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Cleaning Supplies Safe for Pregnant Women

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Cleaning While Pregnant

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Leaving your windows open helps ventilate your whole home. And if you’re cleaning a windowless bathroom, for example, keeping the door ajar helps dissipate fumes (even if. For instance, baking soda can clean your bathtubs and ovens, while a solution of vinegar and water can work wonders on countertops and glass.

Stay Away From Kitty Litter Most doctors advise pregnant women to not change cat litter. Cleaning is a good aerobic workout so don’t shy away from it unless the doctor has you on restricted physical activity; the exercise is good for baby too and keeps your stomach and back muscles. You should avoid climbing, stretching and bending while you are pregnant but you can’t wait for 9 months to dust your house. You have two options; either you are going to book a cleaning session and let the professionals fight against the darkness or. To keep things tidy: When you get off the couch to go to the bathroom, take the plates or cups out of the living room. Put everything in the dishwasher (even things you wouldn’t normally put in there!) and run it often.

Wipe the kitchen/bathroom counters daily. Certain tasks such as removing kitty litter and other chores that involve pet waste or that pose risk to the unborn fetus should be avoided completely by the pregnant woman. Other members of the household should take care of these chores.

While cleaning the pregnant woman should make sure to take frequent breaks so not to stress her body. Wear a mask and rubber gloves to keep cleaning products off your hands. Keep the room where you’re working well ventilated. If there’s not a window in the room (like in some bathrooms) turn on a. Mixing equal parts white vinegar and water is a good option.

Don’t lift: If you wonder how to clean when pregnant seeing your dusty furniture, it is better to stop thinking. Avoid lifting any heavy objects during pregnancy as this is risky. Don’t lift furniture or even a full bucket of water. First, remind yourself and your spouse that the current state of your household is a consequence of having more important matters to attend to.

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow, For babies grow up, I’ve learned, to my sorrow. So quiet down, cobwebs. How to Keep Your House Clean While Pregnant Avoid Fumes. Harsh, abrasive chemicals may need to be nixed if you haven’t already.

1  Try your hand at some green Keep Away From the Kitty Litter. The one chore that you do need to nix is the kitty litter. The reason being is that cat Watch Your.

List of related literature:

Cleaning: Using eco-friendly cleaning products is always better, so start during pregnancy.

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You don’t have time to clean every part of the house every day, so ask your partner point-blank what tasks are most important to her, and then carry out her requests word for word — even if they seem irrational.

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Tidy up your home so your partner and the midwife can move about during labor without having to navigate around messes and clutter.

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Put away the dishes and clear the trash and the compost bins in early labor.

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Keep a small bag of overnight clothes and toiletries or medication there as well.

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Stock up on essentials before the birth, like loo roll and toiletries.

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Clean your home at least once a week.

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Periodic house cleaning will get rid of the clutter and make the workplace clean.

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• Keep your home clean.

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Have regular cleaning schedules 2.

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  • A shortcut my grandmother taught me….use a toilet brush to wash out the bathtub after you bathe. It’s got a long handle to reach.

  • In portugal they say cleaning windows or squatting for something (like cleaning the oven or whatever) helps with pelvis and having “a small hour”

  • oh man, I was so tired and sick that I hardly did any cleaning. the dishes built up until the smell made me puke, sometimes I was able to convince my husband to wash them for me. I ended up getting put on bed rest after I quit my job so I didn’t get to nest. I had severe complications and now, a year later I still don’t have a lot of energy, I tend to over do it frequently trying to keep up with house work and two one-year-olds. I would love if you could do a video with tips for people who have to pace themselves while cleaning, it would be so helpful.

  • My depression really became bad when I was pregnant, I couldn’t “nest” because I suffered with hg throughout my pregnancy and I’m still trying to sort my house and my son is 2 now. My house makes me so stressed!

  • Yes, please ladies get help when you need it. I had to go to a Chiropractor because my hips we’re hurting me so bad because I was liffting things and carrying thing I wasn’t supposed to lesson learned. ASK FOR HELP

  • I bought your double microfiber kit and i really want to use them but they stick to my hands like no other. How does anyone use them without gloves?

  • It’s actually important that when you are pregnant and have animals, make sure you take them to the vet and make sure they are dewormed and up to date on vaccines. Also, have someone else clean the litter box, if possible, as there is a potential for getting toxoplasmosis, more info here:

  • Honey I have a worse home and don’t suffer from depression. I’m just too damn busy with work. I don’t have so much clutter than I do dust! And dirt! And dog dander and hair! I have 2 days off. 1 day to recover from physical work and 1 day to clean and get ready for the next week. Not enough time.

  • I am so depressed and I get 0 motivation cleaning my house! It gets trashed again by my husband and my two sons. I just get so tired cleaning after them like a freaking slave.

  • Congratulations! This is a great reminder to take care of yourself while pregnant (and otherwise!), because if one isn’t looking after oneself, who can you really look after? I wish that I had taken more of these precautions and habits with my first! Now after my third, I am still dealing with the consequences…

  • Try vinegar and hot water, with a few drops of dawn dish soap to clean and disinfect. No harsh fumes.I had to do this with my last pregnancy.

  • I didn’t know you’re pregnant, congratulations. I’m pregnant too on my 9th week and the kind of person that I lean my body with my tommy towards the sink when I wash the dishes so when I was pregnant with my second child kept reminding myself not to do that and when my belly got bigger I had to stand sideways to the sink so I could be closer to the faucet ��

  • I worked full time through all 3 of my pregnancies 50 hour weeks or more, & I would come home to cook, clean nd spend time with my babies……I really didn’t stop doing anything while I was pregnant with my 1st 2 children, with my 3rd one after complications with the 2nd child I decided to take easier and only did a little at a time…needless to say there were days where I had piles of laundry to fold

  • this subject is the whole basis of my channel i use cleaning videos as both my motivation and reward and while i’m not as popular as you are, i got ONE “rude” comment about how disgusting my house was and I was like, really? i’m trying to LEARN how to be LESS of a SLOB and you’re gonna hate me like this? I don’t know how you do it with 5 kids plus one on the way, i guess, by now, you have 6! good for you! just take it one day at a time.:)

  • dishes are just hard on your body trying to lean over to wash dishes… and the ligament pain is rough for squats…. yes I make hubby carry laundry when I’m to pregnant and I make the hubby clean from knees down in the house like hand mopping the bathroom etc 3x prego so we’ve got it down to a science 😉

  • I’m taking help from our housemaids much more than before. I would clean my own room by myself but now I definitely need help coz it’s hard to bend and also i don’t want to put pressure on my belly.

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve had people in my life that make fun of me and don’t believe. in my limitations and I’ve really let it get to me. But I’m glad I’m not alone and know it’s normal to not be able to do everything you used to do and do it the same way.

  • You are looking great, and this is such a great video for those expecting…. and those helping along the way. Also, fun to see your nephew here! Great job Wilson:)

  • I have a 2 year old and my house is a disaster today because of my depression I am trying to motivate myself now to get up and clean by watching these videos:(

  • I have 4 stepkids 3 of them are here half of the time and with their mom half the time and I have a 7 month old with hirshprungs disease so she needs a lot of extra care I also battle with depression, but I don’t talk about it much and I hide it. Never been medicated. Because when I feel okay I dont feel like I need it, and when I feel bad I feel to bad to talk about it. I battle with keeping my house clean like I want it all the. I have been trying to change that. I thank you for you honesty. most people clean their house before they do these videos, because they don’t want people to see how it can really get. I love this video thank you!

  • I became pregnant 1 month later after you�� I have endometric polyp and I get bleeding most of the time. Doctor advised me not to do anything especially cleaning the house. Hubby did all of the tasks at home ��

  • Yay Wilson!!! The only thing i stopped doing while pregnant was cleaning the litter box. Other than that i did all my normal stuff inlcuding shoveling the snow and i worked up until the day before i gave birth. I kept getting my older customers telling i should be sitting or not working at all. ����Never changed any of my routins and kept as active as ever even played ball hockey until it got too cold and they moved onto ice hockey. Even went out for my friends bacorlette party at 37 weeks walked all around her city the whole day and did an escape room that night. My son was a week old when were in her wedding and the groom made us go home earlier that night lol

  • Some others may hate me for this but some may relate. I had 5 children and changed nothing of my routine: cleaning, working out, dancing, etch. By the 5th child, I was a ‘professional'(mother that is) and due to our expanding family, built an additional bedroom, bathroom and rec room in our basement. The 2 youngest ones(3 and 5 year old) helped by carrying lumber and performing other little construction duties. Because  a pregnancy is so gradual(thank goodness!) our body has time to adjust.

  • Thanks for this! One of the best things I did was insist that we put in an island in the kitchen when we had a mini-remodel; which also had the space around it to be able to sit and eat at. I have countertop-level chairs there; and when cutting veggies, baking cookies etc. I sit there so it doesn’t strain my back. I’m currently 22 weeks (April ‘18!) and am doing the cleaning and living ‘normally’ as long as I physically can. Like someone else said… it’s not a race. Listen to your body; if you get a bad pain sit down a moment before moving on and finishing what you’re doing…or find something less intensive to do. The trick though is to find something to do for a moment that won’t completely distract you from continuing your tasks. ��

  • Thanks so much for this video. I recently injured my back, I am still recovering, so I can definitely use your tips. Could you do a video on vacuuming for people with back pain?

  • I actually had a relatively easy pregnancy and i didn’t show till i was 6 or 7 months, so cleaning was still normal for me. I did go more natural though.

  • Im crying watching this… I am in my pregnancy 11weeks in with 2 toddlers, quaranteening, one of my kids is autistic and I lve been so sick this while week with the flu and with severe nausea for a month Ive been crying for 3 days in a row because I cannot even gayher a bit of strength to pick up or clean up I cannot stand it my husband has been a sweetheart through this whole time and taking care of me but I feel horrible that I cant do a thing without throwing up or feeling like Im gonna pass out the rest of the day the place looks like a dump… Anf honestly I need another mom suffering like me to get me to clean.. This is torture… Thanks for this video❤

  • I used to divide my chores into parts and asked for help from my husband for heavy jobs….he was really really supportive during the entire period..!!

  • I love your channel. Very informative. I have you a thumb ��I subbed and support your channel. Thanks for sharing. If you could sub to mine that would make me happy. ☺️

  • I am 15 weeks pregnant our firet child woke up this morning with bad allergies and a headache i still started cleaning bathroom sink then scrub toilet then i got in the mood i start mopping n sweeping n cleaning shelves n washing now i feel like shit im in so much lower back is killing me and some pain under my tummy, i just wanted to do something my husband does everything for me because ive been so sick now i feel a bit better to get up so i just wanted to do something, my husband is worried because he begged me not to do anything at all so he was kind of upset with me for doing so much and sad

  • Fun time in the pregnancy: The moment you realize turning sideways does nothing to enhance your ability to squeeze past an obstacle any more. 😉

  • Im just kid but my mom is really struggling right now and she has 5 kids i want to clean our house it is so messy mostly clothes and i want to clean the house but i cant do it alone

  • I was so blessed my pregnancy was great. I actually felt better when I was pregnant then when I wasn’t. I mowed two yards the day before she was born.

  • When i was pregnant before i miscarried i was on bed rest for three months so i depended on others for cleaning. I found out i was pregnant and extremely high risk on the same day so there was no time to get used to the idea for me. But i do remember that i could not even be in the house if strong chemicals were being used it would send me into chest pains and breathing issues and my baby would not move for hours so i would go outside and lay on the porch swing until they were done and the house was aired out.

  • Your nevvie is adorable! (Probably not a word he would like, but true.)This is a great video to help out new Moms: a lot of women aren’t very cautious & can hurt themselves without thinking about it. But essential oils! some doctors say handling/using essential oils is dangerous during pregnancy: they might be absorbed through the skin. Women should ask their doctors/midwives. I mean to be helpful with this info: not a criticism! A lot of people don’t know about this.

  • I got a new laundry basket that has handles like a tote bag so it’s easier to hold/ walk up the stairs. Also it’s foldable so when I’m not using it, it hardly takes any space. I got it at BB&B.

  • I am 31 weeks pregnant and my pregnancy doesn’t stop me from cleaning mg house. I’ve got 2 other young kids to clean up after. But they do help clean up toys and vacuum. At least cleaning my house is easier than the cleaning I used to do at work with my last two pregnancies.

  • Thank you for the tips. I am pregnant right now and it’s nice to think about what I should and shouldn’t do and how to modify what I am doing for safety.

    I wanted to see if you could do a nursery tour! How are you organizing things? Do you have tips for storage for small spaces? How can you minimize baby clutter? I am due in June so I’m glad I get to watch how you’re doing things:)

  • This was fun! Everyone has opinions about what works and they’re right but only for them! My first baby slept through the vacuum and was easy to breastfeed and generally lulled me into a false sense of what it was like to be a parent. The second came along, wouldn’t sleep to any kind of noise, suddenly I understood why people struggled with BF, and it was like being a first time parent a second time. So take all advice with good humor and a big grain of salt. Mazel tov!!

  • I’ve heard a lot that you have to be careful with the essential oils during prengnency. Is that just a myth? Because I’m a bit concern with the DIY products. What infos have you on that?

  • Melissa, I’ve always thought you were pretty, but I must say you’ve never been as gorgeous as now. Gives new meaning to “pregnant glow” Thanks for all the tips for pregnant women a real service. Can’t wait to see what the partners come up with!

  • That’s what nesting is for. You clean now so when baby comes you can coast for the first few precious weeks. That time should be reserved for bonding. And if you have visitors (we tried not to)….if they offer to help…LET THEM. I dragged laundry baskets behind me down the stairs and hubs would carry upstairs. As far as “sleep when baby sleeps”, I did about 50% of the time. Chores the other 50% after the first month or so. Learn to pick things up with your toes. It comes in handy when you have a sleeping baby in your arms. Ring sling for the early months. Some sort of baby carrier gives you two free hands again.

  • Thank you Melissa for this video.. I wish someone told me these things when I was pregnant. We moved out from our apartment when I was three months pregnant so I didn’t think it’s a big deal. But cleaning for so long and being in awkward positions lft me with a really really bad hip pain that I suffered from through out the rest of my pregnancy.. even now that my son is 7 months old some movements will trigger that pain.. so plz pregnant ladies do be careful.. because you might be able to get the job done but you will not know the toll that it had on your body until later.. just keep it moderate

  • I have three kids and I can’t handle it my life seems crazy I’m a housewife but I can’t seem to manage it without going crazy and screaming all the timr

  • Mom of 5 here. Great job your house looks great! Us Moms have back of steel. I remember the back pain from cleaning pregnant and even not pregnant. You were bent over majority of the video. We need to get one of those pinchy claws to grab stuff of the floor ��

  • When I got pregnant with my first I had morning sickness so bad I could barely eat so I had a hard time. But I had my sister in law living with us so she helped a lot. Though we still had a hard time because she was pregnant too with her third child and hers was a high risk pregnancy. We worked a little at a time and reminded each other not to stress about not being able to do a lot. We did what we could, that is all you can do right:P

  • I thought I was just exaggerating about the washing of the dishes. But my husband doesnt understand. He says I’m the woman so I hafto do it.

  • I have a beautiful three month old and was always tired but the cleaning kept me a bit active. Here are my suggestions: dress appropriately (as if you are going to work out) wear clothes that you are comfortable in but won’t hang off of you and wear tennis shoes so you can avoid slipping and falling (this saved me when cleaning my standing shower). Clean each room completely before you move to the next Because you’re right, we can’t do it all and if you clean everything you don’t have the energy to go back to sweep/vacuum/mop. If you must, do one rest room a day. I have three and my husband works a lot so he couldn’t help and I definitely only had energy for one rest room a day. Plus toilets are especially important when pregnant, we don’t want any infections. Clean and do dishes while watching other pregnant moms cleaning on YouTube lol this gave me the “if she’s 6 months pregnant with twins then I have no excuse” mindset. And set a cleaning schedule for the week, Monday-laundry, Tuesdaygameroom and upstairs bathroom, Wednesdaymaster room and bathroom, Thursday living room and dining room and powder room (my small areas), Fridaykitchen and breakfast area,Saturday/Sundayrest. This of course wont be as hard as it sounds if you try your best to not leave things out of place when using them. Lastly only mop when someone is home with you, god forbid you fall and don’t have anyone home to help you up. Hope this helps ����

  • I believe everyday if we live consciously we begin to become more of an expert of the conversation that our body has with us. With that said, any new role we begin to have in life, I believe we should seek advice from the expert. If not an expert at least those who have been traveled the road before. This is why I have come straight to Clean My Space when I need to learn about cleaning. Why settle for any other source when I know Melissa is the best?

  • I just found your video and I’m so so glad I did! I have severe depression and my apartment gets so messy that I’m embarrassed for people to see it! I’m even embarrassed for my mom to come help me so it just keeps getting worse…. I honestly have been feeling really worthless because of it and I’m so glad I found your video!

  • Stubborn pregnant mother in law decided to clean the floor with water and cleaning product while alone at home. She slipped on the wet floor and fell. Baby was born super healthy though.

  • My husband (bless his soul) has been cleaning toilets for me every week I ask, because when you’re vomiting 4 days a week, you appreciate a shiny porcelain bowl! Also he carries the laundry and does all the outside work & lifting. He’s been very patient through this pregnancy.

    Also, pets related: he walks the dog (who recently pulled while walking leading me to slip & fall) and cleans the litterboxes!

  • Have you started nesting yet? You get such an urge to clean your home and get everything organised, it’s a little strange. My home has never been more spotless ��

  • Gosh I felt this. I am not pregnant, and I only have a 4 year old son, but our little house is so tiny and we have so much stuff that finding the motivation to clean is so hard at times. I get depressed and don’t clean like I should, then I feel overwhelmed and more depressed because of the state of my house. Thank you for such an honest, relatable video ��

  • I’m almost 3 months along and I have a hard time motivating myself because I have such extreme fatigue! I’ve felt so guilty for not getting as much done recently!

  • My whole fam is depressed and my mom works and I have school. I can barely take care of my own hygiene. And a whole house for me to take care of is too much. I’m barely even at my house to take care of the animals and it’s absolutely nasty and insanitary. I try my hardest but my mom is also depressed and works hard and I guess I have to try harder lol.

  • I did everything myself with all three of my pregnancies, including up and down ladders painting a room when I was six months along. I’m also a nurse, so you have to be able to do everything on the job.. including running around and lifting. The only thing that I refused to do was CPR (thankfully plenty of other people to do that role). I can tell that this is your first baby.. we’re all a little bit more precious with our first. Once you’re pregnant with your second and you’re having to lug around a heavy toddler with you everywhere… you’ll begin to realise just how much you can CAN do when you’re pregnant LOL

  • I am living in a dirty appartment because of my depression. I work full-time and today is my day off. I got up this afternoon (couldnt get out of bed til 2) and decided to start cleaning. Couln’t get myself to take a shower. I can do 10 mins of cleaning and then I feel so tired so I take break and so on. You motivate me. Thanks, because it’s such a big struggle.

  • Omg I was so excited to see this video in my feed! I’m so excited for your pregnancy because I love your videos.. congratulations:D

  • I remember him being at your place in your IG stories “taking my nephew to work place” and i was waiting for this video to come out. Big THUMBS UP for sweet little Wilson and a great helper.

  • Thank you for these tips momma i don’t know why i didn’t think too do this ���� im currently 13 weeks and this pregnancy has bren difficult due to it being my first real pregnancy due to the fact my last was a miscarriage

  • Thank you sooo sooo much for this video and all your advice about taking it slow while pregnant. Expecting #3 here and I’ve felt so sluggish my house is a disaster!

  • I’m sorry that you are in a lot of pain I can imagine I am 16 weeks and omg if I been having it hard I have extremely nausea and if I am out and about or cleaning to much I am so sick and in a lot of pain

  • You are amazing keep it up chica being a mom isn’t easy and we suffer with alot after babies but we are stronger than we think so our kids will appreciate everything we did for them knowing we suffer inside we did it all for them that’s what count forget what other have to say ♡♡♡

  • I’m 5 months that with mg second and the size I was with my first in my third trimester lol so cleaning is fun haha I’m carrying really high this time around with a girl and feel like I have no diaphragm left. I run out of breath so easily! I stopped with the little box, and take alot of breaks to catch my breath. And rely on dish soap and vinegar for cleaning

  • This is so satisfying. It’s March now and the harsh weather seems to be behind me. Time to get out of this funk and get going on this as well.

  • when my mother was pregnant our mate clean clothes,My mother go on jogging first 6 months she do not do more work.After one month she do not do anything.She eat many fruits and do not eat heavy food

  • Look up NESTING. Shortly before your due date, you might instinctually go into cleaning overdrive. If you give in to these urges, you will be exhausted when you start having labor pains & need the energy to work through all of that. Look for ways to prepare ahead of time.

  • My has been on my ass about my room and I’m ashamed to let my family in my room it is completely disgusting I have depression and it makes it really hard all I want to do is stay in bed all day and sleep. There are old dirty dishes in my room and disposable cups filled with my pee because I don’t want to get out of bed I haven’t showed in at least 3 days. I just want to lay in bed and do nothing. I hate how I have serious issues and my mom acts like it’s just me being lazy or in just a little sad and then she blames me. I’m not just a little sad I want to die so I don’t have to suffer anymore it’s so hard doing anything is hard waking up is hard I just want to sleep all day

  • I love the fact that you are real. You’re not cleaning an already clean house. I have an 11 month old baby boy and currently fighting stage 3b colorectal cancer…just 2 days ago i had to have emergency gallbladder surgery….and i still keep trying to go but its so hard to keep gong when I’m so tired and i hurt so much. I will never judge u for being real. And the knees who are judging should probably take a long look in the mirror. Thank you for the message in this video…I needed to hear it!

  • Hi,the only thing I couldn’t do when I was pregnant was sleep,also I’m a nurse so I work until my maybe 30 weeks,well take care,Melissa good luck,and thank you for all your bright ideas

  • I have 3 kids and I feel good to see that other people’s houses can get dirty as much as my home.. I like that it’s so realistic ��

  • I enjoy the reality of this! I am in all the Mom Groups because I have 4 and Pregnant with Twins! The Momma’s are always posting perfect homes, Nursery’s and so on! I’m OCD so I’m a clean freak but nothing is ever good enough �� I am so Depressed with ZERO ENERGY NOR MOTIVATION! UGH! ADVICE?

  • The day before I went into labour, I got a huge burst of energy and cleaned the entire kitchen! I cleaned all the stainless steel and was so happy with everything I did because I quickly realized that after the baby was here, it would be a lot more difficult to find the time to do that!

  • Is it me or did your kitchen look quite tidy at the first start? You are doing amazing, well done. It’s very interesting that I can see someone cleaning up their cluttered home, thank you

  • Watching this in 2019 (almost 2020). First of all, who the F are the absolute monsters that would roast this woman about her home?? Shame on you, trolls; she was doing her absolute best. Just want to say thank you. I’m not pregnant, but I am severely depressed, and I have been for a year. I’ve let my home go for a bit. I just stumbled across this, and you gave me inspiration to do what I can do today. Yes, it is like climbing a mountain to clean when I don’t even want to get out of bed to eat or bathe. I’m not aiming to be on the tour of homes in my town, I just want to feel comfortable in my own environment. Again, thank you, and I hope you’re doing well! ��

  • I’m so glad I found this video. I’m 35 weeks pregnant & struggle with severe depression. Every day I tell myself I will get this or that done…and another day passes where I’ve accomplished nothing. Then I’m just hard on myself and set goals for the next day, only to repeat the same cycle. My son’s father will not help me with anything to it makes matters worse. I become overwhelmed, angry at times and stay exhausted 24/7. It’s hard and nobody understands unless they experience it. I have so much to do and really hope I’m blessed with a good day soon so I’m able to get things done. I think another problem is that I focus too much on getting everything done in 1 day…or I think about ALL that needs to be done so I get stressed out about it. Tomorrow is a new day so my goal is to get my room cleaned…clothes washed & off the floor so I can prepare to put the bassinet in my room along with some of the babies stuff. That was my goal today & yesterday but it didn’t happen. Like you said, even getting out of bed…..or being awake is hard and can take everything out of someone who’s struggling mentally. I hope once I get myself moving around, I’ll get a boost of energy. My feet are swollen very badly [cant fit in my foot flops!!] So I just need to take several breaks I guess. Subscribed to your channel! Thanks so much for being honest about this topic nobody seems to speak about often.

  • HI Melissa, thank you very much for the ever so helpful videos., filmed in your beautiful and comfy looking home. They really motivate me to keep up my routine. Currently I´m also 26 weeks with my first and this video sums up all the little things women can forget about easily(have to remind myself to stabilize every time when bending over etc) Also, since I saw the first diy cleaning recipe, most of the store bought products have been used up and never been repurchased. Its is very nice to see you and Chad are sharing tasks around the house, I´m curious about how it will be once our baby arrives, my husband really tries hard but I guess women sometimes just have to let go of  self inflicted perfection. Maybe this is a suggestion for an upcoming video” how to motivate your family members/ develope a routine” 
    All the best wishes for the three of you and happy holidays from Germany!!

  • I love this smile on your face no matter what you’re always happy and smiling I just love it I love you I love you channel I love your family I am so inspired andI love the smile on your face no matter what you’re always happy and smiling I just love it I love you I love you channel I love your family I am so inspired and just love you You’re like my By far definitely 1 of my favorite youtuber is in the top 3 to be specific I love you you’re just so amazing and you give me what a 1 and a youtuber the type of videos that you do is just amazing I love you But I’m on my grandpa’s account saying this I love you so amazing!!!!!���� ❤

  • Yes! I suffer with ptsd and chronic major depression, and I’ve made myself clean when I am feeling the worst. Because, I realized it made me feel better. I was depressed so I didn’t want to do anything, but not doing anything also made my depression worse. I’m not going to say it’s easy, because some days it’s hard as hell and some days I don’t make it. But, it’s usually just for 1 day and then I pull it together. My depression was so bad at one point I literally cried when I had to fix food for the kids. I wasn’t eating. I wasn’t showering. But, I never let the kids see me cry. This was years ago, I’ve made so much progress since then, but it’s still hard sometimes. I did find cleaning equipment that made life easier such as my cordless stick vacuum, instead of sweeping and my steam cleaner instead of spending time scrubbing baseboards. And these things may seem like 1st world luxuries, but for someone with depression they can be absolute necessities to try and get everything done. I do clean every day minus a day here and there, but I won’t say it’s easy. But, having been in such a horrible state of deep depression before, I can’t go back there. So, cleaning is part of how I prevent it. Idk if that makes sense, but that’s how it works for me. I’ve also started taking vitamin b12 supplements, which while they don’t always help depression, they give me the physical energy I need to get going. It’s been super helpful!

  • I couldn’t do anything with my 2nd pregnancy. I had pelvic instability, the worst kind.. everything hurt, I could only sit or lay down.. the worst..
    But my tip.. do what you can! And dust or laundry doesn’t go anywhere.. tomorrow is another day.

  • I’ve been depressed and super busy lately. I have enough energy and drive to just BARELY go to work and school lately. When I get home I don’t want to do anything except sit in my bed. I don’t even think I’ve cooked dinner in a week. And I feel bad because my house looks terrible now that the end of the semester is here. I really want to invite friends over for Christmas, so I really need to clean. I just don’t have the drive to do it.:( Thank you for sharing.

  • I divide cleaning tasks and chores throughout the week. Normally I’d need two days to clean the whole house as well as do any laundry but when I’m pregnant it helps dividing the tasks up throughout the course of 4 or 5 days even. Btw the girl that said you need breaks is totally right. I’ll do one task (scrub a tub) and than rest in between. I try not to push myself too hard.

  • PLS HELP! We have kids and (hopefully) will have more of these blessings in the future so I want to do things safely. Our toilet always stinks when I lift up the lid, even if I clean it every day. I’ve tried natural commercial cleaners, normal commercial cleaners, hydrogen, soda n vinegar…nothing gets rid of the smell apart from bleach, which I really don’t wanna use. And after a few days anyway, it’s back again. The lid, the inside, the outside, the walls around are all clean. It’s only smelly inside the actual toilet! Maybe it’s the water, but it’s all clean, so I don’t get why it’s stinky! Pls help, don’t know where else to ask. Thanks.

  • I really was just looking up like people that struggle with depression and how simple things like getting out of bed bathing or even brushing your teeth it feels like difficult when your battling depression you just not in the mood to do anything it’s a lot of people that clean they’re homes they should talk about depression and what it comes with it can make you not wanna do anything and all people will say is why don’t you clean your house is dirty you smell bad I try to tell people when they talk about people that way that they’re probably going through something I’ve even been through my own Troubles so I know how you feel especially more now than ever it’s become clear to me now I can fully tell people to go easy on those who houses are messy or If they smell bad battling depression is serious and if more people understand that it comes with no wanting to do much or having the energy or mood to do that task they need to know don’t get me wrong sometimes I can be lazy but it’s like you know when you have depression because at that point in time it’s hard to care about anything

  • Hi this is the first time I’ve watched your video. I’m a retired professional and a mother whose children are grown and have children of their own.
    I have five children and I know how hard it can be to be everything to everyone. You can’t do it, I’ve learned. You do the best that you can with the time that you have. First thing to learn is mess won’t kill anyone (not talking about hoarding). The most important time you have is the time you spend together as a family.
    My mother taught me that if you are becoming tired and you don’t feel like doing a lot. Just make sure your sinks and toile areas are clean.
    There is no such thing as the perfect mum. You do the best you can and enjoy �� the little things.
    We didn’t have a lot of money when my kids were growing up, but I used to take them to parks and we would picnic ��. They spent many a happy time playing with things that cost little. There was so many activities we did together. But some days when I didn’t have the energy I did very little and just told myself tomorrow would be better. It’s so hard to plan as there’s no two days the same.
    You are doing a great job, the work will always be there especially when you have so much responsibility. Try to take time out if you can with your husband or a significant other. It’s so important to make special times. Good luck with your pregnancy. You sound like a wonderful caring person. Xx

  • I suffer from depression also. I know how hard it can be to even take a shower and I don’t have any children.
    Take care and thanks for the motivation you gave me ����

  • I love ur videos so much!! You motivate me to get up and clean. Depression is REAL even when ur a mommy & it’s nice to know I’m not the only one ♥️ thanks for that!!

  • I love this as this is real life like not every house is huge with marble counters and clean floor and no mess or dirty carpet any where but like I have a 3 month old puppy who has destroyed the upstairs carpet and the house is being redone so we have crap every where and piles of cds and stuff and tbh that’s fine like yoir dont need a perfect home all the time my room my sisters rooms are amazing and clean and that’s real life some stuff is messy some stuff is clean u are amazing and doing great

  • Watching this made me feel 10× better, it’s currently just me and my husband along with our fur children! There’s always a mess! We’re expecting our first baby this August, and I’ve been beating myself up over my poor housekeeping skills mostly in my laundry struggles! We both work full time and I know it’s only going to get tougher once baby is here, thank you for showing an authentic lived in house like mine!❤

  • Your bump is adorable!!!! Love this cleaning motivation and your home is beautiful! I definitely remember how tired doing ANY cleaning at all was when I was pregnant too!! Thank you so much for sharing!��

  • This is very motivating to me. My house is a disaster, and I just look around and feel overwhelmed and do nothing. I think after watching this video, I am going to try to clean a little.

  • I have watched this 3 maybe 4 times this week. I have depression, ptsd, and anxiety. I have paranoia. I am stuck home with 3 children right now, alone, and am struggling to keep up. This, is what I have needed. Thank you so much.

  • I have so many mental health issues and physical disabilities… I get it and really super uber struggle. I hope you’re doing ok and enjoying your family. Just remember it’s ok to just be, some days existing is enough, don’t ever beat yourself up just do your best each day.

  • Finally! A real cleaning inspiration video I can relate to! I’m tired of looking up cleaning videos to see people cleaning a kitchen that maybe has four dishes in the sink and the salt and pepper shaker has been left in the wrong place. Your house is like my house. I suffer from depression and have no family or friends around me. It’s hard. But today I need to clean hard because it’s my daughter’s 9th birthday and we’re having a little party for her. I don’t have a dishwasher and have a load of dirty dishes to do. Wish me luck! Haha! Thanks for the awesome video! Subscribed!

  • When I go through depression I will go days without even brushing my hair, let alone doing any serious house cleaning.
    It can be so hard to even get the strength to just Start doing something that needs to be done. But getting past that first barrier always makes me realize it’s not the task itself that is difficult, it’s the pressure I put on myself, the self shaming that makes it so hard.
    Thank you for this. You’re great.


  • Okay so I have an important question.. I know that vinegar helps with mold but I am currently in a rent house that was not taken care of at all! The shower liner on the wall is cracked at the bottom and it has mold especially on the cocking that isn’t for bathrooms that they decided to put on the tub�� how do I get rid of mold that looks stuck.. I spray vinegar on it before I go to sleep and leave it at night it brightens it a little bit but idk what else to do

  • Big ones are to get some help, make sure ur not too far from the potty and to pay attention. It can be really easy to go on with what you’re used to and the baby may not like it. Listen to you and dont ignore odd impulses to sit, stand, or even switch music choices lol my lil one got me to listen to more Kpop when I was preggo, and her fave music group as a little kid is Girls Generation. Go figure lol!

  • Thanks for being so refreshing. I also take meds & am a single mom & as I write this, spending weekend in bed cuz I cant seem 2 even get in the shower.
    It’s such a tough battle.

  • Just found this channel! I’m not pregnant but I’m suffering with depression and other hidden illnesses and tidying is something that’s making me feel rubbish so by watching cleaning, it helps me want to clean �� it’s crazy! Thankyou ❤️��

  • Thanks fornyour honsety. I have a super hyper active toddler and by the time he goes down for a nap I am mentally and physically exhausted. I am feeling a little depressed and can’t find the motivation to clean. I really. Needed this. Now to get up from bed to was some dishes. Thank you❤

  • My hubby helps my with my socks amd to shave my legs �� huge help cus i sweat when hes not here just trying to reach my feet ��… He is also paying for someone to come once a month for last 2 mo ths of pregnancy and first 2 of baby so i can get the fans cleaned, microwave and cabinet doors and the bathrooms… A quick 2 hour clean that helps a ton!!!

  • Good video. I can’t even imagine having multiple children, depression and a house to clean. I have my challenges (anxiety, losing my mom less than a year ago and living in her hoardish house, etc.), but if you can do it, well so can I. I’m older and slower, but I make sure I do some housework every day. The declutter is gradual, but I can see some real improvement. We all try to do our best, and no one has the right to judge us

  • Most IMPORTANT tip of ALL pregnant women should never ever change or scoop the kitty box. They shouldn’t be around it when it’s done either.

  • I needed to see this I’m 37weeks pregnant I have 6kids 5 girls one baby boy 17,16,14,8,6&3 & a spouse that works 2 jobs so he’s barely ever here I’ve been sick lately not feeling well I’m high risk & supposed to be in bed rest that’s a joke in it’s own rest I wish I wish my kids would do their dishes clean the crumbs off the counter they leave behind or the hair they leave all over the shower walls in the drain catcher toys all over floor dishes in their room cups everywhere you’d think with 3teenage girls you’d get some help but no I do all & everything all day long like a maid & they have more energy than me healthier then me right now I tried not cleaning after them but nothing got done & I can’t take a dirty home I just can’t it puts me in a bad mood maybe I’m ocd so I end up doing it so that there isn’t dishes n food everywhere attracting bugs or mice does anybody have suggestions I feel like ripping my hair out I also have depression I just cry sometimes as I’m cleaning after other ppl even my kids father won’t pick up after himself I clean the tub after him ect even as tears flow down my cheeks as I’m bending over in pain scrubbing someone else grime in the tub no1 steps up and says hey do u need help

  • I love the fact that you are so open and honest. I understand your depression as i have suffered this for many years. You have given me inspiration after watching this video. I have now subscribed to your channel. I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of you xx

  • Thank you for this, finally a real life house clean that someone hasn’t already cleaned beforehand and chucked stuff in random places! My house gets like this too with 3 kids x

  • Thank you so much for sharing this and talking about being a mom with depression. I’m a 43 year old widow/mama of 4. Two of our children are adults and have moved out of the house. We still have an 8 and 3 year old at home. I lost my husband two years ago and have struggled with everything you’ve talked about since he passed. Of course I am feeling better but I’ve let my house get worse than it’s ever been. But you are so right about how hard it is to just start the cleaning but once we do, it does make such a difference in how we feel. Lately has been particularly hard so I was searching for a video like this. Thank you again for sharing and just being real. You’ve inspired me to get my house back to where I want it.��❤️����

  • So many of my girlfriends are pregnant right now, whenever I’m over I just start doing their dishes. One less thing for them to worry about:)

  • Thank you! I’m 8 weeks pregnant �� and this video made me feel better that my house isn’t prefect and it’s ok! I’ve been so emotional not being able to much so I will try harder to keep it together. Thank you…

  • I have been living with depression for 20 years, my house gets the same way even worse at times. Just keep your head up you are a beautiful person!!!! Watching you and now I’m getting motivated thank you for opening up your home and life to us.

  • 3:20 Bish people say your house is disgusting??? My house is 100x dirtier and messier than that ��… mum says that one day the government will come and condemn my house because of the mess

  • Ahh I love how realistic this was. Now I have some serious motivation to clean my apartment:) I can’t wait until my boys are old enough for chores ������

  • This is amazing for having kids and struggling with depression. I give up after a couple of minutes every time. I love that this is actually a realistic clean, and almost exactly what my messy house looks like

  • I cant always have taco bell awww girl I feel you on depression I have it so bad and I’m watching your video to give my self motivation I’m a m ok m of 4 kids and my youngest one is 4 months today

  • This is what I needed to see! I’m not pregnant but anxiety and depression have a real hold on me and one of the main ways it manifests in my life is CLEANING!! So thank you so much! I needed to know I’m not the only person struggling! Few people in my life understand the struggle

  • People have no right to judge depression unless they have been there. My friends say I’m not depressed I’m lazy. I used to be called Martha Stewart now my house looks like a pigsty it is so hard to clean and get out of the house I understand I did not judge you. Now I have friends that are depressed and I understand so people have no reason to judge. God bless you

  • I love this video so inspirational my house is In the same boat don’t feel bad and I’m 5 months pregnant it’s so hard for me to clean and maintain my very big house especially while pregnant and depressed

  • Just found this video and I cannot like and love it enough!! I LOVE watching clean with me videos but I can’t help but feel like my house isn’t good enough or that I am not doing a good job with “life” when I see how perfect some peoples houses are. I find myself comparing myself to them. My house is an older home and very messing right now. Thank you for bringing to life a real situation that so many of us moms go through and that things aren’t perfect. This is real and I appreciate it so so much!! Thank you for sharing!

  • I’m 25 weeks pregnant today, and I’m trying to deep clean my house to. I’m finding it really hard because most of the usual cleaning supplies I use are very strong in fumes and the face mask I’m wearing only does so much. ��‍♀️ plus the cleaning gloves I have to wear due to being allergic to the cleaning supplies also hinders me to. But I can’t ask my husband to help. He works all the time and should t have to come home and clean. So I’m going in again.

  • I’ve had depression many years ago and felt like this I only had 2 kids… you are doing just great.
    I just took each day at a time and tried not to think about next week or even tomorrow
    Thanks for sharing

  • You are a wonderful home lady. I have never seen a woman like you want me to live like you and I hope that a life full of happiness will always love you… I am from Algeria.

  • Great job!!! My house gets messy, too. ��‍♀️It helps to get rid of some stuff once in a while though. Btw, Noah is the sweetest boy! You must be so proud.
    Thanks for sharing❤️

  • I literally watched this while cleaning my house! And last to do is finish washing clothes �� and mop!!!! And I’m a mom of 3 kids and pregnant ����

  • Love your vlogs. Love your kids. But absolutely hate your music. Esp the one that just played taking God’s Name in vain. Sooo disappointing and sad.

  • I love cleaning videos Tara ♥️ I been watching all of yours this week and they’re great! More of this ������������ amazing motivation!

  • I just found your channel yesterday and I’m already obsessed! �� I’m 38 weeks with my first baby (it’s a girl!����) and your videos give me some motivation to clean and organize myself. Your family is adorable and you’re killin it as a mom of almost 3!! New subscriber here!