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What to do Before Baby Comes: Third Trimester Checklist

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7 Things You MUST Do Before Baby Arrives

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25 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born

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10 Things to Do Before Baby’s Arrival

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Preparing Your Home For A Newborn + Postpartum Care For Mom

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9 Things you MUST do Before Baby Comes 1. Stock Up.. After the baby comes you won’t want to put on clothes let alone drag a baby grocery shopping in the 2. Prep Baby’s Stuff.. Not only do you want to have plenty of diapers, wipes, formula, etc. on hand, but you will want 3. 25 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born 1. Pick a birth announcemen t If you live far from family and friends, or if you just want to show off your perfect new baby (who doesn’t want that?), a birth announcement is a great way to introduce your newborn.

Pre-Wash Baby’s Clothes & Bedding. You don’t necessarily have to do this, but some people might be into it. Having the peace of mind in knowing that your baby’s not going to have any reactions due to sensitive skin. You might want to get some baby laundry detergent to use, too.

Guess what, it’s actually kind of fun to wash and fold baby’s tiny little clothes!My checklist: 12 things to do before the baby arrives! Get baby clothes out, washed with Dreft laundry detergent, and put away nicely and neatly (it may be the only time they are organized!). And don’t forget receiving blankets, baby bibs, changing table covers and so on!

Before baby #2 comes, it might be a good idea to go through all of the baby essentials that you already have and make sure they still work properly. Swings, bouncers, sound machines and other battery operated baby supplies may need fresh batteries too. A planner for a sane (and fun!) third trimester: your last hurrah list, smart maternity-leave strategies, and crucial conversations to have with your partner before Birth Day. Have your house cleaned In a BabyCenter survey, a third of moms said they wished they had had their house cleaned before their baby’s arrival.

Consider hiring a housecleaner or asking a friend or family member to tackle this task, maybe while you’re at the hospital or birth center. Nursing pillow. Nursing bras (if buying before baby is born, buy one cup size larger than your pregnant bra size) Breast pads (disposable or washable) Lotion for sore nipples. If you are formula feeding: Lots of bibs. Burp cloths.

Bottle and nipple brush. Breast pump and pump parts. Even if you decide to nurse exclusively, buying or renting a pump gives you an option to hand the baby to someone else to feed. Pumping, especially in the first few days, also helps stimulate production and increase milk supply.

In between building your registry, getting your nursery ready, and all of the other to-dos that come with having a baby, one of the most important things that often gets pushed to the side is sitting down and talking with your partner about the life change that is about to unfold and prepping for the impact it’ll have on your relationship.

List of related literature:

Understand that the baby may come before your scheduled date.

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Parenting Tip If you need to stay in bed right after the birth (as women with C-sections often do), make the bed a playpen and baby-care station by keeping toys, books, diapers, clothing, food, and items needed for breast-feeding within reach.

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Rather, parents should stress the activities that will take place when the baby arrives home, such as diapering, bottle feeding or breastfeeding, bathing, and dressing.

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Do Laundry: Wash your towels, duvet cover, pillow shams, throw rugs, guest sheets, and anything else that needs a once-over before the baby arrives.

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Also make sure your partner packs items he or she will need during the labor and after the birth, such as a toothbrush, changes of clothes, pajamas, and a swimsuit (so he or she can accompany you in the shower or bath).

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Get as much rest as possible in these last days or weeks before birth.

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Talk with your friends and family beforehand to line up assistants to help take care of your older children, cook and clean, or even hold the new baby while you take a shower.

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During the third trimester, couples usually begin “nestbuilding” activities, such as planning the infant’s sleeping arrangements, buying clothes, choosing a name for the infant, and “ensuring safe passage” by learning about birth.

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Rather, parents should stress the activities that will take place when the baby arrives home, such as diapering, bottleor breast-feeding, bathing, and dressing.

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If she is to go to preschool, she should start well before the baby arrives, if possible.

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  • Thank you so much for the advise, very helpful. I’m a first time Mom ( in July) and live across the country from my family. Husband works a lot and while I’ll be in maternity almost alone this advise does help!

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  • sweet memories) Now my baby girl is 3 years old) i have a fresh YouTube channel wHere I post my animated fairytales. I am always opened for collaboration and for a good advice on how to grow my channel

  • Reading, Traveling already lost me these are the last things I want to do right now! I am 35+3 and I have a lot to finish in the nursery and hospital bag, baby supplies! Leaving the house with a toddler and traveling is so I’m realistic maybe this would help FTM but I don’t think this is accurate for REAL moms or real life!! My husband works 5 hrs away and I gone all week as well?! Hot Spring sound great but traveling is out of the question thus stage in the game?!

  • Getting induced on Jan 2nd and I found this sooo helpful. Ive been so wrapped up in getting things together for baby, I totally forgot about the things I will need for myself

  • Sounds like you have it all covered Crystal but I’m sure there will be something that you will remember. Its getting close!! I’m getting very excited and cant wait for your little bubs to be born. Good luck I wish you all the best.

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  • Gurllll dont worry about your hair you are in survival mode lol. my hair been a mess since my first pregnancy month lol a whole mess ��

  • I’m a first time mom. Just started my 7th month. Basically done with the nursery and just learning baby needs to sleep in my room for the first few months ����‍♀️ my husband is gonna remind me for life how much I rushed getting the nursery ready LOL

  • I seriously can’t believe how much you do while you’re pregnant with twins and already have two kids. I only have one child and I feel like I just slept my whole pregnancy. You definitely seem like a great mom and you look beautiful!

  • Thank you for the video, I’m due with my first babygirl October 30th! So nervous but excited at the same time! I’m 34 weeks and I’m already nesting, I even quit my job to enjoy these last few weeks. You inspired me to organize her room ����

  • Thank you so much for this video I have a small area and not a lot of space to put stuff for my baby and you gave the best advice I’ve needed thank you

  • I’m watching all these videos trying to prepare cause I’ll be 4 months next month and time is going by fast I really wish I could know the gender already ��

  • This helped so much! I feel like I know what to do to finish getting ready for my baby boy (arriving this fall!). Also, your little guy is so incredibly cute. “Mom! MOM!” I about died smiling!

  • This is so practical! We are having baby number 2. We have a bedroom available for him but decided not to do a nursery yet because we want to move after he is born. This video gave me some great ideas! Thank you

  • I love this, great video! I’m not a new mom but i did need a refresher on things I should have stocked up around the house before my new little gets here and this was perfect! And also, I liked the little nursery station in your bedroom tour, that was a good bonus because I’ll have to have something like that set up in my room too. Great video!

  • Oh love this! I’m totally going to use the idea with the baby pen! I was trying to decide how to make all that work with baby in my room and guest staying in the nursery for the first few weeks (we won’t be getting a crib until we move to to her own room between 3-6 months so we are keeping the guest bed set up until then because we live cross country from all of our family) so excited I clicked this video! Great tips!

  • Hi! I have the same playpen. I’m wondering which cover you bought for the changing table at target. If you have the link or name that would be helpful. Thank you!

  • I like how simple this was. A lot of videos show a whole nursery, which isn’t even the recommended sleeping place for the first year. This was closer to what I was thinking of doing, and showed me what I still need to figure out. I’m 51 days away from my first!

  • Because I’m selfish and I LOVE your videos, YES, please do another tour of the nursery:) I love how organized you are. Very impressive:)

  • Once upon a child won’t sell anything car seat related because of liability issues. Aftermarket products aren’t safe. You can try calling the manufacturer and see if they have one that goes with the seat you can purchase. ��

  • So much to do! It’s good that you said you’d tackle one or two things a day….just try not to over do it!! I’d love to see a tour of the  nursery….probably after the twins are here….just so it’s all done and we see the finished room:)

  • Love this video! Super practical and not like these others where they dictate what you MUST have and what not. 14+5 weeks and def took some notes.

    Are you from Canada? Because I notice the boppy package was in French and English.

  • Loved learning some new things and new ideas! I’m not a first time mom but I didn’t know there was a set time for how long you were supposed to keep a newborn in your room ����‍♀️ I kept my daughter in our room for the first 2 or 3 months and she did so good in her own room she was sleeping in a toddler bed by 10 months. I’m now 37 weeks with number 2 and plan to keep the baby in our room until they sleep good at night then putting her in the room with her sister.

  • I’m currently about 6 1/2 months along, and my belly barely sticks out, the only thing that sticks out is her feet �� i have no idea why im so small at this point.

  • You are doing great! I was all over the place before my second daughter was born in November. We live in Texas, and my husband was working all the way in Virginia close to my due date. ��

  • That’s so interesting that you have to pay for Junior Kindergarten! Here in FL we have VPK which is voluntary pre-kindergarten, and there’s no cost.
    It seems like you are more than prepared with everything! ��

  • Hi,
    I am from India and things are a lot different here. Being 13 weeks pregnant, I am starting to feel really anxious about how time flies and how unprepared I am. However, your video has helped me get started with at least planning in my head… As in, I kind of know where to invest when it comes to must haves. Thanks a lot for this effort.

  • New sub!! Enjoyed your video even expecting baby number 3 ☺️ check out my channel! I’ve just posted my 29 week pregnancy update ☺️

  • Currently pregnant with baby girl #2 and it’s 4:27am can’t sleep work tomorrow and I just needed to watch a video to fall asleep but this is helpful ima need it! Due to my husband working overnight

  • I’m 35 weeks pregnant as a first time mom and this was a very helpful video for me! Gave me an idea of how to set things up since my shower was just last Sunday and we got a bunch of stuff. I’ve just been trying to figure out an organizational set up system. So this definitely helped!

  • You are so organized! You have a great list going. I kind of have an idea about how to keep up with your baby book while they are still newborn. Most phones allow you to talk to make a text message. While you are nursing, or trying to sleep, or just holding the babies…send yourself a text and that way, when you have time, you will be able to remember things. Just an idea. I call myself all the time to leave messages for something I need to remember. As far as the nursery tour…do what you think you have time for and what you want to do. I am so anxious to see what it ends up looking like. If you are taking “bets” on the gender….my guess is a boy and girl. Have a great day

  • Your video was super helpful. Appreciate it so much. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed. I’m 20 weeks and due 2nd of May 2019. subscribed and watching more videos ❤️

  • Thank you sooooooo much for this video. I am currently 21 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. I have been freaking out about everything that I’ll need. This was so helpful ❤️❤️

  • Oh my Jenny… how can it be third trimester already?! I’m sure it hasn’t felt quick to you. Im so excited to see the new arrival xx

  • Time is going so fast baby will be here before you know it. Good tips here,not that I’m having a baby ��. I know you haven’t been well,but you are glowing on camera. Xx

  • Should we wash all kind of baby stuff socks hat heavy blanket all things? And in machine or with hand just soak? Do we need baby detergent for washing new clothes or just soak in water?

  • THANK YOU!!!! This helped it’s a realistic preparation video that I totally relate with because we will be sharing a room with baby!!!

  • yea, show us any nursery up-dates you have done, but with that list i think we all would understand if you do not get around to it, all the best with your new babies

  • Baby names I loved were Hannah, Claire, Addison, Avery and Ryanne for a girl and Ryder, Jackson, Noah, mason, August, William, Peter and Matthew for a boy. We ended up having a boy and we chose Matthew because we were so drawn to the meaning which is “gift from God”. He was a surprise so the name was so fitting!

  • Now you have me motivated to get some of these things done as well! I’m 25 weeks pregnant so I do have some time but I need to get started soon! This is the carseat cover I have been eyeing up!

  • I’m a first time mom. And I didn’t even think to have a changing station in our bedroom until I watched your video. Super helpful. Than you!!!

  • Nothing from babytrend ever worked out for us. We habe a playpen from ingenuity that had a changing table and a flat bassinet. Looks identical to yours

  • So relatable. I’m having my 3rd baby as well. Don’t have the energy to re arrange kids and rooms right now and my master is large enough to house us and our new son. Its also what we do anyway for the 1st yr of our kids life. This gave me so many great ideas. Its been 5 yrs since our last was born so I totally forgot about prepping bathroom for post partum essentials. Thanks a bunch!!

  • We’re planning on trying for a baby in maybe a year and I’m really scared of making mistakes so I like to plan in advance and you helped me a lot. Thank you

  • I would wait till your in the hospital having the babies and then have your husband move the car seats. That way your not struggling to buckle M & M in the back row pregnant.

  • I laugh d when I saw this because I made a list yesterday too! My brain can calm down now! 😉 You are doing a great job preparing!

  • Having my first! I’ve been looking for a simple video showing what I need to prepare for. This was exactly it! Thanks for posting!

  • Thanks for making this video! I am organizing my nursery and filming my nursery video and this definitely gave me some ideas for a few things but I think the only thing we are putting in our room is the bassinet that has a diaper changing station attached. I set up my breast pump in the nursery but I’m thinking I will temporarily move that into the living room which I would also suggest for you as a lot of moms feel isolated in the bedrooms when they breast feed or pump from what I am told. I hope everything goes well for you!!!

  • These are things you MUST do? Sure, if you have endless time and money. Massages and trips to Bali? That’s what I call high maintenance.

  • Wish I wasn’t so poor and my baby’s father actually loved me.. My pregnancy has been very depressing for me. I just want it to over with already:(

  • my due date is in 15 days but she could come at any time. Been trying to prepare myself in the best way possible for everything before and after birth. this video was really helpful and really well made ����

  • Great video. I love the simplicity and ease of it all. Doesn’t feel overwhelming and for a first time mom it’s refreshing to see a video like this. Thanks ����

  • again, I really like and appreciate this video but I just wanted to point out the stereotype that women pregnant with first baby have more time than woman pregnant with baby or babies already. what if woman with no babies and pregnant are SINGLE? or maybe they juggle work and take care or sick person we really don’t know circumstances they might have no support system or have financial challenges that others might not face so we do not know if woman with baby already automatically has less time

  • I will keep this tips in mind when i am old enough to be pregnant, but though i love your videos!♡ keep on doing this good work:)

  • I wanted to declutter my house for the longest time, but didn’t have motivation. After your video I’m actually motivated to go through some drawers and closets. Thank you girl!