I Couldn t Pee along with other A Few Things I Didn t Expect After My C-Section


What to Expect: First 3 Hours After Cesarean Section

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Ever since my C-section, I feel like I have a UTI. What’s going on?

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C-SECTION RECOVERY | What to Experience Post C-section

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I had a repeat C-section, and it hurts when I urinate. Is this normal? What should I do?

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What should I know about recovering from a C-section?

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Why Can’t I Pee After Surgery?

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Episiotomy and stitches why did no-one tell me?

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I Couldn’t Pee and Other Things I Didn’t Expect After My C-Section The actual surgical recovery was a cinch, but there were some super uncomfortable side effects I. I Couldn’t Pee and Other Things I Didn’t Expect After My C-Section. Parents Reveal What They Really Love About Parenting. I Couldn’t Pee and Other Things I Didn’t Expect After My C.

I Couldn’t Pee and Other Things I Didn’t Expect After My C-Section. Parents Reveal What They Really Love About Parenting. I Couldn’t Pee and Other Things I Didn’t Expect After My C. Don’t push yourself, don’t stand up real fast.

Hold a pillow against your tummy if you have to cough or sneeze. I had one baby natural and one c-section and I was walking normally in about 1 and half weeks. I’m a single mom who had one twin in the NICU after my C-section and one twin I. My Unexpected C-Section Birth.

I had a whole birth plan laid out. I wanted to go as long as I could without drugs, I wanted to deliver vaginally, I wanted to have immediate skin to skin contact and I wanted to have my placenta saved so I could take it in pill form following the birth. My birth plan had other things laid out in there, like no Pitocin and if possible. I Couldn’t Pee and Other Things I Didn’t Expect After My C-Section Why I Choose Positivity in the Face of Chronic Illness Parents Reveal What They Really Love About Parenting.

I Couldn’t Pee and Other Things I Didn’t Expect After My C-Section. Parents Reveal What They Really Love About Parenting. I Couldn’t Pee and Other Things I Didn’t Expect After My C.

Apparently being able to pee after birth is a real worry among the doctors and nurses. They actually won’t discharge you until you have peed. Many women actually have to leave the hospital with a catheter. My doctor was very pleasantly surprised to learn I had peed. (A little info about the c-section: I was in labor over 48 hrs, pushed for 3 hrs and then had an emergency C-Section that took almost 2 hrs instead of the average of 10-15 minutes.

No. No one would tell us why it took so long.) At this point, I can use my abdomenal muscles to sit up and do other things now. Jess knows what she’s talking about as she’s also preparing for c-section #3, like Karen above “Get up and walk within the first 8 hours of having the c-section.

My first one, I didn’t get up until 24 hours later and it was a nightmare! I didn’t heal for over 2 weeks and tore open my stitches.

List of related literature:

This can lead to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) when the fullbladder displaces the uterus, or a possible urinary tract infection because of stasis of the urine in the bladder.

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At 24 weeks postpartum, women who had delivered by caesarean section were more likely to report other urinary problems, such as passing urine frequently or being unable to pass urine, than were women who had a spontaneous vaginal birth.

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Pressure of the fetal head on the bladder in labour can result in trauma and transient loss of bladder sensation in the first few days or weeks postpartum.

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A decrease in the tone of the bladder and ureters as a result of pregnancy, in addition to the IV fluids administered during labor, may cause the woman’s bladder to fill quickly but empty incompletely during the postpartum period.

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Regional anesthesia (spinal or epidural) delays ambulation and can delay spontaneous urination.

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During the first few days after delivery, a woman may have trouble urinating due to bruising of the bladder, the effects of anesthetics, and swelling of the ureters, tubes that lead from the kidneys to the bladder.

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During the first few days after delivery, a woman may have trouble urinating due to bruising of the bladder, the effects of anesthetics, and swelling of the ureters, tubes that lead from the

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If you had an epidural or spinal, you also probably had a catheter draining urine from your bladder during labor.

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FECAL INCONTINENCE After giving birth, you may have fecal incontinence, an embarrassing and upsetting condition that causes you to uncontrollably pass gas or leak stool.3 The condition may persist for the first few weeks after the birth.

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Urinary tract infections, vaginal bleeding, hypertension, and postpartum complications may be repetitive; such knowledge is helpful in anticipating and preventing problems with the present pregnancy.

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  • I had to have an episiotomy as I found out when I was 8cm dilated I had preeclampsia!! I had no symptoms the entire pregnancy my little boys heart rate started to drop so they had to get him out fast they gave me a second degree episiotomy and suctioned him out I pushed for 20 minutes it’s so hard when people say this is how you can avoid an episiotomy I did everything up until his birth to help prepare my perinium but not all women have the choice because of extreme circumstances it’s doesn’t matter sometimes what midwife or doctor you have some things just cannot be avoided when your baby or you are in distress.I love my little boy but his birth was extremely traumatic for me.

  • They could’ve done it over because I did it and the doctor at birth didn’t do it properly and the doctor the next morning saw a problem n did it iver

  • I just had my baby about a week ago & my stitches will not stop hurting, I can’t sit or even walk properly and I feel like they’re infected, how long did it take you to be back to normal? & what helped?

  • I was so thankful I had a midwife to support me. Five babies without stiches. Shop around for a midwife or doctor that knows how to prevent the need for stiches.

  • I would say that surely it is common sense. not to walk a mile hrs after having the stitches?! Why would your Mum not bring the car to the hospital to collect you?

  • I had a c-section a week ago, 9 pounds 5 ounces. My first baby 8 pounds was born vaginally and I tore, developed a hematoma, bled for 2.5 months and 21 months later I still have vaginal pain and see a pelvic therapist despite having an amazing first pregnancy ( I loved being pregnant) I say all of this because for me a vaginal delivery recovery was awful way worse then what I’m dealing with now. Everyone is different so no one should get psyched out over how you will deliver. Complications are possible regardless. Listen to your doctors and nurses and do what they say, get up and move they will help you and it makes it much easier once you are home.

  • I want to have a baby someday but I’m a very small person and I’m autistic, so the pain will be worse due to my size and how sensitive my nervous system is so I don’t know how I’d cope during the pregnancy and after the birth. It’ll have to be a C-section because I am so small.

  • Just to inform everyone, episiotomies are not supposed to be routine practice anymore. Since 2006 OB-GYNs have been moving away from them as they cause the issues they were used to prevent. The majority of doctors who use episiotomies do so to hurry along childbirth instead of giving the mother time for her vagina and perineum to stretch naturally. This takes a couple hours to occur, longer for first time mothers, and if you do tear naturally the recovery process is a lot faster, easier, and safer than an episiotomy. Episiotomies are only recommended if the baby’s life is in danger, and even then it would be better to opt for a cesarean. Please don’t let your OB-GYNs or midwives do this unless your baby is in danger. You and your baby will both be better off.

  • I also had this procedure done wasn’t told about it the stitches came out during my first bm which made the thing never healed right i cant have anything stretch my vagina area anymore the 2 inches because it hurts and sometimes when i go number 2 I have to hold the vag and anal area. Having that procedure gave me alot of grief.

  • I am over 50 now, but had this exact experience after the birth of my first child over 26 years ago! I bought the book “what to expect when you are expecting” and read it cover to cover several times… no big mention on this episiotomy stuff. I had dissolving stitches that did not dissolve. Doctors had never seen this before. I was in agony for at least 6 weeks. It was a long time until my mate had any good times with me!! Happy to report my second birth was much easier!

  • I knew nothing about this but to be fair my midwife was not the best! I should have looked more into it! I didnt have pain relief so when the doctor started explaining he needed to make an incision, I just screamed ‘ get her out’ �� I’ve been too scared to google what it was they done until now!

  • Episiotomy stitches were actually the worst thing I experienced in the childbirth process. I couldn’t sit for good 7 days afterwards. Peeing is such a pain, and if you’re constipated the pain of going to the toilet will be even worse. I was always washing up and keeping the area dry as possible (bleeding and pads don’t really help there), and I managed to get an infection even a month after delivery still fighting the infection of the stitches… Its hell. People should know about it.

  • I wish someone told me too! I had a episiotomy, which was extended a further two times during labour. They tried to use suction to get Emily out but that failed and she was born not breathing. It was absolutely terrifying, because of the extent of my episiotomy I lost the first hour of my daughters life, meaning I didn’t know if she was okay, because I lost a lot of blood. Missed the first feed, the first cuddles, the first cry, and her being weighed. I hate that I can’t get those times back. My stitches ripped too:( I found I spent most of my time in the bath just to get some relief, 1 year on and because of the extent and size of my cut/scar, it still effects me. Worth it all to have her but I always think never again. Nice to know I’m not the only one! x

  • I had THE worst cold and cough after labour, and every sneeze & cough would make me tense, and I’d sob in pain. Absolutely horrific pain that in my case was worse than the labour��

  • I had a 3rd degree laceration. Almost 2 years later I’m still recovering from this. Had to be given oxybutynin due to leakage. It has been helping me along with kegels. I wish I would have known about this too. Probably would have done exercises that supposedly helps prevent or lessen tearing during birth ��

  • In 1981, My doctor mutilated me when I had my daughter. It takes time to heal the nerves and tissues. I never knew about holistic supplements to aid in healing; thank goodness I do now.

  • I don’t know how I didn’t need an episiotomy my boys were 9lbs, 9oz and 9lbs, 1oz. I had stitches with Ethan from a little tear but apparently they fell out the next morning, I didn’t even notice. With Logan I had nothing. I got very lucky! (somehow). x

  • Hahahaha, the leaflets!!!! Oh the leaflets… so many of them. I had stitches both times, for an episiotomy the first time, and a tear the second time; really not fun. Weeing is so terrifying, and I can remember having to wee in the shower despite thinking how gross I thought it was, because I just couldn’t bear to do it on the toilet without the warm water flowing. x

  • it was so painful, my stitches were too tight, couldn’t sit, walking was a nightmare and boy it it hurt, taking a pee became mission almost impossible… it took me 3 months to heal.

  • The leaflets can do one is all I can say! Yep peeing in the shower is the way… Otherwise it’s like razor blades…all worth it now though hey lovely xoxo

  • Can I ask how long you took to heal? I’m currently going through this with my stitches coming out and having the open wound. Like you I was in shock when it opened, rushed to the walk in centre just to be told they won’t retstitch. I’m now 8 weeks past and still not healed!

  • I was terrified of having an episiotomy, but thankfully I managed to avoid it. And stitches…. the very last thing a woman who has just given birth wants to go through! Ouch. No leaflets can prepare you for that kind of thing. And I had a LOT of leaflets!x

  • completely know how you feel! i had the exact same thing as my stitches started disolving to soon! peeing in the shower was the best feeling ever! haha but the same as you i had never been told about stitches or forceps really either and i had both!

  • Is she crazy? Bending down on the floor? I can barely move after a C-section. There’s no way a person could bend down on the floor.

  • This is a lot of things women have to go through and I feel like we don’t get enough credit for it. Also, why did no one tell you this? That’s a good question.

  • That my ex husband hated blood and opted to go to the pub instead. Needless to say the relationship didn’t last. Alcohol ruins Ireland.

  • Long story short I got stuck on the floor after my c section. It was quite the adventure in creative problem solving getting up off the floor.

  • Omg i just had my baby and I currently have stitches and they’re very uncomfortable but I can’t imagine your pain ���� IM SO SORRY!!

  • The best remedy is to get up and start walking immediately! I had 2 C-sections. Don’t lay in bed. The nurses had me walking the next morning. When I got home I rested and moved around equally. You will heal faster. Also, stay on top of your pain medication. DO NOT SKIP YOUR MEDS EVEN IF YOU ARE FEELING “OK”.

  • argh you poor thing! I also had an episiotomy and stitches, and interestingly they said that Noah struggled to come down because he was small too. Lavender baths saved my life! Charlie x

  • I had an emergency c-section too and like you, I had done zero research on c-sections. Hopefully the next one will be vaginal too but at least now I know what to expect! Congratulations btw!

  • How about showering? When I had my son in 2017, I was told to do a dry bath for 2 weeks. It was humid as nd that made me soooo uncomfortable. How did you go about it?

    Also, after the gym incident, did you stop going for a while, or you just changed your workout routine?

    Congratulations btw!������������

  • Recovering from a C-section is rough. Physically AND emotionally. I didn’t really feel completely back to myself until about 3 months..

  • Why didn’t you mention attempting to get off the bed or was I the only one that felt I was getting off a spaceship.

    Worse pain ever especially post 2 natural births after 10 days you have healed, third pregnancy I had to have an emergency csection was expecting twins but it was worth it at the end of the day�� thank you for this Carol

  • Did you face any challenges with breastfeeding?? Are you breastfeeding only or you are also bottle feeding?? Have you had any challenges with weight gain/loss?? I’m expecting my daughter in +/-3weeks, that’s why the many questions. Love your videos, they not too long or too short and they are pregnant with with information (pun intended��)!!

  • I had an episiotomy grade 3 too and 3months was in excruciating pain..couldnt sit or open bowels without crying…in and out of hospital with infertility and finger up me. 6 months later still suffer from constipation and pain when going toilet…honest the emotional and physical pain when I never evan knew what an episiotomy was

  • Informative indeed. The haemorrhoids are also a side effect of most of the pain meds and supplements e.g. codeine, iron supplements and the list goes on. So its so important to drink lots of water to soften the stool. I won’t get into the science but lots of veggies and water helps esp if taking pain killers and iron supplements. Iron causes crazy constipation and that constipation leads to haemorrhoids due to the hard stool that will burst the veins down there. Then stool softeners are good but side note is to make sure u drink lots of water, go do #2 even when it hurts and eat veggies because the body might develop what is called “lazy bowel” where it starts waiting for the stool softener to go lol. It’s important to go even when it hurts coz when the stool stays in your body it hardens and when you not having enough water, the body continues to take water for the organs leaving u with hard stool. So those diet adjustments of uping your water and veggie game is key! And going to the loo is key! Otherwise haemorrhoids will be a constant cycle because hard stool is what burst the veins in the bum causing soreness and pain so if u sort out the things that are causing the hard stool u will recover fast.

    Hope that helps and wasn’t too technical