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Local Health Department Your local health department will be able to tell you where a prenatal care clinic is run. 3  They may have one that they run or can help you find free or reduced prices on prenatal care depending on your income level. You can call 1-800-311-BABY (1-800-311-2229) to connect you to your local healthcare department. Most insurance plans cover the cost of prenatal care. If you don’t have health insurance, you may be able to get low-cost or free prenatal care from Planned Parenthood, community health centers, or other family planning clinics.

You might also qualify for health insurance through your state if you’re pregnant. Your local Planned Parenthood health center can give you information. To find out how to get free or reduced-cost services, women from anywhere in the country can call the toll-free number 800-311-BABY (800-311-2229), which will connect them with the local health. If you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford prenatal care, find out about free or low-cost prenatal care services in your community: Call (800) 311-BABY [ (800) 311-2229].

For information in Spanish, call (800) 504-7081. Visit to find a community health center near you. Prenatal Care Nevada 2-1-1 healthcare programs that provide access to free or low-cost prenatal care for women. Keyword Search Instructions: To start a new search, first delete all text and numbers in the keyword search box below and then enter new keyword(s). Whether you have insurance or not, there are a few steps you can take to find affordable prenatal care near you: Apply for Medicaid: Medicaid is a government-sponsored health insurance program for low-income families.

If you are pregnant, you can apply for Medicaid to receive adequate prenatal and postpartum care. Find free or low-cost prenatal care. Hoosier Healthwise (HHW) is the State of Indiana’s health care program for children, pregnant women, and families with low income.

For more information about HHW, click here. Find Free or Reduced Prenatal Care: Call 1-800-311-BABY (1-800-311-2229) This toll-free telephone number will connect you to the Health Department in your area code. For information in Spanish, call 1-800-504-7081 Call or contact your local Health Department. If you can’t afford any health plan and don’t qualify for coverage through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), you can get low-cost health care at a nearby community health center.

How much you pay depends on your income. Community health centers are located in both urban and rural areas. They provide: Prenatal care. Your Local Health Department Can Help You Find Affordable Prenatal Care Your local health department can connect you to the services that can keep you in prenatal care while you’re pregnant..

If you’re at a low income and eligible, Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women (PEPW) will be your first step toward prenatal coverage. PEPW is temporary coverage that.

List of related literature:

Local health departments may offer free or low-cost prenatal care for women who are pregnant, but again the extent of services depends on state government or local allocation of funds.

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Clinic programs are for families without insurance or the financial resources to pay for prenatal care.

“Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public's Health” by Karen Saucier Lundy, Sharyn Janes
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Make arrangements with local health-care agencies to refer mothers for free or low-cost prenatal care if

“Language Disorders from Infancy Through Adolescence: Assessment & Intervention” by Rhea Paul
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Women who do not have private insurance or Medicaid may receive prenatal care at public clinics, which typically base their fees on the family’s income.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
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For poor women, the most readily available form of health services is for prenatal care.

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One of the most significant obstacles to receiving prenatal care is the inability to pay for health care services; see Cbildrvn’r Dtfime Fuml. mpra note 79, at 43-48; McNulty, rupru note 8, at 295-97.

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Look for a Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program in your area.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
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The public health centers provide free prenatal check-ups, iron supplements, and prenatal education.

“Childbirth Across Cultures: Ideas and Practices of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postpartum” by Pamela Kendall Stone, Helaine Selin
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Identify the community-based organizations that you would be working with to provide comprehensive prenatal care, if this program were in your city.

“Foundations of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Health Care E-Book” by Margaret Slusser, Luis I. Garcia, Carole-Rae Reed, Patricia Quinn McGinnis
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Recognizing this,the U.S.government has encouraged states to provide programs that cover the costs of prenatal care for low-income pregnant women through the federal Medicaid program.Well-child care and immunizations have proven to be effective in promoting the health of infants and young children.

“Encyclopedia of Human Ecology: A-H” by Julia R. Miller, Richard M. Lerner, Lawrence B. Schiamberg, Pamela M. Anderson, Trustees of Tufts University Staff
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  • I gave birth 2 days ago with no prenatal care and I have been judged, profiled by the doctors and nurses because I didn’t have prenatal care but I took my prenatal vitamins and ate healthy. My baby boy came out healthy and so handsome. And I literally have been crying the whole time being at the hospital but I know I’m not a bad mom you know this is my 3rd child. Thank you for the video knowing that there’s other women out there doing a free natural pregnancy and birth. ������

  • I completely agree with prenatal care being unnecessary. I had prenatal care with my first pregnancy and i completely regret it. All they do is take your money and just use a doppler in every visit. You end up paying for ultrasounds and labs separately. I paid around 300$ in every appt and all for the doctor to be in vacation at the time of my delivery. I paid for prenatal care + delivery. With my 2nd baby i only had ultrasounds to check up on her. It was much cheaper and such a smoother process. I definitely agree with you, a woman knows her body better than anyone else and shouldnt feel the need to see a doctor just because they are pregnant. We are pregnant not sick. I am currently pregnant with my third baby and plan on not having any prenatal care either. Just ultrasounds to check for heartbeat and sex. I felt like i was the only one who thought this way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts not many women do it for fear of getting bashed. But prenatal care should be an option not a requirement.

  • Thinking of this option since I cant take my husband to ANY prenatal appointments and I honestly cant do it without him. I know people say “its about you and the baby” but no, its about our family. Thank you for the video

  • I’m currently 29 weeks with no prenatal care. It’s annoying for me because I keep having to switch from incompetent doctors and getting no where. I have been doing well however; thank God. Thanks for sharing your story. I’ll be making a similar video about mine.

  • truth people is you dont need prenatal, prenatals have synthetic ingredients. be careful! just eat healthy and balance diet, as she says take care of yourself, if you think bout it pregnant women in other countries that have no care at all still have a healthy happy baby:)) wake up! do your research and dig deep.

  • Omg I’m 36 weeks and have not received any care either. I feel fine and confident my babys fine too, he’s super active…. but besides the whole pregnancy I’m curious how was the experience when u delivered??? What did they say when they asked who your dr was? Lol I’m not sure what I’m going to say

  • You can do this!! I’m the same. My first birth was a home birth, attended by midwives and our mothers. It’s what I needed for that pregnancy, as I experienced the journey for the first time. The second child, we had with midwives but only my husband and I were there and it was very hands off. This child, (due in two weeks) will be an unassisted homebirth with only my husband and I present!

  • Just a FYI, I work in labor and delivery in Ohio. If a women comes in labor without prenatal care, it is policy that we contact social workers.

  • I honestly think it comes down to family history. If there is no family history of pregnancy complications chances are you’ll be fine. My family has a LONG history of gestational diabetes so that’s something I’ll have to look out for

  • I absolutely adore your decision because I tried to talk to my mom but it but she made me feel I was doing something wrong. I started to question my decision until I watched this video.

  • Yessssss!! Thank you for making this video. My exact thoughts but I have not expressed it so much because of the surrounding negativity!
    And you see more freebirths outside of the black community.
    Its such a shame but we are complete and devine… I have my doubts sometime too but at the same time that true ntuition never lies

  • Thanks for doing this video, I think that it’s important for us to get more in tune with our bodies especially for black and brown women who have a higher rate of miscarriage and death rate when giving birth we need to really take our womb Health into our own hands!! I’m on a womb healing journey and I’m definitely preparing myself to take my pregnancy into my own hands as well I’m excited thanks again peace and much abundance to you and your family Ase ❤

  • Thank you for sharing this video. I’m 20 yrs old and very nervous. I got an ultrasound at a clinic to see what gender my baby is and my son was moving a bunch and looked big and healthy at only 14 weeks. I’m 18 weeks today and I went to my first OB appointment and HATED it. The dr and nurse made me feel horrible about myself because I didn’t come earlier for blood work. I spent $50 which is a lot for me because only my partner is working and we’re trying to save our money for the delivery bill. I walked 4 miles using public transportation to get a Doppler checkup when I use mine at home almost everyday, and a booklet that just told me all the complications my baby could possible have which made me super paranoid and sad because I feel in my heart and body that my baby is fine. I don’t plan on going to anymore appointments except for the ultrasound checkups. I feel a lot better after watching this video to know a lot of mothers agree with their instinct over someone else’s. Thanks a bunch ❤️

  • im happy to have found this video and you! I am pregnant with my third child and its been a very odd and teaching experience thus far. I don’t know how far along I am but with a guess im somewhere around 5 ish months. I haven’t been to any appointments. and originally I had no thoughts of not doing prenatal care, although I did want natural prenatal are but im realizing that for some reason my circumstances just keep leaving me in a position that I don’t feel right making any appointmets. so I looked up pregnancies without prenatal care and found this video! and girl I am not shocked that the divine would make THE ONLY video I could find on this subject from a woman that speaks with advanced spiritual understanding. your language of “intuition” and “starseeds” and other things. I didn’t expect to find someone that also resognated with me spiritually. how cool! I have one concern to share that I really hope to get feedback on but I understand your a busy mama now! my concern is my husband. he is very unlike me in the aspect of faith. I personally have strong faith in the divine and my own power and strength and I KNOW I can birth a healthy child with a healthy labor and delivery at home without help. but my husband on the other hand has always been very cautious and worrisome. even to the point of pushing me with demands and anger out of his own fear. if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have given birth in a hospital with my first two. and now hes agreed to a homebirth but says he wants someone there, like a midwife. but im in a position that that may not be possible financially so hes possibly giving me one of two choices….piss him off by doing a free birth regardless of him fighting me the next 6 months….or just give in to a hospital birth again…..I don’t know what to do! is it possible to manifest changing his mind on the matter of having a freebirth and actually having a supportive husband through the process???

  • I’m horrified because I’m five months pregnant, paying out of pocket where I can and unable to get health insurance so far. I had not anticipated not qualifying for health insurance and don’t make very much as I am in graduate school right now. I have no idea how I can afford my child’s delivery.

  • It’s definitely experiences like this that make me happy to live in Canada. No judgement for women who choose to have no pre natal care.. But you should not have to choose. Care while you’re pregnant should be a basic right as it is here in Canada. Sorry you had to make this decision.

  • I did no prenatal care, I gave birth to a healthy little girl at home! My husband delivered her! I hated prenatal care I’ve had 5 and the other 4 were in the hospital. I wish I would have done zero prenatal care and so happy to do it myself!!!!

  • Awesomeness!!
    I 100% feel the same way!
    Many women back in the day and in other countries even now in 2020 don’t take prenatal pills etc.. And their babies come out just fine!
    I even spoke to a 95y old woman, she never took parental pills etc and all 3of her babies came out just fine!
    She told me to just eat right and take care of yourself as before and you’ll be fine! ❤

    I also plan on having a home birth and I want to wait til the baby is born to find out what I’m having!

    And side note, it’s best to stand or squat when delivering opposed to laying down on ones back. ��
    Best of luck to you and your baby/family!

  • Godbless to all pregnant there who don’t have prenatal care…. Kudos.. No wonder why we had increased on pregnancy deaths preterm labors and pregnancy complications on statistics….

  • I have endometriosis I am on a womb healing Journey you really inspire me, when you spoke about the transvaginal ultrasound I know how you feel because those hurt like hell������, I am definitely going to get an ultrasound when I’m with child but I’m going to wait until I am big enough to have the stomach one congratulations I’m so very happy for you, every pregnancy is special but I always say that it is even more special when you’re a goddess giving birth to another goddess peace light love and much much abundance I really really appreciate you for sharing your story black women are losing their lives at high rates for pregnancy and childbirth and it definitely needs to change and I think that as we take our pregnancies and our health and our babies into our own hands more than we will be healthier and happier

  • Thank you for sharing this video lol just as you said I looked for videos on this topic and only found your video. Currently 11weeks and 4days and decided to stop taking them due to them making me sick

  • My both pregnancies i was on birth control so i guess i can say they were oopsies but i don’t regret anything i love my baby and i have a girl on the way.

  • Question ladies, I’m currently 8months pregnant due in 6weeks and never had a prenatal visit, only thing I do is pay for ultrasound visits at a “ultrasound location” every 2-3months to check babies heartbeat,size and gender and of course get those cute pics ��. Question is what do we tell the hospital when it comes to going into labor and them asking about prenatal care/obgyn?

  • I paid out of pocket for my first visit confirming my pregnancy and with a blood test that came out fine, but I have no insurance and I am worried about getting an ultrasound just because I am scared I have no idea how the baby is doing in there. It’s my first pregnancy. I am trying to get an ultrasound appointment scheduled just to make sure it’ll be ok, but I can’t afford anything because I don’t qualify for anything as of now. I’m very healthy and everything, but I’m still scared for the baby not knowing what everything’s looking like in there.

  • I’m 31 weeks in my pregnancy with zero prenatal care as well, 8 have never felt so close to my baby ���� also my second pregnancy!

  • I think this is the best thing I’ve heard! I am lucky enough to be able to have health care but it doesn’t afford the greatest! When I see the ob its very quick & impersonal & my visit is only 5 minutes then its on to the next mom to be! I’ve decided that from here on out I’m just going to take care of myself. Im 23 weeks & I’m just tired of seeing a different nurse or MA every single visit & never having my questions answered unless I watch videos like yours… Thanks for your video & congrats on your journey & new baby! Many blessings

  • Congrats!! How did u get ultrasounds am having a hard time getting an appointment coz they want medical records from midwife or doc but I decided not to get any prenatal care too. Just taking care of my self. Currently almost 7 months.

  • People trust strangers with an MD behind their name more than themselves. It is so sad that our society has been crippled to the point that most people don’t know their own bodies, or even trust themselves. Glad you shared this.

  • I’m 38 weeks today with my first and I had no prenatal care because we couldn’t get incurrence our first appointment when I was 8 weeks cost us 3,000!!! after that I was so scared to go back to the doctor. I was so lucky to find a doctor that has been taking good care of me for my last month for 1,350$ but now I’m super stressed and worried about the hospital cost and if something goes wrong and I have to have a csection or the baby has to stay in the hospital. It has been a nightmare but even my doctor said I’m probably more heathy because I didn’t have any prenatal care and I took good care of my self so I completely think you are doing the right thing most people have no idea how hard it is to pay upfront for all your hospital needs. People my husband works with complain about paying 10%. It’s really scary having all these medical bills when people have been having babies forever without all these things doctors charge a arm and leg for.

  • I take the prenatal gummies every now and then when i feel like i need to take them. But my baby has been very healthy i am 21 weeks and 2 days. I always wondered if my baby will be mild nutritioned because of it. I don’t really eat meats like that cause i cant stomach them but i do eat more fruits than anything. It seems like thats the only garunteed thing besides milk and eggs that i can get from the stores with wic. So im just worried that I am not doing good enough for my baby. And also this is my first baby.

  • Godbless u for this video.. I thought I was alone and I was scared thinking about me and the baby. I’m 6 months pregnant right now with my 2nd baby,thank u again for this.

  • i’m about 20 weeks now and have no insurance and everyone’s been scaring me about not going to the doctor yet so this video actually helped a lot.

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  • Women in Canada get 2 pregnancy visits. That’s it, if you want more you need a referral from your doctor and it is extremely difficult to get a referral, just a thought to women in the US being pushed to go to the 20 ultrasound appointments that are scheduled for you. At the end of the day it’s just money for the employees at the hospital.

  • God bless you sweetie, thanks for sharing such an uncommon experience. I’m currently going through this except for me it’s not by choice. God is essentially single handedly carrying this Pregnancy and He is our care provider throughout this process. Do you know how far along you are? I admire your strength and thank you for sharing

  • I absolutely appreciate this video., I consider myself a Wombman who lives a more “holistic “ and natural lifestyle and is currently expecting with my first child., very intuitive.,like you stated from the very beginning I knew my little sex and wasn’t to surprised at our gender reveal that he’s well a little king., I did start prenatal care in the beginning because I seen some light spotting in the very beginning., long story I got myself a midwife and still chose to see an ob because of I guess me just not being 100% confident in me honestly to do this on my own with my partner., I am currently 20 weeks., I did an anatomy scan where they stated everything is fine but my cervix was short., it was in a sense devastating because of the lack of empathy When the information was presented to me and not having my partner there because of this whole COVID really made me feel alone., my ob denied service to me because I chose a midwife for my birth method and pretty much made a mockery of idea of it which also led me to completely cut her off., watching your video really brought me to remember just exactly who I am and why my choice to do an at home birth is important to me., being an intuitive I’ve learned and unlearned to relearn again the greatness of my true power and that’s living my truth fully., so I thank you reflection for this video and your truth����

  • They were rude to me because I didn’t get care. They made it seem like they could take my kid away. And I didn’t because couldn’t pay

  • This is so empowering and inspiring! I’m still early on within my pregnancy and decided to skip out on the prenatal care to not only save money but because it isn’t necessary! Our bodies are meant to do this, all we must do is surrender and trust! This is the confirmation I needed thank you!!

  • Happy to have found u.
    Where im from its basically frowned upon not to have prenatal care. This is my third pregnancy, im 32 weeks along.with all three i only had some random regular scans and some blood tests,just to keep up with iron and TSH.( Im always on the low side).
    Im dreading the day of labor cause i know im going to be scolded at.
    Wish i could home birth but cant afford it.i feel it in my gut everything will turn out fine.gods willing.

  • this video and this whole channel should be removed from YouTube. this video has been proven to be pure bullshit. your other videos are also extremely misleading bullshit. lying to push your message. I don’t even know what your goal is unless you somehow make money by forcing people to keep kids they can’t afford to have. no other country has such a strong anti abortion right. ironic since America is supposed to be about freedom. I hope YouTube looks into this shit and deletes you for spreading misleading​ bullshit.

    btw I wouldn’t even waste my time with you if this bullshit propaganda wasn’t an ad before a completely unrelated video

  • I’m due Feb 6 an i have not had any parental care except in the 1st trimester i do not no what im having but this is my fourth an this is post to be a c-section so ima kinda scared.

  • Thank you so much for sharing, I am also taking responsibility of my own prenatal care. It’s been proven that the “tests” they run in ob care, they don’t change the outcomes. Also in traditional American ob care never involves the doctor asking how you are eating, how your physiological and spiritual wellbeing are being taken care of (the most important part of self pregnancy care!!!) pregnancy and birth are a physiological process, it is just part of life. Not a disease process. Thanks for sharing, I will also be having an unassisted birth, it will be my second home birth:)

  • Hey, this is excellent advice, thanks a lot! For anybody who is looking for a noninvasive totally natural method to get pregnant within just 60 days, you should try to search for Dobbie Nerkstrol’s website.

  • Honestly i have them and I don’t take them cause it just makes me sick and I don’t wanna eat but I haven’t took them in 2 days and I’m eating and I’m not throwing up

  • This definitely helps a lot �� I’ve been so curious about this and so far you are the only one who answered �� My boyfriend will be joining the Airforce pretty soon and we talked about trying to conceive. I’m glad i watched this ��

  • Hi im 22 and 24 wks now haven’t been to the doctor but take prenatal vitamins I have heard so much negativity behind me not going to the doctor. Everyone has kept saying my baby will not be healthy but I’m praying to God that I will have a healthy baby. This is my first pregnancy without prenatal care. Loved the video

  • I’d like to hear the phone call go on after they say they don’t offer prenatal care, then you hit them with “so why does your hold message you just had me listen to say you do? why do all of your CEO and PR conferences say you do?” I think that would be interesting.

  • This is very helpful. How did you guys find out it was a girl?? I know you said you had no prenatal care or qualify for any insurance but did you guys still do ultrasounds and stuff (I went through the same thing tbh)

  • You are so down to earth with that one shot video �� That’s an amazing video about a rarely spoken but most common problem cause delivery costs are huge in US. I am not working and i dont have an insurance. I still couldn’t get the healthcare system in US for birth and delivery and first time pregnant. I am so lost!!! I heard about woman centers, is it possible giving birth in there? Some hospitals provide a package iincluding a doctor cost which is aprox. 5000 extra and most of the work is done by a midwife. I heard about someone gave birth at home in a tub and hiring a midwife. I don’t understand who provides a birth certificate then. Oh i am so much confused. Please help me ��

  • Love your ideas and confidence. I really don’t trust doctors and I just dread going to prenatal care. This is my second pregnancy and at 18 weeks pregnant, I’m contemplating even going. I think this video is helping me make up my mind ����

  • You’re quirky lol, but I love it! Thanks for the information. If you don’t mind me asking, were you in liberty insurance? Or did you have to apply for your son by himself?

  • Thanks so much for sharing! I’m 14 weeks, and haven’t been to an OB/GYN. I did however go to the ER when I was 8 weeks, I was fine thoughbut that medical bill??? Omg

  • We are on the same page, speak the truth on. Every subject! Xoxo I have been completely unnasisted 30 weeks now,second pregnancy, I feel so close to my baby, it’s such a beautiful thing! Will be having my freebirth soon and I’m so excited!❤❤❤❤

  • fine, cut planned parent hood, I’ll just grab my coat hanger. for all we know you staged these phone calls. now where did I put those stairs.

  • I am doing the same thing! I am due mid March 2019 people ridicule me all of the time about not knowing the sex or not getting scanned. Birthing at home is a danger in everyone around me’s opinion.

  • The woman at 1:22 couldn’t even say the word abortion. But you can bet she’s 100 percent for it the way she’s defending that baby killing service.