Natural Killer Cells and Recurrent Miscarriages


NK cell activity and recurrent pregnancy loss Reproductive Immunology

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Natural Killer Cells: What are they and How do they Affect Fertility Treatment?

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FET Plan: Treating Natural Killer Cells with Intralipids

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Dr Sher Discusses Possible Hope For Infertility Caused By Natural Killer Cells

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Natural Killer Cells and My Experience

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Natural Killer Cells in Miscarriage

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In contrast to their presumptive role in the maintenance of a healthy pregnancy, uNK cells and peripheral NK cells are dysregulated in unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss. Herein, we review NK cell populations, their changes in number and function in altered endocrine environments during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, the current data on their potential role in unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss, and. Not only by making a firmer case for the role of natural killer (NK) immune cells in some cases of recurrent miscarriage, but also in bridging the gap. Natural Killer cells can be a factor in unexplained infertility, and might be more prevalent in those with autoimmune disease or other inflammatory conditions such as endometriosis, tubal disease and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). In my clinic, I screen my fertility patients for NK cells, especially those who have had recurrent miscarriage.

Natural Killer Cells and Recurrent Miscarriage How can natural killer cells (NK cells) cause RPL? There are several different types of cells used by the immune system to attack a foreign “invader” these are part of two systems, the innate (first responders) and the acquired (second responders). They suggested that NK cells can be used as an indicator of steroid deficiency in the body, the womb especially.

So, often, doctors give steroids which are thought to work by reducing the percentage of NK cells in the womb, as a common treatment for recurrent miscarriage, and it appears to help some women go on to have a normal pregnancy. Blood tests for Natural Killer Cells are not helpful. Based on the assumed similarities between NK cells in blood and uterine NK cells, it has become increasingly common for fertility doctors to recommend blood tests for Natural Killer cells in women with infertility and recurrent miscarriage. These recommendations are based on the unproven assumption that women with recurrent miscarriage and infertility have.

Background: Peripheral natural killer (pNK) and uterine NK (uNK) cells have been associated with reproductive failure. We systematically reviewed the literature to assess whether numbers or activity of pNK or uNK cells predicted subsequent pregnancy and outcome. Ntrivalas EI, Kwak-Kim JY, Gilman-Sachs A, et al.

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Fertil Steril 2012. FIGURE 1 Kaplan-Meier plot showing percentage of women in the recurrent miscarriage cohort who have had at least one live birth after first consultation by number of miscarriages before first consultation. (Lund et al. Recurrent miscarriage and prognosis for live birth.

[Decidual natural killer cells in recurrent spontaneous abortions]. [Article in Serbian] A repeated or habitual miscarriage (PSP) is defined as three or more consecutive losses of pregnancy. In the first three months of pregnancy, habitual miscarriages occur in about 1% of pregnant women, out of which 50% are of an unknown etiology.

List of related literature:

Natural killer cells in pregnancy and recurrent pregnancy loss.

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Most of the strategies discussed in previous chapters have focused on preventing chromosome-related miscarriage, but there are also steps you can take to address other potential causes.

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The identification of individual organisms has proven to be disappointing in the search for causes of early or late recurrent miscarriage, which suggests that pregnancy outcome may be determined by maternal or fetal response to infection rather than the infective organism itself.

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  • I’m SO excited about this!!!! I worry about the same, pumping my body with so much and cancer. I will say as a NICU nurse we use IL ( intra lipids) on almost all our preemies. They get TPN for electrolytes in their IV and then the lipids for fats. It really is pretty benign without lasting side effects. Im going to be asking about using the prednisone too at our appointment in March. You have helped me so much!!

  • I completely understand your concern about “killing” your immune system. Everything in myself would feel against taking such a medication, but if this is your only option.. phew… that’s heavy…

    Anyway i am quite sure, that the hormones can have effect on cancer that is already there.. because it is written in every leaflet, that you should never take this, if you already have cancer.. ( you know Alex vom Phil & Alex.. and she was told she couldn’t take the IVF Meds with a breast-cancer-suspicion.. because the cancer could grow more quickly )

    so even if they don’t tell us officially.. i believe this stuff is not good at all.

    But i took the risk.. and i guess if i hadn’t been successful, i would try it until i had my baby..
    I believe the deep wish for a child can make us a bit “crazy”:D otherwise we couldn’t make it through the whole process of ICSI / IVF

  • I’m not sure if you had heard of her but Journey to baby C on youtube or ttcbabyc on Instagram has had killer cell issues and this ivf treatment she did i believe 2 intralipid transfusions this time around and now she is now pregnant with a little girl due in may.

  • I can make sense of what this video is trying to say, ty. Some of the things mentioned are spot on. And that’s even after going through Dobbie Nerkstrol’s website as well… it makes it easy to comprehend how you can also get pregnant within 60 days, taking care of “infertility” in a proactive fashion.

  • Oh my gosh, sounds like we’re making some very similar discoveries! Hopefully 2018 will finally be the year for both of us! �� So so glad you’re finally getting some answersisn’t it the best feeling?! My NK cell levels are also higher than high.. Glad you’re also going to be taking prednisone! I was watching a fascinating webinar by Dr Sher the other week, (the lovely Mrs Oneplustenangels shared it with me over on my channel), & learnt that apparently 30% of woman with endo will have elevated NK cell levels. I don’t have endo myself, but had never heard that before! I just realized you’ve linked the same video above, so you’re all over it:) Turns out my husband & I share a DQ Alpha gene, putting us in the alloimmune category, (all of my autoimmune testing came back normal too). I’ve also been looking at sperm fragmentation recentlyinteresting what you say about the embryos, as ours tend to die off between days 3-5. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledgeknowledge is power! I’m really sorry it’s been such a long & painful road for you guys.. I feel your pain after being on this journey for 4 years now, enduring 6 miscarriages, & experiencing the roller coaster of 3 IVF stim cycles, & 4 failed transfers. I really hope these new discoveries are the beginning of a very happy ending for you guys! Please know I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers over the coming months, & here cheering you on! Sending love ♥️

  • I did not realise you are in Utah, I have a niece living in burbs outside SLC. I could ask her to be egg donor if it ever it comes to that. She might say no, though if yes, she is in early 20’s, fit, healthy, clever, and stunningly gorgeous with tons of charisma, her mamma is one of my sisters, and she adores her grandparents…my mum and dad. Just a back up idea…I am sure you will get there on your own and have loads of options otherwise….just know your youtubers have wishes to help you if needed.

  • Katekahow do I say this in not a creepy way? You are so gorgeous! Every single time I see your photos or videos I’m just blown away by how beautiful you are. I’m praying for your journey. So glad you’re getting answers.

  • I had the intralipid infusions done when I was pregnant with our daughter and she’s now 14 months old. I had mine done every 2 weeks instead of the traditional once per month. I also took prednisone for 10 weeks of pregnancy. Along with fragmin for a blood clotting disorder. I tested negative for auto immune, blood clotting etc. but our doctor didn’t want to take any chances so he put me on pretty much everything.

  • You’re really getting far in your journey whether you feel like you are or not. So many answers and your doctor seems awesome. But… I wouldn’t jump to donor eggs just yet until you’ve done a protocol with human growth hormone for a whole month! My issue was egg quality too. I did the HGH and actually DECREASED my dose of Stims and had totally different results it was insane! But let’s cross that bridge when we get there. I just don’t want you to feel discouraged like this is all or nothing right now because there is still stuff to try before you jump to DE. Praying so hard for you. I’m begging my Dr. for the ERA test!!!

  • PS Dr Sher from Sher Fertility Institute recommends transfer one embryo at a time in case one rejected by body and lose both, in cases where autoimmunity or alloimmunity suspected. Will you do blood thinner injections as well? They are not so bad at all. Xxxx remember your TTC prayer for all babies wanted on earth towards super blue blood moon on 31st January….I will think of you especially and other TTC youtubers and my own little hopes too.

  • I am so excited it is going to work for you. Intralipids…search on YouTube for more videos…is basically saline, soy oils and fats, and egg white albumin, I think. I tried blood thinner injections 2007 and miscarried then 2010 prednisalone steroids tablets (cleared up skin and.and made me feel like wonderwoman) progesterone pessaries from +test and heartbeat scan..messy, and miscarried. I have such hope intralipids will work, I may never fall pregnant again to try it. Tim and Celeste will be trying it, Lisa Marie TTC tried it, and JK and Charlie have two children with intralipids in two pregnancies…all youtubers. See all view under intralipids so less worry, on YouTube. I also had two breast cancer scares…lumps, and one cancerous mole removed….cancer is a doddle and no worries compared to recurrent miscarriage….children so much more important than clumps of dodgy cells cut out or even fear of death.

  • I feel like this time no matter the outcome you have a LOT of answers!! That in itself is a huge improvement knowledge is power and it gives a sense of control… that’s how I see it everything happens for a reason…

  • Its like when you are watching a super interesting tv show and in the best moment you get “to be continued” I can’t wait! The angle camera and your own coments were the funny part of the video!

  • There is another YouTuber that I watch, “itsjustkelli”, she had pretty severe endo. She was taking depo every 8 weeks and strong pain meds but then she started taking something called endovan. She has been taking it for more than a year and is basically symptom free. It might be worth looking into. She talks about her results in a video called, “How I cured my endometriosis”

  • A quick question from your last video. Do you have to have multiple mock trials? Or does just one test tell you how your body reacts for every pregnancy? Another way of asking is do they know that based on one test this is how your body reacts for every cycle, not being ready for the embryo till day 6.5, or can it vary by cycle?

  • Hi, what a great video that has actually answered my question i had for my consultant. I recently went through ivf and the first transfer with two perfect embryos and unfortunately they didn’t take inthink it’s because not much was done done to help it and deactivate my conditionstage 4 endometriosis. i deeply believe i should ask for natural killer cells medication before my next transfer! the question is, will i need it just throughout the transfer and implantation stage or for longer i the transfer is successful? thank you! xxx

  • If the embryo made upto 6 weeks 4 days than their heart stops could this be a natural killer cell attack? I live in Italy how can I get this checked. This baby that we lost was a natural conception, at first try, one single try in the ovulation day at age 46. I have no chronic disease or any other condition that I know of father of the baby as well 49 pretty much healthy. They suggested us to move IVF. I can conceive easily apparently what will be the advantage of IVF to me. If we come to NY how long I must stay, how long my husband must stay we both must work. Do you have a partner clinic in Europe, Italy?

  • It’s all so fascinating! I’ve not done IVF and I’m too old at this point to start but golly this information has me geeking out! Prayers and loves, Girl! ♡♡♡

  • Very informative. My wife had the transfer at early blastocyst D5. Unfortunately we had failed implantation 3 days before the end of 2 week wait. We have a follow up appointment with the dr so will ask could be could be done. Thankyou. Any advice would be appreciated.