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Walking is one of the best things you can do for round ligament pain. Deep breathe through your diaphragm as you walk. This helps to loosen up some of the tension on the abdominal cavity and the tissues including the round ligament. The body and tissues LOVE movement to keep them from sticking to one another.

Round ligament pain generally resolves on its own or after resting. A person can take steps to reduce round ligament pain, including moving slowly, resting, and wearing a support band. If severe. Use a warm (not hot) water bottle, or take a bath to relax the muscles. Wear a maternity support garment.

Many moms-to-be find that wearing a maternity belt or girdle relieves round ligament pain, low back pain, and pelvic pressure by. The belts help support your bump and can relieve the pain and pressure that results from a growing stomach. Not only can a maternity belt provide relief for round ligament pain, it also helps. Treatment of Round Ligament Pain. Here are some tips that may help reduce your discomfort: Pain relief.

Take over-the-counter acetaminophen for When to Call the Doctor. But there are a few things you can do to help relieve round ligament pain. First of all, stop doing whatever the activity was that provoked the pain! If you were working out, it might be time to ease up. If you were getting out of bed, try rolling over and pushing up with your arms.

Round ligament pain is another pregnancy symptom that signals your body is working hard to support your growing baby. And, it can be a good reminder that now is a great time to take it easy and focus on self-care and relaxation before your baby arrives. Best Practice for Round ligament pain: Rest when you feel pain, round ligament pain usually resolves quickly. Move slowly and when anticipating pain, flex at your hips and bend your knees to place less tension on the ligaments.

Switch up your position— if you are laying down and experiencing pain on. One of the most common knee ligament injuries is to a ligament called the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). There are more than 200,000 of these a year.

In. If you regularly experience round ligament pain when you change positions, moving slowly from sitting to standing can prevent the jerky sudden motions that can bring on the pain. Give it a rest. Put your feet up and relax for a few minutes to ease the pain.

If exercise brings it on, take your workouts down a notch until the pain subsides.

List of related literature:

The best way to cope with round ligament pain is by supporting your belly and moving slowly and carefully when you’re changing positions.

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• Bend toward the pain, squat, or bring the knees up to the chest to relieve pain by relaxing the ligament.

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Avoid daytime napping • Round ligament pain 1.

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The best remedy for this troublesome pain is adequate rest so that the weight of the pregnant uterus is taken off the round ligament.

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Exercise, warm soaks, a pregnancy girdle, and acetaminophen may help her symptoms.

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As you take your baby off the breast or bottle, lie them flat on their back across your knees or beside you on the couch and massage their tummy gently two or three times on their nappy line, below the ribs as if massaging a knot in someone’s shoulder.

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She should bend toward the pain or sharply flex her leg to relax the round ligament.

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Climb onto all fours and have your partner apply firm pressure (either with his hands, a warm rice sock, or the tennis ball massager) directly to your sacrum—that’s the large, flat bone on the lower back.

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Before sneezing or coughing, try to flex your hips to bring your thighs near your belly to reduce the pull on the ligaments.

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Movement pinches the ligament and causes pain.

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  • I am 17 weeks pregnant and i have a lower abdominal pain all the time. I can’t sleep at night. I went to my doctor and she recommended me progesterone medicines. Still i have a sharp pain in my lower area everytime. I’m so worried:(

  • Lasts for a few seconds????? I’m 24 weeks and every time I wake up have very bad back pain in the lower right and I have pain in my stomach cramping I also need to the toilet all the time and it stings

  • 19 weeks and 5 days it’s like my belly felt so sore in my lower abdomen I thought it was something else.. first time I’ve had it and this is my 3rd baby

  • WHYYYYY doesn’t anybody talk about this???? Thank you so much for this video. Glad to know Im not going crazy because this is SERIOUSLY PAINFUL. Im in 15-16 week territory as well. Ill be glad when this baby is OUT lol

  • I’ve been having these cramps in my abdomen these days and im 16 weeks. I was freaking out because this is my first pregnancy. I thought it was something else, but after watching this, I felt at ease knowing that its just round ligament pain.

  • How do i make it go away, its been bothering me for 3 days and its so uncomfortable. Spoke with my provider but said it’s temporary and take some tylenol but sometimes its so uncomfortable i cant sleep at night

  • SO helpful! The nurse at my OBs office is pathetic, her famous words are “did you read the book” I want to reply with “yes beast, but ALL of my sx are earlier than the book, remember?” Thank God for internet!

  • So glad I’ve watched this video, I’m at 16 weeks too and this pain is unbearable…the kind of pain no one tells you about! Going all the way to my lower back especially on the right side ��. Was freaking out big time but thank you for the reassurance love. And you are beautiful ��.

  • It hurts really bad to stand or walk and my midwife says it’s round ligament pain but it’s constant. I’ve gone to the hospital three times and they say to take a warm bath but it’s so bad I can sleep.

  • I’m 16 weeks today and I’ve been feeling these pains since I was around 11 weeks. It’s awful. Been to the hospital twice because I thought there was something wrong (1st pregnancy). Now the baby is visible growing as days go by and I have so much abdominal pain (not just lower abdomen, but around the stomach area as well) it’s not even funny! I’m not having a beautiful pregnancy so far, thought it would be more glamorous like on tv but it’s so far from the truth!!!! I’m definitely happy but I’m not having the time of my life so far xD

  • I’m 15 weeks pregnant and today is the first time I’m feeling pressured cramps at the centre of my lower abdomen. wondering if it’s round ligament pain

  • So glad I saw this video! I know I’m not alone. Currently 22 weeks pregnant and my round ligament pain started at exactly 20 weeks. At first it lasted two days mild to severe pain, this week it’s full blown severe pain. I wanted to cry and told my husband he will never touch me again. I am literally counting down to August 4th.

  • Girl Im 21 weeks pregnant and this is so uncomfortable!! I feel like i went to the gym and did abs. My back, hips, upper abdomen everything hurts. I cant even make love to my husband because I cant move like at all!! �� I hope it gets better soon.

  • Thanks for this. It’s reducing my anxiety a little. I’m 18 wks and got this way since going to the Physio a few days ago. I can’t deal with the pain on and off. Haven’t slept tonight.

  • I’m scared I’m 15 and I had my period 2 weeks ago but I keep getting really really bad pains in my tummy and its now getting into my lower back I don’t know what to do my mum keeps asking me if I’m all right and now all my family is asking me the same the Are you alright? And I lie and say I’m fine and now my body does not want food I have eaten a sandwich today but I couldn’t finish it because I was full but the thing is that I didn’t have anything yesterday because I was full and I didn’t want anything. What should I do??

  • Oh my goodness!! I am about 15 and half weeks pregnant and I have been having a smooth pregnancy until now. All the sudden I was experiencing pain on my left lower abdomen. No one informed me of this. Now I know. UGH it’s okay anything for my babies ��

  • I’m pg with my 2nd little one. And I’m just shy of 13weeks.. is it normal to get round ligament pains this early? Because I get them with sneezing or moving to fast already.

  • Is it normal RLP to be a constant dull pain? I’m 30 weeks and this dull pain in that area on both sides has been going on for 5 days now.

  • hi ive been having tightness in my stomach and than I have to go pee and sometimes it happens, im 21 weeks and I don’t know what it could be…

  • Namaste, I am glad that the ancient wisdom of INDIA and Hindusim ( yoga and meditation) is appreciated and adapted all over the world now…

  • What forced me to research this was I had the worst round ligament pain yesterday (I usually get mild ones) and now I know its because I sat down for over 7hrs making my hair yesterday something I’ve never done since i got pregnant. I was surprised to see that some of the tips stated I discovered on my own and I’d already started doing them when I noticed the relief they gave me like being on all fours and knee to abdomen position. I’m going to add the daily walks.

  • Suffering this kind of pain is excruciating especially when its aggravated by fibroids as well. I am 16weeks pregnant and i could barely get out of bed because of the pain! ��

  • Omg I’m at week 16 today and this started for me last night I thought I had kidney stones or something bad. This is the worst pain ever I haven’t slept all night and I just want to cry!!! I’m super tiny so I can imagine everything is doing a lot of stretching I hope it doesn’t come back again. Thank you for sharing!

  • I started to have pinching sesation in my lover belly at week 14. I was worried and called doctor she said if I am not bleeding or puking all is fine. I could not explain the pain to nobody. It would pinch me on left side of belly in one moment and in the another moment I was fine. I was so worried ������ now I am week 16 and sometimes I feel it, sometimes i feel like I am going to explode. I guess those are things that nobody tells you ��

  • I had severe round ligament pain several days ago that had me to my knees and vomiting. I was crying out in pain, the stabbing pain would last 5 minutes or so at a time every hour for about 18 hours. It was very intense, I was scared for my baby. My mother thought it looked and sounded worse than labor because labor isn’t a sharp pain, she said. Round ligament pain can be extremely painful, it’s definitely something that can’t be ignored

  • Thank God I found this. I turn 15w in two days, and I’m going through this right now. I refuse to throw up, but food has been going right through me. It’s Hell!!

  • Thanks for the video! I really appreciate that you included family practitioners and midwives along with OB’s as providers. Also, thanks for saving Tylenol for tip #9 and for #10, reassurance is such an important piece! Nice work and keep it up.

  • I crossed my legs a bit fast and the pain was so sharp and painful. I felt it in the middle and on the sides. I am exactly 15 weeks. I was so scared that I squished the baby when I did that. I was naseaus for a moment. It went away then. I am thinking it’s round ligament pain. What do you think?

  • Going through this right now and I’m relieved to know I’m not alone in this unbearable pain. I get sharp knifelike pains during my ovulation so I’m always prepped with painkillers! I just wasn’t prepared for this round ligament pain! It feels terribly horrible! And it won’t go away! Started once I turned 15wks now into 16wks and I can’t seem to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel! ������. Thanks for sharing this!

  • THANK YOU 4 THIS VIDEO!! Im 18 weeks pregnant and I’m having excruciating lower abdomen and lower back pains for 2 days straight now! I went to ER and they said me and the baby are fine. I was really worried because online it says it’s only supposed to last for a few minutes but mine is lasting for days. I’m so happy to find this video because I thought something was really going wrong. I can’t wear a maternity belt because I’m carrying small and my belly is too small. So I’m just in bed all day. It sucks! Will look into a chiropractor tomorrow!

  • I’m 17 weeks and last night was the worst night of my life omg. I feel a little better now but its so frustrating that nobody talks about little stuff like this when talking about pregnancy. It’s portrayed as all kittens and rainbows when this ish hurts lol thankyou for the video!

  • 16 weeks pregnant here ��‍♀️��
    And I am terribly experience it now ������
    I can’t easily move or roll over to my bed and when going to the CR to pee I can’t get up easily it is the worse pain I have experienced ������

  • Thank you so much I’m on week 16 and as you said they tell you it comes and goes oh boy not me I have been aching for 5 days now Tylenol not even working glad to know I’m not alone

  • I felt it almost every second day in first three months of my pregnancy continuously couldn’t able to walk even, but Thank God my baby n me both of us are healthy now it’s my 16 week today I felt that pain again m on rest today ———

  • hi I’m 25 weeks and have sharp pain in my right side the baby like the right side and I have been having cramps and lower back pain would it be ligament pain

  • Thank you for making this video, I thought it was just going to go away and it hasn’t so it is good to hear that it is normal, some people seem to cruise through pregnancy and I have been in and out of hospital with Hyperemisis for nearly for months and now al, this ligament pain, now the anxiety is kicking in that I can’t do this if i am struggling this much maybe I’m not meant to be a mum (stupid thoughts I know) people say “well I never had any of this to me” the last thing you want to hear when u are exhausted, I’m like ” way to go make me feel like more of a failure” It is good to hear I’m not alone and it does happen, although I am sorry for anyone with this pain. ��

  • I think I’m going threw the same thing it’s difficult to walk upright I’m hunched over cause of the pain I just turned 16 weeks today no vomiting or anything just discomfort and pain super scary

  • Yesterday, I turned 16 weeks and WHEW the pain all throughout the night was unbearable. I almost went to the ER but the pain eventually let up a little bit. I’m happy to have found this video to know that I’m not crazy

  • I’m 13 weeks and currently going through this. Mind is mild and my pain comes every 5-10 minutes ��. I have moments where i just yell out in pain. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I was tossing and turning all night.

  • I’m a bartender at my job and as I was loading up the pieces of my bar I had broken down to go thru the dishwasher, I heard\felt this pop and quietly screamed. Every step felt like I was getting stabbed. I’ve had to start my bar breakdown 4 hours earlier and no one understands how bad this is for me.

  • 2nd pregnancy but my first time ever having round ligament pain.. Honestly shocked how painful it is I’ve been cramping all day as if I’m about to start a period!

  • How you will come to know that it is round ligament pain?i’m 13th week 6day pregnant. I have severe pain that goes at back as well?

  • I’m having lower pain like I feel like it’s stretching out like opening and I’m 26 weeks pregnant but I went to the hospital like a month ago or two because I had the same pain but I was having also back pain and they told me it was going on so I don’t know if it’s normal or what can I do it in that situation I get lower pain when I walk like walk like a for about 10 minutes it still hurts and everytime I get up the bed it hurts but sometimes not always and I’ve been having this pain for about 2 weeks now and I just feel like it’s stretching out my hips and it’s hurting a lot of my lower

  • I’m currently dealing with this at 25weeks, you’re the first person to say how it’s severe pain all day and night. I can barely stand up straight to walk, and haven’t been getting any sleep.

  • Omggggg girl my pelvis lights on FIRE when i get the stretching pains!! Im 18wks now and my tummy randomly tightens now too. No pain with that but my ligament pain is excruciating.

  • Thank you love for posting this!! I felt like I was dying as well and though it was my appendix or a kidney infection, turns out just ligament stretching. Who would’ve thought? Thank you again for sharing<3

  • Thank you for sharing I have been experiencing the terrible pains I’m 15 weeks pregnant I thought I was dying couldn’t move from the bed this has been very helpful

  • Omg thnks to this.. i started to get worried coz they said it last few minutes but mine last like a few hours and would come back.. like it last a long time

  • I also went to a chiropractor and they gave me a massage and felt how tight I was so they massaged the tightness out. It’s been two weeks and I have no pain. That round ligament pain was horrible but thankful it’s gone….well at least for now. LOL

  • thank you for doing this video! it’s 1:45 am where i live and i am crying. almost 15 weeks pregnant.. experiencing this pain for about 36 hours and I’m on my way to the e.r. in an hour or so… i can barely breathe

  • I didn’t get sick or nauseated but the pain every single day is doing my head in! I’m 20 weeks and it’s been hurting for 2 weeks now!

  • No one ever talks about this. I’m currently experiencing the same thing,I can’t wait for this phase to subside. Unfortunately in my country we do not have the access to chiropractors. So I have to wing it. ����

  • Thanks so much for this video. I’ve been reading about ligament pain and it said that that pain goes sways after a while but not in my case. I was getting super worry about it. Your video made me feel relive knowing I’m not the only one

  • round ligament varicosities? I have what looks like a lump on left side groin that is achy and painful after I stand. It is bulging. I am 17 weeks pregnant and will be asking for a sonogram or ultrasound soon. My fear is that it may rupture before delivery. I had a c section with my daughter and i am also concerned i will have to have another due to this.Any recommendations?I am desperate.

  • I get this sometimes. But its mild and i just take it with a smile because it makes me know my baby is alive and stretching the hell out of me.

  • I’m 34 weeks pregnant was in the hospital twice suffering from extreme pain and what I thought was a right inguinal hernia. I was discharged last night with the diagnosis of round ligament pain. I couldn’t believe it. I have a very high tolerance for pain and never took pain meds even after an emergency appendectomy. This was the worst pain I’ve felt in my life. It was even causing contractions on the monitor, although I was completely closed/ not dilated. I found your video and it was such a godsend. I slowed it down to x 0.5 and it was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing the precious gift of your time and knowledge with the world.

  • I been having round ligament pain really bad I can only sleep on my back and even then it hurts and when I go to walk it hurts so bad I’m 16 weeks pregnant

  • I’m going through this right now and I feel so bad because I can barely take care of my 15 month old! I feel like I’ve been kicked by a mule!

  • I’m a caregiver and work 8 hours and omg!! I go home crying it’s so bad!! I am standing all day and Its so much i have to lift my tummy and I’m about to be 15 weeks. I’m to the point of leaving my job. I get so scared it can be something serious since I’ve lost 2 already. Laying on my sides doesnt work but I’ve seen laying on my back does. Thank u for this video

  • Oh my gosh thank you so much for this. I experienced true round ligament pain today (13w+4) and I absolutely could not move. I was terrified, and nothing online says that it might last longer than a few minutes. This is so reassuring thank you.

  • Thank You Dr. But i actually done most of your tips and nothing work so far
    I have RL pain for 4dàys now and it’s aggravated with fibroids ������

  • Glad you expressed on this. I am having worse pains back and forth now for over three months, the end of second semester. Living and managing the pain.

  • I’m 15 weeks tomorrow and whew chile this pain came from nowhere a couple nights ago. It woke me from my sleep. Tried taking a extra strength Tylenol and no difference. I know I have a long ways to go. Be blessed and a wonderful journey ladies ��

  • Thank you so much. U are the only person who kept it real.. im in soo much pain, i thought something was wrong with me. I went to the ER on Friday and Saturday bc the pain was so intense. And no one really explained that they can last for days. Thank you, thank you….

  • During second trimester I had 2 days of round ligament pain… 1 at like 16 weeks and 1 around 21 weeks.. I thought I was done.. but here I am @ almost 35 weeks, baby did a karate move last night and I have been feeling the pain ever since.. this one is worst than both previous times. I can’t lay down, hurts when I stand too long, hurts when I sit.. doctor said it’s growing pains and esp since my belly is not that big and I haven’t gained much weight..there are some round ligament stretches on YT.. they help a bit, just don’t overdo it. Thanks for the video!!

  • Thank you for the advice:) I think I had contractions yesterday now that you have described all of that…. I thought that one of my babies, babyA had moved onto my nerve, because the pain was so intense that I was throwing up.

  • I guess I should count my blessings. My pain isn’t unbearable or intense, it just surprises me and of course makes you nervous when it’s sharp. Mine were from 13-14 weeks so far.
    23 weeks now and they are back!

  • I’m 25 weeks I’ve been having the round ligament pain only when I walk the more I walk the more it hurts nd the longer I’m on my feet the more vaginal pressure I feel what should I do?

  • Those pains were my first sign of pregnancy. This should be hyped up just as much as nausea! I was not aware and wasn’t ready! Thought I busted a kidney or something when I stretched one day!

  • I’m 14 weeks and 5 days and this EXACT thing just happened to me last night and i actually went to the ER because i thought i was miscarrying. It was SOOO painful and constant and i had no idea what it was. The doctor told me it was round ligament pain too, but from everything i read i thought that kind of pain was suppose to be quick. I’m not in as much pain now, but MAN i was scared. Its reallyyyyy reassuring for me to hear your story and know I’m not the only one thats felt like this!

  • omg i’m dealing with this now and it’s absolutely horrible! the pain is the worst i’ve ever experienced and make me think what will labor pains be like?! ��

  • I am so happy I found this video. I’m typing from my hospital bed at 19 weeks pregnant. It started 2 days ago on vacation in Miami and have but stopped. Not for one second. I was in pain I couldn’t describe. I took a flight from Miami to home and into the hospital for help. Today I’m day 3 and on pain meds. I hope it do not last a week.

  • I’m soooo happy to know I’m not alone! It happened to me just recently the day after I turned 16 weeks. I just KNEW something was wrong. Ended up going to the ER twice! And everything, all my labs, fetal heart tones was normal. I was so confused and hurt and felt like no one was taking me serious. I’m so happy I found this video because I thought I was going crazy!

  • I got out of my car today and felt like I was stabbed. All the air left my lungs. It quickly subsided. But then it switched sides where my little one has been endlessly kicking. It’s been sore all night, doing better laying down. Almost 19 weeks. Thanks so much for posting this. I felt like I was crazy lol

  • I’m 12 weeks 2 days with my first baby and if I turn to quickly in the bed I’ll get the pain and now since my belly is trying to pop out I’ll feel the pain when I cough or sneeze. It hurts so bad but I’m so lucky that it doesn’t last for more than a minute

  • I assumed I was having a miscarriage, went to the obgyn.. they assumed it’s a fibroid I had that keeps growing and is now 8.5 cm. This pain started yesterday and went away. Came back today and lasted all day all night… I hope the rest of my 15th week isn’t like this. What the hell is this. Totally unexpected and nothing like the usual you read about…

  • omg I’m glad I found your video Im 15 weeks n 5 days today ughhhh the pain is so bad when I get up my bed n walk around. Thinking of going back to the doctor cus I can’t deal

  • Thank you so much for sharing. It feels so good to know I’m not the only one going through this. I seriously was considering going to the chiropractor once a couple weeks ago when I started feeling this. After watching your video I felt was so encouraged You have given me hope when I felt so helpless.

  • I’m goin thru the same thing I’ve been dealing with this everyday all day for a couple months layin in bed hurtin right now this is ridiculous