Implications of the Echogenic Focus Available on Ultrasound


Echogenic Focus in bowel of fetus, How to see, Ticks Tips & Pitfalls, causes grades, Significance

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EIF (Echogenic Intracardiac Focus)

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Echogenic focus in left ventricle in the heart at my 18 week ultrasound scan

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UPDATE: White Spot On Baby’s Heart | Echogenic Intracardiac Focus

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Implications of an Echogenic Focus Found on Ultrasound | tamil | effect on the futes|

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Echogenic Focus | My Pregnancy Story Hindi

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EICF: Echogenic Intracardiac Focus on Ultrasound in Pregnancy Discussed by Dr Nari Heshmati

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Approximately one out of every 20 to 30 pregnancies has an echogenic focus or foci on ultrasound. It is considered a normal variation and generally doesn’t affect the baby’s heart or its functioning. It is not a heart defect and for the majority of instances in which this occurs, it.

In addition, the presence of multiple EIF within the same ventricle or on both sides (right and left ventricles) is found to be associated with higher risk of fetal aneuploidy. The risk of Trisomy 21 is higher in fetuses with bilateral or multiple foci. There is also said to be a small but important risk for congenital heart disease in the fetus.

Endometrial microcalcifications are uncommon, with alleged clinical implications ranging from innocuous to ominous. We reviewed the histopathologic slides from 29 patients who had endometrial echogenic foci on pelvic ultrasound and found many endometrial microcalcifications. The extent of.

echogenic intracardiac focus. If there is more than one bright spot, they are called echogenic foci. T his common ultrasound finding is seen in about 1 out of every 20 or 30 pregnancies (3-5%). An echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) does not affect health of the baby or how the baby’s heart works. This finding is generally considered a normal variation.

Four chamber view of the fetal heart Echogenic focus What. At our anatomy scan (at 18 weeks 3 days), everything came back normal aside from an isolated intracardiac echogenic focus. This is associated with Down Syndrome, although the extent of the association isn’t definitive. EIFs are said to occur in 3-5% of normal pregnancies, and may be present in around 18% of babies with Down Syndrome. I am 34 years old and I had a 20 week ultrasound which showed an echogenic focus (bright spot) on the baby’s heart.

I have read that this can be a “soft marker” for Down Syndrome. At 12 weeks I had the Panorama blood test which showed I am. Echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) is a small bright spot seen in the baby’s heart on an ultrasound exam. This is thought to represent mineralization, or small deposits of calcium, in the muscle of the heart.

EIFs are found in about 3–5% of normal pregnancies and cause no health problems. Echogenic intracardiac focus is an ultrasound finding that is most commonly seen during the second and third trimester of a pregnancy. It is associated with a higher risk of Down syndrome but in most cases, it’s just a benign finding.

Echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) appears as a bright white area in black. Echogenic intracardiac focus Heart problems are the most common congenital birth defects, and it’s easy to panic when something unusual is detected on ultrasound. The initial finding of echogenic foci was followed by ultrasound examinations in 18 patients for a mean interval of 16 months.

Of the 18 patients, the foci remained unchanged in 13 women and disappeared or became less prominent in the other 5. Histopathologic results were available in 28 women, and microcalcifications were found in 15 of them.

List of related literature:

If separate echogenic rings are not visible, monochorionicity is likely.

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See Echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF).

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D and E, The echogenic portions do not enhance during contrast ultrasound.

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The OSLs may appear less echogenic because of an oblique orientation.

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Echogenic septations may be seen on ultrasound, which are not evident on other imaging modalities (Fig. 35.2).

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In this case, the echogenic structure was fairly large.

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On ultrasound it can produce a misleading appearance, such as a low reflective halo surrounding an echogenic haemangioma.21 Again in these cases, contrast ultrasound can help in confirming the underlying benign nature of the lesion28 (Fig. 8.9).

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semicircular echogenic structure.

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Echogenic intracardiac focus: potential for misdiagnosis.

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If it is present, the normal anechoic fluid may become echogenic.

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  • Thank you so much for this video! I cried for an entire day because as parents we want everything to be perfect. I did the blood work so am just waiting on results. Again, thank you so much for this video.

  • Mam meri report me echogenic bowel loops aisa aya hai muze malum nahi ye kya hota hai so plz bataye aur koi prblm to nahi aayegi na plz reply me

  • Hi Doctor, recently i had my ultrasound done there is evidence of echogenic left intraventicular cardic focus, i m scared pls help me with this as i had history of congenital heart disease with my first baby?

  • We were just told our son has this today too. So scary! But you both made me feel better about it all. And LOL at the “listen to your husband, he’s prob calm” literally my husband is so chill and relaxed saying why would I worry if the doc isn’t worried haha

  • sooo gladly it’s nthg serious i just went today i was told it’s a small white spot on my baby heart to go see my doctor tomorrow praying for everyone ❤️����

  • Thank you Dr. Nara for taking the time to make this video. This is very informational and reassuring for a pregnant mom discovering EIF.

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    I will very thanksfull of you of you I’ll share more details. Plz share ur contact no. Or call me on n below no. Plz it will be very appreciated of ur regards.
    My Name is Ashish and contact no is 7011136534

  • Dealing with this right now. Appreciate this video, I was referred to a perinatologist that I’ll be seeing in four days but I was automatically referred I didn’t have a choice so I’m pretty nervous for that reason. They said the rest of the ultrasound was normal so I’m hopeful. It’s so nerve wracking. I wasn’t given any information so I had to go to google for more information

  • Sir I’m 31 year old I went through the anamoly scan at 20 weeks and there was a echogenic intracardiac focus found in both ventricle.My 12 week scan is normal my placenta is covering the os other things are normal is my baby is at high risk of down syndrome I had done NIPT test waiting for the report I very worried about my baby

  • Mujhe bhi Ye hi aaya hai….. Aap ne baby hone ke baad nahi kiya pata Iska ki vo sab ab bhi hai kya or konse test hue hai aapke mera to bas fetal echo hui hai

  • Thank you for explaining this so clearly. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. At 20 weeks, an isolated EIF was found. At 12 weeks, I did the NT scan + blood work and got a probability of 1 >10,000 chance of my baby having an abnormality. My 18 week quad screening came back negative with a probability of 1 in 8,000. I just got blood drawn for the Maternit21 test because I am very anxious about the possibility of my child having downs syndrome. Is it possible that the Maternit21 test comes back positive after all the negative blood work? Thank you for being available for questions.

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  • This makes me feel less worried. I had my 20 week ultrasound and they didn’t see or mention anything about EIF but I just had my 36 week ultrasound and it was there. They said that it most likely was of no significance but could it go away still?

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  • I just had my 20 week ultrasound and was told the same thing. Of course I freaked out, but my doctor said all my genetic blood testing came back normal. So she told me not to worry she’s not worried. I’m still worried.

  • sir..I am 22 weeks pregnant..and I found small IEf on my left side ventricle..about 3*2 this danger..shall I abort baby or continue pregnancy..pls tell me

  • while doing ultrasound while pregnant its shows baby intracardiac echogenic focus measuring 3.9mm is noted in the superior aspect of intra ventricular septum

  • sir.. can i send you my wife’s ultrasound report.. via Email..? bcz report say Small bright spot seen in baby’s heart… so sir plz tell me can solve that problem? plz sir. i m a dispersed

  • Thanks a million doc…i was under great stress when i came across my baby’s ultra sound, where as other screenings were normal.EICF bothers me very much relieved