I Received My Body Back After Birth, however it Was Awful


How I Got My Body Back After Baby { C-SECTION} Struggles, Mistakes & Tips.

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When Do You Get Your Period After Pregnancy?

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I ‘Got My Body Back’ After Birth, but It Was Awful | Tita TV

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Post Birth Body: Ouch (What To Expect After Pregnancy)

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i got my body back after birth but it was awful

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How I Got My Body Back After Baby

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I ‘Got My Body Back’ After Birth, but It Was Awful Sleep deprivation is a part of new parenthood, but calorie deprivation shouldn’t be. It’s time we confront the expectation to “bounce back.”. My body has done some amazing things. When I was 15, it healed from an 8-hour operation.

I had severe scoliosis, and the lumbar region of my back needed to be fused. In my 20s, it supported me through numerous races. I’ve run more marathons, half marathons, and 5 and 10Ks than I can count. And in my 30s, my body carried two children. I ‘got my body back’ after having a baby, and it was awful.

Erin Shetler with her daughter, after she regained her “baby weight” and her peace of mind. Today. Get the latest from TODAY. Sign up. “I wanted to get back in the gym right after giving birth, but I couldn’t last five minutes without peeing myself.

It was awful! It took 12 weeks just for me to regain control of my bladder and start to re-introduce an exercise routine into my life. I’m still working off the last 12 pounds and my baby is 5 months old now.” — Melinda, 31. 13. How I Got My Body Back After Baby #2.

I constantly get asked how I snapped back into shape within two weeks after giving birth to my second baby. For starters, it was not easy by ANY means. I credit staying active throughout my entire pregnancy for allowing me to bounce back so easily. People can say that it’s genes, age, how many babies I.

We can experience postpartum depression, fear, indescribable exhaustion and anxiety as our hormones shift and change during and after pregnancy. It’s during these very dark days post-pregnancy that we are told to “get our bodies back now ”—not focus on our babies, on motherhood, on our need to heal and rest and bond. It’s about time I wrote a post on the topic of Body After Baby! If you search “body after baby” you’ll find thousands of articles and images. So, it’s not exactly a ground breaking topic, but if something I share helps another mommy, then my job is done!

How I Got My Body Back. 1. Prenatal Fitness. Labor itself was an experience, to say the least. I had awful back spasms and pains for two weeks prior to giving birth. I had to be induced because I missed my due date.

Continued 4. Cup Size. A lot of women expect the ir breasts to get bigger before and after birth, especially if they continue breastfeeding.But just remember: what goes up “After you give birth. I started taking birth control when I was 16.

I had debilitating period cramps (so bad that, one time, my vision went black while I was showering and I hit my head on the tile), and hormonal.

List of related literature:

After my son was born I just hated my body so much.

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It is common for women to struggle with body-image issues during the postpartum.

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I found myself looking objectively, thinking, ‘This is how my body looks now, four months after birthing my baby daughter’.

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So instead of longing for the thin old days (you’ll have them back soon enough), try getting on board with your expectant body.

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The doctors said that I would be okay after the childbirth but I still have these problems.

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yourself, heed these words of caution: You could be sabotaging your fitness success by focusing on all the things you don’t like about your postpartum body.

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It took a month to recover from just having a baby by natural childbirth Upon reflection, I think they had given me too much ether as the baby’s head showed and I was on my way out of my body.

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Once you have had your baby, your body will not return to the way it was immediately, and in fact it might be forever altered.

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The doctors said that I will be okay after the childbirth, but I still have these problems.24

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My pregnancy took my body and I’ve never gotten it back.

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  • down voted for the click bait-y title and photo.,You look quite tall. To petite women, especially with a short torso, expect to look NOTHING LIKE THIS. i’m 9 months postpartum, about 4 lbs away from my goal weight and my stomach is no where near how it looked pre pregnancy. I worked out for two years consistently before conceiving, and worked out throughout my pregnancy. I’ve been under 100lbs my entire life. Everyone heals differently.

    you look awesome, i wish i could flaunt my stomach that way but you also come off as incredibly tired (your face doesn’t look tired, just your demeanor)I remember those days. I can’t knock your hustle but just be mindful of the videos you put out at this time. you seem a little down which is 100% okay, but it may lead to inauthentic videos. My advice is to stay honest. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using sponsorships, but try to be less click bait-y about it.
    And last but not least, this is a difficult transition but it comes with immense depth and joy. ENJOY life with your newborn! it will be over before you know it. A married mom in her late 20’s.

  • Yes! Putting on clothes that make you feel pretty is HUGE! That plus once a week I would set aside time to make sure I got to blow dry my hair after my shower to help me feel more put together and just happier!

  • your body looks amazing you are lucky and also u have motivation im so the opposite injust had my baby gurl 7 months ago and im still 180 pounds i was 172 before i had her but i always wanted to lose weight even before i had her but now i am going to try my hardest because im so unhappy with myself:( thanks

  • I want to be a size 2 one montj after giving birth. i would rather be a skinny mom than a chubby mom when I have kids. Skinny is beautiful. I hope to be a size 2 by Christmas.

  • I’m 4 weeks postpartum after a c section. I gained 55 pounds with this lil one ( not lil at all 9.2 lbs at birth) I was 173 when I gave birth now 148! The last week haven’t lost anything and I am breastfeeding. I was 118 before pregnancy and HOPE I get to at least 125 before summer. I feel down about my body but I know once I have the ok to work out I hopefully see results 25 down 30 more to go!!

  • thanks for sharing Carly!! I’m only at 4 weeks postpartum, along with a toddler… but I see the light at the end of the tunnel:)

  • Hahaha yes. I understand the stir crazy! I walked my dogs the night I got home from the hospital! I needed to move. My poor husband was so scared to be alone with her.

  • Did you have stitches after birth? My good friend just popped and she has stitches, and I’m due next month and want to get to exercising ASAP, but don’t see myself being comfortable sweating all effed up between the legs.

  • Having good support is very important to be able to get your rest and self care! Very good tips. I wish I could have known all this back when I had my kids.

  • What a beautiful picture to see her feeding her little girls with her breast. Beautiful woman. It’s so hard to get it back ur belly when u are alone without help. Congratulations.

  • my baby turned 1yr last week. I am back to my original weight but can’t get rid of my tummy fats. what shall I do to achieve a flat tummy? thanks

  • What blows my mind is that you’re still working, despite having a lil newborn days that you feel inadequate you need to remind yourself that you are a hard-working, wonderful woman who is doing her best!

  • Great video, Carly! I’m about to have twins and excited to get my body back and feel like myself again! Not sure if my skin will ever look the same, but that’s ok…like you said, growing humans is awesome ��

  • Carly, you look awesome. I had a baby 9 months ago. And I had my pre-pregnancy body back 7 days after. +1kg. No strech marks. I didn’t changed anything. I eat the same things as before and duering pregnancy. Thanks body, I love you.

  • I got my period but still exclusively breastfeeding �� just before baby hits 6 months… is that something to be concerned about? Scared of losing my milk

  • Not sure how this is relevant? I understand people want to look a certain way, but why do we need to “get back to” our old bodies? I think this is unhealthy and unnecessary. Emphasizing “I had a baby, what did you do?” is a shitty way of approaching anything. Many women cannot have babies and many women can, I do not see how this is a measuring stick for anything. We wonder why we struggle with body images when we ourselves are putting out these weird concepts. Generations of mothers have been doing this and yet social media is now telling us that our focus shouldn’t be family and happiness, but getting our bodies back. Super disappointed in this.

  • Everyone is so different. I was back into my “old” clothes within 10 days, and then looked malnourished bunthe time my boys were 30 lbs 9 months olds! I was a cream maker! My instincts were to nurse my kids, even when it made me unhealthy. I had to learn that a healthy mom really meant happy family.

  • i have been breastfeeding for the oast 6 n a half months n i cannot lose weight i eat so much im hugry all the time n ive g ained mire weight from when i gave birth! i worked out for abt 2 weeks n wasn’t producing milk like i was before i started working out so i stopped:( so frustrating i wish i would lose weight like you did!

  • sorry but i can’t agree when u r saying u never be the same as u were before your pregnancy, is it excuse? i had a baby 5 month ago, after 2 month i was way skinnier than before and i have not done anything, so ppl can’t even imagine that i gave birth naturaly 4.100 kg baby girl, so please ladies don’t say that u can not be same as u were before babies

  • I totally feel you. My baby is six weeks and my body just feels squishy and not itself. I’m sure i look “fine” but i don’t feel myself.

  • Good tips. TFS. I hate to say it but fabletics sucks lol. I’m shocked you’re doing this spons bc you like quality items. I tried them four years ago and all but two items (tried several months worth) I got ripped. I gave them a try for the first time since then just this month and ughhh. It’s still just awwwwful.

  • I love your videos Carly! Really good information for when I do have a baby:) However, the music & the white noise is too loud. I think it’d be good to get a mic so we can hear you better! Looking forward to your next video! <3

  • Yay such a great video. I’m 18 and not even close to having a baby but to be honest I can not wait for it!! I have 3 siblings and I want at least 3 children myself! How many children do you and Cody want? xx from Germany

  • I loved this! I’m 5 weeks post baby(so crazy to say that) doesn’t feel that long lol but yes relaxing and sleeping when you can is key to keeping your sanity ❤️

  • I love how this normalizes talking about menstruation and how varied symptoms can be, more women should feel comfortable discussing something that happens to all of us! ❤❤❤

  • Well me, i barely ate during pregnancy and what i did ate was very healthy cuz everything would get me nauseous and give me heartburn and still gained 39 lbs (my baby is 7 months and im still breastfeeding maybe like once or twice a day, cuz she eats other stuff now) i lost bit of the weight right after giving birth but then ( still eating healthy and going for power walks while carrying my baby on a baby carrier) i started to gain weight again…no it seems im not gaining any more, but im not losing either…������ Dunno what to do anymore… You are so lucky!!! Or im so unlucky, cuz every other mother i know lost weight with the breastfeeding, i have had blood work done, and my prolactin its like really really high, they say that, that might be the reason, and i have hypothyroidism also… this is really frustrating…��☹️��

  • No period I’m exclusively breastfeeding my daughter is 5 months no period. Yes risk taker a bit I still have sex with my husband no birth control methods

  • I dont think its good to not get your period, we are naturally supposed to for a reason so just let it flow, and embrace natural body as intended!

  • After My First Born I went back to my same weight no problem. Didnt even work out! Buuut….Now I had my second baby and lost alot of weight but only in my a**, thighs and face!! WTF?? lol Why doesnt it leave the mid area?!?!!

  • For anyone feeling discouraged, be easy on yourself! Carly has some great tips but remember everyone is different. I had 3 children, one I ate horribly and didn’t exercise, one I ate super well and exercised well, and the other was somewhere in between, but with all 3 of my pregnancies I gained between 55-65 lbs. It’s just what my body does! I also have a really hard time with recovery. With all 3 within the first 6 weeks it was hard for me to even walk through a grocery store. My fastest recovery was the baby where I focused on being super healthy and it took me six months to get back to pre baby weight and size and it was a TON of work! Just remember to love yourself and focus more on how your body feels than how it looks.

  • Exclusively breast feeding. Got my period 3 month after baby. I decided not to use birth control, but hubby and I still want to be careful so we use condoms. One time it broke so I decided to take the morning after pill. I got a short 3 day period the next day, but now I’m 6 months out and I haven’t had another one since.