Miscarriage and also the Return of the Period



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TTC After Miscarriage | Ovulation | hCG

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First period after miscarriage! ��

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First period after miscarriage

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I had 2 periods since my miscarriage. I now have pregnancy signs, but a negative test. Why?

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I had a miscarriage and now have irregular cycles. How can I get regular and pregnant?

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Many women can expect their first period four to six weeks after a miscarriage. The exact timing can vary by several weeks, however, depending on when your hCG levels return to zero. Your body will still think it’s pregnant until your hCG levels are gone.

Your first period after a miscarriage can be delayed by a few factor. After a miscarriage, the menstrual cycle restarts, and many women will have their first period 4–6 weeks later. However, it can take several months for the menstrual cycle to return to how it was.

Bleeding that you see within 3 or 4 weeks of your miscarriage is usually not the return of your normal period cycle. It often takes a much longer time however in any condition the period should return within 8 weeks of your miscarriage incident otherwise it is no way considered as a normal one and needs a doctor visit. M ost of the women will have spotting and irregular periods after miscarriage. This is when your menstrual cycle should return to normal and when you can expect to ovulate again.

No woman expects to encounter a miscarriage while trying to get pregnant. It will take about four to eight weeks for your regular period to return. Mild exercise following an early miscarriage is usually fine, but check with your doctor. It may depend on how far along. Your body will typically experience a slow bleed for up to a week following the miscarriage or procedure.

The cessation of the bleed is generally an indication that the hCG levels have returned to zero. Your first period will generally return within four weeks of your hCG levels returning to zero. There isn’t a hard rule as to when you will ovulate after having a miscarriage. It could take up to six weeks, or you may not ovulate at all in your first post-miscarriage cycle. Your body is recalibrating, and good nutrition and rest (as much as is possible as you grieve) can only help.

Interestingly, your body treats a miscarriage as a period, which is the reason that in a 28-day cycle you are probably going to ovulate 14 days after your miscarriage. It means your period will arrive about 28 days after your miscarriage. As with abortion, miscarriage often may delay your first period afterward due to the increased levels of hormones in your system from pregnancy.

Usually, the longer a pregnancy has advanced, the. During a regular period, the first half of the cycle is identical to having an early miscarriage. The uterine lining builds up under the influence of estrogen in preparation for the release and fertilization of the egg.

At the same time, the ovaries are developing egg follicles.

List of related literature:

Once the hCG is completely gone (it takes about 10 days after the placenta detaches for hCG to hit zero), you can expect your period to return within 4 to 6 weeks (if your cycles were regular before conceiving), with ovulation occurring 2 to 4 weeks after your hCG reaches zero.

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This will help to reduce your chances of experiencing a miscarriage since, if you conceive right away, your uterine lining may not have had the chance to build back up to healthy levels again.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between” by Ann Douglas
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If you had normal monthly periods before the miscarriage, your period should resume four to six weeks after the procedure.

“Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Ari Brown, Michele Hakakha
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Retreating from the normal routine and everyday intrusions is necessary so that you may remain mindful of the great transformational experience of shedding the lining of the uterus (endometrium) so that it can be renewed once more.

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If miscarriage occurs before the sixth week of pregnancy, the woman may report what she believes to be a heavy menstrual flow.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, David Wilson
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A miscarriage also can take place with persistent, light bleeding and milder cramping at this stage.

“Mosby's Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage E-Book: Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Pathology” by Sandy Fritz, Luke Fritz
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especially if there is profuse loss of blood during the miscarriage.

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However, the fetal endometrium responds to maternal hormones, and withdrawal bleeding or vaginal discharge (pseudomenstruation) may occur at birth when these hormones are lost.

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Once miscarriage is completed, the bleeding and pain usually subside, the uterus contracts and the cervix closes.

“Midwifery: Preparation for Practice” by Sally Pairman, Sally K. Tracy, Carol Thorogood, Jan Pincombe
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The presence of the growing fetus and the continued production of progesterone prevent the loss of endometrium and the menstrual flow.

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  • My husband and I tracked and tracked and never pregnant. The first month we decided to just see what happens we conceived! I think it’s good for you to know you are ovulating but try not to stress about when you baby dance!

  • I currently use OPKs, track cervical mucus and also check cervical position for ovulation. I also log everything on tracker apps daily for the most accuracy.

  • I had a miscarriage last feb 18 then I had may first period end of march. But it last for 3 days only. Then 2nd week of April I had my period again but not that heavy very light then spotting. Until now. Is it normal? Kinda nervous about it.

  • just found out i had a missed miscarriage. I’m so hurt. Thought i was 9 weeks & they told me my baby was measuring 7 weeks 3 days. I’m so scared. I feel like my body failed me. I’m only 20. I don’t ever wanna experience this again. I’m going though the process of hurt as this only happened Saturday night. The whole experience has been traumatic. This was my first pregnancy & my first miscarriage.

  • I’m 10 months post miscarriage, and we’ve been TTC since November 2018. Up until April this year, I relied on app predictions and cm to track my ovulation. But in April I decided to use BBT and OPKs. No pregnancy yet, which is disappointing and disheartening, but it has helped me understand that I often ovulate before my apps predictor (I use Glow and FF). Good info as always Mariah!

  • Thanks for this video! I love how positive you are with everything that you’ve been through. You’re really an inspiration!

    I track my bbt, use OPKs and check my CM as well! I use Fertility Friend to track my bbt and permom to log my OPKs:) I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago and I’m still spotting and have no signs of ovulation just yet. After my 1st miscarriage I ovulated only a few days late, and my second loss was a chemical pregnancy so I ovulated right on time for that. It really drives the point home that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other women, because I’m just one women and each of my losses has yielded a completely difference experience.

    Sending you so much rainbow baby dust and hoping for the best for you asap!! ♥

  • Love this. Thank you for posting ❤️ I am 13 days past my d&c and have lots of questions and have been spending way to much time on babycenter.com ��

  • I tried to tag you in a video about progesterone. It’s about progesterone cream you can get a health food store. She said if you progesterone is low you will have problems with miscarriage.

  • I used OPKs and fertility friend. I’ve been praying every day for a healthy baby girl. God willing she will be here in September! She’s our little rainbow.

  • Can I be pregnant if I thought I had a miscarriage I bled for a week started having blood clots like 4 [2tiny ones} 1 small 1 big me Nd my bf was having sex while I was bleeding �� Nd we kept doin it Nd kept doin it Nd he was just nutting inside me Nd my bleeding stopped I haven’t been bleeding since the 28th of January

  • Just curious but does a d and c hurt? Also I wish the ava bracelet would sponsor you I would love to see how it works for you but it is pricey

  • It’s been 5 weeks since my missed miscarriage and I’m so greatful I came across your video! I’ve read through so many peoples experiences but never found information I’ve been after like yours. Thank you! This really gives me hope at such a crappy time ��

  • Hi Mariah, I use opks and track Cm. The temp doesn’t work for me as I have other children to get up to in the night, and I’ve heard you need to hardly move for temping?! I had miscarriage in 2011 and was 10 weeks so needed the op. However my period and recovery time physically was quick, my period returned within 4weeks I fell pregnant straight away. Then this miscarriage end of January/Feb I was 6/7 weeks preg. I bled and lost it naturally but booked a scan to make sure the entirety was out in case of infection. I was all clear of fetus so I then took preg tests everyday until negative and then started TTCing. I think for me it was what I wanted to do. However very confusing with no ovulation. They say you’re most fertile afterwards. I had period back end of feb (6 weeks later) Then we have been on it! We’ve got vitamins going, we’ve baby danced every other night, then next cycle every day! We are now starting cycle 5 after miscarriage, so maybe not as fertile after this mc?!?! It’s so stressful but all experiences are different. My periods are heavy 2 days light 2 days and still regular 28/29 x I hope this helps others xxx thank you for vid ����

  • I ovulated cd 21 with my sweet little man!!!! I usually ovulate cd 13/14… but that month it was a week later and �� here he is!! ������

  • Do you take your bbt every morning? That is one of the most accurate ways to be sure you ovulated. I get blazing positive lh tests but then I don’t have a temp rise, which means I geared up to ovulate but didn’t.

  • Recently went thru a loss last month. And Of course I had a million burning questions like you..I just wanna say. THANKYOU for making this video. You are amazing for doing so. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wow.

    Your thorough desire to understand your experience is brilliant. Your research and understanding of the bodily and physiological responses is fantastic! While I may not ever experience pregnancy or miscarriage (so a lot of the terminology is..above my understanding. Lol..) I can see you’ve really tried to take it upon yourself to truly research and learn.

    Sometimes, by going through the process of understanding one’s experience that can bring peace.

    I hope you continue to recover! I’m so proud of you.

  • Thank you so much for making this ♡ My doctor asked me in the office after telling me that there was no heartbeat and I had a missed miscarriage, if I had any questions for her. At the time, I was overwhelmed with shock, sadness, and grief, to even comprehend what was going on, let alone to think of any questions. Those all developed later. This helped me so much. Thank you, thank you.

  • I ovulated CD 79 with my almost 16 month old son. This cycle I ovulated on CD 61. These are the latest I’ve ovulated so hopefully I conceive this cycle too. �� good luck to you guys dont give up hope.

  • Just a tipwe never ‘tracked’ anything and just had fun… we got pregnant the first month after ‘not being careful’ i think the more relaxed you are the easier it will happen providing everything is ok!! Wishing you luck and baby dust ������

  • What happened with me was I was on my first monitored cycle they told me that my estrogen was too low so they had me take estrogen but they didn’t tell me to stop taking estrogen after I got my period. So I continued to take it. Which for some reason caused me to ovulate late. I went to the doctor when I was 10 days late and they took a blood test and told me that I wasn’t pregnant. But 5 days later I took a pregnancy test and it came out blazing positive. So I went to a different doctor and I was definitely pregnant got my first ultrasound a week and a half later and I was 5 weeks and 6 days. I am now almost 14 weeks

  • I miscarried a week ago, and did some LH tests a couple days ago and have been so confused about the results. I had no idea about HCG’s influence on the test results and was actually convinced that the tests were poor quality until I saw this video by chance. Very impressive job with your research. Thank you.

  • I’m still waiting on mine I had a miscarriage August 8 I bled for 7 days we tried to convince right after that I got my period tracker ND put in the date when I started bleeding the tracker supposedly say today Sept 5th it hasn’t started ND I haven’t tested but I’m just hoping it comes soon so I can start over

  • So sorry for everyone who had to go through m/c… I had mine in June. It’s been almost 4 months… But I am still grieving. I’m so disappointed… I am so depressed… I know that I should be strong. I should be positive. I should think about my next IVF… I should be happy that I can start a new cycle… We’re going to use donor eggs this time. So our chances are higher. It gives me so much hope… But how can I stay positive after the m/c? I’m so scared I’ll have another one… I have so many thoughts on my mind. I think about the future and I’m scared. Negative thoughts and overthinking make everything worse. If this IVF fails I’m not sure I want to try again… Another m/c or failed cycle will probably kill me. I’m so confused right now. I don’t know why I feel so lonely… My mind is telling me to still go ahead but I’m so scared.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I miscarried officially on Christmas and I had all these questions. I love how thorough you were with all your research!

  • I got my period back today after my miscarriage which came a lot earlier than expected, one symptom which I don’t know if other people get is that I dream about blood before my period starts, whats sad though is that I ended up dreaming about giving birth instead and putting the baby on my boyfriend’s chest for skin-to-skin, I was thinking maybe it was a sign my period could be actually implantation, but it’s way too heavy to be implantation. I really hope I get a rainbow baby in the future!
    It’s made me so worried, it was my first pregnancy, which was unplanned, but it still hurts and I’m afraid that if I did get pregnant again, I’d be worried all the time about miscarrying, so much that I won’t enjoy or appreciate being pregnant as much as I should.

  • How long after the miscarriage you got your period I lost my baby a month ago still don’t have my period I have done 3 pregnancy test every single one is negative ����

  • How can I get pregnant again after one molar pregnancy? I have a molar pregnancy after 2 years of my marriage and it was my 1st baby �� did d&c last Month…… how can I get pregnant again?

  • 3 years ago I have my first pregnancy after 5 years of trying to conceived but it end up to a miscarriage. After that I started having late period sometimes it tooks a week before it comes, and my period goes like that for almost 2 years. But this time it gets odd this year. Like my period is like on and off. Like it was an irregular period.

  • Hi. Thank you so much for making this videoit is so wonderful to see someone make it using scientific studies. I am sorry for your lossI too have suffered from a molar pregnancy recently and its hit me hard emotionally and physically but the questions I had with regards to my cycle and ovulation recovery have been well answered by you. Thank you and wish you all the very best��

  • Thanks so much for this research, I just had my D&C done 2 days ago:( at 9 weeks. I have been hearing I should wait 2/3 cycles in order to try again. I hear/read I need time for cervix and uterus To heal but then I hear/read that some doctors just make you wait just so they can determined when u have conceive again since it makes it so much harder because of the HCG levels still in blood and will make it harder to determine how far along I will be. I want to ttc ASAP as I’m already reaching 34. I’m so sad about all this happening to not only You but me and so many more:( u think I should be ok trying about 2/3 weeks after my D&C? Thank you for helping so many of us out here! God bless

  • Got mine today. Miscarried a month ago. I almost bled to death with the miscarriage. It was a missed miscarriage but the placenta detached before the d&c. Still feeling the effects of iron deficiency. Now cos of my period all I want to do is sleep. Can’t lift my arms. Thanks for the info

  • I finally tried OPK’s, and they were going perfectly, but today, CD17, it looks like it’s getting darker again. �� I’m supposed to start May 9th, so we’re almost cycle buddies. Fingers crossed, and mountains of baby dust, your way! ��

  • I had a missed miscarriage months ago and my cycle is still very heavy �� doc says it’s normal but I’m over it �� you are very strong for sharing your story. I finally shared mine too ��

  • I just had a late loss 3.5 weeks ago and i was was trying and trying to find about the hcg left in the system, and ovulation. You seriously need to be shared millions and millions of times. I have spent 2.5 weeks looking for this information you just gave. I know it didn’t come from you writing it, but you seriously are amazing. There’s nothing out there to explain just what so many people needed. You helped so many your video needs to get out there, seriously. Also I had an induced mc and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I’ve had children before and also have went natural no meds being induced, and that’s extremely more painful then regular labor. Being medically induced for a Mc is a huge mistake huge mistake. So many women say so plus I passed my baby and it forever will haunt me because she was small but so perfect but seeing baby in the huge sac I actually was 2.5 weeks farther along then they had told me. Was told I was 13 weeks 1 day no I was 15 weeks and 6 days with My sweetheart angel �� girl.

    I will be doing a vlog on everything I went through within the next week. Right now though I thought I was crazy. Because i am a registered nurse and no everything and anything about fertility seeing I’ve suffered infertility issues the past 7.5 years. So I new when It was the 16th day from the time my Mc started day one of mc to day 16 started to have all my fertile signs. Ewcm high soft open cervix mind you my cervix had already closed from the mc. But I was shocked to get 1-2 weeks cb & frer medium 2nd line. Thinking I was nuts googling like nuts I seen your video but passed it many of times you really should honey change the title to something that would catch so many lady’s eyes like something with Mc ovulation and hcg. This helped me after so much searching. But honestly I skipped your video many many many of times. Great job thank you so much hon for all your help. I’m so extremely sorry for your loss as well and being the kind it was, can not only be heartbreaking but also nerve wracking because the danger that also can not extremely high with a partial molar. But it’s dealing with so many things at once. But your truly amazing. 10 thumbs up �� xx

  • I had regular periods and then a miscarriage….and now my cycles are extremely irregular. It’s been nine months since the miscarriage and I’ve maybe have had four periods….I average about 67 days between them..and I think I’ve only ovulated once or twice…idk what’s going on.

  • Thank you so much!!!! That was actually so helpful, you answered some questions, that not even my doctor could answer. What a blessing, thanks again!!

  • I had cramping about 7 days ish after ovulation and ended up being pregnant. I think cramping super early on before you expect your period can indicate implanting of the egg! I really hope you guys get pregnant. Rooting for you both��

  • Hi thanks for the video. I just did my home pregnancy test one week after medically induced miscarraige and it turns out to be negative. It means no hcg in my body anymore? My baby is gone?

  • You got it girl!! The month I finally conceived I ovulated on day 26, my test looked just like that with lots of cm. BD twice the night before and once the day of and now I’m 13 weeks. Praying for you!

  • I don’t know lf l should call it periods but it feels like period cramps it has been 3weeks after my d and c and l don’t know why am having my periods

  • Great video!

    The two times we conceived this year, I used opks, temping (to confirm ovulation), and paying attention to my body (I get Mittelschmerz so I can feel when I may be ready to ovulate). We did the SMEP as well. We took one cycle off after our chemical pregnancy, and I did not track this last cycle so we could relax a little more. So we’ll be back to all that I listed to HOPEFULLY get a BFP in a few weeks!

  • I ovulated on cycle day 37 and I am now 21 weeks pregnant. I`ve lost my first pregnancy at 12 weeks. We`d been trying for four years.

  • I use opk’s to track and I use the Glow app �� I have a 14 yo daughter but husband and I are trying for baby number two we’ve suffered 4 mc’s but still trying

  • I just thought I would let you know I love your spirit. Sending lots lots of blessings, happiness, prayers, and wonderful vibes your way. I was wonderful have you heard about red raspberry tea, if so what do you think, if not would you consider trying it? I am trying it know. My situation a little different no regular period last from 4 to 21 days dont know what I am going to get but never really track ovulation. I have a 6cm fibroid and a 10cm fibroid. But now it’s time to buckle down if I am going to have a baby. I am almost hitting forty. Wellz thank you for your channel and inspiration. GOD got you.

  • I have NEVER gotten that positive of an opk in my life!!!!! And I have 4 healthy children!!! �������� girl you got this!!! Just need perfect timing….. #shesawarrior����

  • I’m curious.. for the videos I see that say 1st cycle after miscarriage.. is this the 1st cycle meaning before the first period after mc or 1 cycle meaning the cycle after 1st period? Does that make sense

  • My first periods after miscarriage was heavy and I had utrasound scan. Everything was normal. but second periods also not stopping,today is my 12th day

  • I have a question..I went through a miscarriage around March 27 my hgc levels was 116..2 weeks after I went to the doc and confirm I was miscarrying and my levels went to 94.. my breasts slowly stop hurting then a few weeks later the sore breasts came back and went away..now April 19 the sore breasts came back..I was just wondering why sore breasts keep coming and going..I go back may 1 to see if my hgc levels back to zero

  • Thank you so much, this is amazing and explained so much. I have been struggling to find information it’s all just people on forums saying “I would/I wouldn’t/in my opinion” and there was no real evidence. This is perfect.

  • Add preseedI added that on month 3 TTC and got pregnant (3rd baby) I have like a 33-34 day cycle and I got my positive on those strips plus clear blue OPK and I got my positive on CD 16!!

  • I’ve been married for almost 25 years now and TTC am already 45 now. Indeed it is not easy to wait, especially after a few months into marriage and people start asking you if you’re pregnant, that’s when the pressure
    starts…. At about 7months into the marriage i asked my husband to accompany me to the hospital so we can get checked he refused, he said he didn’t want to hear any bad news. He said God has given others He’ll give us too but i was still troubled. I stumbled on the prayers in May last year and i decided to give myself a chance, through the help of a friend i located Doctor Savior after so many talk and frustration i conceived a baby boy successful with no problems it’s was so much a surprise too me and my husband after I use is herbs I got pregnant few week later. God is working and He’ll perfect it for all. WhatsApp contact Savior: +1 513-666-4364 for care service.

  • Thank you so much for doing this video! I had tried finding answers to some of this myself, the way you presented makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  • Hey, I have never commented on a video before, but I really felt the need to on this. I’m currently 3.5 weeks past a miscarriage, and had all of these questions. I couldn’t find the answers to them and was overwhelmed with the STILL positive HCG and OPK tests, and worried that I hadn’t completed the miscarriage. This video was so informative and helped me heal more than you know. Thank you for putting in the HOURS it took to not only research, but compile and present your findings.

  • The time after the ovulation is the important part. My mother had very long cycles and late ovulation. It obviously took longer to get pregnant because there was more space between cycles but she had 11 babies.:) (She also had 4 miscarriages)

  • I had a miscarriage last month on August 5th, 2020 and I did ovulate exactly 22 days after my miscarriage so yes your research was so on point and really useful thank you so much…

  • I had two molar pregnancies, one natural loss starting at 12 weeks, and one medically treated loss at 12.5 weeks. My third pregnancy which was only a month after the second molar pregnancy was my son.

  • I will say that my doctors have said testing with OPKs is kinda a waste of time since your hormones are all messed up with PCOS. But I am praying you guys are able to get pregnant again soon!

  • Watch you get pregnant before you can gather any useful info from the ovusense ��������

    You should go to the appointment and have them do a beta hcg!!

    Good luck!!

  • I ovulated on cycle day 33 first cycle after my miscarriage in March and we are pregnant again! 4 weeks today.
    Wishing you all the baby dust! ��

  • I miscarried at 6 weeks on February 27th. I finally got my period April 1st so this is our first month ttc after my miscarriage. I think I’m 8 dpo today. So I feel like im on a similar journey as you guys. Love following along. Hope we both get our bfps soon!

  • Thank u so much!! I had my M/C 1st July and my 1st period after M/C was on 4th August. As per my period app, I will get my next period on 1st Sept. So im waiting and praying for good news till 1st Sept:)

  • I know this is an older video, but I wanted to thank you for making it. It’s incredibly heartbreaking that anyone is in this situation, but I find a small amount of comfort in educating myself on my next steps as best as I can.

  • Amazing video! Thank you for doing quality research and breaking down scholarly articles for us! With so much conflicting information on the internet, this is such a gift. Thank you��

  • Great job M…I know this was a informative video for moms and mother’s to be but I still enjoy watching your videos, I cant wait for the next video or live until then ����

  • i got my 1st period after natural miscarriage 10nov 2019. but im suffering continuous bleeding till now? any suggestion. anyone there suffered same way like i do?

  • All I want to say to you is Thank you so much! You’ve answered so many questions for me, your video is one of only a couple I’ve managed to watch about misscarriage. I was suppose to go for my 12 week scan on 9th July, I started bleeding and passing clots on the 6th July, had an early scan on the 8th instead only to find my baby had passed away, measured just short of 9 weeks. It’s such a heart breaking experience. I am currently doing ovulation test strips twice daily after a D&C to remove the remains on 10th july (I kept them for home burial) I was worrying about when and if I would even ovulate and how long things would take to get back on track. Thank You for sharing your research and I’m sorry for your loss ❤ xxx

  • Great tips. I have been using femometer since I heard u mention it in another video. I actually paid for a yr of premium and got the femometer Vinca. I LOVE IT. This is my 1st month temping. I also use OPKs. I am almost 3 months post stillbirth and now into my 2 week wait. ��

  • I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago tomorrow. My pregnancy was ectopic and at 22 weeks. I am feeling a bit depressed. Thanks for the video.

  • I know this my sound gross but after having sex try putting a pillow under your back and keep your legs up to allow the sperm to get to the egg �� I did this for around 20 mins when I was ovulating and got pregnant right away ����

    Nothing was working at first and was told this and got pregnant right away �� good look guys

    Sending all my love

  • We are in the same journey as you its difficult emotionally and physically i also have PCOS but were are already in fertillity treatments plus IUIs. It will happend we all just have to keep positive iam also in my 2ww AF for me is on May 7. Super close. SO LET HOPE WE GET OUR BFP��������������������

  • It’s been two weeks since I lost my little one, and now awaiting the arrival of my period.
    Unsure whether I’ll be sad, or happy I get to start again. I don’t know yet. Wish me luck ����️��

  • Daughter was conceived cd32 ❤️ luteal phase is very important! Best thing to look at is cm also. As soon as your cm dries up is a huge indicator ovulation has happened. Oh and after a miscarriage you are very fertile. I conceived this current pregnancy two weeks after I stopped bleeding from my miscarriage. ❤️❤️❤️����

  • hello im with you:). We had 5 digital pregnancy positive test and 2days later end up We had early miscarriage on 3/22/19. it was so sad. we just ovulated on 4/27/19. Wish all of us a luck:). A healthy pregnancy coming soon, it’s just not right time yet!
    2 weeks waitingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg:)

  • Hi how long did it take you to fall pregnant?also you mentioned you ovulated earlier than you though the month you got pregnant, did you take ovulation test that month

  • I have been following your journey for a while now (silently lurking) and I just wanted to thank you for sharing regularly! I am experiencing similar symptoms and have had 2 miscarriages it’s easy to feel down sometimes, but I keep hope as I’ve heard soo many positive stories of women getting pregnant with similar stories! I don’t feel alone in my journey because of you guys! I also love the two of you you both have such a great energy and seem like best friends �� relationship goals af. Lol. Baby dust to you two ������

  • This is the month! I feel it in my bones!!!! So if I’m correct, (and if all falls according to my plans, lol��) This will make your due date in January!! ❄️

    Think ++++ thoughts!!! Im all about some Law of attraction!! So visualize it, believe it as if it’s already happening, Don’t doubt the process, stay relaxed, and just know the process is already in the making.

    Like I said before, you both have a ton of love and great energy being sent to you from all over the world, with all that going for ya, I don’t see much more of a wait for you guys!!!

    So excited for the updates!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • I miscarried 05.10.2018, I bleed for one week.
    I bleed no more, since I stopped bleeding, I’ve been seeing watery discharge. Does it means I’m ovulating?

  • Thank you for your research! I too am a fellow researcher and can’t wait to dig into this even more. I just miscarried 1 week ago and this was helpful. God bless!

  • Okay so you cd 27 day test isint quite positive but for sure darker on day 28if you notice the line getting darker but just a liiiiitle lighter than a full blown BP you could have a BP an hour later. This is why in a previous video I mention testing every 6 hours instead of 12 when you see it getting close to matching the control line but in this case if you had take one just an hour or two later on cd 28 it would be on point!

    I would see my OPKs getting closer to being positive and start taking one every two hours just to see and it made a perfect progression through the day. I even noticed they could happen suddenly which is why some women get an almost positive that evening and it’s negative the next morning sometimes LH surges happen suddenly or gradually.

    Aside from that you guys are doing GREAT!!! And it’s kinda good you we’re mislead into thinking you ovulated like a week ago because the 5 days leading up to ovulation area little bit more important than LH surge day since the sperm need to be already waiting for the egg at the top of your Fallopian tubes this why you got pregnant when you thought you ovulated on Valentine’s Daysperm can live for 5 days+ in the proper environment and CM and they were waiting for that egg a week later �� so you are FOR sure in for this cycle lol my first symptom was shortness of breath at 9 dpo ����

    I had 32 days cycles ovulated on cd 15 according to my OPK and found out I was pregnant on CD 24 ���� this was on clomid though

  • I didn’t get my cycle untill 2 months after! My first period came in may end then didn’t come at all in June, then came in July and in August and now I a waiting for it this month ( September) it all different days and it’s so stressful ��

  • Have you thought about acupuncture? I have PCOS and decided to give it a try. I’ve been going for 2.5 months and it’s moved my ovulation day from CD 21-25 to CD 18 the first cycle and CD 16 this cycle ��.

  • We just found out that my husbands sperm count is 4 million which is extremely low they said. We aren’t able to do iui because of that and now we so far only have the option of ivf. But we have to do a blood test for my husband and myself so we’ll see if there is anything else. We’ve been trying for 14 months give or take. I hope this is finally your month. Fingers crossed ����

  • I always knew when I ovulated because the consistency of discharge changed. It was like an egg white type clear fluid. Is it different with people who have infertility,if they ovulate?

  • Just a helpful (suggestion?). My drs told me when I started the basal temp stuff that my sperm donor (ex hubs) needed to be celibate in all ways from the time my period started until my temp showed ovulation. Good luck!!

  • I track my temps and opk’s etc and ovulated day 28. I conceived successfully. My usual (if I even ovulate) is CD 21 so it wasn’t even the norm for me. (Again, if I even ovulate.)

  • Baby dance, baby dance! ❤ I truly hope this is it for you guys! The two week wait is hard!

    With my girl I ovulated somewhere around day 35-40. I’m not 100% sure since my cycles were so off and I had no idea which day I conceived.

    I can say, as far as my losses go, the first one was in July 2012 and I got pregnant again in September. Just 2 months later. I know others that have gotten pregnant soon after a miscarriage. So it can happen.

    Baby dust!!!

  • Use the app pre mom and you can see the tests next to each other and track time and days better. Also a positive LH has to be darker than the test line.

  • I ovulated day 28 or 29 for my baby! It was ovulation induction so I dont know if that makes a difference! Good luck! Also, yes max, it’s like a bloody marathon hey ������

  • I didn’t ovulate until cycle day 27 or 28. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. We didn’t do any medical intervention or anything and to be honest were weren’t actively ttc at the time, it just happened on one of the two days we bd in that week. We had been trying for a while before that and decided that maybe we just weren’t meant to have any more babies, so we said “if it happens, it happens”, and I stopped tracking temp and stopped taking ovulation tests. I am soooo hopeful for you guys!! Good luck!!

  • The Lord works everything our perfectly in HIS timing so if you guys get your BFP and get to go to the Dr. the day you can test I would say the Lord worked every step out perfectly for you guys to get the help you need and have a Dr. who cares and you get your sweet miracle! Praying over you guys!!! Can’t wait for the update!

  • Me and my partner have been trying since February and we got our BFP on the 10th of April ���� hope you guys get yours soon ���� sending all my love.

  • I use AVA to track my ovulation. I had two miscarriages this year, and I’ve been searching for a community (so glad I found you…I’m actually thinking of starting a YT). I wasn’t trying either Times, but me and my husband have decided to start trying in August ❤️ AVA was expensive, but has been extremely helpful, and accurate. And, it’s fun tracking all my stats. I hope they reach out to you for sponsorship. I will be buying the OPK tests, to maximize my chances in August though. Much love to you and your family ❤️❤️

  • Oh and if I can recommend something, I know it’s hard but dont take a pregnancy test until your missed period. I drove myself absolutely crazy testing early, I am waiting this time around.