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The short answer is yes, it is safe to keep a fully healed belly button piercing while pregnant. But although it’s generally safe, it makes sense to remove the piercing in some situations. I have heard horror tories of pregnant women with belly piercings. If you get it pierced a few years before you plan on having a baby, then you will be just fine. In some cases, the piercing isn’t. In our Belly Button Piercing FAQs, we address everything you need to know to about getting your belly button pierced or caring for a current belly button piercing.

Click on a question below to jump right to the answer, or read through our entire article for a comprehensive overview. Common Belly Button Piercing Questions. Lot’s of piercing shops sell them. I took my belly ring out at 5 moths with my first pregnancy and it closed. I had been pierced almost 6 years and I still had to get it pierced again.

I got pregnant with baby #2 almost immediately and an ultrasound tech told me to go and look for a maternity belly button ring, this. i took out my belly ring within a month of finding out i was pregnant. the doc said that i didnt have to unless it started to stretch. i did get a couple of stretch marks near my belly button because of the skin where it was pierced getting so tight. the best advice that i can give u is to make sure u clean it very. Questions about Belly Button Surgery and after pregnancy, with answers from board-certified doctors.

Get all of your questions answered on RealSelf. Belly Button Itches. Itchy skin, particularly around the belly button, is fairly common during pregnancy. As the skin stretches, it can become irritated and itchy. This is usually temporary and normal. Keep your skin clean with soap and water and well hydrated with your favorite lotion for some relief.

However, if you don’t want to take out your belly button ring you may want to purchase a non-metal pregnancy piercing ring. These are flexible and two inches long to accommodate your growing belly. The APP website can also answer most if not all of your questions about aftercare and pregnancy. If you plan on keeping the piercing for most of your life I would go to your local Barnes and Nobles and purchase Elayne Angel’s The Piercing Bible.

The Piercing Bible is very informative about BEFORE AND AFTER YOU GET PIERCED. When your belly stretches, that whole area stretchesYour belly button literally becomes part of the skin on your stomachit just spreads right out. The hole where the piercing was through my belly button is actually now about 1/2 an inch above “what is left” of my belly button, and the hole above is about.

List of related literature:

The belly ring might also start to rub – and even get caught on – your clothing, especially when your belly button “pops” out later in pregnancy.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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A recent exchange on a pregnancy message board addressed the best way to remove your belly button ring before your swelling abdomen made it pop out.

“Generation Me: Why Today's Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled-and More Miserable Than Ever Before” by Jean M. Twenge
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• Pregnancy: Clinicians should discuss pregnancy intentions with women seeking nipple or navel piercings because healing can take 2 to 4 months.

“Pfenninger and Fowler's Procedures for Primary Care E-Book: Expert Consult” by John L. Pfenninger, Grant C. Fowler
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Body piercing is not recommended for women who are trying to conceive or are already pregnant.

“Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Ari Brown, Michele Hakakha
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In addition to these, points below the umbilicus should not be used at any time during pregnancy, while points above the umbilicus may be used during the first 3 months of pregnancy but not after that.

“Obstetrics and Gynecology in Chinese Medicine E-Book” by Giovanni Maciocia
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If it hasn’t yet, it probably will—the rapid expansion of the uterus causes most belly buttons to “pop” around the midpoint of pregnancy (although yours should return to its original state a few weeks or months postpartum).

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
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Because of the increased risk of infection at the piercing site, body piercings and tattoos should be avoided during pregnancy.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between” by Ann Douglas
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However, other piercings (upper ear, lip, eyelid, tongue, belly button, genitalia, etc.) can trigger imbalances and introduce unnecessary scar tissue and infections, which may interfere with conception.

“Brighton Baby: a Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child: The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception” by Roy Dittmann
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I didn’t mind it too much when I was cutely pregnant in the second trimester, but by the end, when I was so pregnant I had corners and my belly button popped completely out like on a butterball turkey, I really hated people touching me, especially if I didn’t even know them.

“The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine
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Perales M, Nagpal TS, Barakat R. Physiological changes during pregnancy.

“Exercise and Sporting Activity During Pregnancy: Evidence-Based Guidelines” by Rita Santos-Rocha
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  • Awesome video can’t wait to see the rest of your weeks and I made sure to sub and like… you look awesome… I’m on a prego Journey as well… much ❤️

  • An apprentice did my belly button piercing �� I can already hear the hate ��. Look I was 16 and it was only $10 to get it done but shit, it hurt. She couldn’t get the needle through the top and I was just laying there like tf. Then it rejected so there’s that

  • Omg babybump ������❤️ I am 21 weeks and 1 days pregnant so that means you will give birth in December right! Anyways I’m happy for yall

  • Mila/Milah/Meela is such a pretty name����������

    I didn’t know which way she wanted to spell it so I respelled it in different ways����

  • Anybody else turn down your volume before starting the video because you’ve learned by now that hes going to blast your ears with WHATS UP GUYS ITS HAROUT HERE!!!!!!

  • when i got my belly button pierced my body went into shock and i passed out on the floor�� it was nothing my piercer did but i just find it funny now

  • I’ve been wanting a belly button piercing for awhile now but I’m terrified to get it professionally done bc of most of the videos I have seen where the professional has messed up but I’m also terrified of doing it miself bc so much can go wrong it’s not like mi earlobe it’s by organs n if it gets infected it can go bad. What should I do??��

  • I have a belly button pierced and the first time I got it rejected because I am bigger and then I got it redone 2 weeks ago so far it’s going well so far but I don’t koe how long I have to wait to take baths again if anybody has any advice please comment Ik I’m very late on this video but the advice is much appreciated ����

  • I got my belly pierced for my 15th birthday ( im 16 now) it was so irritated and i cleaned it and everything so eventually i changed the ring and it started ripping to the surface of my skin and now i have a scar that shows a lot. So im gonna get it re pierced but im gonna try to use a hypoallergenic belly ring.

  • I buy a piercing kit from online then waiting for my menstruation to stop after a week then I just pierced my belly button yesterday I was so nervous but because of wanting to have a belly button piercing I did it and It didn’t hurt I didn’t feel anything like omg it’s already pierced �� and it’s like natural not looking reddish ♥️

  • I have a question. Now when can u be sure that ur belly button is completely healed? I know it can take 6 months or long to fully heal.

  • Omg okay, so I got mine 5 days ago, and it’s a bit yellow around the sight but it might be bruising? It doesn’t hurt and it seems to be doing okay just concerned about the color.. ha

  • I got my belly pierced and I’m 16 it didn’t hurt it was fast and easy also the tattoo shop said I can wait up to 3 months before I wanna change it but the Internet said about 6 months but I was gone wait but I didn’t so I change it in 3 months and nothing happen so far

  • Belly button piercing is the only piercing that I’ve got (except from usual lobe piercings). I had it done in professional studio, it was a little bit painful but nothing that I didn’t expect. When I got up from the chair I suddenly fainted and I didn’t feel it coming at all ���� since then I am too scared to have any more piercings done! ��

  • im 15 and i have my belly pierced i got it done when i was 13 i did all my piercings myself non of them got infected i used a needle i hate the piercing gun it takes longer to heal and hurts and swells more.i have 9 piercings: 1 nose, 2 cartilage, 2 lobe on each side so 4, 1 belly and 1 tragus and i love your videos ur so funny xx

  • I have my earlobe piercing for 1month and 3weeks but I got infection for 1month and its still red I think its spreading ehat should I do?

  • Hi roly! I know you always say not to do piercings at home, you don’t have to make a video on it but could you explain to me why you shouldn’t do it at home? I may or may not have done mine like an hour ago, I just wanna know what I might be in for.. thank you! ��❤️

  • I’m terrified I’m getting my belly button pierced tomorrow and I’m 13 and I see all these 13 year olds saying it hurt so bad but I also see some that said it was painless.

  • I got mine done two days ago and it was my first body piercing the only other thing I have done are my lobes. Getting it done was nearly painless. My piercer was really good and quick so there wasn’t time to worry about it hurting before it went through. It is however pretty sore now. And I’m usually a side to stomach sleeper so that’s been a struggle so far

  • im 13 and i got mine done 5 weeks ago, i have had no problems at all so far, cleaning everyday with the solution she gave me, i found the piercing process not painful at all. but she warned me that alot of people have cried and thought its painful but for me (personal experience) i didnt feel it. i had the choice of cold spray but chose not to. if you dont like pinches or you think that they hurt i would recommend not getting it but overall i really like them and wanted it so i got it. i wouldn’t recommend getting it at my age because of school i made a mistake there but i do recommend getting one if you like them��( at a professional shop NOT by yourself…)x

  • I am an extremely lazy ass…n I wanna have the piercing…but I don’t take a bath regularly….n during winters…I go about 3-4 days without putting water or soap on my body(except for my hands n face)I know I am gross���� u think it would be a good idea?

  • When I was getting my done it didnt hurt that much at all. I had problems with healing it cuz I work with horses but fortunately its healed quite nicely, didnt have any problems with it since.

  • Hello dear everybody, now I need u to share your navel piercing experience with high waisted jeans please..cause I’ve heard that u can’t wear them even if the navel piercing is completely healed.

  • Getting my tongue piercing redone. I got it done many years ago, but took it out for some reason now I keep talking about getting it done my next vacation but keep putting it off. The reason why I want to wait until I’m on vacation is because it was hard to talk semi-normal for a day or two and since I have to talk for work I would like to get it done at the start of vacation.

  • As a plus size person who just got there belly button pierced that was not offensive at all, it can be hard to find any information about getting it pierced for a plus size person so thank you for including that.

  • I really want one but my pain tolerance is really low and I’m too lazy for the healing process…I think ima just get a fake one for summer ❤

  • I’ve had a number of piercings in my lifetime. The naval piercing was my first introduction to the “body modification” world. It has since been retired and it is the one piercing I would NEVER get redone. I had it for about a year but it was too hard to heal. I was/am a very active person and trying to exercise and heal a naval piercing at the same time was just NOT working out for me. I honestly don’t know how other active people managed to heal that damn thing! It never got infected but it was just in a constant state of soreness. I eventually took it out and decided I’d never do it again unless I decided not to exercise or do any ab work at all for at least six months. Currently I have my nipples, septum, conch and VCH done. I’ll stick with those for now. You look great by the way and your “loose skin” is barely noticeable. I know it’s about what you’re comfortable with and not what anyone else is comfortable with but in my opinion, if you did it now it would still look great.

  • My piercer peirced a bit to much skin about 2 weeks ago, now I gotta find a 14mm bar. And they are hard to find. Any ideas where I can get one?

  • Yours is a 14 gauge, right? Looks great. I can wear either a 12 or 14 gauge, but 12 gauge curved bars are harder to find. I’m wearing a 12 now, and mine is an inverse navel, so the bigger ball is in the navel itself. I’ve had the piercing since 1978, and it was done at Gauntlet in LA, California. (Jan Griffiths).

  • Roly I hope you can help me I got my belly button pierced over like 1 or 2 months ago first off it was all good then the top ball started sinking in my skin so I ordered a maternity bar and I know I shouldn’t do that but it was my only option �� after that the holes closed up and it was all fine now I’m left with a really really red belly button piercing with scabs that appear every morning what should I do? Will it get better? I hope you or others can help ♥️

  • when she said get it done in the winter and that she got it done the end of september�� my birthday is september 15th and i want to get it done for my 16th birthday this yearr

  • my belly button piercing was so cute then got infected and then healed but then rejected.. i almost cried when i got it done it did hurt to move around like you said bending and stretching your body hurt for a couple weeks but it did get bumped and it scared but as soon as i saw it rejecting i took it out

  • i use to have mine pierced and i’ve been rly rly wanting to get my down for awhile. bc my mom thinks i was just allergic to the type of metal. the metal was sterling silver. we think i need that gold type. and also because my ears got infected from the silver ( i had my ears pierced before i was 1 month old lol ). so it was very odd. and i also got a bruise between my piercing. at first it was this big red thing. i went on this medication, it didn’t help. but now i have a scar from it. so idk if i should it it re pierced. so i’m so confused if i should get it re pierced again or no, someone help.

  • I just wanna say for anyone watching if a piercing shop will pierce your bellybutton without your parents consent when you’re underage they’re probably not a good shop and you should run away before they do it improperly or give you an infection

  • Hopefully you see this i need help im scared i got mine done 07-02-19 and its been about a month i think and I noticed its growing a bump around the bottom dangling thing im scared i dont know what to do i have been using sailine soaks and seasalt as well and hydrogen peroxide im so scared please help

  • I got my bellybutton pierced yesterday as a reward for recovering from personal issues but I’m so happy with it it’s a red diamond bar and it’s so pretty I feel more confident and so happy like I’m so in love with it!!❤️

  • Currently soaking my bottom navel its just fully migrated ��very sad that I’ll never be able to wear it again, also worried about the large scar it’s gonna leave x

  • I got mine done earlier today and it didn’t hurt at all but now that I’m laying in bed it stings really bad. I’m almost 100% sure that’s normal though.

  • I honestly don’t see any excess skin. I think it’s just your own insecurities showing through. Certainly not bad enough for something as invasive as surgery. I think a belly button piercing would look great on you right now

  • I wanna get belly button redone as well!! But the thing standing in my way is money. I also wanna pierce my second lobes and stretch them a little bit, but again, money is in the way of that right now. Workin towards both them tho!!!!!!!!

    Also, I love your personality!! And I think you’re beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • I know I’m on the outside looking in and you will always view your own body differently but you look good girl����
    When you said “loose skin”, I was expecting something completely opposite of what you showed us; congrats on the weight loss!

  • Hey there, you look great first off. Obviously I have no idea about your body, but sometimes shit happens to our body and the abdominal wall is compromised and the muscles are damaged so it doesn’t matter how small or fit you get the abs aren’t fully together… sometimes people have to get surgery for that. I’m just saying because your tummy looks/reminds me of that. Just more information.��

  • The one thing that I still haven’t’ done is the nipple piercings. I am horrified by the thought of the pain. Although, I have handful of piercings and tattoos.

  • I see the extra skin, but it is so small! All that talk and I expected large flaps! Your body is amazing, and has healed perfectly! I am not going to push you into your navel piercing, however, I FEEL like even with the small overhang you have, it will still look good!

  • I’ve always been self conscious of my belly because I was a little heavier, I’ve thinned a little but not to the point where I’d like to be BUT I got my belly button pierced anyways and it really has boosted my confidence! I think it would hopefully do the same for you, it has really helped me appreciate that part of my body:) Next self love spot is my ankles and I’m planning on getting a cute tattoo there in June ��

  • Okay, confession time. I have even gone to talk to a tattoo artist about my next tattoo. I have three already. All I have to do is send reference images and pick a day for the appointment. Yet, I haven’t. I could get it done with my preferred artist at this particular shop next week. And I want it. So bad. But I haven’t booked the appointment or sent the pictures because I am nervous about two things. 1) spending the money on a student budget. 2) and this is the dumb one, but pain. I know! I know! Been putting it off too long now for those reasons. Gotta kick myself in the butt over it.

  • Perhaps the piercing would make you feel better about your stomach? I recently got a navel piercing myself, even though I am overweight. The piercing make me feel sexy and feminine in a way I didn’t do before but I was thinking like you, that I didn’t have enough confidence to pull it off.
    I’m thinking of getting a daith but I’m a bit scared to get it done, especially because of your experience. Furthermore, I like to change my jewelry pretty often and it seems to bit a bit difficult with the daith. Another piercing I want is to get my nostrilpiercing redone because it is placed a bit too low but I’m scared of getting it done because I remember the piercing as being pretty bad (it was my first piercing). You are the only YouTuber that I always catch up with and watch your recent videoes, thank you for amazing content!

  • If you don’t have the flap of skin or you’re overweight or your anatomy just wont work for a normal top navel piercing you may be able to get what is called a “floating navel”! In a floating navel you don’t normally see the bottom ball and the decorative part is on the top! And if you want the look of a normal piercing you can wear what’s called a “j curve”!

  • i got mine pierced two days ago and he pierced mine deep bc my mom had complications bc it wasn’t deep enough. now the ring is way to small and it’s really irritating. 4 piercers on youtube told me to go to another piercer and have them change it to a bigger ring asap.

  • I haven’t gone through a big weight loss before but I can understand why you would want to put it off. I’ve had my belly button pierced twice, the first time it got infected but I managed to get rid of the infection but not before the piercing migrated so I was afraid it would get caught on something and rip out. So I took it out and waited about a year to get it redone. It definitely hurt to get it redone, it went through some scare tissue and I do have a scare from the first time. But the second time I got it, I ended up not having any problem and I feel some much more confident having it even with the scare. I’m not saying you would have the same experience. But, you could have a very different experience this time and I’m sure if you talked to a piercer about the fact that you are trying to tighten the skin in that area, they should be able to place it properly so it doesn’t look odd while you are tightening the skin up and you can have some confidence with it. Of course, do what’s right for you. Just something to think about for the future. Love watching your videos.

  • I totally understand what you’re saying! But you do look absolutely fabulous!! I have been wanting to get my nose pierced but I’m scared, I had a terrible belly button experience too!! Rejection Twice! I have a lip piercing now and that went completely fine but for some reason I’m just nervous. ����‍♀️ so I feel ya girl!

  • Hopefully U don’t have Nickel Allergies. U Look Fabulous Darlin! I get the reason U don’t want. Excess skin plus the infection problem. Kkk boom! LOL. Keep doin U. In due time the Solution will resolve itself

  • they never said anything about the redness and i have a red ring around the top hole of my belly piercing. I have had it for almost 2 weeks and it doesn’t seem infected just red. im just wondering if it is a scar or just part of healing?

  • First time I got my belly piercing, I was like 17 years old, and I went to a “professional” piercer, who was not that professional after all. My pierce looked exactly like hers in the photo that you showed in the video, the jewelry was too short for sure. I removed it after like 2 or 3 months, and 1 month ago I got a belly piercing again, done by myself, and guess what, done way better than that “professional” piercer, cause I knew the size of the jewelry should match the area that I am piercing.

  • hey, i have a question i’m a little chubby and i just pierced myself at home at first it was way too shallow so i did it again and i’m pretty sure i did it right but idk if it’s bc i’m chubby or from previous swelling i have a 10mm bar in but i’m wondering if i should do a 12mm. just for comfort till i lose some weight?

  • I got my belly button pierced under my appendix scar. I was told it was perfectly safe by the pieced. It took about fifteen seconds of her digging the needle through before it actually pierced through by skin. The bar was tiny. It was extremely painful. I have an EXTREMELY HIGH pain tolerance but that shit hurted. I called the piercer and she straight up said “Whatever is going on is your fault. It sounds like an infection from your part. I would never have let you leave if I thought the bar was too small.” And I live way out of town. I had been cleaning twice a day with saline solution and doing everything right, wearing loose clothes and not touching it. The bar was so tight in was intending my skin a lot. Like the top was was sunken like a centimetre in. (Not inside my stomach but on top, just pulling it skin to hard since it was so short) so I had to change it myself after A WEEK OF HAVING IT! This was in the beginning of January. Since then my appendix scar has filled with pus every single day over and over again. A HOLE is in my scar and you could feel the bar through the hole (if you put a tiny q tip there) there was weird pus pockets and it was horrible. Just last week was I able to get the last pus pocket and now after all these months it’s finally healing properly!!!! Sorry it’s graphic lol. So bottom line, don’t go to Alberta Ink for piercings in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Don’t listen to the piercer who said it’s find to get an appendix scar pierced through. CUZ ITS NOT IT HURT AND THR SCAR BUBBLED UP AND FILLED WITH FRESH PUS LIKE TWICE A DAY IT WAS EMBARRASSING AND DISGUSTING. If you think the bar is too small tell the piercer and if they react like my piercer did, getting all defensive and blaming you, kick their ass.

  • I feel like this happened with mine as I have previous scarring the piercer peirced it under the scar, they did give me a longer bar but its been a year and everything looked healed so I swapped it out for the shorter bar and only last week I’ve experienced redness around the bottom hole. What should I do?

  • Same thing happened to me, I got mine pierced (not at lulus) and it wasn’t pierced in the right place. AND there was way too much skin for the piercing I got, and the pain was UNBEARABLE. So I ended up having to take it out:(. And I’m hoping to get it re pierced at lulus correctly once the shop opens up again.

  • I have 2 belly piercings that are healed and shallow, and one that that is shallow and is “chapped”… I always double check with you guys

  • I got a response from you over this weekend. I appreciate you taking the time to give me your professional opinion on adding to my current ear setup. You guys are amazing!

  • I got mine done nearly a year ago but I’m lowkey scared to change it like does it hurt? Is it easy to lose the hole or get it stuck?

  • Her belly button looked like how mine was a few months ago, red and was pierced too deep. I had had my piercing for over a year and unfortunately I had to take it out. ��

  • I had my navel piercing about 4 years ago. I was an idiot and changed it too quick to a cuter piercing & eventually it ended up hurting to move or breathe. It rejected so bad so I took it out after around the first 3-4 months. I still have the scar but I can see a little hole still there no matter how many times I clean it it’s just not fully closing but I really want to redo it!! Do you think I can re pierce? I searched everywhere and I’m going to go to my piercer soon but I’d just like to know as I’m super busy atm.�� I’m 20 now wanted a belly piercing since I was 10 and it just sucks.

  • Not to mention other size guages for the belly button piercing, right? �� I feel like that could be rough. �� also, how is everyone else doing, y’all? How are you guys doing? We love you. All of y’all. Keep on keepin’ on! ❤️

  • Mine didn’t hurt at all and I have a low pain tolerance. The anticipation is way worse. The actually piercing part just is uncomfortable.

  • I just wanna say for anyone watching if a piercing shop will pierce your bellybutton without your parents consent when you’re underage they’re probably not a good shop and you should run away before they do it improperly or give you an infection

  • your baby will be soooo beautiful �� i’m happy for y’all and did you want this baby in the first place? idk if it was planned or not

  • I just wanna say for anyone watching if a piercing shop will pierce your bellybutton without your parents consent when you’re underage they’re probably not a good shop and you should run away before they do it improperly or give you an infection

  • I’m thinking of getting mine pierced but I got my ears pierced like a year ago and it got infected because I was allergic to the metal I think it was just plain silver metal so I’m going to get my ears re-pierced and see how that goes and if it goes ok (not using silver just gold) I’ll get my belly button done too, this helped a lot but also scared me ��

  • The thing with the scar, so my ears did that, its basically so for me, its because my body is kind of allergic to impure metals, so if it isnt like perfect metal then it will turn and look like a bruise and have like a green tent to it for me. If its not that sorry, but trying to help!

  • DUDE. I wanna get my belly button pierced for my 18th birthday and so I watched this video and my birthdays October 1st TOO. So I immediately liked the video.

  • I just got my belly done but they didn’t tell me when the needle was going through so I flinched so now I have 4 holes and no belly bar ��

  • So I had my belly pierced years ago and it rejected. I thought it was infected and someone said not to take it out because supposedly it’s bad to take out an infected piercing. But long story short, I have a little scar on my bellybutton. I got it repierced a few days ago and scar tissue hurts a little more to pierce. So don’t do what I did����‍♀️

  • it is possible to change your piercing after 2-4 weeks but not advised, i changed all mines after 1 week, it bled a lil but didn’t hurt

  • I was advised to take out the navel piercing by the 6th month of pregnancy. I simply replaced it after I had my baby and the belly was looking toned.
    If the piercing is an old one, it’s likely that the jewelry will go in without re-piercing. Just patiently use a piercing earring.

  • Am about to get mines done today and am so glad that I saw ur video because I have a scar to for the same reason cause I keep removing the ring and it was not heal.

  • Heyyyy I got mine done today and I was wondering if you’re supposed to wash it the day you get it, Like can I clean it or am I supposed to wait 24 hours to get it wet?

  • For anyone who is watching, if your piercer marks your navel laying down, THEY ARE DOING IT WRONG‼️Your piercer should always mark your navel with you standing up straight ‼️

  • attention to people who have belly piercings!!! I got my belly button pierced a few days ago and between the gem inside my belly button and the gem above the belly button, I can feel like a bit of the bar under my skin, it’s only a little lump but it scares me.

  • I need to get mines but I’m wait till the winter. I just got my nipples pierced and my septum pierced in July. And I think it’s best to get piercings in the winter so you can actually get in a pool and submerge in water.

  • Idk who your piercer was but your supposed to clean it with saline and literally not change it until about 6 months because the inside could still be healing that’s why you have all that puss and stuff still coming out at month 8 and stuff because they didn’t give you the proper way to clean it. I’ve had mine for two months now and never had any puss or anything like that idky he said to clean it with soap like that plus when you shower you don’t put soap directly on the piercing you just let the soap flow down and that’s it. ( for anyone here with a new piercing like me ��)

  • So I don’t know if mines is infected or not, i pierced it about 1-2 weeks ago and the outer circles are red asf bro and it’s pussing that clear / white stuff. It doesn’t hurt but idk what to do I’m a clean freak asf so if it gets infected I’mma be mad scared lmao ladies can y’all help me? Is this normal?

  • I got mine pierced like four weeks ago I was told that it was supposed to heal in four weeks it still hasn’t closed up like it still is leaking but I’ve been changing my piercing since the first week I got it pierced

  • Umm the one that you got your belly originally pierced with is long and the one that you got at Spencer’s is short but my piercer gave me a barbell the size one u got at Spencer’s

  • I’m sorry I regret it ���� I wish I could go back uh uh I want to take it off put my parents spent money and I don’t wanna seem ungrateful

  • Just a heads up I think the reason yours had stuff coming out of it for a while is because you might be allergic to fake jewelry, cause i can’t have fake earrings or else stuff with come out of my ears

  • Infections are rare�� I was 15. The pain wasn’t that bad. It was a proper metal. Wasn’t cheap. Only cleaned with clean warm water in the shower and it was good. Had no problems. Mine cost bout £60.

  • The rejection of a piercing can also be caused by the metal, I learned it for my body I have to use gold straight up, Anything else my body will end up rejecting it. The worst for me was plastic anything plastic and I got violently sick. I had to stick to like 14 karat gold, as it heals a little bit more I was able to cheat with maybe 10 karat rose gold, but the one that I feel safest with is white and yellow gold 10 carat 14 karat.

  • So I have had mine pierced for about a month. It is not my first piercing ( I currently have 7 others), but when the swelling went down there is a ton of extra room at the top of the bar. As a result, the bar sticks out about 1/2 cm.Now it gets jostled by any clothing I wear, and has now started to get red about the top hole. Would downsizing the bar stop this/ I fear that my piercer won’t downsize it as its too new

  • I’m getting my belly button pierced soon, I live in England and it cost £20 where I’m getting it done. How is it $50 where you are that’s so expensive! The place I’m getting it is really good it’s a tattoo shop too and I got my nose pierced there so it is good

  • I think belly buttons tend to hurt because of the needle and how much skin they pull. My belly button was two seconds and I felt nothing. The only problem I have now is changing them. My balls are screwed on hard so ����

  • My piercing was £15 + £5 for a bottle of peicing cleaner �� i had a choice of bar and paid for only the bar and not her acc peircing my bar was a 10mm bar and thats what ive always had. I had no pain and only a little blood but I had no swelling and I changed mine after a 6 weeks which is what my piercer told me. It just rubbed the first day on my jeans

  • When I get mine done I’m getting it done for my bday which is in December so I’ll not wear crop tops until spring and surprise everyone

  • I got mine pierced impulsively bc I was really going through it and I regret it because it ended up rejecting it and now I have a scar that makes me feel insecure:/

  • I’ve had my belly button pierced for a month now and my god sister pierced it Ik it’s bad to do it at home but it’s hurting rlly bad idk if it’s infected or something’s going on I need answers or helppp ����

  • Lmao I got my pierced today and I thought it was messed up because it hurts to bend over but it’s starting to sound like it’s just a painful piercing to heal thank god

  • It was a staph infection. I had the same thing and have the same scar. The dermatologists sampled the pus and confirmed it was staph bacteria. It had gotten inside the piercing when I swapped out the jewelry and then rose to the surface between the entry and exit holes. They told me they see it a lot with navel piercings.