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Things that may help: Pain medication. You can use over-the-counter (OTC) pain meds, like ibuprofen (Motrin) to ease pain and cramping. Other tools. A heating pad or hot water bottle is a drug-free way to help ease pain and cramping.

The warmth may also Environment. When you experience the. Physical healing from a miscarriage can take several weeks. Generally, heating pads and ibuprofen can help alleviate the cramping sensations.

Recovery looks a lot like home treatments for menstrual cramps or pelvic pain. Emotional healing can take much longer. The most common symptom of a miscarriage is usually vaginal bleeding. Contact your GP, midwife or 111 if you think you’re having a miscarriage.

If the miscarriage is complete and your uterus is empty, you probably won’t need further treatment. Sometimes all the tissue doesn’t come out. If. The amount of time it takes to emotionally heal after a miscarriage is different for everyone. Give yourself as much time as you need to grieve.

Most people feel better when they have someone supportive to talk to. Even if you don’t think there’s anybody in your life you can lean on, know that you’re not alone. What to do if you think you’re having a miscarriage If you think you might be experiencing signs of miscarriage, the most important thing to do is stay calm and call your healthcare provider immediately.

In many cases, a miscarriage will take around two weeks to pass naturally. Your doctor may prescribe the medication misoprostol (Cytotec) to help a miscarriage pass more quickly. Bleeding may. Discovering you’re pregnant by simultaneously discovering you’re having a miscarriage can be devastating.

Many women will be confused about the grief they feel following this type of experience. It’s important for the woman and her loved ones to recognize that those feelings of grief are validated and normal, and help her process the loss. Sex doesn’t cause miscarriage, but it’s a good idea to abstain if you’re having these symptoms. You may have light bleeding and cramping for a few weeks.

You can wear sanitary pads but no tampons during this time and take acetaminophen for the pain. If you’re having the symptoms of miscarriage, call your hospital’s early pregnancy unit (EPU), if it has one. Check the Association of Early Pregnancy Units (AEPU) to find your nearest EPU.

If there is no EPU near you, call your GP or your hospital’s out-of-hours gynaecology service.

List of related literature:

The signs and symptoms of miscarriage include vaginal spotting or bleeding, cramping or pain in the abdomen, lower backache, fluid or tissue discharge from the vagina, and feeling faint or light­headed (Medical News Today, 2013).

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MISCARRIAGE: for prevention and hemorrhage control, drink raspberry tea every hour with / teasp.

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Abdominal cramping and heavy bleeding are signs of a miscarriage.

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If you’re experiencing the type of heavy bleeding and painful cramping that signal a miscarriage, there’s usually nothing, unfortunately, that can be done to stop the inevitable.

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If you are miscarrying, bleeding will become heavier and cramping can be painful as the cervix dilates.

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Call your health care provider if you have bleeding during pregnancy.

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Any type of vaginal bleeding can be worrisome during pregnancy and should be assessed by your health­care provider, but sometimes the light bleeding or spotting you experience is completely harmless and not a symptom of an impending miscarriage.

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You cannot prevent an impending miscarriage, but you should save any tissue that you pass and take it to your physician for examination.

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If there is severe abdominal pain and profuse vaginal bleeding with passage of clots and tissue, it indicates that miscarriage is already taking place and the woman should be referred to hospital for curettage and termination.

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Natural miscarriage.

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  • I just lost my baby for days ago I was six weeks pregnantAnd I’m still bleeding I have and see a doctor they scheduled me an appointment until the 22nd which is a long time from now and I want more answers what can I do how can I know if it’s done the miscarriage and I feel OK to try again in the future

  • Mam m having severe stomach ache traveling to breastbone, back and the in shoulder…
    Aslo I got constant bleeding like period.. and 10 days aftr periods I m having slight spotting every 2nday… Is it a miscarriage?

  • I am not for sure but I do believe I had three miscarriages. One in January of 2016, one in April of 2016, and one in September of 2017. The first two were painful and I had mistaking it for a period. I couldn’t walk, talk, stand, or anything both times it was horrible. The third possible time was the absolute worst I was literally on my hands and knees begging some one to please take the pain away. I had lots of blood clots a few women said that I was miscarrying I couldn’t talk through the pain with this one either. All three times were very painful. But every test I took said negative. I could just tell my body was off, but I’ll never know if I really did or not I believe I did miscarry three different times.

  • Hello, how do you do? Dobbie Nerkstrol’s Infertility Cure was quite a read huh? If you haven’t read it, well I think you should. It’s just empowering to know you can beat infertility and get pregnant within 60 days!

  • So I’m not really sure if I’ve had a miscarriage or not but I thought I’d come here for help. I was in the depo shot for 3 years and recently got off of it 6 months ago. I got my first period since getting off of it, last month and it was normal and lasted 7 days (just like before I got on depo). The only weird thing was, after day 3 I stopped bleeding at night. This month my period was 5 days “late”. I took a couple pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. THEN suddenly my period came but it was odd this time. I had cramps from hell the first two days. Day 2 had more clots than usual and by that night I wasn’t bleeding anymore. Day 3 was nothing but brown spotting. I took a late night pregnancy test in case it was one of those occasions where your pregnant and get a period but it was negative. I’m wondering if this was a very early pregnancy that wasn’t detected and I just lost it. I did notice while I was late that I was getting heartburn and nausea at night which doesn’t usually happen but didn’t really think of it until now. Any ideas?

  • Today I had my miscarriage in 5 years 1st time I got my pregnancy test positive dr also confirmed next day I lost my pregnancy I come to know very early even before missed period because I was having very light bleeding everyday so I took pregnancy test

  • Hello, I just had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and I saw the heartbeat at 9 weeks. But my doctor told me that it’s not that uncommon at this time. This kind of conflicts with what you said about chances and rates of miscarriage

  • My wife is pregnant with our first child. thank you for sharing and sorry for your loss. You are a brave strong woman to do this at a period when your most vulnerable. thank you

  • is it true you are more fertile after a miscarriage because I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks n 4 days pregnant and its been now 4 weeks since than and I never got my period this month and now having clear with a little white stretchy discharge and also having pregnancy symptoms?

  • I’m going through a miscarriage I’m pretty sure I missed my period on 12 of august and started bleeding on 7th of sept with a bit of clotting and blood then as day passed full blown bleeding and little clotting and non stop bleeding and now extreme cramping on left side compared to the other bad cramps..

  • I mis-carried about a week ago at 13 weeks and im completely heart broken. It sucks because now im totally afraid of getting pregnant again. I don’t want to have to go threw this again.

  • I’ve have just recently had a miscarriage at 7 weeks, I live in the U.K. and I don’t think I was given enough information about it so this video has helped me so much and my experience was very similar to yours so thank you again.

  • I don’t know if I’m going through a miscarriage. Last night when I went to the bathroom and I wiped and it was like a water color light pink. And it went away with two wipes. I checked the toilet and there was a discharge. I’ve been going crazy but today I’m going to call my OB. I’m 6weeks pregnant.

  • I’m so sorry you and yours had to go through this.:( I was unable to get pregnant with my ex husband and thought i would never have any kids. I met my current husband and we immediately got pregnant, but i lost the baby around 7 weeks. I was heartbroken but honestly hopeful too. I had gotten pregnant!! So after the suggested wait time we tried again and immediately got pregnant with our rainbow baby! I was terrified of losing her the whole time. She is a okay! We waited a year and started trying for a second and I have never gotten pregnant since. I am/was devastated! I didn’t even know secondary infertility was a thing. I hit 40 last year and decided I should give up, my husband has been done wanting to try for years anyway. I still cry regularly over having only one. I know I am blessed but I can’t shake the disappointment and pain. Heads up Mama’s. <3

  • 28/1/2016 this is my 2nd miscarriage. this time 10 week miscarriage happened. I dont understanding at all.why this happen. I didn’t have any pain

  • Hi I had three Miscarriage but dr don’t know why they can’t find out I m again pregnant but still beelding please help me how can I do thanks

  • Hello, how are you so I’m spotting and it been 3 days now and I want to the doctor to have a ultrasound n Im 7 weeks they say the was no heart beat.. I have to go back n a week but I think I’m having a miscarriage

  • I can’t tell if I’m having a period or a miscarriage. I missed last months period and took many tests and all where negative. Now I’ve got it back but it’s super heavy and cramps are super painful and all day I’ve had this weird incontinence when I walk or stand, like no erge to pee or sneezing it just comes out….I just don’t know.

  • I know this was a few weeks ago but I just saw this and just wanted to say, I am so sorry for you loss. Going through this isn’t easy, I have been there. Thank you for sharing even these hard times, lots of love to you!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m so sorry for your loss❤️��! I feel your grief. We had our son on July 10, 2014 and followed by 3 miscarriages from 6-12 weeks and each one was extremely painful to handle. It was extremely lonely place to be��. But I’m happy to say we now have a healthy and happy 15 months old baby girl❤️❤️! Sending you love��

  • I need help on figuring out if I am having a miscarriage or not.
    I am 3 weeks pregnant and yesterday I was spotting and today I had a light flow and as time went by it kept getting more towards a heavy flow and clots, I started to pain all in my pelvic and non stop blood for hours. I also had missed my period last week when I was suppose to have it. ( I am 16 years old and my parents don’t know, afraid to tell and would love someone’s input on this matter)

  • My wife is going through one right now. I literally never experienced anything so sad and horrible. It really is different when it happens to you. I’m so lost and feel like a hole is in my chest

  • love the take aways. Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to grieve properly with my ex-spouse and I want to say that was part of the downfall of our marriage but as life goes I have started seeing other things as well well. This was just kind of a symptom and it sucks because you didn’t have time to heal what was really broken on top of this type of loss which was four times for us. so yeah thanks for sharing it did bring back some memories thoughts and sadness for me because I didn’t have that opportunity to get deeper with my now ex-spouse. but yeah the the miscarriage topic is very taboo and I did kind of feel like I was in a world where people were like get over it try again just try again and that was the hardest part because trying AGAIN brought stress and more stress and another loss and another loss so that’s my story.
    Prayerfully You are having more good days than sad days now.

  • I’m also experiencing this, today was my first ultrasound and they couldn’t find a heartbeat, I feel so broken and I know I’m not the only one

  • Thank you for this video….I misscarriage 3 times at 5 weeks and 7 weeks. Last misscarriage, I spend one night at the hospital because the bleeding was not stopping. And yes it was painful physically and emotional. Prayers for all the women who had gone thru this.

  • Thank you for this video. It’s a very important topic. I had a miscarriage at 26 weeks. It was truly painful. But life goes on, and now, a year later, I am pregnant again

  • You show such honor to your child by telling his/her brief story. Their life, albeit a short one, has been a blessing to many people ❤

  • I’ve had 7mmc and 2ectopics today I sadly loss my baby today and I’m feeling like I’m never going to be a mum this video gives me hope x if I’ve lost this many does it mean I can’t carry

  • Sorry for your loss! I suffered a miscarriage last month and it was so heartbreaking. I’m doing better now after some prayer and support.

  • Im so sorry for your miscarriages. I myself also had a couple of miscarriages and the symptoms were all i little different. Im actually going to make a video about my miscarriage symptoms as well very soon.. we are all in this together, we should always share our experience it can help alot of girls. May god bless you!

  • I had a miscarriage today at 6 weeks. It hurts because we wanted this 2nd pregnancy after waiting 17 years. It is so heartbreaking for me and my family. ��

  • i had a scan at 7 weeks and 5 days… and there was no heartbeat found….he said its probably a miscarriage…. and told me to came in again after 2 weeks…. is there any hope?

  • help from miscarriage that the doctors can’t help and for sure it’s spiritual

    Do rugyah x3 times sabah + al aser+ before u sleep plus al tahseen
    for Help whatsapp +218914926807

  • Idk if I’m going through one..2weeks ago took a test came positive a day after I bleed very heavy alot of tissue..took a shower cloths came out..went to the doc he said they couldn’t find nothing on the ultrasound sound so he think it’s a threatened now my breasts is sore bad cramps and lower back pain…so I’m lost on what’s going on now��..I’m around 6 weeks now

  • I recently just had miscarriage today. I started spotting yesterday and it started getting a little heavier. I looked it up on google and it said it was normal. And earlier today I was laying by the pool and I had feeling to go inside so when I was walking inside not even 5 seconds later I had blood going down my legs. I went to the bathroom to go clean myself. & I went to the bathroom and I felt something that wasn’t normal so I looked down and there was my baby. I wasn’t to far only 8 weeks! But ALWAYS go to the doctor or call your OBGYN if you feel like something is wrong. ALWAYS trust your gut feeling!

  • I took alot of pregnant test and it all say yesssss and then I think I just had a miscarriage because I was bleeding and spotting then couple weeks later I took a test and it says I’m not pregnant

  • I’m very sorry for your losses, dear. I myself haven’t experienced a miscarriage & of course never hope to but I believe you will be fortunate enough to have a healthy pregnancy in the future. When I was about 5 weeks pregnant, I was at very high risk for miscarriage as I was bleeding heavily & there was blood clotting between the egg and the uterine wall. The doctor said it was an almost 100% chance the egg would detach and die. I took it easy for weeks after & have been blessed. Tomorrow I will be 15 weeks �� I’ll be praying for you. Good will still come, don’t give up or be discouraged

  • Your story is probably resonating with so many people… it is so brave of you to share it. Lean on God during this timehe will lead you through this.❤️

  • I am so sorry for your loss… my heart goes out to you and your family. I am praying for you and will continue to do so. You are so amazing and strong and you have every reason to feel down right now. But don’t let this steal your joy. You are an amazing mother and an amazing wife and a amazing woman. God’s got you. Much love for you and your family

  • I have just had two back to back early miscarriages. I knew it was coming both times because my test stayed faint for 6 days. Such a bummer.. �� first miscarriage I woke up with excruciating back pain. This time, I just knew it was coming and bawled all day before the bleeding started. I wish I could find a solution and don’t have to go through another.

  • I started bleeding 3 days ago. Started as spotting (I thought it was implantion bleeding), went to the Dr’s today and I’m probably miscarrying. I feel so sad and empty now. Wondering what it would’ve been like to have a third. I already have 2 girls and was hoping for a boy. ��������������

  • God bless you katie������…
    I am experiencing a miscarriage at 13/10/2020, two month left and this 1/2020 i was suppose to get period at 23/2020 but i was not.. And… Hope fully this is it…��, God Bless all Women, Pregnant is amazing…

  • Thank you for sharing! I am so sorry for your loss. It must have not been easy for you to share and I appreciate it. I have so many friends who sadly have experienced miscarriages. I have tried to provide my support as much as I could to them, however I believe it is a very personal journey. I hope anyone who is going through this at the moment finds piece at heart one day or another. You are not alone! Please always ask for help if you need it. Thank you again for your story. xx

  • I’ve just had a miscarriage I was 7 weeks I had a scan there was a sac but no baby I’ve had healthy pregnancies in the past but this is with a new partner also were I work 2 other ladies have miscarried too and my workplace is a supermarket were it’s been very hot there just wondered could i have miscarried due to being too hot in there as there are no air conditioning thanks

  • I found out lost my baby 3 days ago. I was 10 weeks pregnant… But during the ultrasound the fetus shows it’s only 8 weeks.. my ob said that my baby stops growing for 2 weeks, no heartbeat. we tried 3 hope was there. I was too attached and excited on my second pregnancy. Im trying to move on but it’s just not that easy..too painful too accept.

  • Thank you for sharing. I hope you feel better. ��I too experience a miscarriage at 6 to 7 wks. This was going to be my 4th baby. I have 3 small kids all under 5 yrs old. Like you mentioned it was hard to grieve over my loss because I have more kids.

  • I had a missed miscarriage Dec 2017
    I went to my 13 week appointment and the doctor said baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and showed no heartbeat. Is there a specific reason why a baby stops growing?

  • Mam I have 4 miscarriage in 2 years.every time same problem I have that is no baby’s growth stop aftr 5 week doctr find nothing me too wory plz tell me what to do

  • Im 10 weeks pregnant, and have been bleeding for almost 3 straight days. It started off light but now its definitely more like a regular period. I have no pain though, but have been passing small amount of blood clots here and there. I am still bleeding, its like a light to medium flow. I have never had a miscarriage before, so I don’t know if I am definitely having one. It has to be, for me to be believing this much for so long, right?

  • I’m pretty sure I’m currently going through a miscarriage. Yesterday I just didn’t feel good at the store, was light headed and dizzy. Came home later in the evening felt worse and the started getting brown discharge. I’m almost 5wks and my hcg as of today is only 21 mIU/mL and I’ve been bleeding for the last hour or so. I just don’t feel right.

  • I loss my baby girl at 19 weeks 1 day. I was on 200mg Of progesterone supplements for the first 15 weeks. At 17 weeks I started bleeding. My baby had a strong heartbeat my entire pregnancy and my baby lived for over two hours. Do you think being taken off the progesterone caused me to shed my uterine lining and ultimately give birth? I do suffer from low progesterone levels. Maybe my body was not producing the amount of progesterone needed to sustain the pregnancy? How I wish my doctor never took me off it.

  • My baby passed 2 weeks ago and I’m scheduled for a D&C in 3 days, but I have a feeling I won’t make it thru the weekend. I totally got the night sweats, like drenching the sheets type. I didn’t realize until we got the news, but my nipple soreness disappeared a couple weeks ago. We plan to try again. Thanks for the video.

  • I had a miscarriage early June of 2019 with my first pregnancy. I was 9 weeks but baby was measuring at 5 weeks. It was an eye opening experience. I never knew all that happens when going threw a miscarriage. It’s so hard. Now I’m 7 weeks pregnant had some spotting and it scared me so bad. But everything looks good so far. It truly opened my heart even wider for all with a loss of a baby.

  • I am so afraid to miscarry or lose my baby to SIDS. This is my first pregnancy and already becoming a parent has been worrisome. Currently 14weeks/2 days and doctors say I’m healthy and should have a healthy pregnancy but I’ve always had this gut feeling that I couldn’t have children after I took the Depo birth control shot and bled for a year straight (no breaks)..

  • I am so sorry that you and your family are going through this. My husband and I just experienced this 4 weeks ago with our third baby after two healthy babies and pregnancies. I am praying over you and your family. It has been the most difficult thing we’ve ever gone through. I am so sorry you have had to experience this more than once. Praying over you guys as you and your husband want to continue to grow your family. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am going to have my thyroid checked as well as all of my vitamin levels and a full panel before we start trying for baby #4.

  • i had miscaridge in first pregnancy so you can imagine how scared I was when in the other pregnanacy they seen nothing and thought I have tubal pregnancy, Thankfully we had mistaken the dates and after 2 weeks there was 6 week fetus in womb.

  • I had a miscarriage eight years ago in 2016 on Mother’s Day I feel sad and night I was thinking of my baby and my nephew of whom my twin sister lossed this last year August 7,2019 grief hurt is real they are together in heaven now

  • Ive had several very early pregnancy losses. and every time the symptoms are the same. Like I just know its happening and the same thing as you with the tests.. super faint, gets a lil darker, then just goes away:(

  • Just had a miscarriage at 10 1/2weeks. This is my second one. I will like to know what questions should
    I ask my health care provider to find out what exactly is the cause. I have hypo thryroidism. I am curious if my meds should have been lower or higher while
    Pregnant. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps answers these questions.

  • My hcg level are low so my doctor just told me I most likely will miscarry but I’m not giving up I will fight for my baby I’m not bleeding everything is normal except the hcg levels

  • I miscarried on November 1st. I was supposed to be 9 weeks, but the baby stopped developing at 5.6 weeks. The pain was so severe that I ended up in the emergency room. I’m still healing emotionally. It’s been difficult. Some days are better than others just like you mentioned. It comes in waves. Thank you for this video. ��

  • I’ve got the same stats too, 4 losses all between 5-6 weeks. With 2 of my MC, my symptoms went away the day before spotting. With both my boys, my symptoms faded closer to 8-9 weeks, though the pregnancies carried on. This stuff makes me crazy.

  • why have I miscarried 2 times and now possibly with 3rd pregnancy from my husband… I have had a baby from another man while hubby and I were not together… why????

  • I had a Miscarriage once. Very empty feeling.Was my second pregnency. I got pregnant again in about 2 month. I was so excited. That pregnacey turned out to be good. I carried a little girl full term. I was so happy I didn,t loose her. Don,t give up Ladies. Keep trying.

  • Oh my Katie. I am so very sorry for your loss. I could see how much you and your family wanted this baby. I pray that you get comfort in this hard time.

  • So I have a 3 month old. Could have sworn we were pregnant.. emotional, nausea, felt like I was… my period was over a week late just thought maybe my body wasn’t back to normal after my baby.. never had the chance to test.. well I had started to have brown spotting (and you know those night sweats which I get with my period) thought ok maybe it’s just my period. Well here I am 10 days bleeding heavy super sad cramps ugh! Is this not my period?! Calling the dr but I have been researching the crap out of it. My insurance is up at the end of the month so it’s now or not at all. I’m scared… we would have been elated to give our daughter a sibling. I know they would have been close but every child is a blessing so it didn’t matter to us. I don’t know what to think… but thank you for sharing you made me feel a little better

  • We just had our first us done but I is not showing positive signs as it slow on growth and hart rate is very low 65bpm our doctor want to do one more us next week but can you give me some ideas what is going on or what we can do. Thanks you.

  • Oh babe. I went through this few weeks ago it’s total heart break and I was 7 week roughly. I have 5 children. I’ve had 1 miscarriage before but it’s such a loss and emptiness. I think you’re lovely I will carry on watching your vids please see mine it may help you too xxx