cord is your. A nuchal cord is when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the fetus’s neck. Symptoms present in the baby shortly after birth from a prior nuchal cord may include duskiness of face, facial petechia, and bleeding in the whites of the eye. Complications can include meconium, respiratory distress, anemia, and stillbirth.

Multiple wraps are associated with greater risk. The diagnosis may be suspected if there is a decrease in the baby’s heart rate during delivery. Sometimes though, the umbilical cord wraps around the baby’s neck during pregnancy or birth. It is this knot that is known as a nuchal cord. According to an article published in BMC Pregnancy Childbirth, “a nuchal cord (or Cord-Around-the Neck (CAN)) occurs when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the fetal neck 360 degrees.”.

Particularly in the first and early second trimesters when a baby’s size is very small, their constant movement can lead to wrapping the umbilical cord around different parts of their bodyarm. The umbilical cord around the baby’s neck The umbilical cord can be wound around the baby at any time of the pregnancy. It can even be wound around any part of the baby’s body.

In fact, it’s fairly common for the umbilical cord to become entangled with the baby’s arms or legs. A nuchal cord birth injury occurs when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around a baby’s neck, causing medical problems. An umbilical cord, which connects an infant to a mother while inside the womb, has the ability to wrap itself around a baby’s neck in single, double, and more loops.

List of related literature:

Most care providers gently remove the cord by slipping it over the baby’s neck at the time of emergence, and the baby continues to be

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Compression of the blood vessels in the umbilical cord, shutting off the blood supply to the fetus, may occur if the cord becomes knotted or wrapped tightly around the infant’s neck or limbs (FIGURE 18-12).

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It attaches to the mother’s uterus and connects to the growing baby via the umbilical cord.

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the sac is snipped or torn behind the baby’s neck and peeled away from the face so that the baby can breathe.

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Feel around the infant’s neck for presence of the umbilical cord (nuchal cord).

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To achieve the optimal blood volume, your caregiver places your baby on your abdomen (so he’s level with the placenta) until the cord stops pulsating, at which time your baby’s cord is clamped and cut.

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A widely held folk belief persists that raising one’s arm above one’s head or tying knots may cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck and become knotted.

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When the cord dries up and falls off itself they will get a piece of string and carry it around their neck till the baby starts walking.

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Feel around the infant’s neck for the presence of the umbilical cord (nuchal cord).

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Some clinicians place the newborn on the mother’s chest or abdomen while clamping the cord.

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  • Umbilical cords can unravel. When you’re in labor, they will put you on a fetal monitor. Ask the nurse if there are any variable decels which I describe in my book. They look like the letter “U” on the monitor. These are not good because it means the baby is not getting enough oxygen. If there are variables that last for more than 5 to 10 minutes, the baby might be in danger and needs to be delivered urgently.

  • My mom had serious car accident and umblical cord around my neck 3 times in a row during 7 month of pregnancy cause me to have a brain damage cause cerebral palsy.

  • Hello Doctor, Every baby should have 2 O2 cord and 1 Co2 Cord so total 3cord is there any problem with only 2cord for 5 month baby?

  • Hi Madam,

    My wife also Gone through this problem and by the Gods Grace Baby Got Delivered Normally.. And Now again she is Pregnant and Much Worried about this. Request you to kindly suggest us take necessary prevention.. As this is COVID time Doctors is also not checking properly..
    As this the first month running..

  • I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I loved this video because I have gone for my sonography today and I found that there is 1 single layer of cord wrapped around my baby’s neck. I am worried as this is my first baby at the age of 40 in my second marriage. I have faced a lot in my life and now am scared nothing worse should ever happen. The sonography done today also revealed that there is resistance to the right uterine artery. Please guide me what to do.

  • hello doctor my wife have a fetus of 34 weeks and there were two loops of cord around the baby’s nape of neck, now there is only one loop, what should we do and what are the chance of having a normal delivery…….

  • This review is not based in current research, which suggests that nuchal cords are not a cause for concern and that interventions are not appropriate most of the time.  Between 30-40% of all newborns have a cord wrapped around their necks one, two, or three times at the time of their births. It is normal and not a cause for concern.  According to the research, in the absence of other factors, a c-section would be inappropriate based on a nuchal cord alone.  During the birth process, the nuchal cord very rarely prevents the babies birth, and it can be dealt with during the normal vaginal birthing process.  While a nuchal cord is not a cause for concern, an observation that would cause concern would be if the mother no longer felt the baby moving.  Also, there is strong evidence to support leaving the cord connected between the mother and the baby until the baby has established regular breathing on its own (as opposed to cutting the cord immediately, which may cause the baby stress and reduce communication to the placenta, which is readying for its death, as it will soon no longer be needed by the baby). 

  • Im 28 weeks pregnant and my baby has Double wrap umbilical cord around the neck im really scared. As i also suffer from severe pre eclampsia..i lost 2 babies..she is facing down im scare to hurt her is there a way to sleep or sit. Bc im scared she chokes. The doctor says is fine not to worry she will get loose.. her head is on the righ side and scare to sleep on my left pleade help me..

  • I lost my first son from that very cause. He died at arrival. Blue. If I hadn’t warned my next doctor, I would have lost my next son. He had to push his head back in to remove the cord, but James is alive and well, And the re -entry lol was well worth it. So PLEASE don’t down play it. thanks

  • I had my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and when I came out, I was clinically dead and also very blue. I had to be resuscitated and I had oxygen tubes in my nose.

  • In my last ultra report “Single loop of cord is seen aroun fetel neck” is mentioned.. I am worried about it. 39 weaks continued and babay weight3184 gm. There is no other complicay in my pregnancy. Should I wait for normal delivery?

  • Mam I am 33 week pregnant and ultrasound shows cord arround neck and afi 7 retro placenta with grade 2 maturity what to do please suggest me

  • +Linda Burke-Galloway: Thanks for Sharing this important information about babies & umbilical cord around the baby’s neck; though I don’t have any children & is pregnant; but it was still good to know about it.
    My Main Queries Is Seeing You’re a Doctor If you are & If That,’s What you mention or said in the video tutorial; I Was Born With A Short Neck Size (Slightly Shortly then the average Short Neck Size) If You Understand What I mean & I Was Also Biorn In a Breech Position As Well; Can You Please Tell Me If Possible What’s The Cause/Problem(s) Of My Short Neck & How It Resulted In My Birth Delivery; Just Asking. I Look Forward to Your Reply A. S.A.P!
    NB: When I Refer To My Neck Being a Little Shorter Than The Average Size Short Neck in others; Is That In My Case When I Look Down At Myself Inside my body I Don’t See Chest Area At All; But I See My Busts First; Follow By My Stomache Etc. Whereas In Most Cases Of Others With Short Necks Or Vice Versa I Assume You/They Can See Their Chest Area First Follow By Their Busts,Stomach Etc. I Find That Very Complicated/Confuse As to Why The Above Situation Mention In The Posts Had to Happen to Me & I Assume I’m the Only One Born So WorldWide.I Sent My Apologies for the Long Post Message.

  • I am already in my labor and 3 cm already. My ultrasound was made at March 23, and my doctor ask me to get another ultrasound. But the problem is they are closed because of the Covid 19. What should I do?

  • I am 34weeks pregnant. N usg shows 2 double loose chord at neck of my baby and also told me to count the kick n call me after 10 days.m worried pl tell me baby will be fine or anything wrong

  • Hi mam am 32 weeks pregnant my baby single loop cord around the neck and my placenta is posterior grd1 so normal or cesserion pls tell me

  • now doctor is saying baby’s position is different they cant see the cord around neck in the scan….so is it possible that it is still around the neck????

  • I came to know about cord around neck in my last scan.I became panic then saw this video from which i got confidence for future guidance.

  • I went to ultrasound last Sunday and found out that there is cord wraps around my baby boy’s neck. He is still kicking but less than before. I am a little worried of how to help him.

  • I know this was posted a long time ago, but can you do a video or tell myself a little about a bicornuate uterus and lack of movement

  • thank you so much dr. ive got alot of anxiety late. im currently 25 weeks pregnant and my ultrasound revealed that the cord is wrapped around my babys neck (divot sign) im currently monitoring his fetal movements. im hoping that i can deliver my baby via nsd:D.thanks for the great info doctor.

  • Hi good day, ive done for my cas today sept 3,2019 then my obgyne said my baby has a chord around his neck, im 29 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby, i dont know what to do im so curious for my baby, but he still moving inside my womb day and night, and i feel he is ok, what should i do, please help me,thanks

  • If this does happen and our baby doesn’t breath straight away can it course your baby be diagnosed for delayed learning for e.g. Dyslexia??

  • hello m nw 38 weeks pregnant n got to knw abt the nuchal cord twice around my babies neck…what would the best birthing option?normal or c-section?

  • mam I’m 38weeks pregnant i had ultrasound yesterday and the reports were less amniotic fluid and single cord around the neck of my baby what to do??

  • mam plz tell me my wife had 36 week ultrasound n report says ” single loop of cord around the fetal neck” is this dangerous for the baby??? plz reply mam

  • hello doc. I’ve found out there is 2cord around my baby neck when taking my last ultrasound in 38weeks 1day, i inform to my gyne doctor & request for a c section as soon as possible but she delay the date of opperation by 1week.. is it good to delay..is it’s not dangerous for my baby health…!!??? please answeer

  • Hi am 34 week pregnant and double loop cord around the baby neck. What exercise i have to do ple tell me. And how to sleep position to release. It is possible to release naturally. Pls am waiting for your reply.

  • My daughter was born with this. Her face was completely black and her little body white as a sheet. The hospital should of noticed this before she was born. Especially since I was high risk. She lived. The interns delivering her didn’t know what to do and turned to the dr. He yelled to get it off. They didn’t move fast enough. So he ran and cut it. Her first feeding, she choked and almost died. She’s 11 years old now. She still chokes every day. Her anger is out of control. She has always been the sweetest kid. Until she’s upset. She does things without thinking. She has these episodes, I don’t even know what to call it. She said she don’t feel like herself. Like she’s numb. Her eyes even change. I honestly feel it’s from lack of oxygen during birth. She’s suffering. She has the biggest heart ever. But something is wrong. And she’s dieing inside with sadness, confusion and feeling lost

  • Hi…I am 25 week pregnant and my baby too have loop cord encircling fetal neck is it dangerous I am so worried kindly suggest me any tip or exercise..thank you

  • Hello and thanks for your question. If the ultrasound documents a nuchal cord and you’re in labor, I would recommend a c-section because the cord could tighten during the contractions and strangle the baby. Thanks for your question.

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  • I am 35 weeks pregnant and went for my sonography visit today only to find 1 cord wrapped around my baby’s neck and also resistance to right uterine artery. Am getting scared. The doctor was rude and an idiot, honestly, most uncaring and interested in not having the right chair to sit on. Please advise what to do.

  • Singal loop of umbilical cord around the neck this is not problem to normal delivery to tell I am so sad plz tell me no problem to baby

  • Hi �� can you please answer some questions about this please ma, I did two ultrasound before giving birth ���� the baby was fine. They all said I was supposed to give birth on may include my doctor, and in early April I was in pain I rush to hospital on the 3 and my doctor said it early labour,and I was worried we get to the room she check me said it about 10 hours to deliver and live me with another mid wife, the woman had to talk to her senior doctor to give her permission to give me a injection so that I can deliver fast. It work so I give birth so after she has come out we saw that the cord was wrapped around her neck and the sad she even pooped on her way.after three weeks I was having some Brest pain and stomach pain, I had to go to another hospital and they said is infection during child birth and it very bad they give me some medication and it stops the pain and fever and my baby too was very sick but now we both are ok. I just wanted to know if that will affect me in any way please ma ����.

  • Im 38weeks pregnant and ive found out that my babies umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. What do i need to do? Im afraid in C Section �� but i dont want to suffer my baby also. ��

  • Dis has just happened to my girlfriend….My first daughter and her first child….She was 6mnths a week and a half, when all of a sudden she started having bad pain, was rush to the area clinic where she was now bleeding heavily. She had to be air lifted into Nassau where after about 5 hours or so she had the baby for half an hour, but she later told me that it was born dead with that same placenta cord around her neck….I am confuse as to what really happened because every time she talk, its a different story….Was it really the cord or was she given something from the clinic or was even told to go out and buy something to cause a miscarriage….?

  • Ma’am can u please tell me what do you mean by partial cord around neck will it be released can u plssssssss answer my question it was detected in 32 weeks of pregnancy

  • Am 36 weeks pregnant….in scan they mentioned single loop of umbilical cord noted around baby neck…is that a problem for normal delivery?

  • I am 33 weeks pregnant, my ultrasound shows that umbilical cord is around the neck of my baby, that’s why the heart beat of a baby is high, my doctor suggested me to go with a C-section, but I am lil confused to go with this because my 8 month are not complete yet. Plz suggest me what to do?

  • Hi, I’m 36 and a half week pregnant and my baby has the umbilical cord wrapped 2 times around his neck. I would like to know if there is a chance it can be unwrapped later? Or will I have to have c section? I want to have a normal labour though:(

  • Mam i am in 9th month pregnacy(36weeks 4days) doctor says cord around the baby neck.. Is there any prblm.. My baby weight is 2.85kg

  • am 31 weeks pregnant and was found cord around baby neck in usg. will this situation remain the same till the day of delivery or any chances for the cord get released frm baby neck. Is c-section alone will be performed for me or normal

  • Hey…its my 9th month of pregnancy n last scan shows 1 loop of cord around neck..
    Dr.suggest for c section m very upset i dun wnt c section i want nrml delievery what to do then

  • hi my sister is in last month gestation. Today I went for ultrasound. Report says 3 round of cord around baby’s neck. It is her first baby.
    what mode of delivery, normal or through operation?
    pls let me know

  • Hello I am 38 weeks 6 days pragnant. My last scan was done on 36th week informing a single loop around the neck. Dr tell me know that it will consider at the time of delivery. I am little worried about the normal delivery or surgerian. Will u suggest me something

  • Hi thank you for this video. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and my ultrasound shows cord around baby’s neck. I was so scared this video help me a lot. Once again thank you.

  • My baby boy went thru this while I gave birth to him, cord wrapped around 2x, idk how they cut it or who cut it, as I nearly passed out.. but now hes 2yrs, and very energetic an naughty.. ghee luv him si much.. ������

  • I had two csec earlier… now i m 36 weeks… doppler yesterday showed one loop around neck n 7.5 afi… can i b tried for TOLAC/vbac… pl guide n help

  • She freaking lying, a baby can die from having the umbilical cord around it’s neck. Stop putting out false information and making it seem it’s okay when it’s most definitely NOT.

  • tried calling on the no. mentioned on this video but was not picked. We need consultation. please let us know that how we can contact to the hospital.

  • I really like how the video visually explains cord around the neck of a baby and how it does not pose danger to the baby as such. Thanks for this video!