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Going into EARLY LABOR!

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Timing Contractions // How To Time Your Contractions During Labour // Apps To Time Contractions

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TIMING CONTRACTIONS: How to time contractions? How to use a contraction timer app

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Labor Contraction Timer App Reviews. Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH is a professor, author, childbirth and postpartum educator, certified doula, and lactation counselor. Contraction timers have become very popular with the invention of the smartphone. While timing a contraction with a watch or a clock is not difficult to do, the apps have the advantage of.

I downloaded this app and my husband ended up downloading it as well because it is super easy to use. No guess work. Very straightforward app! I used it while having contractions on the way to the hospital (they were painful) because that is how easy it is.

Easily time labor contractions. A handy one-button interface to start and stop the timer, it also lists the duration and spacing of the last contraction, the average and count for the last 20 minutes, and the last hour. The app times contractions from the start of one to the start of the next, as recommended by childbirth coaches. This was the perfect app to time my contractions.

Easy to use, even during labor. Captured everything neededduration and intensity. I liked being able to see the contraction history and averages and shared this with my doula and midwife to communicate progress before going to the hospital. Made it easy to see when it was time to go to the hospital. Best.

Fast forward to an hour later when I was in active labor and the contractions were coming hard and fast. My husband got up to get me some water and handed me MY phone. “Push this big button when your next contraction starts.” I look down and he had downloaded a contraction app!Contractions Timer is a complement to the existing other contraction timer app inconveniences. When shrinking or painful, come start timer. we’ll analyze the data and tell you if it’s dangerous.

<< Function >> 1. Pain input function Provides 10-step pain input using pain assessment scale. 2. Modifications/additions Provides modifications/additions for previous Contractions. Contraction Timer helps you time how long and how frequent your contractions are when going into labor. It shows the time of each contraction, their durations and the interval between them. Full Term Contraction Timer.

This application is the best and most convenient way to keep track of your labor contractions. I created this application for use during my own wife’s labor. How to use the contraction calculator? • Click the “Start counting” button when you feel a tightening sensation (you can either feel it from inside or with your hand on the belly). This is the beginning of one contraction. • Click the “Stop counting” button when you feel the relaxation of the uterus. • Repeat the same as the contractions continue, to check the interval of the contractions. The contraction tracker app helps you: to save all your pregnancy contractions history; to check your contractions timing; to distinguish between Braxton Hicks contractions (practice contractions or false contractions) and labor contractions (real contractions).

Contraction Timer is a free app. Powered by Amila.

List of related literature:

Labor Mate is a contraction timer available for the iPhone, iTouch, and Android devices.

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● A contraction frequency of three to four contractions every 10 minutes is optimal and provides a margin of safety; five in 10 minutes should be a maximum.

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Rather than using a wristwatch or a wall clock to time your contractions, consider downloading an app on your phone (so high-tech!).

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If the contractions last for <20 seconds, dots are used; if the duration is 20–40 seconds, oblique lines are drawn; and if it is >40 seconds the boxes are completely shaded (Fig. 9.11).

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Normal contractions are fewer than five in a 10-minute period (Table 6.5).

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Contractions are measured with 1 minute being represented by the dark bold line.

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Contractions: 2–5 minutes apart Duration: 40–60 seconds Intensity: moderate to firm

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The duration of each contraction should be 40 seconds or longer and palpable

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If there are adequate spontaneous contractions (three or more per 10 minutes, lasting 40 seconds or longer), monitor the fetal heart rate during these contractions, and the study is completed.

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When three contractions occur in a 10-minute window, the FHR pattern is assessed for baseline rate, variability, accelerations, and presence or absence of decelerations.

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