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How will I know I am in labour? | NHS

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When to Go to the Hospital and What to Bring

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WARNING Signs to GO to the Hospital Time to Get Checked Out!

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LABOR SIGNS and the #1 Way to Know For Sure it’s Labor

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Signs of Labor from a Midwife | How to Know When It’s Time

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A simple rule for when to go to the hospital for labor is the 5-1-1 rule. You may be in active labor if your contractions happen at least every 5. That timing is different for almost every mom-to-be — it depends on how far away you live, how dilated your cervix was at your last exam, how your baby is positioned (if you have a breech baby, you’ll likely go to the hospital as soon as you’re in active labor), if you’ve had prior uterine surgery or if you have complications like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, which need monitoring. ANSWER Active labor (the time you should come into the hospital) is usually characterized by strong contractions that last 45 to 60 seconds and occur three to four minutes apart. From: Signs of.

As a general rule, you know you are ready to go to the hospital when your contractions are 4 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute, for at least 1 hour. After your water breaks, the time it will take for your labor to progress to delivery can vary. But the risk of infection increases if you do not give birth within 24 hours. If you’re sure you’re in labor, you should get going when those contractions are between 3 and 5 minutes apart over the course of a full hour. Timing is essential it should be from the beginning of the contraction to the beginning of the next contraction.

Your contractions should last from 45 to 60 seconds. For those who are having their first baby, it is a good idea to head to the hospital when the contractions are around five minutes apart or when the discomfort of labor becomes too much to bear at home. For those having their second baby, it is a good idea to head to the hospital when the contractions are around seven minutes apart. 2.

As it nears time to head to the hospital, you may have more difficulty breathing through the pain. Watch for any vaginal discharge that indicates true labor is underway. Look for a slightly bloody discharge or a thick mucus discharge. Clear liquid either in a small stream or a larger gush indicates ruptured membranes.

Which means that going into active labor isn’t exactly tightly scripted. In general, you probably should head for the hospital when your contractions get longer, more intense and more frequent. The contractions themselves typically feel like a menstrual cramp, or a lower backache that wraps around to the front of your body or vice versa. If the tightness lasts for 30 seconds or longer, they’re labor contractions.

Count the time between contractions from the start of one to the start of the next. If this is your first baby, come to the hospital when your contractions: Come every 3 to 5 minutes over an hour-long period. Last at least 45 to 60 seconds. The average length of pregnancy is 280 days, or 40 weeks.

But there is no way to know exactly when you will go into labor. Most women give birth between 38 and 41 weeks of pregnancy. The more you know about what to expect during labor, the better prepared you will be once it begins.

List of related literature:

After you’ve called to report the information in your Early Labor Record (see page 175) and are told to go to the hospital or birth center, make sure you have your bag, your birth plan (see Chapter 8), and any last-minute items (for example, a towel if your bag of waters is leaking) and head to the birthplace.

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Most providers recommend that you go to the hospital or birthing center when your contractions are four minutes apart, last more than one minute, and have been under way for at least one hour.

“Mama Glow” by Latham Thomas
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There is almost always plenty of time, once she is clearly in labor, to get to the hospital or settle in for a home birth.

“The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help a Woman Through Childbirth” by Penny Simkin
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The woman should be informed of the signs that warrant immediate transfer to the hospital, including strong contractions less than 5 minutes apart, PROM, severe perineal pressure, and an urge to push.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
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Some want a call as soon as labor begins; others just want a 30to 60-minute headsup before you head to the hospital.

“Dad's Guide To Pregnancy For Dummies” by Mathew Miller, Sharon Perkins
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There really is no way to know exactly when the baby is ready to emerge, so even ifyou think you may not have time to get to the hospital, you probably do.

“The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: How to Escape from Quicksand, Wrestle an Alligator, Break Down a Door, Land a Plane...” by David Borgenicht, Joshua Piven
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While you’re likely to have enough time to make it to the hospital, you may have to err on the side of caution and make the trip before you’re 100 per cent sure that you’re really in labour.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between” by Ann Douglas
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Rather, as soon as she feels labor beginning, even if she is not sure, the woman should travel to the hospital.”

“Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics: A Compilation of Jewish Medical Law on All Topics of Medical Interest...” by Avraham Steinberg, Fred Rosner
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Then, when you go into labor and call your doctor, whichever member of the group is on call at that time will meet you at the hospital.

“The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine
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If you’re past 37 weeks, you usually won’t need to contact your care provider until the contractions last about 60 seconds each and are 5 minutes apart.

“Praying Through Your Pregnancy: An Inspirational Week-by-Week Guide for Bonding with Your Baby” by Jennifer Polimino, Carolyn Warren
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  • With both my babies, I got lots of practice contractions, but I knew it was real is when I had bleeding and went #2 while having contractions

  • I had very little movement towards the end and one day he didn’t move at all I went in and had to be induced as he didn’t grow for two weeks! Always trust your instincts! X

  • I’m 37 weeks pregnant and my doctor said I am in early labor at 100% effaced and 1cm dilated as of 3 days ago. I get really painful cramps and feel like baby is pushing down, but I can’t tell if the cramp pains are the actual contractions they do stop me in my tracks and I have to breathe through them

  • I’m 39 weeks, I have been 1cm dilated for 3 weeks, i lost the mucus plug like 10 days ago, I have contractions everyday, so much back pain, I am exercising everyday, drinking raspberry leafs tea, eating dattes….. And still no progress my baby still doesn’t want to show up this is so frustrating ��

  • Oh I so connected to this! I had my second at home and my first sign was my bloody show and as I got up I started shaking uncontrollably. My contractions started right after that and they were already 45 seconds long and 2 minutes apart. My son was born 4 hours later! So pretty much my whole labor I was not my normal bubbly self, I was in the zone! ��

  • I’ve had a medicated hospital birth ( due to my son having congenital heart defects) and 2 homebirths, one accidental and one planned. I planned to have an unmedicated hospital birth, but about 10 minutes before my accidental homebirth I had my mom call the hospital to tell them “they better have the anesthesiologist waiting on me because I want the epidural NOW. I don’t think I’ll be able to have one, but in case I can I want them ready.” In that moment I remembered reading that when you get to the point that you feel like you can’t do it anymore the baby will be here very soon. I had the next contraction and that is when I let my husband and mom know we weren’t going to make the 30 minute drive to the hospital, we were having this baby at home. My mom caught our baby girl about 10 minutes later.�� My labor was only 2.5 hours. I never dreamed I would have such a short labor, but it was wonderful and is the reason I planned to have my third birth at home. Water seems to speed up my labor very quickly and 2.5 hours was a little too fast for me so for my planned homebirth I wanted to have more like a 4 hour labor. I stayed out of the water until I was ready to have the baby and about 20 minutes after I got into the tub, almost exactly 4 hours of labor later, my second baby boy was born. I delivered him myself and it was everything I ever wanted and more!

  • Subscribed! Your vdos are so motivating and informative. I’m due in 2 wks and I want my baby to come just on time, not earlier. Then should I stop walking too much? My husband told me to stop walking as he understood that it’ll accelerate the baby’s birth. Is that true? I thought walking a lot is another way to help dilate faster during the labor, but it doesn’t expedite the labor.. Your answer will be really helpful for us. Thank you

  • 37 weeks, lost mucus plug, loose stools, but sooooo many non-progressive contractions. It’s been about 4 days now �� I had 2 previous pregnancies that ended so quickly, so I’m a bit anxious even bored with the wait.

  • Such a great information �� having my baby October 15 with a midwife almost 31 weeks getting anxious and excited I started losing fluid pass two weeks �� it’s weird kinda like your mind is telling you it’s getting real Grace ��

  • Another question, should labouring women be advised to stop eating hours before delivery? If so, what is the rationale? I thought labouring women need to eat for energy to push baby later.

  • It’s very annoying that you call people “Momma”. I think u should rethink that. I rarely comment on anything, but felt the need to tell you that you sound real strange saying that. Do you even have any kids????

  • I’ve had all the symptoms except water breaking since last Wednesday… no baby yet. Cramps contractions lost MP nauseous, upset stomach. None of these symptoms mean anything for me because I still am not in active labor

  • 32 weeks pregnant with my first and I’m glad I came across your videos! This one is so informative! I’ve had 2+3 mildly for the last week or so but I didn’t really think much of it. Trying not to be overwhelmed but labor so I’m trying to learn as much as I can about it. I appreciate how informative your videos are to help de stress from all the anticipation of labor. Thank you!

  • This is great info.. I woke up from a nap and I started to feel nauseous and cramping at the same time. I’m 37 weeks and 2 days. ��

  • I’m on my 3rd baby and this will be my first vbac! Our dr is an hour and a half away! My first came pretty fast naturally 2nd was breech and a C section. I’m so worried about not catching early signs and having him in the car on the way to the hospital ��

  • My BP seems to be normal,but more towards in lower range. For example 94/62. I had low BP issue before my pregnancy. Will this affect in normal delivery?

  • I just made it to 34 weeks! Huge accomplishment. I am so glad I found your channel. Even with this being my 3rd, I still have had no similarities with any of my pregnancies. Lol. Do you have advice for someone with an irritable uterus? It doesnt matter how much water I drink, food I eat, rests I take or medicine I always have contractions.

  • hey bridget!! God bless u for guiding sooo well.
    i just had my first baby, a boy on 22nd feb. the only thing which kept me calm composed and have control over my nerves in entire labour was ur breathing excercise tips.
    i had pains for 2 days whch were 30 mins apart….but as per your formula….411, on the third day i started experiencing thoes from evening and went to hospital….there the doc induced active labor state through meds and my active labor lasted for 1 hour only and i delivered very easily.
    the destresser breaths very extremly helpful in coping up the waves of pain.
    hypnobreathing is the best technique every mom should master!!!!

    though i started perineal massage & excercises also but could not perform properly as both hands could not reach down there simultaneously…..due to which i got epistomy & have stiches too…..whch i am taking good care in th form of sitz bath & keeping them thoroughly cleaned & applying local oitment antibiotics.
    once again……i am very thankful to you for excellent breathing advices. they were they best.

  • I’m 36 and 1 day pregnant. I have 27 days left. So rn just haven’t experienced nothing yet. My midwife told me I should be experiencing something along the line. I’m going into normal birthing. This is my first time carrying a baby. I’ve never carried a baby. Been noticing I get hangry without food and worried about the baby catching the coronavirus because we’re living in a place where the baby will not be protected from the coronavirus if I don’t distance myself from people. So far been keeping myself quarantine because I’m pregnant and due August 8th but she could be a week or two weeks early depending on how long my body can keep her. I’m pretty small for a first time mom and knowing that its my first pregnancy she could take one or two weeks or be here on time. Don’t know but can’t wait to meet her. I can’t really tell if she is a boy or girl because of the fact she kept hiding her area. I feel like she’s 99% girl and she could be 98% boy just don’t know yet lol

  • 34 nearly 35 weeks pregnant here. I’m concerned about my severe lower back pain, period like cramps, and diarrhea over the past 4 days. Luckily I have an appointment with my doctor in less than 48 hours.

  • My due date is in 2 days and so far nothing. I really want an all natural unmedicated birth but I feel like I’ll be pregnant forever and never go into labor!

  • Oh well jesus I’m going to be going to the hospital a lot more if migraine+epigastric pain is a “Go get checked” situation cuz that’s pretty standard for me (and the last time I had it my bp was 105/70)

  • I’ve been having cramps since 35weeks and now I’m 38+2 and still having intense cramps and tightning. Lost my mucus plug three days ago and been expecting my baby girl to finally make her grand entrance. �� Been feeling more depressed as days go by with just constant disappointment with these false labors.

  • Bridget you might not be my personal doula, but every single video you do is such a blessing and it makes me and many others feel so at ease. Thankyou!!!!

  • 21 weeks pregnant and just trying to absorb as much info as possible because let’s face it, Hollywood typically depicts it as having a great day with no symptoms until the water breaks in a gush and contractions start immediately after. At that point, length of labor is decided on for comedic or dramatic effect or is otherwise unimportant/rather immediate.

  • What does it mean when my doctor say I’m measuring three weeks ahead as my fundal height? Does that mean baby will come a little sooner than due date?

  • Baby is due tomorrow, but no signs of labor so far. I’m really hoping that I won’t need to be induced, but my doctor scheduled an induction for 6 days from today.
    Please hurry up, baby! ������

  • I lost at least part of my mucus plug at 29 weeks. I panicked at the time, but there was no blood and now it’s almost 10 weeks later and baby is still in there lol

  • I had what I believe was one real contraction yesterday. I had a menstrual like cramp all around my back and uterus/belly area and my belly tightened like in Braxton Hicks. I also had the nausea and loose stools and had no idea that it could mean labor is nearing. Good to know!

  • Hi im 36week and 4 days and ive lost my mucus plug already but im bleeding a little but my contractions aren’t as consistent, what should i do my midwife says its its normal but my other 4 pregnancy never been like this

  • When I walked in to labour room telling the nurse that I have been having contractions since past 19 hrs, they refused to believe me initially.
    They were expecting me to be wrong because I am first time mom and was too comfortable to be having contractions.One senior nurse even said I am primid so highly likely wrong.
    I had nausea and one episode of diarrhea in the beginning.
    CTG revealed that my contractions were every 5 mins and os was 3 cm.The nurses were wrong ��.I delivered within 2 hrs of admission.

  • I’m 40 weeks 2 days and I absolutely feel nothing except for some lightening pain here and there.. ��
    Might be genetic, mom never felt anything until actual labor contractions

  • Hello, I am 37 weeks pregnant and in ultrasound I come to know that I have less amniotic fluid so, its possible to have normal delivery.

  • I’m 33 weeks and 5 days and I’ve just been feeling really off. Crampy, nauseous, definitely have diarrhea, horrible back pain. And then I woke up to this in my recommended �� thanks for the video!

  • Our birth instructor told us that if I can still smile for the camera before walking out the door, we’re not quite ready yet 😉 it was a good indicator for my first birth. Due with number two in a month and a half!

  • Hi midwife Kira! When pregnant women lose their mucus plug, does it usually accompanied by the release of clear/colourless/odourless vaginal fluids or the leaking of amniotic water? Secondly, I am confused whether a little leaking of amniotic water is a sign of early labour? Should women be induced for labour after, let’s say, 12 or 24 hours of amniotic fluid leaking?

  • I’m 29 weeks and I’ve been losing my mucus plug, been extremely nauseous and have had diarrhea. I also been feeling a pinch by my bladder but my doctors say everything is still good yet.

  • I’m 38 weeks my Braxton Hicks started last week… I had contractions for an hour yesterday and it was pretty intense s I have a high pain tolerance so Braxton Hicks can hurt… today my back hurts and legs more so annoying and uncomfortable then anything….sometimes I get a tightness and abdominal cramps too… I’m so ready for her to be born already! Lol

  • Is anyone due anytime during May 2020 ����
    I would love to keep up with our baby’s on IG! I have a private acct just for my future baby pics that I was gonna leave for myself, but I’d love to follow you guys to see your baby’s and maybe connect should we be up late nights soon ������ let me know! ������IG Babynagel

  • 38 weeks pregnant. First time pregnant. I dont feel anypain now and I still feel normal. But I’m excited to see my baby soon. I hope my baby will come out soon.

  • I have lost my mucus plug today nd due on 15th of June for c-section… Having time to time contractions nd mences like pain since past 3 days.. also 4 cm dilated.. can i have natural birth.. i have 2 years gap

  • All this talk of blood has got me like ��

    BUT I wouldn’t be doing my part of being an educated father if I don’t watch your videos! ����

  • I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I’m starting to feel so crappy and nauseous and I have period pains in my back. I also had one time diarrhea and that was random and bizarre but now I’m seeing that these are early labor symptoms and that makes me feel better that my body is just doing what it is supposed to. Glad I watched this video. Ready for baby boy to come end of June!

  • I am 31 weeks pregnant with my first and every day I get more and more excited for meeting my little guy but also more and more anxious thinking about how I am going to possibly make it through this ��. I guess God’s got the answer and I just gotta trust that it will happen and all will be ok.

  • I’m 33 weeks, and this is my first baby. I love your videos they help me keep calm ��
    I’ve started a channel around my pregnancy, YouTube is amazing for information.

  • 36+5 and I have 3/5 of these symptoms. I honestly don’t know if I’ve lost my mucus plug yet or not, but I’m not leaking amniotic fluid yet.

  • In the uk I haven’t been checked if I’m dilated at appointments, I’ve noticed some ladies saying there 37 weeks and 1 cm, how do you know do they examine you? Can I ask for that or is it just in different countries that do it? X

  • Hi..your videos are really inspiring and easy to understand..I’m going to be 32 weeks tommorow and already watching contraction and Labour videos..Lol ����

  • I totally agree with the statement that you should go in if something doesn’t feel right! I conceived 2 years ago and I had just found out. On a Sunday, I started getting some stomach pain and I thought I ate too much. Then I started getting some light bleeding. Then I got the worst cramps. I told my husband I needed to go to the hospital because I feel like something is wrong. At first he was hesitant. He didn’t want to run to the hospital for every little thing. I called my mom, who has had a MC before, and she said better to be safe than sorry. It’s your child’s life you are talking about. Finally he took me in. And I was miscarrying. It sucked. But I’m glad we went in. I’m still TTC after that miscarriage. But I keep watching in preparation for when that day comes!

  • I had been having strong contractions for two days, but I thought they were braxton hicks and constipation. ��‍♀️ I worked my entire shift from 2pm-11:30pm on the second day. I knew the contractions were coming quicker than usual, but I was shorthanded and couldn’t time them. When I clocked out, I timed them. They were every four minutes lasting a minute! When I got home, I went to the bathroom and had bloody show. I called the hospital. I had just hit 35 weeks at 12am after I clocked out. When the nurse checked me, I was 4cm dilated, 100% effaced and my water bag was bulging. I’d been in labor all night! My baby girl was born perfectly healthy at exactly 35 weeks! She was 6lbs 7oz and 19 3/4 inches long.

    I had been so scared I was going to have to have a c-section because I’m a plus size woman and I had gestational diabetes. Watching your videos helped me to be flexible in my labor and I made the decision to get an epidural when I stalled at 5 cm when I had planned an unmedicated birth. I went from 5cm-10cm in 1.5 hours, pushed four times and brought my girl into the world with only a first degree tear. Thank you for your videos!

  • I’m 10 days overdue (first baby) and it seems like I’ve had some pre labor off and on since my first membrane sweep on the 3rd. I had a second sweep on the 7th and I’m still in limbo. I’m almost positive baby’s dropped, I’ve been losing the plug, cramps/Braxton Hicks aren’t getting closer together or stronger. Nothing seems to be really kicking off. I’m afraid I’ll have to be induced if I’m not in labor by the evening of the 14th. I feel like I’m going crazy. How many times do you see this, Kira? How often does this result in an induction at the hospital at 42 weeks?

  • I’m watching this 40+2 weeks waiting for baby boy to come. I’ve been experiencing some of these symptoms for the last week, so I’m thinking it’s prodromal labor. I went all the way to 42 weeks with first baby and had to be induced, but didn’t experience any of these symptom. I’m hoping this means I get to have my natural birth this time.

  • Sarah I am 39 weeks 3 days and my baby is moving kinda more than usual, I m due on 16th with no signs of labor yet but baby movements are increasing since last night, should i go to hospital is this of any concern pls let me know

  • I love your videos you are the best thank you so much for all the informative information!!! I am scheduled to have baby boy this Friday! I am 40 weeks. Hoping he comes before they induce me ��

  • Im 27 weeks now and I had an incident where I went in to get checked out. My Braxton Hicks contractions started at arount 25 weeks (which I think is normal?). But one day they came so often, literally every 10-15 minutes. For an entire day. They were not painful, just exhausting, normal Braxton Hicks. But in between I had period like cramps. The combination of having thoae contraction all day long and those cramps made me think that this should not be. I figured if this isnt over the next day I will call my doctor. So I did, because it went on the same it did the day before. She told me to go to the hospital to get checked out. In the end everything turned out normal.

  • With my first and only pregnancy I had my son at 30+5 due to severe preeclampsia. He was born at just 2 lbs 5 oz. I had no symptoms at all, the only way they found out was when I went in for my 28 week check up and my blood pressure was 152/102. It was scary! My son now is 2 years old and he’s doing amazing. I think if I ever got pregnant again I’m definitely going to take things more seriously instead of brushing things off. Sometimes I wonder if I did have symptoms of preeclampsia but I just thought “oh it’s just pregnancy things”.

  • I love your videos and wanted to throw my recent experiences to you for input or comments, or for other women to see for their own experiences.

    So, at 30 weeks I went to the ER due to severe illness (was starting to get a fever and my HR was 124 at home and I was having difficulty breathing). I was diagnosed with Influenza A and a mild case of sepsis and they ended up admitting me for two nights to monitor me and the baby because his HR was on the higher end (peaked in 190s) and they couldn’t get mine down from the 110-120s after multiple liters of IV fluids etc. While I was there I noticed that I lost what I believe to have been my mucus plug (was in the toilet after peeing so I didn’t investigate it much and doctors couldn’t look at it for medical opinion). I ended up making a decent recovery with Tamiflu so after two nights I was discharged.

    Then at 32+6 weeks at 1 AM I decided to do a kick count because the baby hadn’t been moving as much the 24 hours before so I wanted to check on him. After about 30 minutes I had only felt two movements and put my hands on my belly to try to feel with them as well and I noticed the top of my belly getting hard. At first I thought it might be movements from my little guy pushing himself against my belly, but I noticed it was happening kind of regularly and was lasting a little while at a time so after feeling it three times I decided to get my contraction timer out on my phone and get the sheet my midwife gave me about pre-term labor signs so I could use it for reference. I used my contraction timer app and they were coming every 2-4 minutes and lasting 40-70 seconds. And they felt exactly like the sheet described from my midwife (felt whole uterus tightening with my hands on my belly but wasn’t painful). We called the on call OB and they told us to come in to labor and delivery to get checked out.

    The monitors picked up the contractions but everything else seemed normal (no cervical changes, etc). They did try to stop contractions with Terbutaline but it only worked for an hour or so and they came right back and because there were no other signs of labor there wasn’t much of a point to more Terbutaline (which I refused anyway because the benefit didn’t seem to be there to me and my husband and we weren’t comfortable with more just to postpone contractions that weren’t really bothering me nor progressing). So after 6 hours of monitoring, two liters of IV fluids, and no other signs of labor other than continuous contractions, they sent us home and put me on pelvic rest as well as saying that if the contractions intensify or there are any other labor signs or concerns such as my water breaking or bleeding etc to come back in.

    I’m 33+1 now and the contractions come and go (every now and again I focus on it to see if I’m having them in that timeframe and if so I time them to have an idea of what’s going on and log it for my next appointment to update my midwife) but they still aren’t painful or changing in intensity or anything so we’re all normal for now.

    TL;DR Our bodies are so weird and interesting and hopefully bubs sticks it out until at least 37 weeks! Definitely pay attention to warning signs and everything and don’t be afraid to at least CALL the doctor if something feels off to you.

  • Almost 32 weeks and your videos have given me so much information and calmed my nerves and I feel very confident for what is to come ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I laughed at the “eating a Tylenol” bit, because I live in Denmark and in Danish they use the word ‘eat’ instead of ‘take’ when referring to medicine, so when they speak English they literally say “eat a Tylenol” and it sounds so wrong to me ��

  • ​ @Bridget Teyler I am wondering about the difference between the cramping I have been experiencing and contractions. Today is my due date (first time Mom) and I have been having a lot of cramping and pressure, but no ‘tightening’ like I have heard contractions described as. Thank you for all your videos! I have found your channel very helpful and informative throughout my entire pregnancy!

  • My husband and I just lost our baby girl to stillbirth on February 22, 2020 at 39 weeks pregnant. She was 7lb 12oz. I wish I had understood that I should NOT think of myself as paranoid, and that large babies with “no room” still do move a lot. I thought I felt her moving, but I really was just feeling pressure. It’s not the same as movement. We don’t know the medical reason behind what happened to our baby girl. I am concerned about future pregnancies. Our baby can never be replaced by another, but we still are ready to have a baby. How soon can we try again? And should I be allowed an early induction this time?

  • Ovia Pregnancy app has a great kick counter. It’ll start a timer and you can just tap the button each time there’s a kick Ovia keeps a tally and keeps track of your data for you!

  • 20 weeks and counting… Developed bilateral pulmonary embolism at 8 weeks… light spotting lately. Had the anatomy scan and baby looked fine so I didn’t mention it to my doc

  • So I’m asking questions on here since it’s the most recent video of yours that I could find. So my first question is, is it normal for the Areola to feel really tough during pregnancy at times and become hot to the touch and itchy? Is it normal for the nipple to become much lighter than it used to be (a light pink when it used to be brown)? I know that the Areola gets darker which it has. However, I’ve never heard about what is normal as far as nipple changes go. Also, is it common and normal for there to be hyperpigmentation on your breasts and arm pits. I have all kinds of brown spots/discoloration that surround the Areola on my breasts and my armpits have been darker.

  • I have been feeling nauseous randomly and having weird bathroom issues along with feeling crampy. I am 35 weeks and I’m over analyzing everything!!

  • my baby is head down, and ppl even say luking at my belly tat the baby has my obgyn says the baby’s head is nt engaged yet or us not yet stable..whole of my pregnancy was very healthy n im sad knowing the probability of having a u hav any suggestions for me to fix my baby’s head??

  • Please ladies, if you feel decreased fetal movements, get checked out at L&D. You don’t want to wait till baby’s not moving before you act. Don’t rely on an at home doppler to reassure you. Please just get checked out. If you feel like something’s wrong in your gut, listen to your instincts.

  • I’m 41 weeks today and showing all of the signs except leaking amniotic fluid.
    I’m constantly analyzing every feeling and just want to get this labour started. Thank you for this video. I need to try to chill and enjoy my last part of pregnancy.

  • I just found your channel and am binge watching! I am 6.5 weeks now and want to have the healthiest pregnancy possible so I can have the best delivery within my power!! Thank you for the education ��

  • heyyy beatifulll!!!!!! Hope you’re having a great day!!! I am just wondering but when are you going to cover my queation in a vid? like what day? like few weeks or what? just wondering, luv u!

  • I am a little worried about mothers becoming paranoid with constant counting of movements. Third trimester mothers are often really busy, nesting! Maternal stress is not good for either mother or baby. I would probably just suggest that, if you haven’t had a movement for a while, you take a warm bath, rub an ice cube on your bump etc. To elicit a movement if that doesn’t work, THEN go and get checked out.

  • #1. Make sure you monitor your baby’s movements.
    #2. Look for signs of preeclampsia, (high blood pressure, headaches, blurry vision, upper abdomen pain).
    #3. Vaginal bleeding.

  • My OB NEVER answers when I call her, and it takes hours for her to give me a call backsometimes I don’t even get one until the next day, so I’m always stressed out when I think something is off because I can’t get in contact with her, but I also don’t want to make my grandpa take me to the hospital if baby is actually okay, especially with the virus currently and him being extra high risk to contract it:(

  • I started having visual changes like that really early in my pregnancy. I get the headache amd flashing lights or sometimes it looks more like lightening blurring out my vision, then I get really shaky and numb and kind of have slurred speech but the first time I went to the er for it I was only 8 weeks by ultrasound and they told me it was probably just a uti and sent me home:/

  • Heavy vaginal bleeding… possibly call 911 rather than head to the hospital yourself. Make a quick judgement call. At 41 weeks I had sudden and severe vaginal bleeding (I thought my water broke but when I got to the bathroom there was blood everywhere.). Called 911 and ambulance took me to hospital and had a pretty immediate c-section. I had a placenta abruption, that caused the bleeding. Thank God my baby survived and is ok, and I’m ok. Just never be embarrassed or unsure about calling 911. Trust your gut and do what’s best for you and your baby. FYI while my husband was on the phone with 911 I was on with my OBGYN updating her. I don’t wish this on anyone, and thankfully my story ended very positive. Just something for moms to be aware of.

  • Last Tuesday my baby stopped moving for an hour, I considered not going to hospital as I was due into my busy workplace ware they really neef me that hour. But my gut said no, went in they needed to do an ultrasound after the heart monitor and found he wasn’t growing as big as he should. I’m now being closely monitored and have been in twice after this with reduced movements. TRUST your instinct and not work pressures or “I’m sure it’s fine”! X

  • Hello from Portugal! Just to let you know that when I watch your videos my baby girl moves like crazy. She recognizes your voice! Thank you for all of the tips.

  • Can’t wait for February Coffee and Questions! Watch, it’ll be posted while I’m in the hospital in labor (literally any day now) ��

  • Hey Bridget! I am 40wks today and still have no signs of labor. My doctor is talking about doing a membrane sweep at my next appointment Wednesday. I was wondering if you had any thoughts or knowledge about this procedure. I’ve heard from some people that it hurts, some say it isn’t that bad, my doctor also told me there is a possibility of my water breaking when he does the sweep. I really want to have my baby naturally with minimal intervention but I’m also so ready to meet him. I love your chanel �� and really value your advice! Thank you!

  • Thanks so much… I was stuck to your channel between 36 & 39 weeks. Your videos helped me cope during labour.. Had a natural baby boy arrived on the 18th..

  • Very true. Passed the plug at 630, contractions started to get pretty bad, got into active a lot quicker than I thought.. I was on my way to the hospital because I didn’t think I could stand it anymore and changed my mind, wanted an epidural.. THAT CAR RIDE WAS THE BEST, fresh Air, no one bugging me, and i got to hold the ‘oh snap bar’ and arm rest to brace myself.. got into the hospital at 850, needed to push, she was born after they broke my water when they forced me to lay back on the �� 9:03pm. Phew.

  • 38weeks & 3days I’m not sure if I’m having contractions or Braxton Hicks I just know while I’m trying to cook or clean staying for a while I start feeling pain in my back & my stomach tightening to where I have to sit down or lay down

  • I have been watching you from the very beginning as soon as i found out i was pregnant. I wanted to thank you! Your videos helped me tremendously in preparing me for my pregnancy journey,labor and delivery❤️ I gave birth to a healthy precious baby boy yesterday 02/24/2020 at 8:29am! Keep making these helpful videos for us mamas �� thanks again ❤️

  • I never thought I would be expecting a 3rd baby….and HERE I AM☺️!! Thank you again for your amazing videos. They were so helpful during my 2nd pregnancy, and useful now! I am 25 weeks…3rd son!������

  • Love your videos!
    The second one that you said was not true for me with my second… I was talking through my contractions (pain and all) till 10cm…
    Not with my first tho! ������

  • I went to 40 weeks 6 days and went into labor I totally forgot my water never broke and my doula didn’t know either they must have forgot but it broke as I was pushing on all fours my first natural delivery ❤️ after two boys I finally got my girl

  • Waooo thanks alot��this is informative and educative..35weeks with twins still counting down,I appreciate you Sweet Sarah God bless you������������������

  • I love the way you talk. So many prayers for you ❤ I have a question. I’m in my 36th week. Can have sex with my husband in this period???

  • 34 weeks now ���� almost done, thank you for these (you know how us pregnant women always worry about everything and these are very helpful)

  • I’m so thankful I found this channel early in my pregnancy. It’s helped me the whole time and now that labor may be approaching, I’m not anywhere near as scared as I thought I would be because of the tips&education you have provided ❤️

  • Baby boy due in 5 days.. But I’m feeling so fine.. The belly definitely dropped, having loose stools.. That’s all.. The only pain I’m getting is severe lower vlback pain cause of my big tummy, feels like I’m walking around while carrying a mountain �� can’t wait to meet my little one though, i can feel him move around a lot but i so want to be able to hold him in my arms

  • I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your videos! This being my first pregnancy and not being close to my mom, I turn to your videos when I look for that comforting feeling and when I feel I just need advice. I’ve even shown my husband your videos as we prepare for birth at the end of April! Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are! ��❤ p.s. if this career path ever stops working for you your next choice should be a comedian ������

  • Hey Bridget I lost my mucus plug this morning at 4:40am I’m so happy I was told my EDD was 10 July now I’m waiting for the water to break n have contractions thanx for the tips

  • So my biggest question, what happens when you have an extremely high pain tolerance? I’m talking about like breaking bones and not realizing it for days, or having surgery wide awake… Ive had several instances where my doctors have over looked my pain because I’m not showing signs of actually hurting…

  • Stillbirth at 38 weeks pregnant. Go in if you don’t feel movement!! One year and 9 months later and I’m expecting any day (thankfully!!) I love your videos! I can imagine you would be such a great nurse for labour and delivery!

  • I love your videos so much. I wish I could have you at my delivery ��
    If I could pick a team to deliver my baby it would definitely be you, nurse zabe & momma doctor jones. ��

  • I have a question about VBACs. I’m trying for a VBAC with my second baby. How soon should I go to the hospital when I go into labor? I wasn’t sure if my labor would be fast or not, since I had an emergency c section with my last.

  • Ugh. I had a failed induction. After 3 doses of cervidil, they sent me home for a break since my GDM is controlled and baby’s NST’s have been great. I lost my plug today and really hoping things progress before they call tomorrow. Only reason I’m obsessed! I want to go into labour before they try something else to get baby out tomorrow.

  • I’m 38 weeks 5 days and watching this video made me so excited! I’ve been having those non productive contractions and can’t wait for them to get more regular.

  • Can i use colloidal silver alone for yeast or it goes with water? Im 35 wks 2 cm dilated pleasse help with covid is so hard to have hold of my doctor ��

  • Hiii very encouraged by ur videos!! I am from lebanon middle is not common to have doula’s here..but we have midwives..
    I’m 37 weeks preg with baby #2…had csection with first baby bcz I ddnt go into labor by 41 weeks

    I want a VBAC but Now my dr says my pelvis seems tight and cervix is baby is 3.4kg already at 37 weeks..she is saying she will do csec at 39 weeks..I’m so confused and feel unsure if I should just give up on a vbac

  • Okay.. I am 34 weeks pregnant and have had on and off diarrhea for about 2 months now. By on and off I mean, like 4 days diarrhea… 2-3 days not. Is this normal?

  • I am 38 weeks pregnant and I have menstrual cramp like pain which is so uncomfortable �� can’t wait to get real labor started! ������������

  • Can you pretty pretty please do a video all about BACK LABOR? I’m on my 3rd pregnancy and I’ve had back labor with my first two and I’m pretty much expecting to have the same with this one. I’d love to get some advice on how to manage the pain. It really gets so bad that I can’t move. I also have existing back problems which may contribute to the pain

  • These videos are so helpful and I love how you go in depth and explaining everything!!! I’m giving my second natural birth in December!!! It’s been 13 years so I’m feeling like it’s all new again

  • Thanks for the video.. just confused because at the beginning you mentioned during this stage women dilate from 3-6 then you said we dilate from 6-8 during this stage. Can you clarify which on iy is? TIA.

  • Im so confused i don’t even know the difference from a contraction from my baby shifting. I went to the hospital and they said im 3cm dilated and 90% effaced. That was two days ago. How long will it take for my water to break now?

  • Hyy I am first time mom now I am 36 week 1 day pregnant I can’t walk anymore now tell me I am in labour I feeling pain in my legs my back my tummy

  • I’m 36.4 weeks
    I’ve had two iron infusions last being Friday.
    && I’ve been feeling weird.
    Light headed, racing heart beat (sort of like an anxiety or panic attack ) and cold sweats. That’s one. Second symptom is a lot of pressure on my rectum, and lower back pain. But no contractions.
    Any advice.

  • I’m 8 weeks away from number 4. Last baby ended up a unplanned home birth as my midwife was like ‘no doesn’t sound like your in labour’
    This time I’m
    Planning a home birth and I’ll call them and tell them to come when I know I’m ready not when they say I am. I’m expecting it to be fast as my last two were less than 8 hours in total

  • Warning* possibly dumb questions
    1. Are the movements 10 every 1-2 hours or at least 10 in one hour?
    2. Do preeclamsia symptoms come and go? Throughout the day or from day to day. Or are they more constant, all day everyday?
    3. Could the heartburn type burning feeling also be explained as muscle tearing feeling. Does it go away and come back?
    4. Do the headaches come on in a particular spot/area of the head?

  • Oh wow, your lips are beautiful! Love the gloss. Thanks for this video, its always good to know what will occur someday when I have kids. It won’t be for a looooong time, but I like to do my research.